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>Charles III (Charles Philip Arthur George; born 14 November 1948) is King of the United Kingdom and 14 other Commonwealth realms.[fn 3] He acceded to the throne on 8 September 2022[fn 4] upon the death of his mother, Elizabeth II. As Duke of Cornwall and Duke of Rothesay from 1952 to his accession, he was the oldest and the longest-serving heir apparent in British history,[2] and the longest-serving Prince of Wales, having held the title from 26 July 1958 until his accession.[3][fn 5]

>Charles was born in Buckingham Palace, the first child of his mother and Philip, Duke of Edinburgh; he was the first grandchild of King George VI and his consort, Queen Elizabeth. He was educated at Cheam and Gordonstoun schools, both of which his father attended as a child. He later spent a year at the Timbertop campus of Geelong Grammar School in Victoria, Australia. After earning a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Cambridge, Charles served in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy from 1971 to 1976. In 1981, he married Lady Diana Spencer, with whom he had two sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. In 1996, the couple divorced after they had each engaged in well-publicised extramarital affairs. Diana died as a result of a car crash in Paris the following year. In 2005, Charles married his long-time partner, Camilla Parker Bowles.

>As Prince of Wales, Charles undertook official duties on behalf of Elizabeth II. He founded the youth charity the Prince's Trust in 1976, sponsors the Prince's Charities, and is a patron, president, or a member of over 400 other charities and organisations. He has advocated for the conservation of historic buildings and the importance of architecture in society.[4][5][6] A critic of modernist architecture, Charles worked on the creation of Poundbury, an experimental new town based on his architectural tastes. He is also an author or co-author of a number of books.

>An environmentalist, Charles supported organic farming and action to prevent climate change during his time as the manager of the Duchy of Cornwall estates, earning him awards and recognition from environmental groups.[7][8][9][10] He is also a prominent critic of the adoption of genetically modified food.[11][12] Charles's support for homeopathy has been the subject of criticism.[13][14] The conduct of his charity, the Prince's Foundation has also attracted criticism, following allegations concerning the offering of British citizenship to donors and is the subject to an ongoing Metropolitan Police investigation into cash-for-honours allegations.[15][16]


>The police watchdog has launched a homicide investigation into the fatal shooting of Chris Kaba by armed Metropolitan police officers in south London.

>The Independent Office for Police Conduct (IOPC) said this followed its review of the evidence gathered so far after the incident in Streatham Hill on Monday night.

>The 24-year-old was driving a car which was first rammed before being boxed in by police. He was killed by a single shot that entered through the driver’s side of the windscreen of the Audi.

>The watchdog has previously confirmed that no gun was found in the vehicle. It has now emerged that the car, which was flagged as being linked to a firearms incident days earlier, was not owned by Kaba.

>“Mr Kaba died after a single shot was fired by an MPS officer from the specialist firearms command while police attempted to stop and contain the vehicle he was driving,” the IOPC said.

>“This followed the activation of an automatic number plate recognition camera which indicated the vehicle was linked to a firearms incident in previous days. The vehicle Mr Kaba was driving was not registered to him.”

>The watchdog said its investigation was continuing and added: “As this is now a criminal investigation, we are limited in what further information we can provide.

>“The launch of a criminal investigation does not mean that criminal charges will necessarily follow.”

>It said: “We have notified Mr Kaba’s family of this latest development. We continue to ask that people avoid speculating about this incident out of respect for Mr Kaba’s family and for everyone else affected.”

>The family had already called for the officers to be placed under criminal investigation by the IOPC. In a statement on Wednesday, they said: “The family of Chris Kaba seek a homicide investigation into his death from the outset.

>“We have today told the IOPC of that demand and that we do not want any delay as has happened in other fatal shootings – otherwise we and the wider public can have no confidence that the police will be held to account.

>“We are devastated; we need answers and we need accountability. We are worried that if Chris had not been Black, he would have been arrested on Monday evening and not had his life cut short.”

>The mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, said on Friday night: “My heartfelt sympathies remain with Chris Kaba’s family, friends and loved ones, who are having to come to terms with a young life cut short.

>“I fully understand the grave concerns and impact of Chris’s death on Black Londoners across our city and the anger, pain and fear it has caused – as well as the desire for justice and change.

>“I appreciate that there are many unanswered questions and I want to reassure all of London’s communities that I will continue to push for these to be answered.”

>Met assistant commissioner Amanda Pearson said: “My thoughts and sympathies remain with Mr Kaba’s friends and family with this news. I also know how concerned our communities are and how they will also be affected by this significant update. We share their concern.

>“The Met is co-operating fully as the IOPC work to independently establish the full circumstances surrounding the shooting.”

>The force said the officer involved was not currently on operational duties due to the formal post-incident process, and a senior officer would carefully consider their work status.

>Pearson added: “I absolutely understand that this shooting is a matter of grave concern, particularly for our black communities.

>“I also know what a difficult and often dangerous job firearms officers in particular do every day to try to protect the public. They understand and expect that on the very rare occasions they discharge their weapons they will face intense scrutiny. I don’t underestimate the impact on them of this development.

>“I’d urge the public to allow the IOPC the time and space needed to progress the investigation.”


File: 1662850894129.mp4 (1.6 MB, 640x360, toothpaste.mp4)



wtf, I believe it


they really gonna do a coronation for a 75 year old man tho?


Why wouldn't they?


the farcical nature of coronating a man who will likely die within a couple years to be king of your fallen empire. it's a depressing spectacle. a true monarchist would kill him so the younger one could at least look the part.


He's probably got a decade yet or so. Besides it's an excuse to jizz public money up the wall and give it to G4S and so on.


File: 1662851911862-0.png (352.67 KB, 740x419, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662851911862-1.png (253.54 KB, 296x475, ClipboardImage.png)

Checks out. Lol I didn't know she cucked her husband either. Guess he should've used a firm hand from the start.

So what are the political implications of a subby PM?


Pretty good pys-op to set up an ultra monarchist group that advocates for this.


Yes, and its going to take months and they are going to milk it like FUCK


I haven't been here in at least a year but I have returned to say fuck the queen

I don't want to hear any bullshit about north korea or china or wherever after the ridiculous display that we have been subjected to in the last few days. They won't even let us watch football!!!

That said I'm assuming this site is full of the usual american teenagers who think that we all love the useless cunts. I haven't spoken to a single person who hasn't joked that they're popping out the champagne when they heard the news. Don't believe propaganda kiddos.

Note that they've rushed all the ceremonies along to avoid any discussion that maybe we should be allowed to choose if we can become a republic. All my life I've been waiting for the opportunity of a referendum on this and it's just going to flash by with no discussion. How sad.

I hope you're well sage!


Who cares?


File: 1662858737167.png (112.69 KB, 763x652, ClipboardImage.png)

Nah I've always known/assumed communists were all communists are anti-monarchists. I used to love ribbing Brits about the queen thing. Well I'm still doing it, but now the Brits are joining with me. Glad we could all seize the moment to marvel at the insanity of medieval bullshit existing in a first world country in le current year.
yeah other Euro countries have monarchies still but they're nobodies not worth talking about

Also as an American it's tiring how much our supposedly anti-monarchist country gives a fuck about your monarchy. It's embarrassing, but your shithole shares some of the blame for having them in the first place.


If you wanna know what it would look like if one of those trad urbanism Twitter accounts had full leeway to fulfill their fantasies, look no further than Poundsbury, Dorset, the personal project of none other than the new King Charles III started back in the 80s and 90s, built in a gaudy, simple neoclassical style.


Those are just the downtown area though. The suburbs are even more of an eyesore.




File: 1662903839577.png (170.56 KB, 840x839, pepekek.png)

Lmao what a joke of a "leader"
This is the dumb bitch that made Russia almost start a nuclear war too.
The ruling class can't even keep their perversions out of the public eye anymore. Just announcing them to the world now.





If this is with an adult it's still less degen than 95% of British politicians


mate she's the third most popular women in the world


File: 1662910835776.png (42.94 KB, 341x267, 1463887728815.png)

Kinda hope it is true tbh.


This information is outdated, Truss felt like winning the next election so she actually brought a price cap freeze for the next two years and it's not going to be quite as expensive as we first thought. With the £400 discount it will actually stay the same for the time being so it won't be until later next year that the pandemonium happens.

Also energy companies don't cut people off, they prefer to let them build up a huge debt and then hound them with debt collectors for years.



Well that's horrendous. Youtube really did a number on animation


Newgrounds, you mean


I don't see anything wrong here


Newgrounds was great, until it faded away from relevance and youtube eventually made it difficult for creators to make a living on animation.


i dont really care what she does with her husband tbh but its funny if true.

Lets be honest its probably just a random necklace her husband bought her and isn't some coded BDSM symbol.


You don’t see anything wrong with an empty Potemkin village with barely anyone out and about even during daytime?


when you like cars


File: 1662924831507-0.png (359.44 KB, 480x640, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662924831507-1.png (232.67 KB, 620x372, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662924831507-2.png (530.78 KB, 1200x849, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662924831507-3.png (2.92 MB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662924831507-4.png (2.71 MB, 1333x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

Women usually wear more than one necklace. The fact she only wears that one means it must mean something. Hmm now that I look more pictures of her, she always wears different versions of the same earring. I guess maybe she just has a weird style.


File: 1662924921199.png (26.65 KB, 917x272, ClipboardImage.png)


>yeah other Euro countries have monarchies still but they're nobodies not worth talking about
Sos is the UK royals. Still waiting and not literally one retard can tell me why I need to wring my hands and care about these people more than any other oligarch…


That's actually quite nice anon, It reminds me of some of the really nice houses below the bristol suspension bridge.
>Also energy companies don't cut people off, they prefer to let them build up a huge debt and then hound them with debt collectors for years.
They move you to a lecy meter which de-facto cuts you off when you don't pay



>States who are going to ditch the monarchy soon (7/14):

Jamaica (pro-republican gov)
Grenada (ALBA state)
St Lucia (ALBA state
St Vincent and the Grenadines (ALBA state)
Belize (pro-republican gov)
Antigua and Barbuda (ALBA state)
St Kitts and Nevis (ALBA state)

>States that are not likely (5/14):

Canada (lib gov, pro-monarchist)
The Bahamas (centrist gov, no real Republican movement)
Papua New Guinea (heterogeneous gov, pro status quo)
Solomon Islands (heterogeneous gov, pro sq)
Tuvalu (centrist gov, 'no' won recent referenda)

>On the fence because because nominally republican but succdem parties in charge, referenda possible or likely(2/14):

New Zealand


Heh, tories are gonna preside over an extensive period of royal decline LMAO.


Americans should be banned from commenting on monarchism because they are incapable of nuance and guaranteed to say something retarded.

Constitutional monarchies are republics in any practical sense. If Australia has another republican referendum I will have to be thoroughly convinced there is no risk of negative constitutional consequences to vote for what is otherwise an aesthetic change. In any case I would rather being stuck with the face of Charles III on my coins than have your undemocratic electoral college and partisan court system.


>Constitutional monarchies are republics in any practical sense.
Britain has a pretty unique case. They have a huge amount of soft power influence. Its like soft power that is directed exactly at all the capitalist interests in society. You only need to look at the press frenzy, the spectacle of it, yes sure, people should be worrying about things that actually effect them. The british royal family is one of them. They just cancelled strike action purely by dying and the entire nation stands by as it does. They are a large, rich, extremely well connected family, perhaps, the most well connected family on earth, imbued with a cultural status that goes above and beyond your average well connected capitalist family, even ones which are far richer. She is the head of the church, even one that is diminished, still has a massive influence.


Ultra-rats the size of rabbits set to invade UK homes and gardens soon


Based. Human Supremecy over.


>Constitutional monarchies are republics in any practical sense. If Australia has another republican referendum I will have to be thoroughly convinced there is no risk of negative constitutional consequences to vote for what is otherwise an aesthetic change.

The monarchy in Australia has already been used to oust and coup an elected Labor government, lmao. Literally the opposite of 'aesthetics'.


tbf any presidential system where the president can dismiss the PM has the same vulnerability.
(and that's effectively what the best non-socialist republican option for australia would be: just saw off the link between the queen and the governor general.)


I didn't realize capybaras were rodents, but looking it up, yeah they are. Rodents are usually pointy from what I've seen, but capybaras are rectangular.


You could do a separation of powers like the US



The popular arguments for a republic are based on aesthetics. No one is explaining how The Dismissal 2.0 would be avoided, when if anything a popularly elected head of state with the claim of popular mandate would be more emboldened to use reserve powers.


File: 1662965532601.png (15.49 KB, 757x87, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1662970759119.png (74.99 KB, 377x618, ClipboardImage.png)

>Americans should be banned from commenting on monarchism because they are incapable of nuance and guaranteed to say something retarded.

Shut up faggot. You're just a monarchy apologist. I'll keep calling you out for your bullshit as long as your spread it. I don't want to hear about your royal bullshit ever again. I would think the average Brit who's not a monarchist would like to never hear about this bullshit again. Funny how you're more upset at people complaining about the monarchy than you are about the monarchy itself.


>>Americans should be banned from commenting on monarchism because they are incapable of nuance and guaranteed to say something retarded.
<in comes the burger with 0 nuance
like pottery. idk what you hoped to achieve, OP.


File: 1662973253336-0.png (26.55 KB, 654x204, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662973253336-1.png (364.51 KB, 603x680, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1662973253336-2.png (320.13 KB, 589x649, ClipboardImage.png)

#notmyking trending.


have you ever found it weird that they’re called the labour party, and not like the socialist party or even social democratic party
it’s ambiguous what labour they’re referring to, and what kind of connection their party has to it
it’s almost pompous and entitled and apolitical in the distinction



Bright Green

Green Parties
Labour Movement
Social Movements

I was arrested after asking “who elected him?” at the proclamation of King Charles
Symon Hill 11 September 2022 I was arrested after asking “who elected him?” at the proclamation of King Charles2022-09-11T18:39:43+01:00 Comment 2 Comments

King Charles

I had not planned to protest today. To be honest, I’m tired and lacking in energy after not being well lately. And I am not some sort of heroic campaigner who rushes round resisting without rest. I am a lot less energetic and dedicated than some people seem to imagine!

I knew that Charles Windsor would be declared “King Charles III” in official ceremonies around the UK today. I had assumed they would be fairly small-scale. Yesterday, a good friend discouraged me from protesting because she was concerned about my health. I reluctantly agreed that she had a point.

It was only when I went to church this morning that I learnt that there was not only a proclamation in Oxford but a procession that would start just outside our church. I was feeling sad and angry as I left church and walked past the cordoned off streets and saw the dignitaries and military leaders standing on the steps of Carfax Tower in clothing more suited to the sixteenth century. This, apparently, is how we proclaim a new head of state in twenty-first century Britain.

After making slow progress along the pavement, I asked the police how I could get across to the other side as the road was closed off. When I expressed a mild criticism of the royal procession during my question about the road closures, they became defensive and refused to talk with me further. Someone who had heard me came over and challenged my views, but the police told us not to talk to each other. I have no idea on what basis the police stop people with different views having a discussion.

I paused briefly to look at a couple of things on my phone, before realising they were about to read out the proclamation. I had previously doubted whether I wanted to stay and hear it, but I was there now. I remained quiet in the first part of the proclamation, concerning the death of Elizabeth. Any death is sad and I would not object to people mourning.

It was only when they declared Charles to be “King Charles III” that I called out “Who elected him?” I doubt most of the people in the crowd even heard me. Two or three people near me told me to shut up. I didn’t insult them or attack them personally, but responded by saying that a head of state was being imposed on us without our consent.

A security guard appeared, stood right in front of me and told me to be quiet. Two more security guards came along and they tried to push me backwards. As I asked them to give the legal basis for what they were doing, the police came over, more or less moved the security guards out of the way and took hold of me. I was outraged that they were leading me away, but was taken aback when they told me they were arresting me. I have no illusions about the police’s questionable relationship with the law, but I seemed to have been arrested for nothing more than expressing an opinion in public. They gave me confused answers when I asked on what grounds I had been arrested.

As the police led me away, I heard people asking them why I was being arrested. Eventually I realised that two men were walking along beside them demanding answers about it. I heard one of them say, “I don’t agree with him but surely he’s got a right to his views? Isn’t this a free country?” (or similar words). These two people – not activists, not anti-monarchy – were giving a fine example of excellent citizenship by speaking up when they saw the police abusing their powers. I have no idea who they were, but their actions really cheered me.

Eventually I was handcuffed – I don’t know what sort of threat they thought I posed – and put in the back of a police van. A police officer got in the van and took my details. After lots of conversations on his radio he said I would be de-arrested but that they would want to interview me. I said I would do so only with a lawyer present. After some more radio conversations he told me I would be de-arrested and then contacted to be interviewed at a later date, and possibly charged.

I was then driven home in the police van. At this point, I had still not been given a clear answer as to why I had been arrested.

At first I was told that the sergeant who had arrested me would know the reason. This was an appalling answer. Eventually, on the way home, I was told that I had been arrested under the Police, Crime, Sentencing & Courts Act 2022 (the outrageous act passed earlier this year) for actions likely to lead to “harassment or distress”.


FAIK (don't take my word) it comes from Labour Representation Committee which was a pre-Labour Party that was Socialists and Unionites pre-party as a pressure group to party politics.
To answer your question though it is because of the trade unions, labour takes a wide tent approach with this, it is not designed for only socialists.


yeah but that's the single worst way to structure a government

tbf you could avoid dismissal by just having the PM also be head of state so that nobody's there to dismiss him

mostly because labour doesn't really have an ideology. well, it sort of had a few, but never properly or coherently. the two big ones being an abortive drift towards something like social democracy in the 1970s, and Blairism which you'd think was just the abstract embodiment of malice if it wasn't so consistently stupid and self-sabotaging. (while also, shamefully, being one of labour's most "intellectual" programs. well, pseudointellectual anyway.) oh, and corbynism, which was more like an invitation for leftists to imagine a better world than a totally coherent program. (trip over brexit, exit stage left.)
it's been a long and winding journey from a party just trying to get working class men into parliament as an end in itself to 2022 where we're staring down the end of the labour party itself. not that it matters since it's a party of landlords and NUS dickheads anyway.

british labour is sort of the worst of all worlds, too intellectual to be useful and too anti-intellectual to think through the stupidity of its own undead ideology. if you contrast something like NZ labour, that clearly has no intellectual ideology to speak of and has totally been captured by the middle class, but the result is that it's occasionally pragmatic. (i.e. it re-nationalized the trains)



o-ring necklaces are usually made as a cutesy DIY hippie thing


>yeah but that's the single worst way to structure a government
>No one is explaining how The Dismissal 2.0 would be avoided, when if anything a popularly elected head of state with the claim of popular mandate would be more emboldened to use reserve powers
Literally look at the case of Trump actively trying to overturn the 2020 general election and Congress and failing


Or you could just not have a hereditary aristocracy.


File: 1662981615642.png (9.57 KB, 223x226, ClipboardImage.png)

Funny to think there are Euros that actually managed to escape royal bullshit. Why is it so hard to imagine UKucks doing the same?


untouched by the larger social upheavals of WWI and WWII


that's an example of the US being a dysfunctional shithole rather than a functioning democracy. in normal countries the loser of an election doesn't refuse to fuck off. (and in a parliamentary system, with no president, he'd just be laughed at because he wouldn't have the numbers to stake a claim to power.)
we might also say: look at the supreme court cheating the 2000 election and doing it so blatantly they had to go "btw this doesn't establish precedent we're just dicking around lol" in case it went the other way next time.

line i want to shoehorn in: in whitlam's case you got a snap election, in most US-derived constitution you get the sound of necks snapping under the treads of a tank as the army decides they've had enough of lame-duck government.
also please god let two stars be spoiler i'm too lazy to check that shit

Britain cries out for a non-hereditary aristocracy
Appoint half of them by nomination by current aristocrats (not allowed to nominate their families or families of those already aristocrats) and half by drawing lots.
Also maybe if some are shit then you can have a recall election to force the rest of them to chase down the voted-out aristocrat and kill them. Like fox hunting but not morally despicable.


Lol punster socdem. I knew it sounded redundant when I typed it. But still it's good to remind people of the absurdity of a hereditary system.

But all that shit you say is true. The fact you have appointed lords. It's all so ridiculously silly to me from across the pond.


File: 1662984375349.png (24.35 KB, 480x481, ClipboardImage.png)

So I'm not a aristocrat mumbo jumbo expert, but does being appointed to the house of lords make you an aristocrat? I think you already have a partially hereditary, partially non-hereditary aristocracy.


>in normal countries the loser of an election doesn't refuse to fuck off.
this means nothing


File: 1662985794309.png (46.25 KB, 800x599, ClipboardImage.png)

>in normal countries the loser of an election doesn't refuse to fuck off.
Here's how Corbyn can still win.


Where is the queens corpse heading next old chaps? Did you all get a chance to smell it in person?


I'll be honest they should make a register of anyone who spends that long is a queue to walk past a box with a dead twat in it and it should flag up everytime they do anything from now on. The only type of surveillance I support.


it means america is an abnormal country
(but in an insane kind of way that's often interesting and brazenly confrontational, a constantly baffling adventure you can live through vicariously on the internet as you try to forget yet another boring shift, not like britain which just kind of sits alone staring at the walls all day, calling you by your father's name on the rare occasions you've got the time to visit.)


more nothing
i thought socdems were supposed to be rational wonk types, not whatever this national essentialist nonsense is


there's nothing essentially about it, i'm a wonk for auras of the status quo
("auras of the status quo, a multi-media dissection of our international postmodern hellscape of fursonas and genocide" was the title of my dissertation, or it would have been if the first chapter didn't make them suggest i take a year out. But come the 26 september I'm back baby! Back and with a dissertation 100% written over the summer!)


nazi moment
i hope the windsors finally get the romanov treatment, it’d only be right after delaying their fates for so long


seems rather unnecessary, save for charles the rest of the family tree would make even the most ardent ulster unionist agree it's time to swap back to the stuart dynasty
i think i saw on twitter or something that we could have a gay king now if we did that. then the final showdown: the allied powers of homofeudalism against the neoliberal-fascist-nonce axis.


In Germany, royals/aristocrats still have a considerable economic power and vast social privileges off their name title alone. Like nearly every big law firm or investment bank here has an overproportional rate of aristocrats in the upper management.


Also San Marino should also be red even if it's two fellas instead of one


ulster unionists are lumpen bonapartist scum, they have no say in anything


Why? The captains regent of San Marino are elected heads of state, its literally the oldest existing republic in the world and was run by the sammarinese communist party for most of the cold war.


Media is seething over Charles radical pro-permaculture views (Dude is one of the lead world experts in Permaculture), his strong environmentalism views and climate change views, also his view that the Royal Family needs to be downsized and "modernised" and assets like the palaces and shit should become public property, museums etc, really shows how genuinely anti-"progressive" UK media is. They're all going on about how Charles needs to "stop talking politics and just be neutral and quiet".
It's been announced the coronation won't be a big affair and will be downsized as well, with "Cost of living" being the theme, which again, has the media seething.

Very anti-Monarchist. But I find it hilarious the North Korea Dear Leader level adoration for the Queen/King is overridden by the entire media's snobby elitist rightoid bootlicking.


It's also more true in the UK as well, many of the Aristocrats technically, have more power in our Capitalist system, than the Royals themselves. Look at the Duke of Westminster, dude is the richest person in the world under 30 and nobody even knows who the fuck he is. There are also aristocrats that own absolutely metric fucktonnes of land (like bigger than the UK itself) in places like Australia and Africa.


Lol thanks for proving me right mate. I am neither an apologist for the monarchy nor am I upset about it. Discussions of constitutional monarchism is a lightning rod for "leftist" who are enamoured with the aesthetics of revolution and have no material analysis.

>tbf you could avoid dismissal by just having the PM also be head of state so that nobody's there to dismiss him

This would literally undermine the entire point of a parliamentary system of government. It also doesn't even make sense, the PM (like all ministers of the crown) is appointed by the Governor-General because they command the confidence of the House of Representatives. There is no office of Prime Minister in the constitution nor can there be any way of appointing ministers without a separate head of state to appoint them.

I can say with certainty Australia will not have any sort of presidential system of government. Popular support for a republic rests upon the assumption that essentially nothing will change.


>Lol thanks for proving me right mate. I am neither an apologist for the monarchy nor am I upset about it. Discussions of constitutional monarchism is a lightning rod for "leftist" who are enamoured with the aesthetics of revolution and have no material analysis.
Ackshually you just proved me right because you are a faggot and I am the real leftist.


>This would literally undermine the entire point of a parliamentary system of government.
you're thinking too rigidly in terms of the Australian constitution here.

i'm thinking something like South Africa minus (a) the title of president and (b) kicking the president out of parliament. call him a prime minister and leave him in parliament. parliament appoints him, he appoints a cabinet like a normal PM, boom. parliamentary republic. fuck all of Europe for their stupid vestigial president fetish. why the fuck does Greece have a president. why the fuck does Austria have a president. literally just get the speaker of the house to appoint a PM you formerly monarchical freaks


Daily reminder to report any republican sentiment to your police force.


File: 1663086632933.jpg (1.36 MB, 2077x1411, ice cream sandwich.jpg)

encountered by my boyfriend at his work


If there isn’t a majority caucus or coalition, there could be a ranked-choice vote by the MPs or a public referendum for who would lead a caretaker government until the next general election


File: 1663104383885.mp4 (2.42 MB, 720x720, charles.mp4)

omg he's just like me fr


File: 1663104714771.png (87.5 KB, 449x729, ClipboardImage.png)


How did you mourn the queen today lads?


File: 1663105389242-1.png (491.25 KB, 724x653, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663105389242-2.png (559.38 KB, 558x630, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663105389242-3.png (4.7 MB, 1532x2052, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663105389242-4.png (3.6 MB, 1822x2048, ClipboardImage.png)


i pissed and shidded and cummed, all three simultaneously


Here's how Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex can still win,


>image 4 has clearly been through an AI upscaler
uygha wat


Why does young Charles look like a real life Aardman character?


File: 1663111015354.jpg (564.94 KB, 1265x566, anglo protestors.jpg)

posting my OC


File: 1663113677435.png (128.66 KB, 474x265, ClipboardImage.png)

>rage comics
>words words words
5/10, but I reckon you're able to get a solid 8 within the week


the speed at which a new pen is provided HESUS.




"In accordance with the rules of succession, this is the line of British monarchs after King Charles III.

* With Charles the new King of Britain, his and the late Princess Diana’s eldest son, Prince William (40), the Duke of Cornwall and Cambridge, is next in line for the throne. He is married to Catherine, the Duchess of Cornwall and Cambridge, and their three children will follow after him.

* As the eldest child of Prince William, and eldest grandchild of King Charles III, Prince George (9) of Cornwall and Cambridge, is second in the line of succession to the British throne.

* Princess Charlotte (7) of Cornwall and Cambridge, as the second-born child of Prince William, is third in the line of succession. However, if Prince George has children of his own, they will replace Princess Charlotte’s, and become the monarch in the event of George’s death.

* Prince Louis of Cornwall and Cambridge (4) is the youngest child of Prince William, and the fourth in line for the throne.

* Prince Harry (37), the Duke of Sussex and the youngest son of King Charles and Princess Diana, is fifth in line of succession to the throne. His and his wife, Meghan Markle’s two children, Archie (3) and Lillibet Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor (1), currently occupy the sixth and seventh positions respectively."

house of the dragon is all about succession… it comes out and then the queen dies, its not a coincidence.

Lillibet Harrison Mountbatten- Windsor is definitely a demon


File: 1663132480477.png (382.86 KB, 749x550, ClipboardImage.png)

Anglos can't even be walking around with egg for their family.


Could be slightly more straight to the point



Then you can add a bit sentences under each.


File: 1663190148174.jpg (129.21 KB, 1200x675, 150824-charles.jpg)

>King Charles III: We need a new economic model or the planet will burn

>“We can’t go on like this, with every month another record in temperatures being broken, Do we want to go down in history as the people who did nothing to bring the world back from the brink in time to restore the balance when we could have done? I don’t want to And just think for a moment — what good is all the extra wealth in the world, gained from ‘business as usual,’ if you can do nothing with it except watch it burn in catastrophic conditions? we must rapidly realign our own economy to mimic nature’s economy and work in harmony with it."


hopefully he makes the Torys buttblasted


Nazmonbol moment.


File: 1663191094003.png (962.98 KB, 2112x1394, 92f.png)

Better yet, no aristocrats at all.


For me it's the retarded dog



File: 1663192314734.png (2.18 MB, 3000x1903, ClipboardImage.png)

Bros what if we just named Kerensky king in 1917???? It would be perfect no gommulism no vuvuzela, just comfy aesthetics



Mao was right, killing the Romanovs was a mistake, the true victory is making them realize the truth of Communism and become true Communists.


The Romanov executions were a brainfart by the Cheka iirc
I wonder what would have happened if they survived the Civil War in Bolshevik captivity


no, killing your royal family is always a cool thing


We will not blame him for the crimes of his ancestors if he relinquishes the royal rights of his ancestors; but as long as he claims their rights by virtue of descent, then, by virtue of descent, he must shoulder the responsibility for their crimes.


>PM gets caught violating constitution
>governer general calls a news election
>whitlam loses
this result would probably be the same if australia was a republic




> Davos, Switzerland

> CNN Business

>Only a revolution in the way the global economy and financial markets work can save the planet from the climate crisis and secure future prosperity, Prince Charles warned on Wednesday.

>“We can’t go on like this, with every month another record in temperatures being broken,” he told CNN in an exclusive interview at the World Economic Forum in Davos ,Switzerland. “If we leave it too long, and we have done, just growing things is going to become difficult.”

>The heir to the British throne and lifelong environmentalist was speaking to CNN after he threw down a challenge to the global business and finance elites in Davos to lead a “paradigm shift, one that inspires action at revolutionary levels and pace” to avert the approaching catastrophe.

I'm getting a big Malthusian vibe on this one. Nothing confirmed yet, but I sort of get this sort of undefined urge to promote the sterilisation of third world people.


He's been like this forever. He's known for sending letters to parliament with his complaints and what they should do and etc, despite that being a thing a royal family member is not supposed to do.
The more of a maverick he tries to be the quicker people will talk about having to take their powers, so that's a plus maybe.


Queen was outright blocking climate change legislation and other legislation behind closed doors according to the Guardian.
I know this is such a fucked thing to say, but hopefully Charles can then block a lot of the Tories psychotic environmental vandalism behaviour.




oh great monarchocommunism is here. we just needed another sect.


who MonSoc gang?


Meghan Markle is the legitimate Interim Queen


So Charles is a weirdo neotraditionalist that quotes Gurion and stans an architect who simps for Speer…


guy who gets himself arrested for trying to approach king Charles just in case he'd do the "you, i've seen you, you are the one from my dreams" thing from Oblivion.


Thoughts on The Big Issue?


How fucking monarchucked are our fellow countrymen, jesus. There is a 4.2 mile queue across London to walk past a box with a dead old bint in it. People are taking their infant children to stand in a queue which could take 30 hours to get through.

How much more public money is getting spunked up the wall with live trackers of The Queue, toilets, water fountains, etc. along it, over 1,500 staff to control it?

There's even a livestream where you can watch all the dumb cunts bowing and curtseying to the royal box if you're that way inclined.


>There's even a livestream where you can watch all the dumb cunts bowing and curtseying to the royal box if you're that way inclined.


always thought it was the grimmest thing imaginable but couldn't quite put my finger on why and a few years ago i was gratified to find an article that made me stop feeling slightly uneasy about taking that viewpoint.
they might've deleted it from their site but the archive sees all: https://web.archive.org/web/20120126191749/https://www.bigissue.com/mix/news/464/we-are-leading-way-reducing-benefit-dependency

> The Big Issue responds to stories in the press concerning a Romanian vendor

>Following the publication of a series of stories in today’s newspapers The Big Issue has issued the following statement:
>The Big Issue exists to offer homeless people and those at risk of homelessness the opportunity to work and earn an income. This is offered irrespective of a person’s background or origin.
>Earning their own money reduces dependency on hand-outs from the state, charities and the public - a fact not lost on the Prime Minister who described The Big Issue as ‘a fantastic example of how we can reduce dependence on state hand-outs’.

>Yet very few people choose to take this opportunity. The reasons for this are two-fold. Firstly, selling The Big Issue is by no means an easy way to make a living - it involves using one’s own money to pay for copies, standing on the street for hours on end, braving all weathers and sometimes being subjected to abuse by members of the public. Secondly, successive governments have made it possible and acceptable for huge numbers of people to claim sizeable hand-outs which leave them disinclined to go out and earn their own money.

>It goes without saying that The Big Issue plays no role in shaping either immigration or welfare policy, however we would call on the government to tackle the culture of benefit dependency which has rendered so many people unwilling to work.

>We sincerely hope that this story does not have negative consequences for any of our Big Issue vendors, all of whom are working, not begging, and are therefore a lesser burden to the state than those who are solely dependent on benefits.


Bought one once back when I was a teenager. It was just like any other shit rag promoting the same crap, I thought it might be about things actually relevant to the homeless, but no they are not involved at all in writing, just cheap (free I think since they are 'self-employed' and just buy the magazines off the company) labour to do the hard job of flogging it and probably a pyramid scheme to support the salaries of the twats who sit nice and comfy in their offices.

The Foundation's average staff costs per head were £40k, highest paid staff member was on £60-70k, the company's directors some of whom are also directors of the foundation so probably double-dipping had £180k between them. Not the most ridiculous salaries ever but do you think any of the sellers make anywhere near that?


No it was based and taught the whites a lesson.


>it involves using one’s own money to pay for copies
am i reading this correctly, they're taking homeless people's money so they can sell their shitrag on the street


Yes, they aren't employees so no sick pay, holiday pay, etc. they have to decide how many issues to buy, at a price set by the company, taking on all the risk of ending up with a stack of unsolds.


File: 1663261754198.mp4 (10.9 MB, 640x360, BBC DPRK Queen.mp4)



you can take the unsolds back and return them (or could used to) also a to of wll tick them the coppiesas many people are turning up without hte money.


Thoughts on the Chartist tricolour?


Its making me hungry


good christ how is it so perfect


I like it, but it's way too similar to the Hungarian flag.


The guy who runs it is a big Tory


Another one that was used by some Chartists in Wales
Blue for sky/heaven
White for peace and liberty
Green for earth, as in the common people


That's the Evil Cascadia flag.


There’s also an even more obscure one where either the blue or the green are replaced with light purple


File: 1663275148487-0.png (1.19 MB, 1000x667, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663275148487-1.png (2.54 MB, 1500x1564, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663275148487-2.png (112.42 KB, 300x168, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663275148487-3.png (562.47 KB, 612x702, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1663275148487-4.png (1.02 MB, 1024x768, ClipboardImage.png)

Its fake and anachronistic. Use some of the good flags actually flown at like peterloo.
That's the suffrage flag, which is literally less obscure.


The Jolly Roger or the suffrage flag would be amazing


The BBC "analysing" countries outside of the "west" is almost impossible to do a proper parody of. I mean, does this even count as parody if it is just pointing out something close to a pure absolute form of racism and narcissism.


I have this one saved from back in June too


File: 1663286396437.jpg (348.75 KB, 1080x1175, GiantGigachad.jpg)

>Jamaica, Antigua and Barbuda will hold Republican referendums after the passing of queen Elizabeth the second
inb4 "How DARE those fucking communist uyghos do this! her heckin majesty is barely even cold yet!


>"How DARE those fucking communist uyghos do this! her heckin majesty is barely even cold yet!
And then when she's buried it will turn into
<"This is so rude to Charles, He's an OLD MAN for christs sake!"
<"THE. KING. HAS. JUST. DIED. chinlet."
<"Think about how sad this will make Will and Kate :("


>“We are devastated; we need answers and we need accountability. We are worried that if Chris had not been Black, he would have been arrested on Monday evening and not had his life cut short.”

>criminal history involving guns
>car he was in was flagged as being involved with firearm offences
>try to run over cop with car instead of stopping
>get shot
Chris kaba was a lumpenprole through and through, rest in piss bozo.



Pack that crack pipe deep friends. It is time to read Paul Mason. He uses the word POMP my least favourite world


File: 1663292861095.mp4 (443.97 KB, 1280x720, adolf hitler.mp4)

>Chris kaba was a lumpenprole through and through, rest in piss bozo.


>harddrive full of cuck porn
>No bitches
>Yup, its posting time


>harddrive full of cuck porn
lefty/pol/ is for intellectual discussion, please keep the projection to a minimum


maybe you would like a little Masoncore

>The rule of law, meanwhile, is being eroded. Serious crimes like rape and fraud carry disgracefully low conviction rates. The absence of resources – from police, to courts to the probation service – has left petty crime virtually decriminalised. Meanwhile organised crime flourishes under the noses of police forces armed to the teeth.


File: 1663295732247.jpg (67.37 KB, 482x427, d90.jpg)

fleecing the homeless
dear lord


File: 1663306538854.png (350.95 KB, 720x537, chicken.png)

4 hours until my appointment to sing on with agency, and they definitely have a job for me in a factory. Goodbye carefree student NEETdom, hello my old friend wage slavery.



Anyone that makes it to the end of that queue should be put on a list akin to the sex offenders registry.


File: 1663320826959.png (135.74 KB, 256x504, ClipboardImage.png)


My work's not even giving the day off on Monday, so I get less than nothing out of the old bag's death.

Customers aren't doing pickups, they will all be closed, banks are obviously closed, so not sure what the point is besides being bastards. Perhaps I should shop them to the daily mail and MI5 for anti-monarchist sentiment.


even in retail I have the day off


my work is gonna be busy with rich huns who have the day off toasting the queen. Its not fucking fair


lord please let me live to see the day that every last aristocrat is hanged with the guts of every last priest, amen


Funny headline


>even in retail
rule of thumb generally 'front of house'' shit is closed whilst more backend stuff stays open.


This made me laugh, was pssing myself at the based normie that goes off on a tangent saying religions are objectively incorrect and then has a bit of a breakdown about the royals where he starts just repeating 'fuck em, fuck em they're mentally ill'
Was this actually on TV? I couldn't imagine them saying anything half critical this days, maybe channel 4 30 years ago but not today.


There are incredible things happening in Britain, incredible things


I've never been more of a third worldist than now after seeing the pavlovian response by all the complete fuckwits in this country.

It's actually not them that piss me off the most. It's the people who are republicans or at least indifferent to the monarchy but tediously qualify every statement they make about them with platitudinous garbage. "Whatever you think about her, she lived a long time and lots of people love her" etc. Complete cowards, the lot of them.

This country is comprised of exploiters, fuckwits and cowards.


His family are a bunch of inbred germans


File: 1663374620060.jpg (359.44 KB, 1200x1613, tito4.jpg)

Still the number one funeral of all time, stay mad monarcucks.


What are you doing sir, you can't just Factorio the queen


Proud to say I repeatedly made the prediction everyone was going to go insane when she died


tbf that's rather like predicting you'll get wet if it starts raining


In a world where your entire life is dominated by people who unfairly got to where they are, what does it matter whether they wear a crown or a suit? This is the main reason the proletariat is ambivalent to the monarchy, because it really doesn't matter whether the capitalist wears a crown and has this entire bullshit ritual around or wears a suit and has these arcane corporate jargon surrounding them.



This word doesn't mean what you think it means




>not getting arrested for republicanism and sent to Ireland to impersonate the nerevar.


File: 1663414487349.png (80.83 KB, 556x799, ClipboardImage.png)

Let's go lads 1st of Oct Strike.


Bahamas just joined Republicanist gang, bumping the count to 8/14 which now includes all Caribbean states.



Holy fucking shit the monarchy arselicker in this thread is so stupid. This website is full of people who merely practice only looking intelligent without bothering to know what they are talking about.


File: 1663424222473.png (1.27 MB, 1080x1273, ClipboardImage.png)

Explain yourself queue jumpers!


File: 1663424875790.png (984.62 KB, 1105x625, ClipboardImage.png)

I made you a meme anons, i hope you liek it.


Who is Holly and Phil?


TV people


bloody miserable country innit


The UK has literally, NO gas supply backed up https://twitter.com/janrosenow/status/1571075705865375746

What will this cause?


>anon has never been to a football match

sure this is heavier than usual but i remember me nd my dad being escorted by cops from a Wolverhampton game when I was 8 cause of the violence


>anon has never been chariot racing



I retract my previous statement, I know everything about this conflict, Hindus are anti imperialist, Muslims are soy woke imperial lgbtqa+ empire woke shills trying to instigate a woke colour revolution in Leicester woke


File: 1663519888413.png (406.24 KB, 440x593, no gas.png)


File: 1663572075934.png (377.75 KB, 660x371, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone notice Beckham with the Lenin drip?


Muslims finally picked up their Christian cousins' woke tactics?

Tbh, Abrahamic religions are imperialist.


inb4 MI5 did it


Celtic fans lmao


File: 1663579782574.png (478.86 KB, 1080x963, ClipboardImage.png)


Strange occurence in london today will change humanity's destiny.


Screencapped so that we can all laugh at you when you're wrong.
You're not special Junko. Elijah is rolling over in his grave.


Jokes on you I was just watching the funeral and the queen got out of the casket and revealed herself to be Andy Kaufman all along
Another phenomenal prediction by Junko


You don't actually think this is standard practice do you? If energy really shot up that much in price this country would be on fire by the end of October. Things like this are due to an error on their end. If you contact them they will notice they fucked up, and if you complain they'll usually compensate you slightly.


File: 1663582169359.jpg (96.76 KB, 1200x859, Fc71qRcWIAM-TPW.jpg)

is it over republic bros


Oh, or she's in so much debt that BG are increasing it to pay that off (this is unlikely though as they usually try to force just one payment for this) In which case she should just cancel her direct debit and do whatever she can to get it written off.


I'm positive about Kate and Meghan and I demand milk from them NOW



Brits are fucking stupid I swear, guarantee the vast majority of these respondents have no fucking idea who Catherine is but just don't want to look stupid (bad news respondents I'm on to you)


People are obedient to whatever is needed to distract them from our declining standard of living and lack of stability in the world. Only when first world proles can't benefit from the fruits of imperialism anymore will things change.


Yougov also selectively publish polls, they admitted doing it with Corbyn


Yeah, I find it so hard to believe the support is that big. In my life whenever the topic of the royals has come up, the vast majority of people have shared my negative opinion of them. Where are these royalists even found?


File: 1663585659242.jpg (72.8 KB, 720x583, God_Save.jpg)

I come bearing terrible news


File: 1663586307324.png (341.11 KB, 640x426, ClipboardImage.png)





Based republichad cucking the current thing monarchist


Least cucked royalist


File: 1663590448312.png (671.56 KB, 790x734, ClipboardImage.png)


oh shit. does this mean Charles will be voted out and William voted in at the next election??


Can I go to the gym yet?


File: 1663592218425.jpg (99.69 KB, 1024x741, 1663590593713560m.jpg)

joe bros..


File: 1663593270831.png (1.42 MB, 1500x844, 2552077-1365641915.png)

All hail King Charles III and his lovely issue!


Hindus and Muslims rioting in Leicester


What are they pissed about then?


Its fucking mental nothing like that has ever happened in britain
Hindutvas started marching through the muslim are, local muslim yutes got aggy and tore down a hindu flag.


Not anymore, there's an army of police there walking down every street.



bout six feet deep


Sage you made this exact same joke with the original clapper headline. Get new material lad.


The police should lay down their arms to pay respect to Queen Elizabeth II


File: 1663603965433.jpg (49.66 KB, 750x794, FcyQMxhakAMRZbV.jpg)




the UK doesn't buy gas from Russia.
You are a very dumb, even for a burgoid, please go.


File: 1663701836928.png (762.28 KB, 720x1113, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh no no no sisters


Was she the dom?


2011-tier riots when?



UK considers joining new "European nations club"

Umm brexit bros?


Elect a cucked government and you get cuck policies. Simple.


File: 1663714752981.jpeg (6.8 KB, 275x183, images.jpeg)

>Liz Truss urges world leaders to follow UK with trickle down economics
>In a speech to the United Nations on Wednesday, the prime minister will argue the free world must prioritise economic growth to deny authoritarian states like Russia the chance to manipulate the global economy.



The Trussy is just rolling out banger after banger. Uncapping bankers' bonuses will help the people, higher energy bills are a price worth paying for freedom and security. Really, thank god we elected her.


File: 1663738982503.jpg (74.14 KB, 640x480, live colony reaction.jpg)

i am going to victor frankenstein this rancid bitch. her life went on for too long and her death has gone on for too long. if we must shove her rotting remains off of this mortal plane just to stop all these pathetic sobbing from those she never helped nor cared for, then so be it.


File: 1663739393503.jpg (24.64 KB, 474x398, dammit.jpg)



File: 1663800082369.png (285.27 KB, 600x760, ClipboardImage.png)

>ASLEF and RMT are striking on the days before and after the tory party conference
We do a little, trolling.


File: 1663801803149.png (843.25 KB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

tiocfaidh ar la and so did his neighbor



Somehow I think the attendees will find a way to get there, pretty funny tho


File: 1663874158152.jfif (6.28 KB, 250x202, download (3).jfif)

What the fuck is wrong with her face?
Also her brain, but jesus christ for the sake of the country, can she just wear a paper bag over her head? her face looks like some fucked up AI generation mistake.


So a few years ago I was over at my friend Claudia Jones's house and she was asking me what I had against the Communist Party of Great Britain. She started running through some of the things that might be keeping me from joining up.
"Is it because you think "Britain's Road to Socialism" is too reformist?" She asked - "No", I replied. "I think it's a fine platform indeed".
"Is it because of our line on the Poznań protests?" She asked - "No", I replied. "I barely remember those."
"Do you have something against John Gollan?" She asked - "No", I replied. "I've no problem with John Gollan."
"Hungary?" She asked. "No", I replied. "I just had dinner."


tories are not sending their best these days.




Royal Mail is trying to derecognise the union actually crazy shit. Their entire social media through this has also been psychotic, someone is losing it there.


File: 1663890496579.jpg (2.09 MB, 3267x1960, LiztrussBritproved2.jpg)

Did my best brother. This Truss looks at least fun to go to a bassline freeparty with, might even get a stiffy and shag her tight snatch.
The goblin ass pale witch creature liz Truss you see on TV, absolutely wouldn't even cum on.


Mini-budget out. Can't believe we're just doing this shit again. What a pisstake.


>The pound is plummeting in reaction to this morning's UK budget announcement.
>Just hit $1.11 - a 37-year low.


File: 1663938850148.png (61.47 KB, 866x586, ClipboardImage.png)

Worst day for gilts on record.


>We do a little, trolling.
Not really because a tory wouldn't be seen dead on public transport outside of london.


File: 1663942241505.png (211.58 KB, 863x399, ClipboardImage.png)



>The Labour Files: The Purge I Al Jazeera Investigations


Tbh surprised Socdem Poster hasn't done a "The pound in your pocket" bit yet.


File: 1663946961872.jpg (16.21 KB, 570x249, o-CORBYN-TWEETS-570.jpg)


File: 1663951112598.png (354.65 KB, 632x643, ClipboardImage.png)



When even thatcherism 2.0 can't bring confidence back to markets you know it really is over for neo-libcels


I was on the speakers' corner at Hyde park discussing the late sultan of Oman, Said Bin Taimur, how Harold Macmillan supported him with troops and this evolved into a debate of how the post war consensus was supported by the superprofits of imperialism, i let it slip that class struggle continues in socialism, to which my opponent declared that i was some kind of "marxist-leninist", i asked why and he answered that it was because of my party association, i was in shambles, i ran back home in tears and phoned my fellow party members, none of them could explain anything and finally i ended up talking with the big man himself, apparently the party was meant as a Labour support group akin to Momentum and there had been some "miscommunication" issues with the site administrators, lending itself to the creation of fake rumours, for my problems i was given a 15% discount in rugs and carpets, but none were of my liking, it's incredible that such falsehoods could spread about the Communist Party Of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist).


US colonization of Britain when


>Mr Corbyn was also asked about his selection as the left-wing candidate for the 2015 Labour leadership contest.
>He recalled how several other potential candidates at a meeting of left-wing Labour members said they did not want to stand again.
>He recalled: "Then it went quiet and I looked up and said 'what's going on?' and they said 'it's got to be you'."
>"So I said 'OK'. At that point, I saw Diane Abbott's hand move faster than lightning to press the send button on her phone [declaring that I was the candidate]… She'd already prepared the tweet."

Jesus fucking christ, no wonder he was such a wet blanket


File: 1664019403665.png (608.37 KB, 1079x1742, lexit girl feet.png)

How much would you pay lads?

Personally I would be more than willing to go up to the ~£300 mark for a collection, and I'm on minimum wage.


File: 1664040563998.png (3.04 MB, 1023x1531, ClipboardImage.png)

<where s this going.jpeg
>for my problems i was given a 15% discount in rugs and carpets
It's well known that nobody wanted to do it at the time, I dont think that was unreasonable tbh and I don't think at any point anyone thought he'd been the labour left's first choice. Strangely I think it was probably the best choice they could have made, do you think Abbott or Mcdonnell could have weathered the levels and viciousness of the attacks that were levelled at Corbyn?


>Personally I would be more than willing to go up to the ~£300 mark for a collection, and I'm on minimum wage.
I would bully you in the street for free.


Abbott would have done a better job at that, yeah.


File: 1664041035329.png (365.75 KB, 681x754, sdfsdfg.png)


No she wouldn't, she would have been restlessly bullied for being black and for being a woman and for everything else until she was gotten rid of in a month, if she even would have energized people as corvyn did.
Your view of British media and culture is severely misplaced if you think Dianne Abbott, the most bullied and abused person in politics could have stood as the leader of the opposition on a left platform and gotten anywhere.


>she would have been restlessly bullied for being black and for being a woman
That's exactly why she'd be better


So it's just a conviluted way of you saying that the attempt of a political rupture 2015-2020 shouldn't have happened in any form?
Well done, Have fun with that. You are a very big grown up boy.


File: 1664048148047.png (31.13 KB, 842x90, good economist.png)

>>He recalled: "Then it went quiet and I looked up and said 'what's going on?' and they said 'it's got to be you'."
Has Che Guevara energy tbh


could be a sitcom


File: 1664050430591.jpg (397.55 KB, 2200x1400, absolute state.jpg)

I hate this country. Even our 'conservatives' are shit by right-wing standards, which are already extremely low.
What happened to the decent Conservatives like Disraeli, Macmillan and Powell? At least they had the country's interests at mind, rather than just the interests of international capital and the city of London. Sad state of affairs.


>What happened to the decent Conservatives like
You have nostalgia for a time before you were born. You would've disdained for them too had you lived during their reign.
>At least they had the country's interests at mind, rather than just the interests of international capital
The interests of the state and the interests of capital are the same. That has always been the case, especially in the realm of conservativism.


It's not about decency, but the calibre of politician has collapsed. It's evident in both parties of the ruling class, as well as in the media. There hasn't been any genuine challenge from the working class in decades – they haven't had anything to combat, and are basically just having a laugh. That's why even a relatively soft figure like Mick Lynch can basically run rings around them.


if you want a just-so story: it's because the role of the state itself has transformed. a very quick gloss on it being: the state was at the forefront of directing society in the postwar period, but in the 70s onwards that mantle transferred to international capital. prime ministers used to be statesmen, now they're more like regional branch managers with the personality of the worst kind of schoolteacher. anyone with ambition and drive (tastes you should deeply distrust) would rather become CEO of a big 4 accounting firm or a genuine celebrity rather than pandering to wanker journalists in the hope of being nodded into a high ranking role.

hence, the only people left on the labour benches are the worthless vestiges of a once-vital movement. a sea of middle class cunts (especially the ones from a poor background, the most middle class and cunty of them all.) a sea of the unproductive: actual former schoolteachers and similar public sector types too synonymous with "dross" not to be kicked onto the local council, then up from there, union functitonaries for unions that legally have no function, NUS cunts, a few landlord wankers who want something else to talk about at dinner parties that Americans would mercifully mass-shoot, and the occasional geriatric communist who got in during the 1970s and spent so much time yelling at Callaghan to fuck off and die that when he finally did fuck off they noticed they had an empty CV and were competing with 3 million other unemployed if they had to get a real job, so better to stick around as the right honourable member for Ramallah, and the only people left on the Conservative benches are former bank managers and private sector think tank cunts with faces too punchable and behaviour too freakshly wierd to cut it in the patrick bateman scene, and the inbred hapsburg lookalike children of aristocrats far too incompetent to be entrusted with the day to day management of the family business and grouse estate, (let alone the private nonce chambers) but too young to be sent to the house of lords for access to their ermine paedo den and retirement home, so they've got to have their idle hands taken from the devil and reallocated to sitting around the house of commons pretending to know of its history and traditions (the only one that mattered was getting plastered like Churchill, and televising parliament buggered that right up) or to showing up at the local sheep buggering festival or occasionally reading a constituent's letter or two because there's not much else happening today and they'd like to think they're fucking Hadleigh.(nigga what)


File: 1664056816738.png (146.39 KB, 1522x267, Untitled.png)


Relevant live stream https://youtu.be/SXo_fyT1a1A


My dog would have done a better job Corbyn the softie. If we had someone with an ounce of backbone in his position we'd have avoided so much damage. Lefties don't seem to acknowledge that there are people suffering and dying now who wouldn't have if Corbyn managed to win and his lack of backbone was a huge contributing factor - yes, he COULD have won despite everything that happened if he didn't make so many head scratching weak decisions in the face of the onslaught.


File: 1664091555277.png (88.58 KB, 180x224, ClipboardImage.png)

>Never Trust a Trot and trust an ex-trot even less.
<t. Mick Lynch.




Can’t pinch the lynch


I’ve been using them probably about once every three months or so for the last 2 years. Anecdotally I can say, I think they work this way.


File: 1664108026971.png (76.92 KB, 944x954, MP occupations.png)

fun fact: I decided to check my accuracy ex-post-facto and since 2019 the Tories are more stacked with local government cast-offs than Labour was in 2017, while Labour is now almost entirely a party of people who're in politics because they're in politics.I wonder how that happened - blaming the snap election for throwing everyone into a rush to grab candidates would be tempting, but 2017 was also a snap election. Labour's grace-and-favour candidates getting the safest seats can explain Labour's change, but not the Tories'. Very bizarre.

also i very conspicuously forgot to mention lawyers in my description, though if i had i'd just have said "Landlords and Lawyers" because they're both dinner party types."


>prime ministers used to be statesmen
>now they're more like regional branch managers with the personality of the worst kind of schoolteacher
they're the same picture


File: 1664108914254.png (1.28 MB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

Based. Retvrn to celt.


From personal experience I would say a decent chunk of labour people is ordinary people getting involved in politics, getting into local government through the party, then rising to the status of MP. I've seen it happen with teachers and social workers and shit.


How many of them end up as backbenchers locked out by the neolib leadership


we will see after the next election. Many of them joined in 2015 so have been on the upwards grind since then.


They manage to weed out anyone with a soul through their party process. Have you ever actually met a Labour councillor or someone aspiring to be one? Maybe one out of 50 aren't pure evil.


It’s not man. It’s people who went student politics > young labour and sniffed out career pipelines and do all kinds of fucked up stuff for a cushy job have arsedly campaigning while gatekeeping everything, undermining real work and generally being shitcunts.


He does conveniently leave out the detail of Ukraine being invaded and it's citizens killed, but otherwise fair point


Explain what point you're trying to make


Ukraine needs money more than UK


Deluded pawn


This. The process of becoming an MP deliberately gets rid of all the honest people with big ideas because it would upset the status quo if any of them had power.

I also know a young labour hopeful. She was a proper Corbyn die-hard (there's even a photo of her in the front row of a Corbyn rally in our city full-on fangirling) right up until after the election, at which point she decided to become Jewish (she has some Jewish ancestry so that's how she justified it - I even heard her refer to herself as a "Jewess" which I thought was kind of anti-semitic, but whatever) and is now rabidly pro-Israel and anti-labour Left. She'll probably go far, given how quick she is to cast her old beliefs aside in the name of popularity.


File: 1664121330780.mp4 (8.14 MB, 1280x720, ehFshyEcj1bsZRH6.mp4)



watching it right this second. Mick Lynch destroying the blairite fuck, no doubt


Those kind of people go to LOTO and become staffers or think tankers. They aren't the MPs for Stoke-on-Themes South.


dunno bro where I am they are a plague on the union movement


>and is now rabidly pro-Israel and anti-labour Left. She'll probably go far, given how quick she is to cast her old beliefs aside in the name of popularity.
Kill her. Invet her to your house, whack a quick nailgun round or three to herdome, put her in the bath and work on body disposal.
Do you need any cash to help you with this, anon?(:^))


Who cares anyway. The union movement isn't even real class consciousness and we don't even have a union movement. Even when they do have their pussified strike you hear your prole colleagues whining about being inconvenienced by it. Look at how many people turned out to grieve for a fucking QUEEN. Face it, this country is full of brainwashed fools


probably realised she could get better connections capitalising on having a jewish grandfather or whatever


58% of people supported the rail strikes chum


Politics is not isolated to one country so it would be foolish to not offer support to people facing war.



Oh hi WSWS


>>1190274 (me)
Kek didnt realise it was so direct


File: 1664132354983.jpg (64.91 KB, 679x529, FdeBxxUUUAA68h6.jpg)


>Sorry I forgot to turn off my nonce radar
oh shit…. the world that could have been anons..q.q


I don’t think I can agree with socialism not needing an ideological party. An ideological party is probably need as an umbrella for unions and other socialist/left wing orgs like coops, mutual aid groups, credit union to advocate for their interests.


Also I don’t quite understand the connection between religious backdown and pausing the strike for the Queen’s death?


This Al Jazeera labour leaks document is quite something lads


We need a new gender-neutral toilet, and this one looks to be mobile.


I think he was implying more conservative-valued members (typically religious) would have felt alienated by disrespecting the queen.


>This Al Jazeera labour leaks document is quite something lads
Yea it's mad but UK media is unsurprisingly quiet.


they are complicit


Why is the pound falling so badly? Would all the tax cuts not encourage corporations to invest in the country?
Not that I want the tax cuts, just confused by why this is happening.



Its mostly because the tax cuts are not based on cutting government expenditure or coupled with infrastructure development. Its all funded through borrowing. You could mabye get away with it in a better market but with no expectation of increased revenues the markets fear the drop in pound/interest rate rise and lack of consumer purchasing power. While they wont say it They also do understand that capital acts like gravity and without increasing consumer spending money lies in stagnent pools without trickling down. My understanding of it anyways.


File: 1664186975784.png (3.96 MB, 1536x2048, ClipboardImage.png)


This with the interest rate rising means that taking on debt the way the government is isnt fiscally sound.


File: 1664193379268.png (233.57 KB, 492x599, ClipboardImage.png)

Another one


Guess I picked the wrong day to quit masturbating


haha she is so fucked


At Labour conference, anyone else? Kinda dead compared to previous years.


File: 1664195763004.jpg (89.11 KB, 933x933, Eb8YoSYUwAAeugO.jpg)

>first black chancellor
>tanks the economy within a week


Why? Not why is it dead, why are you there?


File: 1664200315682.png (352.03 KB, 585x649, ClipboardImage.png)

What is his fucking problem?


>Has a good taste in Doom wads
There is no problem here.


'Fuckwit' has too many letters for those asterisks so, 'Liz is a faggot'?




Rishi seemed like a much better leader, but at least Truss's BDSM dom has probably made a shitload of money shorting the pound


(note: I didn't say Rishi would have been good but at least he was more charismatic and possibly competent)


Gary Neville is a twat


Gareth Southgate is a twat


Being a legend of course.


Jesus christ Maguire is a big useless DONKEY


File: 1664225307419.png (362.94 KB, 586x514, ClipboardImage.png)

There is a photo


He should play a game where he sacks


toryboys shorted the pound to make themselves a bit of extra money
>The City watchdog is being urged to investigate whether leaks of Kwasi Kwarteng’s mini-budget allowed billionaire hedge fund investors to make “small fortunes” by betting against the pound.




Probably because you're still using the old round ones, they're not legal tender anymore


Market is spooked about the UK gov cutting taxes and raising spending through borrowing while interest rates are rising rapidly.




cheeky cunt


I wonder how many of the Labour policies they'll actually stick to?


File: 1664291907844.png (40.12 KB, 113x152, ClipboardImage.png)

<corbyn is transgender and transregion


> Americans should be banned from commenting on monarchism because they are incapable of nuance and guaranteed to say something retarded.
Having a monarch will never not be stupid. Burger and Hibernians are united on this front.


lmao fuck monarchy, all monarchs are parasites, cope


your autistic value judgements aside what that anon said is still correct


It seems to me that you don't actually understand what a monarchy is


MONARCHY IS A SPOOK DEAL WHIT IT . Fuck the throne and Parlament !


What, people are going to be given an excuse to scab out every time their personal spooks are violated now?


File: 1664299311715.jpg (67.4 KB, 600x597, descărcare.jpg)

ooooh nooooo !!!! the people cursed our holly monarch that we are rised from childhood to love and respect because of ghost of tradition . NOOOOOOO !!!!!! oUr QuEen Is HoLly !!!


queen's death in numbers:
hours spent watching BBC coverage: 3
times i saw the dead queen: 7
posts made in threads on /leftypol/ about the queen's death: 15
number of people who told me to fuck off in the queue to see the queen when i started talking about how the royal family should intermarry with the japanese imperial family to strengthen our diplomatic ties and improve our depleted genetic stock: 23


> number of people who told me to fuck off in the queue to see the queen when i started talking about how the royal family should intermarry with the japanese imperial family to strengthen our diplomatic ties and improve our depleted genetic stock: 23


Well done kid… You can go now.
**unironically is this what counts for teenage rebellion when you grow up in the home counties? lmfao…&&


>childhood is saying “fuck the queen”
<adulthood is playing respectability politics until you are doing apologism for monarchy and cancel a labor strike.


You just proven is based
What your discribing is litarary simping for the Boot of a phuker ho was just born into it Cuz of “tradition” and “govermant” fuck the monarchy and politics all together .


childhood is saying "fuck the queen"
adulthood is being prosecuted under section 70 of the sexual offenses act 2003


We should make paddy considine the king


International Monetary Fund urges UK government to reconsider tax-cutting plans


Of course it's all permanently online trans fbi.gov freaks that are propagating this conspiracy


I find it more hilarious that obviously hyper online Trans people see "kink fetish" in literally everything. O necklaces are common.

That said it's not that surprising if true. Rich girls i've hooked up with have all been kink/daddy subs . My ex used to drag me to elite kink/fetish events as well like Torture Garden and Verboten where you often see celebs and influencers and a lot of other obvious elite in anonymous masks.


You sound upset by the idea anon? why is that?


If all / most of the Caribbean actually shrugs off the monarchy, That will be the single biggest L for monarchyfags in decades.


I believe it. Liz Truss be on some eyes wide shut shit. It is in fact highly believable


are all the rich girls into that sort of thing, lad?


I would say it goes beyond class BDSM is just really common. Although it is expensive so it’s easier to conduct if you have money particularly for more elaborate things.


Good afternoon Leftybritpol.

Your market and currency just crashed. Y'all gonna be alright?


looks like tories have run their course and you will have 10-12 years of labour fucking shit up


File: 1664369098056.png (217.54 KB, 495x719, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1664369983387.gif (Spoiler Image, 861.4 KB, 600x900, 1646361594877.gif)


Reminder that there are Enough is Enough Protests on the 1st of October, this saturday. Chance to build momentum in this moment of crisis.


The markets are already too pessimistic, this will make things worse.



Oh we’ve been in sweet free fall for a while now comrade


Tbf I am surprised the tory line is to blame Starmer potentially taking power rather than the strikes, they go for a weird stretch rather than an open goal.


The UK is no more. This is now a The Doors thread


File: 1664379794998.png (26.94 KB, 549x296, not gonna do it.png)


truss the plan


<n-n-nuu if you don't signal how much you HATE the queen to everyone then you're doing a respectability politics!
this is why I tell you to grow up, the rest of us grew out of this when we hit 16 and this is an overage only board.



Concentrate on your GCSE's, anon. Being an edgy boi on the internet is not going to do anything for you in the long run, and trust me, I was you once, speak from experience.


no shit he wasn't going to resign a week after starting, would be funny though


>I would say it goes beyond class BDSM is just really common.



Did I hear this right? The IMF just told the UK to cool it with the tax cuts?


Debating politics online means a drop in maturation. Being overage is just a license to justify douchiness by virtue of age.
Also, edgy is more a senescence thing especially nowadays


Yanks are too apparently.


>UK economy is in complete freefall
>Everyone almost lost their pensions this afternoon
>Nobody here talking about it.

Honestly, this might be the complete collapse of the UK economy at last. I honestly doubt Truss will see another month in office at this rate. She's functionally had the job for 4 days and has the entire country imploding.


Ride the wave comrades.


>Honestly, this might be the complete collapse of the UK economy at last. I honestly doubt Truss will see another month in office at this rate. She's functionally had the job for 4 days and has the entire country imploding.
And we get Sir Kieth. It's all a fix, who cares.


If the imf says something do the opposite, Liz truss is based. I don’t make the rules


Is the U.K. a controlled demolition?



The most annoying part of this is the left still hasn't learned it's lesson. The UK "Left" refuses to play the fucking game. Look at how everyone is dicksucking Starmer after the conference where we got wow, two extremely watered down policies from the 2017 manifesto.
The UK is quickly becoming the US, Labour isn't a vote for a better future, it's simply an anti-Tory vote.
I'll be voting Green next election, genuinely believe the Labour right are actual Cluster B Sociopaths.


It's all as Living Marxism have foretold. Trust the Plan, Comrades are in Control.


tbh i'm putting my bets on nothingburger.
which is to say: pain and misery, but pain and misery that was coming downstream anyway. pain and misery, but worse, the story of this so-called nation from the moment the first norman bastard got sand on his boots.

tbh i hate starmer more for saying he'll put taxes back up. having already committed his career to being a boring cunt with a ham face and the second worst woman to have ever lived as his muttley, now he's gong to rob me of the pleasures of watching him lose the next election because if he does so wes streeting's praetorian guard just carve him up into pad school meals and say the loss came from being too left wing.

as a meaningful party with a role in British society-at-large, Labour died in 1979 and any social base for its revival was obliterated over the next 5-10 years. What remains of the so-called Labour party isn't even an anti-Tory vote, it's a vote for Tories with slightly different regional accents and slightly more normal sexual perversions.


paid school meals, fuck sakes.


File: 1664389140019.jpg (75.36 KB, 960x720, labour-RY-BENN1.jpg)

>The UK is quickly becoming the US, Labour isn't a vote for a better future, it's simply an anti-Tory vote.
Exatly how it was when we got Blair. Same old story, Radicaism s great and all when there is no chance of power, when labour government because inevitable the powers that be make sure their man is the only one 'ready to lead'.
I wont be voting. I'd rather make Santiago Stadium look like fucking disney land. Death to the lot of them.


is the tory plan to just hand over control to labour for a bit so they won't take the blame, then they can froth at the mouth about how socialism is destroying the country while sir Kenneth starmer flops around like a dead fish


File: 1664393444583.png (1.12 MB, 962x722, ClipboardImage.png)

>is the tory plan to just hand over control to labour for a bit so they won't take the blame, then they can froth at the mouth about how socialism is destroying the country while sir Kenneth starmer flops around like a dead fish
Literally yes this is porkies tried and tested plan.


i have been following it this whole time. Its pretty clear tories have fucked it and the next government will be a labour one


File: 1664395465581.png (294.83 KB, 620x372, 4672.png)


it's probably not a conscious plan, but it's definitely the pattern.
though i remain skeptical labour will actually win. go back and look at the polls in 1990, then compare them to Kinnock's commanding victory in 1992.

the only complication is that a lot of my confidence in this comes from Starmer being a weirdo freak and incumbency being an advantage, so if he wins we'll be in the odd position of a weirdo becoming PM without being appointed by their already-governing party. (like May)


Will Charlie-boy dissolve the Parliament and go full fascist?


H will dissolve parliament before abdicating to Corbyn, continuing to live on content as adviser to ecology minister.


Did anyone else watch the Novara intrview of Corbyn?


Tbh people doomposting about Starmer being New Labour 2.0 are ignoring the zeitgeist of our time. unions are organising strikes that haven't been seen in a generation, and some are historical firsts. We have a society more engaged with politics (although maybe not the formal political process) the most they have been since the postwar period. The kind of apathy and general political degradation that occurred under Blair cannot reappear. Starmer may be a shit premier, but his period in power will not be MonkeyDust come again.


Neoliberalism has finally hit it's proper "Late Stage" part and is falling to bits due to inherent contradictions. Rightoids get in under promises of false "populism" then just spend the next couple years raping the corpse and allowing their mates have sloppy seconds.
We saw it in the US with Trump, Australia with Morrison, Brazil with Bolsanaro, Bolivia with Anez and we will see it in Italy as well.
Legitimately Corbyn/Bernie were the last hurrah of Social Democracy and from here on out we will descend into barbarism bescause the Western "Left" are actually retarded and care more about narcissism and pronouns and Israel rather than Socialism.


Starmer has thrown two bones to tie up the Green vote, when he gets in power "whoops the tories actually made everything worse than we thought, we're going to have to do austerity", the "Trot hunters" are not going to allow anything even marginally left wing past. Remember, Mandelson and MI5 are the mind behind Starmer.
Like always, Corbyn is so stubborn and sickingly good natured and loyal that he won't state the obvious nor defend himself. He should be joining the Greens and megaphoning everything shown in the Leaks/Forde Report.


Okay and? Will that dampen the trade union movement? Will that deeducate a young generation that 10 years ago thought political action was stealing Basmati rice? No, no it will not.


Thought he seemed a bit pissed off with Aaron at the start, was a bit uneasy, but loosened up a bit at the end.


>his period in power will not be MonkeyDust come again.
First as tragedy, then as farce. The thing about Monkey Dust is it captured the kind of degenerate dreariness of Britain perfectly.

Its sort of less dreary now, things have shaken up, its more like abject chaos


Lynch speaks in favour of the CIA backed collapse of the eastern bloc.

Fair enough, he's on LBC. Do we think he is hiding his power level or is this what he believes?


I think he does well tbh, I think his image will work well to LBC audiences. He's speaking in the right language, talking about repressive regimes and so on. He turns it round well as, starts asking the questions. This is the kind of energy we need.


I've never been more of a 3rd worldist than now and the queen simps and this video only reaffirm those beliefs


>Its sort of less dreary now, things have shaken up, its more like abject chaos
In many ways that's my point.


>Guys the leader of a first-in-history strike and prominent trade unionist isn't a supporter of Gomulka's Poland everything is list



all the kings riches and yet that fucker still went bald. lmfao.


I used to wonder if the royals would evolve with the times, but I am reassured, the next generation of entitled little shit is growing well.


File: 1664431444734.mp4 (5.79 MB, 1280x720, VID-20220929-WA0000.mp4)

>rich people need tax cuts cause they have more homes to heat, and some of us have stables
>rich people are flowers, working class people are weeds
>when you water a garden you water the flowers, not the weeds
>we'll see next year how much of the working class is allowed to grow
>the flowers make the garden
who the fuck is this woman?


It's clearly a parody. Also she's hawt


I'm scared of WW3 lads


>It's clearly a parody
how so?


Good. I hope every major and minor population centre in the UK gets nuked and then the Allied Navy sinks those cursed islands forever.


heres the funny part, its not


What you reckon this kid like, does? When he gets home from whatever royal garbage is he hopping on Fortnite or whatever.


Because the video of this woman is obviously edited in to the TV footage and it has her twitter handle on it… come on


>t. american


>if you're not a Brit, you're American
other countries exist, anglo



Seek help, honestly. You're not well.


ok then, sorry, you are spiritually american.


Probably some deviant shit, diddling, getting diddled by his family.


This site is just full of CUNTS, seriously I'm so done with anonymous shit, it basically encourages a complete lack of empathy or civility, do you have any idea what I'm going through, I've not slept in 2 days I'm so stressed about life in general and this on top, I've had nightmares and hallucinations about it, what sort of evil cunt would wish the whole world to die in the most terrifying way imaginable anyway, seriously what the fuck is wrong with this planet and people on it, FUCK YOU fuck this website I'm just fucking finished why does everything have to be so shit


>why does everything have to be so shit
you know why


Sir Ken Starmer


I get that diddling kids in public school creates bonds of loyalty and elite in group preference but of all the things, why?


Oh hey Jess Phillips.


No I don't, why did we have to live this painful existence of suffering and bitterness and horror, unless I'm already dead and in hell


What the fuck are you talking about?


File: 1664452565809.png (38.92 KB, 444x647, when.png)



The order of corn would suggest otherwise


pulling the legs off frogs


Because the revolution didn't spread to Germany

But seriously, take a break, yes things are bad but you just have to focus on yourself and what you can change in your own life to be happier.


>UK spends centuries genociding people all over the world, enslaving them, conquering whole continents
<people want revenge
>anglo: woah mate, don't be so violent
fuck you, we won't make excuses for the terror when it is our turn.
Americans love the UK, the monarchy, the Queen. Pretty sure most tourists to London are American.


>fuck you, we won't make excuses for the terror when it is our turn.
Oooh you're hard


it's a pretty nice quote but it's wasted on that other anon's omnicidal fantasy


You're not even a marxist, you're just a genocidal animal. You were born with some kind of defect.
>People want revenge
You're not speaking for anyone, no one with a functioning brain wants the whole world to end you fucking insane weirdo. It's not revenge for the main imperialist powers to cause the third world to die due to an inter-imperialist conflict. I'm not going to even bother asking why you don't seem to understand the devastation a nuclear war will bring. You're clearly beyond any human emotion, you're a strange faveless demon that pops up on anonymous websites. You would look at a dying animal with a blank face and do nothing to help


I am actually convinced that some people who post on anonymous sites aren't actually humans, they're just emotionless robots who are dead inside. The /pol/ army, the people on here who wish for mass murder. People with any kind of feelings don't act like this, it's some kind of bot or entity


There's no point explaining to you how you're wrong, you know you're wrong, you're just a demon with no empathy responding to input and responding with bile


Just had enough with everything, I'm going to end things before the world ends me.


Pretty much this. There's a bunch of sociopaths on this site that don't actually give a fuck about the political causes they espouse, they just want blood.


Please don't, anon. Live to spite your enemies, at the very least.


>fuck you, we won't make excuses for the terror when it is our turn

You're the kind of asshole who acts like countries are hiveminds and proceeds to make excuses for shit like Hiroshima and Nagasaki, eat my balls asshole


Chancellor's plan is the right one despite turmoil, government says



Come on mate, try to immerse yourself in something you like. Get a takeaway and pirate a new videogame, or whatever. You'll feel better if you don't ruminate over geopolitics stuff. You need to look after yourself first, nobody else will. Make sure you have a place in this world.


Just stop log off for a few days.
You’ll feel better.


Institute of International Finance, 29 September: British pound still overvalued despite declines in value, must decline another 18% to reach its fair value.


carm down anon, ita be aite.


File: 1664470103228.png (72.21 KB, 1510x855, ClipboardImage.png)



Who cares when they have already sold their souls to neoliberal satan? I miss Corbyn.


Too late now. Corbyn isn't leader of Labour any more. Should have voted like this in the last election.
>maybe the Tories will be good for us
>maybe Brexit under the Tories will be good for us
>oh no, what have we done!
When Labour gets elected, Tories will blame the shitty economy on Labour and will be elected again. People will forget that they're literally plundering the state and putting it billions further in debt.


anglos are a hopeless bunch


Labour is literal shit right now, you might as well vote Liberal Democrat.


File: 1664471543608.jpg (32.64 KB, 320x377, tarq.jpg)


File: 1664471619481.jpg (71.98 KB, 800x534, skeleton friends.jpg)

How long is the UK has been in recession/decline?
The third world is still waiting for the revolutionary help from the worker's states


File: 1664471718994.png (304.52 KB, 680x417, ClipboardImage.png)


I once had a dream that he became king after his father died 3 decades from now and he decided to suspend the constitution, then he nuked Scotland.


>break the uneasy convenant with the Pro Remain Corbynites in 2019
>get fucked over by Tories
>comes crawling back to Labour
>Labour is already de-Corbynifed
>Labour is elected
>does nothing for the North
The North has nobody to blame but themselves


File: 1664471973636.png (270.12 KB, 1240x634, ClipboardImage.png)

Truss the plan


If you are left, you should vote Green, if the lead is this high, there is zero reason to lend your vote to a bunch of sociopathic Neolibs that make up the Labour Right who hate the left more than the Tories.
Would also be hilarious to see the Greens on more seats than the Tories.
Also depressing that Labour is on this lead with such shitty policies like name and shame, asbos, shit housing policy (no more council housing or anything for renters) and a half assed "SOE energy" platform.


File: 1664472782087.jpg (107.93 KB, 750x1021, EZk-1zhWkAEGWt4.jpg)



>Institute of International Finance
Hmmmm, I wonder who the members of this organisation could be, a bunch of bankers making money shorting the currency perhaps?


we love first past the post dont we fellas


No, Even Corbyn would be 20+% ahead at this point. Look at how boomers reacted to may even hinting at policy that affects them in 2017, Truss pretty much came to a hair of collapsing the netire pensions system and has made housing unaffordable even for boomers.

Not a Starmer bounce but Truss being literally that fucking insane.


yeah if only the wreckers could have been held off, corbyn would be flying


I'm beginning to truss the plan, I think Liz is a deep cover leftist generating a Labour supermajority so monarchy abolition comes in reach.


Corbyn should have fell on his sword in 2016 with the first leadership coup, then allowed the Blairites do their Remoan bullshit all the way down to 20% in the polls, then taken back the party 2020ish.
Labour left are actually incompetent and a bunch of retarded anarkiddies though, so anything resembling coherent messaging or strategy or tactics is completely alien to them.

No, she's literally retarded. Look at all the stories about her from former colleagues and out of whitehall, she's actually a fucking Neolib Zealot with a edgy 13 year old libertarian's understanding of economics


2016 is a shit take but my hot one is that he should have resigned at the 2018 conference, go out on a high (guy literally never wanted the job to begin with) then let some youngin like Pidcock take over.


Labour left have ZERO young talent though. Just a bunch of wokies who would be unelectable in a GE.
Corbyn needed latest to resign after 2017 election, before Skripal. It was Skripal that saw Labours vote collapse because Corbyn is such a fucking autist he completely misread the room doing his "um askually" bullshit when the UK had been literally attacked by foreign country which had killed civilians.


don't take words so seriously. you're missing how casual a wish or a belief can be. they're just signs.

let's take the belief that britain, a bastard zombie, should be destroyed - what does that look like? atomic hellfire? the island sinking into the sea? essentially the status quo but with scottish independence? - that's all secondary, the important thing is that you and i - individuals of limited power to enact any of these things - agree that the sign, 'britain', must be destroyed in some way. we're not really "believing" that britain should be destroyed at all, all we're doing is expressing our distaste for the sign, born of the resentment of this being such a shit place to live.

though the tories kim campbelling it would be funny.

do you really think that labour MPs, having retaken the party, would leave in place leadership rules that would let Corbyn stage a comeback?
(actually that's a fun one to look at - imagine Labour gets like 100 seats and all the left keep theirs - can Corbyn get enough nominations under the rules Starmer put in?)
the entire labour party has zero talent.


Starmer would rather suicide bomb his own backbenches than allow any harm to come to the monarchy


File: 1664475377704.png (13.92 KB, 509x376, breaking poll.png)

everyone shut up and laugh at the tories


Remember the time Southside threatened to sue us?


my only solace will be reposting this if the Tories win 2024.
it's hard to enjoy their "failure" when it's so obviously 90% manufactured. they're fucking up, sure, but they've been fucking up for 12+ years and it's only now the press have decided they're bored. hell, even if i get my way and Labour loses, it'll just be because the novelty of pretending Labour was going to win wore off.


File: 1664475819149.mp4 (24.47 MB, 1280x720, Dear English Language,.mp4)


Corbyn rose to 45% on the polls simply because May hinted at reigning in some of the geriatric/boomer gravy train. Truss literally caused almost all Pensions to not be worth the paper they are written on, and will cause inflation and rate increases that have basically destroyed Boomers investment properties worth, Housing prices are expected to plummet as well.

This has nothing to do with Starmer as much as the fucktards at UKpolitics would like to believe, it literally is just the UK is a geriatocracy and British Boomers are the most entitled fucks on earth.

>the entire labour party has zero talent.
True, but unironically, the Labour right are better at playing the political game, sadly they are just fucking dogshit neolibs with no ideas or vision.
Moved to the UK from Australia and honestly I'm disturbed by the lack of Workers rights, Workers OH&S legislation or workers wages are here, also pretty much no recourse for Renters or anything.
Did Labour offer any policies at the conference on wages? ZHCs? Renters rights? Nope, of course not.


File: 1664477511554.png (71.33 KB, 1022x257, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1664479089682.png (390.88 KB, 517x680, ClipboardImage.png)

Xi looks as the boat sink lmao


How can Neolibs pretend this isn't exactly what they push though? Like how can r/Neoliberal be like this is incompetent policy? This is literally fucking Neoliberalism shit, Truss is a peak Neolib.


Their cope is that its weirdo thinktanks, not the institutions (IMF, BoE). They're not wrong but its still cope.


>labour tory same old story!
>me, i'll be voting green
aye, good luck w/ that mate


idk but I'm enjoying the 'et tu, bruce'


good luck voting labour

it's fucked either way, it's almost like if voting changed anything they would make it illegal


File: 1664482295568.png (309.61 KB, 496x418, 1664382708587868.png)

Shit's fucked lads.


>Labour right are genuinely cluster B sociopaths.
>Starmer glows brighter than the sun.
>Starmers Labour is authoritarian to fucking crazy fucking levels.

Not voting for a bunch of Neolib Authoritarian sociopaths who don't even have good policies. The least I can do is signal that Labour could have got my vote if they had anything resembling good policy.


i'm just waiting for the desperate tory advertising campaigns


File: 1664487432608.png (486.53 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1664512669630.png (62.5 KB, 1510x855, 1664512270085525.png)

Imagine this, but with Corbyn. Fuck


File: 1664521535561.jpg (2.6 MB, 1280x1684, 20220910_DE_UK.jpg)

This was a few weeks ago


burger here, is the UK economy actually fucked now?


already was.


nice of the editor to let his kid do the cover


>police car on fire


The billionaires who own The Economist magazine are not your friends.


File: 1664541370788.jpg (313.83 KB, 1706x1010, FNZwJtcWUAEcthD.jpg)


Always has been


Labour’s Peter Kyle says he would be prepared to call referendum on Irish reunification if certain conditions were met


Isn't this guy just saying 'I will honour the spirit of the agreement that we signed'?


Even then Xi is just staring amused at how the decadent west is crashing down with no survivors


No it hasn't. British Economy was socalist between 1964 and 1981. We've fallen back so far since then.


>he thinks this is news
Anon…..do you unironically not know what the good froday agreement is?x
Is that you, burger poster?


This is irrelevant, Stormont matters more. THing is nobody even knows how a Border Poll is meant to be called, that needs to be worked out first.


that is not the british way


why do right wingers think the BBC is left wing?


Everything is "left wing" to them


Not actually sure but something to do with not liking institutions or long marches.


The far-right consider anything that isn't about validating militarism, hierarchy, patriarchy and killing all immigrants as far-left.


Time for Leftypol to get off its collective arses and get into the streets


Just woke up, hungover but dragging my ass there soon


File: 1664621967216.jpg (4.12 MB, 4000x1800, IMG_20221001_115819.jpg)

Made it


what's it like?


Its liberal. Right wing on Economy , left wing on some social issues. Simple really.


File: 1664623869363-0.mp4 (33.52 MB, 1920x1080, VID_20221001_121429.mp4)

File: 1664623869363-1.jpg (4.07 MB, 4000x1800, IMG_20221001_122326.jpg)


File: 1664624245388.mp4 (20.17 MB, 1920x1080, VID_20221001_123606.mp4)

Feels like the entire city has turned up, even the grey vote


going to head out soon


Good scenes in Manchester. Will upload photos later. There was some fucking hench gigachad in a bright green RMT football kit, couldn't get a photo tho.


Now everyone is moving to the strike picket lines to support the railway strikers.


So I've been reading the headlines from this morning about the budget.

From the Guardian: Britain should prepare for new age of austerity, warns Simon Clarke

>He also said the prime minister was “enjoying having the chance” to enact policies that “she believes is right”.

Is Truss genuinely trying to speedrun a vote of no confidence? Is she really so ideologically aligned that she's completely incapable of reading the room on this one? Labour would probably bring back austerity anyway, but they would at least try to hide it.

With Scottish independance referendums on the table again and Sinn Fein more popular than ever in Northern Ireland, she has made the most unpopular choice possible, one so bad that the Tory party is now 30 points behind Labour in the polls.

I'm not even sure what else to say, except that all this would be laughable if we weren't the ones getting fucked over by these decisions.


File: 1664632121107-0.png (3.44 MB, 2048x1536, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664632121107-1.png (2.89 MB, 2048x1536, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1664632121107-2.png (3.91 MB, 2048x1536, ClipboardImage.png)

Got these in Manchester, again shamefully I couldn't get a photo of RMT gigachad.


she's pulling what is known as Yeltsin.


In the time before the Early Modern period, The British isles a literal backwater. We got into scraps with the French and Spanish occasionally, and of course we were in a good geographical position to start plundering the new world, but we weren't even the main player where that was concerned for a long time.

Today we have no heavy industry, and we aren't particularly mineral-rich; when all of the stuff we paid for with our empire is privatised, I worry that we'll end up as a backwater again, but this time there won't be any clawing ourselves back out. Who knows though, maybe we'll have a real proletarian revolution in a hundred years or so?


File: 1664635463876.mp4 (9.28 MB, 720x720, labor files.mp4)


Glasgow reporting in. Good show out, lots of fighting talk, diverse crowd not just your usual lefties. Chanting 7.5/10 sometimes strong, sometimes lacklustre. Pretty funny that the crowd about halfed when the football started but can’t be helped. Green brigade out in some numbers which is a good sign.

A good bit of talk about actually organising not just turning out for rallies. Remains to be seen what they intend to do about that/ if they are doing. Really hope they do.

Still yet to actually meet and SWP member from Glasgow and yet they had two big tent things and loads of placards.


I can’t even begin to express the amount of unimaginable horrors Britain wrought upon the world in that period.


Doesn't change the fact, that the economy was socialist during this period. Socialist economies can be employed to negative ends, see USSR in Afghanistan.


How many new ages of austerity can Britain endure before she goes back to the middle ages?


The USSR made a colossal mess of Afghanistan and was merely a few years from collapsing in on itself at this point.

The U.K. has always been run by finance capitalists and it has never not been run by finance capitalists. It is entirely different to the USSR, even revisionist at the time as it was.

There is no such thing as socialist apartheid support. There is no such thing as socialist Zionism. There is no such thing as socialist support for the various anti socialist regimes that the U.K. backed during that period.

We had a social Democratic economy that was born from unavoidable necessity post WW2 that was immediately dispensed with once the country was marginally back on its feet.

Notwithstanding the fact that during the quoted period there was a Tory government and miners strikes etc


File: 1664642595656.jpg (85.95 KB, 1300x1453, chimney sweep.jpg)

I'm not entirely sure what the answer is, but sometime in the next century we'll start suffering from serious brain drain, probably to China, and once that starts happening we're well and truly fucked. I guess it'll get to the point soon where the only people who get proper education will be the ruling classes because state schools will be so severely underfunded, and the same with healthcare.

Wages will stagnate and because we are still finding it hard to attract foreign labour the natives will have to start working for starvation wages (this is basically already happening, and Truss' recent comments about how we need to be more productive and essentially stop expecting so much are to prepare us for this eventuality). At that point we'll have a poorly educated, unhealthy, and overworked population a bit like the population of the isles in the pre-modern era.


There are signs of a possible brain drain already: so many nurses i know are going to australia & new zealand. Tbf mass emigration from Britain has been the historical norm since the 1500s, the post-war consensus has been more of an exception than a rule.


Ngl seeing the turnout in mid sized towns (Norwich, Luton, Plymouth) is kinda unique, You never normally see organised political activity in places like that. E!E is doing something unique in that sense.


I tried going to the one in London but there was no-one there


File: 1664653168950.jpg (301.23 KB, 1600x1200, IMG-20221001-WA0010.jpg)

This is Ashford in Kent, a real Tory strong hold. EiE didn't even hold a rally here.


Chance of all this energy getting funneled and then dispersed by the Starmer electoral machine.


That makes no sense with the rising level of trade union militancy. What the RMT is suddenly gonna stop fighting because Starmer is in power? lol


They should be doing these with increasing frequency. I know the 5th of November is going to be a big date because a load of strikes start then but we should be building to weekly protests.


At the end of the day there's another day dawning
And the sun in the morning is waiting to rise
Like the waves crash on the sand
Like a storm that'll break any second
There's a hunger in the land
There's a reckoning still to be reckoned and
There's gonna be hell to pay
At the end of the day


Corbyn arrived too early, fuck. What a joke.


Honestly in retrospect, it was very much a bit of an accident. He ran to "change the conserversation" and had to be basically dragged to stand. It is not a surprise it turned out as it did in such a situation.


File: 1664655716832.png (38.55 KB, 394x422, ClipboardImage.png)


Wakey wakey wagie time for more austerity


if Corbyn was still in the leadership Labour would be the ones on 20%.
look at events as a whole and realize that British politics is fundamentally fake. i nearly had an aneurysm today when I saw some (ITV?) bloke on Twitter saying that public opinion had shifted to favour energy nationalisation so GB energy will go down well - public opinion has consistently supported energy nationalisation for years, probably since energy privatisation and definitely since the Cameron years. but now the press and those in actual power, for reasons we can only speculate to, want things to go the other way. I'd assumed they just wanted rid of Johnson, but now frankly I'd take a punt on them just being fucking bored. You could say they want Labour to consolidate the fucking-over-everyone of the past 12 years, but I'm still very open to Labour losing the next election. I come across more prime ministerial than hamface keith.

you could go "oh, no, it's not that, it's just that events are so bad" but that would require you to believe that the public loved the government's grotesquely incompetent covid response, but then freaked out over a party. it would have you thinking that boris johnson was a lovable clown of a mayor in 2012, a grifting cunt in 2016, the statesman we all needed ready to forge a new consensus in 2019, and a clownish grifting cunt who should fuck off and die in 2022. it would require you to believe that the british people have put up with all the self-imposed Tory recessions of the past, of all the wage stagnation and mass unemployment of the past, but they're drawing the line now, after the government has already acted. none of that adds up.

this country is fake, utterly insane, and in constant pain. if it was a dog, you'd be having difficult conversations about whether to put it to sleep. but this country is nothing so sympathetic as a dog. it is a performance art piece, a testament to human spite and misery. this country is a scientific experiment to create a permanent exclusion zone around an island that radiates bleak grimness. this country is either the greatest mistake of god, or the final proof he does not exist. the most cruel of all our leaders was wilson, for he abolished hanging and with it, state-sanctioned exit from the zone.


Don’t be retarded. This could only have happened after Corbyn was ejected. Porkies no longer needed Tories when Labour became their bitch else well.


>British people having a sense of honour
Rare W tbh


So the latest Labour party clarification on GB energy seems to be it's a organization to fund "market driven solutions" to Energy issues, rather than a pure Nationalized Energy Generator and Supplier network.
Neolibs pulling a fast one once again it seems sadly.


well of fucking course Starmer wasn't going to nationalise energy. his handlers would fucking activate his suicide chip.


The wages are like 20k higher in Australia for the same healthcare positions.
Australian "Labor" party for all it's faults, never abandoned Unions for the Finance industry so it has far better workers rights and far more clear and pro-Worker legislation like their fair work system (minimum wage based union averages per industry) and stuff like "Penalty Rates" where workers get massive overtime and weekend wage rates.

You can put your job in here and see what the minimum wage is per industry. For example a McDonalds worker from using Fairwork has a minimum wage of £14.21p/h

"Penalty rates" are
>employer to pay at least 150% (time and a half) of the normal base wage for work performed on a Saturday and 200% (double time) for employees who perform work on a Sunday.

Overtime rates in Australia
>From Monday to Saturday, overtime is paid at the rate of one and a half times the employee's ordinary rate of pay for the first three hours of overtime worked on any one day and at twice the ordinary rate of pay for any overtime worked thereafter. On Sundays, overtime is paid at twice the ordinary rate of pay.
>Where a public holiday falls on a Monday to Friday, overtime is paid at one and a half times the ordinary rate of pay for the first 7.6 hours (i.e. normal daily hours) and at two and a half times the ordinary rate of pay thereafter. Where a public holiday falls on a Saturday or Sunday and no other day is granted in lieu, overtime is paid at two and a half times the ordinary rate of pay.

Australian legislation is way more clear on workers rights than UK legislation where workers rights are simply "implied" and up to the employer to actually adhere too.


i want you to imagine, though, i want you to imagine that Sir Keir Rodney Starmer is in his bed tonight sleeping soundly, dreaming of how in 1 or 2 years he'll be prime minister. Maybe he thinks he'll have a Blair-level majority. Maybe he thinks he'll just be like Wilson, more level-headed and half recognizing only nerds will remember him. It doesn't matter, he's there in bed thinking about how he's going to kiss the king's hand (bit gay) and do all the little things, he's going to get to sit on the other side of parliament, he's going to be introduced as "The Prime Minister", he's going to become a high-flyer in Labour circles for the rest of his life. Imagine that he does this each night between now and May 2024.

Imagine that he runs a widely lauded election campaign. Imagine that there's a consensus that this time, it's probably Labour's turn. Sure, he's not polling 50/20 anymore, but with the Tories in such a shambles, they're going to pull it off. Everyone knew the polls would tighten. The Lib Dems are talking about PR, but they're little wankers who chat shit anyway. This is a Labour moment. A new Labour moment. Finally, the moment of truth, the final day. Go out and vote, smile for the cameras, then head to Labour HQ for the party. Speech ready - little Blair references. Enough talking, it's time to do.

A new rendition of Arthur. A sweeping panorama of the country. A montage of past premiers. Huw Edwards. Big Ben Bong.

"And our view is it's going to be a hung parliament. This election is too close to call. We're saying it could be from the Conservatives short by 10 of an overall majority, to Labour the largest party and short by 13 of an overall majority, and the likeliest outcome is the Conservatives short by 25…"
Imagine sitting in the room. Imagine what's going through their minds. Imagine one or two people stand up and go to the bathroom, while you go out for a smoke. A buzz, it's your phone, your friend has sent a video-link of the shadow cabinet members doing interviews with Edwards. They're talking about the moral right to govern.

In the final picture, it wasn't even close. Labour loses by 270 seats to 336. Not much for the Conservatives to celebrate, but another 5 years in opposition for the Labour. Ten years after Cameron first re-gained them a majority, they remain in power with a similar majority. A few would-be ministers go out and give interviews about how they always knew it was a big ask to go from the result Corbyn left them with to government, but you can see it in their eyes. You can see it in all of their eyes. You just regret that you went out for that smoke and missed the opportunity to drink their tears when they were still fresh.


Bold of you to believe Starmer even cares whether he wins as long as he safely wrecks any movement towards anything but neoliberal austerity.


It all depends on which way the media swing. Blair only got in through Murdoch's support. It's highly likely that The Sun et al. will again switch to begrudging endorsement of Stramer given the chaos in the Tory ranks. Another milquetoast neoliberal Labour government and years of smug libs saying "I told you we could win compared to Corbyn".

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