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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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<the reason that Marxists give as to why many regions of Africa are so poor is actually because European capitalists didn't colonize it ENOUGH! There's even a letter from Marx saying, "Thank God Britian colonized India", because Marxists follow Eurocentrism which holds that the world develops through it's interactions with Europe.
HOLY FUCK I didn't think PoliSci in my college would be this fucking bad.


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Just inyect liberalism to my veins


I regretted not being able to afford college, but in the subsequent fifteen fifteen years I've learned to was a blessing in disguise. Like I'm not misinformed enough as it is.


I think people who go to college should primarily focus on whether their degree will be valued in a hypothetical situation where they're going to become a refugee escaping violence in their home country. thats why im thinking about going in to college for medicine of some sort.


You gotta think BIGGER and LONGER, like dealing with food in a post-apocalyptic situation. I am literally taking every single course from basic surgery to crop management for the future of 20XX. Think about it. You ain't gonna make it that well without a warlord grindset either so better start learning leadership skills.


>the reason that Marxists give as to why many regions of Africa are so poor is actually because European capitalists didn't colonize it ENOUGH!


"Decolonisation" is the new woke anticommunism. It's no different to nazis crying about "Jewish Asiatic Bolshevism". The aim is to portray communism as foreign.


Become a radiologist or some shit where you don't need a degree.


File: 1663364023056.jpg (111.26 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Only dengism can save Africa.


File: 1663364186577.png (92.02 KB, 305x149, Logo_of_the_EFF.png)

i found some people who agree with you anon



Only Africans can save Africa


Socialism with namibian characteristics


File: 1663366032270.jpg (495.24 KB, 850x998, jewish_nigger_lassalle.jpg)

>"Marxists" allegedly have dumb opinions
>don't actually name said Marxists
>Marx had some dumb opinions
no shit


File: 1663377042146.mp4 (3.92 MB, 576x1024, comrade milku.mp4)

>Socialism with namibian characteristics
Yeah I'm on board


Marx actually sorta did believe this [Pious Protestant burgers will develop the forces far quicker then lazy Iberian mestizos, Britain will benefit India].

He was only correct in a sense in relation to the united states, because the unique character of American settler-colonialism was centred on the annihilation of culture and ancien-regime of the territories [Literally called 'territory' under US law] and its entrance into a new core [states]

Marx was absolutely wrong in relation to British India because he never lived to see the development of Imperialism as Lenin and Mao would - Where it was observed that the first world capitalist would intentionally retard the formation of development in the periphery under force of arms.


He flipped that position by the time of the 1857 rebellion



Towards the end of his life he realized that colonialism was stifling development in the colonies and keeping revolutionary fervor in check in the metropole by bolstering the petty bourgeoisie and (what Lenin would later denominate) the labour aristocracy.

It's why Engels called England "a nation of shopkeepers"


File: 1663381654487.png (1014.97 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

>You gotta think BIGGER and LONGER, like dealing with food in a post-apocalyptic situation.
Medicine will 100% be a big deal in a post-apocalypse and it will probably be understaffed and underfunded.




>The Indians will not reap the fruits of the new elements of society scattered among them by the British bourgeoisie, till in Great Britain itself the now ruling classes shall have been supplanted by the industrial proletariat, or till the Hindoos themselves shall have grown strong enough to throw off the English yoke altogether. At all events, we may safely expect to see, at a more or less remote period, the regeneration of that great and interesting country, whose gentle natives are, to use the expression of Prince Soltykov, even in the most inferior classes, “plus fins et plus adroits que les Italiens” [more subtle and adroit than the Italians], a whose submission even is counterbalanced by a certain calm nobility, who, notwithstanding their natural langor, have astonished the British officers by their bravery, whose country has been the source of our languages, our religions, and who represent the type of the ancient German in the Jat, and the type of the ancient Greek in the Brahmin.



The point of the letters about india, that your fetal alcohol syndrome mind doesn't catch,is not that britain is improving india in any capacity, but rather by disolving the old mode of production britain is inadvertedly giving india the tools to liberate itself, either from British rule, or from the rule of capital in general


Now that all the riches were drained and Africa is reduced to resource extraction, of course it isn't profitable to keep direct colonies anymore, lmao. Before British colonization, India was one of the richest regions on Earth, having massive artisan numbers and exporting textile, after British colonization all that artisanship was forcefully dismantled, factories built in England, and India's people forced onto the field to produce dyes for those factories at very cheap prices, going as far as to establish basically slavery and forcefully relocating populations to dyes-producing regions.

Like, what the fuck, dude? Colonization is always plunder, it's not creation of new wealth.


Hell, USA's South and Brazil were also a product of colonization - when Indians ran out, they started importing Africans to replace them on the fields and in the mines


Saying something is historically progressive doesn't mean morally endorsing it. Unfortunately, moralism is still so rampant in society that no one except a handful of Marxists actually understand this.


Out of context. Marx later believed he was wrong and that capitalism spreads by violence. Before developing his theories he believed in free trade, basically. When the chinese didn't buy the useless shit the brits were selling and then Britain had to basically force them to buy shit Marx saw how it worked.


/ T h r e a d


The term labor aristocracy actually originated with Engels in an 1885 article:

<Secondly, the great Trades' Unions. They are the organisations of those trades in which the labor of grown-up men predominates, or is alone applicable. Here the competition neither of women and children nor of machinery has so far weakened their organised strength. The engineers, the carpenters and joiners, the brick-layers, are each of them a power, to that extent that, as in the case of the bricklayers and bricklayers' labourers, they can even successfully resist the introduction of machinery. That their condition has remarkably improved since 1848 there can be no doubt, and the best proof of this is in the fact that for more than fifteen years not only have their employers been with them, but they with their employers, upon exceedingly good terms. They form an aristocracy among the working class; they have succeeded in enforcing for themselves a relatively comfortable position, and they accept it as final.

<The truth is this: during the period of England's industrial monopoly the English working class have to a certain extent shared in the benefits of the monopoly. These benefits were very unequally parcelled out amongst them; the privileged minority pocketed most, but even the great mass had at least a temporary share now and then. And that is the reason why since the dying-out of Owenism there has been no Socialism in England.

From England in 1845 and 1885 (1885)


How does it work? A cosmopolitan and rootless byproduct of colonialism that USA is, it would have to balkanize itself into warring ethnic groups voluntarily.


It never fails to blow my mind how perceptive Engels was. Don't get me wrong, Marx was a genius too, but Engels could spot trends developing in their earliest stages and immediately explain them.


Double post, but just another example: In 1888 he very accurately predicted the extent, the length, the belligerents, and much of the aftermath of WW1: https://nationalinterest.org/feature/how-friedrich-engels%E2%80%99-predictions-world-war-i-came-true-11208


It occurs to me that, in the future, somewhere in a glowie digital vault, will reside the private lives of everyone of middling importance with much more candor than that. From every gamer moment they ever had, to every private text and every phone call transcribed, every raunchy moment, almost every good and service purchased and almost every place they visited. Every opinion public or private will be registered. Every colonoscopy and airport nude, every treatment, test and every symptom will be on the record. There will be no mystery to everything they were, thought or looked like from childhood to death.

There will be very little mystique left.


It's not magic, just Materialism.


I must concur with Herr Marx on his observations of Lassalle's unfortunate physiognomic material conditions.


Literally all of this shit is lolbertarian thought
(Don’t care if the source is from Reddit it’s still a source to the whiny fucking shitheads about to bitch about it)


Pretty sure you need a degree for that


File: 1663441568999.png (247.61 KB, 438x396, 1535034610481.png)

>Go to econ class in uni
>Prof is a big believer in Lolbertarianism
>Has a fucking catch phrase he says at *least* once in every class.
<"If you leave people free to pursue their self interest as they define it…"
>Queue saying something like the market would create the best outcome for everyone.
>Defended price gouging during natural disasters
>"Demand would be up!"
>Said private companies could better handle search and rescue operations than gubmint
>Fucking said Walmart would clear roads impacted by a landslide if it meant getting their products to their stores
>Assigned Milton Friedman's "Free to Choose" as literature
>Also assigned "The Big Short"
>Says the Big Short is about a group of friends who prove if you're smart, you can beat the market and make millions
>Actually it's about how Wallstreet Corruption created one of the biggest fucking economic disasters in human history.
>The working class got fucked. Financiers got bailouts. No one was held accountable.
>Making money was incidental to the horrifying disaster Wall Street was walking us into.
>Prof claimed the USSR couldn't invent anything beyond an AK-47
>Was trying to speak literally
>As in, "In the USSR's entire history, it only ever invented the AK-47"


Ask your professor if he has ever read Das Kapital


Cuck your professor


this is what you deserve for enrolling in a polisci course


>poltical "science"


This was years ago when I was a liberal.


tbh, I think it depends on where you go and what field. In my philosophy department it isn't like the profs are Marxists, they are more of radlibs. But they have all read Marx. One admitted to me he thought Lenin had a lot of good ideas. We read Marxist stuff and stuff at least open to Marxism all the time. Now, when western academics read radical theory they definitely try to recuperate it for liberalism. But it's fairly easy to push the other students towards an actual Marxist interpretation.
Philosophy and some of the other humanities are the last holdouts against the neoliberalism of academia. Avoid STEM like the plague.


>avoid stem like the plague


Meaning in western academia. Obviously not like, in general. If I wanted to study that though I would go to somewhere like China where they still know how to do science and engineering.


No It wasn't. There were various African states whoses working were no less functional than feudal European states. Before XIXth colonialism, proto capitalism created a massive slave market with European as customers and coastal warlords as "producers", the latter bleeding the continent dry until most inner African states collapsed from lack of manpower and insecurity, ntm it anihilated local democratic culture in favor of rule of the strongest and managed spread polygamy because there ended up having too much women compared to men who where looted en masse to die cultiuvating sugar.
Capitalism didn't bring civilization by worldwide development, Capitalism grew by destroying other civilizations from its very inception, the chep labor extracted from Africa helped it extracting lots of capital from America which would then help kickstart the Industrial revolution and "classic" colonialism which had all the less difficulty imposing itself than resistance was already weakened from the result of capitalism incubation described above.


Based. The College Experience™ is really just classism in disguise anyways.


soon my cocoa lactose accomplice, soon


The college experience is just a FOMO pipe dream for high school wallflowers


Liberalism is the default state at birth in our post-colonial era. Don't beat yourself up.

Plot twist: leftypol users are also liberals but they're too insecure to admit it.


>the reason that Marxists give as to why many regions of Africa are so poor is actually because European capitalists didn't colonize it ENOUGH! There's even a letter from Marx saying, "Thank God Britian colonized India", because Marxists follow Eurocentrism which holds that the world develops through it's interactions with Europe.
Bet the professor just read pro-imperialist academia


University occupies a strange place in the education system. It's the only place you really get taught critical thinking, but even then it's heavily tempered by liberal ideology. To stay on in academia and progress to Master's/ PhD level seems like being institutionalised.


Technically correct but only social imperialism is capable of proper development. Africa suffered under Euro colonization for centuries and it left most of the population destitute and underdeveloped. Meanwhile Chinese imperialism thru the BRI will be enough to fully proletarianize sub-Saharan Africa and raise them to industrialized middle-income status by 2050.


While colonialism can potentially mean more productive forces (see Chinese projects in the continent) sometimes it doesn't, early Spaniard colonies preferred to work millions of slaves to death rather than develop an inch of land properly for example.
It also completely ignores the self-determination angle.


Reminder to all retards that developement of productive forces in colonies is only ever a good thing if the colonized manage to capture them and liberate them for their own use. Basically what happened in 1783 when the USA became independent.


Hi Jason



wish me luck on my economics degree i guess lmao
i can't wait to talk to retarded free market libs for an entire 3 years


I'm not actually well read enough to make a judgement on this (Still have to reread some parts of Kapital) but I've seen a lot of internet people claim that Marx underestimated colonialism, both the profits it would bring in to prop up capitalism and the sheer destructiveness of it

You could survive as a jew in 1945 occupied Poland by being a doctor. Best choice for survivability. I suspect being a priest is the next best choice but not very relevant for this lil forum here.


NPA carries priests among its numbers fwiw

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