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I listened to behind the bastards and goddam they are the most insufferable unfunny losers. They have good information but their sense of humour is terrible and they legitimately repeat the same joke 20 times. I'm listening to the kissinger episodes, and they get more offended by Nixon saying racist stuff than they do the genocides he supported (which they often make tasteless jokes aboutas well)


File: 1661320493631-0.jpg (262.42 KB, 1200x1200, 8765765.jpg)

File: 1661320493631-1.png (493.6 KB, 600x600, 87654765.png)

File: 1661320493631-2.jpg (132.25 KB, 1400x1400, 765766.jpg)

These are good for the most part.


No such thing as a good podcast; pure narcissism.


The Deprogram, TrueAnon
..does Revleft Radio still exist?


File: 1661372590424.png (94.75 KB, 400x400, ClipboardImage.png)

There is "Well There's your Problem" which is more STEM/History related. It's about Engineering disasters and how they happened. They are a bit cringe at times, mostly due to one of their hosts being an anarchist, but have a generally anti-capitalist position.


radio war nerd is pretty good but stay away from ukraine episodes without ben aris whos just an incredible journalist that is able to stay neutral where the hosts dont.
They had a very good episode weighing the sanctions on Russia and Europe and where both will propably suffer and where they wont.
tldr: Russia will have real problems to get modern chips & computers but Europe is fucked on a level we cant yet comprehend


what do you do instead, listen to the wireless?


File: 1661376485424.png (90.54 KB, 2000x2000, Logo_red.png)

Yep as this anon already mentioned Blowback is pretty good.

Cosmopod by Cosmonaut is also a good shout, they have a pretty even handed analysis and do a lot of background reading, often posting in-depth bibliographies in the episode descriptions


I read. What do you do, wank to your own voice?


I don't think there are any good socialist podcasts in English. You have to realize that running a regular pod and promoting it takes a lot of time, you can either put out stuff or spend time learning. People who run a podcast and seem to know what they are talking about either fake that (e. g. cribbing from some nobody's book review instead of reading directly yourself what you criticize) or run on memories from their pre-podcast days. "Behind the bastards" from their twatter antics seem to be NATO shills?


I just can't listen to that podcast format where a bunch of dudes just record their every-day banter over a single topic. I really need structure and some form of actual moderation.

I like the fact Multipolarista publishes in a podcast format. The series on the history of the American Deep State is pretty great.


File: 1661377995956.jpg (127.01 KB, 1000x588, Trillbillies-4808.jpg)

Trillbilly workers party


no, I gave that up in February.


>I just can't listen to that podcast format where a bunch of dudes just record their every-day banter over a single topic
This is a good summation of why I hate cumtown and all that shit retards here shill.. Who exactly does this shit appeal to? A bunch of non-funny guys doing like the worst pub banter and playing it up to 11 because they're on mic and have pretensions of being le stand up. Is it Friendless losers attempting to simulate a day in the pub? i don't understand.


File: 1661381440202.jpg (48.16 KB, 800x445, OnMass-800x445.jpg)

>People who run a podcast and seem to know what they are talking about either fake that or run on memories from their pre-podcast days.
This is why more podcasts should solely interview their guests who know about the topic at hand. Picrel did this for instance.


Are there any with more of a focus on Marxist theory, historical materialism?
I'm not interested in either news (always turns out to be tailing MSM) or banter/"comedy".

Pretty sure I already have audiobooks covered - Marxist Internet Archive and Adrestia's Revolt (youtube), right?


The only consistently good one. Revolutionary Left Radio and On Mass are like the gold standard of communist podcasts imo.
Cosmonaut have been okay from what I've heard.
Quick description of these?


Tom O'Brien's show "From Alpha to Omega" has had a lot of guests on for good theory discussions over the years, although the recent focus towards very long book discussions has made it harder to get into than it used to be. He's currently going over Fundamental Principles of Communist Production and Distribution (1930) and is actually writing his own book to flesh out the details for its vision of a post-capitalist political economy.


Citations Neededis an awesome media criticism podcast from a leftist perspective. They can occasionally get idpoly but they're generally pretty solid.
Proles has moved to Change the Future, somebody got cancelled but I can't remember who or why.


File: 1661388410473.jpg (16.81 KB, 251x242, 65655.jpg)

> somebody got cancelled but I can't remember who or why.
Two of the Members were stealing funds from their Patreon so they could set up a Micro Craft Brewery..

(I wish I was Joking)


how can you even steal from a patreon, it's literally free money, that's the whole point


File: 1661388527988.gif (1.73 MB, 240x179, 1581203889132-b.gif)

I'm so proud of my fellow American lefties.


File: 1661389786750.jpg (122.54 KB, 640x640, 8765765.jpg)

> Quick description of these?
Reading Capital = the podcast guide to marx's capital made by the PSL
Blowback = a podcast about American history and foreign policy eg Cuba/DPRK
Proles of the Round Table = a Marxist Leninist podcast about Communist History


are there any good 'current news/events podcasts'? Like Sam seder but less liberal and not just focused on America


Embedding error.


Best: Cum Town
Worst: The Adam Friedland Show
It was pretty funny how adamant Mark Ames was that there would be no invasion of Ukraine and then it happened and he had to kind of eat crow


Listening to political podcasts is for petite bourgeoisie nerds.


Swampside Chats is good. They go deep into books and they keep 'banter' to a minimum. But when they do joke it's usually self-deprecating and genuinely funny.


anon I have a 40 minute commute home and it's hard to read on the highway


File: 1661423737557.jpg (290.18 KB, 1285x1182, 7656576.jpg)


Kind of funny how people are trying to convince themselves that Stav was never good and TAFS is amazing without him


File: 1661426379809.jpg (28.43 KB, 400x400, qEov2qtb_400x400.jpg)

There have been a variety of antifascist podcasts in the past few years, but this one stands out as the best one because it goes into the history of fascist freaks and weirdos and how it ties into GLADIO and the post-war fascist international and their connections to Cold War anticommunism in the Western world with a side-focus on the Balkans. I think they cover it in the correct way and it's not something they just discovered right after Charlottesville. I'd consider the hosts to be genuine experts on it.

Radio War Nerd is my favorite podcast and even when they get something wrong it's funny to listen to them try to wriggle out of it.



only real answers are


>Empire Never Ended
>Radio War Nerd

none of them are really in your face about the politics, RWN are more fellow travellers than authentic communists or even socialists, but all have fantastic content and youll actually learn things instead of just listen to narcissists have parasocial banter for 45 minutes to squeeze out 10 minutes of something interesting

Blowback is the best by far though


youre looking for Radio War Nerd, they go between doing exactly that and doing history episodes


>what do you do instead, listen to the wireless?
Unironically yes, get a radio you trog.


Actually Existing Socialism

"A podcast dedicated to exploring, past, present, and future real world manifestations of Actually Existing Socialism by talking to those who've studied, lived in, or currently live in a socialist country."

This seems to be more of the flavor of podcast anons are looking for. Host and guest having focused discussions about actually existing socialist states both past and present. Its on all major podcast platforms. Here are some interesting episodes:

East Germany: Stasi State or Socialist Paradise? w/Bruni de la Motte (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/actually-existing-socialism/id1629249295?i=1000577051652)

Stalin's Constitution & Life in 1930s Soviet Union w/ Samantha Lomb (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/actually-existing-socialism/id1629249295?i=1000574970925)

The Indigenous Peoples of the Soviet Union w/ Alice and Dennis Bartels (Part 1)(https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/actually-existing-socialism/id1629249295?i=1000567357284)

Abortion Rights in Cuba's Socialist Democracy w/ Calla Walsh (https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/actually-existing-socialism/id1629249295?i=1000570442585)


I need podcasts on leftist deep politics. Namely stuff such as Death Is Just Around the Corner or TrueAnon. Any suggestions?


american exception
anti-fascist archive w/ dave emory
media roots radio
programmed to chill
subliminal jihad
ghost stories for the end of the world
opperman report
the farm
unlimited hangout


Trueanon although its gone downhill, 1 in 5 episodes is really good these days. 3 of 5 are of average quality, 1 is not worth listening to.

Pretty much every Media Roots Radio is a banger, particularly if you want like 5 hour long deep dives into stuff. Probably palatable for every type of leftist also. Favourite podcast atm, thanks to some anon for pointing me in the direction.

Blowback is based from what i've listened which isn't a lot.

Revleft Radio is really good, can be a little dry but probably the most educational podcast about socialist history out there. Slightly radlib but what can you do. Brett comes across as a very warm and geunine guy, has had Sison on.

Qanon anonymous was good but i've stopped listening since Qanon kinda died.

Boycotting Chapo Traphouse for being a friend simulator that paywalls the none friend simulation shit. Also they think they are way funnier than they are which is annoying and a problem Trueanon has also developed. Y'know when a TV show figures out why are a character is loved, and then they kinda play to it, and it ruins it. its like that.

Listening to a limited hang out CIA simp podcast atm which is about how the CIA wrote the song wind of change by scorpions, which was an anthem in eastern europe at the fall of the soviet union. The guys a cuck and self obsessed and tells it from the perspective of like "wow CIA so smart" but you get the story from it. idk what its called but google Wind Of Change podcast or some shit.

Moderate Rebels used to be 80% banger 20% shit, RIP.

Death Is Just Around the Corner is good for some deep dives on conspiracy stuff but inconsistently put out cos the guy is kicking heroin or whatever.

probably more


Forgot radio war nerd is also p good although I could lose the rambling at the start about what hotel hes in or whatever, but hes an old guy so Its okay. Others have mentioned but also approval stamped.

what is empire never ended it sounds like I would like it


you can't read while cooking or walking to work


>RWN are more fellow travellers than authentic communists or even socialists
That's true. They're also Gen Xers who don't believe in anything but they know enough about it that it creeps in from time to time and I think they're basically sympathetic. But that's also what I like about it tbh. Communists who are trying really hard to be that thing can often sound like they're talking to other communists and not a general audience.

I think the Empire Never Ended guys came out of the antifa scene but in a more legit and old-school way.

I haven't listened to Blowback yet but I'll start.


Oh that's based. Calla is CPUSA too


>Forgot radio war nerd is also p good although I could lose the rambling at the start about what hotel hes in or whatever, but hes an old guy so Its okay.
I like that aspect because John Dolan is such a goober who is constantly getting into some horrible accident that breaks his back or legs while he's holed up in some dingy hotel in Sri Lanka or Italy or Quebec.


WSWS is worth listening to for nigh on daily news updates
>Death Is Just Around the Corner
is there a way to get around the paywall? I liked what I heard of the free JFK episode a while back


>what is empire never ended it sounds like I would like it
It's about fascism and GLADIO shit from people who know what they're talking about




The Socialist Program with Brian Becker is pretty good, although honestly I liked him a lot better back when he was paired with John Kirakou for their weekday news show.


podcasts are for illiterate yakubians


Podcasts are for libs and lames, real revolutionaries spend their time posting /leftypol/


leftypol should have its own podcast.

We just need at least 3 anons, well read enough to know what they're talking about and not too autistic, to get together once or twice a week to record the episodes.


Cushvlog Grillstream is the only one I never miss. And when is someone going to post the huge image of leftist podcasts I made like a year ago? I lost the file. No one?


Only if one is an MLM, one supports modern China, and the other is a Trot.


File: 1661610379702.png (185.58 KB, 327x349, Common Ruin podcast.png)



Ποντκαστ τής ΚΝΕ.


Summary of podcast:
15% informed curmudgeonly boomer type who tells you about the engineering disaster
85% BS filler from people who unfortunately aren't entertaining, but sound like they are having fun.


unironically, yes. We have become so isolated and atomized, many lack a group of friends and thus need this digital commoditized simulacrum of everyday human interaction. Fuck.


Working Class History is what it sounds like
Grubstakers talks about specific billionaires and their history of misdeeds.

we need a /leftypol/ podcast starring King Lear, Sage, Leninhat, and Eugenics-kun


is this a new wordfilter? (testing)


>85% BS filler from people who unfortunately aren't entertaining, but sound like they are having fun.
I think you just described all podcasts in the 'nu-podcasting' (as in, podcasting divorced from the traditional radio services, which admittedly still makes good stuff such as the BBC) sphere, anon.

I listen to the BBC World Service in bed a lot when I can't sleep. They have a lot of good stuff on there, the irritating thing can be repeats and it has gone downhill the last 5 years or so since BBC budget cuts but there is still a large back-catalogue of documentaries, interviews, curiosities, radio-plays and etcetera: https://www.radio.net/s/bbcworldservice
That's just… actually really sad, anon.. ;T_T,


https://swindledpodcast.com/ – not socialist per se, what they do is stories about white-collar crime, like a story about how a US company making peanut butter cut corners and it just makes you retch.


No man it would be awesome. Imagine each week one episode, six hours of: even-handed constructive criticism of the USSR (based on Nazi propaganda), Sage proving his superiority over and over ("Here is why flat-earthers are wrong … point seventeen", and Eugenics-kun warning us every time that it might be his last appearance since he got threatend with euthanasia (someone called him a dumbass).


Idk only listened to the free shit I think

This sounds dank as hell

It would need some Sabo and have brit socdem hosting who would do the long really niche cold open gags at the start


I would do it if we include yourself, FSLN Anon, Russian Soviet-flag Anon, and drop Leninhat and King Lear.


Wanking to your own voice is how you get to the normies bro


It's good that Leninhat posters consistently have the worst takes because it makes it easier to just ignore any posts with that flag.


People's School for Marxist-Leninist Studies, Trueanon, Against Japanism has some really good guests now and then


Most of them are from the same Hoxhaist Brit.


this is the only one i've listened to that i thought was any good: https://mobile.twitter.com/leftofphil/with_replies?lang=en


File: 1661764351363.png (49.2 KB, 626x626, giu.png)

http://generalintellectunit.net/ the podcast of the cybernetic Marxists
this. I could listen to roz all day
he's like 30


I'll negotiate and drop king lear cos I don't think I've seen him in months, but I think Lenin Hat deserves at least guest appearances now and then to drop some spice into the mix


Audio books exist


>Against Japanism

Holy fuck, I have looking for something like this for ages.



Really like GIN. I probably need something a couple of levels below it tbh.

There's not many left tech podcasts. Is it because people in tech would lose employment opportunities if they had a left tech podcast?


>Moderate Rebels used to be 80% banger 20% shit, RIP.

The Grayzone never stopped podding and Ben Norton's Multipolarista is great. For me, it's both.




I love Multipolarista, including their Spanish language content, unfortunately Ben doesn't publish often in Spanish. Does someone know any Spanish-language content that is very similar to that so I can improve my Spanish?


I wish their episodes were a bit shorter and more structured, while the topics are great again I really don't like listening the friends simulator style for 1.5 hours…


>Revleft Radio
There's also Guerilla History and The Red Menace which are made by the same gang. Them being "slightly radlib" is actually very good because they touch a variety of subjects and have many great guests from all backgrounds.


Is there anything from eastern european leftists or at least about eastern europe? Can be in serbo-croatian language as well.

So far I've only come across The Barricade.


The Red Star Radio Gorbachev obituary episode is straight fire.

It goes through the internal history of the party going back as far as Stalin. Extremely interesting and extremely fiery.

Watch out for the clot gun bro. It's kept for promising up and coming podcaster.s



Konstantin Syomin, Vestnik Buri, Boris Yulin, Remi Meisner, Klim Zhukov, Evgeny Spitsyn, among others…

Watch youtube in a browser in desktop mode then auto generate subs and then autotranslate them.


If you're the real leninhat, you are either lying or reading the wrong stuff, because you are biggest retard on this board


File: 1662148430462.png (1.64 MB, 2116x1968, war takes.png)

I can tell their guests are invited on by Liam. First was AdamSomething who started doing apologetics for the nazis in ukraine. recently they had some fucking twitter furry on whose takes are anarkiddie dogshit. Pic related.

I get the sense that Alice and Rocz used to be shallow "Communists" when they were younger (literally the stereotype of fetishizing the soviet union without really knowing history or theory) and then became squishy socdems in adulthood when the podcast money started rolling in.

I do enjoy the background noise about engineering disasters but they're frankly terrible editors and their episodes are 3x longer than they need to be. Sometimes they can be funny but mostly they're cringe.


What about the WYDNA group? Thoughts on them? There is a thread on /edu/ about them


People can read and also occasionally enjoy a podcast. Just like you read but also find the time to shitpost on here.
To be fair there are audiobooks for that.
Blowback is especially good but feels over-edited sometimes. Like it's a bit slow paced and over-reliant on Brendan's mood-setting music and the "documentary but audio" style editing. I would rather than spend more time going deeper into the topics they touch base on and less time doing admittedly good but overproduced and slow paced editing.


>he's like 30
He's actually even younger. He sounds so old and grizzled but I'm in my 30s and was shocked to find out he's younger than me. Especially since he seems more mature than either of his cohosts since he actually produces the slideshows and stays on topic.


Do we have a equivalent thread like this, that covers leftist magazines, periodicals, journal and the likes?


>The Deprogram
it is pretty shit and the circlejerk levels are high. Two of the hosts like larping as homos for some reason


Nah but make it fam,would like


If someone ends up making a thread like that I can present the big french ones


File: 1662165985325.jpg (32.99 KB, 640x352, harvey dent.jpg)

Protip: you can filterposts by flag.


lain has an anarchist zine thread, that was pretty cool so I'd like to see a maga thread here.


I know the lot of you are moids, but the Probably Cancelled Podcast is one of the best revolutionary podcasts out there. They are also revolutionary feminists who continue to carry on the great works of Andrea Dworkin and Kollontai. Again, a lot of you are moids, so it’ll help to open your minds and listen to women for once instead of being sexist sex pests like Caleb Maupin.



This. Those guys are all fine on their own YT channels but together they just sit around agreeing with each other and are not funny enough to make it entertaining.


moid? what is dat?


A derogatory word for men who are sexist and promote rape culture by being dismissive of women while pretending they like them. Listen to Probably Cancelled and you’ll get a better idea of what we’re about.


File: 1662187892489.jpg (52.03 KB, 468x571, 1646007188646.jpg)

>the great works of Andrea Dworkin
Thanks, I'll pass.


the homoeroticism and testicular health information makes it better
pretty much everyone on here thinks Maupin is a joke how new are you?
>There's not many left tech podcasts. Is it because people in tech would lose employment opportunities if they had a left tech podcast?
good question. no one cares about my commie leanings, and free software is endemic in the field and widely like and basically computer communism already
roz should do less WTYP and work on Franklin


File: 1662198797212.png (615.67 KB, 630x721, SCR8.png)

Oh okay thank you


File: 1662199627700.png (476.6 KB, 918x689, 3s4d5f6g78h.png)

the homoeroticism bits are more cringe really but to each their own


File: 1662210251946.png (490.54 KB, 744x990, the_greatest_briton.png)

> Brit.
Leninhat is British?!?!?!?!


File: 1662210391595.jpg (20.76 KB, 220x296, enver.jpg)

This is the only revolutionary feminist I care to read.


Hey I know him that's the man who invented breadtube


Yup I heavily recommend Comrad Brigid and co. A lot of men get insecure when hearing about the rape culture they’re responsible for instead of taking action and bettering themselves and their fellow men, so we have to do our duty to save them from themselves. This includes Marxist men too, who are usually the biggest predators out there. Hold these moids responsible, punish those who are guilty of wrongdoing and make sure the other moids are kept in line and behave.



Indeed, Hasan, Brigid, and XYRapper are probably quite based ones.


I am maupoid baiter general and that sounds good damn awful. I literally don’t need to hear a bunch of people complaining about troons I see that on every other media source all the time


>sexist sex pests like Caleb Maupin
I'm just looking at the overview page and they have a guy from the Schiller Institute in one episode…


we really need to start rooting out the larouche problem.


I post on /leftypol/




>pretty much everyone here thinks Maupin is a joke
I wouldn’t say “joke” because that’s not accurate. What he is, is a sex pest who pays for sex and harasses his comrades. He also shills for brutal and sexist capitalist regimes in Russia and Iran because he’s literally paid by them.
This guy gets it.
Complaining about troons? What? Most of their content has to do with revolutionary feminism and Marxism through that lens, mostly the continuation of what Rosa Luxemburg and Alexandra Kollontai accomplished.
Yeah? And? What’s wrong with talking to someone from that institute?


>Yeah? And? What’s wrong with talking to someone from that institute?
It's a Larouchite cult. You tell me if there's something wrong with platforming weird sex cults.


Its called "probably cancelled" and is a "revolutionary feminist" podcast so I am only conjecting.

>hate caleb maupin
>schiller institute is fine
what could she mean by this?


I don’t know about them being a weird sex cult. We do vetting on every future guest for the pod and have never platformed Maupinite/Hazite sex pests and reactionaries.
Schiller Institute is very credible and just because you guys don’t like their ideology doesn’t mean they’re suddenly sex pests. Maupin LITERALLY got exposed for paying for sex and his cult was engaged in similar behavior. Keaten Mansfield and Yankee Tankie exposed all of this, as did Xiangyu, Abby Martin and other more credible and prominent anti-imperialists and Marxists.


> We do vetting on every future guest for the pod
so its your podcast?
>Schiller Institute is very credible
no, they are not, because of their direct lineage to larouche which they would not exist without.

They state openly on their website they work with the CIA.

>Maupin LITERALLY got exposed for paying for sex and his cult was engaged in similar behavior

So did Larouche.

I am interested in what Abbie Martins comments on this were.

I am not in any way defending Maupin, I hate that entire sphere.

The bottom line though is Maupin was a larouchite through and through, which is why its funny you go off on him (correctly) but defend the shill institute


File: 1662508407962.jpg (79.64 KB, 2048x339, INJIYH.jpg)

It's Not Just In Your Head
>Two mental health professionals explore how our capitalist economic system impacts our emotional lives. From precarious housing and employment, to unaffordable healthcare, to endless debt – it's not just in your head!

just started listening to this one. it's decent. something a bit different from the rest


This is a pertinent one. Probably not worth enduring a p*dcast over, but these guys have the right idea on the "mental health crisis."


>try revleft radio
>transhumanist host


good opportunity to overcome your spooks
pretty good content and cover a wide range of less trodden ground as far as commie podcasts go


Red scare
Trapo chap house


Maupin isn’t a “Larouchite”, Larouche himself never ran a sex cult and Schiller is credible despite what some feeble anon like you says. Simple.

It’s not my podcast, but I tend to throw some money at them when they have good episodes.


File: 1662616194302.jpg (165.51 KB, 1039x409, 11123.jpg)

>Indeed, Hasan, Brigid, and XYRapper are probably quite based ones.
I agree lol


File: 1662618040233.jpg (24.64 KB, 474x398, dammit.jpg)

I was never there, but I can tell you what each of those replies looked like. Thank you based turkposter.


I still can't cope that he is literally gigachad


Christcucked leftcom brocialist garbage


radfems are based thanks for the recc


>Maupin isn’t a larouchite
>Schiller institute is credible
What the fuck is it with larcouchepac and just telling lies everyone knows is a lie?
And samefagging


And for God's sake one of them has to be something other than a euro-american. Ideally someone outside of the imperial core, failing that, someone outside of the anglosphere, failing that someone who isn't from the us or an american who isn't a euro-american.



Alright then, maybe I can learn something here. Thanks for the rec. Hadn't heard of this one tbh.

Red Star Radio and The Popular Show? I basically listen to every episode now. Who, what and why are they? The red star gorbachev obituary was a rousing morning listen.


This shit has been shilled already itt


I listened to the reading of an essay from some A*stralian communist and the interview with Darko Suvin. This might be the pick of the bunch. No inane "banter" or parasocial friend simulator bullshit. Better to learn to read, but if your brain is fried like mine, well…


around the empire - kind of a strange one, but they have impressive guests like elijah magnier and isa blumi regularly.

red star radio - listening to every episode of this. seems very legit, would like to know more about who produces it.

swampside chats - high level communist conversations and analysis and sometimes beyond me

the east is a podcast - everything good and left.

spectre podcast - scottish marxist podcast. Women and ladies with Scottish accents regularly speak on this podcast fyi.

pill pod - probably marxist professors discuss philosphy, last episode was about nick land

hammer and camera - left film review pod that works for me


File: 1663607471509.mp4 (41.94 MB, 1280x720, robertevansretard.mp4)

yes they are literal glowies


This podcast is a good intro to socialist history


Citations Needed


Probably Cancelled is a ridiculously good podcast hosted by revolutionary Marxist feminists


Not falling for larouchite glow. "Ridiculously good" no one talks like that, stop it.


Can you shut the fuck up why do larouchites always persist in this stuff we can see what you are doing.


they're like scientiligists always pushing their shit onto people



appreciate this episode rec, thanks. There's a thread in /edu/ you should post it in.


heres a playlist on youtube if you don't want to deal with rss feeds


Talking to Daniel Burke makes us “Larouchites”? Why do you moids lack logic?


>is a ridiculously good podcast


1) yes.
2) you are so blatantly samefagging and then getting mad when people point out you are doing it. You’re not even good at being a sneaky Larouchist.
3) you called your podcast “probably cancelled” so I can already tell it’s just needlessly edgy takes and redditoid internet culture wars shit stuck in 2015. Therefore, gay and also trans probably


against japanism
that one with yugopnik in it


1) no
2) I’m not samefagging. I apologize that you don’t know how to appreciate a good podcast that’s popular in many communist circles that you end up assuming anyone who promotes it is the same person
3) literally nothing you said is a reflection of our content. We interview many people and mostly talk about feminism and its compatibility with Marxism, we also discuss the sex trade and the steps needed to abolish sex work, to bring true equality across all genders and fight back against this capitalist regime we live in


File: 1663639280677.gif (956.34 KB, 498x262, tenor-1339883479.gif)

>outs themselves as shilling for their own podcast.
>on leftypol of all places
Take your dworkinite dogma and your SWERF shit elsewhere.


i liked the one about dialectical materialism but
>Schiller Institute is very credible
gives me concern that this is some kind of op/grift


opposition to prostitution is basic communist position


Yeah, when it WAS lumpenprole. And again, as a lot folks don't seem to understand, sex work doesn't always mean prostitution.


> We interview many people
> We
Fucking lol
>popular in many communist circles
If you're shilling your own podcast it means it's not popular
Such my female penis you cunt.


It’s not my podcast, I just write in first person a lot.



Dworkin did more for the revolutionary cause than you moids.
We have never condoned or condemned the Schiller Institute. I know it’s hard for you to understand but talking to other people within the periphery of MLM isn’t such a bad idea.
I would say the podcast is very popular, actually. The ladies make a lot of money that they then use to help get women out of the sex trade and restart their own lives. What do you do all day? Jerk off?


File: 1663653427033.jpg (16.36 KB, 229x209, 1644899534185.jpg)

>Dworkin did more for the revolutionary cause than you moids.
>she says as she picks fights on an albanian bunker building forum
>assuming we're all moids
ok, fam.


File: 1663662947979.png (343.86 KB, 762x428, cringe berichten.png)

>It’s not my podcast, I just write in first person a lot.
You write in first person about what other people do?


I liked that podcast
Could you link it for us again?



1) Yes. This is literally whole schiller schtick. First its like "oh we are just talking to people" and then all of a sudden you have "exonerate larouche" as a twitter handle and you doing explicitly schiller institute conferences and so on. It is the modus operandi. You also got all upset and said repeatedly that the schiller institute is credible, it isn't.
2) > we > we >we "oh thats such a great podcast "we" are doing "we" just shhhhhhh. We can all see.
3) lots of bad things are popular in communist circles
4) Probably cancelled is a dumb name and says a lot about you.


> The ladies make a lot of money
from their larouchist sponsors and not their real listeners I bet.
Plus "making a lot of money" is not a flex people here respect, it only out you as a phony


File: 1663687732223.jpeg (44.77 KB, 307x409, cringe.jpeg)

The request was sarcastic you autist.


Without memeing are there any good radical leftist feminist podcasts out there that aren't terfy?
>inb4 probably cancelled


This is Hell! is excellent.


1) tl;dr just admit you have schizophrenia and we can move on
2) ???
3) yes i know such as tankies, misogynistic moids, genocide deniers, people who simp for settler-colonial states, people who write off Dworkin without reading her, etc.
4) it’s a good name, actually. Your opinion sucks.
No actually they make a lot of money from their audience and not some organization! And it’s not like they hoard that money. It’s donated to getting women out of the sex trade, but I know your all against that because all of you are terminally ill porn watchers.


<If I say "they" instead of "us" the eye of the cringe detector will be blind to my clever agitprop moves!



woah just what I was looking for, thanks


Seconding this, anyone know some more good japanese Communist/critical left content?


Best: Infrared
Worst: Jason unruhue


Anime pfp suspected


They weren't caught stealing money they only suggested using the money to start a micro brewery. Also one of the guys was accused of treating someone with little respect or some other small social slight and refused to participate in a struggle session of it or something (which is really stupid to nuke a podcast over) who knows what else was up.


zul you are such a dumb uyghur it is unreal


1) did you or did you not say Schiller institute was credible?
2) yes, you said we
3) so you’re the radlib branch of the larcouche op
4) no, it’s a terrible name, and by the sound of it you wouldn’t even get cancelled so it’s worse


David Harvey's Anti-capitalist Chronicles is good and comfi and touches on a lot of economics concepts that I was unaware of.
The Minyan are a Jewish Marxist Leninist podcast that I haven't heard enough about to comment on but the guest episode they did with Proles of the Roundtable was good and entertaining.
Proles of the game table, the role play tabletop game playing podcast is still going with some former members of PRT and some new people. They just released a new episode yesterday. I haven't listened much yet but the plot seems cool and it's kind of neat even just for the Marxist theme and perspectives of the cast


File: 1663762550712.jpg (Spoiler Image, 496.6 KB, 1552x2048, e8ccf8e4f3be8d8d1bd8a32051….jpg)

>Andrea Dworkin
posting anime tits on leftypol is more revolutionary


I listened to their latest episode, they have a pretty good criticism of the porn industry, and their slogan-game was strong,
They criticized the residual capitalist ideology that many self-proclaimed socialist still uphold:
<Socialism in the streets and market-libertarianism in the sheets.


<socialism is when not-markets
holy cringe


Nah it's a good slogan, and socialists shouldn't be siding with porn-industry-porky. They are turning women into a rental commodity, there's nothing progressive about this.


Hey guys, just listened to probably cancelled, i agreed with every single world, sent us 100 dollars, and cut off my ear and sent it to us in the post (which was my own address)


That sounds interesting. I have never heard of this podcast. I was just sitting here rocking back and forth on my balls while having stupid scrote thoughts, when it occurred to me that I need the wise guidance of feminist Marxists.

Can you give us a link, my fellow boyim?


just knocked one out to a Japanese style drawing of a gay orgy where everyone is covered in margarine, feeling pretty guilty.

Anyway, can someone link me Probably Cancelled podcast?


Hey guys, I just sent a hundred dollars to the Caleb T. Maupin comeback fund, if anyone is interested in supporting a decent socialist cause.


> they make a lot of money from their audience and not some organization! And it’s not like they hoard that money. It’s donated to getting women out of the sex trade
Oh wow charity, just like the corps that evade taxes by giving a pinch of their profits to the starving children of africa
get a real job and stop shilling your podcast


eh ill give them that the sex trade stuff is correct, doesn't stop them being Larouchpac shills though



Agree somewhat on the sex trade too. Will never forgive both sides for shitting up this beautiful thread.


why are you trying to poison people on a good postcast by being obnoxious and sectarian


Shout out to People's History of Ideas


File: 1663888876963.jpg (75.51 KB, 680x680, FdR6i-sXoAknuRU.jpg)


Now we have something to listen to when we want to know how we're going to do the opposite of whatever it is they say.


It's boring, it's 90% corporate bureaucracy jibber jabber, he even said "agile organization"


Lol at all the NAFO profiles praising it, calling it the big mother.


File: 1663892146649.png (192.23 KB, 534x468, glow-agent.png)

>Episode 1: "Why Taking Over South America Was A Good idea Actually"
>Episode 2: "Why JFK had it coming"
>Episode 3: "Arbenz Was a Soviet Agent Actually"
>Episode 4: "Does Overdosing LSD actually boost your Immune system?"


it would be a fun bit to pretend to be a CIA podcast host schizoposting in this thread, but don't do it


What does the "I'm the person talking" in the introduction section of especially politically correct podcasts mean?


>they're frankly terrible editors and their episodes are 3x longer than they need to be.

It's honestly why I stopped watching. I kept up for a little bit but it's such a flabby show. Plus I think that Liam is annoying, whines endlessly, and gives off unhinged vibes.

>against japanism

Gonna also recommend it, it's an interesting podcast that provides a very necessary look into Japanese leftism for English speakers.

My only criticism is I think it's maybe a little stilted at times, probably because English isn't the host's first language.


John is even more hilariously wimpy in person. It's actually endearing how pathetic he is. The main downside is that repeats himself a lot.


Acid Horizon

<Deleuze: The Grandeur of Marx with Nick Thoburn

> Sep 25, 2022 Was Gilles Deleuze a Marxist? Before his death in 1995, Deleuze had intended to write a book entitled The Grandeur of Marx, a work which would have consummated the role of Marx as long time mediator within Deleuze's political writings. In the discussion, we unpack political concepts within Deleuze's corpus, such as "minor politics", "a people to come", and "a new earth" and explore their resonances with Marx's work. Moreover, we follow Thoburn in advancing the perhaps controversial idea that Deleuze proffered a new form of communism.


<Why Theory brings continental philosophy and psychoanalytic theory together to examine cultural phenomena with Todd McGowan and Ryan Engley.


>Ryan and Todd conclude their series on Hegel's Phenomenology of Spirit with a discussion of the Absolute Knowing section. They explore the relationship between this section and the rest of the book as well as considering what this section has to say about the relationship between mediation and immediacy.



File: 1664252498167.png (235.73 KB, 401x401, bordiga but pog.png)

reel abstractions, varn vlog, swampside chats, General intellect unit, alpha to omega.
proles of the round table is stalinoid brain rot.



Some patrician tier recs here.


New Episode ot the Empire and the Deep State Series just dropped

This episode is about the concepts of 'higher immorality' and 'crackpot realism' by C Wright Mills and how they relate to the crimes of the US ruling class


Can someone explain to me what this means?


Obscure burger sect of esoteric trotskyism



Metal Gear Trotsky: Gay Ops


I love that podcast but it was funny how embarrassed they were that they got the invasion wrong. Who do they think they are? Everyone was wrong about that, but they think very highly of everything they say, which is usually a good thing until they become super biased on an issue, like Ethiopia for example. I love their pro-Union bias though.


Just listened to a few of their recent pods and you’re right. I will say though that the feminism stuff is a bit overdone, but maybe that’s just my insecurity as a man that I’ve been conditioned to accept in a capitalistic patriarchal society, which is why we must change it for true equality across all genders. I’ll give these ladies more of a listen, thanks for the recommendation!


So I was sitting in my van full of little girls I kidnapped to turn into dolls (you always need fresh supply because the dolls start to rot after a while) when I for no particular reason started to listen to the Probably Cancelled podcast. And let me tell you what a hidden gem that podcast is. Did you know that the violence of the patriarchy is all around us?! It was a revelation. I realized what I was doing was wrong and I decided right there to set the kids free and change myself. The little girls all went Yaaaayy! except one grumpy one who said she only listened to "Angie Speaks" and planned to become a "based tradwife". So that one I dumped in a river.


It's not technically a podcast but I've been addicted to Varn Vlog as of late

Matt Christman on labor struggle and the current malaise

Dongping Han on the Unknown Cultural Revolution and It's Implications

Elijah Emery on Christopher Lasch and the Contemporary Left, part 1

Elijah Emery on Christopher Lasch and the Contemporary Left, part 2

Erika Whelan Returns to Talk on Labor



just fyi it's possible to put a youtube feed into your podcast client and it will convert it to mp3 so that you can listen to doom while lying naked outdoors. This achieves maximum grass touching in the shortest time.


File: 1665048316786.jpg (228.52 KB, 1146x824, revfemthought.jpg)

Pod thread? Here’s a personal favorite of mine.


Never heard of that one. Can you drop us a link?


Having scrolled through the episode lists it actually seems kinda good. I think they should purge their Larouche Episode, post an apology, admit that the schiller institute is not credible, and then I will consider them cool.


<Materialist Theogany ft. Diego Ruzzarin

>We covered this from every perspective we could get to, featuring some Spinoza, Marx, Benjamin, and corntology, among other references with @Diego Ruzzarin. Please enjoy us bumping into things and trying to figure out what a life's all about.




why you gotta show me what my podcasters look like ffs.
I pictured these guys as tweed jacket professorial types.


The trot-to-neocon pipeline trying to self perpetuate



could you post a link for me as well? thank you


File: 1665408497456.png (52.36 KB, 300x300, 1661494812102.png)

New episode of "Actually Existing Socialism"

The American Soldier Who Defected to East Germany (Part 1) w/ Victor Grossman


"Victor Grossman, a former American solider who defected to East Germany in 1952, joins the show to discuss his remarkable life and experiences in this short lived socialist nation.

We cover Victor's activism in the American communist movement of the 1940s including his participation in the Black freedom struggle of that era, the circumstances surrounding his defection, and what life was actually like living in a nation committed to building socialism - both the good and bad.

The two memoirs he wrote recounting his life story are called "Crossing the River — A Memoir of the American Left, the Cold War, and Life in East Germany" and "A Socialist Defector: From Harvard to Karl-Marx-Allee".

This is part one of a two part discussion."


Grossman is pretty based


The man held the huge sword above his head, his angry eyes staring out from the red rectangle burned by the desert sun into the only part of him not covered by black clothing. He shouted: "You harlot! Devil from the West! My Allah have mercy since I won't. This is your end!" The woman on her knees with her hands tied behind her said: "So you could say I am, hashtag, probably cancelled?" What did she mean by that? And where did she suddenly get the sun glasses from? The man had a lot questions.

That man was me. Anyone has a good podcast rec for me?


Best pod - Probably Cancelled
Worst pod - whatever Caleb and Haz are doing

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