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How is it that a communist imageboard doesn't have at least one thread dedicated to discussion of the largest and most powerful international bourgeois vanguard party?

The WEF is trying to implement global cybernetic fascism-neo-feudalism. The most rich and powerful people on earth are all members, and they're openly dictating policy to governments around the world through a permanent emergency state. As communists it is our duty to stop them.

Let's share good information and articles about the WEF and their activities, and how to stop them.


life isnt an rpg


i would like to know more bout them but have done not even a search of them


>TED Talks for the rich are LITERALLY an evil cabal ruling the world!
Yeah, no.


File: 1663210053468.png (133.46 KB, 1252x329, 6549458690845096456.png)

The WEF cleverly disguises itself as a "world" forum which makes itself seem above governments with the mysterious seeming Swiss face of it in the form of Klaus Schwab, but it's principally an organ of the U.S. business, which comprises the overwhelming majority of attendees and where it gets most of its funding. That's companies like Salesfore, Nestle and Bain Capital. But also drawing other business and government elites from other countries into its corpus. One of the initial purposes of the WEF back in the 70s was to introduce American business management techniques to Europe.

I think the interests of these businesses are not the same of the American people, but right-wing populists have taken the WEF as like a spooky cabal and not an extension of their own empire.


>vanguard party
hardly lol
It is funny that often when the WEF comes up it's rightoids calling them dirty (sometimes jewish) commies though.


Most of the stuff the global oligarchs care about is not ideological, and doesn't concern any of this futurist technology. That's always been a myth to distract from this being fundamentally political and concerning human relations. They're more interested in making sure the global order plays out the way they want and to make sure the little guy is forever defeated. That's why you should take them at their word when they say you will own nothing - they mean that and they're going to make it happen one way or another.
Good point


I'm going to ignore all the /pol/-tier shit in your post and only point out that I'm tired of brainlets calling capitalism anything but capitalism.


WEF has good motives for climate change and isn't even powerful. Rightoids are idiots getting mad over it




Excuse me for trying to discuss an international bourgeois conspiracy.

>On the other hand, every particular sphere of capital, and every individual capitalist, have the same interest in the productivity of the social labour employed by the sum total of capital. For two things depend on this productivity: First, the mass of use-values in which the average profit is expressed; and this is doubly important, since this average profit serves as a fund for the accumulation of new capital and as a fund for revenue to be spent for consumption. Second, the value of the total capital invested (constant and variable), which, the amount of surplus-value, or profit, for the whole capitalist class being given, determines the rate of profit, or the profit on a certain quantity of capital. The special productivity of labour in any particular sphere, or in any individual enterprise of this sphere, is of interest only to those capitalists who are directly engaged in it, since it enables that particular sphere, vis-a-vis the total capital, or that individual capitalist, vis-a-vis his sphere, to make an extra profit.

>Here, then, we have a mathematically precise proof why capitalists form a veritable freemason society vis-a-vis the whole working-class, while there is little love lost between them in competition among themselves.
>-t. garl margs
> https://www.marxists.org/archive/marx/works/1894-c3/ch10.htm


So what do they do during the rest of their time at Davos every year, behind closed doors, and in all their private chats? They just sit around doing nothing, or do they get together and make plans for the international class war?


This makes some sense, and it's very strange that they don't have a significant showing from Chinese businesspersons considering how well-represented they are proportionally among the global richest people.
I would even argue WEF are not entirely representative of the whole Western bourgeoisie but a particular centrist to social-liberal strain. There are more reactionary types who I'd imagine are less participant.



Ok, call it super capitalism, or capitalism with feudalism characteristics, idgaf


>>1172897 (me)
And yes I see that Trump is an attendee. I'm speaking generally at the end there, they'll still have some conservative members. But maybe they don't buy into the message as much. Trump in particular likes personal prestige and if he sees a lot of rich people in one place he wants to be recognized by them. He's always wished he had the status among the centristy rich people that Hillary did.


Their motives are Malthusian mass cullings to "save the environment" while continuing to fly private jets everywhere.


itt: antisemitism

the problem with capitalism is the systems, numbskulls. it regenerates itself independently of any mastermind or central power. read theory for fucks sake


forgot to sage and yes i know it's too late now




nobody cares about the wef but retarded right-wing boomers


File: 1663221776223.png (84.03 KB, 1920x1081, G3P-Chart.png)

They're only a small part of it of course. pic rel is a preliminary best guess of the overall structure, but Blackrock in particular is likely in the policy making tier.

>The World Economic Forum’s Young Global Leaders program, Klaus Schwab’s supposed brainchild, is actually an almost exact replica of Henry Kissinger’s International Seminar that was originally run out of Harvard and was funded by the CIA. In this article, Johnny Vedmore investigates the people behind Kissinger’s International Seminar, the CIA conduits which funded the program, and Kissinger’s key role in the creation of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program itself.


>The Global Public-Private Partnership (G3P) is a worldwide network of stakeholder capitalists and their partners. This collective of stakeholders (the capitalists and their partners) comprises global corporations (including central banks), philanthropic foundations (multi-billionaire philanthropists), policy think tanks, governments (and their agencies), non-governmental organisations, selected academic and scientific institutions, global charities, labour unions and other chosen “thought leaders.”


>Seizing Everything: The Theft of the Global Commons



Schwab is a clown villain, he's only a millionaire.



The idea that it is some hidden conspiracy doesn't seem to be justified, nor any prognostication that fixates on a particular quote or similar element (YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND BE HAPPY HURRDURR! GLOBALISM! TECHNO-NAZIS! FREEMASONS! MAGNETIC CHIPS IN THE VACCINE etc). It happens on both right and left, usually expressed in different though vaguely similar ways and isn't really helpful.

Much of what they do is just billionaires and their financial infrastructure (primarily banks, investment/financial services, and NGOs like philanthropic endeavors + think tanks) trying to push for a stable, fiscally beneficial future for them As another anon has mentioned, it isn't typically ideological, just boringly profit driven. This doesn't mean their policies can't be harmful but they're rarely even "secrets " or need discovery or are the result of some conspiracy between interwoven surreptitious agents or something,


at some point we're going to have to recognize that the means and relations of production have certainly changed to the extent that the capitalist label hardly applies as described by marx. this is true for not only the imperial cores such as the united states but also important parts of the periphery such as india or brazil. in a very broad sense, you can still apply the capitalist label to the entire transnational system, but that's also pretty much the point. capitalism has transcended the nation and we should probably develop new a new analysis of national economies under this paradigm since the vast majority of political life is still national rather than transnational.


It developed into monopoly finance capital. Read Lenin.


i have read lenin, the full extent of the changes to the base are clearly not described (but certainly are foreshadowed) by lenin. we need more analysis of the situtation, but i do think varoufakis is on to something despite his social democratic leanings biasing his views. interestingly, though, the superstructure seems to be rather resilient, which i don't quite understand.


lol be sure to get your booster


conspiracy theory is the dumb shit op does where he takes things that exist and sprinkles retarded rhetoric on it just like your uncle on facebook does


>We all know the ruling elites want depopulation.
ah yes capitalism wants fewer workers


Based degrowthists.


> I don't know why you have this curious idea that capitalism is a system independent of any capitalists or any institutions that would have clear interests.

I never said that.

I would say that a crisis of overproduction was averted through the aggressive promotion of consumerism to create demand for commodities. However, the full development of imperialism on a massive and deep scale in conjunction with ever-thinning profit margins on physical commodity production in the imperial core due to the decline in the rate of profits eventually produced a situation in which the demand for cheap commodities spurred by consumerism required offshoring of the manufacturing base of the imperial core, displacing physical commodity production to the periphery while transforming the imperial core into an over-financialized hollowed-out service-based economy. Finance, while originally just a mechanism for raising investment capital, has transformed into a beast of itself largely dissociated from its original purpose (though still important for the generation of export capital for the development and production of commodities and resources). The hollowing out of the economy in the imperial core has produced a new relation of production in the form of gig work, which I would say is most similar to the archetype of the "hustler" but more formalized through the addition of technological development. I would argue this is distinct enough in form and relations within the base compared to wage labor as is usually understood such that the description of a new system is motivated to described it. It is getting more difficult with time to map orthodox Marxist interpretations to real life over the last 100 years or so.

There is clearly some sort of threshold that distinguishes modes of production from one another, though I will admit that it is very difficult to actually pinpoint the "moment". I am sure that back in the day plenty of people argued that capitalism was actually simply an extension of feudal mode of production rather than a categorically distinct one according to meaningful criteria. Of course, back then, they had the advantage of observing very clear sweeping changes in the superstructure in order to quench it into a position that allows for reinforcing the new economic base. But still, I have found that just as many people erroneously reduce capitalism to the existence of markets without respect for circumstance and form, I think communists tend to erroneously reduce capitalism to labor exploitation without respect for circumstance and form. My view of the current situation is that the base is in a transient state and the superstructure has only mildly changed over time to an extent that I am not convinced it is ill-equipped to support and reinforce the new base. I think it would be a mistake to use the capitalist superstructure as a signifier for a capitalist base. It doesn't actually matter how well the bourgeois are able to "adapt", at some point they will need to change the means and relations of production in order to resolve contradictions. It is not out of the question that they can do this while preserving the social order within the superstructure to keep themselves in power. The bourgeois alone do not define capitalism. The idea that comes to mind as the most relevant to what I am talking about is what Marx described as "Conservative or Bourgeois Socialism" in Chapter 3 of the Communist Manifesto.

>A part of the bourgeoisie is desirous of redressing social grievances in order to secure the continued existence of bourgeois society.

>To this section belong economists, philanthropists, humanitarians, improvers of the condition of the working class, organisers of charity, members of societies for the prevention of cruelty to animals, temperance fanatics, hole-and-corner reformers of every imaginable kind. This form of socialism has, moreover, been worked out into complete systems.
>We may cite Proudhon’s Philosophie de la Misère as an example of this form.
>The Socialistic bourgeois want all the advantages of modern social conditions without the struggles and dangers necessarily resulting therefrom. They desire the existing state of society, minus its revolutionary and disintegrating elements. They wish for a bourgeoisie without a proletariat. The bourgeoisie naturally conceives the world in which it is supreme to be the best; and bourgeois Socialism develops this comfortable conception into various more or less complete systems. In requiring the proletariat to carry out such a system, and thereby to march straightway into the social New Jerusalem, it but requires in reality, that the proletariat should remain within the bounds of existing society, but should cast away all its hateful ideas concerning the bourgeoisie.
>A second, and more practical, but less systematic, form of this Socialism sought to depreciate every revolutionary movement in the eyes of the working class by showing that no mere political reform, but only a change in the material conditions of existence, in economical relations, could be of any advantage to them. By changes in the material conditions of existence, this form of Socialism, however, by no means understands abolition of the bourgeois relations of production, an abolition that can be affected only by a revolution, but administrative reforms, based on the continued existence of these relations; reforms, therefore, that in no respect affect the relations between capital and labour, but, at the best, lessen the cost, and simplify the administrative work, of bourgeois government.
>Bourgeois Socialism attains adequate expression when, and only when, it becomes a mere figure of speech.
>Free trade: for the benefit of the working class. Protective duties: for the benefit of the working class. Prison Reform: for the benefit of the working class. This is the last word and the only seriously meant word of bourgeois socialism.
>It is summed up in the phrase: the bourgeois is a bourgeois — for the benefit of the working class.

In a very broad sense, I believe the bourgeois have come to the realization (consciously or not) over time that the anarchy of production is simply untenable and have essentially, within the imperial core, monopolized to the extent that they have actually created a "socialism for the rich" of types and more or less abolished the proletariat in favor of using some combination of the lumpenproletariat and a sack of potatoes to provide the needed labor in the imperial core. Labor power still does exist in some domains, however.

And I am not saying that anyone is necessarily consciously building a particular system. What I mean is that we can describe the system that they unconsciously build through the resolution of contradictions that transform the state of the political economy.


>Not a "conspiracy" to say basic things about the world. We all know the ruling elites want depopulation. They practically scream it from the rooftops that they hate most of humanity and wish we would line up and die as soon as possible.
That's kinda true, they do express those mass-murder sentiments.
However they are mostly saying this to dehumanize the people that they are exploiting to death.
It's more like they realized that they are parasites that drain society of it's life-blood and are now saying this to justify their role.

These kind of malthusian sentiments are always about finding ways to hate the poor.
If they outright say that they hate the poor they would admit to their class-war, so they declare poor people as "overpopulation"

>ah yes capitalism wants fewer workers
To be fair here there are some capitalists who outright said that they want to shrink the world population back to 1 billion. It could be that class society has an upper population limit, where a ruling class can maintain power. It might be that Societies could outgrow class rule. There is some maths about the logistics of domination that suggests as much.

>Based degrowthists.
Sorry anon we have to put you against the wall, but we gotta degrow


This is a thoughtful post, but it doesn't really look like they are building a new system that resolves the contradictions of capitalism. It just looks like the system is breaking down under the contradictions. Also precarious gig-work doesn't really represents an new economic relation. It was called day-laboring in the past. it most definitely doesn't solve any contradictions.

Capitalism is exploiting people so hard that the population is no longer reproducing it self. That represents a hard physical limit for the rate of profit.


The conditions for capitalism are reproduced through ruling class praxis. If it wasn't for bourgeois conspiracies such as the CIA, union busting, imperialist wars, and more, capitalism would have collapsed long ago. The WEF is yet another organization that a very large and powerful segment of the bourgeoisie are using to maintain and expand their power and profits.

>nobody cares about the CIA but retarded right-wing boomers
>nobody cares about the neocons but retarded right-wing boomers
>nobody cares about the pinkertons but retarded right-wing boomers
>nobody cares about the Bonapartists but retarded right-wing boomers


Anon you are welcome to contribute to egofascism by providing your rotting corpse as nutrients for soil
Bourgeois can build a monument stating future civilisations should have a sub 500 million world population, Kissinger can describe population growth in the Kissinger Report as a threat to US national security and Rockefeller can write the Jaffe Memo outlining forcible sterilisation, encourage faggotry, reduce perception of ideal family, put sterilising drugs in water supply, induce chronic depression in the population..

And fags like this guy will still be convinced "capitalism needs workers" pantsonhead.wojak

Capitalism has never been able to handle population growth and bourgeoisie have oft waged wars to cull their own surplus young men


File: 1663251514104.jpg (39.14 KB, 340x341, personal property.jpg)

>"you will own nothing and you will be happy". It's a declaration of final victory
it was one of the stupidest PR moves they ever made, it's been years since that ad aired and people are still passionately infuriated about it.
I think it's a good propaganda opportunity, to conduct ideological struggle in a way that re-defines the actions of these people as violations of personal property.


Literally a /pol/ astroturfing thread. The obsession with this organization and the specific wording like calling it a vanguard party are ripped straight out of the fox news-twitter-/pol/ right wing rhetoric pipeline. I hope OP necks himself. That’s all.


Yes, they want fewer workers and more slaves.

The rate of profit in developed countries is extremely low. For super-bourgeoisie, there are alternatives to hiring wage labor that are more profitable and have a good chance to increase their wealth (ownership of the planet) much more rapidly:
>Massive thefts (such as the going direct money printing plan, printing trillions of dollars directly into the megacorps and financial system, mass privatization schemes, wars of conquest, etc)
>Slaves (and similar, such as serfs, prison labor, and indentured servitude)

How would sophists such as yourself explain what the imperialists have done to Iraq, Libya, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Palestine, Sudan, etc in the past three decades? The bourgeoisie engaged in terror and starvation siege against these countries to ruin them, destroy their fixed capital and infrastructure, kill and mutilate their working class, and steal everything they could. That's a depopulation agenda! Now why exactly do you think Western workers are special and favored by their countries' bourgeoisie, and will never be the target of similar campaigns of mass murder and theft? The fact is, they have already been doing it, and are greatly intensifying their efforts to demolish and immiserate their working classes.


>it doesn't really look like they are building a new system that resolves the contradictions of capitalism
They are trying, it's very clear if you read WEF literature.

Just to give one example, the money wage relation. The WEF wants to abolish money wages by replacing fiat currency with programmable Central Bank Digital Currencies and UBI. Instead of capitalists being forced to pay workers in a real currency that can circulate, they'll instead enlist serfs who live off of a UBI gig workfare program. The UBI will be issued in CBDC tokens that are programmed to surveil you, restrict your purchases (eg, to specific regions or commodity types like SNAP), and expire after a set period of time.

If the CBDC and UBI plans succeed, then the laboring classes will:
>No longer be paid wages by their employers
>No longer be paid in money

This would be a massive reconfiguration of classes and class relations, very well bringing into question whether it's capitalism anymore, or rather an even worse new system.


I wouldn't call petite booj people, but I get what you're saying.


>it was one of the stupidest PR moves they ever made, it's been years since that ad aired and people are still passionately infuriated about it.

The point is to enflame endless culture wars though. It's part of the strategy of mass discontent.


>all according to keikaku


No anon I completely agree with you, I was just being imprecise. This is one of my other posts:

These WEF capitalists are done with capitalist profits. However, profit in the sense of expansion of wealth and ownership is still their goal, and why they are abandoning capitalism as we know it.


You are sticking your head in the sand. You've been PSYOPed by culture wars into ignoring obvious bourgeois class war offensives just because "right wingers are obsessed with it."

/pol/ is also obsessed with hating Israel. I guess we can't criticize or discuss Israel now huh?


File: 1663282212337.png (219.09 KB, 342x372, 1592712623499.png)

And you got mindbroken by a shitty video full of stock footage from some minor booj, because it threatened to take what little you had and deny you further accumulation.

It's been more than two fucking years. Is anyone, besides petite-booj /pol/ types still fucking talking about it? Is anyone even doing anything that remotely resembles they are implementing this quintessentially brainless booj project?


It's true though. The WEF knows they will never have the power to actually implement universal rentierism of the type the video proposes, the point is that it created more anxiety and distrust in the population and most of the people who watched the video thought it was describing communism, and to stop this they need to support their national-bourgeois grifters like Trump et al. Which is all according to keikaku.


File: 1663282998107.png (92.16 KB, 574x278, 246.png)

Klaus Schwab is fucking German. And considering how fast German national-booj are currently committing suicide for USA, he fucking failed. IF that was actually his intention, and not just another in the lane of moronic ""big brain"" ideas to fix things that some booj occasionally get.

But it wasn't. WEF is an irrelevant soapbox for porky to stand on and jerk off, pretending they are intelligentsia, and are a nation's brain, rather than its shit.


I think you may be overestimating the loyalty that transnational bourgeois have towards their nations. Hell, one of the persistent features of imperialism is that national bourgeois of the periphery regularly sell out their nations. The calculus is that they would rather be junior partners to the transnational bourgeois rather than risk seeing their domestic hegemony over the subaltern classes challenged in the future through actual development.


The WEF forms a part of that, sure, but it is a feature in a broad web, not the grand villain.


>And considering how fast German national-booj are currently committing suicide for USA, he fucking failed
A major point of the WEF agenda is that 1st world workers must be reduced to 3rd world living standards. Germany is a flying success right now in that regard. Do you really think Klaus gives a fuck about German workers?


Absolutely. The "grand villain" narrative is alien to Marxist thought. The current trend in ruling class praxis is driven by material conditions, the present balance of powers in the class war (spoiler, workers are very disadvantaged rn), the contradictions of capitalism, and so on. There are dozens of cliques and social clubs where the extremely rich and powerful can organize and make plans. If the WEF didn't exist, then of course a different organization would emerge to serve the same function.

That said, the WEF is still easily one of the most prominent and influential of the billionaire class organizations.


Yeah, the entire system and the mechanisms within them are driven by material forces and the consequential tendency for the system to reproduce itself. But still, when talking to people, it's useful to point out particular unpopular institutions and even over-emphasize their role in global immiseration as a rhetorical tool even if it is a bit reductive. It's easier to point to something people know as bad and work from there than it is to explain how the world works according to the dialectical and historical materialism.


I hate this leftoid rhetoric that we need to treat workers like idiots. You don't need to recite the entirety of Capital to tell them the issue is the system itself and not the people at top.


It's a convention for people who like money and a propaganda vehicle, no more


No, of course not. I am not saying that you need to *actually* reduce it to the people at the top, but providing real representations of the system via the people and institutions at the top is still useful even if it doesn't reveal the whole scope of the situation on its own. People respond to symbols.


First chapter of capital does it for anybody who works hard for a living


The bourgeoisie is always "cosmopolitan". As a capitalist, why would you restrict yourself to a single national market when you can sell your products all over the world? Only the petite-bourgeoisie and small capitalists are the "national bourgeoisie".
Read the Communist Manifesto or fuck off back to /pol/ if you want to whine about globohomo.
>The bourgeoisie has through its exploitation of the world market given a cosmopolitan character to production and consumption in every country.
>To the great chagrin of Reactionists, it has drawn from under the feet of industry the national ground on which it stood. All old-established national industries have been destroyed or are daily being destroyed. They are dislodged by new industries, whose introduction becomes a life and death question for all civilised nations, by industries that no longer work up indigenous raw material, but raw material drawn from the remotest zones; industries whose products are consumed, not only at home, but in every quarter of the globe.
>In place of the old wants, satisfied by the production of the country, we find new wants, requiring for their satisfaction the products of distant lands and climes. In place of the old local and national seclusion and self-sufficiency, we have intercourse in every direction, universal inter-dependence of nations. And as in material, so also in intellectual production. The intellectual creations of individual nations become common property.
>National one-sidedness and narrow-mindedness become more and more impossible, and from the numerous national and local literatures, there arises a world literature.

>The bourgeoisie, by the rapid improvement of all instruments of production, by the immensely facilitated means of communication, draws all, even the most barbarian, nations into civilisation. The cheap prices of commodities are the heavy artillery with which it batters down all Chinese walls, with which it forces the barbarians’ intensely obstinate hatred of foreigners to capitulate. It compels all nations, on pain of extinction, to adopt the bourgeois mode of production; it compels them to introduce what it calls civilisation into their midst, i.e., to become bourgeois themselves. In one word, it creates a world after its own image.

>t. Marx and Engels in 1848


The Great Reset is real and you should all immediately go and buy all the canned meat you can find, or else you will be forced to eat ZE BUG!


>The bourgeoisie is always "cosmopolitan". As a capitalist, why would you restrict yourself to a single national market when you can sell your products all over the world?
>Only the petite-bourgeoisie and small capitalists are the "national bourgeoisie".
Agree - they can be won to socialism in the same way the lower and vacilating middle peasantry could be won against the kulaks
>Read the Communist Manifesto
From the CF
<Since the proletariat must first of all acquire political supremacy, must rise to be the leading class of the nation, must constitute itself the nation, it is so far, itself national, though not in the bourgeois sense of the word.
Globohomo is retarded ring wingers concept of cosmopolitanism. Imperialism means the destruction of nations - oppressed and imperialist nations alike. For the oppressed it means forcible under-development, bombs, naked imperialist terror and forcing peoples to become immigrants
For "developed" nations it means the complete dissolving of traditions, cultures, languages and national character under mass migration to be absored in a new cosmopolitan class
> fuck off back to /pol/ if you want to whine about globohomo.
If leftists weren't cosmopolitan retards incapable of understanding Marxism and the National Question they would've popularised globohomo, with more meaningful content and not let a load of degenerates like /pol (which I've never visited in my life) popularise it
>manifesto quote
Great quote? We're in complete agreement on cosmopolitan bourgeoisie


File: 1663327821943.jpg (173.99 KB, 500x600, 1494804733465.jpg)


Go back to reddit, there have been literally zero /pol/ posts in this thread.


File: 1663330873443.jpg (162.5 KB, 1065x902, 42424.jpg)

WEF is pretty based actually. Supporting green energy, sustainable development and all that shieet. I see nothing wrong with that tbh


>I wouldn't call petite booj people, but I get what you're saying.
I'm not petit booj and i want to own my stuff too.
All that micro-rentierism bullshitt the big booj is trying to push, lets just say i find it completely reasonable and humane if they got pushed into a vat of acid for that.
Socialism vehemently upholds personal property, because proles will absolutely despise you if you mess with their stuff.

>The point is to enflame endless culture wars though. It's part of the strategy of mass discontent.
You are right about the strategy of mass discontent.
But personal property is not controversial.


>This video made possible in collaboration with World Economic Forum
Why is the WEF spreading awareness about worker co-ops?


File: 1665626058450.jpg (128.3 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0001.jpg)


As a liberal I am ideologically obligated to call you a crazy conspiracy theorist who just needs to vote harder for democrats next month.


File: 1665632019099-0.webm (2.82 MB, 1280x720, 1665629863865308.webm)

File: 1665632019099-1.jpg (251.17 KB, 450x520, 1665630040580082.jpg)

bruh the WEF is making anime now


It's going to feel so good to not vote in these midterms.


I might burn my mail-in ballot again


Liz Truss's new Chancellor is Jeremy Hunt, who is a member of the WEF.


Fourth industrial revolution ?
how are there 4 ?
is this some kind of marketing bullshit ?

We had the industrial revolution when machine production started to become dominant around the 1800s. And since then automation began to enhanced labor productivity. How is it not the same process still ?

The west seems to be in the process of de-industrializing, and basically handing over the baton of progressing humanity to Asia. But other then the geographic change, it's an ongoing process that began centuries ago.


more like Jeremy CUNT


>he didn't knew yet about this

It isn't anything when you compare it with something this like.


Also, this.


WEF is cool because China takes part. WEF is simply advocating for the global development of productive forces. Stop being an ultra skitzo


I'm not too worried. about the WEF. Anything they say publicly is not their true, most dangerous plans. It's what they don't announce which should be cause for concern.


File: 1665777694195.jpg (369.3 KB, 1024x747, Fuck the IMF.jpg)

Anyone with a brain already knows to kill any IMF personnel stationed within their country and to ignore any structural adjustment program and to refuse to pay the debt in case they ever come to power, even the smarter socdems. The WEF seems to be less visible.


They just suck their own dicks about how cool they are and maybe share some ideas. But they would go back to doing their own shit afterwards.

Do you think all the communist parties come together to coordinate their efforts tightly in an international class war? Do you think all the Internationales was filled with conseus building and tight coordination? Then why would you bless porkies with greater wisdom and solidarity for a common goal?


nice to see the WEF makes lefties screech as much as liberals and rightoids


Have you anons seen this video? It seems our buddy Johnny Harris himself is a WEF asset


>right-wing populists have taken the WEF as like a spooky cabal and not an extension of their own empire.
American reactionaries do this with all their international institutions that serve a nationalist purpose. The UN is an arm of American imperialism, but according to American rightoids, blue helmets are on the way to execute every god fearing American business owner. The IMF, World Bank, NED, WEF, and NATO are similar in their purpose of providing an "internationalist" face to what is ultimately just post WW2 American imperialism. This is great for the American right since they get to milk the "globalist" boogeyman while also using said boogeyman to achieve all their based nationalist aims. They just had better hope the reality of these institutions don't ever bump up against their spooky rhetoric


File: 1665780710862.png (78.13 KB, 828x824, ClipboardImage.png)

kurzgesagt took half a million grant from the bill and melinda gates foundation. lots of youtubers are literal think tank shills



Is this the literal order in which they're going to enslave the global population?


>being pro-keynes to own the neolibs

keynesianism isn't good either. ywnbac succdem


>shareholder capitalism vs stakeholder capitalism
holy cope batman


you'd be surprised how common this is. There's an entire subgenre of investor self help books that focuses on being a conscientious porky who cares about the environment and picks only the most greenwashed stonks


>you'd be surprised how common this is.
No, I've known about it for many years, just surprised it's still bandied about.



what is neo feudalism?
what the fuck is neofeudalism?
feudalism requires the labour of a person to be owned and commanded by a third party, how is this good for capitalism?


Feudalism doesn't make sense as a mode of production outside of earlier/historical time period and monarchical forms of government. Anyone ranting about "neo feudalism" today is a pseud or rightoid. It's still fucking capitalism.


I am a bit skeptical because it sounds like the 'crony capitalism' cop out libertarians use when their Micky mouse economics doesnt work.


Neo feudalism is when companies have the workers live on their property and consume primarily their products either by employee discounts being only thing they can afford on low pay or because of a contractual agreement of brand loyalty or due to how a portion of their paycheck is in local money that is only good at their local businesses like a gift card basically. If you lose your job or even just strike you may get evicted and arrested by security who have legal powers of private police and get you locked up in private for profit prison. It's basically powerful anticompetitive virtual monopolies and one of the possible end results of AnCapistan.


Just call the New/Second Glided Age then oh wait that might make the crypto-rightoids think badly of capitalism 😥


People who are anti WEF are just skitzos who are anti china. In fact, China takes a large role in the WEF, which helps to spread BRI.




Everyone who isn't a Dengist cryptofash is opposed to the traitorous, revisionist Chinese government. It's no surprise that backstabbing revisionists in the CPC are cozy with the world's most infamous billionaires and imperialists in the WEF, ranging from Bill Gates to Kissinger and Klaus.


>In fact, China takes a large role in the WEF, which helps to spread BRI.



The WEF is just one locus in the vast web that it the global bourgeoise class, while leftists should research and criticize, it's important not to become too obsessed and miss the bigger picture it's a part of.


Perhaps you misunderstood me, succdem. Keynesianism is in every way superior to Austrian school insanity, but it is still Capitalism. it is still imperialism. When the Keynesian world order bumps up against TRPF the Capitalists inevitably pivot to neoliberalism. Privatization, deregulation, austerity, and rollbacks of labor rights are the inevitable result of the capitalists desperately trying to claw back fleeing investors and dwindling profits. Keynesianism inevitably leads to TRPF and neoliberalism is a reaction to TRPF. The flailing of porky drowning in his own urine.


File: 1665891963190.png (84.03 KB, 1920x1081, g3P.png)


>SPLC is important enough to point out specifically in this graph



>Global Future Council on China
Did you even read what you posted? Did you notice that pretty much all of the people listed here not only are businessmen and associated with European or American institutions and went to American universities for their degrees? Some of them are even outright US government officials! Sarah Kemp is a cracker who worked for the US Department of Commerce lmao.
>A speech by Xi
By this measurement North Korea counts as well or did you not even know that they were invited and accepted to come making a speech with their delegation as well by the WEF but were pulled and banned at the last minute because they carried out a nuclear test?

You people are so fucking dishonest.


My personal theory is, it's a meeting where powerful fags meet for a circlejerk
just ignore them but yes


read the content of xis speech in that article, he literally explicitly says that he is pro globalisation and all the things that come with it,


>he literally explicitly says that he is pro globalisation and all the things that come with it,
He didn't say *all the things* that come with it. He said that globalization is a result of objective historical forces resulting from improvements in science, technology and social productivity but and there are pros/cons of globalization, a "double-edged sword," and has created new problems, but one shouldn't write off globalization because of its defects.


File: 1665980678100.jpg (72.76 KB, 1080x1059, stinky.jpg)

Asking here because the WEF has a role to play in this question:

Are there any good theorist/writers of marxist/lefty bent that have specifically delt with the issue of global totalitarianism arising on the back of global capitalism? I view the WEF as being just one locus network that will play part in any such state system rising to power. William Robison comes to mind, but I'm curious who else has delt with this.


File: 1665987890133-0.png (392.2 KB, 1620x824, wash bullets 1.png)

File: 1665987890133-1.png (199.82 KB, 709x1500, wash bullets 7.png)

Vijay Prashad's book Washington Bullets mostly goes over CIA shit but there is also a discussion of NATO and the long term goals of "preponderance" and "prompt global strike," which I think hit on this theme you're putting forward.


File: 1665990322382.png (447.13 KB, 618x463, morpheus.png)

Thanks, seems interesting, I'll give him a good look over!


That Johnny Harris guy is coping really hard in the comments section.


>how to stop them.
Armed revolution by 2025


rupe-india has some cutting edge analysis



The absolute state of you.


>he doesn't know what greenwashing is


I just now learned from skimming wikipedia that Joseph Stiglitz was at the WEF.
As an aside does anyone here know who Jean Ziegler is?


The WEF ran a SIMULATION of the Covid pandemic in 2019, before the pandemic was declared.


>On June 22-23, 2001, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, the Johns Hopkins Center for Civilian Biodefense Studies, the ANSER Institute for Homeland Security, and the Oklahoma City National Memorial Institute for the Prevention Terrorism, hosted a senior-level war game examining the national security, intergovernmental, and information challenges of a biological attack on the American homeland. (See also: Article: Shining Light on Dark Winter)


is this how they're gonna totally cut dissent off from the economic system once this gets tied to your bank accounts?


murdering mid-level tech employees is valid.


inb4 no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark
Porky is making christcuck fairytales come true.


File: 1666145516949.gif (668.54 KB, 220x153, sagan.gif)



So I’m guessing this thread is another attempt by tankies to rant about (((jews))) without calling them (((jews))) while writing rant after rant that reads almost identically to the international jewish conspiracy?


On the opposite end of the spectrum from /pol/tards are people like you, who conflate any kind of elite theory/analysis/criticism with muh jewish conspiracy. Klause isn't even jewish, and I don't understand why commies get their panties in a bunch when people point out booj elites meet and coordinate polices at places like the WEF, among others.


Maybe I think there’s actually a marked difference between an actual materialist analysis of how our socioeconomic systems function and perpetuate themselves vs trying to explain why the world is shit due to the conspiracies of “international bankers”

I don’t give a fuck if strains of modern leftists decided the correct way to go is effectively spiral into conspiracy, I’d rather understand how and why things happen, I find that serious Marxists in particular, rather than internet tankies and some writers they typically uphold, tend not to resort to series of hyper specific conspiracies to explain what’s happening in the world


If you haven't realized yet, modern power and capitalist structures are by their very nature conspiratorial. If you want to understand the social-political world, you cannot do so while still using "conspiracy" as a loaded junk term thats been for decades weaponized to keep liberals from thinking too far outside the box on government and booj legitimacy. You're simply spewing this same mind virus in a refined form. Marxism, elite theory, and a non-retarded understanding of conspiracies and their theories aren't mutually exclusive anyway. Pretending otherwise is Marxist hairsplitting autism that removes you from historical and social-political analysis, which can strike right at the core of power.


Like what's even the problem with pointing out the WEF exists? How does that jeopardize your Marxist orthodoxy? How does pointing out porkies are conspiratorial (secretive & immoral/criminal in nature) greedbags contradict or degrade you systematic autism?


Social credit system but you'll eat it and like it


>~50 year economic cycle is a mix of machine learning, biotech (gene therapy, nanomachines, mind control, lab meat, etc), crypto, smart cities, etc.

All the soyface technologies, basically. Just like Cybernetics, they will mostly fail and be a thing completely different from what soyfaced tech-cultists envision them to be. Crypto turned out to be about digital yuan and digital wallets (can pay without internet connection, syncs with global payments system, prevents theft and is traceable plus ability to put an expiration date on stimulus checks or even money itself), machine learning is not AI but rather a very thorough and precise randomizer, biotech is about Lysenko's dreams and practice, smart cities are China's infrastructure planning, etc etc.




carl sagan SATAN


File: 1666207664274.mp4 (35.76 MB, 1920x1080, bill gates sus.mp4)

any action taken against micro$oft is objectively self-defense.


ok then fix the image and make it more based and communist pls


That's just a password that you can't reset.
It was the future in the 1980s

Shit that will actually work is going to be something that can make cryptographic signatures and keys normie friendly, maybe it's going to be a dongle with a button.

> in this great depression

if the west goes into a new great depression, China will become the world economy, and then all of these visions will be nothing but vaporware


I am joining the war between humanity and the demonic forces
on the side of the demons
get culled retard


Really nice thread learned some things. But I have to wonder why so many people in this thread are opposed to putting a target on a organization since it distracts from the system. Humans have it alot easier when they know the face or name of who they are supposed to oppose instead of that thing being a abstract system everyone is currently living in.


That guy Klaus Schwab that everyone hates and thinks is trying to implement the human-instrumentality-project and end the world or some shit just came out as a multipolarista at that summit in Indonesia.

He mentioned in the speech how America+E.U. have to accept that they are no-longer the absolute global hegemon they once collectively were. I believe he actually used the term 'multipolar world' at one point as well.
And in this CGTN video, He says he thinks that China could be a 'good model for a lot of the developing world'.
And now im seeing a bunch of recommended videos by people like Ben Shapiro, Daily wire etc basically talking about 'Klaus Schwab admitting that the WEF plan is the FALL of America and CHINESE COMMUNIST TAKEOVER'.

I still get the guys a vile porky idiot, but its a bit funni, Like Kissinger trying to be a dove on China.


What's he saying to people ?


commies love to split hairs over absolute bullshit like this


The point - your head


>>1222425 This, on paper and real life implementation are two different things entirely


Only /leftypol/, redditors and rabid American libs think the world going multipolar is something outrageous and stunning. The rest of the world has already diversified their investments long ago.

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