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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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"But at this point we stress discipline, we stress organization, we do not stress psychedelic drugs, and all the other things that have to do with just the individual expansion of the mind." - Huey P. Newton, leader of the Black Panthers
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he asked whether any of these famous people said it retard


Stirner managed to kick the spook of morality out of Marx's head and now what? We're back at point zero. SMH, MLs, one spook book wasn't enough.


File: 1662381150540.pdf (754.19 KB, 197x255, Manifesto.pdf)

Have fun figuring it out :)


Ah yes, communism is when you support the hard-working little national entrepreneurs against the globohomo cosmopolitan parasitic bourgeoisie.
Provide your critical support to the little national capitalists against multinational corporations!
Little entrepreneurs of the world, unite! We have nothing to lose but our surplus value!


I'm a communist so…. Yes.

Communism is the real movement that abolishes the present state of things.
Not an ideal reality has to adjust itself to
>The same must be said of the revolutionary character of national movements in general. The unquestionably revolutionary character of the vast majority of national movements is as relative and peculiar as is the possible revolutionary character of certain particular national movements. The revolutionary character of a national movement under the conditions of imperialist oppression does not necessarily presuppose the existence of proletarian elements in the movement, the existence of a revolutionary or a republican programme of the movement, the existence of a democratic basis of the movement. The struggle that the Emir of Afghanistan is waging for the independence of Afghanistan is objectively a revolutionary struggle, despite the monarchist views of the Emir and his associates, for it weakens, disintegrates and undermines imperialism; whereas the struggle waged by such "desperate" democrats and "Socialists," "revolutionaries" and republicans as, for example, Kerensky and Tsereteli, Renaudel and Scheidemann, Chernov and Dan, Henderson and Clynes, during the imperialist war was a reactionary struggle, for its results was the embellishment, the strengthening, the victory, of imperialism.


Leftcoms bursting into this discussion in 3, 2, 1…


Still can’t help but wonder how much more powerful Lenin would be if he smoked crack


to be fair he caught 3 bullets in the neck and started having strokes


>tankies waaaaaaaaaah


Question: what do you actually want?


Ie. Rude or common
E.g.. The vulgar tongue for commoners speach
Well then hopefully you're talking Lenin not some academic source

I'm not feeling well so would you care to explain your more refined take to the kids?

If you're a in sociology then don't if I have to listen to that misinformed drivel again spoken with such authority I might just give up and die of despair




>loyal to the cause
Arrivederci, dame da ne, auf Wiedersehen, chao cacao, au revoir, adios, muchachas.



Should we lead ascetic lives? Most burgers are going to feel like normal, dignified lives are ascetic. They believe they have the right to consume the majority of the worlds resources with a tiny percentage of the population. My Musty 5.0 is my right baby.


/dead/ is dead. You have to deal with our existence from now on.


>They believe they have the right to consume the majority of the worlds resources with a tiny percentage of the population
Damn, they must be living a very pathetic life. Never understood that commodity fetishism.


Discipline follows naturally from a correct understanding of material forces and their relationship to your personal life.


The vanquishment of cosmopolitan bourgeoisie by national bourgeoisies meaning productive forces can be built in developing nations (improving standards of living/ healthcare etc) and the parasitic imperialist lifestyle of imperialist nations disappears with the return of class war in imperialist nations

Socialist movements able to actually be built in countries with national bourgeoisie because theyve managed to get CIA off their territory that can't hand over death lists of trade unionists, socialists and communists like they did all over LatAm and Indonesia 1965

The victory of socialist revolutions breaking out under conditions of capitalist encirclement in tandem with some national bourgeoisie's escaping cosmopolitans that have not gone over to socialism yet

The socialist revolutions surviving this encirclement and aiding revolutions and national bourgeosies escaping cosmopolitan bourgeosies elsewhere

The era of Socialist encirclement and Socialist worldwide hegemony: as a political/cultural/economic and spiritual force

That's as far as I care to dwell into the crystal ball right now


File: 1662407931744.png (179.62 KB, 400x400, guy.png)

No, communists should be extravagant and flamboyant if possible.
Rightoids want to push the narrative that communists have to be reserved, stodgy, to effectively take a vow of poverty. We should be ostentatious and cool, like rock stars. Counterculture is about breaking out of established social norms. There's a wide open field of possibility to explore when it comes to our behavior and self-expression. Capitalism has largely co-opted this concept, which has led a lot of people to think that it is inherently bourgeois. The reality is capitalism will sell anything it can to you as a product. That doesn't mean the thing itself is bad. There is no good reason to give up being cool and flashy to the system we are opposing. To think we should is to be contrarian-brained. You don't need a lot of resources to be show-offy. You can find all kinds of unusual shit at thrift stores, and it costs nothing to strike a pose and shout a communist slogan like you're calling your attacks in an anime. We live within a spectacle. We can't break out of it. If you're stuck playing a game, you should learn to play it effectively.


That was after the FBI got him addicted in prison.


Makes me feel so fucking sad every time I remember how basically everything and everyone was destroyed around him, and just reading his wife excerpt in his book


>Rightoids want to push the narrative that communists have to be reserved, stodgy, to effectively take a vow of poverty
Self-discipline and moralistic prudishness aren't the same thing. Self-discipline certainly doesn't exclude flamboyant or feminine behavior. Nietzsche may have emphasized self-discipline but he still called his philosophy "gay science." I think we can all agree that a healthy lifestyle is in many people's self-interests. Like, why would you abuse your own body? I do not understand.


communism literally is love insofar as love relates to affirmation of the real particularity of people. This is paralleled within dialectical materialism
who hurt you?
ok, now go make as many friends as possible, and love them personally and individually (i.e. not theoretically, but in actuality, through your actions and demeanor). This is how solidarity functions; through actual relationships between people.

The more you love, the larger your capacity to help people and motivation. Even the proper (sustainable, directed) anger is drawn from love. Loveless sourpusses are not ready to be communists.

No. I mean congrats if you're living an ascetic life, and good job engaging in self-discipline. But if we're trying to make our lives better, start with your own. Love urself and nourish your health, nourish your mind, please your ears with good music, your mouth with good food, etc.



The second poster in your list is refering to the Mao quote: "Communism is not love, it is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy."

Incidentally, identifying communism as an emotional category is quite ridiculous. It confuses what is a type of society with either sentiment(s) or individual behaviour(s) .


Horrible form, I guarantee you that guy is experiencing pain from that event even today


Discipline is good but the OP says "Should communists lead disciplined or ascetic lives?" We shouldn't restrict ourselves to asceticism and abstinence from things. OP quotes Huey Newton saying among other things that psychedelic drugs are something to perhaps avoid.


Specifically he says not to focus on them


Sure, Newton does, but in context of what OP is asking (asceticism) it sounds like the question is meant to be should we be restrained and monk-like.


Who's opinion do you care more Bout

Comrade Newton or comrade OP?

Don't worry there is no wrong answer here
I'm not judging


Asceticism is based, once you wean yourself off of certain things and lifestyles the brain chemistry changes and you can see things you never saw before.


A lot of leftists are afraid of concepts such as discipline and craftmanship since in popular cultural they are more associated with fascism and the right wing but I think thats wrong. Discipline should be a left wing idea and we could outdo the nazis at their own game


racist, literally racist tf no he wasn't


hell yes.

Definitely not an ascetic, but I stopped eating all refined sugar and industrial carbs.

They were bad for my health, bad for overloading the entire health system with diabetics, and really shitty for social movements when all anyone wants do in the evenings is collapse into a carb coma.

Now health is better and I look prettier. Now the natural sugars in full fat yogurt make it taste like ice cream. The real killer is that energy levels and focus are on a different level now that blood sugar isn't spiking.

Is this asceticism?


OP made the thread and asked the question. I'm answering the question asked.


Wtf is this thread, half of it unironically reads like GPT bots.


No they should be sloppy, slovenly undisciplined retards. Of course they should be disciplined and organized. Stupid question.



I went down a similar route. Stopped eating sugar all the way back when I was 12, and haven't eaten it since, save for the sugars in dairy, fruit, and vegetables.

It wasnt for physiological/appearance/mental health reasons, cause I wasnt fat to begin with, but rather I just never liked processed and refined foods, much less sugar bombs. that shit tastes like ass and almost made me sick.


>always, not almost


As a sloppy, slovenly undisciplined underachiever I think you started strong but then undermined your own point.
>refined sugar
>industrial carbs
I don't believe in that made up bullshit


First they came for fat now they’re coming for carbs.

Nutrition science is bs. Literally just don’t overeat. Staying fit and healthy isn’t hard if you’re not debilitated.


r/stupidpol moment
FACT: He was just another crackhead




No, You only need to avoid excessive hedonism and degeneracy.
Have a healthy work/recreation balance.



>>refined sugar

>>industrial carbs
>I don't believe in that made up bullshit

What don't you believe in comrade?


Communists should be able to control impulses, be upstanding members of society, take care of themselves.



At bare minimum absolutely. Any principled communist should actively avoid pointless distractions and pop cultural garbage


Just a few events going differently in our respective lives would have been enough for me and that hypothetical person would be enough for us to switch places in the social ladder.

"Innate worth" is pure ideology.


Lmao retard


So many degenerate hedonistic leftists and “communist” larpers ITT. I bet you all have masturbatory thoughts about being prominent revolutionary figures or important party members. Which is laughable because you don’t even have the discipline or motivation to pick up a dumbbell or go on a jog for a cause that’s bigger than you
<wahhhh wahhh how can I possibly be a communist if I can’t engage in my degenerate hedonism

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