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File: 1662667046977.png (172.33 KB, 677x453, ClipboardImage.png)


AKA The man who said Queen Elizabeth was the biggest drug dealer of the world.

This guy was a hardcore CIA backchannel. He used to be a socialist and claimed he was working undercover for essentially an anti-communist operation, then became a conservative for Reagan and worked with the mad scientist Edward Teller to create the Star Wars program.

He then provided international backchannel networking and infiltration into BRICS and similar development programs for the Anglo-American establishment he claimed to be against.

If you want to learn about his brainwashing tactics you need to google LaRouche, Kenneth Colby, and look up table. The guy put cybernetic brainwashing into practice based on Kenneth Colby's work on modelling schizophrenia with AI.


File: 1662667124375.png (584.08 KB, 1100x667, ClipboardImage.png)

Here is a great bio with some raunchy details, there is a second addition that cuts out old raunchy details and adds new ones.


Other than that, I will say, Larouche had very close connections to the Clinton's through Chelsea's husband. Webster Tarpley and Anton Chaitkin also wrote a handbook for the Bill Clinton vs Bush campaign that was present on TV in the Campaign HQ.

Also just remembered that his security advisor was an ex-CIA deep ops guy who tried to take over a caribbean island with some famous white supremacist and also later received a check from Playboy to kill Larry Flynt (which he never carried out.) Weird shit that really happened right under people's noses.




lol it's LaRouche's birthday. He got revenge on the Queen from beyond the grave.

His whole story is strange and his ideology only really makes "sense" to me as a method for his cadres to synchronize with potentially any other group on some basis or another. They could worm their way into a communist party or a tea party and there'd be some hangle to hook themselves onto it. LaRouche gave up the Marxism in the 70s but I think they still have characteristics of Trotskyism from which they emerged especially with the entryist tactics, the single guru, and a tendency to engage in "wrecker" behavior, which is why nobody likes them and ordinary people think they're complete weirdos.

Like you said, his organization seemed to function as a backchannel between governments, intelligence agencies, etc. without going through the hassle of dealing with each other's respective state departments and foreign ministries.

They're big-time developmentalists, which isn't a bad thing. But they're strangely idealist about it, for example they're climate change deniers. But nobody who is serious these days is denying climate change anymore. It's especially odd because China, which they became big fans of in the 90s, invests more in renewables than anyone else in the world by far. But I think it does make "sense" as a means for LaRouchite cadres to make entry into right-wing circles or Tea Party demonstrations in the U.S. and say "hey, do think this green energy is a plot by the elites to destroy America?" and then they push their own thing.

The quirky thing is that they say a lot of stuff that is basically true and they tend to recruit grad students and highly educated people. People who like classical music and opera. It's like a cult for "smart people." I get the sense that they believe they're superior to others and think people who don't believe what they do are "brainwashed." It's all highly manipulative and I don't like it.


Also the "cult for smart people" is part of the appeal about it. You get to be part of an "elite" organization of "geniuses." But I think that's also why people find them inherently suspicious even if they don't know anything about them, they come across as autistic and weird.


He was employed by the american authorities to crush protests and movements. Enough said.


Anticommunist person of glow.


ehhh, was the famous white supremacist don black? Cos if so…. I have a big theory


Pos that spent his life grifting the left for his own cult. Hope some digs up his grave and fucks him in the ass


Don Black was one of the conspirators, yes


Objectively, they were still Trots. They also remained the anti-Sovietism, LaRouche thought there is a plot by Stalinists to kill him and they're in bed with Western leftists. The Soviet Union responded to the LaRouche movement once and called them "cavemen".

There are also suspicious connections to the West German intelligence and even to the assassination of Olof Palme.

It's baffling to me that after his death the movement still exists and even makes its way into some leftist spaces. LaRouche is definitely one of the most successful cult leaders considering that most cults collapse after their leader's death. I feel like Helga LaRouche who is sort of his heiress isn't as bad as him and wants to genuinely turn this shitshow into something serious and amicable, but she has to retain all the weird antics hence every time I see a LaRouche Info stand in front of my local post office it's plastered with weird slogans about Bertrand Russell and people just walk past it.

A lot of the things the LaRouchies say btw isn't fundamentally untrue. There is a form of Neo-Malthusianism, there is a Venetian lobby, the Queen most definitely had skeletons in her closet, the Western left is fundamentally corrupt, international institutions do aim for a genocide in Africa, etc. - it's just that they go over the deep end with it which taints tackling those problems because you become immediately associated with them if you talk about it.


Every cancerous movement of the 20th C has Trotsky behind it


I’m busy today, tomorrow I will work on the theory. Anon are you on matrix?


LaRouche movement. In Sweden we've got EAP (Europeiska Arbetarpartiet/European Labor Party). They are the end boss of swedish political loonism. (Contra is a magazine with a tasteless name and not an org, but I'd say that is a good second. Also props for releasing a magazine of quite good quality for decades.)


<What is EAP for a party?

<Krister Thorén, Linköping (29 April 1999)

<Of all the strange party formations, the EAP is probably the strangest.

<The party was founded in the United States by the old communist and left-wing extremist Lyndon H. LaRouche Jr. (born 1922). He had been a member of both the Socialist Workers Party and the US Communist Party as well as the radical student organization SDS – Students for a Democratic Society. LaRouche and his followers broke away from SDS in 1969 and formed their own organization that pursued far-left political ideas. Eventually the organization adopted the name US Labor Party. With deserters from the US military, the movement made its way to Europe, where it established itself primarily in Germany and Sweden. In Sweden under the name European Workers' Party.

<LaRouche's party had a hard break in the US when the party leader was sentenced to fifteen years in prison in 1989. The sentence was about financial fraud, not least counterfeit credit card slips that were used to finance the party's activities. LaRouche was paroled in the mid-1990s. But several other leading party members are still in prison for financial crimes.

<EAP thus has a solid background in the extreme left. In the member newspaper Ny Solidarit, there was a full-page advertisement on January 30, 1976: "Join the EAP. Build International Communist Party”. So no one needs to doubt where EAP stood. In 1979 they backed the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan and in 1981 the following could be read in New Solidarity: "A year ago, Poland was the world's tenth most important industrial nation. Today – after a year of destabilizing activities by the British-infiltrated trade union Solidarity – the country faces economic ruin, famine and social chaos”. Rather a dose of neo-Stalinism than market economy and free elections, then.

<Nevertheless, the organization is sometimes called right-wing extremist. But that designation is probably mostly based on the fact that EAP has disliked some of the left's cult figures. Not least Olof Palme.

<In the world of EAP, there are always villains conspiring against the good of humanity. Palme was one. The Rockefeller family was another (here the object of hatred is the same as on the left, which could justify the designation left-wing extremist). The British royal house is a third collection of villains. And of course the British Prime Minister – whether she/he is Margaret Thatcher, John Major or Tony Blair – attends to the royal household's dirty business.

<The solution to the world's problems is an alliance between Russia and the United States. But one catch is that there are other villains in charge of these nations. For example, Vice President Al Gore, who is probably today's main object of hatred for the EAP - second only to Queen Elizabeth, of course. The positive attitude towards Russia also applied during the Soviet era.

<EAP operates through the so-called Schiller Institute, among other things. There, they want to promote classical culture and music and oppose pop music and other modern inventions. There are also other front organizations, for example there has been an anti-drug organization under the name Anti-Drug Coalition.

<When it comes to technology and infrastructure, there must be a large investment and with the most modern technology. EAP is a strong supporter of nuclear power, fusion power, gigantic investments in infrastructure and human colonization of Mars. An environmental organization like the World Wide Fund for Nature (with Prince Philip of Great Britain – the royal family again! – as an international figurehead!) is, on the other hand, pursuing genocidal politics in East Africa.

<Today's most important economic issue seems to be stopping the International Monetary Fund (IMF) from operating. It is the IMF that provides financial resources to countries in crisis (Russia, for example).

<Many questions that EAP pushed have simple slogans that most Contra readers probably stand up to. “Sweden joins NATO! No to drugs! Support the family! Protect the legal community!” But it must be put in context. And we have seen the connection above.

<EAP is a minimal lot. In the 1998 parliamentary election, EAP received 117 votes. It is run by about ten people, but they work intensively and efficiently. In the past, the EAPs have participated in press conferences in companies and authorities in order to propagate their line. Often the participants in these events have been well read. Most have grown tired of giving their own press conferences to forums for political campaigns and now only let in journalists from "established media".

<The chairman of EAP is Michael Ericson and the vice-chairman is Ulf Sandmark. Sandmark has an interesting background. He was appointed as an infiltrator by the EAP on behalf of the Social Democratic Student Union. He then became an EAPer for real, but did not tell his old party comrades about this, who for a long time thought they had an infiltrator in the EAP, even though it was actually the EAP who had an infiltrator in the Social Democratic Student Union!

The article does't mention when EAP tried to bust up a SSU meeting but was sent packing. Also the Schiller Institute thinks that if we just change the way we play music (the A = 432 Hz debacle), the culture will change - just like that!


are you going to post it here?


Yeh, it’s a theory right now but I want to look at a couple things. Basically it involves this whole internet “conservative communism” and “left wing fascism” which seem to have a common source


We got that outlet in Germany too, the Europäische Arbeiterpartei - they changed their name to Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität (BüSo) after they murdered one of their members who wanted to leave.

It's crazy how in so many countries this movement has an electable, registered political party. I believe the most succesful is the "Australian Citizens Party" because they for some reason manage to tone down the schizo stuff, but don't be fooled, they are 100% under the wings of the LaRouche movement and the Schiller Institute.


Wait what, BüSo is LaRouche gang? I didn't even know that lmaooo


BüSo is literally lead by the head of the LaRouche movement, Lyndon LaRouche's widow, Helga.


Gotta hand it to them trots, they really get into everything


Good for a laugh.
If you want a real chuckle, check out the LaRouchist takedown of the Moonies:

Truly one of history's greatest Brain Wars.


Btw you don't have to read the whole thing. You get the picture once the author starts talking about H. G. Wells.


I'm not, do you need assistance with something?


>We got that outlet in Germany too, the Europäische Arbeiterpartei - they changed their name to Bürgerrechtsbewegung Solidarität (BüSo) after they murdered one of their members who wanted to leave
Wew! Got some link to an article about it?

And I recall a leaflet from EAP in the 90s. It read like an editorial from New Frontiersman of Watchmen. Good times. Good times.


There is a Wiki article about it.


However, it's written in favor of the LaRouchies. It was prettty clear he was murdered, but they have connections to West German intelligence so they got away with it.




LaRouche glowed like a fucking nightlight.

Fuck him. I'm glad he's dead.


3 weeks ago you said you have a theory. where is it?


been busy, looking at it now
where is info on the link between larouche and Franklin?


insane catholic eternally butthurt that protestant pragmatism beat out the nouveau catholic cult of so called "reason"


why do people like this broad so much


It’s just losers who are attracted to the “uwu cath-fash egirl” personality


Bernie people went off the deep end after 2020.


File: 1665818509879.png (426.25 KB, 508x737, ClipboardImage.png)

did somebody say fetal alcohol syndrome


>This guy was a hardcore CIA backchannel
Proof? There are many parts of Larouche's and Schiller institute's thinking which many people agree with, Including me.
>A real economy with a substantive base as opposed to service economy financial abstractions
>Focus on fair global trade based on equal partnership
>Infrastructure such as a Eurasian-American land bridge for new silk roads
>Learning from the successes of China and Russia
>Working pragmatically to ensure the downfall of the liberal world order
You can tell who's a real threat to the liberal order and who's just controlled opposition, based on how much they are slandered and smeared from all sides.
The schiller institute are smeared the most by paranoid liberals including leftists as "cia" with no proof.
Meanwhile ideologies such as MLM and direct action-fetishism, and media platforms such as beardtube and other failed garbage is praised as the "future" for western marxism. The true controlled opposition are those who smear Marxists infuenced by Larouche


The proof is Lyndon Larouche who told the Washington Post that he volunteered his services to the CIA and the Apartheid South African regime:


I did some more reading about the LaRouche organization recently and posted about it starting here: >>1231931

I've come away with the conclusion that it's a fascist cult.


Also it continues here:



Not larouche himself, but last night I watched this interview between Jeffrey Steinburg (works for Executive Intelligence Review, a publication owned by the LaRouche movement) and conservative ex-senator Richard Black. They talk Syria and a bit of geopolitics. Here's a TL;DR on what they agreed on-
>Strong appreciation for Syria being a religiously cohesive, unified secular state under president Assad
>hates saudi arabia and Wahhabism (they agree that saudi arabia pulls the strings in washington)
>dislike for modern U.S foreign policy (hates the fact that americas strongest ally in the middle east is the one that pulled off 9/11)
>hates erdogan and turkey
>loves libya and Gaddafi
>Destabilizing libya was necessary to get weapons into the hands of syrian rebels
>Recognizes glowies being responsible for the war in syria, for two reasons. Oil/Gas pipelines and helping saudi arabia impose Wahhabism

I finished the video with a sense that they analyze the world too much through a religious lens, as opposed to a materialist one. I could see how the larouche movement would easily grift the left. richard black has this quote to finish off the vid

>One thing is clear, if Damascus falls, the dreaded black and white flag of ISIS will fly over Damascus. … Within a period of months after the fall of Damascus, Jordan will fall and Lebanon will fall. … I think you will automatically see a beginning of a historic push of Islam towards Europe and I think, ultimately, Europe will be conquered.


I don't care, Larouche is based and you are baizuo


It's amazing where you can go when you abandon the idea of organizing the proletariat as the revolutionary subject, in favor of fetishizing geopolitical change and the nation-state.


Next Lenin

His influence is gaining steam now


>uh uh …BASED.. uhhh… BAIZU!!!!111
this is what just one toke of infracel brainrot does to you, anons. not even once.


"Prove what you're saying or admit you are a liar." Then you show Lyndon LaRouche saying "yes, I went to the CIA to provide information on communists who are my enemies." And then they say "the time for discussion has passed! You are baizuo!"

It's like a nerd cult and they try to act like bullies because they'd get beaten up IRL which is what actually happened back in the 70s and is why LaRouche called off the physical attacks and then declared victory while these twits were getting pummeled by union guys.

Yes it's always gaining steam. The nuclear apocalypse is always imminent. It's throughline that goes all the way back to the beginning.


>muh muh prove it.
The proof is that you willingly joined a cult, lmao.
cope and sneedeth.


I wonder what the LaRouchites out there think about this.


>There is a Wiki article about it.
Late reply. My bad. But thanks a lot.

Poor Duggan! ;_;


Current LaRouchies memory hole those statements when LaRouche was at his worst by the end of the 80s and consider them smears.

By the end of the 90s he did a 180 on Russia and China because LaRouche's views changed all the time.


File: 1666551436121-0.png (263.02 KB, 732x603, 534939485934859034.png)

File: 1666551436121-1.png (163.37 KB, 539x563, 4564905869054860945.png)

File: 1666551436121-2.jfif (166.07 KB, 1125x1613, FfbkiwYXgAIriu4.jfif)

This also reminds me there's a video of Christopher Hitchens getting heckled by a LaRouchite in the 90s (you can find it, searching for "Christopher Hitchens" and "heckler"). But the reason why is because Hitchens had a negative book about Bill Clinton and LaRouche was pro-Clinton in the 90s.

>LaRouche was paroled in 1994 after serving five years of the 15-year sentence, the normal schedule for parole at that time. LaRouche commented later that "… in effect, George H. W. Bush put me in the jug, and Bill Clinton got me out."

The heckler even had the same look as the Space LaRouche guy. Long hair, kinda messy, long black jacket. I haven't found any photos of them in the 70s during this whole mop-up thing, but I imagine they looked similar then as they do now. Primarily middle-class recruitment base.

Lastly, the heckler was a real coward when confronted. He kinda turtled up and Hitchens put his hands on him, which caused him to drop his papers and his hat fell off his head, so Hitchens said "if you stay you'll suffer for it, you lose your hat you lose your papers." Then a cop showed up and escorted him out and the cop said "Brian, you know me, right? Let's go out for a breath of fresh air."


>so Hitchens said "if you stay you'll suffer for it, you lose your hat you lose your papers."
this really happened? It sounds like the weirder side of a fever dream.


That’s real weird



<I don't take shit from…
>you don't take shit? you are shit.
This whole video is better than i could have imagined.. It's over for Larauchites. Thanks anon.


Hitchens vs Larouchites is like Alien vs Predator, whoever wins, we lose


>The proof is Lyndon Larouche
kek, perfect


File: 1666579119681.jpg (28.12 KB, 423x287, 1528574177409.jpg)

He is the Peterson and Tate in left wing circles. Absolutely distrust anyone that claims to like or even hear about him.


How does LaRouche compare to funny Eurasia man Doogin?


Bernie Sanders is not as big into developmental stuff, and into people like Heidegger and Nick Land, something that LaRouche probably considered satanic.

However, I think there is a growing cooporation between LaRouchies in Russia/Ukraine and Eurasianists. The "Progressive Socialist Party" in Ukraine which was outlawed by Zelensky at the beginning of the war was a weird mixture between Duginism and LaRoucheism, blended with remnants of Marxism and Russian nationalism.

I think they can get along, they both share some sort of idealist humanism (Bernie Sanders with his obsession of being, LaRouche with classical humanism and German idealism), but they come at it from different angles.

It's pretty clear to me that Duginists, LaRoucheites and Chinese Schmittians want to span one umbrella as a new political current under which impressionable edgelords like the Infracels submit themselves.


>>1236480 (me)
Also the biggest point of contention between the two would be that Bernie Sanders is insanely anti-West and big into this Asiatic Euroasianism thing, while LaRouche is obsessed with Western classical culture and has in the past shilled for the worst brands of American nationalism, and merely wants increased cooperation between the blocs, not redistribution.



Is Bernie Sanders a word filter for something or is this anon just profoundly schizophrenic?


I don't.


File: 1666738637587-0.png (275.01 KB, 542x703, 53495934-5034.png)

File: 1666738637587-1.jpg (63.83 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Interesting article about a Mexican LaRouchite named Alfredo Jalife who spied on Catholic priests back during the presidency of Luis Echeverria, who was also a CIA informant known as LITEMPO-8, and also secretary of interior overseeing the Tlatelolco massacre. The fear at the time apparently is fear that some of these priests would go over to left-wing rebel groups.

The article suggests that Jalife was a CIA asset, not someone who had a formal relationship, but was someone they could turn to.

He seems to have wormed his way into MORENA now. There's a lot of familiar things too with this guy including fradulent credentials and claiming credit for "co-founding" MORENA although that seems to be an attempt to engage in influence peddling. He also developed a reputation for misogyny for which there are articles about.



There is almost no coherent line in the beliefs of the LaRouchites it seems. I've read a bit into Peronism and Kirchnerism lately and it at times reads exactly like the program of LaRouche (Hamiltonian banking system, developmentalism, land bridges, etc.) yet they support the neoliberal right in Argentina even though they oppose all that. What the fuck?

Reading about this premium asshole that you mentioned, it really strengthens my belief that the left should never, ever try to form coalitions with those guys and put tabs on people who speak positively of them. The primary goal of LaRouchites will always be infiltration and recruitment. Just look at what they did to Haz, Hinkle and Maupin and several others - it started as a lose contract and now they are all 100% their creatures.


File: 1666767165371.png (222.86 KB, 275x390, ClipboardImage.png)

Im sure its a wordfilter for picrel


Nice. Thanks for that info. What a disgusting vermin.
I recently listened to the True Anon podcast episode about the recent Shiller Institute conference, attended by Maupin, Hinkle, Haz and apparently other e celebs. In the podcast, it is claimed that LaRouche's org also has ties to the BDN, German intelligence.

Everything about this guy glows to high heaven.


So was LaRouche just an American pseudo-fascist? It seems like this man was at least connected to every faction on the American right.


Why exactly do they love Doogin?
I swear I’ve heard Haz or Hinkle even call him socialist.


Because they are edgelords and liking Dug!n is the most edgelord thing you could do. Of course, he is far less of a threat or monster Western MSM and liberals make him out to be, but they are only concerned with pissing the libs off, so he seems like the right choice. Dugin's stances aren't explicitely socialist or capitalist, because it's all shrouded in obscurity.

There are actually more terrifying actors on the fringes of Russian politics but they are unknown in the West.


I don't know if the LaRouche organization specifically has any ties with Doogin. Like that might be one contradiction because his ideology is weirdly cosmic and it wouldn't surprise me if they find it Satanic. I don't get the vibes that this is how they play it. They did enter Russia in the 90s and cultivated ties with Sergey Glazyev who was a nationalist Yeltsin advisor who broke with Yeltsin, ran as an independent on the KPRF list, then left that and formed a party called Rodina, which was a minor nationalist party, but kinda odd – like "moderate" nazbols? I just read a little bit and it has been suggested by journalists that this was a controlled opposition party to leech votes away from the KPRF and also woo people away from the actual Nazbols (who are an actual dissident group at odds with the state). Then he left this party and supports Putin now. It's very much an anticommunist party and supports further "decommunization" of Russia but uses some reworked communist aesthetics and symbols like the Red Star and Pioneer salute here.


Also the fact that they use Putin in their imagery (along with Le Pen and Trump) is goofy since they're an "opposition" party, and Russian anons might be able to explain this better, but I think it's because Putin himself technically belongs to no political party, he's an independent. United Russia is the main pro-Putin party, but it's basically a fake party too, nothing more than a sack of people hanging onto the Kremlin. So the theory here is that this started as a way for the Kremlin to create a fake oppo party which supports Putin who is fighting the "corrupt politicians" in United Russia (which supports Putin) who are "thwarting him" and preventing him from Making Russia Great Again. Again, it doesn't have to make sense, it's just the vibes.


>There are actually more terrifying actors on the fringes of Russian politics but they are unknown in the West.

You can't say shit like that and not drop a single name anon


they like d00gin because d00gin co-founded nazbol and haztards wanna do western nazbol (magacommunism)


File: 1667067304763.jpg (561.02 KB, 2048x1364, 08BIG1-superJumbo.jpg)

Blog tracking Azov / Banderite groups has an article about their Cold War connections to LaRouche starting with the organization harassing a Elizabeth Holtzman, a New York congresswoman who main a mission of going after Nazi war criminals.

>Congresswoman Holtzman called out the Central Intelligence Agency for protecting Nazi war criminals on its payroll, and after several years of keeping up the pressure, her efforts culminated in the Department of Justice establishing its Office of Special Investigations in 1979. That year, Lyndon LaRouche’s Executive Intelligence Review accused her of creating this government agency “to run dirty tricks against the intelligence community” and LaRouche. The following year, the LaRouchites mobilized against Holtzman’s Senate campaign. According to the EIR, the OSI was ultimately just an “anti-Nazi cover” for the powers that be (in London and Tel Aviv) to persecute the LaRouche organization. As told by an anonymous former cult member, in the late 1970s, the LaRouchites began “to rethink German history and forgive Nazis.”

>"Sounds crazy, but that is what we did as World War Two was rewritten by us and now Hitler was a British project and Jews were involved with that. Helga [Zepp-LaRouche, who runs the Schiller Institute] was big on that as we were starting a German version of our electoral campaigns called “Patriots for Germany.” Among our supporters were a few real old World War Two German officers or soldiers. At the same time the FEF [Fusion Energy Foundation, a pro-nuclear LaRouche front group] began to write glowing articles about Penemunde and Nazi rocket scientists. I can say that never in the LC [LaRouche Cult] did I hear about how these “German patriots” used slave labor for their facilities. We went even further in attacking a NYC official named Liz Holtzman as a lesbian in leaflets. Her crime against Lyn [i.e. Lyndon LaRouche] was working in the U.S. Justice Dept. which was tracking down old Nazis who were in the USA by misleading immigration [authorities] with a false history."


>In the meantime, Diane Sare became associated with Lyndon LaRouche, under whose auspices the Schiller Institute held hearings in 1995 dedicated to “The Dirty Side of the Justice Department: The Demjanjuk Affair.” This was two years after John Demjanjuk returned to the United States, having almost been executed in Israel as “Ivan the Terrible.” Demjanjuk, it turned out, was the “Right Wrong Man.” He guarded the Nazi extermination camp in Sobibor, not Treblinka. But the LaRouchites, like Ukrainian nationalists, insisted on his complete innocence.

The article then goes into LaRouche publications' boosting exiled OUN-B types:

>Slava Stetsko led the ABN for a decade, and in that time became the Providnyk (fascistic “Leader”) of the cultish “Banderite” faction of the far-right Organization of Ukrainian Nationalists (OUN-B), which acted as the vanguard party of the ABN. Stetsko took over for her husband Yaroslav, who led the ABN from 1946 — and the OUN-B from 1968 — until his death. As “Prime Minister,” Yaroslav Stetsko declared the “restoration of Ukrainian statehood” on June 30, 1941, as the OUN-B organized a pogromist militia that was subordinated to the Nazis. In 1993, Yaroslava “Slava” Stetsko co-founded an OUN-B political party in newly independent Ukraine. Its paramilitary arm went rogue by 2000 and almost ten year ago established the extremist Right Sector organization, which isn’t quite “neo-Nazi,” but contains neo-Nazis from top to bottom.

>Slava Stetsko told the LaRouche magazine, “This policy of Moscow [is] either to kill physically, like when they killed our national hero, Stepan Bandera… or they try to completely ruin their reputation of political leaders who are respected by their nations…” The EIR interviewer gathered from her long answer, “So to have Mr. LaRouche attacked as a fascist repeatedly by the Soviet media is just part of the price one pays for standing up for freedom.”.






Hes a fascist


>karate chop salute
What's with the karate chop salute? :-/


File: 1667507719963-0.jfif (47.63 KB, 780x516, download.jfif)

It's the Pioneer salute from Soviet days. The party's youth organization for younger kids. China has one with the same salute.


>She said he was speaking very quietly; sounded agitated and confused; complained that he no longer knew what was true and real; and that someone was conducting experiments with computers and magnetic waves, perhaps on him.
Tf was happening here?

Unique IPs: 47

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