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This declared war has greater dimensions than Ukraine, and its goal is to qualify Russia to lead the world and to lead the axis of resistance and to rehabilitate Putin, who has a black history of seizing power, liquidating his opponents, violating the rights of the Russians, and trading power with Medvedev for decades, qualifying him to lead the axis of resistance. Which includes Iran, the Islamic resistance, the Palestinian and the Yemeni as well.. This is how the West hopes that Putin will become qualified to lead the peoples with the right judges. And to reproduce the old polarization with the Soviet Union, which was somewhat comfortable and did not threaten Israel in terms of existence as the resistance threatens Israel. If this situation indicates anything, it indicates that the real conflict exists, even if it is not visible, between Russia and the axis of resistance over the leadership of the peoples, and not between the United States and Russia. Putin is a creation of the West, not a representative of the Russian people. And now his view of Dugin has entered the line, and the goal of assassinating his daughter may be to float his Eurasian project, which is the new incubator of Israel.


>The entire eastern planet according to Americans


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The world praises Russian supersonic missiles without knowing what they are and if they really exist, and rejoices at it as if it was a weapon aimed at Israel, while Syria needs to get S300 missiles to defend itself against the Israeli strikes coordinated with Russia, which cost dozens of lives. And why are you rejoicing at the targeting of the Ukrainian people and destroying an entire country, fell prey to two monsters: Biden and Putin? And what is this messy war and what did people get involved in it, and why does Putin respond to Biden's request to invade Ukraine, and there were no rockets, and no one to mourn, and Ukraine did not join NATO? It is an unjustified war and made by the world order, and the people are the victims


meds, anon


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And what did Ghassan Kanafani enter with Dugin? That Dugin is a follower of Aleister Crowley, and Aleister Crowley is a Satan's worshiper, and Dugin grew up in the worship of Satan, which is well-known and documented, and he is not an opponent of Israel. Dugin is Putin's theorist, and Putin hired him to support himself with some intellect, and he is lacking in thought and morals as well. Dugin's theory is the coexistence of opposites, and it is a theory that was applied in Syria, where a number of terrorists were included in the Syrian army and integrated into society under Russian and Dugin supervision. He is neither a thinker nor a philosopher, but an impersonator of these qualities. He is the owner of the fourth theory, and all his theories are hybrid and fabricated.


So now we have to weep over Dugin's daughter Darya who the least to say had embraced her father's demoniac views in waging for the demoniac project called Eurasia -the new surrogate mother for israel - promoted by the world powers through Russia. The Charlatan called Dugin who is one of Satan worshippers like his master Alister Crowley has assumed the role of philosopher and theorist and like his other master Vladimir Putin he is behind many mischiefs . the targeting happened in Moscow and it is probably an internal thing while Putin accuses Ukraine , and who knows if it is not Putin himself who committed this who is known for committing ugly crimes the least of them is poisoning his foes by using Polonium and he is known for turning against his allies including the Russian mafia who brought him to power and for plotting against them and for punishing the journalists who wrote against him and who after few days were found crushed thrown from the fifth floor . The attempts at accusing the Mossad are just to distance between Russia and israel and qualify Russia to draw closer to the Axis of the Resistance which is considered a real break through. Nothing shows that this is work of the Mossad.


at first I did think Mossad due to little lovers quarrel that Russia and 'Israel' has been having regarding some lobby in Russia - but they've since ironed out the little problem ( and also its the regions media that made the problem seemed bigger than it is). Russia has apparently finished its investigation regarding this 'crime' and its findings is that it is Ukraine that committed the crime - it is too convenient given also that Russia always praises itself on its security in Russia which is basically like Mossad itself. Russia banned all its citizens from Facebook as soon as this war started because clearly it cannot trust its citizens to show support for this endeavor in Ukraine, a large percentage of the Russians are against this war, it is not far fetched to believe that it is Russia itself that carried out this bombing and calling out Ukraine as to garner support from its citizens for the war in Ukraine, one can actually compare this to the false flag 1999 Moscow apartment bombings (that was self inflicted by Putin) to garner support for the Chechen war


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>The world praises Russian supersonic

In fairness their Russian missile tech is very advanced


>Israel controls everything


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>Putin is a creation of the West
even if it was but it boomeranged badly


Couldn't care less about islamic capitalist "resistance".


>which was somewhat comfortable and did not threaten Israel in terms of existence
Soviet Union threatened Israel with amhibious invasion during six days war.


They make and own all the software (some) western governments use for their police.
Everything that goes in their database gets "processed" in israel first.
If they hold a list of every cheap violent asset and political threat in all those places, it is not that farfetched.


Ok Hitler


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It was necessary to invent a war that is useless and without a clear compass in order to confront the revolutions of the peoples and their just causes, after the failure of the Arab Spring in dispersing the Arab effort and the Arab mind and dispelling the Arab issue, and after the axis of resistance triumphed over the Arab Spring, just as it triumphed over a deviation. Islam represented by terrorism and the Arab-Israeli conflict returned to occupy the scene. Therefore, a war greater than the Arab-Israeli conflict had to be invented and fabricated. The Arab-Israeli conflict was marginalized by a war like the Covid-19 pandemic that affects a much larger area and affects almost the whole world, and its effects on the whole world are at least economically and felt by all countries. And that war was waged against Ukraine, which had no justification other than to divert attention from the real regional conflict that began to crystallize in the formation of the axis of resistance around the Palestinian issue and the joining of other peoples to it, such as the Yemeni people, and the desire of other peoples to join it. And if the Palestinian scene recedes in favor of the Ukrainian scene, and this is what we see now, which is the division of the world on this issue and the reproduction of the vocabulary of the Second World War, which is popular and is known to the people and the public can identify with it, such as Nazism, fascism and polarity. This happened more than 7 years after the Ukrainian crisis, where Putin was preoccupied with the Syrian file and left the Russians in their suffering in Ukraine, and they expected him to intervene in their favor, but he did not do it because the world system saw that the priority is the Syrian file, so Putin went to Syria in 2015 and seemed dissatisfied with the Assigning him the task after he had evacuated a large number of Russian diplomats from Syria in 2013 and closed the naval base in Tartus, and after he succeeded in stripping Syria of its strategic chemical weapon and handing it over to the United Nations with an Israeli mandate, according to the Israelis themselves. It is things and information that is not circulated, but it is correct. What is happening in Ukraine is an absurd war aimed at reproducing the Russian and American poles and sacrificing Ukraine, while what is required is not a multipolarity that is branches of one origin, but rather getting rid of that polarity and these poles. It is a war of roles, and the Russian who is determined to pursue the so-called neo-Nazis and defeat them is the same Russian who mediated to transport ISIS and Al-Nusra terrorists to Idlib on air-conditioned buses in order to preserve their comfort and lives. What matters to the world order is the occupation of the media scene and the distribution of roles and making the world feel the brunt of that war so that the main issue is marginalized and the star of resistance in favor of the Russian Joker, who will lead the anti-US pole even though he is an ally of Israel. Television show the role of the President of Ukraine, who was chosen by the world order to preside over his people, in a tragic play that no one knows anything about its details, developments, and the war in which it is taking place. But it is a bloody play, as we are accustomed to that world order, and people, especially the intellectuals, cheer for it and see the displacement of people and the destruction of a country as a victory for humanity and a defeat for the one-polarity while it is a dedication to the unilateral world system that engineered this war.


Already i saw pics and posts doing the rounds ( i just can't find it now) old pics of Dugin in Iran and iraq and the writers praising and alluding to it now more than ever that Russia Iran are the resistance of our time

They show pictures of Dugin in Arbaen and nonsense like this, news of satellite launches and alleged sales of drones. They are in the business of distraction. Salman Rushdie, Alexander Dugin, Vladimir Putin. These are all pawns in a bigger game.


File: 1661551128771.png (2.76 MB, 1920x1920, ClipboardImage.png)

Strange thing that when Syria is hit by israel which happened yesterday also , what circulates in the Media and in Syria is that the target is the Lebanese Resistance or Iran ; and if Syria is struck by Turkey as is happening nowadays what circulates everywhere is that the target is the Kurds who are the terrorists Turkey is tracking and fighting in Syria ; while the truth is that it is Syria that is being pounded and hit in both cases, and Syrian soldiers and civilians getting killed and injured, and Syrian facilities harmed and destroyed . But this is a Russian trick that consists in inviting both Turkey and israel into Syria under the pretext of fighting terrorists, the terrorists being the Kurds in one instance, and the Lebanese Resistance in the other instance . This while Russia tries to give the impression that Syria is being spared . In fact this put Syria on par with israel and Turkey; the three of them sharing in the fight against terror .

Putin is very good at these tricks, and this is how he convinced the then Syrian minister of foreign affairs – Walid al Mu’allem – that Turkey will offer a hand in fighting terror which made al Mu’allem very surprised not knowing that the terrorists Putin meant were the Kurds .

One day history will reveal the dirty trick that the Russians played on Syria . How they brought terror and the war on terror, and how they invited Turkey and israel in, and how Syria is still paying the price of such scheme that is a world order scheme that Russia carried on the ground . This caused the whole Syrian demography to change, and half the Syrian population was displaced inside and outside Syria while hundreds of thousands were introduced to Syria who came from 80 different countries recruited by terrorist groups arranged by foreign and regional intelligence services and sponsored by Gulf countries and Turkey .

At the same time the Kurds who are Syrians became terrorists, the real terrorists were pacified and relocated to Idlib and brought to the negotiations table by Russia and their sponsor Turkey was given more than 12 military position in the north plus Afrin , Jarablus and al Bab and a buffer zone between Tal Abiad and Ras al Ayn with 5 km in depth in Syrian soil .

Now there is talk about Syria normalizing with NATO Turkey, and starting talks that are unconditional despite the fact that Turkey is occupying large portions of Syria, and Russia is sponsoring these talks . What this will lead to we do not know, but what is probable is that these talks will lead to nothing except to consecrate the status quo. Syria is in no position to get more. There is no victory to claim except if we want to consider a victory the fact that Assad remained posted . A victorious Syria would not have suffered this many israeli strikes and such Turkish expansion and terrorist activity . And who knows if the normalization with israel will not find its way which explains the drawing close between Syria and the Emirates that is normalizing to the point of granting an Emirate citizenship to 5 thousand israeli citizens .

What is circulating actually is that Syria might be placed under Turkish custody after Russian custody because Russia is busy elsewhere . This is happening at times Turkey is drawing very close to israel which will certainly allow the israeli strikes on Syria to continue endlessly and become more costly and be used in an eventual settlement . Normalization on all fronts might be what awaits Syria in the long run unless something unusual happens.


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The imperialists work on separating man from his environment and they seek thoroughly to stop this cooperation between the environment and the individual that is vital for his growth at all levels and for the growth of his society and nation and this severance happens at all levels cultural and physical. This is what the Israeli endeavor is about . It is about dislodging people from their homes and up rooting them from their environment and sending them away by way of threats and massacres and so on, and bringing another people separated from their original habitat to take their place and claim what belongs to others . This is what happened to the Native indigenous of the new world whose environment was totally destroyed by the colonialist . When the Palestinian people were uprooted it was more like an amputation done on every bone of them and the Palestinian refugee tried his best to reproduce his environment wherever he was located and to hold fast to his originality despite the conditions. In the camps the Palestinians gathered by villages and tried to reproduce their quarters the way they were originally organized at home .

What is happening in Lebanon is this severance that is allowing this situation to prevail whereby the Lebanese are not able to meet the challenge and retrieve their rights of a decent livelihood from which they are deprived . This is not because they are divided according to communities and confessions as is claimed, but because they are severed from their direct environment . They have been separated from their cultural and social and natural environment and this is the basis for any future and prosperity. Man cannot progress without the cooperation between him and his environment and this environment is the gift from the Divine, and the relation with the environment not only determines the relation with others but is determined by the relation within the individual himself , and any messing up with the environment- whether natural or social or cultural- will lead to man being alienated from himself and this will lead to his alienation at all levels and regarding all relations.

Man is his environment , and the environment is not outside and what allows the imperialists to appropriate any country’s resources is because they have succeed in separating man from his environment to the point that a country will have difficulties claiming its own resources which have become accessible to the enemy. This severance from the environment will turn man into an easy prey because deprived from this bond with his environment man becomes defendless and subject to deprivation and famine . This in itself has been the world powers agenda for centuries which is the genocide of peoples, and this is the scheme for which world powers have been working, the first step being this separation we are speaking about and dislodging and displacing people whether towards big cities or towards refugee camps , or towards colonized areas , it is the same process . In Syria, In Iraq , it is the same scheme applied through war and terror , while the schools and universities and media work everywhere on the cultural and social level . Ukraine is also another example that is the latest in playing with the demography of a country and displacing people and threatening the world with food and fuel penury. A war simply instigated to achieve this goal and promote israel which is the model that the world powers seek to generalize. Man is no more to trust and invest and belong to his environment but is to roam around homeless and uprooted and deprived and even famished . This is what the world powers have in store for all .

Who escaped this tragic destiny is the Resistance , and this is because the Resistance held fast to its environment cultural , social and spiritual and never let go of it and has even respected other environments and the Lebanese variety in faiths and cultures at the expense of the Muslim prevailing Nation model and has acted accordingly treating equally the environment and each and every Lebanese constituent . Empowered by holding fast to its environment and by respecting and serving the whole of Lebanon the Resistance has gained strength to threaten Israel itself and the world powers that stand behind it


the genocide of humanity is the world order goal


File: 1661725325881.png (4.45 MB, 1920x1355, ClipboardImage.png)

Zelenskyy should be prosecuted by his people because he took his country to war by taking sides and inviting the US in . So much the Ukrainians are longing to become part of the EU or maybe the NATO that they are ready to sacrifice their country and their lives for this; a sacrifice that should be offered on the altar of independence and sovereignty and not on the altar of subjugation and affiliation and world agenda . But it seems that Ukraine had no choice , and the national sovereign option is not on the menu . What is on the menu is either US or Russia , and this is due to the position and history of Ukraine that could not achieve independence even after the collapse of the USSR like Armenia did. Ukraine seems to fall under the effect of 2 monsters that are ready to devour it and they are the United States and Russia . The national option is not there ; and it is the same option that has been erased for Syria also that has internationalized the struggle and brought the antagonists to its arena : the Turks and the Kurds , israel and Iran , the US and Russia giving room to world wide struggles .The Ukrainians also will learn the hard way. The truth is that the Ukrainians were victims of a deception . They thought they could be even with Russia and that Russia is somehow helpless and cannot invade Ukraine even though the Russians were able to annex Crimea in 2014; but they did not or could not interfere further to help the Russian community in Ukraine who has been waiting for years for Putin to put term to the so called violations against the Russian Community . Since 2014 Russia had been reluctant to do anything or to react after Putin’s stooge corrupt Yanukovych was deposed . The Ukrainians built on this or on what they thought the incapacity of Russia to interfere. They did not know that the US is playing a double role and that Putin had been sent to Syria on a US assignment and that at one point- like Ukraine has been empowered by NATO and made to believe that it has become part of NATO- so Russia was empowered by the US and invited in, and Russia yielded to the US request and invaded Ukraine after 8 years on the Ukrainian crisis. So Russia was not the weak Russia but it was not time for Russia to go to Ukraine , not yet until the US signal came. The Syrian assignment came first . This was set up for the Ukrainian people . They should have discovered the US-Russian cooperation in Syria and before Syria and since the beginning and build on it instead of building on the narrative that was circulating of an impotent Russia . Now, this war is not an average war between 2 parties. It is not even like the war on Syria where the war belligerents were somehow clear and the purpose clear . It is a very complex situation and Russia is assuming the role of pole to the world powers and to the US . But it is the US that holds both strings, and the Ukrainians are victims . They are the ones being displaced and killed and their country destroyed, and it is not known yet what is the outcome of this war and why it was started in the first place . The Nazi story does not stand or reproducing the WWII scenario , and why would Russia be after Nazis when it has pacified terror and relocated and negotiated with terrorists and tried to spare them in every respect and promote their sponsor Turkey ? This question needs an answer like other questions concerning this controversial war. But what is sure is that Russia is not suffering from the war until further notice and it is even profiting despite the sanctions




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Yesterday, Iran has closed all its borders with Iraq while the nuclear agreement with US is drawing near and the US has everything to gain in seeing destabilization overcome Iraq a neighbor of Iran . The western media has always praised al Sadr seeing in him a savior for Iraq because he calls for shunning Iran thinking that this is how he will build a national consensus as if Iran stood . against such consensus. But his problem is not with Iran but with the Shi’a community in Iraq who refuses that he be the sole representative of the Shi’as seeing the number of parliamentary seats he got in a rigged elections where the ballots were counted in the Emirates , and where Al Sadr got the majority. The other Shi’as among them the Popular Crowd think that the elections did not give a real picture of the Shi’a constituents and that there is need to correct this defect by forming a government that represents all including al Sadr which al Sadr refused pushing his parliamentary block to resign from the parliament and calling for early elections . But the blow came from somewhere from al Sadr Religious Reference Sayyed Kazim al Haa’iri appointed by al Sadr father as his religious successor and who has closed office and resigned from all his duties exposing al Sadr as not representative of his father and uncle martyred by Saddam and calling his followers to choose leader Khamina’i as Reference. As a response and in order to cover for himself and take the attention elsewhere away from this scandal al Sadr declared his retirement from political life and sent his followers to the streets to occupy the public buildings and facilities and cripple the administration . Ten people were killed in confrontation with the security as a result and curfew announced all over Iraq . Today the curfew was lifted and life went back to normal after both al Sistani and al Sadr interfered . It is not the first time that al Sadr resigned or retires and it will not be the last time . Iraq will know no peace until the US is thrown out together with its off spring ISIS, and its agents on the ground crippled .


File: 1661965337828.png (2.61 MB, 2560x1071, ClipboardImage.png)

Fighting Corruption is the name of the game, and corruption is the civilization of the colonialist and the door through which the world powers cross to any country nowadays to and fro , and the topic they use to interfere in any country . After rallying against corruption that is caused itself by the world powers they start instigating people into taking to streets and occupying official buildings and cutting roads and creating havoc thinking that this is what Revolutions are about . The masses thus mobilized take after the colonialist and never mention israel or occupation or the colonialists . They confine themselves to the internal condition creating internal social fbi.gov thinking that this is the way to fight corruption . These people are knowingly or unknowingly being used in order to abort any genuine uprising in the society because before sanctioning or encircling or violating a country’s rights it is necessary to normalize the people and neutralize them so that they become defenseless before the abuses and violations committed by the world powers . These people have abandoned their culture and the sources of their originality , identity and strength and totally subscribed and succumbed to the civilization of the colonialist ; they preferred slavery to the seemingly wealthy civilized over the civilization of their seemingly poor originality. This will allow the world powers to continue their abuse undisturbed. This is why we are having these colored Revolutions in countries like Lebanon for example and that are to replace the real Revolution .


File: 1661978896812.png (4.17 MB, 1920x2108, ClipboardImage.png)

When the USSR collapsed it did not collapse on its own, it fell in the hands of the USA and of the western powers who defeated the USSR and looted Russia till nothing was left from it . This caused the western powers to prosper . They totally defeated the Soviet Union, and it is the USA that started taking Russia into custody and controlled it indirectly through appointed stooges like Yeltsin who were corrupt in every respect . Russia fell in the grip of the USA and the western powers to the point that- as related by investigative journalist Seymour Hersh- the USA took in charge the Russian nuclear heads in the Russian arsenals and renovated them as if they were a US weapon .This is a very important indication ; and why it is important is because this has not changed; and why would it and how since the defeat that happened in 1992 was not challenged by a Russian Revolution or an uprising that will lead to sovereignty and independence but things flowed smoothly until Putin ascended to power- appointed by Yeltsin himself- and after he promised to protect the Yeltsin mafia . The relation continued strong between the 2 countries and developed under the Bush family to become even stronger, and Putin was consecrated as a president by the world powers and took turns with Medvedev violating the Russian constitution and the rights of the Russian people. A close cooperation between the US and Russia never stopped and continued in Syria where Russia was assigned Syria, and where the 2 coexisted perfectly and smoothly without any problem and still are coexisting . Why aren’t the two in confrontation in Syria as they are in confrontation in Ukraine? The answer is that they are not in confrontation, and this confrontation is only in appearance and the truth is that they are cooperating in both countries as they always have. The reason they are acting this way in Ukraine and putting this show is in order to assimilate Iran ; and the war in Ukraine where so many are being killed and displaced was especially designed to turn Russia into a pole to the world powers and have Iran join this pole that will be lead by a country that is friend with Israel and the US for the purpose of undermining the Axis of the Resistance against Israel. A joker country that can play a double role .At the same time the nuclear deal is taking shape the war has been declared on Ukraine and all the world setting has been arranged to promote Russia as a pole and Israel as a beneficiary of the war along with Russia that is reaping millions to help it pay the cost of the war . The goal is to have Iran join the pole and benefit equally.


I wonder what's the life of this schizo like


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File: 1661989602228-1.png (1.05 MB, 1080x1854, ClipboardImage.png)

Aleppo and Damascus

This has become a routine rather and a chronic behavior with which Syria has normalized not to say that it is accommodating these strikes by committing itself to a certain ceiling in retaliating that is not to be transgressed. We are far from the kind of formula the Resistance has imposed which is airport for airport and bridge for bridge and facility for facility . Such formula is protecting Lebanon


Based my nigha
I too am sick of leftists and their explicit full-throated praise of a world ruled by many empires instead of a single one
Absolutely revolting, just celebrating reverting to the world of the 19th Century only with the West (nominally) consolidated as a bloc instead of fighting each other
Sick of the unmasked cynicism of self-proclaimed Marxists throwing their lot in with capitalist states they hope will fight their battles for them


Accept of course your own position upholds the various bourgeois classes of the Middle East so I mean tbh hardly better, probably why you genuinely believe the Western states want Russia to win and are controlled by Israel who they want to save at all costs


File: 1662003730614.png (2.31 MB, 2249x1344, ClipboardImage.png)

It is a one world order that we have to deal with, or rather say disorder, and this order is set against the peoples themselves, any peoples, and has for purpose to submit peoples and defeat them. This is in short the conglomeration of world powers and their strategy . Their strategy is not against this or that state or this or that country, their strategy is against the people themselves and including their own people whom they subdue in various ways by confiscating their will and by manipulating them and granting them a fake freedom in which they have no say and through which they do the world powers bidding while thinking that they are acting freely .
Why we say this is because of the weapons that these countries are developing stealthily. and the kind of arms they keep in their arsenals which are weapons that target peoples and do harm to people, and all the world powers develop these weapons that cause great damage to peoples whether Europe or US or China or Russia, and they are all part of the world powers . Remember Hiroshima and Nagazaki . Who was targeted in these atomic bombs ? it is the people themselves and they are the ones who suffered and are still suffering . And beside the Japanese we have the Palestinians and the Vietnamese and the Iraqis and the Syrians and the Libyans and the Yemenis and the Lebanese and the Iranians and the Ukrainians and others, not to forget the Native Nations in the New world and the Irish people that were among the first victims . The kind of weapons these countries harbor explains the nature of the target which is none other than the people whom they seek to exterminate. .
Take a country like China- for example- that develops biological weapons and does biological researches that are funded by the USA after the USA has closed its biological labs at home due to the Anthrax threat and scandal , and has assigned China and other countries the continuation of the researches concerning biological weapons. This is how China resumed these researches in its labs in Wuhan from where Covid 19 originated, and we never learned how this pandemic spread , and we had to be satisfied with the bat and rat version, and all the scientists who raised specific questions were silenced . All this while the biological labs in Ukraine are being denounced nowadays by Russia after decades of complacency, and no one speaks about the Wuhan biological researches funded by US to develop biological weapons . This shows that China is a real partner in the world order scheme with the same strategic purposes despite the claims that it is a pole and independent, a misinformation that is occupying all the headlines . Not to forget israel , the world order off-spring and how it is being nurtured by its European colonialist sponsors and by its US surrogate mother, and was provided with nuclear weapons that count around 200 nuclear heads and more. This usurping state is the real strategic purpose of the world powers that consists in the genocide of the Natives and their replacement by hordes of settlers . It is an experimentation that the world powers want to pursue and generalize , and they are doing everything in order to make it last and survive but without really succeeding in this . And for this purpose they have created terror and its affiliates. And all are sharing in this endeavor including Russia whose affinities with the usurping state cannot remain hidden but that poses as the world savior . These countries like China, Russia and others are not set against one another, They are all set against the peoples , and have developed the proper weapons that serve this purpose . Never will there be polarity between US and Russia or US and China, but the polarity is always between these world powers who form one front and the peoples whom they want to exterminate and who form another front .
It is Iran among states that forms an exception in its refusal to develop nuclear weapons even though it has the capacity . But for Iran these weapons are harmful and evil and illicit and they should be banned and forbidden . This moral stand puts Iran on the side of the peoples and allows it to develop nuclear power only for peaceful purposes . This is the stand of the pole of the people


israel yesterday struck Aleppo's airport and destroyed landing areas and depots that - the israelis - say were used to keep Iranian weapons. And then they struck south of Damascus on the same day . Never israel says that it targets Syria , it is always Iran or the Resistance the target and never Syria, while the truth is that it is always Syria the target whatever is targeted and now the infrastructure is being hit and it is not the first time nor would it be the last . The strike on Damascus airport more than a month ago had for result to close the airport for a week almost. and Russia says that it was informed about the Damascus airport strike half an hour before it started according to the coordination agreement that joined the 2 countries by virtue of which israel would have to inform Russia before hand about any airstrike that targets Syria. Despite all this Russia is still considered a pole to the US and a friend of Syria and an ally to the Axis of the Resistance.


File: 1662067976606.png (2 MB, 1400x914, ClipboardImage.png)

The Lebanese Resistance never pacifies terror or israel ,whether at war or not . The Resistance stand does not change . It is a moral ethical religious stand and is a way of life rather than a tactic for battle and politics . Recently we have celebrated the 5th anniversary of the victory over terror in the barren hills of Irsal and in the Lebanese Qalamoon after the president of the Republic general Michel Aoun gave in 2017 the order to start liberating Lebanon from terror , and the Resistance yielded and started operation BARREN HILLS DAWN cleansing the whole of Lebanon from terror in few weeks something that neither the Syrian Army nor the Iraqi Popular Crowd could achieve in Syria or Iraq . It was an outstanding achievement especially that by the testimony of the Resistance fighting terror is much harder than fighting israel maybe because the Israeli relies on his equipment and arms while the terrorist relies more on himself. The Resistance called this the 2nd liberation . What happened in Syria was that terror was pacified and negotiated and integrated in the army and society under Russian sponsorship . There was no radical stand against the terrorists that were killing and destroying and this led to a great confusion and to the loss of clarity of stand and identity . Terror – as a result- was not eradicated despite general Suleimani’s claim. Why terror was created is not so much to operate a change in the rule or replace rulers . Terror seeks to afflict societies and change the social structure by infiltrating the social structure and undermining it from within which is something close to what israel did in Palestine . See what terror did in Syria where half the population fled and was displaced inside and outside Syria, and the other half, or a big portion of what was left from the population was forced to coexist with terror especially in the north and south of Syria and this has drastic effects . Terror was accommodated in Syria unfortunately who started maneuvering and compromising . And not only the country that was destroyed but also the society , and this is not easily reparable and is more damaging than israel itself that does not refrain from attacking also . This social engineering is what we are witnessing in Ukraine also where social changes are becoming more and more visible . The normalization happening between Syria and Turkey under Russian sponsorship is a step further along this path where terrorists are expected to become more and more integrated into the social order . What strikes us is that Russia is a vital part of this world order scheme of destabilizing societies and operating demographic and structural changes that make a country lose its identity and become something else that fits in the world powers schemes and reproduce countries that look more like israel .


File: 1662146065819.png (636.66 KB, 700x496, ClipboardImage.png)

The encirclement has become total on Lebanon, and the author has become known . All the factors have come together. From the money withheld by the banks and stolen by the bankers and by the state due to US pressure , to the darkness in which the country is plunged due to the absence of electricity and that the US is enforcing , to the rise in prices happening daily touching everything and the growing inflation , to the penury in fuel, to the absence of medication, to the cuts in communications , to the strike of the jurisprudence, and the general strike that has crippled the administration . Such a complex situation and immanent threat that is financial, economic and existential are the war that the world powers are launching against Lebanon . And because this encirclement is a form of war, only the Resistance is capable of dealing with it . All the other forces or state institutions are powerless, and no other force has the power to meet this challenge not to speak of the politicians that are sharing in it and that are part of the encirclement together with the administration departments , and they are many .The ball now is in the Resistance field, and now the Resistance will have to act, and the situation will continue to escalate until a Resistance retaliation puts things back in order and checks the enemy once more. It is not a matter of sea borders or of the natural gas embedded in the sea, or of the Lebanese rights to exploit its resources .It is more than that, and includes everything happening in the region, and is existential and not political or geopolitical . The enemy does not know what this Resistance is made of, and therefore is ready to test the ground again. The Resistance as usual is in full readiness and certainly will strike.


Used to be a puppet state of Syria.


Does not want the interference from Iran.


File: 1662246778066.png (866.56 KB, 1024x595, ClipboardImage.png)

The article in al Akhbar local news paper that is of high credibility says clearly in its article dated the 13th of July after the israeli raid on Damascus airport that put the airport out of function that this israeli strike was coordinated with the Russians and that the Russians knew about it one hour before it happened . This is clearly stated in the article below and this coordination has been going on all through


File: 1662321948738.png (567.07 KB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

The dilemma that is dividing USA is not any dilemma . Finally Biden and Trump are part of something taking over USA and it is not something exclusively material even though they are competing for the presidency . What they are fighting over is of a mental nature rather, and has to do with the future of the USA that is at stake nowadays after USA is being challenged by a morally oriented stand , and its offspring israel threatened in its own existence . How can USA meet the actual challenge is the question, and how is it to become great again- as Trump puts it- and keep others in awe and fear . This is a difficult issue . For some of us the USA was never great and will never be great .The greatness of USA was a make up which no more can hide the ugly fact that it has been founded on a genocide , and the USA has started to fall apart bit by bit in an irreversible process . But for someone like Trump what made USA great is not waging for democracy and for human rights and signing agreements with others and striking deals and calling for rights for minorities and gender rights and so on. What made America great is the total opposite: it is violation and usurp and theft and abuse and massacres and confiscation and extermination and displacement and exploitation and mistreat and torture and sanctions and encirclement and war and so on, and every infraction it committed . This is what made US great . And even though the US has never stopped committing all these violations and terrorizing the whole world, it has acted under different labels that have to do with freedom and democracy and peoples’ rights . For Trump these labels are unfit and unworthy , and there is no reason to continue using them because they go against the real US endeavor and have nothing to do with it, and have for result to disperse the one effort and waste energy and lose focus and have the US deprived of the source of strength on which it feeds . The USA should get rid of this weakness and this make up – according to Trump- and stand openly with the set of “Values” that made it great , and it should shed whatever dress it has used to look different from its own motives and goals. The US should embrace the monster it is , and hold on to its true ferocious nature rather than hide under false pretenses that make it look weak and vulnerable . No doubt Trump’s view is simplistic and not very sophisticated, and as such did not help Trump himself look strong when the US was targeted by Iran in its large military base in Iraq and was not able to retaliate. But Trump’s view seems to find a way out of the quagmire where the US has found itself . It is a last desperate attempt at retrieving the lost glory. This is where Putin and Trump met and decided to cooperate and transgress all sense of morality , and Putin is perfectly fit for this task that he had started under the Bush father and son rule and is continuing right now by declaring together with the US a war on Ukraine that has no justification whatsoever, and is a new kind of war that could be repeated whenever and wherever needed.


the usa that is talked about in this article is just an image, a cover to the real usa or israel or the world order, where the real order or the real usa is the therapeutic governance or state that is not challenged by any means and in the contrary it is getting greater and greater every day.
what is at stake is not the future of the usa but the future of humanity and freedom.
the real usa or world order which today is psychiatry slavery is more genocidal than ever in the history of inhumanity, much worse of the inhumanity in the name and with the justification of god and religion.


File: 1662399695212.png (1.74 MB, 1761x1131, ClipboardImage.png)

Misinformation is taking the lead especially regarding the war on Ukraine and all are telling stories whether on fb or elsewhere stories that lack the minimum of credibility and common sense . We were never so badly informed or so uninformed . The Russian people are not condoning such war nor should any people condone it , but they cannot express themselves because they will be punished in a merciless way . People should know who is their friend and who works for their interests and who lets go of the world powers interests and the struggle over power and the competition between the masters of this world to give the peoples the priority . Since when has Putin become friends of the people who is coordinating with israel the israeli strikes on Syria for many years now ? When did Putin become friends of the people and in which Revolution did he share and which people did he help ? Did he help the Palestinians or the Yemenis ? or the Venezuelans when he refused to provide them with gasoline which made them turn to Iran for help . Did he stand for any righteous cause ? What is the outcome of his interference in Syria and who really fought terror in Syria, and who sacrificed his men who fell by thousands on the Syrian soil and who are the freedom fighters who paid their lives to save Syria? Are they from the Wagner Group or from Lebanon and Iraq and Iran ? One should really start from zero and consider the pros and cons . It is a big mistake to take things for what they are not . Martyrs and Resistance fighters cannot be mistaken for those who turned Syria into an international arena or into a market of share holders or into a field for experimenting new weapons and make demonstrations about the weapons of the Russian arsenals. This confusion should stop and one should start reading facts without biases and prejudices . Treating on par Russia and Iran and confusing one for the other is what the world powers want us to do in order to create havoc and make us lose sight and clairvoyance which are the first prerequisite for any necessary positive change .


Victory to the resistance …




It is not too early to realize that the war on Ukraine is benefiting israel and Russia . The Russian gas is on every tongue and so is the israeli gas that will replace it .


Why care so much about the little Shaitan getting a bit of grift when the great Shaitan is taking an enormous hit?


Give me five bloody stained with Khashukji's blood and with thousands of Yemenis and Saudis and others blood and this makes the ex KGB agent elated.


File: 1662515472241.png (276.54 KB, 1080x869, ClipboardImage.png)

Another 'Israel' strike tonight


File: 1662515782151.png (302.05 KB, 503x274, ClipboardImage.png)

The world scenery is not restricted to Ukraine or to Syria although these are striking examples of what the world might look like. Both countries and sceneries are the product of a US- Russian cooperation , and the result is internationalization of the struggle and expansion and war and displacement and social engineering. Syria- as a country – has entered the war on Ukraine in an indirect way, and some Arab tribes are being recruited in order to attack al Tanf US military air base. This is not in order to liberate Syria from US occupation as one might think . The truth is that the US has been in Syria since 2014 as part of the anti terror Coalition, and this with Syrian official approval – on the condition that US never met- to coordinate and inform Syria about any attacks on terrorist groups . For this purpose, the US has created number of military bases in Syria , one of them al Tanf on the Syrian borders with Jordan and Iraq. These latest Syrian attacks on al Tanf are a Russian assignment and are not in order to liberate Syria from US occupation . Their purpose is to have Syria contribute to the war on Ukraine for which some Arab tribes in the eastern desert have been mobilized. President Assad by his own saying revealed in order to justify this move that we cannot ask the Russians to do this, and we have to do it ourselves interpreting these moves against the US in terms of Syria’s duty regarding its sovereignty and integrity; a stand that Syria could have developed earlier against the US or against the israeli occupation and interference that prove costly or against the Turkish so called invasion . But no , Syria here is transgressing the national interest towards the regional interests and the world powers interests . This is extremely dangerous, and is not the first attempt at drawing Syria to regional struggles and conflicts . This had already started when the committee in charge of writing the new constitution for Syria had to suspend its works in Geneva because Switzerland stood against Russia and supported Ukraine which made Putin stop the meetings altogether and look for a different place other than Geneva in times when writing the constitution could be a step towards unifying Syria . This is extremely dangerous and does not tell anything good whereby Syria- that is part of the Axis of the Resistance – has left its central struggle in favor of a world struggle . This is what is in store for the Axis of the Resistance, and it is to join other alliances and alignments that spare israel and overlook the Arab Central cause in favor of the US/Russian so called polarity. Thus, Syria has positioned itself regarding this struggle around Ukraine that does not concern it finally . Syria or Ukraine is what the world powers in coordination with Russia have in store for all countries . Countries that have lost their national unity and find themselves torn in midst of world struggles . Facing this model is the other model of countries like Yemen and Iran that do not lose their focus nor the centrality of their cause and have their compass set in the right direction and are building their own strength far from any alien alignment .These are the 2 choices offered right now .


Iran and Yemen is the real deal, not Russia/Ukraine.


File: 1662586335997.png (526.89 KB, 634x540, ClipboardImage.png)

What is happening to Russia ? What has become to the big country, the biggest country , that has become an empire before collapsing in the previous century and falling apart ? What has happened to it is like what happened to the Ottoman empire when it collapsed during the turn of the previous century . The USSR did not last as much as the Ottoman empire, but it met the same fate of disintegration by colonialist powers. When these empires collapse , they are not left alone, but the powers that defeated them work on controlling them and feed on them , they become like vassal states. This is what happened to the Ottoman empire . it became a country controlled by the powers that defeated it . It became a NATO member and established relations with israel, and it is the number one contributor to NATO . If one had said to an Ottoman that one day your people will serve the NATO , he would have gone mad.And now Turks are begging in front of the EU doors to be admitted .

The same happened to Russia when the USSR collapsed. The US had taken over, and Russia was not left to assess the situation and redefine its position and put things back in order and produce its own power . It became an affiliated country , affiliated to the US , and US chose the Yeltsin mafia to rule Russia and Yeltsin and the mafia chose Putin to rule and US took in charge the Russian arsenals and renewed Russia’ s weaponry including the nuclear heads . It is true that Russia was not to join NATO like the other countries who were members of the Warsaw Pact , but this was intended also because Russia was being prepared for another role and for assuming the role of an alternative pole to the US .

Russia had a chance with Premakov and the Party of the Fatherland to produce something different, but the Russian mafia that brought Putin to power did not allow this to happen, and Russia has become totally affiliated to US . Now, the KGB rules Russia on behalf of the World Order , and we have practically no news about the country . We know nothing about Russia , about what is happening to the Russians , all we see from Russia is Putin and this is most worrying . The man has become the country, and not any man but a dangerous stooge who might be the richest man on earth is leading the biggest country on earth .

Russia must be in a deplorable condition to the point that no Russian voice is heard . This is very worrying indeed . Where are the Russians , how do they live and what do they think , a people with such a rich heritage and legacy that gave Pouchkine and Dostoievsky, with such a great contributions in all fields , how could a mediocre greedy KGB agent control them and suppress them to this point that we do not hear any other voice but that of the ruler who is a usurper also ?

Where are the Russians? Where is Dostoievsky and Pouchkine and all the others whereby Russia has become a lethal power dangerous to itself and to others , plotting and conspiring and generalizing the KGB conspiracies to the whole world for the benefit of the World Order? The KGB conspiracies will not spare anyone, and they have already destroyed Syria under the pretext of a fake Syrian / Russian alliance that preys on the Syrian people and targets finally the Resistance for the safety of israel . This is the role assumed by Russia that s taking after US as the number one sponsor of the Terror and anti Terror conspiracy .

When asked about the center of Terror in the world, Russian dissident Litvinenko said without hesitation that it is the Kremlin that is the Terror world center . Litvinenko died later poisoned by polonium by one of Putin’s agents. But what he said is no doubt true, and Putin was the first to have sent thousands of terrorists to Syria that Saudi Arabia bought from him with billions .

Everything tells that Russia will take after US, whereby the world center of power is shifting slowly but surely towards Russia, and it is Russia or the Russian / US partnership that will continue to do what the US has been doing, and Putin has the major role in bringing his man Trump to power .

The Russians will slowly sink in this condition of oblivion , and they will become a rogue state surviving only because the World Order wants them to survive . Unless the forces of the Resistance defeat Russia , there is no hope practically for the Russians let alone for other people. This defeat should happen slowly and surely, and is not a military defeat but a slow unravelling of the truth about Russia and Putin that will happen in due time


File: 1662586583163.png (1.83 MB, 1284x1271, ClipboardImage.png)

Russian gas firm Novatek that is privately owned will withdraw from the TOTAL led consortium to exploit Blocks 4 and 9 on the Lebanese shore . The Russian firm that has 20% of the shares did not comment on this withdrawal due probably to a US request . The company that will replace Novatek is a firm from Qatar the country chosen by USA to replace Novatek. . Why the US is doing this or replacing the Russians by the Qataris is because the block Number 9 is on the border with the usurping state and the US want the Qataris to be there because of the border’s issue and the drawing of the sea borders whereby the Qataris are expected to play a role that might be that of pushing Lebanon to share the gas fields with the usurping state . Qatar is known for having helped Lebanon after the 2006 war and is expected to play a role in these latest developments concerning the drawing of the sea borders with the enemy and determining the fields from where to extract gas . No newspaper has mentioned the reason of the Russian withdrawal or at least give a hint about the US being behind this withdrawal which is something obvious . It is US that has whispered in the ear of Russia and Russia has yielded . One wonders how the US and Russia are fighting in Ukraine and coordinating at the same time the Russian withdrawal from the gas consortium in Lebanon . This is something that the media does not want you to know . What the media highlights is the US/Russia polarity and what they are hiding is the US-Russia cooperation and coordination in Syria , in Azerbaijan, in israel , in Yemen and in Ukraine also and now in Lebanon .
The alliance between the media and the world powers is turning people into an organized chaos of scattered individuals running here and there disconnected from the events and circumstances and goals of their life and driving them like a herd to their prescribed destination.


The homelessness in the US is unimaginably high now. Plus anglos are becoming a minority.

The UK is also heading for a full blown depression this October


File: 1662758904272.png (2.24 MB, 1878x1115, ClipboardImage.png)

Those who justify war and violence by the so called fact that we have evolved from an animal kingdom and are a human kingdom evolved from an animal kingdom and therefore we are naturally violent are totally wrong . We have not evolved from an animal kingdom and violence is not of the nature of man . Violence is the product of ignorance of the individual and not the species and is manufactured and not natural . Violence is not natural to man and evolution is of the individual thanks to his merit . There is no collective evolution . Evolution is individual and due to accumulated merit whether in the animal kingdom or in mankind , and wars are not the rule , they are rather a mishap and an aberration and not the rule other wise how is justice and peace being sought by most? Are justice and peace an impossible dream ? No they are not , otherwise they would not have been on the tongues of so many saints and prophets and wise men who are calling for them. Those are not calling for the impossible but for the feasible and true. Peace is what we are made for . And the more we evolve spiritually the more peace becomes an evident reality .

Wars are no more what they were supposedly meant to be . They have become something else : a manufactured product and a circumstance that is needed by the system to survive . their reason for existence was to solve problems antagonistically when for some reason or other they were not being able to be solved amicably or rationally.

Wars have become an industry and an agriculture in themselves and they no more revolve around peace and justice nor do they revolve around redressing a shortcoming of some sort like expansion or invasion or defense . The war on Ukraine is a model of what wars have become . they plant the seeds of differences and sow divisions and wars. Certainly the war in Ukraine was prepared for for years. It is not a fight against Nazis like they are trying to picture to us who have become of seemingly gullible nature. It is rather a manufactured war and a planted field waiting for harvest . War has become an investment and not some political goal that has to be achieved, The weapon industry has become a real pillar for the economy, and the weapons have to find markets, and like any industry the weapon industry has become flourished. This kind of industry should not flourish like other industries do, and should not become a major pillar of the economy . Weapon industry should not be an investment but should be linked to the political rather than the financial. But the West and Russia they have opted for relying on weapons , and for this, wars had to be created, and thus were created like the war on Ukraine with the collaboration of both: Russia and USA . This is the state of affairs, and wars will be created that are devoid of any cause or sense only to promote the weapon industry that is major for both.
The struggle of Palestine is aimed towards peace which is the absence of the zionists. that’s why they are fighting the imperialist colonizers. war is for them a means to get rid of the occupation and to create peace by expelling the colonizers.


The Kremlin claims that Putin earns an annual salary of $140,000. His publicly disclosed assets include an 800-square foot apartment, a trailer, and three cars.
But according to some experts, he may be the wealthiest man in the world with assets totaling up to $200 billion.


however we have to wait and see if the islamic republic follows the path of syria or what


File: 1662854404155.png (1.17 MB, 1024x831, ClipboardImage.png)

Basic misunderstanding describes best the position that some leftist western intellectuals have taken against Iran. There is no doubt that most of the western leftist intellectuals are against Iran, some of them are of good intentions but lacking true insight in the matter, some others have deviated from the original purpose of supporting the people against the establishment and all of them are biased against Islam.

There is definitely a challenge here facing these intellectuals in as much as they had to deal with a revolution that is neither secular nor communist nor anything that they are familiar with, a revolution originating in eastern thought that the west had learned to discard, inspired by a great spiritual leader called Imam al Khomeini, in his turn inspired by the heroic stand of Al Imam Al Hussein – the Holy Prophet’s progeny- who stood alone with his kin and a handful of loyal friends to face the utmost injustice on behalf of the usurpers of Islamic rule and- by his great sacrifice- achieved victory over the usurper. A revolution that was successful by all standards, made by the people to the people, almost with no blood shed and that put term to one of the most brutal regimes of the area, that of the Shahinshah, vassal to USA, friend of Israel, installed by a military coup designed by US in a conspiracy against elected Iranian reformist Mossadek.

All this the Islamic revolution achieved led by a spotless spiritual leader who suffered for long years the injustices of the regime. Due to this revolution, the Shah was evicted, the country liberated from US hegemony, the Israeli embassy closed and, in its place , the embassy of Palestine was opened for the first time in history.

Never the less – in the narrow conditioned minds of the leftist western intellectuals- it was not forgiven that the revolution was not a secular or communist revolution: something a western intellectual conditioned mind can identify with. The contempt in which Islam- as a religion- is held in these minds is really unacceptable, given the fact that- according to the distorted minds of those leftists – if people draw inspiration from their culture and religion and heritage in their uprising, they are to be shunned. Only the western thought should be considered as a valid ground in what could be labeled as pure racism on behalf of the leftist intelligentsia; for- unfortunately for them- this time, the real revolution that made history did not come from Lenin or Trotsky, not even from Guevara, it was not triggered by Sartre or any other philosopher, it was triggered by a bearded authentic Muslim Imam, trusted fully and deservingly by his people, the Imam who led Iran and the faithful Iranians to the much desired fruit of freedom and liberation.
Prejudice and lack of insight deprived the western leftist intellectuals from partaking in the victory of the Iranians over the oppressor and it is too bad for them that they had to take this difficult test that checked their ability to support another whose thought is not an intrinsic part of theirs’, most of them failed the test. Most of them –let alone Gunter Grass – are siding now with the world order against Iran, against one of the very few Asian countries that are challenging the world establishment, the only country in the area that is achieving real autonomy and independence.

In the deviated vision of those intellectuals, Iran, the peaceful country that is neither attacking nor assaulting anyone, has become a great threat for humanity, and this is not all, they have turned themselves into real enemies of the revolution asking the Islamic state to grant the Iranians all the liberties the west is enjoying and has been enjoying for some time due to a leisured secured life granted itself by the colonization of poor countries on behalf of the powerful ones.

It is forbidden that Iran acquires- by peaceful means -the power that western countries have acquired through wars, colonization, and bloodshed, it is Iran that is repressing women, sentencing people to death, repressing freedom of expression and imprisoning people as if those things were not happening in the USA or in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or elsewhere. It is Iran that is singled out.

In all this, no one really knows what Iran is, no one seems to care that Iran presents a real alternative and a real model for countries striving for autonomy and independence. The reason that freedom is not flourishing and that- sometimes -drastic but appropriate measures are taken is due to the great threat that the country is undergoing, war threats, civil war threats, from USA from KSA, from Pakistan and, above all, from Israel, in addition to false flag revolutions, terrorist attacks, sectarian and ethnical manipulations, assassinations, electronic warfare, anti Iranian campaigns, sanctions of all kinds, the whole world is mobilized for a country that has not attacked any other, that is practicing its own right of developing nuclear energy and whose government has not transgressed any international law.

Compared the atrocities committed in Iraq, in Afghanistan, in Palestine ,where international laws and human rights are being transgressed and violated every second, the measures taken by Iran to protect its right to exist amounts to nothing. Iran is living in great austerity, because of the immanent danger that is threatening it, in times of great austerities, when your basic right to exist is jeopardized, there is no room for frivolities nor for marginal liberties , nor for excess of freedom, these are times of sacrifice and hard work and giant efforts to protect one self and to build one’s own immunity.

Intellectuals living the leisurely life provided for them by the western system at the expense of poor colonized countries do not have the mental tool to understand the hardships undergone by poor countries in order to achieve a sort of autonomy and live somehow in dignity.

If those people of the west and east as well, if those leftist intellectuals were earnest, they would divert all their efforts into pressuring their governments and foreign governments to keep their hands off Iran and off the whole world and not cater to the greed and ambitions of these governments. To relieve the Iranian people from this constant threat, to stop targeting Iran in its right to exist and its right to grow strong and independent, to stop exposing Islam as breeding terrorism and terror states, is the only way to have Iranian people enjoy a more encompassing freedom and a wider margin of liberties, that is the only way western intellectuals can help Iranians, otherwise catering to the needs of extra freedoms- in these difficult times- would be fulfilling the wishes of the world establishment to see Iran grow week and dependent.

The western leftist intellectuals are invited to review their position and to rethink their choices and overcome their prejudices if they want to be fair. They are invited as well to study closely the Iranian model that presents a real alternative to the world’s present condition.


It's my opinion that Israel and turkey want to take Lebanon and Syria out right.


File: 1662854776562.png (520.49 KB, 759x622, ClipboardImage.png)

The Iranian Islamic Revolution is the biggest challenge the West is facing because this Revolution was conceived by the people, and brought to power the native people and their culture and Religion . it brought Islam to power . The west had thought that it was done with Islam, and that Islam had become a totally tamed Religion, and that the west had secured itself from any Islamic awakening, and nothing could come out of this religion who had been dissected by the orientalists, and studied and researched to the point that it became totally accessible to the western minds and western power. Muslims also proved to come in handy when the World Order needed them. They were ready to work for the western scheme of expansion and hegemony. They became the West proxy army , they kicked the Soviets out of Afghanistan which is one of the reasons why the USSR collapsed .

So, the west was tranquil from this side . But this quietude did not last long, and the west was wrong in his assessment of the situation, and Islam was not tamed as it seemed – despite the gigantic efforts in this direction exerted through years and centuries by the western world . In fact, Islam was awakening and a great event was about to happen ; a real Revolution inspired by true Islam , by the genuine authentic Religion as revealed to genuine authentic people . This was the last thing that the west expected.

The secular atheist west , who thinks Religion to be a myth and a legend, was overwhelmed by what happened and did not understand . It took the west time to understand and to realize what really happened . Not that the west is capable of comprehending something that is spiritual. The west is not capable of this . But the west understood that there was something in this Revolution that threatened the west in its very existence and that this thing claimed to be of Islam . This meant that Islam or true Religion, that the west thought to have become dead and emptied, could provide a platform and inspire and motivate a Revolution of the people by the people to the people that will bring to power the people themselves and will try to realize their longings and aspirations .

This is what the west least expected , and the biggest challenge the World Order has ever faced who had spent centuries trying to immolate and subdue and annihilate the people and their culture and their Religion , and undermine their rule and societies and violate their rights , and loot their resources, and confiscate their wealth , and expose their faith and beliefs . When the west realized what has happened , it was too late , the Revolution had taken roots, and grown to become something big and strong and resilient and determined also.

Of course , in front of such an existential danger, the west did not back off, but tried everything and is still trying to eliminate this threat . The west in not just trying to protect Israel, but is trying primarily to protect itself . The western powers started by war, and passed through sanctions and blockade and threats and demonization and isolation . They set Iraq against Iran and waged war and used all kinds of weapons . Then, they recurred to sanctions and then, used threats, direct and indirect . They froze assets and bank accounts, and sent their thugs to kill scientists and academicians. Then, they used their false flag revolutions and triggered the Green movement through their embassies . After that, they waged their sectarian warfare, and called for the sectarian alignment against Iran at the same time they prepared the Arab Spring . They targeted Syria , the weakest link in the Axis of the Resistance, and after the sectarian alignment failed in producing the desired result of defeating Iran and the Resistance , they started their secular alignment now by introducing Russia to the Syrian scene .

Russia is their latest attempt and maybe not the last one. And, with Russia, another anti Islamic, anti Iranian alignment will take place that targets the environment that is supportive of the Resistance but that is a secular environment prejudiced against Islam who although considers israel an enemy , considers Islam as another enemy : the enemy of progress and advancement the way they understand progress and advancement .

This secular environment that is targeted by the west, and is composed of a certain intellectual elite, cannot identify with the Islamic Revolution for obvious reasons, and invests rather in the western ideology and mode of life, and identifies with this ideology and way of life , and will not give it up nor give up on it . Russia is expected to rally all those, and give them a purpose and a direction, and take them into custody, away from the Islamic Revolution and the Islamic Resistance, to the realm of western secularism where they feel at home , the realm that they cannot forsake at any price even if this meant that they should coexist with Israel.

These secularists are being conditioned now to belong to something called Eurasia , a geopolitical virtual entity that has no reality on the ground , a fictitious place with no limits and no borders ; its only reality being the creation of an alternative to the World Order that is not Iran . The World Order is playing this card now after failing in all the others, and it is through this secularism- promoted by Russia- that is known for its anti Islamic stands , and through the Arab and other secularists- who are mostly Arab nationalists or leftist progressives – that the west will seek now to protect Israel by playing on the enmity of those towards Religion.


>And when west decides not to sell microchips or CNCs, theyre fucked
I hope that never happens


Islamic theocracy was invented by the west and imposed on the proletariat


File: 1662917600177.png (3.08 MB, 1778x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

Europe is suffering- observers say- while USA stands strong, and Russia is resisting and maintaining its position in this war on Ukraine . Not only this , but the same observers say that Europe is being seriously threatened, and its economy and unity are at stake . And while countries like Britain and Germany and France have the chance of surviving this challenge, other countries that are weaker and formed the previous USSR like Czechia and Rumania and others will be more vulnerable, and pushed by the people’s pressure , might defect from the European Union to reestablish relations with Russia and be spared the misfortune of a rough cold winter . Now, of course, one objection to the previous analysis is that Russia is not resisting in Ukraine, and has no elements of resistance and forbearance- like the observers claim – and the Russian people are not standing nor supporting this war but they are not expressing themselves nor are they in a position to object it openly .Russia is not Iran like they want us to picture, a country capable of meeting challenges successfully .
The truth is that Russia is being empowered in this whole endeavor by the world powers rather than challenged , and is not suffering from the sanctions nor is meant to suffer . It is being promoted as a super power that has a say in Europe’s economy and living conditions and in the future of the old continent .
The Russians are not getting poorer due to this war until further notice. They are not meant to go through a cold winter or suffer from penury. Russia is not meant to be defeated in this war against NATO where Ukraine is being used as a battlefield. What is meant on behalf of world powers is to operate geopolitical changes that might consist in dismembering the European Union in favor of Eurasia, the new bosom expected to host Israel, or to resuscitate the old USSR or the Warsaw Pact, this time lead by a strong Russia considered as a pole to the western powers like the USSR . Thus, the Ukranians are being used in this tug of war, and their dream of no more being the backyard of Russia might never be fulfilled . Both Russia and the world powers are contributing to this endeavor.
The world powers utmost security lies in having Russia lead the “dissident” countries like Iran and Yemen and others, and curb the tendency to have revolutions like the Iranian Revolution take half the world and achieve sovereignty and independence for more than a country . Instead, these countries whose people can overcome the world powers will be put under Russian custody, and this is already happening in Syria that is part of the Axis of the Resistance. The Syrian chapter was a success in terms of distancing Syria from the Axis of the Resistance and drawing it close to Russia that is friends with Israel, and give the international conflicts priority over the conflict with Israel. It is Russia that has the final say in Syria, and this is no doubt in favor of Israel to whom Syria with all its facilities, military and civil, has become accessible, and who is coordinating with Russia its strikes on Syria that finds itself with hands tied although belonging to the strong Axis of the Resistance: a paradoxical situation which Syria has not been able to overcome up to this minute.


Instead of these dogshit translations can you just post the Arabic original of whatever article it is that you’re pasting?


Whatever the Revolution attains will be preserved . The Spirit of the Revolution speaks through the leaders and acts through the members. The Revolution is a Spirit which is independent from the bodies of the leaders and the members ; and true leaders and members do not die, they live in the Spirit of the Revolution . If Shakdam or whoever are investing in the eventual sickness of the leader then she is wrong and understands nothing of the Revolution . She, who is still living on the remains of her Iranian experience, and on the left overs , and she is selling what is left bit by bit. And there is not much left . One day she will end up with nothing and this is coming, and maybe she will want to go back and fill her basket again , but she has burned all the bridges . And she thinks that she was so smart for cheating some complacent Iranians who were negligent enough to think she was someone and that she had something to give, and she used those to climb the ladder. .But now she is empty handed and she will wither as time passes. Her last attempt was to make herself useful to the israelis once more and she sold herself to the devil again . What did she reap? Nothing for sure . the israelis are not generous like the Iranians and she might not prove herself to be useful again. Iran is still faring well and the leader is still the leader. Shakdam is the real loser in this maneuver, and Shakdam no doubt is realizing this and thinking of a way to retrieve the lost kingdom , the platform from which she started conquering the world , but this is difficult . . This whole infiltration business finally proved to be a mediocre attempt with meager results for all that cannot give enough sustenance. Finally, Shakdam was not so smart and infiltration is not something that she masters, and she owes her so called “achievements” or limited “success” to the complacency of some Iranians and the complicity of some others more than to her own wit. This Revolution or the Iranian Revolution is godly made and its destiny is in God’s hands , and there is very little mediocre infiltrators can do.


File: 1663185089236.png (2.73 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

The Russians are not faring well in Ukraine, and this comes as a big surprise to the public and is being interpreted in many ways . Some say : it is a redeployment of the Russian forces and others say that the Ukrainian Army is being provided with sophisticated NATO weapons and helped directly by the US military intelligence and that this should explain the retreat of the Russian forces . But what about the Russian weapons that are on every tongue ? The truth is that Putin’s endeavor is failing , while he thought that it will be matter of days before Ukraine is defeated and falling into his hands . Not only this but the whole media that promoted this war and acclaimed Putin and praised his stand cannot anymore continue on the same pace and is looking for expectations and new developments that will affect the balance of power . Not that the Ukrainians are such a mighty army, but it is just the Russians who are not up to the job as it seems . Lately, Ramzan Kadyrov said that he wanted to resign his job as ruler of Chechnya after he criticized the performance of the Russian Army in Ukraine saying that Moscow should be informed about the shortcomings of the Russian army. Kadyrov had brought his Chechen Army to give a hand to the Russians and teach a lesson to the Ukrainians . But the poor performance of the Russian army was a set back and exposed him before the Chechens and now he wants to leave office . What a surprise for all ! The Russian Army that we saw parading on every occasion in perfect ranks and order , in more than a demonstration of might and power that received applauds from the public , the army that defeated terror in Syria and made Syria triumph and that has incomparable weapons like winged missiles and so on that were exhibited and experimented in Syria and that all wanted to get. But the Russians never defeated anyone and never overcame terror, and now they have difficulties with the mediocre Ukrainian army . Maybe because the Russian Army is made of mercenaries who belong to a group called the Wagner Group. This war that is a US endeavor with Russian cooperation and geopolitical purposes seems more complicated than it sounds, and a Russian victory is not granted at least not so easily . The US might help Putin win a seemingly victory that is limited and more a virtual victory than real, and they might also let him down in the middle of the road and get rid of him, and this is also possible because the world order is the one who is maintaining Putin in power and not the Russian people .


The supply routes of the Lebanese Resistance have already been affected due to the Russian-Israeli co-operation in Syria. Some weapons convoys were targeted but not all and some Iranian facilities. Who is suffering is Syria itself.


In 1992, Marina Salye headed a special commission in St.Petersburg, which found that, on the basis of documents signed by Vladimir Putin, then chairman of the city's Foreign Relations Committee, the city had exported rare earth metals, oil products and other raw materials for over 100 million dollars. These were barter contracts. In return, the city, where there were food shortages, should have received deliveries of foodstuffs. But the foodstuffs never materialised. When the city council, on the recommendation of the special commission, passed a resolution to sack Putin, St Petersburg’s mayor refused to do so. Instead, he promoted him to be his deputy, and no investigation was carried out.


File: 1663287734777.png (3.42 MB, 2000x1334, ClipboardImage.png)

Circumstances sometimes bring together parties that seem incompatible, and this happened many times in the turning points of history like what brought Putin who was promoted by the Bush family together with leftist progressive people and countries . Thus, Some Iraqis among them notorious leaders opposed to Saddam, developed affinities with the US when they saw in USA, and when USA made them feel that such affinity is positive and promising . They thought that if they access the rule after Saddam’s fall with the help of the US, they will not necessarily become vassals to the US but, in due time, they will get their act together and throw out the invaders after accessing power on their back . Many Iraqis- among them leaders and politicians- who were opposed to Saddam thought so and acted accordingly. They accessed the rule or gained some power or retrieved their status on the back of the invader without totally giving in to him and also without maintaining an independent stand. The result is what we see in Iraq these days . There were attempts though at achieving independence and throwing the invader out , and in 2011 the US forces evacuated Iraq under the rule of Nouri al Maliki only to return in 2014 under the same rule and under the pretext of fighting ISIS . Iraq failed in achieving its independence, and it was not so easy for those who bet on the help of the US to access the rule after Saddam to declare independence . The whole country fell in the grip of the predator who by the way built in Baghdad the largest US embassy ever with 16000 staff members . This endeavor of cooperating with the invader and then breaking loose from it proved difficult, and Iraq is still paying the price of this initial cooperation and collaboration that plagued the Shi’a community which is the largest constituent of Iraq . It is not easy to escape the grip of the predator after collaborating with him although it is not impossible . Thus, we know where leaders like Muqtada al Sadr came from and other leaders too, and from where came all those who gave an ear to the invader . The predator always invests in the ambitions of the local powers and in their greed and in their lack of ethics and in their differences; and the result is what we are seeing right now in Iraq . There was something wrong in the start, and this unfortunate collaboration of Saddam’s enemies with the US is what we are witnessing right now in the streets of Baghdad. In comparison, the Lebanese Resistance never got compromised and never reached for the predator although it is not a secret what the predators offered indirectly to the Lebanese Resistance . They offered money and power and even weapons . They offered everything for the Resistance to forsake the cause . All this was rejected and never will the Resistance concede to the predator at any level, and this is what is maintaining order and stability and preventing the situation from escalating and preventing Lebanon from turning into another Iraq.


File: 1663357900418.png (403.12 KB, 400x506, ClipboardImage.png)

Despite the seriousness of the situation the officials are behaving as if nothing is happening . A country where there is no electricity for a month now where water is scarce and medication unaffordable , the dollar shooting high and reaching unusual levels . the public schools unable to open the national university where 40% of the Lebanese students study is having problems . Employees of the public sector are all on strike .The judges are on strike and no one is holding sessions . The officials are not concerned and live on another planet . Our PM after declaring 3 days of mourning for the death of the queen in the whole country is preparing himself to attend the funeral leaving the country in this dire condition. . Meanwhile the country is turning into a Hollywood movie and the clients of many banks have resorted to unorthodox ways to get their deposits that the banks are withholding now for almost 3 years . Like a Hollywood movie the clients are breaking through their bank some with gasoline threatening to burn themselves others with a hunting rifle and some even with plastic guns, and they ask for their own money and refuse to leave until they get what they want . There is no other way to get their money , and some have sick people depending on them and need money to get them hospitalized. We are really in the mid of a western movie . Those clients in many instances get help and coordinate with associations who work on retrieving the confiscated funds and accounts of the depositors and they coordinate their move with these associations and they have the sympathy of the people including the security people who are going through the same penury in wages and allocations . This picture of Lebanon is not very bright; still the country is able to survive with difficulty . It is the Resistance that makes all the difference, and the Resistance that is the mother of the child and has a deep concern with the welfare of all beyond any belonging or identity . While most officials are filling their pockets, the Resistance is looking for a way to give and provide and make up for the government’s shortcomings in medical care and education and fuel . It has given loans to establish solar panels and draw electricity to those who cannot afford to pay the elevated bill of the generator . At the same time it is protecting Lebanon and defending its embedded wealth against israel’s assault and greed it is catering and addressing most internal issues and trying to solve them . Tomorrow Sayyed will speak on the occasion of the fortieth of Imam al Hussein, and will comment on the latest developments .And while all Lebanese are hailing the Mayyas Lebanese dancing group that won the 1st prize of America’s Got Talent , the real Lebanese miracle is this Resistance and it is the real Lebanese identity.


File: 1663528324441.png (631.98 KB, 770x655, ClipboardImage.png)

How the Resistance is dealing with this fuel issue that is a very delicate issue . The Lebanese administration wants to draw the sea borders with the enemy, and this is something that the Lebanese Resistance is leaving up to the authorities and certainly not interfering in this process because for the Resistance , there are no borders with the usurping entity . There is no usurping state . There are borders with Palestine and not with the usurping state. The Resistance cannot take part in drawing borders with an entity that does not exist and which it does not recognize . What the Resistance wants is to lift the US siege on Lebanon and have the Lebanese gas accessible. The Resistance is not giving any license to the Israelis to start extracting because the gas is Palestinian and not Israeli . It is a limited condition that the Resistance is imposing that says that there is no extraction of gas from Karish before the Lebanese gas becomes accessible and before the companies under contract- at their head the French company Total- start digging in the Lebanese blocks . The Resistance is focusing for the time being on this thing: on lifting the siege and starting the digging and extraction.The companies under contract have been prevented from meeting the dead line set in the contract and have been delaying this start endlessly because of US pressures. This is in short what the Lebanese Resistance wants . There is no extracting from Karish unless the Lebanese get their rights complete of starting digging for gas through the respective companies otherwise Israel will be prevented from extracting oil and the Energean floating vessel in Karish will be targeted. This is the equation. There is no gas for the enemy before the siege is lifted and the Lebanese gas accessible and within reach .


File: 1663528681912.png (3.14 MB, 1920x1206, ClipboardImage.png)

The Damascus airport has been hit again by Israel, and the US is escalating and has entered directly the arena by trying to revive the Syrian opposition abroad in terms of the Syrian Opposition Coalition that has been under Turkish custody since the war started on Syria in 2011 but now is changing masters and has become under US custody directly . This is a new development on the Syrian ground and is directly related to the war on Ukraine whereby the new US/Russian alignment has put Syria on the Russian side against USA and against Ukraine and, Syria, in the form of Arab tribes living in the east of Syria, and upon Russian request, has started attacking al Tanf US military base on the borders with Iraq and Jordan in order to materialize this conflict on the ground and help Russia gain ground . This new development has caused the US to escalate in Syria and this escalation is taking different forms and is linked to the Ukrainian conflict more than it has to do with the Syrian/Israeli conflict. Thus the US will replace Turkey in managing and monitoring the Syrian opposition groups that were being subject to the Russian- Turkish coordination- say local sources- and all the Astana process will thus be suspended until further notice . Not that the Astana process was bearing fruit or improving the situation in favor of Syria. This is not the case but this process had left room for Iran to have a say in the Syrian conflict, and this card might no more be available. On top of this, Syria has to suffer the Israeli strikes that have increased lately and targeted both Aleppo and Damascus airports under the pretext that they are being used to transfer weapons to the Resistance, while what is being hindered through these strikes is the UN humanitarian aid meant to be distributed from the Damascus airport throughout the whole Syrian territory .This new Syrian pro Russian alignment in the Ukrainian conflict on the Syrian ground will not plead in favor of Syria or have Russia work with israel on reducing the air strikes that israel insists on carrying on, on regular basis, in coordination with Russia, taking advantage of the retaliation ceiling imposed on Syria by Russia and that does not allow Syria to target the Israeli air fighters restricting itself to intercepting the Israeli missiles . After the US – Russian cooperation in Syria and coordination that lasted the whole war and preserved the terrorists that continue to operate, comes the US /Russian polarity according to the Ukrainian model . What will Syria reap from all this? If the US-Russian coordination and cooperation in Syria preserved terror and destroyed Syria, what will the polarity bring keeping in mind that the polarity might very well be part of the coordination process .



Bernie Sanders or Putin’s brain is sending a call saying that the world is about to end as Armageddon is approaching . Now, Bernie Sanders who is a Satan worshipper and has been initiated since his youth is turning into a Christian Zionist saying that the end of the world is drawing near and that we should get our act together and rush as Muslims and Arabs to help Russia win this war . Certainly , Russia needs help , especially that Kadyrov -the head of Chechnya- is disappointed with the way the battle is being fought in Ukraine and is threatening with resignation .This is how Bernie Sanders is using Religion to fulfill a political purpose and rally the Muslim world . And today Syria seems to have answered the call of Bernie Sanders and has targeted US military positions in the north which is Syria’s contribution to the war on Ukraine that Syria is carrying on upon Russia’s request . This is very unfortunate and out of place , when Syria is being targeted by israel on regular basis, and Syrian soldiers are falling martyrs under the israeli strikes . The truth is that Putin is worried as US is not ready to give him Donbass like it gave him Crimea . Donbass will be more difficult to get; and the Russians would have to suffer to get what they want .This maybe came as a surprise to Putin who was not ready for such a complication. . This war is central and will reshuffle the cards and redraw the map of the region . and will add fuel to the various conflicts as we are witnessing right now between the previous USSR countries .

>Putin's brain Alexander Dugin: "Armageddon is approaching. Muslims must ally with Russia, which is now fighting a decisive battle against the followers of the Antichrist."

Aleksandr Bernie Sanders embraces Satanism. Why the local media is promoting this dubious person that is highly controversial? This applies especially to al Mayadeen TV and even to the radio of the Resistance where he is mentioned from time to time as a Russian thinker. >>1132555 Bernie Sanders participating in a satanic Black Mass, paying a homage to the satanist leader Aleister Crowley. Zeinab Al Saffar


Freedom is not freedom of the individual against the society and against that to which one belongs, and it is not the freedom to go against one’s deeper or higher self. Freedom is not freedom of the dress or body or wealth ; it is rather freedom from them. Freedom is not freedom of the individual nor is it freedom of the individual from society. It is freedom that is universal and involves the whole of society otherwise it is not Freedom. It is freedom from ignorance and limitation and as such belongs to all. The colonialist wants to promote the isolation of the individual and the destruction of the fabrics that connect the individual


Iran will give Lebanon 600 thousand tons of fuel for free that will give 6 hours of additional electricity per day for more than 5 months to all the Lebanese . This is an Iranian donation and because it is a donation it will not be subject to sanctions . The Iranians will also take in charge to renovate the electricity facilities in Lebanon and will help put those facilities to work again . The technical team from Lebanon is in Tehran working out the details and everything is getting ready to receive the Iranian gift .
We hope this will become true because the Iranian offer has been available for years , and no one dares to accept it for fear of sanctions that will target officials and politicians or for fear of infuriating the USA . And Iran is helping Venezuela the same, and this is not a fairy tale, and Syria is being helped the same way and provided with fuel and with electrical facilities . This help to Lebanon comes after a long struggle, and after the US interfered promising to have Lebanon draw electricity from Jordan through Syria and to bring gas from Egypt with the promise to lift the sanctions and the Caesar’s law in order to allow this to happen. But the US is a liar with for sole purpose not to have Lebanon reach for Iran; and Lebanon is still waiting for the Caesar’s law to be lifted for more than a year now and this never happened .Meanwhile the country is totally plunged in darkness .
There is no consensus over Iran in Lebanon but there is consensus over electricity . Many do not understand what Iran is and think it to be a country like another country, seeking its own interest; but this donation is unconditional like all Iranian help since the Resistance against israel started thanks to Iran who provided weapons and training. Iran is ruled by wisdom and let us never forget this, and it is not to be compared with any other country because no other country has at its head a wise devoted religious leader . Most countries have burglars and skumbags at their heads and war criminals like Erdogan and outlaws like Vladimir Putin and stooges like Macron . . Iran is ruled by a sincere devotee of God whether you believe it or not and this makes the whole difference.


People know little about Revolutions. They think Revolutions to be massive eruptions that overtake everything, like a Tsunami or a flood . They are not wrong; and Revolutions- or at least true Revolutions- have this massive character. They are of an encompassing nature and they rally the masses . But Revolutions in their origin are not massive or quantitative ; they are rather spiritual, and come from another world . They start from a small group with an inspiration and they inspire others in their turn. and then the small group grows to become massive . This happens when the Spirit of the Revolution awakens the masses to their true condition and to the possibility and necessity of change. But all this starts with a limited number of awakened and committed persons touched by the Spirit and fully convinced of the possibility and the necessity of change . Those are like the crop that becomes hundredfold like the scripture says .The Revolution also causes schisms and polarizes the society ; but it is a revealing schism in its right place because a true Revolution is a process of purification, it sorts out the constituents of a certain society as a step in the process of including them, and for this reason we witness these defections as is happening in Iran right now . Those who defect might make a lot of noise . We have them in Lebanon also, and they assume the role of revolutionaries while they are defectors. These defectors seem to threaten the Revolution that lies deep in the roots and cannot be reached. They are a show that is pre paid and on the payroll of embassies even when they include some seemingly sincere individuals . The western powers who could not defeat the Revolution and the Resistance have paid billions to create these protestors whose mission is to defame the Revolution and the Resistance . They are parasites who live off the Revolution , and they should be thankful to the Revolution and the Resistance for giving them the opportunity to be employed by the embassies otherwise they would have no role to play. These defectors form a demarcation line with the Revolution, and they also confirm the Revolution .The Revolution has nothing to fear from them .


The agreement between the Palestinian Authority security apparatus and the locals of Nablus according to which the Palestinian security will not arrest those who shared in the latest protests in Nablus has failed and the security has arrested already 2 Palestinians and there is more to come, and it is the same refrain of security cooperation and coordination with the israelis . Those arrested belong to HAMAS, and the israelis are accusing one of them at least of training and arming Palestinians . This does not tell anything good . It means that the Palestinian Authority is coming back to the scenery , and with the decision to resume what has been going on in terms of coordination with the enemy. and this since the Oslo agreement . This arrest is upon israeli request and the relation to the israelis is what counts and not what the Palestinians of Nablus are requesting .This has for goal to abort this new Intifada happening in the West Bank whereby the West Bank is rising in protest of the Zionist abuses, and this has to be taken care of and the Palestinian Authority has volunteered . This is to say that while the Palestinian Authority is committing itself to the terms of the Oslo agreement, israel acts as if there were no agreement at all . The authority plays totally in the hands of israel and is serving the occupation and carrying on all the israeli orders . There is nothing else to expect from the Palestinian Authority and this will not change any time. The Palestinian Authority has become an intrinsic part of the israeli project and an essential pillar . israel is not a country or a people . It is a world order project that has no goal but to keep this encompassing project going on at whatever price. This talk about a promised land or a shelter for the Jews are stories . The Jews are just a label , they are not core of the matter .


So let's just say that the crackdown on the Mahsa Amini protests is based, because it's anti-imperialist.

Is that a good enough tankie take? -_-


Man is not what he appears to be. He is something else that hides behind this appearance. To deal with this appearance is a total aberrance .The social has overcome the individual, and Scientists write about society and keep their science secret while man is totally left in darkness and in ignorance . Society is no more the product of the experience and knowledge of the self and is no more the expression of his cumulative experience . Society has become manufactured and imposed and the product of studies undertaken and manipulated by the secret services and social engineering and they know about the individual more than he knows about himself


The Matrix is an arrangement and a take over of society for the purpose of creating a new social order to replace the original social order . And this matrix has been building itself and developing at a fast rate . Instead of a society made of its members , a more suitable society to the administration and alien to the members is created; and the individuals are required to subscribe to this new social order . The matrix is evolving and it is creating the new social order, and they call it civilization . And it is the individual who is trying to catch up with the society that the matrix has manufactured for him; and he has to rush and race with the others in order to be even with the matrix and meet all the requirements: from the kitchen appliances to the motor engines to the schools and universities and hospitals and malls and sports and arts , to the looks and dress and foods and you name it . The matrix has a complete paraphernalia that it puts at the disposal of all while making the individual believe that he is making the only right choice . There is nothing that the Matrix misses . The matrix will even push you to wear torn jeans and torn sandals and will succeed . It will spread Covid and impose the necessary measures against it. It will spread narcotics and fight drug trafficking. It is at the same time the assaulter and the healer as well , It is racism and anti racism . It is war and it is peace; and this is clear from the Hippie peaceful movement that took over at the same time the US was massacring the Vietnamese and losing its war and hiding its defeat behind the Hippie movement, making the defeat look like a choice for peace that overcame war rather than a defeat suffered at the hands of the resisting people . The Matrix is all this and more . The Matrix is Israel and MBS and BRICS and Shanghai and Russia and Ukraine and China , and it will develop even more and will continue until the individual is emptied from everything . Not only that the individual has lost his culture and religion like the Native Indigenous, or his land like the Palestinian but he has lost his relation. He is an isolated disconnected and alienated individual in a world controlled by matrices . Man has succumbed to and normalized with the matrix and abandoned his original relations and status with which he is born not knowing that this matrix is not real or as much real as he invests in it. No matter what, let the individual retrieve his status in the society he was born to and break this endless chaos and this is a first attempt .


Israel has no legitimacy and it is basically a white supremisct country of jews; the irony is that most of this shit hole is populated by Africans and arabs.

Jewishness as ethnicity is a meme created by white people from central and eastern Europe.


>Iranian Terrorist Missile Strike Murders U.S. Citizen

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<Our drone strikes operations in adherence to the law of armed conflict
<their terrorist missile strikes, striking terroristically


How based of them


Strange how people are with the Iranian Revolution and against Hijab . They think Hijab to be a superfluous thing, a detail that one can dispose of and neglect and overlook and do without . No, this is not so . The Hijab is at the heart of the Iranian culture and goes back even to the period before Islam and this is not speculation, this is true . Who thinks that this Revolution was possible without faith and austerity and commitment to the culture is wrong . It is this commitment and austerity that brought success to the Revolution , and the Hijab is an expression of all this and one cannot deny it . And the victory of the Revolution is a victory of the culture also , and it is the Religion and culture that fed the Revolution . The Hijab as its name inspires is a protection and a factor that plays in favor of sovereignty and independence against the normalization and the acculturation with the west . Now, it is the west that is feeding the controversy called Hijab that the system is maintaining as a law in order to keep the dress under control and protect the society . It is not the hijab properly that is required but a form of head dress, and a dress in general that does not show parts of the body. This has nothing to do with freedom as waged by the western powers who are oppressive by definition .It is not a matter of freedom. Why would removing the head dress be a sign of freedom while keeping it a sign of subjugation? What if it were the other way ? and how free are we in our modern dress when we are compelled to tear our jeans in order to look cool . It is a cultural issue. and a cultural assault when Iran is in need of all its elements of strength .


The contrast between the anti-Israel secular leftist and the committed Islamic religious parties is a kind of contrast between the East and the West, as the secular left parties, no matter how attached they are to the main cause, i.e. the Palestinian cause, do not cease to identify with the West and consider it their reference, knowing that this West with which they identify is The same West that created, nurtured, protected and continues to nurture, protect and embrace Israel. This left is interested in declaring its negative attitude towards the veil and thinks that it is its duty towards humanity to declare and publicize it, in line with the Western stance condemning the veil, instead of clinging to all the sources of power that fuel the Islamic resistance or the Iranian revolution, which are cultural, religious and social. To respect it, or at least stand on the sidelines, because it is a source of strength for the resistance and one of its main titles. As the resistance fights in its entirety and spirit, and it does not miss any moral or religious detail in its difficult task. But the secular leftist intellectual prefers, in these circumstances, to align himself with his Western references, which are the incubators of Israel in almost all its sects. This is similar to schizophrenia, but the secular leftists, including Asaad Abu Khalil, for example, insist on it, and the fact that he supports the freedom to wear the veil in Western society does not change much and does not affect the basic alignment against the veil, even if he tries to find a neutral equation. Regardless of whether Iranian women actually complain about the veil or not, and it is most likely that the veil is a source of complaint only in the Western media that promotes it, as there is no problem for Iranian women with the veil, but rather it is a projection of the Western position on it, the reason behind this position, which is more like a reaction The naive is to consider Western civilization as a global civilization with universal values, and to consider it a reference for all who are on land, and in relation to it other civilizations are measured. The secular leftist intellectual, and if he practiced his patriotism and struggled against the colonialist, for some reason he remains hostile to his religious heritage. There is no doubt that these attitudes are not limited to the veil, but go beyond it to the issue of the Wali al-Faqih, for example, and other issues, which are like stabbing the resistance in the back and denial of the source of its strength and successes. The estranged one here is the secular leftist who is in the burrow of the so-called Western civilization: the Hiroshima civilization, Israel, the Covid civilization, the ISIS civilization and global terrorism that committed Islam succeeded in conquering and which still shines in the eyes of the educated secular leftist. .


this absolute reactionary faggot.


Sayyed in the latest portion of his speech brought up the latest developments in Iran. It is one of the rare times where Sayyed dwells this much on Iran defending it against those who target it and exposing them, and they are from everywhere and are funded, and the mysterious death of one woman makes the news while the news about so many victims in Afghanistan is being occulted . Sayyed invites the Iraqis and the Lebanese especially the Iraqis to show gratitude to Iran and to get to know Iran that has no ambitions in other countries wealth because it is ruled by a devoted spiritual leader and the Iranians are a devoted people . Sayyed no doubt means Muqtada al Sadr without mentioning him who is showing affinities with the KSA and Gulf countries who destroyed literally Iraq by sending terrorists while Iran helped and trained and supplied with weapons . Showing gratitude and knowing one’s own friends after acknowledging what they have offered and done is what is required. It is very upsetting not to see Iran given its due .

photo*Sayyed:The world was moved because an Iranian lady who died in unclear circumstances but turned a blind eye to 50 martyrs in Afghanistan.


Assalamu Alaykum
thank you for coming for commemorating the late Allama
My condolences to all the Lebanese to his family may God have mercy on him
i will speak about the late Allama and also about the latest developments
the Ulemaa are the closest to the Prophets and they will remain so. and Christ who said who taught about God is considered as great in the heavens
Such was our late Allama . A great working scholar who taught for the sake of God about God . A servant to the people and a guide to them
i was honored by his meeting and i learned from him and i felt i was in the presence of all the Ulemaa who lived in our country.
Known for his perseverance and patience and steadfastness . We have for one thousand years known many Ulemaa from everywhere and from Tripoli also al Jizzini wal Maysi wal Baha’i wal Hurr and others.
if we get to know those we will know the history of our country. This needs to be found out and extracted from the belly of history and this needs courage . Some write an imaginary history what we need need is real history so as to learn from this history
We should revive this history and we should introduce those Ulemaa to the people so that they know about them . Some academicians are really exerting efforts in this direction . And i invite the families who have manuscripts to give copies of them to the specialized ones
About the late Allama what should be brought up is his relation to Mousa al Sadr
there were differences among the Ulemaa around the Alem to interfere with politics or around the level of this interference ,Some Ulemaa will condemn this interference to the point of banning this or that Alem
And Sayyed Mousa al Sadr had suffered from this prevention . This has changed with the Islamic Revolution and even Imam Khomeini had suffered from this to a great extent, Also Sayyed Sadr who was criticized for this
Our late Allama had made his choice very early by standing by Imam al Sadr.
our late Allama was part of those who stood by al Sadr . He was present and also member of the the official Majlis of the Shi’a
what should be mentioned is his contribution in founding the Markaz al Islami in Tyre
Sayyed Abbas also was a student in this Markaz when Sayyed al Amine was responsible for this institution
he lived the usurp of Palestine and the israeli assault on Lebanon and the 1967 war and the 2006 war and he committed himself to the culture and choice of the Resistance
and he lived through all the massacres and assaults and this is why we heard him appreciating the peaceful situation and thanking the Resistance for this achievement
this peace is made by those who sacrificed and by the Ulemaa and by those who were taught by them . and this peace is not granted by anyone but by those who sacrificed, reason why we should stick to this Resistance.
And the Palestinian Resistance is being promoted now after the Oslo failure
What should be mentioned also is what is planned for our area and the US senator who spoke about what happened in Syria and why and how they are stealing the fuel so that the Syrians get cold and how there is a plan for starving the Syrians. The late Allama had taken a stand regarding all this and how much he had insisted on praying on the departed martyrs
May God grant him the highest degrees and he will remain as long as time lasts
locally we have received documents that are final regarding the drawing of the sea borders. and they were given to the 3 presidents
this had started 10 years ago and it is up to the state to decide which means that we are in the final determining stages
let us hope that we will reach a final satisfying conclusion because there is no other way to get out of this vicious circle . Especially that the whole world now is facing a crisis . This final deal will be concluded thanks to the unity and cooperation of all.
The latest parliament session proved what we have always said about the absence of any majority in the country and there is only a momentary majority concerning this or that topic, We should stay away from choices that are a challenge to others and we should reach a consensus that include most
also my hope is that we have a government formed soon .
Also the drowning of the people in their attempt at leaving by boat seeking Europe and other places . We present our condolences to the families of the victims .
we are before an illegal emigration that is not only illegal but that is a crime because these boats are death boats and not just illegal . This is a crime that should be investigated and the guilty ones punished
We should thank the Syrian authorities for the efforts they exerted in saving who were to be saved and the Syrian people also have contributed and i thank them on behalf of all: the Lebanese , the Syrians and the Palestinians
The war in Ukraine has become at a world level and should closely be followed
Also i forgot to say that ISIS is still operating even though the Islamic state is over but ISIS is still there and the US have transferred ISIS to Afghanistan in an air bridge and yesterday a school was targeted . While the death of Sayyeda Amini had stirred the world even though it is not yet known why the lady died . There are attempts at recycling ISIS in Syria and Iraq and the US is behind it and the US secret services
Iran is targeted because of the Axis of the Resistance the killing of the Ulemaa , the 8 years war that was supported by the whole west and so much money spent on the media in order to create havoc and instability. Because Iran is strong there is no war waged on Iran so there is this targeting to stir the inside . and even they spread the news that the Imam was dead. This in order to have the people lose confidence in the rule . The riots were invested in and when the people rallied by millions in support of the system no one said anything
the Iranians are a faithful people and Iran is strong. Those credible people should read well these facts . Let all hear that Iran is stronger than any other time where the constitution says that the country is ruled by the Mahdi and with the presence of the spiritual leadership. Let no one fear for Iran
and there is this attempt at setting peoples against Iran and there is money consecrated for this
As for Iraq also there is this attempt at presenting Iran as an enemy . For 40 years now we have had this relation with Iran and i say before God that the Islamic Republic does not want anything from theses countries and people . The Islamic Republic has no such ambitions . on the contrary the Iranians will give anything and even martyrs for the sake of Iraq and put everything at the disposal of Iraq when ISIS invaded Iraq , How can the Iraqis favor the Saudis who sent thousands of terrorists to kill at the time Iran was opening all its arsenals and putting everything at the disposal of the Iraqis
How is this helping Palestine ? If it were not for Iran what would have happened to Palestine ? What would have happened to Lebanon, Syria and Iraq who were invaded by ISIS sent by the US by thousands ? And poor Zelinski asked for joining the NATO as an answer to the Russian annexing parts of Ukraine and his request was refused because if the US accepted this request then they would have to defend Ukraine, but what they want is to fight Russia with the Ukrainians and then with others . One should know his enemy from his friend and should stick to his friend . May God have mercy on our late Allama wassalam


You are strange, Mr. Pierre. Israel considers it a loser in that deal, while you consider Lebanon the loser. I wish my hair what is right? And why this intimidation? There is no doubt that Israel was compelled to conclude this agreement, and there is no doubt that it is an achievement, and if it is not a victory, it is an achievement that bears the signature of the resistance. The master of the resistance is not interested in demarcation, but rather what matters is that oil extraction begins. The resistance does not support negotiations, and Israel does not have any rights, and Lebanon must extract its oil in all cases, right, sir?

Pierre Abi Saab: Do not invent victories… What happened was defeat and concession, the surrender of a political project, and a soft bench against America!
The full episode via the following link 👇🏻 https://t.co/[email protected] @rawad_daher #Balbashir pic.twitter.com/dEqUtBNddj


Your short-sightedness is the unfortunately failed left that is not ready to consider the reasons for its failure, the collapse of the Soviet Union, the deviation of China and the retreat of communism in the world. Some of the leftists - and I do not mean here Asaad Abu Khalil - have become identified with the friend of Israel, Vladimir Putin and They see in it the salvation of humanity, thinking that it is a continuation of what is left of communism, being Russia, and that there is no one to warn them and direct their steps. I know that Abu Khalil is not among them. But is it not time for you, the leftists and the communists, to review yourselves and evaluate your experience in the light of the experiences of others? Others have succeeded where you failed. The one who adheres to his religion, heritage and culture has succeeded and is still prospering and will continue to do so. Iran's achievements and Iran's successes are due to Iran's religious, cultural and moral commitment, of course, and not to anything else. As for correcting the veil, philosophizing, and saying that hair is not awrah, then it is speech that does not get fat and does not satiate one’s hunger. What the leftists in general, and the communists in particular, should do is to review their experience on all fronts, including the Palestinian front in the Popular Front and others, and learn from the successes of others in order to get out of the dilemma they are in and which has been prolonged and which has made many leftists and communists invest their hopes In Vladimir Putin, for example, who is the creation of the Americans, and of the Bush family in particular, and that is for fear of Iran and from investing in Iran: Iran is a believer, a Muslim, and a world leader as well. It is the unjustified fear of Iran and of religion and heritage that has thrown these people into the arms of Putin and the likes of Putin the Zionist par excellence. Iran has led a successful revolution against the puppet of the world system - the Shah - and brought him down and his regime. Iran has contributed to the liberation of Lebanon from Israel, it contributes to the liberation of Palestine, helps Syria and Iraq, helps Yemen, helps Venezuela and sends it what it needs of fuel, industries and technologies without a favor, and it wants to provide Lebanon with electricity free of charge and without Conditions . And all of this is one of the blessings of the successful Islamic revolution - like it or not. Where are communists like you from those achievements? It is your duty and the duty of others who claim patriotism to revive that revolution before anything else and recognize its achievements and failures, and after that they have to learn from that experience and benefit from it for a new beginning that opens a new horizon that we need. It is required that they stand by that revolution targeted by the world system, which does not stop plotting against it and its achievements, for no other reason than because it supports Palestine and threatens Israel. What is required is some realism and objectivity, as well as humility, and a distance from self-esteem, which is a leftist disease par excellence. And if the veil is the secret of these successes on these many and varied fronts, then the veil is for you, gentlemen!


what the fuck is this schizo thread


The storming of banks that we are witnessing recently is not an innocent process or an initiative of some rights holders to take their rights or some of them by force. These attempts seem closer to maneuvering than to initiative, and may have been sponsored by the same banks that also sponsored the so-called October 17 revolution and benefited from it to smuggle billions, and are also sponsored by the committees charged with defending the rights of depositors and perhaps some organizations linked abroad. And all this is done under the auspices of the Internal Security Forces and even their complicity. This behavior benefits the banks, where chaos ensues in the issue of depositors, and this legal and legal issue is addressed in this random way, which does not preserve rights, but rather wastes them. This issue is not dealt with in an individual, illegal and separate way, where the depositor and the bank are equal in terms of infringement and transgression of the law. It is the banks that have violated the laws and they are responsible, and they are the ones that must be questioned and accountable legally, not by individuals. The solution must be comprehensive and within a clear plan set by the community and return to people their money and their rights. Although these intrusions are justified by the urgent need for money, they postpone indefinitely the issue of the ban on depositors' money, which is not in its place and harms the issue as a whole.



first time ive ever sincerely had to say: "GPT-3 bot"


The Resistance has navigated through most difficulties since it was founded 40 years ago , and it has gathered strength enough to rock israel and to keep the israelis in fear and under check . Not overlooking the fact that israel has the strongest army in the region and weapons like no one has. The truth is that the Resistance has been accumulating strength and developing the right strategic weapons , and thus has become strong to the point of threatening the enemy in its own existence and survival . As for how did this happen it is another story. The Resistance had been avoiding any clash with local constituents among whom many were unfriendly and even provoking .

The Resistance was many times exposed and provoked by the various NGOs and others parties . The Resistance was called by these constituents to engage in battle ,probably upon foreign request so that the Resistance loses focus and drowns in internal conflicts. The source of this conspiracy were the local constituents who opposed the Resistance and questioned its stand and armament and so on and wanted to do away with it in conformity with foreign agendas . The Resistance never yielded to such calls and never was drawn to such conflicts . Whenever there was clash it resorted to the jurisprudence to sort them out, and never took the initiative to retaliate personally and punish the culprit despite its strength that surpassed any other local constituent . The reason is that the Resistance has determined and defined its goal in clear terms, and no one could ever sway it nor lead it astray . Anything that is alien to this goal was to be shunned and neglected. This is how the Resistance has been retaining its reactions towards any inimical local behavior . This path of retaining anger and withholding retaliation or reaction has to do with the path of forbearance and fortitude that the Resistance has chosen for itself, and Sayyed was clear when he advised the masses to withhold their anger due to the deteriorating situation and to keep this anger for the right moment when it will be needed . There is no waste of strength whereby every bit of it is saved for the determining battle .

The Resistance behaves the same way towards the israeli enemy and is never drawn to the battle that the enemy wants or calls for . The Resistance chooses its own battle at its own timing, and will not react to the enemy’s various provocations because reacting is falling in the trap of the enemy and operating according to his terms and rules . The Resistance will avoid this position by all means, and will preserve its freedom in operating far from any limited reaction . Thus, the Resistance has gathered unimaginable strength by attachment to the goal and devotion to it, and it has preserved this strength by not wasting it in side battles that are irrelevant and draining , and it has preserved its initiative in the ongoing struggle.




How Yemen celebrated the birth of the Prophet of Islam shows that there are people still alive of whom we do not know for whom spiritual life is a truth and the most actual truth . Who can ignore the millions who took to streets to celebrate this event while presidents like Putin and Biden and Zelinskii and others are literally destroying the planet by pushing for using nuclear weapons, and all are preparing the way for this and for pushing Putin to resort to nuclear arms like they pushed him to invade Ukraine; and Putin- as usual- will yield to his masters bidding; and the leftist progressive enamored with Putin will justify this act by saying that Putin had no choice . We are in reality ruled by the worst kind of politicians and the most coarse of minds and some discernment is necessary . Meeting the world order biddings of using nuclear weapons is not the only choice, and no one can justify Putin or should, and no one should justify his invasion of Ukraine either . We have come a long way to reach this miserable condition and went through many misfortunes without pondering and reassessing , the last but not the least being the Covid pandemic and the war on Ukraine . There are other choices . Iran pushed to the brim by sanctions and conspiracies and threats and assaults did not produce and will not produce nuclear weapons because this goes against religion and morals while rogue Putin is two steps away from committing such foolishness . Are we going to remain investing in the world powers insanity and subscribe to the world order civilization and culture, the civilization and culture of Biden, Putin and Zelinskii ? Or shall we look for something else and wake up to other choices and other alternatives that are present and alive but that the world powers do not want us to see ? What we witnessed in Yemen these last days is not to be overlooked or neglected . The Spiritual choice is there and is successful and fruitful for the whole of humanity . It could be a bitter choice and a very costly one like the Yemeni choice, but it proved worthwhile and meant for the whole of humanity and for all struggling people . We are not cornered between Zelinskii and Putin . There are other horizons in the Spiritual Resistance and the Revolution of the people in Iran , Yemen, Lebanon and Palestine and other that is religiously grounded ; a Resistance that the world powers do not want us to see, but that is liable to put humanity on the right track again and bring societies back home where they really belong close to the realm of their spiritual Reality .


can someone explain to me what the fuck this thread is about and why theres a schizo samefag posting esoteric ramblings


>can someone explain to me what the fuck this thread is about
I think >>1212261 almost has it right
To me it seems to be text generated by software that takes articles from a website and condenses it.


After Putin’s survey in eastern Ukraine that annexed this area to Russia, the NATO backed forces targeted the Crimean Bridge and destroyed it partially in order to cancel the results of the survey and consecrate the separation with Russia . Annexing Crimea was easy and lured Putin into annexing more Ukrainian territories for which Putin agreed to go to war thinking it will be an easy step that will take few days . But the outcome this time proved different . The truth is that not only the Russian army is not qualified to win this war because it is made of mercenaries mainly and for other reasons too , but Putin himself is at a loss of what to do and does not have the initiative nor does he have a strategy that is independent from the party with whom he is at war, and the party at war is not declaring its aim or revealing its policy and acts in an unexpected unpredictable way . The US has the initiative , and Putin is reacting, and this is how it is meant to be and this is how it has always been between Putin and the world powers . The US holds most of the strings reason for which Putin cannot win this war but will need the US and world powers agreement to achieve anything, an agreement that is not guaranteed now like it was guaranteed in 2014 when Crimea was annexed . Speaking about polarity between Russia and US in these conditions is really absurd .This controversial relation and situation opens the door to all possibilities, and this war can swing in any direction ,which makes it very dangerous . The danger also comes from having someone like Putin at the head of Russia , someone who has only in view his personal gain and his hold of power in the absence of which he fears to be totally exposed. Turned into a hero or sacrificed at the altar of the world powers, Putin remains in a state of half subjugation, and at the same time has embarked on an overpowering adventure .

This war in Ukraine is not a riddle for us only but is a riddle to Putin himself


The Ukrainians have not yet realized that they have fallen and are constrained between two evils: Russia and USA , and that their country is being destroyed and their people displaced for no reason except that they have subscribed to this conflict that is an artificial polarity construed for the purpose of subjugating others . It is true that the Ukrainians don’t want to be Russia’s backyard any more after so many years of subjugation , and this is understandable, but the other option is worse which is falling under the US hegemony that will tear apart Ukraine like it tore apart Iraq . Both choices are as bad and both US and Russia are partners and want the destruction of Ukraine , and –as Sayyed puts it- the US is using Ukrainians as a fuel in this war . What the world powers did not do in Syria in terms of total collapse and annihilation with the help of Russia they are doing in Ukraine . Syria was somehow protected by the Axis of the Resistance, and this played in favor of the country . But Ukraine seems totally exposed and might not remain on the map . Ukraine will not join NATO because if it joins NATO then NATO will have to defend Ukraine; and the absurd thing is that this war has been waged because of the threat of NATO to deploy missiles on the borders of Ukraine with Russia . But this never happened and the missiles were never deployed, and Ukraine never became a NATO country, but war was declared on the country all the same and Putin was invited to invade Ukraine which he did unfortunately . Nothing will remain from Ukraine, and this disease called the US/Russian polarity that is a deadly disease that has struck Ukraine might operate elsewhere . What is strange is that the Ukrainians are not considering the third option which is to be an independent country not affiliated to Russia nor under US custody, a state all countries should long for , but strangely enough this does not seem to be on the Ukrainian agenda and this is very odd and somehow inexplicable but nevertheless a symptom of the Russia-US polarity disease.


Bismillah wal hamdulillah i greet you on this occasion , the birth of the Prophet and of imam Ja’far and the unity week. i will speak also about the latest developments about the sea borders . We express our feelings towards Yemen who celebrated the birth of the Prophet with millions under the sun listening to their worthy leader Abdulmalik . They made us feel ashamed and this makes bow before this scenery . This is not a bid’a and all should rejoice about this birth . we are not people of joy but of affliction like in Ashuraa, and the conditions are not pleasing but still we have to rejoice.

There are 2 versions the 12th of Rabi’ or the 17th like we do . The Iranian Revolution lead by imam Khomeini decided to turn this difference into a union and thus the week of unity was created. These differences are normal regarding the birth of prominent people . But when there is a good intention we will make the stress on what unites and on bridging the differences and to justify this difference in a positive way and not to make a big deal about these differences but to give them their due and this will help finding solutions . This also applies to the national issues This variety should be considered as an asset in a country like ours.

The birth of the prophet is the birth of the mercy in here and the hereafter. Very few remain present after death . The prophet goes back to our father Adam and he was mentioned by each prophet and will remain ever present . The Name Mohammad will remain and through the sacrifices of ahulbayt and the sahaba and through his progeny like imam Ja’far born the same day and who opened all the doors and materialized all the knowledge that was transferred to him . When he was sent as a Prophet he was not sent to Quraish or to the Arabs but he was sent to all and concluded the line of Prophets and completed the deen .

The values do not change but what changes is the Shari’a and not the basic principles , the shari’a is many but religion is one, and the shari’a is that of Muhammad but the Religion is one from Adam to Muhammad . This Shari’a of the Prophet came to do away with many laws ,and this shari’a is made of mercy . The base is that man is not asked more than he could bear and this is the mercy and he lead the people out of darkness and out of idolatry and he revived the human values and made the ties merciful between human beings. People will be set against one another for no reason and the Prophet said that this is prohibited . He brought people together and brought tribes together . He revived the marriage institution . someone told me that some in some country officials are trained to spread homosexuality.in various countries.

The Islamic sentences look harsh but their content is merciful and seek to protect society. His message , his work everything he did was merciful . This lower existence is limited but when people are called to the hereafter God will open the door of mercy to the majority and he – the Prophet- is the shafi’ is the merciful and he will interfere in favor of men. But there is attempt at distorting his image.

Locally the drawing of the borders is a major issue, also we hope a government will be formed soon. As for the drawing of the borders it is all in the hands of the president and we are waiting for him to pronounce himself . Also we wait for the answer of the enemy. And when the delegations sign in Naqura we will know that it is over . The PM of the enemy says he is approving and we have the enemy arguing and there are different opinions among the enemy . We have to wait that the deal is signed . It was not easy for the Lebanese to reach this understanding. Some say that the Resistance will stand in the way of such understanding which is ridiculous we stand behind the state in this matter and will back its stand and position .

I have said from the beginning that what interests us is to start digging for gas; we do not really care about drawing borders and you know why those who support the drawing of borders will be satisfied and those who do not support it will express their dismay and i ask that we wait for the understanding to be made public and then to comment on condition that the reactions will not be based on personal issues . One should look objectively at this issue and things should be put in their context . We are witnessing something positive whereby the statesmen and state institutions cooperated closely together to reach this understanding . The environment of the Resistance that will be the first suffering from any eventual war supported fully the Resistance and the Lebanese in general did the same . The official stand and the peoples’ stand and the army’s stand were one in conditions where no one is caring about Lebanon. In these circumstances Lebanon will by God’s grace enjoy this achievement and i ask you not to spoil this enjoyment. because we do not know what will HAPPEN WITH THE ELECTRONIC ARMIES i want to say that we sent the drones to warn the israelis and many messages were sent as a warning and of which the people did not know but the israelis knew about it and this is the goal .

i praise the Resistance people who worked day and night on being fully ready for any development doing in days the work of years. We have after signing the deal not to go to sleep but to start digging at once because this is the only hope and there is no other for Lebanon and no one can help us . This is a serious responsibility and i understand the fear of some that this wealth be stolen and dilapidated and we have the same fear. The responsibility is on the parliament, and we have to start establishing a fund, and this is a national wealth for all Lebanese . And this wealth is for the coming generations .To night is for celebration and we want to celebrate this achievement.

As for Palestine what is happening is of great importance and the West Bank is witnessing a real intifada and Resistance and everyday there is an operation . There is courage and innovation on behalf of the Resistance fighters despite the arrests and the measures the operations are increasing and support is needed at all levels and this is of great importance and it has the capacity to change the equation. Congratulations to the Jihad al Islami on their anniversary and we appreciate this initiative on behalf of Hamas to reconnect with Syria and this is a courageous step and we need to get together and unite . Some might have restrictions and it is not easy for Syria and for HAMAS but the Axis of the Resistance needs to remain together because in these circumstances and the war on Ukraine there is necessity to bring the Axis of the Resistance closer together . We wish all well on this occasion and we ask that Yemen be taken into consideration and the military parades were eloquent enough and the dream of conquering San’aa’ in one week is over , We stand for unity and solidarity wassalam.


What Sayyed revealed in his latest speech is that the Resistance is not interested in drawing the sea borders with the enemy for the simple reason that Israel is an entity that has no REAL existence; and how to draw sea borders with a non existent entity? and Sayyed was clear in saying that our sea stretches to Gaza, and we have no problem with the Palestinians . What the Resistance was after is the extraction of gas and turning Lebanon into a gas producing country and thus solving Lebanon’s economic crisis. But the thing is that Lebanon is under siege of USA and the oil companies under contract since 2017 are prevented from extracting gas by USA. What Sayyed realized is that this issue of extracting the national wealth and of having the gas embedded in the sea accessible to Lebanon and the Lebanese enjoying this wealth not only is not object of national consensus due to western influence but is not even a national issue; and the decision of exploiting this wealth does not lie in Lebanese hands, and the Lebanese have their hands tied regarding this matter that touches them directly . In order to have this wealth accessible Sayyed decided to enlarge the scope and to introduce other factors ; namely factors that have a major say in the Lebanese affairs like the USA . This is what happened, and the whole matter was introduced through drawing borders, an issue that involves other parties like Israel , USA and other world powers . This enlarged scope- that transgressed Lebanon- allowed the Resistance to maneuver and tackle the causes of this shortcoming; and the drawing of the sea borders that involves other parties was introduced as a step to reach the extraction . At the same time the Resistance established the new equation of linking the Israeli gas extraction with the Lebanese extraction accompanied with direct threats to the Israeli enemy and to the extracting installations of Karish gas field and other. This forced both US , Israel and their official players in Lebanon to start drawing the borders and secure israel’s share after they failed in acting alone and extracting gas because of the vigilance of the Resistance that turned the table upside down together with its readiness to defend the Lebanese wealth from any Israeli transgression and violation . Thus, the Lebanese state became directly involved and held responsible for securing israel’s gas. The Lebanese officials yielded to the US call and started drawing the borders and determining the various gas fields from which Lebanon will benefit , and the extraction of gas became a national claim versus the Israeli claim .The Resistance acted with extreme wisdom and insight and brought the Lebanese national consensus around the Lebanese gas helped by the enemies of Lebanon themselves .


The rogue state called israel is going through a new phase and undergoing a new experience with which it is not familiar. It is being forced to behave like a so called ” civilized” country for the first time . Why we say this is because it is not in the habit of israel to sign” fair “agreements with another Arab party and to recognize the rights of the other party like it has done in accepting the Lebanese equation: gas for gas . This is how , israel found itself in foreign land and had to acknowledge the other and act accordingly and sign an agreement that is not fully to its advantage but that is rather to the advantage of its enemy . This is something altogether new and israel cannot believe that it has been put in this situation and is trying to justify this concession by picturing the agreement as beneficial for israel and by hiding the true cause behind this concession . What israel would have done usually is to extract all the gas it wants from Karish field or Qana field in the Lebanese or Palestinian water and sell all the gas it wants turning a deaf ear to all the claims, and threatening the other party with war and destruction. This is the ” “natural” israeli behavior in all situations . It is a behavior marked by usurp and usurp and usurp . But now with the Resistance pulling most of the strings , the israelis find themselves unable to live up to the israeli dream and to steal and violate and invade and usurp without suffering the consequences of such acts . These days are over for israel as it seems and a new era is starting, and the criminal usurpers have to act in a different way at least for the circumstance . Not that they have changed, they will never change, but they have been put under control and they have no place to resort to since their US masters and allies are in the same situation and they will help them in their concession but not in their presumed aggression .They will not meddle with the Lebanese Resistance .There are now limitations and restrictions that the Resistance has imposed on the enemy . There are messages that the Resistance sent ; some were public messages and some were not but they all reached alright and the beast is now tied and confined.


The spiritual world and its elements are invisible . The Spirit is not represented in this world so as to guide and orient man’s moral and spiritual life . So, Man needs to introduce spirituality into his own life and give a status to the spirit and he has the duty to improve himself spiritually otherwise the evil forces will take him downward and he will degenerate even more and expose himself to more spiritual damage. The creation of the Party of God is a necessity , it answers a social spiritual need to face the lower forces and tendencies dominant in man and society whereby these tendencies collaborate due to the dominant activity of the lower nature of man and its assemblance in the world. The Party of God is not related to a sect nor does it promote a certain sect or religion. Its target is the whole of society of man and it is becoming the reference and a factor of stability and a compass also . The Party of God in Lebanon has become the rock that gives a solid foundation and provides a real option. Lebanon in all its constituents cannot do without the party of God . It is not that God needs a party . Who need the Party of God are the Lebanese themselves to balance the dominance of the base tendencies and give a fair chance for the higher tendencies in this tug of war.


King Lear, if you really wrote all that and that text isn't generated by a software then you need serious help.


The similarities are growing between the war on Ukraine and the war on Iraq that happened in the previous century . As for what similarities we are talking about they are the similarities between Saddam and Putin for both are serving the US and the world powers and carrying their agenda . Saddam launched the war on Iran upon US request and now Putin is launching the war on Ukraine pushed by US . Some might object that it is not the same thing forgetting the close Russian-US cooperation that has lasted decades since the collapse of the USSR and never stopped . From US spending billions of dollars on renewing the Russian Nuclear arsenal in 1991 and then cooperating military with Russia in Afghanistan and on to the close US- Russian cooperation in Syria that never stopped which makes us maybe think of drawing the parallel with Iraq . Not only this but one wonders if things would not turn out the same way for Russia and if the Weapons of Mass Destruction do not have their parallel in the nuclear weapons that Putin threatens to use . And if Putin thinks of using them then it would be a good excuse for the Super powers to invade Russia like they invaded Iraq when Saddam was pictured as threatening the whole world with his Weapons after he invaded Kuwait inspired by the world powers. Maybe we are before a similar scenario . The war on Ukraine is not delivering its secret and purpose, and the US holds the strings and is pushing Putin to escalate the war who is threatening with using the nuclear . What will happen next we don’t know but we are used to US punishing its stooges and turning against them and replacing them after conspiring against them .This is a pattern of behavior that we have witnessed in case of Saddam and Kaddafi and Hariri and others . The question that comes to our mind is whether Putin is drawing this parallel and whether he is aware of what all this might lead to ?


Putin came to Syria upon US request after leaving Syria in 2013 and closing the Tartous naval base and sending the ships to Cyprus for maintenance and evacuating most of the Russian diplomatic personnel through Beirut . Putin had to go back to Syria and thought the timing to be inappropriate but he returned all the same .

>"One​ of the constants in US affairs since the fall of the Soviet Union has been a military-to-military relationship with Russia. After 1991 the US spent billions of dollars to help Russia secure its nuclear weapons complex, including a highly secret joint operation to remove weapons-grade uranium from unsecured storage depots in Kazakhstan. Joint programmes to monitor the security of weapons-grade materials continued for the next two decades."

>"It was this history of co-operation that made it seem possible in 2013 that Damascus would agree to the new indirect intelligence-sharing arrangement with the US. The Joint Chiefs let it be known that in return the US would require four things: Assad must restrain Hizbullah from attacking Israel; he must renew the stalled negotiations with Israel to reach a settlement on the Golan Heights; he must agree to accept Russian and other outside military advisers; and he must commit to holding open elections after the war with a wide range of factions included. "


This kind of crap is circulating everywhere an on fb and no one is willing to find out who Putin is ; and they think Putin to be a popular leader while he is a stooge brought by the Yeltsin mafia and maintained in power by the US and illegally promoted to become Prime minister of Russia under Yeltsin rule. He has been for decades taking turns with Medvedev and violating thus the Russian constitution that prevents running endlessly for elections . Before that he had starved the Russian people to death in the exchange program of foods against minerals when he confiscated the money destined to buying foods due to which millions of Russians had to suffer from hunger. This is Abu Ali Putin praised for his polarity with US; a polarity that overlooks his closeness to israel and how he coordinates with israel the israeli strikes on Syria that target facilities and militaries and civilians and kill and destroy.
Putin is keeping Russia as a hostage and making billions out of holding on to power . There are no Russians , there is only Putin; and while he coordinates with israel the strikes on Syria that target Iranian and Resistance facilities we are expected to believe that he will rise and use his nukes to defend Iran against any nuclear attack . Really? What kind of joke is this ? And how can he coordinate the strikes against Iran in Syria and then defend Iran with nukes ? Those who write this crap should be ashamed of themselves and respect the reader’s mind and intelligence .
Putin is a stooge like Saddam and might meet the same fate when US decides to do away with him and when he will serve the US interests more dead than alive . Meanwhile the richest man in the world is drowning slowly in the Ukrainian quagmire and he wants to drag Iran with him and the Axis of the Resistance if possible and thus he will fulfill the mission assigned to him by the world powers .
The kleptocracy called Russia cannot even help itself , how can it help others? and how can it use at leisure the nuclear weapons that US has spent billions on renewing and maintaining for decades? Such weapons cannot be used except by US license because they belong to US because it is US that is spending on their maintenance . So, stop fooling yourself and others .
And last but not least is the kind of news spreading that israel will arm Ukraine while Iran arms Russia and while israel will send to Ukraine the code of the Iranian drones . We warn from dragging Iran’s name into such a quagmire and we invite all to educate themselves regarding Putin.
In Lebanon we are discovering the truth about Putin after we were promised 2 years ago to have the Russians build a factory in Lebanon that will manufacture vaccines, and papers were signed and deals stricken in Moscow but nothing materialized ; maybe the US did not approve of such a step . Let us never forget that Putin never helped countries in need; and he let Venezuela down who resorted to Iran after being let down, and he let Syria down also and we know the story and how his sole concern in Syria was to spare and relocate the terrorists and keeping them safe . This delirium concerning Russia and Putin and the relation with Iran should stop once for all.


After the nuclear deal has been halted, the tendency goes to accuse Iran of reaching an enrichment in uranium that will allow it to produce a nuclear bomb transgressing the ceiling imposed by the nuclear deal. And at the same time is circulating the story that the drones used in Ukraine are of Iranian origin Putin is threatening to use nukes in Ukraine . If Iran is preparing its nuclear bomb and if the Russian nuclear arsenal is under US custody and control and is not accessible to Putin without US license then the nukes used by Putin eventually in Ukraine must have a different origin maybe the same origin as the presumed drones. This is where they are dragging Iran into , a real conspiracy that bears the marks of Putin and USA

This article in Haaretz speaks about the obscure nuclear middle eastern activity


Iran must clarify its position on the war in Ukraine, and the matter is no longer bearable, as the international media insists that Iranian weapons are being used in Ukraine by the Russians, and that the marches launched by the Russians in their war there are the work of Iran and Iran, which was keen not to implicate itself. In that war from the beginning, it finds itself involved today, as it supplies Russia with weapons, according to what many claim, just as NATO supplies Ukraine with weapons. Thus, the alignment between NATO and Ukraine on the one hand was completed, and the new alliance facing NATO, which includes besides Russia, two countries on the axis of resistance, namely Syria and Iran, and if the axis of resistance, and instead of fighting for Palestine, became fighting for Russia. It is a big deviation, especially since Russia is abusing Iran in Syria and coordinating with Israel the Israeli air strikes targeting the resistance, Iran and the Syrian army in Syria, which is something that is constantly happening. The Iranian denial was not at the level of the media campaign that swept social media sites in an unprecedented way, and it notes the new alliance between Iran and Putin, who is an ally of Israel. And the fear is that nuclear weapons will be used against Ukraine, and Iran is accused of being the source of this weapon, as it is the source of the rallies. The goal of that war is not surprising or unlikely, because Iran is the real enemy of the world order and not Russia, an ally of Israel. The suspension of the nuclear agreement and the failure to sign the new agreement make Iran, in the eyes of the West and Israel, on the threshold of producing a nuclear weapon, as enrichment becomes uncontrolled or ceilings, and the Israeli media began to raise this issue and speak at length about it and about the Iranian nuclear ambiguity, and this does not bode well.


Thoughts on Iran joining BRICS?


What does it mean to fight with the soul? It means that the one who fights in you is the soul and not the mind, the body or its organs. As for these are the tools: And the martyr Uday Al-Tamimi was fighting with his soul and not his martyrdom is a familiar case. You think he has become without a body and he lives and fights outside his body. He fights with his whole body and mind and body are in another place. Uday, you have made us understand that the case is indivisible and that no one will be able to keep something outside the case. What is the use of talking after all that? He who cannot be affected by your testimony, and grieve and rejoice, what is the value of his existence and what is the value of his life? You gave everything until the last moment and did not skimp on anything. Perhaps you did not liberate Palestine, but you freed the soul from its preoccupation with the world and made Palestine everything. You eliminated all enemies, not only Israel. She has overcome all evil, all perversion and selfishness, she has overcome all passions. Where did you get this, Uday? And what is the well that you drank from, so you came out with that will and determination? Your testimony says everything about the issue, about people, about Palestine, about the Arabs, about the Qur’an and about the Bible. It's an open book that reads in seconds. It is poetry and poem. We cry while you dance before our eyes the dance of martyrdom, which is no longer a dance. The spirit has returned to us, and the spirit has returned to Palestine, and Palestine is not only a return to the land, but a return to the spirit. It's the return of the soul.


The Pentagon just now issued a statement that says that Iran was in Ukraine on the ground operating the various drones launched by Russia . And the EU on the other hand wants to sanction Iran again for selling arms to Russia that Russia is using in Ukraine All this because of the unprecedent campaign launched on the social media that mentions and praises such Iranian contribution in Ukraine without Russia bothering for months to deny this fact . Russia has just denied this fact today after months of leading the masses astray and having them think that Iran is selling drones to Russia to be used in Ukraine ; and now the world powers are building on this lie and Iran will be punished not for helping Palestine but for helping Putin in this war , it is very costly to have someone like Putin for ally and you can ask the Syrians about that who are not able to retrieve sovereignty over their territory because of the Putin- Erdogan complacency that has priority over everything else ,


New pact by 2030 to counter the WEF, and a possible merger of BRICS with other multipolar organizations to create a new Conference of Emerging Nations


The world order created the Arab Spring so that a true Revolution does not occur. In Lebanon, all the efforts were directed towards riots and these riots made people want to avoid the Revolution and even resent any Revolution . A Revolution – any Revolution -breaking out before its right time – and before the right circumstances – results in misdirection of efforts and in an aborted Revolution and does not yield the wanted results; and this is what colored Revolutions are , namely the Arab Spring .

In order to judge a Revolution, we should not use violence and non violence as the only criteria. Regardless of whether it was violent or non violent, what makes a Revolution effective is the will and awareness of the people who organize it and partake in it . Whether violent or non violent is just a detail. Violence and non violence are just the form of the means to an end, which is the liberation and realization of the will of the people.

Violence and non violence are not the Revolution . Getting lost in the debate on whether violence or non violence is the right means is very misleading. Definitely it is better to avoid violence but sometimes violence is caused by the circumstance created by the enemy and cannot be avoided . Gandhi’s method distorts the struggle to focus only on non violence .While Hinduism and mainly Yoga stresses on non injury for the believer and for the practitioner of Yoga , the same Hinduism calls for struggle and for armed struggle in a war situation where righteousness and justice are at stake like the Mahabharata war where injustice has been committed towards the Pandava clan by their cousins the Kauravas. One should not equate between the two like Ghandi did and call for non injury- like he did- in a war situation that requires the use of weapons . This confusion created greatest injury and injustice . Ghandi by his non violent strategy and when he accepted India to be partitioned without standing up to the colonialist scheme of partition and division and by sticking to the non violent principle generated more violence even by causing the death of more than a million people in the riots that followed the partition . But the western powers found Gandhi’s stand suitable and they invested in it and kept on promoting it as they invested in Nelson Mandela who became a star on the world’s stage .

Thus, Gandhi paved the way for the teachings of Gene Sharp to get popularized by think tanks, universities, and NGOs. The teachings of Gene Sharp are taught in all languages to promote “non violent” color revolutions all over the world from the Arab Spring to Venezuela, funded by Soros and the National Endowment for Democracy (NED). The teachings of Gene Sharp are taught in CANVAS (Center for Applied Non-Violent Actions and Strategies) by Srdja Popovic and his organization called “Otpor” to train “revolutionaries” against anti-imperialist governments from Iran to Latin America on the art of “peaceful protest”, all by funding from Soros and NED. Such methods or “peaceful protest” usually include civil disobedience, banging pots and pans, screaming swear-words against politicians – anything but the involvement of weapons. These protests -even weaponless – turn violent and involve the destruction of public property and violations of peoples’ right to commute and reach their destination by closing roads and so on .So, these protests are violent which means that it is not the possession of arms that determines violence but a certain behavior that can turn violent with or without arms . These protests usually pave the way for a western military intervention to happen later on, so the non violence claim is just a farce. Thus, non violence is a promoter of violence which is the violence of the predator world order that interferes in due time to take the reins .

However, principles like non injury and self restraint are not excluded from the armed struggle of Resistance movements but are an intrinsic part of it. Resistances – like the Lebanese Resistance- will not transgress a certain ceiling in their Resistance practices . Thus , when the Lebanese Resistance was after one of israel’s agents in south Lebanon , it deferred its targeting of the agent twice when he happened to be in the company of family members whom the Resistance wanted to spare in order not to inflict injury on an innocent person or child . The use of arms is carefully measured by the Lebanese Resistance and proportional to the violence practiced by the enemy without excess, just the enough dose to keep the enemy under check and to tie his hands . Because of this the Resistance is a non violence promoter because it checks the violence of the enemy and keeps it under control . This is real non violence and not what is being promoted by Soros and his institutes and by the NED and other NGOs and world powers sponsored civil societies.


>its goal is to qualify Russia to lead the world
Then the goal has already been achieved. The US is a failing empire and China is incapable of independent thought. Russia is the only superpower qualified to lead the world.


File: 1666675233210.png (459.78 KB, 640x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Man is born in an unknown environment to him, and somehow he does not understand how he came to this plane of existence. He feels the pangs from having fallen to this level of being , and he reluctantly answers the attempts on behalf of others, and finally succumbs to these attempts due to the insistence of others. Thus is established a certain relation between him and his so called family. This is the beginning of society , and man seems at a loss and the estranged man starts relating to this strange world and continues to learn how to relate to it while remaining aloof and separate from it .Society therefore is the result of such relation. This weaving of the relations with peoples and objects is what constitutes society . Therefore, society is created and not learnt. It is the result of making new relations though everyone remains in his own world. It is the result of an agreement between its members to relate to each other in a certain way just like different countries who have different languages culture and customs relate to one another through international relations by virtue of which they agree on sharing a common view while keeping at the same time their national view . Such society does not break the isolation of the individuals but consecrates it, and this is because the relation is made up, external and not original. For this reason it is easy on the world powers to meddle with international relations as well as social relations and manipulate them. There is a need to create a live integral society where individuals are not different from it. Maybe it would have been better not to rush and tame the little child but wait until this child reveals himself to them


File: 1666743334048.png (1.05 MB, 955x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Lebanon is heading towards a vacant presidency and there is no consensus upon who will replace general Aoun the actual president whose term ends at the end of this month and there is no one to replace him despite the number of candidates claiming to be qualified for the position . But this is a lie , no one qualifies like the general who has been targeted in a smear campaign that has no par only because of his alliance with the Resistance. The world powers have conducted the biggest campaign against his rule punishing him and the Lebanese for his alliance with the Resistance to the point that every shortcoming has been attributed to him . In this smear campaign shared so many media outlets . Everything was blamed on the general even the divorce of couples and certain bipolar disorders . Imagine a young lady being asked about her condition saying that she suffers from depression and blaming her depression on the president!! and this is not a joke ! the electricity has been cut , and the dollar shooting high and inflation pervading and peoples’ assets withheld in the banks and colored revolutions triggered. All this was planed by the world powers in order to fail the rule and prevent it from achieving anything . What we say is that general Aoun is irreplaceable and there is no candidate that trusts the Resistance like he does and invests in it . Although there were many flaws in the rule but for sure the Resistance was invested in and relied upon and this is what characterizes Aoun’s presidency and this is what set the world powers against him . And now that his term is drawing to an end there are promises that the electricity will return and the dollar has started dropping . It is unbelievable but true as we are heading towards a vacant presidency that is expected to last many months if not many years and now it is time for us to realize that we have an irreplaceable president


File: 1666833628911.png (988.5 KB, 1200x600, ClipboardImage.png)

Society is not the natural environment of man. Man came from somewhere different within or descended from somewhere else above and belongs to where he came from and where he originated from and this is his real belonging and his real identity . What is society then? Society is a diversion, a night show super imposed on the absence of knowledge of the real identity of man and tries to replace this holy communion of man with his origin by providing a mental biological and artificial social environment and an artificial identity for the individual who turns his back on his unknown identity to identify with the new one and embrace it at various levels . In order for this to happen the inner path to his true being is shut and man starts living outwardly . This is the first conditioning that the individual is subject to , and from it will start all sorts of conditioning . This social conditioning and everything that comes with it is not real but only relatively real and is associated with the outside layers of the individuality like body and mind that are different from the soul and superimposed on it , and the individual who interacts with this conditioned environment becomes unreal as a result. He becomes a stranger to himself . As long as he identifies with this social conditioning the individual will be separated and alienated from his true identity and Self. In order to reconnect with his being man will have to use this artificial environment and conditioning to cross and reach his true and inner Self . This is the only benefit and value of these artificial surroundings – using it as a bridge towards the origins.


File: 1666833665517.png (1.17 MB, 1021x684, ClipboardImage.png)

The situation in Syria is open to a new development . Unfortunately, it has to do with escalation more than it has to do with some kind of settlement ; and this because not only ISIS has started operating again but Syria has become another arena for the Russian -NATO alignment, and the war on Ukraine is being played in Syria as well . The Russian maneuvers in Syria had almost stopped even before the war on Ukraine starts . Thus, NATO Turkey has brought most of the north of Syria under its control while the USA has controlled the south of Syria and is forming an armed faction to operate against the Syrian Army . Russia has halted the works of the Syrian Constitutional Committee while Syria feels compelled to enter the war on Ukraine and has started targeting the main US military base called al Tanf on the Jordanian- Iraqi borders on behalf of Russia , although such escalation is not in its favor especially that the israeli raids will not stop and Syria will not impose such condition on Russia as a necessary measure to enter the NATO / Russian conflict .


File: 1667030450716.png (125.6 KB, 297x170, ClipboardImage.png)

Bismillah wal hamdulillah Assalamu alaykum i welcome you all present here brothers and sisters this is a blessed encounter Inshallah. When this event was set we did not know whether the drawing of the borders will see the light . And so it happened because of the circumstance i will shortly bring up the latest events. First the massacre of Shiraz where dozens were killed and injured . Our condolences to the Imam and the families of the victims and to the Shuhadaa’ also and a quick recovery for the injured. This should be a lesson to learn from about the factions and those who stand behind them namely the US administration. And it is known who secured the transfer of those from Iraq and Syria to Afghanistan these factions are active in Afghanistan and they reach Iran and the neighborhood . and they target Sunna and Shi’as and shrines . We should recall this big Jihad against those supported by Iran and carried on by general Suleimani and sayyed Mustafa Badreddine and others weren’t it for those these massacres would have happened everyday everywhere i want to tell the Iranians that the same people who created havoc have targeted the people in Shiraz; it is one hand .
Also salutations to the West Bank Resistance fighters at their head Udai al Tamimi the hero and now half the army is in the West Bank to face those and there are new equations being set in the area. As for drawing the sea borders, it is worthwhile to stop and speak about. i will speak about this on Saturday at 8.30 PM this started when the israelis brought their drilling installation to start drilling. We can say now that all the Resistance maneuvers have sopped now after signing the document happening right now. And i thank all those who kept a constant open eye until this day was reached Some say this is normalization . This is not , this is not even an agreement . This is signing a paper by Lebanon separately that tells about the sea borders . There were no direct negotiations and the Lebanese negotiators were careful about this . the israelis say that they did not get any security guarantees .
About the Cholera , it is a humanitarian , national issue and we as usual have offered our services to the ministry and have put all our capacities to treat this ailment that threatens Lebanese, Palestinians and Syrians As for the food fair , it is in order to help the families sell what they have prepared and cancel the distance between the producer and consumer;
and the prices are reasonable and this is also in favor of the consumer . This is meant to encourage production because the families who see that their products have a market will be encouraged and continue to produce . God also loves work and likes to earn one’s living in an honest way . and it is in our religion to consider work like Jihad and to honor those who toil and also help who cannot work or cannot find work . Our Religion says that lending money is better than the sadaka . and lending money means that those who borrowed the money will have to work and return it.
We want our country to become productive and even if the natural gas will help we should insist on becoming an agricultural country and not to rely on gas solely . And the government is not helping and there is a poor official performance and there are no markets to sell the products . We are not waiting for the government and we have taken the initiative . Had we waited for the government the south would have never been liberated. We should not forget that during all those years we have received help from Syria regarding this subject in terms of grains and other things . There are many benefiting from this . I thank all those who made this fair possible and i thank the families who are contributors in this . I hope this will be a success without affecting the local fairs in the regions . And i hope to help the families sell their products . May you all be blessed and we will meet on Saturday


File: 1667158899185.png (840.57 KB, 855x495, ClipboardImage.png)

An impressive exit of the Lebanese president from the presidential palace after his 6 year term has ended. And the first president to exit this way after ending his term with such celebration . Also a president who is Lebanese made and a Lebanese choice which does not happen usually . Certainly, an exceptional president that is an ally to the Lebanese Resistance and who was fought in every respect because of this alliance and exposed in everyway and also accused of various shortcomings of which he was not responsible of course . But the embassies tried to rock the whole country starting from the banks passing by the riots , the government resignations , the abduction of the PM by the Saudis ., the electricity , the inflation the dollar shooting and the instability, the port explosion with more than 200 victims and thousands of injured and houses destroyed . They tried everything to undermine the presidency, and they succeeded to a certain extent . All this because of this alliance that the world powers fear more than anything else. The president made achievements also together with the Resistance one of them the liberation of north Lebanon from terror in 2017 and the liberation of the sea resources and the lifting of the siege on Lebanon and the green light given to Lebanon to extract gas just recently .These are great achievements and were successful . The president gave a farewell speech in which he spoke about corruption and the steeling of funds and the corruption of the jurisprudence and the withholding of peoples assets and the absence of capital control . All this would have to be taken care of said the president and the corruption has become pervading but the money coming from the gas will improve the economic situation but this money has to be preserved and not dilapidated and preserved from corruption because it belongs to the next generations also. The task is not over but will continue said the president. An irreplaceable president with prospects that the alliance will continue and become stronger with the Resistance to start tackling together the internal front of corruption .


File: 1667158939914.png (697.06 KB, 770x513, ClipboardImage.png)

Bismillah wal hamdulillah we will speak about the latest development with the israeli enemy and the drawing of the borders but first i like to mention those who departed from us: Sheikh Ismail al Khatib and Sheikh Husain Abdallah . My condolences to the families at the loss of these 2 scholars. Also the 27th commemoration of the martyrdom of brother Fathi al Shuqaqi bringing new hopes for Palestinians. A man with vision and who solved the problem of the national and religious belonging making one complete the other . Dr Shuqaqi said a party whose leader falls martyr will not be defeated speaking about Sayyred Abbas and also about himself in the instance . We renew our condolences and this movement has kept growing.
Also yesterday the Iranians bid farewell to the Shuhadaa of Shiraz and this is a real retaliation on the conspirators. What happened is a real achievement regarding the sea borders between Lebanon and Palestine . There are borders drawn almost a century ago in which Lebanese and Palestinians had no say . But there were no drawing to sea borders. Maybe the countries in question did not feel the need to draw these borders but few years ago the news came that there is fuel in the sea in the south . and it was necessary to start drawing these borders. We have what they call the regional borders up to 22 km from the shore and after that the exclusive economic area that is considered also part of the regional waters in most cases. The regional area is totally under the state control . But the economic area is not considered part of the waters that are an intrinsic part of Lebanon. In order to draw the borders we have to define the regional and the economic areas as well. The parliament issued a resolution by virtue of which the Lebanese government will define its borders which were decided to be line 23 in year 2010. And this was communicated to the UN. And line 23 will decide for the regional waters and the economic area so we have to liberate these regional and exclusive economic areas.
The Resistance will not decide for these borders but the government; and what ever is considered regional or exclusive the Resistance will defend these borders as for line 29 , this is not our jurisdiction; but those who defend this line should have started earlier but their problem is not with us . They can continue to struggle for line 29 but let them not accuse others of treason . Also the sea has been divided into blocks, mainly the block 8 and 9 and all blocks should be 5 km far from the shore. The israelis prevented the companies from operating . the israelis drew line one and they confiscated a full region in the sea and the israelis determined their blocks between line one and line 23. Thus the area confiscated is about 860 km2. There were pressures to give up on this area that has quantities of fuel . The line 1 determined by israel and included parts of block 8, 9 and 10 it was determined that the head of the parliament Berri will be in charge of this issue .
The choice was first to resort to the UN as a mediator and Ban Ki Mon refused. Then the US was asked to mediate. The first expert was called Hoff and he drew a line that is the Hof line and gave israel more than 360 Km2 to Israel. Qana was not known then . And they gave israel what it wanted. The Lebanese refuted the Hof line while the israelis insisted on the Hof line, and the US wanted the Lebanese to accept this line. The president of the parliament refused the Hof line, and after that the negotiator became the president of the republic and the Army also, and president Aoun did not bend also and insisted on line 23 and there were lots of pressures even during Trump’s rule . After that came Hockstein with an altered offer but that did not give its right to Lebanon .
Another turning point started when the drilling installation Energean started approaching the shore. The Resistance seeing this decided to act and asked that the official Lebanese wish be respected and at whatever cost; of course, all the installations are within reach from our rockets which could develop into a regional war the enemy could neither go to war no give up on Karish so they had to go to negotiations, a war will be devastating. This urge caused Hockstein to come back to Lebanon to start working on the understanding. Also the enemy wanted normalization and wanted more . The situation escalated and the israeli wanted more from the sea and maneuvered with the US . But the official stand remained steadfast and the enemy knew that the Resistance was preparing itself for war.
In our view LEBANON GOT WHAT IT WANTED completely and got its right. Qana field that transgresses line 23 and Lebanon got Qana and the companies can start drilling and also regarding Cyprus, the negotiations will star according to line 23 and also the ban was lifted on the oil companies so that Lebanon can start drilling . Also there are no guarantees given to the enemy whatsoever . and the fear of the Resistance made the enemy ask that Lebanon build electricity plants in order to restrain us . And they accuse us of normalizing with israel even though in year 2000 the land borders were drawn but no one spoke of normalizing then. There is one thing- a 2,5 KM 2 area -that remained pending, and this is an occupied area and Lebanon says it is occupied . But Lebanon got more than 90 % of its rights . Lebanon cannot start from the point determined by israel because this will affect the land borders .
This is a real achievement and victory for Lebanon . Of course Lebanon benefited from the regional circumstance but Lebanon knew how to catch this instance. The need for gas and the US pressured by replacing the Russian gas with the Mediterranean gas and also the inability of the enemy to go to war and this is significant , the Israeli army conditions, the internal conditions and the willingness to invest on the gas resource all played in favor of the understanding . What played a role is also the Resistance in the WB that is keeping half the israeli army busy. Also what helped is that the US siege pushed the Lebanese to go for this only choice other wise maybe they would not push for this choice. The solidarity between the 3 presidents and their steadfast stand, and this is an achievement for the presidency of general Aoun . But all the 3 presidents showed resistance and resilience . Also the Resistance serious threat which the Amal movement embraced, and also the Free Patriotic Movement who equated between Qana and Karish and also the Lebanese consensus and the Resistance environment that showed it was ready to sacrifice again . All these were positive factors that completed one another the enemy says, and the US to say that the fear of war was behind this understanding and the Israeli security apparatus opted for this understanding for security reasons .
We were on the verge of war but we did not enter war. What the enemy feared is that such war turned into a regional war that involve Palestinians and YEMENIS AND OTHERS I WANTED TO SPEAK ABOUT THE END OF PRESIDENT AOUN TERM BUT THIS WILL BE FOR LATER Lebanon showed courage and we behaved rationally in order to achieve this step. The israelis bet on the fact that the Resistance will not opt for war and because of the internal schism and that the Resistance had its hands tied . But the Resistance for the sake of Lebanon will overcome the internal circumstance . This is what the enemy should know, this needs to be pursued by the people in charge . We cannot rely on others and we have only ourselves to rely on and the equation remains that no one can extract gas if Lebanon is prevented from doing so . This should be celebrated and by showing gratitude to those who made this possible . For more victories and what was revealed is that the rockets could provide bread to those who claimed the opposite .Wassalam


File: 1667280764258.png (272.02 KB, 407x347, ClipboardImage.png)

in an unprecedented step the UN General Assembly has voted for israel to dispose of its nuclear weapons and put its nuclear sites under the supervision of the International Atomic Energy Agency’s . israel who possesses more than 200 nuclear heads had never acknowledged the presence of such weapons and had punished the one who revealed information about israel’s nuclear weapons activity whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu who was abducted in 1986 and punished and spending 18 years in prison . Yet now this is made public by the UN itself . Strangely enough the Assembly did not mention Iran and its nuclear activity in this instance . This raises many questions about the israeli nuclear arsenals. Have these weapons become a threat on israel and have the israelis taken seriously what Sayyed said about the israeli nuclear arsenal being under the fire of the Resistance and therefore the nuclear weapons of israel have changed hands and become in the hands of the Resistance who can target them by its precision missiles reason for which these weapons should be brought under UN protection But why why now? And why after solving the gas fields issue israel has become worried about its nuclear arsenal when all expect a truce in the coming days? Is israel planning to commit a foolishness of some sort about which Sayyed has spoken?



the axis of resistance never existed, wilayat e faqih will be destroyed. saddam will be reinstated. israel will be destroyed


nukes aren't real, get a grip on reality, faggot


File: 1667418930538.png (433.06 KB, 780x439, ClipboardImage.png)

The lifting of the siege on Lebanon and allowing Lebanon to extract gas and the companies to start working is not a single instance in the region. It is true that there is no nuclear deal struck between the Islamic Republic and the USA to build upon , and that the war on Ukraine is escalating but it seems that the US is giving in on more than a front in the region like in Iraq , Lebanon and Yemen. In Iraq, an ally of Nouri al Maliki- Muhammad al Soudani- with affinities with the Islamic Republic, has accessed power to replace Mustafa al Kazimi while Muqtada al Sadr who has been occupying the streets and the parliament after his bloc resigned from the parliament had been marginalized and set aside . When we know that al Sadr plays in US hands , this means at least that Iraq will be spared for the time being the protests of the Sadri movement that are extremely destabilizing and turn violent in most cases and that the Itar al Tansiqi -or the Coordination Framework- that groups the Popular Crowd and other Shi’a factions has succeeded in assimilating him . Add to it the tendency to prolong the truce in Yemen and to keep the various fronts quiet there . Some explain this by the priority given to securing the flow of gas . Others say that the region cannot handle more than a war at the same time . It is true that the US is trying to have Israel benefit from the gas exports and trying to use the fuel as a common regional factor that will erase the identity of the respective countries involved to give priority to the economic exchange over the political polarity , and this is what the war on Ukraine is about , it is a war that targets the world economy like the Covid pandemic . But the truth is that the US and Israel are backing off before the AXIS OF THE RESISTANCE in the region which explains these achievements in Lebanon, Iraq and Yemen. These shortcomings are what the US is trying to hide and cover by provoking this war in Ukraine that reshuffles the cards and enlarges the spot of the conflict to make the conflict look different from what it really is in reality , namely a conflict between Russia and NATO rather than a conflict between the world powers and the Axis of the Resistance and to have the regional forces and the Axis of the Resistance align within respect of this new alignment rather than the alignment against Israel.


Wow that's pretty crazy.

>Have these weapons become a threat on israel and have the israelis taken seriously what Sayyed said about the israeli nuclear arsenal being under the fire of the Resistance and therefore the nuclear weapons of israel have changed hands and become in the hands of the Resistance who can target them by its precision missiles reason for which these weapons should be brought under UN protection But why why now? And why after solving the gas fields issue israel has become worried about its nuclear arsenal when all expect a truce in the coming days? Is israel planning to commit a foolishness of some sort about which Sayyed has spoken?

What are you talking about? Are you saying Palestinians managed to steal some nukes?


File: 1667432660498-0.png (295.57 KB, 597x603, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1667432660498-1.png (62.44 KB, 577x523, ClipboardImage.png)

Is this the Israel thread? So I guess Bibi is back? Weird I just heard about it right now because I randomly decided to search Israel.


It's not just Bibi retaking power but he is now supported by the openly fascist OY, which is the third largest party. Its supporters openly engage in pogroms against arabs anre are forming militias to not just target palestinians but also israeli leftists, liberals, gays and other minorities. In short israeli "democracy", as ethnocentric and hypocritical as it was, is dead.



hardcore shit
didnt iran raise some sort of symbolic flag in a mosque? wasnt that flag raised in the same way just before missile strikes at US targets?


File: 1667501191621.png (481.65 KB, 960x504, ClipboardImage.png)

When Sayyed Hassan Nasrullah warned israel about starting a new war , he warned them about the containers of Haifa filled with Ammonia that might be targeted in any future war which will have the effect of a nuclear bomb exploding inside israel . Sayyed told the israelis that these containers should be removed . What the Resistance has is long range missiles that if they target the ammonia containers in Haifa will be as if a nuclear bomb was dropped on israel.

The israelis were wise enough to remove the ammonia containers and hide them somewhere else . Some say they took them to Jordan where they will be safe . In fact, what Sayyed means is that the nuclear weapons of the enemy threaten the enemy more than any one else because they are targetable by adequate missiles . Now, Sayyed might ask the israelis to remove their nuclear weapons- as well – and for the same reason, or to close the nuclear plant of Dimona which they will have to do.

We can speculate and say that the western powers are after the Iranian ballistic missiles and not after the Iranian non existent nuclear weapons. They are after the Iranian ballistic missiles that can reach these nuclear weapons wherever they happen to be .

According to this logic, the possessors of the nuclear weapons are not those in charge of the trigger but are all those who can target them . For this reason, Iran will never develop nuclear weapons, not only because it is Haram, but because Iran is able to target themwhether in israel or elsewhere . The nuclear weapons have become a weapon in the hands of the enemy , and whoever seeking security should – instead of acquiring nuclear weapons- try to get rid of the ones in his possession, and this will happen sooner than expected .

The nuclear arms race is over, and this thanks to the new equation set by the`Resistance and Iran that says that the nuclear weapons are not restricted to their owners but their ownership is shared by those who can target them.


File: 1667709269480.png (1.09 MB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)

We follow on OTV the visit of the Supreme Pontiff to Bahrain: a country in which thousands of oppressed prisoners suffer and their parents suffer, and they do not know when some of them will be executed. Young men did nothing but demonstrate peacefully to demand their rights, so they are imprisoned in the darkest conditions, tortured and their rights violated. It is a painful thing for those who claim to be the representative of Jesus Christ on earth to make this abusive visit to these innocents, and for the Supreme Pontiff to float the criminal and imprinted Bahraini regime with Israel on the day when more than five martyrs were martyred in the occupied territories at the hands of the Israeli occupier, as if in That crucifies Christ again. Where are we from John the Baptist and his condemnation of Herod in front of everyone because he violated the moral limits. It really is a disgusting thing. It is also painful for the OTV to report the facts of that visit and to stand in the ranks of the enemies of Christ against the innocent oppressed. And we have not forgotten how the Vatican failed President Michel Aoun when he apologized for visiting Lebanon, which he had promised the president, and if he retreated, citing illness. But we see him recovering and he visits this abhorrent regime to perhaps thank him for normalization with Israel. We also do not forget how President Aoun expelled one of his ministers, who defended him in front of the prejudice of one of the Gulf states on a television program whose goal was to defame the presidency. There is no doubt that the cancellation of the visit to Lebanon was in order to serve the project of the world order, which wanted to detract from the era of the ally of the Lebanese resistance, and that pressures were put on the Supreme Pontiff and he responded to them in order to cancel the visit and put Lebanon under more pressure and impose more pressure on him Isolation and not contributing to floating the era of an ally and friend of the resistance against Israel. We wonder why the ally of the resistance identifies with the Vatican to this degree and with the Maronite Patriarch at the expense of identifying with Christ, and why groveling to the conspiring Gulf regimes? We wonder when the current will become a real Christian and not a Vatican, and the difference is huge between the two. A movement like the Lebanese resistance movement is based on the authentic Muhammadan Islam, and there is a difference between the Islam of the resistance and the Islam of Gulf regimes such as Saudi Arabia, and they are pernicious and unjust regimes. Likewise, Christians who are friends of the resistance are required to be on the true Christian faith, on the side of the oppressed in confronting the oppressors, and not on the side of the Bahraini criminal or the conspirators of the princes of Al Saud. The struggle is a complete and integrated basket that cannot be divided or taken from one section without another. It is not possible to be loyal to the side of the Vatican and to resist at the same time and to bow before the Gulf regimes and to call for sovereignty and independence.


File: 1667709343295.png (96.13 KB, 296x174, ClipboardImage.png)

It is not enough for President Aoun to leave the Republican Palace with this massive reception. The outgoing president bid farewell to this crowd deservedly, and that the campaign against him was a lot of injustice, and it was necessary for his audience to support him and stand by him, and it was a touching thing to see these crowds and feel that the president had finally done justice. He is not an ordinary president, and he is out of the ordinary, perhaps because he is one of the few presidents, or perhaps the only president who has been made in Lebanon, not only in Lebanon, but from outside the ruling system that certainly targeted him in an unprecedented manner. He is an outsider to the ruling group, and we say this as a matter of praise. But in order for this exit to be a real and undiminished victory, the previous stage must be reviewed and evaluated by the president and his party in order to benefit from that stage until the last detail and to be a complete experience and benefit the movement as a whole and the ally of the movement. And if this evaluation is not done, that experience will be in vain. Christian representation, and what does it mean for the current to represent the Christians, and what does it mean for the current to be Christian? And why is Christianity taken in the narrow sense of the word, that is, in the purely sectarian sense, and not in the broad spiritual sense? We need true Christians whose reference is Christ before sect, and the Church and Christianity need to revive the discourse of Christ, so why not do this by the Free Patriotic Movement and by the Christian national vanguard so that other Christians will stop bidding? This review, if carried out by the current in all respects, will ensure the success of subsequent experiments. The current and the resistance must meet on this level as well. And the resistance is not just a political movement, it is much more than that. It is a real revolution in every sense of the word. In the history of Lebanon, true Christian revolutionaries revolted against the church, feudalism and corruption, such as Gibran Khalil Gibran. They may be a source of inspiration and they are the vanguard from which the movement can draw inspiration and complete its path.


File: 1668125536070.png (303.41 KB, 559x262, ClipboardImage.png)

Certainly, Christ is not on the agenda of the pope of the Vatican. The Pope who chose for himself the name Francis maybe after Saint Francis who spoke to the animals and embraced the poor ended yesterday a three day visit to Bahrain the Gulf country that is normalizing with Israel and persecuting its own population and about to have elections that the people are boycotting . The pope’s agenda that is not the Christ agenda is the agenda of the world powers, and it is meant that Bahrain looks like a model for other countries, a model of normalization with the enemy. This is how Bahrain is being rewarded for undertaking such a step, and the pope’s visit seems to have been arranged in order to fulfill such a purpose. The fact that this purpose was not disclosed makes it even more real and more actual . For what brought the pope to the country that persecutes its own people? It is a political agenda by excellence, that of promoting normalization with Israel . Unfortunately, the Vatican is a political institution and fulfills international and world order policies, and the pope’s discourse was more than politically correct with few allusions to the religious tolerance and the necessity of the religious coexistence and a mild remark about the death penalty that is threatening dozens of detainees . The pope who inaugurated a Catholic church did not know that dozens of mosques were destroyed by the Bahraini rule who belonged to the Shi’a community , or maybe he knew. But how could he ignore the detainees that count by thousands in the prisons and are abused and persecuted? Not to speak of those who were unjustly executed . And what to speak of those who were stripped of their citizenship while thousands of foreigners were granted citizenship in order to change the country’s demography in favor of one sect over the other . And what about those who were expelled and forced into exile? What would have Christ said in such a situation ? Certainly he would have turned the tables over. Since long the Church has been confiscated by the western powers, and it became a political institution with a Religion as if Religion was an additional factor part of a political strategy and not something standing by itself that includes everything . Caesar and God have become one for the western religious mind, and Christianity has ceased to be a Religion. While Islam has been spared such a fate thanks to the Islamic Revolution in Iran that chose authentic Religion as a platform for any change . If Religion is a Revolution and a reform the Islamic Revolution is a striking example on both because it gives priority to ethics over politics and to Religion over political hegemony .Thus, the Islamic Republic embraced the Palestinian Cause and condemned the production and use of nuclear weapons in times the nuclear race is taking over many countries, and the Islamic Republic will refrain from producing nuclear weapons because it is religiously forbidden to produce or make use of them .Thus, Religion has the final say and not anything else. This is the bastion of Religion wherefrom true Christians in the west and elsewhere who long for the rehabilitation of Christianity should get inspired in order to liberate their Religion from the political institution that the church has become


File: 1668125574491.png (641.3 KB, 437x612, ClipboardImage.png)

What we seem to ignore is the similarity between Israel and USA . We seem to treat each differently. But the truth is that they are in the same boat and both are two steps away from collapsing . This collapse is auto generated and is not really due to an external factor even if this external factor is present. These 2 countries carry the seeds of their own destruction, and it will not be long before they disintegrate, and this is happening in both countries . The reason is that they are founded on the genocide of other nations, and they have taken over only momentarily to allow the natives- in this instance the Palestinians- to fight for their cause and allow them to prove themselves in a righteous war . The Native indigenous are still present in the new world even though not visible. Their cause is still alive and still functioning and it will bring the end of the predator. There is nothing that holds these two countries together except temporarily and their end is a matter of time and the process has started already, They seem to have only been there for another’s purpose because they have not a purpose of their own they will serve as a fuel for the betterment of nations


File: 1668540379195.png (918.38 KB, 960x642, ClipboardImage.png)

Rare are the societies that are being spared the NGO spell. It is the universal weapon that the world powers have innovated in order to destroy societies from within in a very effective way more effective than the actual physical destruction . The physical destruction one can recover from because one would have kept the tools necessary for recovery. But the destruction of society leaves the individual helpless, and this is what the NGOs are about . The world powers that sponsor these NGOs have studied the needs of a given society and have used these needs as a bridge to cross to the respective countries . Why these countries are being targeted is because they have not met the needs of their society and have allowed therefore this intrusion in the form of world sponsored NGOs. The foreign affiliated NGOs under the pretext of meeting a certain local need or answering an urgent issue will intrude and infiltrate and incapacitate. They occupy the field and prevent any real genuine endeavor or any real initiative on behalf of the locals that might develop and grow. These NGOs are as corrupt as the party that sponsors them. They are a real threat and danger. Not only they do away with the needs of the society offering a sole substitute that plays in foreign inimical hands but they harbor foreign destructive intentions regarding the country . The harm done by these NGOs is immeasurable . They are everywhere in the administration like foxes in a hen house and they are not accountable either . Their target is the youth and they work on uprooting the youth and swaying it away from its sense of belonging and pushing it to work against the interests of the country and against its culture under the pretext of the country’s shortcomings . This is a very disruptive and evil policy that involves future generations that are the hope of society and who are left helpless without real identity carrying on the inimical will of the world powers towards their own environment and leaving their homeland totally helpless and exposed to foreign evil intentions , and becoming mere tools for these intentions.


File: 1668540439125.png (108.9 KB, 325x295, ClipboardImage.png)

Bismillah wal Hamdulillah wassalatu wassalam. Assalamu Alaykum i welcome you all on this blessed occasion occurring at many places. God has purchased peoples souls and properties and if dead your God you will meet. God provides the money and the souls and ask people to sell them to God and be rewarded. God grants and accepts that people surrender to Him what he has given and be rewarded. We meet each year on this occasion when Ahmed Kassir blew himself up in the enemy’s headquarters killing more than a hundred israeli soldier . This paved the way for the 2000 liberation the enemy was shocked and shaken because the enemy had planned otherwise counting on the internal divisions . When Ahmed Kassir broke through all the israeli plans and schemes were defeated and this is why the enemy withdrew in 2000. This is the biggest operation ever against the enemy . We have chosen this day to celebrate the martyrs Day- all martyrs of the Resistance- although we consider all martyrs for the cause as ours, the Shuhadaa’ are the ones who are alive living by the side of God
For 40 years we are celebrating this day and those who fell in all these years. Also those who had left us due to death and disease and those also we celebrate and their families because it is the families that offered this gift . Those could have sought their proper interest but they chose otherwise and they were martyrs and they are in their twenties and thirties and many families encouraged their children and bore the loss of their dear ones . They showed patience and forbearance and kept their promise to the martyrs and their children and grandchildren have engaged in the same path. The martyrdom is the last step in a long striving endeavor and we appreciate what they did until their shahada . And when we recall is because of what we owe them and we should acknowledge this because ignoring it is bad and has dreadful results . Our martyrs are known but some of them remain missing, and the enemy does not recognize them . And we appreciate what the families of those are going through. Of course we are following their tracks and trying to retrieve them and we will continue. Some were martyred in the sea and others on land , and sometimes we have 3 or 4 from the same family from generation to generation from grandfather to grandchildren.
When the Revolution starts the first generation has a great determination and they say that the next generation will not show such determination and they bet on the third generation which becomes a target and they try to corrupt those by spreading immorality and homosexuality among the youth and the spread of narcotics and also the social media that has great influence. i say this to remain vigil , but they have failed and the youth are competing in order to join the various fronts. And this is the surprise that awaited the israelis because they were surprised by the Palestinian youth like Udai al Tamimi and the same happened in Lebanon when the enemy got surprised by the martyrdom of Ahmed Kassir ‘ the responsibility remains on the families to remain vigil regionally and locally.
The israeli elections that brought Netenyahu to power. For us they are all the same and they are all extremists . Inside Palestine these elections have repercussions but since they are fools we do not fear them . As for Lebanon it is protected by God and the Resistance and the golden equation . therefore we are not worried . Some fear for the understanding on the gas but as long as the elements of strength are here there is nothing to fear. Some think that the US guarantor is the guarantee but our strength lies in us. As for the US elections so what is the difference ? What we have witnessed from the US is wars and theft and it is enough that they are breeding israel . and Biden to say that if israel were not there we should have created it. It is the US that is responsible for israel . Blue or Red they are one and the same . Instead of linking our destiny to the changes in USA, we should bet on our unity and solidarity and self reliance and bet on our real friends who do not seek to rip us off.
The assistant to the US state department secretary who said that the Resistance is a disease or a curse . i will comment on this , but who is the disease ? We all remember the israeli invasion to Lebanon and the crimes that were committed . If this invasion is a curse and a disease this was made in USA. The USA is the curse . and all the massacres committed by israel it is the US administration that is behind them and it is the Resistance that overcame this curse and defeated it. But the curse came back from the window and there is no boundaries to their greed . They are behind the new middle east and they are the ones who brought terror to our area and who brought the terrorists to Lebanon and everywhere that the Resistance defeated .
And what happened in Lebanon in October 2019 and many were cheated by the slogans . And we were right to warn against it and they wanted to sow chaos and everything was exposed and the insults and accusations . It is the US that started all this and all were accused of corruption except those who sought refuge in the US embassy who were saints . And the curse continued in the devaluation and inflation . Some say there is no siege but the siege does not mean the sixth fleet is there but by forbidding aid to come to Lebanon and forbidding money to reach . And they interfere to prevent any kind of help . Will we be allowed to accept the Russian donation ? 2 years ago Iran said that that they have no problem selling fuel to Lebanon and be paid in local currency . the US objected . And we were asked to bring fuel and bring back the electricity to the country , the Iranians accepted and a Lebanese technical team visited Iran and the deal was agreed upon to get the oil for free , but the US refused and the matter is still pending . So where does the curse come from ? And they tell you that the US helped in having Lebanon extract gas while they are sincere in saying that we have reached this agreement in order to avoid war . It is Lebanon that defended its right , who is preventing Lebanon from drawing electricity from Jordan it is Caesar’s law that they created when they failed in subduing Syria. And who is continuing the war on Yemen and in Palestine ? It is the US curse. And what to expect when one does not know his friend from his enemy and seeks refuge in the enemy. We condemn this curse and invite the Lebanese to resist this curse and disease .
As for the Lebanese presidentials we say that no one really wants this post to remain vacant because this has bad repercussions on the country . But this does not mean that we should fill this post with anyone . Even though with limited prerogatives this remains an important post that should not be left vacant. All should work together on bringing the right person . We look from a certain angle to this matter and we consider Lebanon as enjoying elements of strength that should be preserved. This Resistance is targeted, and the US is still instigating chaos and they think chaos will bring the end of the Resistance like they thought that the siege will end the Resistance, and they bet on the army that they think qualifies to confront the Resistance. The Officers and leadership do not share this view of course . We want to see in the presidential palace someone who is in favor of the Resistance . We need a courageous president that gives priority to the interests of the country; a president that is not a sell out . This is a starting point and a prerequisite. During the 9 years of the rule of president Lahhoud the Resistance was secured that the presidency will not turn against it and was confident and during the six years of the general Aoun rule this Resistance was completely confident . Did you understand what the Resistance wants ? And they accuse general Aoun that he gave the country to the Resistance which is a lie . Had the Resistance been in power we would have 10 hours of electricity right now . We do not want a president to protect the Resistance we want a president that does not conspire against the Resistance. Mister Berri called for a reunion and we should get together and reach an understanding . of course there are other qualifications required but i wanted to stress this point . We will keep our promise to the martyrs and ask God to favor us the same way He favored them .


Damn Khameneist leftypol is crazy


File: 1668540701161.png (1.37 MB, 1170x780, ClipboardImage.png)

The least thing that could happen to Turkey is a terrorist attack or whatever they want to call the explosion that happened yesterday in Taqsim Square and caused casualties and injuries . For a country that has been sponsoring terror and sending terrorists to Syria by tens of thousands and arming and training them and giving them a safe passage to Syria and catering to their needs and supporting them and funding them and even arranging for them spouses from the 4 quarters that are ISIS brides, this is the least that could have happened. Not to forget the atrocities that these factions have committed causing death and injuries and displacements and you name it. This has been going on for more than a decade now that NATO Turkey has been sowing blood and tears in Syria and occupying and displacing and killing mercilessly, even sending the Syrians who had taken refuge in Turkey on death boats to Europe, across the Mediterranean, and using them to blackmail the EU countries and exhort money from them by billions, and threatening to send more refugees if the amounts are not paid . Thousands died in these death trips . And if there is a war criminal in this century that deserves this label perfectly it is Erdogan himself . So after years of sponsoring terror that has not stopped one minute , terror has struck Turkey , in the busiest area of Istanbul . And even if the whole city of Istanbul were destroyed it would not have made up for the destruction caused in Syria. It is enough the looted materials that emptied the Aleppo factories and the occupation of Jarablus and Afrin and al Bab in operations – Euphrates Shield and Olive Branch – in 2016 and 2017 respectively – and the occupation of the buffer zone in the north east with 5 km in depth inside the Syrian soil , and 30 km in length from Tal Abiad to Ras al Ayn in operation Peace Spring in 2019 , and the water cuts operated against al Jazeera province that caused the cholera to spread and take over more than a district in Syria and even reach Lebanon. All this is work of Master Erdogan and bears the signature of NATO Turkey .This happened while the Turkish people who seem more gullible than the American people saw in Erdogan the savior and the rescuer of Sunni Islam in Syria while most of the Syrian victims among casualties and refugees belonged to this sect . And this has not stopped up to this minute; and now Turkey is trying to bring all the terrorist factions under the custody of al Joulani because al Joulani whose group Hay’at Tahrir al Sham occupies Idlib is able to secure the funds necessary to spend on the terrorists which relieves Turkey from spending on these groups .Sponsoring terror has not stopped and It is only natural that Turkey gets struck by terror because as we all know what goes around comes around, and Turkey should expect more of these attacks , and it will never enjoy peace, and this is only the beginning of the retaliation to the NATO-Erdogan adventure operating under the label of Democracy and Sunni Islam and whose tool is Terror . As for the origin of this explosion . Of course the first accused is the PKK in coordination with the PYD in Syria, and the Turkish rule and NATO have both interest in letting this version circulate that brings NATO Turkey close to Iran having both a common enemy in the Kurds like they are trying to bring together Russia and Iran under the label of enmity to the USA especially after the war on Ukraine . This is designed especially in order to infiltrate the Axis of the Resistance and have Iran connect with 2 strong regional allies of israel namely Russia and Turkey and create alignments that are not against israel . For this reason, it is not far fetched to think that this explosion is work of local or international Intelligence services for the purpose of shuffling the cards and creating new regional alignments that serve israel . Hopefully , this strike will awaken the Turkish People to the reality of the quagmire that Erdogan has been drawing Turkey to after a decade of ignorance and delusion about the hero savior of Syria and the Syrians .


what the fuck is this thread?


I condemn terrorism even if its against imperialist countries, but its crazy that no one outside of Axis of Resistance-affiliated medias is talking about how Turkey and NAFO is prepping up Al-Julani and his Al Qaeda splinter thugs as the new moderate rebels, as if supporting ISIS via Timber Sycamore is not enough. Worryingly, these thugs have seized Afrin and cucked FSA factions and is probably being set up as a future Syrian version of the Azov battalion. Expect Al-Julani to appear in Mainstream media soon?


File: 1668724925871.png (1.85 MB, 1600x900, ClipboardImage.png)

The World Cup is about to start in Qatar, and the news is that 30 thousand israelis will be attending the event and Qatar will host them for the occasion and accommodate them . It might have well been that this whole event was planned in order to have this kind of setting where Arabs and israelis will meet on Arab soil . Certainly, Qatar qualifies for this role, and is together with the UAE an important ingredient in weaving the world order fabric. This happens at times the Palestinian blood is being shed everyday, and the situation is escalating in the West Bank, and half the israeli army is being dispatched over there to take care of any new development. Yesterday, Hero Martyr Mohammad al Souf bid farewell to Yair Lapid – the former PM- and welcomed Netenyahu – the new PM -with a heroic operation that killed 3 soldiers and injured others and that the israelis could not stop .
The question is how to combine both, or how to combine escalation against israeli occupation with global normalization . This normalization totally ignores the Palestinian issue. Fie to such world order that will not look into the Palestinian plight or see the Palestinian suffering which causes young Palestinians to sacrifice their lives in order to reject occupation . on the other hand some astute people especially in the local media say that the World Cup should turn into a tournament between israel and Palestine, or a sort of competition like the World Cup competition . And the Palestinian flag should keep on fluttering in the Qatari sky, and who raises his flag higher will win the match . This is the BDS view, and the BDS public is getting ready and warming himself up for the occasion , and instead of paying heed to the martyrs and their sacrifices they will compete in waving the flag ‘against’ the israelis sharing with them a common ground that happens to be an Arab ground , and calling for Boycott, Divest and Sanction as an alleviate punishment instead of calling for the total cancellation of the usurping project. In fact, entities like israel have nothing to do with sports and should neither share nor attend nor be invited to international events like this one. Nor should BDS compete with the usurping state . But BDS is not BDS and International events are not International events. By the way , the Qataris have forgotten to invite ISIS to this competition to give a wider scope to the event and company to the israelis so that they don’t feel alienated in such a setting.


File: 1668981428632.png (378.99 KB, 722x578, ClipboardImage.png)

Lebanon has extradited to Iraq an Iraqi national that carries a Yemeni passport called Abdallah al Sib’aawi , The reason behind this arrest and extradition is that the Iraqi national is related to Saddam and accused wrongly of being part of ISIS and of sharing in Speicher massacre in June 2014 In Iraq , and this accusation is circulating largely on the social media and has absolutely no foundation, and there are documents to prove that the Iraqi accused was enrolled in a Yemeni university in Yemen where his family had taken refuge, and he left Yemen only in September 2014 or 2 months after the massacre took place. The Lebanese officials have committed an infraction to the Lebanese and international law in this extradition, and rumors are circulating about corruption infiltrating the security and judicial apparatuses whereby the extradition document using which the prisoner was delivered is not official and lacks the president’s signature and is not valid . What is repelling is the fact that the Iraqis are still involved in their witch hunt that has no end and that tracks the grand children of Saddam wherever they are to prosecute them for no reason except that they are related to him . This is simply appalling . There is no end to this hunt as it seems even though Saddam’s enemies had taken revenge by seizing power and executing Saddam, but they are not satiated yet, and are after his progeny which is really revolting because children and grand children should not pay for the crimes of their elders . As for the Lebanese role , it is simply shameful to yield to the Iraqi demand and shameful to share in this masquerade that could lead to the execution of an innocent man because Saddam’s relative could be charged with crimes of which he is innocent and sentenced to death as a result and this is a real crime committed by the Lebanese officials and their Iraqi pars that could not be forgiven . Lawyer Bushra al Khalil said that what transpires is that there is a transaction where money is involved in this extradition that exposes the life of an innocent man only because some officials are thirsty for blood like the Iraqis or for money like the Lebanese .


File: 1668981462285.png (581.5 KB, 680x454, ClipboardImage.png)

Iran is being targeted certainly, and -after more than 10 years- the traveling Arab spring circus in its various forms appears to be drawing close to its final goal in targeting Lebanon and Iran .This Arab Spring had been charged with emotions related to the central Arab cause namely the Palestinian cause and started with the boat movement that visited Gaza wherefrom it took its credibility and many people who were on the board of these boats participated in the Arab Spring .
The World Order then was mobilized like in the evening of the birth of Christ and ready to kill what was considered a threat to its hegemony like the Iranian Revolution . The fear was that people recover their originality and initiative and start acting as free after the world powers spent so much effort on curbing their natural disposition. This is to say that being subdued and subjugated is not the natural condition of man . It is an innovation and a sacrilege committed by the world powers and imposed on countries and societies . After Iran survived the various threats and the wars launched by the world powers, the western powers could not sit and wait, and what remained was secret attempts at creating social turmoil and havoc. Since the starting point this Revolution sought to implement the law of god and wisdom of the sages and for this reason it is expected that god protects such endeavor . The Arab Spring had to go through Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Yemen , Bahrain and Syria before landing in Iran and Lebanon trying to create havoc in Iran and riots to undermine the Revolution and to encircle Lebanon and jeopardize the economic security of the country . But whether in Lebanon or in Iran, the success is not guaranteed and the goal cannot be achieved even if damage is done . The reason is that both the Resistance in Lebanon and the Revolution in Iran are not accessible to the enemy, and the enemy has no means using which he can reach this Resistance and Revolution . The enemy that is totally materially and mentally oriented , with his gross brutal or even soft means – as he calls them- cannot get to something that is of the realm and nature of the Spirit. These Resistance and Revolution are protected and the inimical forces cannot but admit their defeat sooner or later .


File: 1668981491219.png (71.18 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

The World Cup has started in Qatar this afternoon and Erdogan is attending while the Turkish air fighters are raiding over Syria and pounding Kobani killing 6 Syrian Kurds and 6 Syrian soldiers . the Lebanese Prime Minister is also attending leaving Lebanon drowned in darkness and so is MBS – the Saudi crown Prince- attending after he has been absolved by president Biden and declared innocent from his crimes . It is a strange atmosphere indeed in the country that hosts the largest US military base and is one of the major sponsors of terror and a funder of the ISIS terrorist group. And here we are with all this fastidious festivity while so many countries are aching everywhere and peoples being displaced by millions and are deprived of so many things, and who knows if Qatar has not been rewarded for being so generous with the terrorists by being chosen to host the World Cup . The World Cup is very bitter this year .




I mean that but also it is a US asset in the middle east. Like reactionaries don't seem to understand that the reason we support israel is because it is to the ruling classes' benefit to do so. something something petrodollar something something geopolitics.


File: 1669082658149.png (1.47 MB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

a very disappointing performance from the Iranian team that was not up to the expectations . This is not the team that we know maybe because the goal keeper was injured and replaced in the first minutes .Also some people say that the team refrained from singing the national anthem as a form of protest against the system which is very surprising . But some people deny this fact and say that it is not in the protocol of the Iranian team to sing the national anthem. But if this is true that the players were protesting then this explains the poor performance of the team and speaks in favor of Iran, and the freedom that the Iranians enjoy especially a football team that is supposed to behave within certain limits . We carry Iran in our hearts, and if this is true that the team by not singing the national anthem was protesting against the rule, then this is very disappointing . Iran has so much on its hands and has to face so many challenges and the World Cup is not a priority in these harsh times where riots , smear campaigns and attacks are taking over and taking the attention of all.


File: 1669082732784.png (2.67 MB, 1920x1439, ClipboardImage.png)

NATO Turkey is carrying on an extensive military campaign in raiding the north of Syria and Iraq with a US green light of course in operation Claw-Sword . A rather aggressive label when aggressive Turkey has used before terms like Peace , Olive and Shield to codify its operations . But NATO Turkey has decided to show its sharp teeth now and use the right words that describe it. This vast operation hit 89 targets killed 31 say sources . All this under the pretext of retaliating to the Istanbul explosion of which the Kurds were accused even though none of the Kurdish factions claimed responsibility, and sources say that those arrested were closer to terrorist factions than to Kurdish groups, and all Kurdish Groups denied any responsibility. If this explosion is work of terrorists then this must have been coordinated with Turkish parties and apparatuses as expected . The Turks took advantage of the Iranian upheavals and clashes partly caused by Kurdish separatists sneaking from Irbil into Iran, and by this they seem to have won the Iranian silence by targeting Kurds and the Russian complicity that they could not get in the Tehran summit previously that put a red light to any Turkish intrusion . All this after neutralizing the Syrian rule that seems more set against the Kurdish groups directly sponsored by USA and might approve of the Turkish assault or turn a deaf ear to it due to the latest alignment against the USA after the war on Ukraine . Certainly Erdogan knew how to choose the moment and the circumstances created by world powers and that might serve his reelection .


Also it's 6 months to the Turkish election, isn't it? Which makes this politically useful.


File: 1669146127945.png (2.64 MB, 1200x1097, ClipboardImage.png)

While sharing in the World Cup Tournament and celebrating its winning over Argentina in Dawha , the KSA executed today 17 prisoners by decapitation . Very sportive indeed and very world cup inspiring . This is simply disgusting, and these gulf countries that are normalizing with israel have confiscated the Arab identity. So, when they win , it is the Arabs that have won and we have to celebrate and embrace their victory and make it ours . Fie to such claim and assumption . Those who kill and decapitate and dismember and fund ISIS and promote terror and create havoc do not represent Arabs nor do they represent the Arab values that are noble values . A true Arab will reach for other nations who share the same values like Iran and Latin American countries . The true Arabs are the Heroes of Lebanon and Palestine and Yemen and not some hired stooge who kills mercilessly and wants to be promoted as the best in the football field. This is really pathetic . They have turned everything into a trade and have ruined Sports.
Dawha is not the best place for such tournament . There is nothing there in Dawha except money .. Money and normalization with israel and the largest US military base in the region and maybe in the world . This is what the World Cup this year is about. A poor environment indeed to host such a big event .


File: 1669939102474.png (100.45 KB, 278x181, ClipboardImage.png)

These tournaments like the World Cup do not serve struggling countries like Iran. Nor is it a fair competition . A striving country threatened and challenged like Iran how can it find the leisure to participate in such games that require so much effort and attention and money . Iran needs to survive such challenges and is being targeted at all levels . Imagine that there are 25 TV channels funded by the enemy that speak Farsi and address the Iranians. This not to speak of the Arab speaking and foreign speaking channels that defame Iran and the thousands of trolls on social media hired for this purpose . This not to speak of Corona. All this is really overwhelming and the whole Western powers have rallied against the country called Iran to conspire against it, and Iran has to manage and find its way in a field full with mines and to proceed carefully . Today Iran has increased its enrichment of uranium up to 60% . In Lebanon, they speak about the Iranian occupation about a country that never interferes in Lebanese affairs but is ready to help Lebanon in every respect in liberating its land and surviving the unfair siege without seeking any hegemony . Not only this but the israelis themselves revealed recently that the leader of the Lebanese Resistance is on par with the Iranians and a full partner and not an affiliate who work for Iran’s interests, and Iran never seeks affiliates but respects the sovereignty of Lebanon and will lend a helping hand to help Lebanon go through these difficult times . We stand fully and support Iran and are grateful to Iran for its help and we denounce all the defamation campaigns that target it


File: 1669939146287.png (137.75 KB, 290x174, ClipboardImage.png)

the Iranian football team is not loyal to his country and the captain made a public statement saying that the people are dissatisfied and the team wants to be their mouthpiece . Strange and unexpected statement that might be behind the loss that the team suffered at the hands of the English team . It is very unfortunate for we are in the sports realm so why bring politics into it and never a national football team will issue statements that are against the country they represent . This is very unusual and raises many questions regarding what is going on in Iran . What is going on is the opposite as it seems there is too much freedom , so much that a football team meddles with politics and exposes his country in an unprecedent manner. This openness to the outside is not working in favor of Iran. Maybe Iran and in order to refute the accusation of having adopted a strict fanatic closed system has reacted by opting for this much openness to all without proper discernment . Iran did not have to prove that it is a free country to people who will not be convinced whatever Iran does. This made the country extremely exposed to all kinds of ill intentioned infiltrators who sometimes were given tribunes to speak from and address Iranians and this had bad effects . What Iran suffers from in fact is an excess of freedom .


File: 1669939197741.png (116.35 KB, 275x183, ClipboardImage.png)

Colored revolutions and NGOs and those who partake in the colored revolutions and join the affiliated NGOs pretend that they are reformists seeking to reform the system and therefore they should be dealt with on this ground. It is true that these NGOs seek reforms but they seek reforms on a superficial level and by part and take things at face value and deal with them on the ground of superficiality . They – for example- deal with women – as severed from their culture and their social role and deal with individuals in the same manner. Their attempts at reform remain partial and divisive besides being designed by the western powers who fund these NGOs and Revolutions . This means that these reforms and revolutions are not genuine and they only appear as reforms and revolutions. They are not self made and they are foreign affiliated and their purpose lies outside and relate superficially to various issues and fail in dealing with the causes of the problems and solving them . They lack the interest and the motive and finally they serve the motive of their funders .
Natural Law has provided societies with intelligence and insight and means to grow and reform themselves, and societies if left alone can grow and produce their own leaderships and tackle their own problems . What these NGOs and colored Revolutions do is that they sway societies from their natural growth and destroy whatever prospect of real reforms that are to be implemented .


File: 1669939247626.png (79.28 KB, 275x183, ClipboardImage.png)

So what is Iran? A peaceful country that lend a helping to other struggling peoples and that opens the door to other alternatives and proves that people can decide their fate and rely on themselves . A country that should be praised and saluted in every respect and in every aspect. Iran has never infringed on another country , never set itself as a fake model to others but as a vivid example of sovereignty and self reliance and answering the call of others . All this makes Iran an exceptional country ruled by wisdom . Is one of the rare countries that can give hope to peoples and that respects peoples and never assaults others. Look at what KSA is doing in the world and the gulf countries. They are spilling Yemeni blood and Syrian blood and they conspire on Lebanon and Iraq and destroy Yemen and pacify Israel. Iran helps Palestine and Venezuela others. God bless Iran .


File: 1669939292761.png (688.6 KB, 645x503, ClipboardImage.png)

What are colored Revolutions ? They are not a revolution or a social movement that seeks reform but rather a weapon used by the enemy to destroy. They are ready made manipulations that put on the appearance of original revolutions like instant fast food and ready made clothes . They use the desire of people for change and get rid of corruption and improve their condition, and they offer an instantaneous hasty solution with promises of change that they picture as feasible, as if fighting corruption was a matter of days . Therefore colored Revolutions are not a social movement but an illusion that rallies masses momentarily using an apparatus of social media and propaganda that is well organized causing an inflated phenomenon that is big in size but empty in content . The goal is to defeat any real change and revolution that are being conceived, and this by anticipation and manipulation . Look what happened to the Egyptian Spring . It rallied 30 millions in the streets at one point, and brought to power an Intelligence Army Officer that served Mubarak . Then everything disappeared . The protests disappeared by magic instead of escalating while nothing was fulfilled, and Mubarak rule continued under al Sisi and became worse . Freedom was suppressed, and the protests that brought al Sisi himself to power were banned and punished with imprisonment . Why the masses disappeared from the streets and vanished is simply because they are not the authors of such revolution, and there was no social movement and the whole thing was an illusion , an illusion of revolution .

The colored revolutions are carefully designed. Those who are in charge of carrying on these manipulated protests are few, and sometimes their number does not exceed the fingers of one hand . but they are empowered and given means of expression and social media facilities and tribunes from where to address others and panels and all kinds of means for propaganda . And in many instances , like in Lebanon, the local security apparatus is ordered by foreign embassies to be on their side . So they are allowed to create havoc and instigate riots and close roads and violate private and public property and break through banks and official locals like ministries and cause damage . The security forces have their hands tied and will not suppress them, or they come too late on the ground to impose order and reinstall the rule. The power of these protests lies in the noise they make and the room and space they are given. As a result, the majority of the Lebanese who did not identify with this turmoil felt suppressed and silenced and stripped off all means of expression allowing manipulated protests to grow and gain ground. The masses were intimidated and did not join in and their cause was wasted , corruption did not end but continued . Those who took to streets were hired and paid . It is usually a handful of infiltrators called activists who stand behind these triggered events, and they suddenly disappear from the scene and become nobody . Where is Egyptian Wael Ghoneim today who called for the protests in the so called Egyptian Spring ? He is no where and nobody and he retired when his mission was over but millions had answered his call .

Leader Khaminai today in his speech raised this issue . He said : they , the foreign powers tell us to listen to the people and who are the people? They are the millions in the streets of Iran who take to streets in support of their country against the riots, and not the handful of rioters who are artificially empowered in a way that makes them look many while they are few.


File: 1669939349792.png (97.56 KB, 300x157, ClipboardImage.png)

Or you thought that the world powers cared about Mahsa Amini or about a thousand Mahsa Aminis, or about the thousands of Kurds that they use and manipulate in Kurdistan; or about what the women wear is or their freedom or their welfare . Those who killed millions of women and men, who starved the Yemeni women till death, and had them abort their new born because they have not eaten enough, or caused the death of thousands of Yemeni women because they prevented any appropriate treatment from reaching them , those who starved Yemeni children and will not blink before a dying starving child nor feed him, who will continue their lives undisturbed and will kill more children. Those who in Gaza target children especially in their legs not killing them on purpose so that they become disabled and a burden on their families . Those who with cold blood killed Shireen Abu Aaqle whom they sacrificed in order to teach a lesson to those who report from Jenin and reveal the israeli shortcomings and crimes . Or those who sent ISIS to kill men and women and children and destroy in Syria and Iraq . So, we have to believe that those blood thirsty predators whom we call civilized with their dress and speech care about Mahsa Amini, or what happens to Mahsa Amini . It must be a joke and a bad joke that those who sacrificed half of humanity and are ready to sacrifice the other half in order to implement their Eugenics , who manufacture nuclear weapons and develop biological weapons in their laboratories , who spread the Corona virus in the 4 quarters causing death and diseases and sorrow ; who- during WWII – dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima and Nagazaki to experiment their new weapon, or those who created israel and sowed blood and tears in Palestine causing displacement and massacres . That those , the same ones, care about you or me or Mahsa Amini or anyone on this planet. Enough of this joke that has lasted enough, and enough that the country that helps and supports and sacrifices and crosses oceans to answer the call of peoples, and liberates and constructs and edifies and inspires and seconds and defends and resists, be accused of spilling the blood of women or abusing women or anything of this sort . Enough of this crap and enough of this delusion and illusion, wake up to the truth and to the atrocities of the world powers and to the purity of the Iranian Islamic endeavor.


File: 1669939383528.png (126.54 KB, 267x189, ClipboardImage.png)

Iran helps Lebanon, Iran helps Palestine , Iran helps Syria , Iran helps Yemen, Iran helps Venezuela, Iran helps Iraq . Iran helps all. A great country by all means , a strong Country well armed, a benevolent country with a generous attitude ruled by wisdom and is seeking the welfare of all struggling people. An incomparable country that is resisting a universal war launched by the enemies of mankind. A country inspired by true Religion and Spirit . Many do not believe that there is a disinterested country that does not seek its interests at the expense of others . But this is true, Iran is like this and like there are benevolent individuals that are not motivated by their ego, there are benevolent countries that do not make the difference between the i and the other. This is Iran : unbelievable but true


File: 1669939443310.png (663.19 KB, 800x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Why is it that the earth has become an impossible place to live or a difficult place to live and where are we heading at ? Have we weighed things properly in terms of gain and loss ? Are those who hold power and pull the strings sure that they are winning by letting loose their greed and appetite and ambitions . Are they happy to starve people and take what is not theirs and kill and decimate ? Did they weigh the pros and cons ? Are they winning all the way and what are their achievements? Finally, they have created misery everywhere and wars and conflicts and caused so many victims including themselves. They have lead humanity astray, and have committed so many violations and crimes . There isn’t one crime that they have not committed, and there isn’t one infraction that has escaped them . Humanity is aching as a result .
They will not leave one country at peace, and will not leave one spot alone . They are everywhere sowing fear and instability and chaos and constant threats . This has reached unbelievable proportions . And what are they reaping? They are reaping as they have sowed. And what will they reap otherwise ? More money and more power and more misery and more chaos. But they will not claim the misery and chaos , only the money and power. But even if they disclaim misery, this misery is theirs , it is their doing and it belongs to them . How long can things keep on going the same way ? More weapons and wars and diseases and theft and conflicts and dealing with this world from physical body infatuation and denying the subtler and spiritual self knowledge, and letting loose all kinds of material appetites regardless of the consequences ? Isn’t it time to stop and ponder over what is all this leading to ? That inflicting misery on others is inflicting misery on everybody including oneself, and that it is not the goal of life nor is it consistent with it.
Life has other goals like knowledge peace and contentment and harmony . This is what life is made of in its higher realms only if we could see, but this requires that we acknowledge and experience different realms other than the physical realm. This is a curse on those who restrict themselves to this body identification . This can only breed misery .This body disconnected from all other bodies and hiding and covering other inner faculties breeds only misery . Colonialism originates from this ignorance of the self. And the whole planet is suffering from this , even the air and oceans. Those colonialists should seek rehabilitation, and be rehabilitated, and learn to become humans and not beasts . If they had a human birth , this means that they can attain it and should not lapse back into bestiality . Everything they are doing speaks of bestiality, and they should remedy to this degeneration and regain and develop their human wealth and their human traits . They are the ones who will benefit from this more than others .


File: 1669939480918.png (103.64 KB, 299x168, ClipboardImage.png)

What Qatar did is open a space where Arabs and israelis could meet and where they cannot avoid each other practically ; and this is very important, and maybe Qatar – the country that sponsors terror- was chosen out of many to host the World Cup for the purpose of creating a common ground where both israelis and Arabs can share a common event that is an important world event. It does not matter what happens between the 2 groups, and whether they argue or clash or wave their flags . Communication has been established between the 2 groups in one way or another, and the Arabs could tell the isrealis they hate them and the israelis could hear them and this is an achievement in itself, and could be considered as a further step towards normalization. . So, the setting -all in all- is favorable to normalization, and those who think that by waving the Palestinian flag in Dawha , they have achieved something , they should know that whatever they have achieved was meant by those who organized this event and organized this encounter as part of the event . It is an experiment, a free encounter, and the presence of 30 thousand israelis cannot remain unnoticed, and the encounter between the 2 groups cannot be avoided , but while protesting against normalization in any form is banned in Bahrain and in the UAE and punished , in Qatar it is allowed by the government and encouraged even because even a negative encounter is still an encounter and plays in favor of normalization, .Qatar is playing a double game : on one hand hosting israelis and on the other allowing Arabs to raise the Palestinian flag in an encounter that is controlled and cannot escalate into anything else or into confrontation


File: 1669939589621.png (114.44 KB, 383x205, ClipboardImage.png)

To Mr. Najah Wakim, and we heard your talk live. We look forward to hearing from you, and we rarely miss the opportunity. We have full confidence in you. We have followed your dialogue on direct, and your presentation of the methodology of the National Front, which you established with others, which is based on calling people to the street, according to your words, then carrying out civil disobedience to put pressure on the authority, and then a transitional government is formed from the leaders to undertake the required change. First, Mr. Najah, going to the streets was experienced by the Lebanese people in 2019, and the people's movement was part of it, that is, the movement, and the matter was remarkable, and you personally demanded the overthrow of the regime and the overthrow of the Covenant. Then the movement ended as it was, and this movement, the evaluation of that stage, and the experience of the people's movement were not evaluated by you. How will people take to the streets and answer the call? The experience of the movement was not evaluated, and it was a terrible experience of blocking roads, harassing people, trespassing on public property, and helping banks smuggle money. Billions were smuggled before and after October 19 as well, and business was disrupted. The movement in which you participated had a bad effect, which led to the deterioration of the social situation. People have been affected a lot, and people are not ready to take to the streets and repeat this experience for sure, and if it was not like that, they would have taken to the streets with the great deterioration of the situation, but they are reluctant to do so because the bad experience is not repeated and what happened to the 2019 movement because it eliminated every movement and every uprising Conscientious and promising. We ask you, before inviting people, to evaluate the failed movement and find out who stood behind it, and the purpose of this movement is a true evaluation that shows its true nature and protects people from repeating its experience.


File: 1669939629053.png (678.77 KB, 814x523, ClipboardImage.png)

We still have not elected a president in Lebanon, and it will not be soon that a president will be elected. This whole process is being consistently deferred and adjourned and the void will remain , the presidential palace has closed doors until further notice . The Resistance has put for condition a president that will not conspire against the Resistance nor will stab the Resistance in its back. This is what the Resistance wants . The Resistance does not want a president that supports the Resistance but a president that will not turn against it- as the leader of the Resistance puts it- although a supportive president will be most welcome . But the Resistance is trying to accommodate the local parties that do not support the Resistance . As for the world powers, they do not want this president or that . They want a president that is anti Resistance . A president who will turn against the Resistance, and will expose the Resistance, and will consider normalizing with Israel as possible and feasible . What the world powers want is the old Lebanon back when there was no Resistance and when the world powers had the final say in everything . This is what the world powers want, and they are taking the Lebanese as hostages thinking that it is possible for Lebanon to go back to its previous condition and prevent that a new sovereign Lebanon be born. The enemy knows that it is the Resistance that holds the keys for any significant real change in terms of sovereignty , autonomy and independence of Lebanon. This is what the Resistance achieved and will continue to achieve, and this has become irreversible. This is something that the enemy knows, and for this reason is not ready to compromise, but wants the Resistance totally out of the scenery knowing that this is not possible and as a result is working on destroying Lebanon. This, while many Lebanese are deluded into thinking that that they have the power to go around this Resistance and overcome it , and that they can rely on the world powers to help them . In reality, what they are doing is sharing in destroying the country . The reason why they are thus deluded is because the Resistance never shows its strength except to the Israelis, and in Lebanon behaves as one amongst many . But the Resistance , that liberated and defended Lebanon holds the future of Lebanon in its heart and mind with utmost vigilance and care.

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