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>Antigovernment protests erupted in cities across Iran on Monday in response to a young woman’s death in the custody of the country’s morality police, with security forces firing on crowds in the northwest and killing four men, according to three Iran-focused human rights organizations.
>The demonstrations, led mostly by women, broke out in more than a dozen cities and on university campuses in Tehran. They were prompted by the death on Friday of Mahsa Amini, 22, who had been arrested three days earlier in Tehran for allegedly violating Iran’s hijab law, which requires women to cover their hair and wear loosefitting robes.
>Women protesting on Monday took their head scarves off and waved them in defiance. In Tehran, men and women chanted “we will fight and take our country back,” including students on campuses where fear of arrests, which can lead to a lifetime ban from higher education, has kept a lid on dissent for at least a year.
>Security forces in the capital fired gunshots and water cannons, chased protesters and beat them with batons, according to videos shared on social media by Iranian journalists.
>In Ms. Amini’s home province in the northwest, Kurdistan, where protests have been brewing since her funeral on Saturday, four men in three cities were shot and killed, said the Kurdistan Human Rights Group, which posted their names and photos online. Eighty-five other people were injured, including three children, and 200 were arrested, according to the rights group.
>In at least a dozen cities in Kurdistan Province, most shops closed after opposition Kurdish political groups issued a joint call for strikes, rights groups said.
>“We are witnessing a nationwide reaction, really like a George Floyd moment for the national conscience that can no longer bear the violence and the logic of the ruling class in killing ordinary citizens,” said Hadi Ghaemi, the executive director of the Center for Human Rights in Iran, a New York-based advocacy group.
All this when a recent survey of 40,000 Iranians showed that 60% are irreligious.
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They are labour aristcrats that will never support socialism, but go ahead and keep praising libs


Retard. The middle class aren't labor aristocrat. Please read theory instead of getting it from twitter, disc*rd, or twitch.


> the work of a bunch of insane monarchists.
It is' the work of' the ant women laws and morality police. fuck off.


So you're an ultra religiously sticking to your holy texts, gotcha
You obviously have zero experience with the "civilized" middle class from third world countries, but just to help you out, you may take a look at their behaviour during the hongkong and the tiananmen square riots to get an idea how they behave once they drop their masks


Tiananmen was mostly an upper class protest, not middle at all, and while HK had a mass basis (at least among HKers) every nationalist movement has to co-opt the masses at some point and that place has weird political dynamics that don't generalize to the world at large.


r/proiran presents: iranian protests in a nutshell
(sorry for reddit link the file is too big to upload)


I agreed with you up until you said, "A fight against imperialism without fighting capitalism will always allow new imperialists to pop up". There's a limit on the economic growth required to form new imperialist nations, and we have hit it.


Yeah, we actually hit that limit a long time ago. I think Japan was the last major imperialist power. Any “new” ones are, at most, imperialist lackeys who are simultaneously being exploited themselves (see: Asian tigers, India, Brazil, etc.)


File: 1663998430419-0.jpg (749.52 KB, 1242x1642, pic.jpg)

File: 1663998430419-1.mp4 (10.31 MB, 640x1138, oshnavieh.mp4)


File: 1663998676878.png (766.62 KB, 693x620, ClipboardImage.png)

>Oshnavieh under non-state control
It begins


40,000 people is a fuck load to deal with.
If this is the only city then it could probably be taken care up relatively peacefully, but if it is spreading, then these fires get harder to put out.

If Iran cracks down too hard, then the Kurds from other regions could consider this an opportunity to intervene.


One observation from the video is that none of the protestors are armed. I don't see a single rifle, shotgun or handgun of any type. Literally people carrying fucking 2X4's. Still a protest and not a "uprising" or "revolution".

Fiery….but mostly peaceful.


>tfw you have to perfomratively wave guns around before you're allowed to be an uprisng or revolution
hi, burger.


It helps when you are trying to revolt against the 14th most powerful military in the world who seized powerful by using guns to shoot and kill the previous government.

To be the man….you have to beat the man.




Glowie infested thread


Friday night in fucking Tehran
Crowds chanting "Death to the Dictator"

Why are zoomers and millennials destroying the dictator business?


NOOOO you cant just overthrow our regime!!!!!


File: 1663997319383.png (1.08 MB, 1284x1480, ClipboardImage.png)

are you ready to die for bourgeois feminism burgeranons


>organic protest movement appears
>USA and Elon muskrat leap to give them internet access if possible
>communists immediately call the protesters CIA
I wonder if this could impact how sympathetic the protesters are to socialism and create a self-fulfilling prophecy. I better not think too hard about it.




File: 1664001752769-0.jpg (211.92 KB, 828x752, 1663999245629146.jpg)

File: 1664001752769-1.webm (205.7 KB, 368x336, 1663999161336286.webm)

Vid is supposedly the people setting fire to the IRGC members houses.


File: 1664001920238-0.jpg (405.37 KB, 1080x1926, 1663999975747691.jpg)

File: 1664001920238-1.jpg (498.15 KB, 1080x1752, 1664000233718804.jpg)

Oh and by the way
Happy Anniversary
With love to Tehran
She Wants Revenge




That's fair. I think there are many more legitimate grievances here than the people protesting in Venezuela, for instance. I just hope the movement does not end up turning Iran into just another neoliberal hellstate, that's all.


What are they chanting? Sounds like "Israel" for some reason.


File: 1664003211884.webm (325.32 KB, 586x720, 1664002566349748.webm)

Video supposedly shows them building barricades around the city?
Cant see shit captain.


File: 1664003760822.jpg (149.66 KB, 828x431, 1664003484914462.jpg)

Save them /leftypol/


Lel things are definitely going to keep escalating hard into civil war territory, aren’t they?
All the Iranian government had to do was not force women into the hijab and they could have kept their wholesome chungus “anti-imperialist” state, but I guess even the most basic of concessions was too much for the decrepit theocracy.


File: 1664005302175-1.jpg (61.25 KB, 959x946, FdYqoV7WQA0B3HR.jpg)

File: 1664005302175-2.jpg (114.79 KB, 1242x1238, FdZtlZAXEAECWiZ.jpg)

File: 1664005302175-3.jpg (108.59 KB, 1080x1319, FdZtlY_WAAAF7w_.jpg)




Hos mad



File: 1664006577084.png (660.67 KB, 1507x928, End Regime.png)

Use MyPillow code #EndRegime to save 15% off your next MyPillow order


File: 1664007214668.jpg (137.83 KB, 1125x1099, FdZdijjXkAMqDSf.jpg)

*Collapses the worlds largest Islamic Dictatorship*
Heh…nothing personnel kid


What do communists outside of “lefty”pol and PatSucc Twitter have said about the protests?
Have the KKE or even wooswoos put out a statement?


The memory of her and victims of reactionary fundamentalist politics should be remembered with solemnity. I don't like jokes about this shit tbh.


File: 1664009702420.png (203.63 KB, 613x814, 1664004654658432.png)

I honestly don't think they meant to kill her. Just tune her up a little and put her in line of the Islamic republic. All police and "Peacekeepers", in all ideologies, in all nations, in all history have killed people either intentionally or accidentally.
One thing the anarchists get absolutely right.

Violence is the supreme authority through which all other authority is derived. I am sorry she died. Its crap. We are monkeys on a spinning globe killing one another over bronze age scripture from illiterate goat herders. All over a fucking piece of hair.

Last unbiased international observer count I saw estimated at a minimum 50 dead so far in Iran. Before this thing is through I believe there will be many many more. Shit like this is what leads to global multiple nation warfare.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand was a high ranking military officer who never saw a single day of combat in his entire life until the black hand came calling with nades and pistoleros.

One person can change the entire course of human destiny.
After Syria, I don't think that Iran can just go in and crush the uprising with barrel bombs and bullets. Not with everyone on planet earth having a cell phone and Elon Musk shooting mini satellites in orbit everywhere.

Syria is still in a bad state of war, and Turkey is in the game, Iranian militias are there, the U.S. is stationed there.

It took 12 days and 61 deaths before Bashar al-Assad delivered his first address about the crisis.

Iran seems to have studied zero history and just immediately reaches for the gun.

Times change. Mohammad himself was a young man who fought and rebelled against the old hard liners. Were his battles so different than the young people in Iran fighting for their voice, their spirit, their soul?
Young hearts…be free….tonight….


get his ass!


One nice effect of the uprising in Iran is that we won't have to suffer through so many islamist larpers in the communist movement for a while.


realistically the best that could happen? the worst? Seems kinda weak tbh


Social revolution or protracted civil war


i hate retarded morons like you
lib have hegemony, which means most ppl have a lib view
"muh labor aristocrat" to an increasingly impoverished and vast"middle class" catch all invented precisely by libs to counter marxist analysis
fuck off retarded cunt, splintering support is cointelpro


File: 1664014915308.png (801.56 KB, 700x714, 69.png)

Was thinking the worst would be a nuke or a Libya situation as the worst. Best would probably a bloodless coup, probably not socialist with the usual nationalist flavor to it. Maybe they might get a gaddafi-type of leader who knows


I think the worst case scenario would be the return of the Pahlavis or some othe pro-west dictatorship.


How? Relations of production would literally stay the same with a shittier foreign policy which would collapse Resistance to Israel/Us throughout the Middle East.

Its either the status quo or full socialism for Iran, anything else is strictly worse for the socialist cause.


Don't you have IMF loans to take Sandinista? The socialist cause will be ok without a morality police or insane religious people managing things don't worry


<Socialist cause will be ok if we allow Israel to seize complete control of the Middle East

Are you ok?
Are you on crack?

This shitty movement as of now showed NOTHING about class or socialism or anything red in any kind of ways. Why the fuck should i cheer a bunch of liberals which could even lead to restoration of the fucking Shah at worst?



>tfw they took this from us


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