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File: 1668810433850.png (89.12 KB, 648x503, ClipboardImage.png)

wew fun times


Yes, I do
Maybe you're too young to remember the convoys of trucks going through towns with miners protesting the mining tax because it would "send jobs offshore"


File: 1668849866965.jpg (35.45 KB, 709x765, Shotgun.jpg)

It's literally chilly in the evening and when i wake up in the morning in November.

It's fucking over isn't it.


heaps of their volunteers when i voted in broady, outnumbered labor lol


honestly I like it, if this is climate change then good for me.


>Leader of the Reason Party Fiona Patten said she has seen voters being "shepherded and harangued" by volunteers as they enter pre-polling centres.
>"A number of voters are feeling intimidated when they come in here, and a number of volunteers are feeling intimidated by other volunteers," she said.
>"The socialists have been particularly vehement in this area, they've been particularly aggressive on some of the booths."
I've always hated this bougie cunt


She's probably right about the trots but she represents the political wing of pimps so her opinion doesn't count for much


no no no, it's the "reason" party, so you know she's a reasonable person whose policies are very reasonable


File: 1668929903431.png (123.18 KB, 1500x1292, ba dum.png)

>Maybe you're too young to remember
I was a minor.


File: 1668930069918.png (534.05 KB, 700x463, ClipboardImage.png)

I mean, if we can halt it right about now, then it's perfect.


File: 1668930513332.jpg (26.34 KB, 480x480, oh no.jpg)

>that Trump 2020 flag



Its in line with the union jack and southern european flags they always fly. Unredeemed fascists, the lot of them.


Makes you think


File: 1669083710194-0.jpg (234.95 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0011 (copy).jpg)

File: 1669083710194-1.jpg (268.93 KB, 1920x1080, mpv-shot0012.jpg)

So, uh, rage's music taste has been going downhill don'tcha reckon?


This was part of TISM hosting it


My mum really like this fella from One Nation, says he fights the good fight, calls out the UN globalist elite bullshit during senate estimates
Is my mum right about Malcolm Roberts?


could hansonism become a vehicle for maga-communism in australia?


Oh no! Neoliberal shill Friendlyjordies got firebombed!


Man that sucks, I wonder how Laborsisters will come to his aide?


File: 1669205810441-0.mp4 (8.67 MB, 720x900, z_v84K2lOcAGmrnF.mp4)

File: 1669205810441-1.gif (442.85 KB, 220x207, vietnamflashback.gif)

why … why use the buttigie gsong .


Its your own fault that you watched the Buttplug video


Critical support for socdem Friendlyjordies against salty ass corrupt liberals


Honestly unexpected.
Left-Labor really is a threat, I guess.


File: 1669241485230.jpg (17.11 KB, 474x355, NO WAI!!!.jpg)


File: 1669285075146.png (155.37 KB, 1642x882, Strawpoll.png)

Well auspol, who is responsible for the botched assassination of Friendly Jordies?


Have your vote.


Nah pick a poll site that isn't flooded with corporate surveillance trackers.
I'd pick 3


Rate this simple class analysis of late 80s Melbourne out of 10:


>The band have Just released a 12" white vinyl with black label giving no details, ‘40, Years (Then Death)' b/w 'The Back Upon Which Jezza Jumped' through Elvis Records (which has been sitting in the Juke alternative chart for weeks). Amongst other things, I wanted to ask them if they thought it was a big concession to the public to put a hole in the middle. But asking questions in hope of a response is too much to ask. Thus was the purpose of the ‘Interview' - to find out what it all means.

>This time The Mums dragged me into a car that was when it really hit me that the interview had commenced. A cup of coffee was passed to me with the first of several statements - "You are the unnamed narrator". It was then that I asked what must have been (judging by their response) the Worst question of all. "Where are we going?" The man in the balaclava just looked at me like a fisherman who has felt the fish take a bite, and then stared out the window. The only sound in the car was the cackle of the CB radio. I know, I knew, I know, I shouldn't ask questions for the thing about TISM ‘encounters' is that you read more than you speak. And as my emphatically balaclaved companion didn't seem in the nattering mood, I read my Instructions. I quote:

>"Melbourne explained. Melbourne has three great classes: 1. Those who are exploited. 2. Those who pretend they are exploited. 3. Those who know the meaning of the word exploited. We are going to visit them all. You are the unnamed narrator".

>Not a lot to go on really. We drove on uninterrupted until The Mum next to me said, "We are about to view some Bograns. Please try not to look like a Mod". Now how would you handle an instruction like that? Just as I was frantically wondering which bits of my clothing were 'mod', the car stopped and outside were - Well, I'll let my TISM tour guide describe;

>"The industrial western suburbs are where the working class lives (using the word 'lives' loosely). The kids there are into genuine rock, they hate their school, their parents, their lives. The music they like is for people like them: Bon Jovi, Starship, and any other dreadful American super group that is thrown at them. Let me say finally that neither I nor any of my friends ever been there".

>I was beginning to catch on. The Mums were sort of taking me on a 3-D sociological Melways road traffic guide with them looking up the index for me. I demanded some answers from my garrulous companions. No response. A visit to a well known inner-city night spot illicited a muttered "pine head territory" from the mysterious Mum. My literature explained:

>"The Inner-city eastern suburbs, places like South Yarra, Toorak and Prahran are richer. This is where you'll find the 'punks' with "The Exploited" written on their leather jackets, presumably referring to the people their fathers employ".

>Next port of call - Glen Waverley shopping centre. The black enshrouded hand pointed out the window in command. My eyes followed his arm to fall upon a Jack Is Back promo poster.

>"Then further east, 15/20 miles out from central Melbourne, you get the middle class suburbs: not poor enough to be angry, not rich enough to pretend to be angry", read my instructions.

>All in all a TISM interview raises more questions than answers, which is strange considering it contains neither. At each stop one of the balaclaved tour guides beckoned over passers by at will. But why did life [ad in Footscray with bubble gum denims. and a Motley Crue army jacket approach the car with qualms? How did The Mum know leather jacketed girl with a blonds pony tail would be prepared to approach us In Chapel St? And the sneakered boy with acid-wash denim in Glen Waverley - what was he thinking as a TISM member held him by the shoulder whilst commanding me to read my tour instructions out loud to him? Surely they were all TISM plants, but how, when my tour guide allowed me to pick who we called over?

>And how did they keep the soufflé hot that they offered me on the way hone, with the words: "You are the unnamed narrator. Eat?!"

>Will one ever be able to drive through the streets of Melbourne with a Melways ever again?


File: 1669450221799.jpg (114.42 KB, 1024x576, mogged.jpg)

Why does the right have such large electoral candidates?


Liberal stronk!


File: 1669459210713-0.png (156.55 KB, 724x1492, Assembly.png)

File: 1669459210713-1.png (57.15 KB, 715x637, Council.png)

I am not a Vic:

ABC is calling Labor win already. Not surprising to me, but still some interesting results. Basically, I'm seeing an anti-twoparty trend similar to the federal election.

Note: The first image has only 33% counted. Anything can change.
The second image is super early results. Only one region has counted more than 5%. Don't even consider it factual, just posting for hype.
I'm assuming cities report slower but that could be wrong.

With that said,
The parties seeing the biggest gains so far are:
Greens: 12.4% (+1.6) [+2 seats]
National: 6.7% (+1.9) [+3 seats]
Family First Victoria 2.9% (+2.9)
Animal Justice 2.4% (+0.6)
Freedom Party Victoria 1.7% (+1.7)
Victorian Socialists 1.2% (+0.8)
No-one else has gains > 0.3% so far

VicSocs are jumping up, which is nice to see. Unfortunately some conservative parties are jumping up faster. If lucky, we could get a hung council with greens deciding. Better than the status quo. But da trots growing is nice to see.
Again, still only 33% counted.


why not load up tor or a VPN?


Because Strawpoll often blocks them to prevent voting abuse (and they try and do JS browser fingerprinting so I'd rather not)


File: 1669493681020-0.png (49.92 KB, 752x565, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1669493681020-1.png (48.83 KB, 724x573, ClipboardImage.png)

Still early (60% of lower house counted, 20-30% of upper house).

Labor and Liberal are regaining ground, Greens loosing the impressive ground but still gaining a seat in total so far.

By first preference, it looks like VicSocs are 9th (1.4%). That's actually the same as last time, despite the sudden entry of:
<- Family First Victoria, 6th (2.8%), whose platform is fighting "the major parties who continually cave into the Left-wing, anti-family agendas of fringe players. Family First candidates will raise a bold and uncompromising voice for family, life and faith." and who fielded candidates in ever seat, and
<- Freedom Party Victoria, 8th (1.7%) who are anti-vaxx lolberts
…who I'm guessing must have taken their votes from Liberal and Shooters parties.

However going from the sallies in 2014 on 0.1%, to the vicsocs in 2018 on 0.4%, to 1.4% is a good sign, even if unsurprising after pandemic-induced financial crises.

Picrels are some solid results in the upper house, Northen Metro and Western Metro regions, although I doubt it will get them a seat after preferential voting eliminations. Somewhere else had them at 8.8% I think.




Malcolm Roberts gets retweeted and retweets in turn a ton by Australian-Citizens [Larouche movement] and Haz's Australian MAGAcom twitter orbiters.
Honestly Hanson's known for basically letting fucking anyone run for a seat in her party [member the guy that even she had to 'completely disavow' because he started saying the christchurch shooting was justified?] only to have an eventual/inevitable falling out with them if they win a seat.

Probably wouldn't be too hard for Australian-Citizens to just have a sleeper agent put his hand up to run in a seat that was swinging towards O.N.


File: 1669534258697.png (233.24 KB, 1474x1035, metro map.png)

So, last night there was a lot of talk of the ALP doing very poorly in the north and west of Melbourne, with swings against them, compared to the east and south where they did much better.

Something not mentioned was how well the trots, the Victorian Socialists, did. This was their first state election running in every northern metro and western metro seat (they didn't run any candidates in the south and east).

I'm not in the VS, but I've been watching their momentum in the last few years with interest. The results are looking extremely promising for them and I'm yet to see anyone in the media note this, despite their eagerness to point to swings against the ALP in the seats they ran in.

The count isn't finalised, but all of the NW seats are between 50 and 75 percent complete.

So, let me break down some of the results so far - unless stated otherwise, they came in fourth in each district.
First time in this seat - 9.9% of votes. They likely contributed to the expected Green gain of this seat, given the Greens had a measly 1.9% swing to them despite a 10.6% against the ALP. No swing to or against the Libs.
Third place. 8.3% of votes, a 5.4% swing since 2018 - they came in third, beating the Greens. However, there was a sizable swing to the Libs at 8.5%.
First time in this seat - 8.3% of votes, eating most of the swing against the ALP (8.5%) compared to the Libs and Greens respective 2.1% and 1%.
Third place. 8.2% of votes, but a minor 3.4% swing since 2018 compared to the 7.8% swing to the Libs.
Third place. 7% of votes, but only a 2.1% swing - still higher than the 1.8% to the Libs and the swings against the ALP and the Greens.
>St Albans
First time in this seat - 6.8% of votes, considerably ahead of the 1.6% swing to the Libs and large swings against the ALP and Greens.
First time in this seat - 6.8% of votes, similar outcome to St Albans.
First time in this seat - 6.8% of votes, one of two seats in the NW with no swing against the ALP, 10.4% swing against the Greens - the outcome is still in doubt.
Third place. First time in this seat - 6.7% of votes compared to the 3.3% swing for the Libs and swings against the ALP and Greens.
Fifth place, came in behind a long time local councillor come independent. 6.5% of vote, 2.7% swing compared to Libs 0.1% swing and swings against the Greens and ALP.
First time in this seat - 5.7% of votes, ahead of 1.6% swing to Libs and swings against ALP and Greens.
First time in this seat - 5.7% of votes, ahead of 0.3% swing to Libs and swings against the ALP and Greens.
>Pascoe Vale
Numbers here are a little misleading due to redistribution and a popular 2018 independent not running. 5.3% of votes, 3% swing, all three major parties recorded swings to them.
5.2% of votes, 2.7% swing since 2018, swings against all three major parties.
First time in this seat, 5.2% of votes, 0 swing to or from the Libs, swings against Greens and ALP.
<this is where it starts to be less impressive
Fifth place, coming in behind Family First - first time in this seat, 4.8% of votes compared to a 1.4% swing to Libs and swings against ALP and Greens
Numbers are misleading because the Liberals didn't run in this seat in 2018 - Fifth place, coming in behind Reason Party, first time in this seat, 4.8% of votes compared to an 18.7% swing to Libs, 0.7% to Greens and a swing against the ALP.
First time in this seat, 4.8% of votes compared to a 1.6% swing to the Greens, but an 8.2% swing to the Libs.
>Point Cook
Fifth place, first time in this seat, just 3.9% of votes, coming in behind an independent.
Fifth place, first time in this seat, just 3.6% of votes, coming in behind an independent.
<this is where they did quite badly
Eighth place, first time in this seat, just 3.2% of votes, swings against all major parties, came in behind an independent, Animal Justice, Family First and the DLP
Seventh place, first time in this seat, a pathetic 2.2%, came in behind Freedom Party Victoria, DLP and Family First.


File: 1669554166772.jpg (268.49 KB, 1283x1915, FijAmyKakAAV0gG.jpg)

Gentlemen… Australian politics


Are people who weren’t born working class jealous of us? Is that what it is? Is that why they get so worked up about it? But god they do.


File: 1669768535005.png (599.46 KB, 1280x462, ClipboardImage.png)

Australian Report Advises 'Urgent Action' to Combat Slavery in Clean Energy Supply Chains
"We need to see industry, government, the financial sector, and civil society working together to provide access to competitively costed, slavery-free renewable energy."
>The leading Australian clean energy association warned Tuesday that modern-day slavery plagues global renewable energy supply chains, and that the industry must take "urgent action" to ensure human and worker rights are respected as nations decarbonize. 
>The report—entitled Addressing Modern Slavery in the Clean Energy Sector [https://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/resources/resources-hub/addressing-modern-slavery-in-the-clean-energy-sector]—notes examples of worker enslavement and other abuse, including of children, from the Ecuadorean Amazon to China, where 2.6 million Uighurs and Kazakhs allegedly face forced or coerced labor, so-called "reeducation" programs, and imprisonment in concentration camps.
>The report also highlights the child labor running rampant in manganese and cobalt mining in Zambia and Congo, respectively, as well as in nickel production in the Philippines. Those three metals are critical to the manufacture of batteries.
>Australia's "purchasing patterns alone will not influence global supply chains, but we still have a responsibility to play our role to eliminate modern slavery from our own supply chains and to contribute to global efforts," the report states.
>Nicholas Aberle, Clean Energy Council's policy director of energy generation and storage, said in a statement [https://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/news/report-addressing-modern-slavery-in-clean-energy-presents-domestic-supply-chain-opportunities] that "Australia is on a trajectory to produce the vast majority of our electricity from solar, wind, hydro, and batteries by 2030, but it's important that this shift happens in a way that is fair and equitable."
>"As with many other modern products ubiquitous in everyday life, renewable energy technologies can have long supply chains that are linked at various points to modern slavery," Aberle added.
>James Cockayne, the anti-slavery commissioner of New South Wales, asserted [https://www.cleanenergycouncil.org.au/news/report-addressing-modern-slavery-in-clean-energy-presents-domestic-supply-chain-opportunities] that "urgent action is needed to address the severe modern slavery risks in Australian renewable energy supply chains and investments."
>"In NSW, government entities and local councils are legally required to take reasonable steps not to procure products of modern slavery," he continued. "This may include some solar panels, lithium-ion batteries, wind turbines, and renewable energy."
>"This report is an important and welcome acknowledgment by industry of this problem and a first step towards addressing it," Cockayne added. "But we need to see industry, government, the financial sector, and civil society working together to provide access to competitively costed, slavery-free renewable energy. If we don't, modern slavery risks significantly complicating the just transition to a decarbonized economy."


File: 1669768828610.png (51.25 KB, 800x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Lol that reminds me I heard that song Uptown Girl yesterday by Billy Joel and the line:

>Uptown girl

>She's been living in her white bread world
>As long as anyone with hot blood can
>And now she's looking for a downtown man
>That's what I am
I was like, WTF? White bread is the shit bread. You aren't going to see any white bread in the fancy bread section at the supermarket.


Originally white bread was seen as an upper class bread because it's so refined and pure. But in the song I always interpreted it to mean "bland" basically it's saying she's bored of her upperclass life and wants to have fun with a guy who knows how to.


Marie Curie was Poish-born but white-bred


you're exotic, mate!


File: 1669847235910.png (354.58 KB, 671x672, ClipboardImage.png)




based fireees


File: 1670217643186.jpg (45.18 KB, 606x776, 606.jpg)


Nothing snag tbqh


How do these larouche nutters still exist


File: 1670245375429.png (738.98 KB, 940x627, Leninralia.png)

Unique IPs: 26

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