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/Ukraine/ thread #55: RUSSIA WILL REACH PRIDNESTROVIA edition




Peaceful solution to Ukraine crisis currently not possible – Russia

Game bread here because why not: >>>/games/22013

>N.B. liveuamap.com is not to be trusted

Andrei Martyanov YouTube & blog for military strategy: https://www.youtube.com/user/smoothieX12

>CIA involvement in ukrainian nationalism: https://www.redstreetjournal.com/p/cia1?s=r More in >>>/edu/9906

>Here’s two specifically about Operational Art & Ukraine

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More can be found in the Ukraine Videos Thread in /leftypol_archive/

Previous bread: >>1183878


File: 1663883107848.jpg (42.04 KB, 455x387, 7654765.jpg)


first for GAYBOMB


second for Global South supremacy


File: 1663883619844.webm (2.9 MB, 528x528, based autist.webm)

Putin is a based autist


what is he doing?


смерть eвропе
смерть нато
смерть фашизму


File: 1663883937622.png (931.06 KB, 1200x741, ClipboardImage.png)

Tracing the outline of one these things and coloring inside the outline



Putin confirmed for bored 7th grader.


Why are these threads so fucking fast



Here is the recording of the collaborative event for involving Tricontinental (Vijay Prashad's org), Monthly Review, and No Cold War. The essays they wrote together can be found here


Here is an excerpt from Prashad's:

>Short term pain, long-term gain defines the dangerous escalation by the United States and its Western allies against Russia and China. What is striking about the posture of the United States is that it seeks to prevent a historical process that seems inevitable, which is the process of Eurasian integration. After the collapse of the U.S. housing market and the major credit crisis in the Western banking sector, the Chinese government, alongside other Global South countries, pivoted to build platforms that were not dependent upon the markets of North America and Europe. These platforms included the creation of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) in 2009 and the announcement of One Belt, One Road (later the Belt and Road Initiative or BRI) in 2013. Russia’s energy supply and its massive metal and mineral holdings, as well as China’s industrial and technological capacity, drew many countries into association with the BRI despite their political orientation, with Russia’s export of energy undergirding this association. These countries included Poland, Italy, Bulgaria, and Portugal, while Germany is now China’s largest trading partner in goods.

>The historical fact of Eurasian integration threatened the primacy of the United States and of the Atlantic elites. It is this threat that drives the dangerous attempt by the United States to use any means to “weaken” both Russia and China. Old habits continue to dominate in Washington, which has long sought nuclear primacy to negate the theory of détente. The United States has developed a nuclear capacity and posture that would allow it to destroy the planet to maintain its hegemony. The strategies to weaken Russia and China include an attempt to isolate these countries through the escalation of the U.S.-imposed hybrid war (such as sanctions and the information war) and a desire to dismember these countries and then dominate them in perpetuity.


Does anybody here have that Botswana post? I need it for research



is chomsky Zgang?


he's been pretty willing to give russia a fair analysis and admits how much bullshit's been coming from the west.


Yeah he said that triumphant propaganda always seems fever pitch at the blackest moment or some such.


>What I know is what’s reported, almost entirely from Western sources.
don't lie.


Hes not a zganger by leftypol standards but for the most part he says the war was provoked by the west while still being critical of Putin and Russia. Pf cpirse this alone is enough for a lot of libs to call him a tankie now
What we can say is Chomsky is multipolarista gang; from the conclusion of the article

>The core issue at stake, I think, is unipolarity-multipolarity. Since the U.S. took over the reins from Britain 80 years ago, reaching far beyond Britain’s dreams, it has sought a unipolar world, and to a substantial extent it has realized that goal, in ways we need not review. There has always been resistance.

>In many ways the most significant, and least discussed, form of resistance has been the effort of former colonies to find a place in the international order: UNCTAD, the New International Economic Order, the New International Information Order, and many other initiatives. These were crushed by imperial power, sometimes reaching the level of assassination (the very important case of Patrice Lumumba) if other means did not suffice. Some elements survive, like BRICS [the economic alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa]. Most significantly in the modern global scene, rising China leads the effort to develop a multipolar order.

>Right now, the long-term conflict is manifested in many concrete ways. One is the intense U.S. effort to impede China’s technological development and to “encircle” it with a ring of heavily armed U.S. satellites. Another is the NATO-based U.S.-run Atlanticist project, now given a shot in the arm by Putin’s criminality, and recently extended formally to the Indo-Pacific region. The major competing element is China’s huge development and investment project, the Belt and Road initiative backed by the Shanghai Cooperation Organization, encompassing Central Asia and by now reaching well beyond. At an ideological level, the confrontation sets the UN-based international order against the rules-based international order (with the U.S. setting the rules). The latter is adopted with little controversy or even notice in the U.S.

>The important specific issues raised in the question find their place within this broader framework. Their resolution depends on how the broad process of reorganization of the international order develops. A highly uncertain matter, one of great portent.

>Not in the distant background is a more fundamental matter, which cannot be put aside. Unless the great powers find ways to accommodate to confront the most important threats that have arisen in human history — environmental destruction and nuclear war — nothing else will matter.

>And time is short.


Poor guy, somebody should send him RT links and Russell's VK.


so, ukraine could have kept all of its territory and lost essentially nothing if they just accepted Minsk II (accepting that Crimea was Russia and that DPR and LPR would have some autonomy but remain part of Ukraine).
Now they are going to lose DPR and LPR entirely and also lose Zaporozhia and Kherson, and after Russia moves in 300k more troops may well also lose Odessa and Kharkov and maybe even Dnipropetrovsk. and of course Crimea will remain Russia as before.
They went from losing really nothing with Minsk to losing at least 4 provinces and up to maybe 6 or 7 and access to the Black Sea.
Great job nationalists.


Wonder what his reaction was to realizing that libs only respond well only when you say what they want to hear.


IIRC CHomsky explicitly said that the security concerns over NATO expansion were legitimate and they were a threat to more than just the government.


Do you wanna know how Germany got it s borders?


File: 1663891610095.jpg (187.81 KB, 640x640, 876765.jpg)


>Hes not a zganger by leftypol standards but for the most part he says the war was provoked by the west while still being critical of Putin and Russia. Pf cpirse this alone is enough for a lot of libs to call him a tankie now
>What we can say is Chomsky is multipolarista gang; from the conclusion of the article

That quote alone makes him a tankie multipolarista by shitlib standards. He rejects the idea the world's contradiction is between democracy & autocracy and centers the division of American-led unipolarity vs multipolarity of emergent economies.

In 2015 Chomsky rebuked a journalist and said NATO expansion was indeed a threat to Russia, especially in Ukraine. I saw recently with Vijay Prashad that he believes the US is like the godfather of the mafia, attacking nations that refuse its will like Russia and China. Vidrel

We should look forward to this new chapter in the anti-imperialist, decolonizing struggle.


The question: Is he a Zgang?
No, he's not eevn close.
Yet, I would take him above zizek, who despite participating in RT, shat his pants with pure liberal idealism.
I assume people are always afraid to ask because three times the joker changed the history behind, and then you will say one different history each time one asks.


I didn't say he's z-gang, i said he gives russia an analysis that attempts to take its concerns fairly.


so hes still a chomsky honk huh


File: 1663892214043.jpg (77.51 KB, 730x960, choms-lesser-anarch.jpg)

yep, Chomsky doing a Chomsky.


German TV shows a Ukrainian tank with a swastika marked


In a way ziggas support Russia for the same exact reasons Chomsky voted biden. Anarchists voting for presidents and communists siding with bourgeois because lesser evilism


well he is just mindful of NATO expansion and sabotage of Ukraine to make a watchdog against Russia, Probably Vijay affecting him by contact
anyway Chomsky is a right wing deviation of the left just like Zizek, he gave more support to Putin than the USSR,Cuba and all, we should be careful of them.


I think they also have the "cultural genocide" narrative going which the western press seems more amicable to repeating than the other claims of straight genocide. That somehow their restrictive language laws were based and woke actually because Russia(USSR) had done a cultural genocide and this was a defensive measure to protect their language against the encroaching Russification.

Which TBF Putin wasn't helping disuade with his speeches since 2014 either.

I think its al0s funny because it's the type of neurotic nationalist identity seeking that Israel does with reviving Hebrew while being another wannabe ethnostate on very flaky premises , that gets to exist exclusively because of US mandate.

There would be a deep irony if the Ukraine war ended up worsening Ukraine's demographic problems, to the point where it too like Israel needed to import (and ethnically launder) massive amounts of immigrants to essentially colonize their own claimed land. It would be the final cucking for the foot level Banderites that still believe in something.


Why is it so fucking difficulty to attach a camera crew to non-Nazi units? Is it because they're treated as second-class citizens and the Nazis hog all the gear and supplies for themselves?


>Why is it so fucking difficulty to attach a camera crew to non-Nazi units?
Anon I..


I listened to the entire clip and nowhere in the video does he say these exact words lol. Just another example of you posting disingenuous shit that keeps getting deleted by mods, please fuck off.


>In a way ziggas support Russia for the same exact reasons Chomsky voted biden. Anarchists voting for presidents and communists siding with bourgeois because lesser evilism
Pretty opposite reasons actually, one choice perpetuates the status quo and one alters it substantially.


Illiterate retard. ChomZky was merely recognizing that given the sources he reads and the lack of expertise in the field, he has nothing interesting to say about the military situation. He then goes on to btfo western propaganda like the fantasy that India has “turned against” Russia.


Why was Bald and Bankrupt 'kicked out of Russia'?
>A British travel blogger whose unvarnished videos of Russia captivated millions on YouTube says he has been kicked out of the country - and abruptly ended his video series.
>Benjamin Rich, who runs the Bald and Bankrupt channel, hadn't posted a video for four weeks - then, four days ago, announced that he had been "thrown in a Russian prison" before being found guilty of unspecified charges.
>What were those charges? Well, a video shared on YouTube by several other channels appears to show him being interrogated by unseen Russian officials, who quiz him on why he called Putin "crazy", why he posted a link to fundraise for Ukraine, and whether he was instructed on how to portray the conflict by YouTube itself.
>In Rich's most recent video, he says: "Since I was a teenager I’ve dreamt of crossing Russia from the baltic sea to the pacific ocean. Well it's taken me somewhat longer than I ever expected but today we'll begin the final leg of this journey.
>"I’ll tell you the crazy story of what just happened to me when I was heading to the railway station I was approached on the stream by a Russian female police officer, called Katerina. I know she's watching. She said Benjamin would you mind accompanying me to the police station you want to clear up a few things.
>"I was like yeah what choice have I got? Let's go. I was thrown in a Russian prison for a few days and then sent to court to defend myself against the charge where I was found guilty.
>"The punishment one of the punishments is I'm being kicked out of Russia with immediate effect banned from coming back."


It's the same when USA went to beg Venezuela for oil, newspapers wrote dreck about how USA was "splitting Maduro from Putin" and being super awesome at diplomacy.

China said "territorial integrity of all countries", DAT MEANS DEY STAND WIT YUKRAYNE! Instead of political white noise that it is.

Christ, can you imagine someone using the UN as a platform to say "Hit that uygha! KNOCK'IM OUT!"


US or Russia, Trump or Biden. There are only two choices remember. So Russia winning or Biden winning changes things from before since the US and Trump winning would have been status quo and arguably worse.


I think he got compromised by the feds, on his old videos he was pro-Putin but in his later ones he was all anti-Putin, anti-Lukashenko, muh democracy


Should have also charged Ben Rich on the account of being a literal sexpat/accused rapist



Just remembered that time anons reported him to Kadyrov and almost got him killed lmao


Oh yeah lol and he was forced to apologize on camera


>he has nothing interesting to say about the military situation
>then comes and says
<is "corroborated by reports":
>The general picture is that Russia has suffered a devastating defeat, demonstrating the utter incompetence of the Russian military and the remarkable capacities of the Ukrainian army provided with the advanced U.S.
>There’s plenty of evidence to support this interpretation, which is close to exceptionless apart from detail
Are you sure aren't you the illiterate retard?


Are you sure you think Russia is winning?


>is Russia winning asks the hohol
>asks it while Kherson, Zapporozhye, whole Luhansk and more and more of Donestk are getting lost while the hohols forces face a wall in the northern front.


File: 1663896399059.png (1.23 MB, 1200x627, 944404-314230514.png)

Russia is "tanking" NATO while the rest of it's allies try to downplay their "threat" and most of everyone is waiting for the "loot". They can't go too hard because the NATO will enrage in the next phase and so they want to enter it well prepared and all maxed out. But Russia is a lazy main tank that takes the gear and the raid spot for granted.
The original owner of the account was well respected in the server so there was a namechange… but the new guy keeps the transmog almost the same, lame.

Turkey is a support class player with a rare meme spec that nonetheless scales very well and every raid wants one of, and the guy is getting funneled gear from multiple groups that want to poach him(though he knows better than committing). Which makes him exceptionally effective as a premium aurabot for server-first challenges. High demand for standing around.

Ukraine is blatantly RMT-ing and has *no clue* but they get a spot because they keep showing up at GDKPs and getting fleeced so nobody says anything although they can't stand the gal, and Ukraine rarely gets any loot anyway. I think she may be unwell, we heard shouting in her house the other day, IDK , it's all kind of sad.

Germany is the guild leader's GF and… Well she's not bad but she only plays because her BF gets her all set up, anything else is tantrums. She wrecked her last guild shitflinging, where they met and took the founding members for this one. Rape survivor IRL (or so she says).


File: 1663896484577.png (311.66 KB, 624x558, ClipboardImage.png)

Ay kek


LDNR is tanking, china is the healer and russia is DPS.


You can't give an analysis on Turkey but ignore Japan, China, The US and fuck Australia, Iran, Israel and shit.


which is immediately followed with
>A useful rule of thumb whenever there is virtual unanimity on complex and murky issues is to ask whether something is perhaps omitted. Keeping to mainstream Western sources, we can indeed find more that perhaps merits attention.
He's telling people how to see through propaganda. Every bit of propaganda will offer ample evidence to back it, but the facts not talked about can be even more important.


Looking at the markings on the first tank it seems they got to interview kraken - the literal nazis. I can't explain Ukraine's incompetence in this regard. but normie NPCs don't care anyway.


yeee I know, that's why I didn't attack him.


the utter disregard Ukrainian propagandists have for people’s revulsion at nazi symbolism is hilarious

instances of propaganda pics with nazi soldiers being posted officially have happened several times and they still keep doing it


Post Western normies expressing revulsion at Ukrainian neonazism. Go.

No, that one rabbi (?) doesn't count. Leninhat doesn't count, either.


I should have written; people’s (theoretical*) revulsion to nazism

they cracked the code and it turns most people are fine with nazis, unless subjected to constant political comparisons of them to current enemies


LDNR are expendable minions on a relatively long CD, but who cares if they are up for the next boss anyway. They are useful because they have a Taunt for some reason so they can hold aggro for quite a while more than their HP would make you think, by bouncing the boss between themselves.
They get some scaling from the owner which, unique in that, it includes tanking stats. It's a leftover from the old design that has probably been forgotten since nobody really used them anymore.

(Also, I suspect there is some bug with the swing timer resetting or something making them more durable than they should be, so expect a nerf)

It's a gimmick strategy from the times before zug zug was all that mattered, but ironically it becomes very effective in present end-game raiding too, because any swing the tank avoids is super valuable.

China is good DPS sure, but they are only interested in parsing. Make of that what you will.


Pre-war there was weekly western news articles about Ukraine's nazi problem. It's literally the reason you know about Ukraine's nazi problem.


>>1185369 (me)
DPS → Heals


While of course the US and its allies as a whole have a vested interest in prolonging the conflict why does it look like that Britain specifically is more invested compared to the rest of the West? I've seen more confrontational language from British govt affiliated social media accounts and it was Britain that sabotaged an attempt at peace talks earlier in the war.


They are a just the yappy dog who wants to get in and say "We are still important!" when nobody takes them seriously and makes fun of them.


Prestige points don't improve the budget.


The UK is off the EU and has a "special relatioship" with the US. I think, they are among the least dependent on Russia's hydrocarbons too. So I bet they get among the biggest kickbacks in this cold war with the least sacrifices.


Their empty gas reserves paint a different story.


But was the west really ever anti-Nazi?


Russia was on point with the sanctions mechanic and the cold damage DoT they're gonna inflict on the rest of Europe come the winter phase is going to be brutal.


In the end they made a trial with the USSR and hanged most of the top leadership so kinda yeah


>Leninhat doesn't count
>as normie


Americans were like "we can't take Krupp's property because we didn't seize the property of any of the other Nazis". Let me repeat that the Americans did not seize the property of Nazis and allowed Nazis to keep their property.


File: 1663898856383.jpg (164.21 KB, 2342x758, FdTgNFOWQAA83HM.jpg)

ukrops on life support knocked out completely.


Uh oh, who will tell the Ukrainians that they're doing a heckin antisemitismrino and would be jailed in all EU countries?


I FUCKING knew it. I saw some of his videos and the vibe he just gave off was creepy. My sexpat radar has never failed so far. Piece of shit also supported the Belarus color revolution.


>Americans were like "we can't take Krupp's property because we didn't seize the property of any of the other Nazis". Let me repeat that the Americans did not seize the property of Nazis and allowed Nazis to keep their property.



<SEFE Securing Energy for Europe GmbH, a company registered in Berlin, Germany, is headquarters of a diversified conglomerate, comprises 40 entities operating in more than 20 countries in Europe, Asia and North America.[3] Under the former name Gazprom Germania GmbH it was a 100% subsidiary of the world's largest natural gas company, Gazprom, from 1990 to 2022. Since 2022, Germany's federal energy regulator – the Bundesnetzagentur – has controlled the company as a temporary trustee.[4]

<[…]In August 2022, the German media learned that the German government had secretly created a company for the possible nationalization of SEFE. The company was originally called VERONIKA Zweiunddreizigste Vermögensverwaltungsgesellschaft, but on June 3, it was renamed Securing Energy for Europe Holding GmbH (SEEHG). The company's managing directors are two CMS Hasche Sigle lawyers. The Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs has confirmed that they are aware of the company's founding. According to a spokesman for the ministry, the company was created "solely as a precautionary measure".




If it ain't a name for another Barbarossa, it's fucking worthless.


The Americans literally filled the Western German government with Nazis and put Heusinger (who planned the invasions of France and the Soviet union and was a leader of the Nazi stay behind army) in control of building the Bundeswehr and made him the Supreme Commander of NATO Ground Forces. Not to mention that Barbie was basically handed control of Bolivia after being whisked out of Europe in Operation Bloodstone. The American Empire didn't oppose the Nazis, it tempered their more overt tendencies and absorbed them.


>new Russian soil incoming, attacks against which will apparently be treated like attacks against Moscow
>EU energy by the balls
Yeahhhh, Ziggers, I'm thinking we're back.


Never left.


File: 1663900795816.jpg (60.83 KB, 680x510, Z.jpg)

We were never gone.


>>new Russian soil incoming, attacks against which will apparently be treated like attacks against Moscow
There is no way this "red line" wont be throroughly crossed, oopsied and so, thoroughly discredited.


Incidentally, are there any ways the West could game these referendums, or are they going to be tighter than a nun's cunt?


Yeah but what if it isn’t lol


wtf, the West didn't have a presence there since 2014

All they can do is seethe


imagine going back in time to january and trying to convince your younger self that in 2022 there was going to be a real possibility of russia nuking ukraine


I know it remains to be seen. That's why I said 'apparently'. I've been frustrated with Medvedev's six months of red lines and undelivered threats.


File: 1663901292824.png (277.44 KB, 820x565, ClipboardImage.png)

>neonazi ukrainian hooligans organize ocultist club

>humanity extinguished in nuclear armageddon


Was Biden really the lesser evil for communists? I think Trump might have been better for accelerationists.



I saw something maybe a week ago claiming that Russia is shitting the bed in Ukraine. Is that true or just copium?


>a know-nothing retard or a forgot-everything geriatric
At this point, it's pointless to ask. Dogshit leaders aren't what causes empires to die, they're a symptom of an already dying empire.


How long until they reach the Afgan trillion?


File: 1663901957239.png (253.45 KB, 599x666, ClipboardImage.png)

>Was Biden really the lesser evil for communists?
Not at all.


>In a way ziggas support Russia for the same exact reasons Chomsky voted biden. Anarchists voting for presidents and communists siding with bourgeois because lesser evilism
Sort of, not to sound like a broken record here but leftists voted Biden because we haven't come up with any idea of progress vs reaction higher than liberal and illiberal, which is to say big and small bourgeoisie. Ziggers, I mean, our idea is more approximating how historic Marxists tried to come up with such a higher idea by looking at the divisions of world capitalism.

Besides that, there are much grander divisions between core and periphery nations then the left and right wing of the American ruling class

But both are ideas of how the left should support the progressive bourgeoisie against the reactionary one though. I do find it odd that the people who are first camp at home (pro democrat) and third camp abroad get offended by how multipolaristas flip this on its head - we have no stake in divisions of the ruling class but we do have stake in divisions of global capitalism

The number of times I've been insulted for this since 2017 or so, I can't count that high.


Putin will annex four regions and claim victory.
The goal of western propaganda is to paint it as a terrible loss and say that he always wanted to take the entirety of Ukraine and that he lost and shit like that.
Bottom line is Ukraine loses territory, Russia gains territory.
It’s obvious who won.


>tfw we all might die before Atomic Heart or Deltarune releases
big sad


>Was Biden really the lesser evil for communists? I think Trump might have been better for accelerationists.

As someone who voted for Obama, at this point in American politics there is no lesser evil. There's not much use in trying to find a progressive vs reactionary division in the bourgeoisie. We have to make our own progress nowadays. That's what Bernie represented to us


the NeoCon/NeoLib alliance that formed after Trump won is the greater evil. The Dem party has merged with the intelligence/security state and NeoCon wing of Republicans to form the most blood-thirsty, supremacist, psychopathic, warmongering tendency, completely consumed with lust for global domination and willing to do anything to attain and preserve it. They are clearly more dangerous than Trump and his social reactionary boomers.
This war probably would not be happening right now if Trump won. They would have postponed it again until they could get him out of there. A one way ride to global nuclear war is a very real possibility right now.


Thanks, anon. I wish I could still follow these threads like I used to.


This is also true. The divide between the old neocon/neolib uniparty and right wing populism is probably the most unhealthy division a bourgeois democracy could possibly have. It's combined powers as you said. I have no doubt the sense of a crisis of liberalism at home complementing one abroad informed the Biden administration's hawkish liberal interventionism.


Russia will rig them first, 100%
the west has neither the ability nor a good reason to tamper there, as they’d either fail to change the outcome, be detected, or both

they may assist Ukraine in efforts to reduce voter turnout and disrupt the process with sabotage and terror


Nah. Nuclear war won’t happen cause these people have too much to lose. Bourgeoisie is cowardly as it holds too much power. People with too much to lose are always cowards. They are dangerous but they take less risks that those who don’t have anything.
Risk aversiveness is what ultimately causes them to lose.


Say Ukraine gets nuked. And Biden & Co allow it to happen. No escalation. No MAD. The west backs off.
How badly are western lib brains going to be fried when they realize unipolarity is done for? They've already gone hysterical, full on mask-off fash?


You are forgetting that tactical nukes are designed to be fired in the field.


Literally why would Cuckraine be nuked


File: 1663903295654.png (147.48 KB, 312x404, i_ride_eternal.png)

I'mma be real, I think it's time everyone start looking to get ready for shit to go bad, fast. We're seven months into a war and the nuclear option's been brought up, when nine months ago the thought was practically a joke for posadists. Life's not gonna sit back and slow down for you because you decided to keep going into work every day till you got bombed yourself. Organize like Lenin, prep like a lolbert, do crime for money, buy/squat an abandoned military bunker, fuckin' whatever. Get contacts at a few local organizations that might have something vaguely useful in the future, at least be AWARE of them. I can't tell you what's gonna happen, what's gonna work, what won't, but i can tell you that we've already entered the times of fortune favoring the prepared, and there's no sign of it slowing down.


>Say Ukraine gets nuked.
It won't. Cucktin is too much of a softie.(USER WAS BANNED FOR ADVOCATING FOR NUCLEAR WAR)


If I see any "tactical"/low yield nukes/chemical attacks being used I'll immediately assume they are a western falseflag. They've tried to lower public resistance for that sort of thing and it fits very well with their "OMG Kharkiv Russia is desperate nukes incoming" narrative.

Since they are all very smart and well informed, then I assume they knew about mobilization or at least the will to escalate and so it wouldn't be surprising if this last Ukrainian push was a pretext to justify a falseflag and freeze the war before Ukraine gets rolled. Which also benefits Russia because they got the consent to escalate and can pull out without having the losses.


Tactical nukes are a load of bullshit. America has already said any use of them would cause an attack on Russian ships, which would naturally demand that the Russians retaliate and that would end in an all-out nuclear exchange.


Then why did the USA leave the treaty to not modernize tactical nukes in 2012?


He doesn't even need to use nukes, which is the frustrating thing at times. He just needs to expand his targets for non-nuke strikes.


Libs have been manufacturing consent for nuclear war since the start. But yeah.


Been doing this unironically


Their isolated usage is a massive meme. It's been known since the cold war that it would be considered grounds for an all-out nuclear war, so they have no use outside of one.
Still makes sense to update your shit, I guess.


why is the the?


The Russians always considered NATO expansion an existential threat. Ofc, nukes are in play if this existential threat reaches a tipping point. The other side of this argument that Western hawks claim is that the KGB of whom Putin was a part of had considered letting the nukes fly already when the USSR collapsed and decided in a humanistic decision to do what they can to prevent that. That's why they think Putin *really* wouldn't do so now since they think the same logic KGB decision makers had in the past would prevent Putin from doing so now. I don't share the same optimism as the Western glowies.


The treaties meant the US didn't have to invest in nuclear weapons R&D as Russia agreed to also not invest in newer nuclear weapons in the idea that such research are a dead-end when there was a arms limit treaty that US walked out that capped how many nukes Russia and the USA can have. So it seems US war planners plan to use nukes in their next war else they would not have ripped all the treaties freezing US and Russian nuclear arms.


>Putin has zero moves left except to either cuck and lose, or use nukes.
There are tons of steps between the status quo and nukes. He could black out Kiev indefinitely by taking out the power grid. He could start taking out Ukrainian officials (buh-bye cult worship and troop morale). He could open a northern front again and actually commit winning numbers.


Did y'all notice that Putin sounds like Pudding xD


Anyone else doubt there'll be many draft dodgers? At this point whatever liberals/anti-Putinists there are in Russia would have left long ago if they could already, and after 7 months if they're not under a rock surely they'd realize the seething rage and anger Westerners have for their nation, culture, and people as a whole. If I were a young Russian dude I wouldn't trust a future in Western Europe at all given their submissiveness to America and the various groups that have it out for Russians there. Also I don't think draft dodgers are gonna make it to America without special skills, which again they would have left long already if they weren't being paid well enough as is.


The french spelling is the same as a food, leading to the food being banned. Maybe pudding should also be banned.


File: 1663905777442.jpg (245.46 KB, 1125x1125, poutine.jpg)

I've noticed in some Korean videos they pronounce Putin like poutine.


kek at janny handwringing over using nukes at this point


>random screenshot
>"dude trust me they're all using bolt Mosins"


File: 1663907146075.png (5.04 MB, 1920x1079, ClipboardImage.png)

That's weird how that photo, uncropped, appears on an article from March 14 in official Russian media, and identifies the soldiers as :
>Servicemen of the People's Militia of the DPR in the liberated village of Granitnoye in the Donetsk People's Republic

<DPR forces in Donbass are advancing according to plan, Basurin said

<03/14/2022 18:40 (updated: 03/14/2022 18:57)

Got me Yandexing, can't be mad at quads 10/10 would get baited again


File: 1663907242155.gif (2.21 MB, 292x336, respek.gif)

Yeah, those are DPR uyghas, they've been fighting krops constantly with the shittiest of equipment and taking terrible losses. Big respect.


File: 1663907330929.png (101.45 KB, 801x249, ClipboardImage.png)

Go easy on him, he's just a chinlet from pol


We need a glowie to English translation guide:
Kyiv—> Kiev
conscript—> Russian soldier
unprovoked—> provoked
democracy —> fascism


There's already a running list you can add to it.


Remember how these guys completely owned the ukronazis in 2014


File: 1663907892684.mp4 (31.19 MB, 1280x720, nuremburg.mp4)


>democracy → electoral authoritarism


People are so lost in the shill propaganda they don't see the strategy here.
Russia has its actual army and fancy battle tanks behind the Russian border right now, because their job is to defend Russia. For example, at Rostov.

Once the border moves, these fancy groups will move with it.

The 300k are to take and hold from Odessa to Kharkov. They will help break through the rest of DPR and Zaporozhie, then fight for Kharkiv and Odessa.

The 1 million are IF nato escalates to WWIII and their purpose is to march to Brussels and put everyone there into an oven.
At the moment, while Russia did bomb a NATO troop training center, they have not aggressively bombed NATO command centers and supply lines IN Ukraine (kek, Russia was buying half the gear coming in, and artillery-ing the rest).
Lavrov has said NATO is making itself a target and that means IN Ukraine.
The 300k will hold Novorossiya, and demilitarize the rest of Ukraine.

IF Nato escalates, THEN the 1 million can be easily triggered with no additional legal work, to fight WWIII.
Putin is a bit constrained by diplomatic needs. His goals are narrow:
1)Take Novorossiya
2)Prevent any threats by demilitarizing the rest of Ukraine, including wiping out NATO's influence over any successor government

For Russia it is nothing more or less, and the rest of the world (China, lesser extent Erdogan and Modi) understands and accepts this.
IF Nato escalates, Russia won't see it as
>oh let's keep pushing to Lviv then
>would be a shame if our border went up to the Vistula.

Russia WILL stop in Novorossiya, but IF nato escalates, Russia WILL interpret that as full on WWIII. China will too. All or nothing, no holds barred.


can we not actually lol

you underestimate your own brain if you cant analyze news critically without relying on literal infant methods of word association


Interesting analysis, but I don't think the additional troops will be used to do another push for expansion, but to enforce the lines already established.


We’re talking about NATOfag shillposts not the NYT


Shills are particularly lively today, wonder what the new stickied topic was on their fbi.gov server


hillary would have started this war in 2016
trumpo was the deceleration candidate


File: 1663910137215-0.mp4 (8.85 MB, 480x848, dagestan.mp4)

File: 1663910137215-1.mp4 (3.14 MB, 848x464, yakutsk.mp4)

Argument with a recruiter in Dagestan and conscripts leaving for the military in Yakutsk


ah fuck


This one is true though >>1185573
They had to fight with soviet era weapons because nobody was helping them. It was the only way they could defend themselves.


I think of myself as pretty average minded. I would do whatever possible to dodge any draft, so I'm thinking most have something similar in mind. As much as I want NATO to fuck off forever, I'm not willing to put my life on the line for it, especially not when the promise is an end of global imperialist hegemony only, and not socialism like during the second world war.


So what exactly new development took place after that U.N thingy

It sounded serious, was there nuke talk


Liberals/anti-Putinists are not required anywhere else but in Russia. They can't escape, people who left in February-March mostly returned back already


File: 1663911435496.webm (4.43 MB, 576x720, dagestan.webm)

voting in the referendums has begun



America can't be called a neutral power by any stretch of international law, lmao. What a joke. They're actively fighting Russia with this shit.


Big if true


>This Dagestani recruitment officer comes up to you and demands you go and fight.
>What do you say to her /leftypol/?
Id do my best not to be found,terminate all utility contracts take my savings out in cash, keep half in crypto and try to survive off the grid and leave the country.

If after that I still get fines and I'm facing service, severe fines or prison time, then murder suicide the closest person I can blame for it.


At that point why not just go to Ukraine lol


NATO doesn't have an intelligence arm
it's individual agencies themselves like the CIA that give Ukraine intelligence
also this looks like it was put together in Microsoft Word


File: 1663912919845.jpg (55.38 KB, 500x511, adios.jpg)

draft dodgers dont realize that the majority of bolshevik leadership had served in world war two as part of the military and were therefore trained in leadership roles as well as in warfare tactics which they defeated the white russians and tsarists with. actually dodging the draft is anticommunist. furthermore the more dead people there are the better things are for communism because of people becoming disaffected with their government. actually the best conditions for communism would be if the ice caps were nuked and all mercurial thalassocracies were immediately deleted from existence due to the forcible destruction of the polar ice, leading to sea levels rising up to 80 meters above where it currently is. this would empower continental cultures which are communistic in nature to overtake the mercurial commercialistic economies of the world which rely most heavily on sea trade.


hmmm let’s take 5 seconds to google this


Perhaps we should be building bunkers


>also this looks like it was put together in Microsoft Word
Heh, wait till you find out what they use to make top secret presentations with.


I honestly think they want to normalize it rather than try to hide it forever as the fall out can be worse otherwise.


No food?


not sure if i should laugh or cry at this point, the destruction of europe is beyond deserved at this point, but the working class will be the ones to suffer


File: 1663914188731.png (231.9 KB, 1000x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

They really should be switching over to growing more calorically dense foods. Lettuces are a complete waste.


File: 1663915198963.png (369.57 KB, 623x619, ClipboardImage.png)

They're just protesting the cost of living/ gas pices.
On an other note it somehow isn't the worst take I've seen regarding those protests


Should've spent 30 or so more seconds of reading to figure out JISR isn't an actual intelligence agency that handles like covert, critical stuff stuff


it's an intelligence sharing org for NATO, like military intelligence, this is exactly what is relevant


:^> i will eat ze bugz


File: 1663917960892.png (250.74 KB, 602x514, ClipboardImage.png)

>Pro-WEF, Pro-Globalism, Pro-Zionism


At the rate things are going, soon it will be Russians who will practice sex tourism in the UK.

On occasion, when Germany is not on, you can actually hear a sloppy blowjob in the background of the guild leader's audio feed.


>steal for us, plz :)



It is worth mentioning that while they have near empty reserves they have a shit ton of hydrocarbon production relative to countries like Germany who did fill up their reserves.


File: 1663919190245.jpg (91.65 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Donbass republics, Zaporozhye and Kherson Regions kick off vote to join Russia
The vote will take place from today until Tuesday next week. Preliminary results are expected to be released by Wednesday.

Ukrainian attack may be imminent – DPR
Ukrainian forces may attempt an advance in the north of Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR) “in the very near future,” its head, Denis Pushilin, said on Thursday.

In a video address posted on Telegram, Pushilin described the situation in the area as “extremely difficult.”

“There are alarming signs, the enemy has concentrated quite serious forces, and it is possible that in the very near future it will try to change the situation and go on the counteroffensive,” Pushilin said.

He reassured everyone that the DPR and Russian forces were “doing everything possible” and that he was closely following developments at the front.

Germany welcomes Russian draft dodgers
According to the German outlet Der Spiegel, Buschmann’s Free Democratic Party (FDP) and the Greens – two members of the ruling ‘traffic light coalition’ – have proposed granting asylum to Russians who flee the call-up.

Former Estonian top general and now member of the European Parliament, Riho Terras, denounced the idea as “complete madness,” however.

“European countries must not create a situation where tens of thousands of Russian men arrive in the European Union as an uncontrolled mass. This would be many times worse than the refugee crisis of 2015, when Germany's then chancellor Angela Merkel invited all refugees to Germany,” Terras said on Thursday, according to The Baltic Times.

Russian provocateurs and “little green men” could be hiding in the crowd, Terras argued, calling the current conflict a “war initiated by Russia against the European Union, NATO and the West.” Russians who disagree with their government “must fight at home for Russia to become a normal, democratic state that respects international law,” he added.


>Germany welcomes Russian draft dodgers


>“European countries must not create a situation where tens of thousands of Russian men arrive in the European Union as an uncontrolled mass. This would be many times worse than the refugee crisis of 2015, when Germany's then chancellor Angela Merkel invited all refugees to Germany,” Terras said on Thursday, according to The Baltic Times.
And hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees aren't lol?


>NATO occupied Baltic SSRs getting kicked off the Russian power grid
Love to see it.


Why don't zoomers and millennials want to fight?


>And hundreds of thousands of Ukrainian refugees aren't lol?
Male Ukrainian refugees aren't welcome in Europe for some strange reason


File: 1663921125019.png (255.83 KB, 508x340, 16639176398040.png)

Nontopic, but whatever. Soviet stats on autopark (how many trucks and such) USSR had during the war by year. Columns: Soviet autos, Lend-lease autos, trophy autos. USSR produced 150k of it's own trucks during the war.

So, they say that USSR lost gazillion troops in 1941-42, okay, buuuuut USSR lost almost no trucks whatsoever during the same period. Haha, the more stats I look at, the more I realize that Stalin didn't lie when he said that USSR has lost 7 million people total during the war, and that's it. All the random data support that claim


war is a racket


Bruh clearly nomenklatura was using the trucks for joyrides while the conscripts had to drive horse carts and cardboard tanks around


File: 1663921335065.jpg (33.74 KB, 1280x720, preview.jpg)

They ate the bugs and drank soy latte afterwards which totally depleted their testosterone levels, made their testicles shrink and converted them into of trans- and/or metro-sexual persuasion. This is an intentional agenda of the globalist elite powered by soy, bugs, Thomas Malthus, George Soros, Bill Gates, and chemtrails.


maybe they were making more trucks over that period?… crazy thought I know


USSR produced 150 thousand trucks during the war, bruh. 272 + 150 = 422, USSR had 385 thousand Soviet trucks in 1945, 420 - 385 = 35 trucks lost.


My cousin is getting his povaska. Meanwhile an old friend of mine who is the son of the general persecutor of Leningrad Oblast is in holidays in Dubai, even though he completed his training two years ago. How do you Ziggers defend this?


So how come you are not drafted?


Man, just LOVE how anticommunists try to explain the disrepancy of this stat with their propaganda. "B-but USSR conscripted 200 thousand trucks on top of that!" And then what, stopped losing trucks COMPLETELY in 1942 and 1943?


Why should I defend injustice? What, must I oppose the anti-nazi war just because anti-nazi side is full of corruption?


I left the shithole of my motherland a long time ago


Re your cousib Germany is accepting russian draft dodgers
The call up is specifically aimed at useful types, perhaps your old friend is useless dead weight


The anti nazi side is only opportunistically anti nazi.


It's not autism, it's called boredom. I'm sure everyone has done similar shit in school or while waiting. It's still funny though that he let himself be filmed like that.


Well true, even though the old friend is young and for he is super spoiled. Maybe that's the real reason they don't draft kids from the elite, too spoiled for war lmao


So, same as USA and Britain in WW2.


Things I didn't expect from the invasion:
<Former NATO apologist Chomsky becoming Chomzky
<Westeroid critic Zizek becoming a NATOid
This event truly broke the brains of many people.


Zizek was fine watching Serbs be bombed to bits. He's always been an accomplice of imperialism. Hell the very first (and possibly only) political party he ever joined was a liberal one. It's no accident that he's constantly propped up and talked about; it's because he's controlled opposition.


To add to this, despite Chomsky's retarded takes on internal/domestic politics, he has always had an anti imperialist streak. For instance he became infamous in his younger years for questioning the narrative of the Cambodian genocide and refused to accept that Pol Pot killed 10 bajillion workers by sending them out into the fields to die. And I don't think he ever retracted his argument so he's stuck by it even till today where such a position would be viewed as outright lunacy.


I've been telling you that Burgers see Europoors as competition, not allies! This war is meant to destroy Russia and weaken the EU at the same time, both of which can othweise be a threat to US profits.
We need to redpill Euros on this fast!!!


Can anybody explain to me how NATO supposedly started this war? Like, I understand that NATO expansion made Putin feel threatened and for most bloodthirsty factions escalation may even have been the goal, but Putin still had a choice to take a L in soft power game and avoid the carnage. As I see it the options in reality wasn't attack or get attacked, but attack or see your influence and power slowly wane away and eventually get couped by liberals.

Maybe NATO set up the table and made Putin choose, but absolving him from blame of clinging to power and sacrificing bunch of his subjects obscures the fact powerful rich people either actively choose to make the world more horrible (in which case Putin is to blame), or act as a soulless automata whose behaviour follows the script dictated by class interest (in which case why blame NATO either, wars just happen lol).


File: 1663923079296.jpg (30.09 KB, 315x320, 16515612088840.jpg)

>NATO creates war
>Putin is to blame despite the fact that the half-measured dick was trying to negotiate with NATO all the way through

NAFO, get out.


>he should have just given in bro
Now the west can take that L and avoid nuclear war, lel.


It's literally nonsense made up by people desperate because they think Russia will be a vanguard of reaction for them. The US spent decades sucking Russia's dick and appeasing starting with the first Chechen war and even after the events in 2014.


Bu Ukrainians are white whereas Russians are now firmly in the Asiatic clade according to the NATO canon of racial realism.

"Why, of course, the people don't want war. Why would some poor slob on a farm want to risk his life in a war when the best that he can get out of it is to come back to his farm in one piece?" The only thing which can do so – genuinely compel a man to war without the need for disinformation – is a good cause. Have you noticed there doesn't seem to be any worthy causes anymore? An implied part of the end of history is that there are no causes worthy fighting for anymore because this is as good as it gets. This is part of why islamist radicals managed to keep attracting a trickle of zealots from the West, by providing an awful excuse for a worthy cause, a unification of mankind under a moronic banner, but hey, even that can be better than nihilistic passivity for a disenfranchised youth. The only truly worthy cause which can exist in the modern world, however, is socialism, yet it does not currently exist, not as a cause.


what the fuck do you think the US should've done about the first chechen war you nafoid retard


slava zucchini, then


>The US spent decades sucking Russia's dick and appeasing starting with the first Chechen war and even after the events in 2014.

This is what NAFOids actually believe.

Do you support white peace without reparations and contributions yes or no motherfucker


File: 1663924609994.png (103.08 KB, 565x740, ClipboardImage.png)

Resident Donbass commie boomer has some thoughts.


>Zizek was fine watching Serbs be bombed to bits.


File: 1663925476135-0.jpg (150.26 KB, 750x867, 1663921894309724.jpg)

File: 1663925476135-1.png (255.29 KB, 598x504, 1663921440015223.png)

>votes against democracy

Wait what's going on here


"Democracy" has long been a euphemism for liberalism.


File: 1663925690561.png (1.22 MB, 1280x881, ClipboardImage.png)

>not wanting hungarians to vote
Based tankie EU? Bit late for that though. They had their chance.


Orban's party has a lot of control over the media. Nothing will happen because Poland will cover for them so they can continue being naughty reactoids despite western Europe seething.


>Do you support white peace without reparations and contributions yes or no motherfucker
No. Does Russia?


They did for a while


Hopeful pawn lol

Even if Russia was willing , which they are probably not, what are the chances that NATO will allow anywhere near a full conquest of Ukraine? Zero? None?
Call it whatever, If their pawn or their plunder in Ukraine is at risk of being lost to Russia, they will put a stop to the war with whatever pretext necessary.


Yep, the Minsk agreement basically was a white peace. Not to mention, at the very start of the SMO, Russia initial objective was to forcefully make Kiev surrender and end this as quick and with least casualties/destruction as possible.
But Kiev and the West disregarded both and chose a longer, more bloodier conflict.


File: 1663928248587-0.mp4 (5.42 MB, 1280x720, dsfggsg.mp4)

File: 1663928248587-1.mp4 (17.84 MB, 854x480, gfefwe.mp4)

People out to vote in the referendums in DPR and LPR. Soooo BASED !


so telling truth is a crime now in EU it seems
liberals just love war and destruction it seems








So you are saying Russians actually have free media and right to protest?


Yea actually. Just as much or more than US


free media is a meme it doesn't exist


You're right, the US State Dept. needs to do something about that!!




I'm so glad us state department helps this message!


Man, don't tell me Cucktin is gonna cuck out some more after the refenderum and there will be no more offensives


what do you think he declared mobilization for


The greater the cucking, the greater the pleasure.


he doesn’t control all of Donetsk/Lugansk yet so he kind of has to launch at least a few successful offensives


Since after the referendum most probably they will vote to join Russia, any attack on them from then on will be considered an attack on Russia. Ukraine will get rekt if they try anything stupid


fuck bros, I miss playing mmos


fun fact: Ukraine already attacked Russia proper at Belgorod and nothing happened.


>nothing happened
probably a response was made, we don't know what happens behind the curtain


fun fact: Russia was still pushing for Ukraine to negotiate at the time


File: 1663931367828.jpg (62.43 KB, 750x1090, eaf.jpg)

That really brachiates my braincells.


wow, look at all of them Putin bot shill TANKIES!!! I wonder how much Putler (Putin Hitler) must have paid them?


according to totally legit ( aka CIA ) sources : 1 gazillion roubles


>what do you think he declared mobilization for
Because Russia may need the bump to their military anyway. It's all well and good to say you can call up 20 million reservists, but there needs to be an escalation to that. All those people may need officers and instructors, for example.

On the other hand, what the fuck is Russia supposed to do in Ukraine anyway? Whether it's taking big cities, securing the coast to Odessa(good luck taking and holding that with the geography), securing a huge frontline east of the Dnieper or hell even crossing past the river… it means a huge time and resource commitment to this one conflict, playing into NATO's hand(which can open any other fronts at will) and getting exactly what for a reward? More clay? Russia already got most of the resource access and Ukraine has no autonomy in the Black Sea, whoever controls Odessa.

What's the benefit of a larger campaign on Ukraine? OH and lets not forget that NATO wont allow a decisive Russia victory that takes Ukraine as an asset or as an investment from them. So really there is no point in taking larger bits of Ukraine beyond maybe securing Kharkov and asserting control,without occupation, to the east of the Dnieper until about Kherson.

And just like with the military, NATO won't let Ukraine peter down into getting ground to dust for another 4 months after this NATO sponsored offensive runs out of steam. Neither is it convenient for Europe for the war to continue during the winter, which also benefits Russia in squeezing those extra exports out of them. IDK it seems like nobody, not even the US, benefits from the war continuing past the imminent point where Ukraine is unable to put up a serious resistance.


wtf is wrong with balts, like it couldnt have been that bad being an SSR


Why should Putin downgrade it?


Bolsheviks stopped them killing all the Jews and building an ethno-state.


Bolsheviks built an ethnostate for them by deporting Germans.


it's supposed to be an upgrade, in theory "CTO" means more liberties in targeting infrastructure and Ukrainian officials being designated as terrorist leaders (and terminated like Chechen leaders)
not that Putin would do that but still


maybe (if Putin, for whatever reason, refuses to cuck) we could actually be looking out for actual war

but I doubt it


Bombing nationalist anti-communist serbs is fine


File: 1663935597234.png (610.95 KB, 601x567, 1661041645870.png)

>supporting NATO actions
>calls himself leftie
absolute state of zizek and his fanbois


If Russia pushes further enough into Ukraine to the point its over for Ukraine, will Poland invade from the west?


Russian FM Lavrov Calls Zelensky ‘a Son of a Bitch’ and Puts Spotlight on ‘Impunity’ in Ukraine


those damn nationalist schoolchildren >:(


>I think Trump might have been better for accelerationists.

My brother in christ we have never had a more accelerationist government than biden and his team


It looks a lot like American conservatives crying about liberal hypocrisy and double standards.


Virgin Zelensky and fellow nazbols destroyed by facts and logic. I am impressed by the speed and presentation style of Lavrov… If dark Biden did something similar he would have collapsed kek


>the majority of bolshevik leadership had served in world war two… which they defeated the white russians and tsarists with.
time traveling russians


>Can anybody explain to me how NATO supposedly started this war?
By sinking Minsk so an alignment of Atlantic imperialism and Eastern nationalism could dictate the outcome of the Ukraine crisis, which meant NATOization of a country embroiled in a frozen conflict and declaring a great power rivalry with Russia which was labeled the source of all divisions in liberal democracy. Once this conflict was internationalized in that way, Russia reciprocated.

You had a conflict between a Ukraine integrated into NATO so it can reassert its borders without Minsk and the overwhelmingly popular demands for secession and autonomy in Crimea and Donbass, backed by Russia. Once it became clear there was a conflict between NATO and Russia over Crimea, Russia invaded.


I thought Minsk sunk since DPR didn't stop gaining ground after the ceasefire. Also I haven't seen anyone debunk the western claims of ongoing military support of the separatist faction from Russia that was also prohibited in the agreement.


Don't worry about that. Things won't get this bad but it would indeed be sad if it were the case

>the nuclear option's been brought up
Already was at the beggining. As a bluff maybe, but it was. If WW3 isn't possible because of nukes, they most probably won't be used.
Otherwise, there is nothing wrong with your post. You should prepare, not necessarily for WW3 (which I don't think will happen), but at the very least for a revolutionnary war when the time comes.

>implying NATO would even risk direct war with the Russians
The Russians would be aware it's a falseflag and would immediately retaliate, they wouldn't try doing that.

>So it seems US war planners plan to use nukes in their next war else they would not have ripped all the treaties freezing US and Russian nuclear arms
Possible. But developping nukes doesn't mean you plan on using them for anything more than deterrence. The US claim they have the clearance to launch a first strike, but will they actually risk destroying themselves in the process? Certainly not.


Russians barely supported the separatists materially even in 2014, what are you talking about


what the fuck i've never heard of this before lmao


dead meme it seems?


File: 1663939809822.jpg (617.97 KB, 828x819, 1663938378937671.jpg)


weird homoerotic nazi meme, it was posted here a lot at the beginning of the war, recently NAFaggots took off her swastika tattoo which is pretty funny


Comfy chat : Alex Christoforou, Larry Johnson, The New Atlas


Average day in the new multipolar world order


File: 1663940418517.png (439.75 KB, 790x757, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1663940518397.jpg (20.97 KB, 426x229, few4wf.JPG)

we do a little trolling lmao



File: 1663940569463.jpeg (22.4 KB, 450x450, blazer lenin.jpeg)

>as in 1917


lmaoing at that faggot reuters photojournalist getting lenin in the picture to make it seem more evil



File: 1663940763298-1.jpg (168.96 KB, 1195x1244, 1661637430273.jpg)

Baltic nationalists are yapping dogs. They only gained independence AFTER the Great October Socialist Revolution and therefore have always had to smear communism to be relevant.

Latvia and Estonia were Bolshevik strongholds in 1917 and the Soviet Republics established there during the revolution were crushed only due to intervention by the Entente and German's. Latvia in particular had tons of communists, many of whom were killed by the fascist agents in the NKVD like Yezhov.

Estonia had a communist revolution defeated in 1924.

When the working class of those countries overthrew their fascist governments with the support of the Red Army in 1940 and restored Soviet power, the bourgeois nationalists threw in their lot with fascist Germany. In the cold war, they all fled to the USA and Scandinavia and created a lobby group abroad.

Basically they hate the USSR for the same reason any anticommunists do. It took away their property, wealth and power.


File: 1663940897187-0.png (22.01 KB, 713x711, ita1.png)

File: 1663940897187-1.png (35.59 KB, 716x494, ita2.png)

What an Italy led by the far-right might mean for Europe

>As European household energy bills surged at the onset of a blistering hot summer, Italy’s prime minister Mario Draghi framed the sacrifices he was asking Italians to make on behalf of Ukraine as a stark choice. “Do you want peace,” he asked in April, “or do you want air conditioning?”

>Now, after the premature collapse of Draghi’s cross-party coalition in July, Italians are poised to vote for a new government whose willingness to put them through further economic disruption and sacrifices is in doubt.

>If polls are correct, Italy will emerge from its general election on Sunday with a new far-right government led by arch-conservative Giorgia Meloni, president of the Brothers of Italy. She and her populist ally Matteo Salvini, leader of the League, together appear poised for a decisive victory over a deeply divided centre-left.

>It would mark Italy’s first experiment with far-right rule since fascist dictator Benito Mussolini, after a total of 69 ideologically diverse governments since the second world war. Many Italians fear that personal freedoms will be curbed and space for democracy shrunk. Others fret that the comparatively inexperienced Brothers of Italy, which is forecast to lead the coalition, lacks the technical competence to navigate Italy through its current economic challenges.

>Decision makers in Brussels and in Washington, as well as in Moscow, will also be watching closely to see whether the rightwing coalition — with its strong nationalist leanings and historic hostility to the EU — will have the fortitude to maintain Italy’s strong support for Ukraine, or whether its ascent will bring new friction to Rome’s relationship with Europe.

>“Ukrainians are doing fine holding the line on the battlefield, so the fundamental question in transatlantic relations is: ‘Will Western nations hold the line politically and economically, especially with the coming winter?’,” says Stefano Stefanini, Italy’s former ambassador to Nato. “Italy could really create problems for the EU.”

>Both Meloni, a conservative firebrand whose political career began as a teenage activist in the youth wing of the neo-fascist Italian Social Movement, and Salvini, who was an ardent admirer of Russian president Vladimir Putin, are Eurosceptics.

>They have fiercely criticised the EU — Meloni has called Brussels bureaucrats agents of “nihilistic global elites driven by international finance” — and both flirted with leaving the euro, though they have lately muted their hostile rhetoric.

>While Meloni has pledged to continue Draghi’s policies of military support for Ukraine and tough line on sanctions on Russia, Salvini on the campaign trail has publicly complained of the toll sanctions are taking on Italy’s economy.

>“Europe chose to impose sanctions after the war. That’s fine — but the price of sanctions cannot be paid by Italian families and businesses,” Salvini told supporters at Lake Como this month. “The measures that Europe has imposed are not bringing those who unleashed the war — Putin, the ministers, the oligarchs, the generals — to their knees. Who is paying for the sanctions? You are.”

>For all Meloni’s reassuring promises of continuity and Salvini’s agitated rhetoric, analysts say the real test for the new government will lie in the months ahead as the EU tries to work out a co-ordinated response to changing battlefield conditions, and the G7 hammers out specific details on such complicated policies as the oil price cap.

>“Italy’s new government will be judged on facts, not on statements and declarations during the campaign,” Stefanini says. “It is not as simple as just holding the line on existing sanctions. It will be what is the new government’s line on new developments, where there will be new decisions to be made.”

>But, Stefanini warns, “not to hold the line would cost Italy both its relationship with the EU and the US, and that is a price Italy cannot afford. Italy cannot afford the price of discontinuity on foreign policy.”

>Italy is dependent on a continuing €200bn EU package to help reboot its chronically underperforming economy, and faces questions about the sustainability of its almost $3tn in sovereign debt. Together, Italian analysts expect these will keep the new government onside with key European powers, such as France and Germany, and check its confrontational impulses.

>Italy is particularly vulnerable as the European Central Bank tightens monetary policy. To benefit from a new ECB government bond-buying scheme intended to keep its borrowing costs from spiralling further, Rome will have to comply with its EU commitments, including structural reforms promised as part of the Covid recovery programme.

>“In the depths of her heart, Meloni is a Eurosceptic,” says Nathalie Tocci, director of the Italian Institute of International Affairs. “But the context doesn’t really allow for much messing around, unless you want to bring the country to bankruptcy. We are in the middle of a crisis and the markets have their eyes on Italy. They are going to be watching her every step.”

>How the new government handles its vexed policy challenges will be determined partly by the balance of power within the coalition.

>The two key leaders are united in fierce opposition to migration, and support for conservative “family values”. But while Meloni is a staunch Atlanticist who advocates muscular national security policies, Salvini’s support base includes companies that had close business relations with Russia until the invasion.

>Tensions between the two — who have sometimes struggled to conceal their intense personal rivalry as they campaign together in a joint quest for power — have already emerged.

>“They want to be perceived as a party that you can do business with and can govern the country,” Lorenzo Codogno, a former director-general of the Italian Treasury, says of the Brothers of Italy.

>Meloni is predicted to be the coalition’s dominant decision maker. Before the two-week, pre-election ban on publishing public opinion data took effect on September 10, polls indicated that Brothers of Italy was on course to secure more votes than the League and a third coalition partner, Silvio Berlusconi’s Forza Italia, combined.

>But Brussels shouldn’t expect an easy ride. Meloni has also talked repeatedly of the need to revise the EU’s €200bn recovery plan to account for the oil price shock stemming from the Ukraine conflict, despite warnings from the commission that the plan cannot undergo significant changes. That, in turn, has raised concerns that the reform and investment programme — with funds released in tranches based on the meeting of key reform criteria — could stall.

>Such gloom and uncertainty over Italy’s prospects marks a dramatic turn from the optimism of earlier this year, when Draghi pledged to execute the ambitious EU-funded reform and investment programme aimed at raising Italy’s long-term growth trajectory. The former ECB president faced few questions about meeting commitments to Europe’s institutions.

>But the invasion of Ukraine unleashed severe political strains in a country that had long seen itself as a bridge between Russia and the EU. Breaking from Rome’s traditional sympathy for Moscow, Draghi vigorously denounced Russia’s aggression and led the drafting of some of the toughest EU sanctions. That discomfited some members of his coalition — including Salvini and the populist Five Star Movement — who had cultivated strong ties with Putin.

>Italy’s economy is also feeling the strain. Inflation jumped to 9 per cent in August, a 37-year high, and growth has slowed as energy prices have soared, while industry groups are warning of large-scale business closures and lay-offs without further government intervention. Investors, meanwhile, are keeping a hawk eye on any evidence of deviation from strict fiscal discipline, which would send Italy’s already elevated borrowing costs skyrocketing.

>Guido Crosetto, one of Brothers of Italy’s three co-founders and a top adviser to Meloni, warns that the new Italian government will face intense internal pressure as its citizens reel from the impact of the Ukraine conflict, and will probably need more support from Europe in the months ahead.

>“The problem of the west [when it comes to support for Ukraine] is not nations and governments — it is western public opinion,” Crosetto says. “The people do not understand why they have to suffer. There will be a moment when people start blaming the governments. And that will be the hardest moment for all of Europe and the west.”

>Many fear that a rightwing Italian government will also be a drag on deeper European integration at a critical juncture. Major European powers are reconsidering closer co-operation on defence and revising fiscal rules to give member states more room for long-term growth-enhancing investments.

>In her approach to Europe, Meloni has more in common with Hungarian leader Viktor Orbán than the big forces of the EU, Germany and France, and appears ready to side with other nationalist conservative leaders in their disputes with Brussels over rule of law and democratic standards.

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán with Giorgia Meloni in 2019. The Brothers of Italy leader appears ready to side with other nationalist conservative leaders in their disputes with Brussels

>Last week, both Brothers of Italy and the League voted against a European Parliament resolution condemning democratic backsliding in Hungary, while Meloni openly defended Orbán’s record. “Orbán has won the elections, several times even by a wide margin, with all the rest of the constitutional arc lined up against him,” she said. “It is a democratic system.”

>Meloni has also said that countries’ national laws should take precedence over EU laws, a view likely to alarm Brussels. “How our national system merges with the European system is an issue,” she told Italy’s state-run broadcaster Rai recently. “It is not an issue of enmity towards Europe, but of better organising how the defence of the national interest works in a European dynamic.”

>Crosetto says Brothers of Italy has issues with Europe’s “excessive bureaucracy” and “doesn’t understand the Europe that decides how big the peas must be or how long the fish we eat must be”. However, he says, the rightwing party is absolutely committed to “the spirit of Europe: getting together when there are troubles, fighting against injustice.”

>Rivals warn that Meloni’s nationalist, Eurosceptic outlook will see Italy lose the clout it has wielded in Brussels under Draghi, whose towering personal reputation and staunch commitment to the transatlantic relationship gave him a leading role in EU decision-making through the crisis of the past year.

>“Italy will exit from the core of Europe,” warns Enrico Letta, the Democratic party leader who tried but failed to stitch together a broad centre-left coalition to compete more effectively against the rightwing coalition.

>“The European future will be less strong and less secure with Meloni,” he says. “Her approach is not a pro-European approach, it is exactly the opposite. We want to stay in the first division — at the heart of Brussels — with Germany, France and Spain. With her we’ll be relegated to the second division, with Hungary and Poland.”

>For all Meloni’s efforts to portray herself as a mainstream conservative, Catherine Fieschi, author of Populocracy: the Tyranny of Authenticity and the Rise of Populism, describes the Brothers of Italy leader as “deeply ideological” and says she has used the “ideas of the traditional Christian conservative right” to tap into a potent strain of the population.

>“She has understood perfectly that Italians are sick of bombast but don’t want technocracy either,” Fieschi says. “She really is a nationalist conservative. What we are going to see is ‘Italy First’.”


>chiefly unrecognised self-proclaimed Luhansk People's Republic
i can hear their teeth grinding as they type out this bitter sentence


What happened to Switz, Norway and France? Norway has it's own national fuel sources, France I think they are controlling prices, what about Switzerland?


>while Meloni is a staunch Atlanticist
What a surprise?


Italy won't exit the EU, M5S and those fascist retards from the lega already tried and utterly failed. Populists keep forgeting they live in a bourgeois dictatorship and can't go against their masters


>n-no they didn't
Yea according the Russian media, which in this situation is incentivized to lie. Utilizing misinformation in warfare and geopolitics has been a tactic for every faction ever since apes invented sharp rocks. I need better argument than that sis'.


no amount of evidence would ever stop you from being a faggot


Bless the butcher Putin who will burn Bourgeoisie Russia to the ground.


>will burn Russia down
yeah… NO. Russian economy is doing much better than expected and is projected to rebound sooner. Interest rates are already being cut due to easing inflation


warms my heart to see iranian drones devastating ukrop logistics and air defense


You can smell her BDP from a mile away.


I think Bandera nazi regime in Ukriane who openely call Russians "subhumans" are more likely to have broken the agreements first. All the evidence against Ukrainians are piling up and they will be punished in the international criminal courts


Usa:idgaf about her no more
Also usa : 48483837 intelligence files on the matter


Tons of hydro power


>All the evidence against Ukrainians are piling up and they will be punished in the international criminal courts
In international courts? Probably not. A lot of "international" institutions are actually compromised by pro-US actors, like that UN delegation to Zaporizhia that was a way to put some more pressure on the Russians.
In their own courts maybe, but that is only if Putin's heart is still pure tungsten by then.


Nice ableism faggot


won't somebody think of the bpd hoes ;_;


>Disbelieving in Russian nationalist media turns you into a homosexual.
Wrong board hetero-scum.


>UN delegation to Zaporizhia that was a way to put some more pressure on the Russians.
The delegation Russia and China approved of? Stop being a conspiracy theorist, this delegation was meant to defuse the situation somewhat.


File: 1663943011289.png (105.99 KB, 1188x518, ClipboardImage.png)

we're all gonna make it


Sorry, you're right. That was a dumb thing to say. I thought some weird things were going on with it, that's why. I still believe many international institutions are Western-biased though.


No argument there.


When Minsk II was signed, both Azov nazis and Donetsk nazis kept fighting cuz, ya know, nazis. What Russia did by attacking in febuary was to escalate the conflict to a point where it wasn't about nazis vs nazis anymore, but both sides began to shove less extreme constituents of their population into the meat grinder.


>donetsk nazis


File: 1663943403640.png (35 KB, 915x263, ClipboardImage.png)

>Sorry, you're right. That was a dumb thing to say. I thought some weird things were going on with it, that's why.
Why are you apologizing? Their explicit goal was to de-militarize the NPP and the surrounding area, have Russian soldiers pull back, and then ask Ukraine super nicely if they would just not take back the free land. It was an obvious glow-up, which should not even sound outlandish or surprising considering how few options are available to the West to get their claws into controlled territory.


>while Meloni is a staunch Atlanticist who advocates muscular national security policies, Salvini’s support base includes companies that had close business relations with Russia until the invasion.
<Since February 2021, Meloni has been a member of the Aspen Institute,[43][44] an international think tank headquartered in Washington, D.C., which includes many financiers, businessmen, and politicians.
Fashoids gonna fash


Did transhumaniZt anon get bluepilled or this is a different poster?


They banned their communist party too you know?


File: 1663943566489.png (58.02 KB, 722x517, uk3.png)

Pound hits 37-year low against dollar on huge UK tax cut ‘gamble’

>UK government bonds sold off sharply and the pound hit a new 37-year low against the dollar as investors worried that Kwasi Kwarteng’s tax cuts and energy subsidies would place Britain on an “unstable” fiscal trajectory.

>Long-term borrowing costs surged in one of the biggest weekly increases on record, with one investor describing Kwarteng’s plan as a “radical economic gamble”.

>Sterling fell on Friday below $1.11 for the first time since 1985, while the FTSE 100 share index slid 2.4 per cent.

>The 10-year gilt yield surged 0.27 percentage points on heavy selling to hit 3.77 per cent, bringing its rise for the week to more than half a percentage point. Friday’s tumble in bonds and the pound came after Kwarteng, the UK chancellor, said the government would scrap the 45p top rate of income tax and replace it with a 40p rate. He also announced a cut in stamp duty on home sales.

>The tax cuts, which will reduce government income, come as the UK is expected to spend £150bn on subsidising energy costs for consumers and businesses. Kwarteng said the energy rescue scheme would cost £60bn in its first six months.

>A large swath of this borrowing will need to be financed by selling gilts. The UK Debt Management Office increased its planned bond sales for the 2022-23 fiscal year by £62.4bn to £193.9bn.

>“This huge fiscal event is a radical economic gamble; a ‘go big or go home’ gamble that will put UK debt on an unstable footing,” said Bethany Payne, a bond portfolio manager at Janus Henderson Investors.

>Investors are also anticipating more aggressive interest rate rises from the Bank of England to offset the inflationary impact of Kwarteng’s stimulus measures, following a 0.5 percentage point increase in the bank rate this week. The expectations for more aggressive BoE rate increases sent the two-year gilt yield soaring more than 0.8 percentage points this week.

>Following the chancellor’s announcement, markets were pricing in 0.75 percentage point rises at each of the next three BoE meetings, taking rates to 4.5 per cent.

>Adding to the pressure on UK government bonds, the BoE also announced on Thursday that it would next month begin selling gilts it holds as a result of previous bond-buying programmes in an attempt to shrink its balance sheet.

>Payne said that Friday’s borrowing announcements would make it even harder for investors to absorb BoE gilt sales, raising the possibility that so-called quantitative tightening “is over before it even began”.

>The pound on Friday extended its recent tumble, slumping as much as 2.1 per cent after Kwarteng spoke, hitting a low of $1.1022, a level last seen in 1985, according to Refinitiv data. Against the euro, the pound fell 1.1 per cent.

>“In this type of environment with the cost of living crisis, energy crisis . . . the chance for policy missteps rises,” said Stephen Gallo, head of European FX at BMO Capital Markets. “The currency is going to show a lot of the burden and it is doing that now.”

>The combination of the rout in the gilt market and a fall in the pound — which should typically benefit from higher interest rates — sends a “worrying” signal that investors’ faith in UK economic policy could be ebbing, said Mike Riddell, a portfolio manager at Allianz Global Investors.

>“Saying the UK is becoming an emerging market is still clearly a step too far — there are still strong institutions. But it’s a slippery slope,” he added. “The danger is that if the market decides you are going down the road of essentially running the wrong policy — launching a massive fiscal stimulus when you have double-digit inflation — you lose your credibility that’s been built up over decades.”


>Why are you apologizing?
I can't into debates and arguments plus I keep being afraid of saying something dumb -_-
Any ways to fix this?


become extremely belligerent whenever someone disagrees with you


>Donetsk nazis
absolute state

azovs are called nazis not bcuz they banned communist party its bcuz they literally follow nazism


File: 1663943813857.jpg (5.63 KB, 235x276, 2022-09-23 09_31_40.jpg)

What was he thinking at this moment, anons?


France, nuclear power (and price caps as you say, also energy vouchers). Switzerland and Norway have hydro power like the other anon said. Alpine dams and such. The Swiss have price caps too. Still, the wider electricity market isn't immune.


If something wihtin nato "provides intelligence" means they have their own intelligence, you dumb-dumb.


>don't look autistic
>don't look autistic
>don't look autistic


>Nice ableism faggot
no anon it's just misogony.


No they didn't.
They got kicked out of the parliament in like 2016 which is pretty bad by itself, but absolutely incomparable to Ukraine's decommunization, banning of every remotely leftist party and brutal repression of communists
CPDPR, Union of Luhansk Communists and Borotba operate openly in LDPR, take part in distributing humanitarian aid and even combat


have you been moobilized yet?


Russia should stop making deals and giving back Azov fascists of all POWs. Death penalty for desertion and no quarter for prisoners. Simple.


File: 1663944261275.jpg (41.61 KB, 1080x608, 1657032054132.jpg)

checked and correct


What's happened to them?


Do you find it hard to believe that separatist conflict along ethnic lines spawns nationalist extremists on both sides of the conflict? To want to endanger yourself in a separatist war you gotta be 1) pretty nationalist 2) pretty radical


I am very disappointed about the Azov fascists getting exchanged. Putin could at least pretend his "de-nazification" was serious.


>Vietnamese anti-Imperialists were the same as the French and US empires.
Fuck off retard.


you also forgot 3) Being sick of the fascist Kiev government shelling you and persecuting you


File: 1663944463694.png (748.17 KB, 720x810, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1663944483414.jpg (98.73 KB, 828x766, FdVL-EWXoAEoTYo.jpg)

Ongoing voting process.


Not yet. Does anyone have some cool designs for a leftypol sleeve patch?


Idk if the azovs caught in the azovstal were the same ones who were keen to do warcrimes back in 2015. Punishing just by name of the unit would be just plain dumb.


>Idk if the azovs caught in the azovstal were the same ones who were keen to do warcrimes back in 2015.
The commanders were.

>Punishing just by name of the unit would be just plain dumb.

Nuremberg standard.


I think they're mostly defunct but keep posting on the internet from the DPR, some are fighting the war


Not a /leftypol/ sleeve patch specifically but I made this one for my personal fiction universe. It's also in the flag thread, I can change the text to something more suitable if you want.


That is correct, azov too gained lots of support after mariupol was shelled by the separatists.


azov was literally invented to terrorize mariupol


For the militia I hope. I was always a bit sceptical and they seemed like left wing Ukrainian nationalists.


>Vietnam civil war was an ethnic conflict
wew, more you learn.


What status will they get in the Russian Federation? Oblast? Autonomous republics?


File: 1663944843417.png (373.44 KB, 650x334, ClipboardImage.png)

They were always anti-Maidan and pro-Republics


>but I made this one for my personal fiction universe.
Anon. Stop this now. don't thnk you wont be trying to rape your own mother in 2 decades because it will happen.


What do you mean?


File: 1663944992221.png (355.07 KB, 550x412, ClipboardImage.png)

Is there any scenario where Ukraine wins (return to 2014 status quo or get all territory they want) but the far right forces are weakened?


It was nationalist and radical. Which you are saying makes them Nazis.


File: 1663944997700.png (186.79 KB, 789x802, ClipboardImage.png)

this LITERALLY reads like the crying soyjak shidding and pissing and farting typing this out



damn those guys really like that bandera character, huh


Not unless they surrender unconditionally.


If you get drafted remember to change your socks in the field at every opportunity, and hike your pants up as high as possible to combat chafing.


File: 1663945113329.mp4 (16.8 MB, 720x1280, gtr5dxg.mp4)

A brief explanation of what needs to be done with the passport of Ukraine after participating in the referendum 😁


File: 1663945114726.png (2.16 MB, 1280x2058, ClipboardImage.png)


He's comparing you to Chris Chan.


Exclusion zone.


But why? Was my answer inappropriate? I just wanted to post a sleeve patch design Russanon might like -_-


just make sure to write born to coom on your helmet band


ok true, vietnam wasn't nazis


The Banderites are going to be strengthened by this no matter what. If Ukraine wins they will take credit for the victory and be legitimized. If Russia wins they will turn popular anger at the defeat against the remaining liberals. Anti-Russian sentiment is going to be much higher afterwards in any case, and that will fuel the Banderites.
I guess he's making a comparison between your "personal fiction universe" and Sonichu.


Sad. Now I understand Zgang


>I guess he's making a comparison between your "personal fiction universe" and Sonichu.
I got that when you said he was comparing me to Chris-chan and thinking back on it, it might have been inappropriate of me to put forward my hobbies when Russanon could be going to war, I am terribly sorry.

However, I don't like being compared with fucking CWC of all people.


cool imageboard people think creativity is cringe


<dat file name.
Coomerspiracy rolling in: ukrainian women are going to be prostituted.
I haven't read any official proposal. Perhaps once the vote concludes they prepare a draft or something similar.
>I guess he's making a comparison between your "personal fiction universe" and Sonichu.
NTA, but 2deep4me in the chan culture.
Don't take it personally, silly comments, regard them like that, silly comments.


In a nutshell, nothing will fundamentally change. Only cruelty towards minorities and brown refugees will worsen, while proles get exploited even harder.
When will the people vooting those nationaloid parties finally realise that they are just as cucked to the big powers as their neolib counterparts? As always, the nationaloid rhetoric is entirely stolen from anti-imperialists.


I see. There is still much I have to learn about the ways anons interact with each other on imageboards… nonverbal communication is one of my biggest weaknesses after all ^^


File: 1663946235278-0.jpg (136.89 KB, 1024x683, efw3tf.jpg)

File: 1663946235278-1.jpg (205.97 KB, 1024x683, fdsf.jpg)

File: 1663946235278-2.jpg (80.14 KB, 1024x677, dsfwfe.jpg)

The rally “We don’t abandon our own” in support of Donbass started in the center of Moscow on Manezhnaya Square

Z gang rising


File: 1663946274126.mp4 (1.7 MB, 1280x720, vdl.mp4)

"We will see the result of the vote in Italy. If things go in a difficult direction, we have tools, as in the case of Poland and Hungary."


File: 1663946308998.jpg (263.08 KB, 1280x858, dsarw34.jpg)

Grozny, Chechnya. Over 50,000 people came out to show their support for the referendums


You're in luck then! Other than images and videos all communication on this site is verbal.


>We don’t abandon our own

After retreating from Kharkov. What a fucking shameful display


They're coming back to take it all back.


Post-war ukraine must necessarily find a way to way to address the anti-russian racism towards their russian speaking minority the conflict has caused. Government can endorse it, leading it further down the nazi path and receiving some international backlash, amount of which depend on how threatening the international community perceives the post-war Russia to be.

More likely path is the government vocally supporting national healing and unity enforced by international money floating in for the rebuilding. Nazis will drop back to marginal, largely seen as not useful in the new game of licking EU ass, but still active. Liberalism go go, maybe even a pinch of socdem.




>our own
this is your brain on nationalism



>maybe even a pinch of socdem.



>implying Russians won't be kicked out and ethnically cleansed out of post-war Ukraine
are you even paying attention?


File: 1663946687034.jpg (240.3 KB, 1329x1429, ae2h.jpg)

well said


get that fucking american flag out of there you traitorous cretin



>voting is when the people i like are the ones holding referendums


Well, I say it's one of my biggest weaknesses but I've learned how to understand it slowly over time. I meant I'm used to directly talking to people, not posting text on an imageboard but you're correct, otherwise communication here is verbal, technically ^^
Should've said that I need to learn the subtleties of imageboard culture maybe? I don't know what constitutes as appropriate or not when discussing on an imageboard.
Also, since we're here I want to apologize if I ever sounded annoying or whatever up until now, I don't want to be annoying to anyone except fashoids and the bourgeois they deserve way worse than this anyways


You hope for that, but we've seen what putin was doing for half a year.


Even those defending ukraine atm? Doubt it.


File: 1663947027391.png (223.71 KB, 626x827, cope.png)

Fixed it, but unlike cap anon's head canon, this patch is a true reflection of this thread at this time.


But no western media will say this is election meddling.


File: 1663947093465.jpg (15.51 KB, 250x165, 366262.jpg)

Looks like we have a sage here who have overcome every limitations of human mind. Stop seething and uphold the timeless Z thought


>SFR Sigma
what did he mean by this






File: 1663947130457.jpg (85.26 KB, 1000x1000, Kill-La-Kill delete this.jpg)


She should've saved the photos, it's a pain in the ass to get them like the clerk want


No, SFR Sigma for Socialist Federal Republic of Sigmas?


Its supposed to look like "cope", but unironically this is fine >>1186129



We got the joke, but I'm glad you thought the idea was fine ^^


File: 1663947683232.mp4 (900.04 KB, 640x360, Sigmarxism-Leninism.mp4)

>Socialist Federal Republic of Sigmas


Slava SFRΣ


File: 1663947766665.gif (1.46 MB, 498x314, ดิ้น-cute.gif)

>they didn't let in my independent observers!!!!


File: 1663947871905.png (107.36 KB, 790x584, ClipboardImage.png)

>providing an exit ramp to avoid possible nuclear armageddon is disastrous and shameful
yeah im thinkin the people in charge don't have our best interests at heart


File: 1663948022536.png (707.1 KB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

to add onto that, its not even like they care when they have all their observers and NGOs involved in their plans, because all it takes is the result to be other than what they were hoping for for them to throw out all credibility and start dictating reality to the people instead. pic very much related considering all international observers kept saying there was not a single issue with the elections in venezuela, even after trump and his monkeys in the EU recognized guaido instead.


>be French
>naturally hate Macron being no one likes Macron
>be communist as well
>Macron is somehow one of the least hawkish NATO leaders



It's bad cop good cop, at the end of the day they meet each other at the donut shop


Vova, get the kalibr


>large ass Ukrainian flags on the sides
>cum/birdshit splotches all around
>NAFO camo
checks out


Mother of cringe. If every anon here gained a dollar for every time NAFO did something cringey, we'd be able to fund our own space programm and summon comrades from another galaxy.


>If every anon here gained a dollar
Actually, fuck the dollar hegemony. Yuans, rouble, rupees or fucking NOTHING!


Norway is also a gas exporter. Their workers used the shortage opportunity to strike for better pay, but instantly cucked out a day later – pathetic.


Ukrainian competent authorities means technical personnel not the military since it would be a dmz. It would be trivial to prevent Ukraine mil infiltration because there's a big river between the Russian occupied territory and the Ukraine one. Russia just want to keep using the plant as a staging area


Lol, I bet western media called them pro-russia


It's a protest organized by the state though not exactly your grassroot movement


She should have censored her face though, since the Ukronazis will try to have revenge on "collaborators", in case they take this territory, which can't be ruled out right now.
Also, what is this passport made of? Toilet paper? Either she's Gigachad strong (not unlikely) or Cuckrainian passports are absolute rubbish – literally. My passport is reinforced with plastic plates. I'm sure I couldn't rip it apart if I tried, apart from the pages inside.


Switzerland is expensive as fuck. The minimum wage wouldn't make competitive any of their resources at all. They have inflated their wage by plundering other's nations' resources through money laundering since hitler stored gold was stolen by the swiss banks.
europe recently screeched about Norway selling their gas and oil at international prices, I don't remember who, but european media were angry about Norway not being solidary with the european situation, kek.




he talks a lot but get systematically humiliated on the international scene.


Read this book. At least the chapter on the demonization of the serbs


>I thought Minsk sunk since DPR didn't stop gaining ground after the ceasefire.
Wtf are you talking about. LDNR have been stagnant since the 2014 war
>Also I haven't seen anyone debunk the western claims of ongoing military support of the separatist faction from Russia that was also prohibited in the agreement
They probably didn't, but then again Russia never built an army like NATO did and Minsk was dependent on decentralization that utterly failed to happened starting in 2015.


File: 1663949899796-0.mp4 (18.77 MB, 1080x1634, 1663937829800.mp4)

File: 1663949899796-1.jpg (42 KB, 512x512, 1663730006111.jpg)

it's over soysissies…


this, at this point why even bother with appearances


The way Serbs are dehumanised for supporting Russia is telling.



File: 1663950056091.jpg (198.3 KB, 1287x769, SudetenlandKarte.jpg)

Russian speaking ukrainians shouldn't be considered russians. That's ethnonationalism.


File: 1663950160204.gif (298.59 KB, 500x373, Laffin-squidward.gif)

Wait, Europoors got mad at Norwegian capitalists for doing capitalist things.


File: 1663950197180.png (84.46 KB, 1148x1704, 1663950129226197.png)

TorySisters I don't feel so good…..


Trust the Market, Finance Capital in control.



>The era of iPhone soy cuckolds is ending


The "Russians speaking ukranians" aren't treated as ukranians by the ones doing ukrainiannism. That's where the real source of ethnontaionalism comes from.
Russia started the SMO to avoid a genocide that was very visible to happen.

just to show a few. No need to open the links, just read the heading inside the links' names, and yes, they are screeching hard.


>europe recently screeched about Norway selling their gas and oil at international prices, I don't remember who, but european media were angry about Norway not being solidary with the european situation, kek.

Poles, it was poles.


By Maciej Martewicz

Norway should share the “gigantic” profits it’s recently made as a result of higher oil and gas prices, especially with Ukraine, said Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki.

Morawiecki, answering a question about his government’s energy policy Sunday at a meeting of a youth group, said coal-reliant Poland plans to switch to renewables and nuclear energy, while shedding oil and gas deliveries from Russia and at some point from “Arab” countries as well.

“But should we be paying Norway gigantic money for gas – four or five times more than we paid a year ago? This is sick,” he said. “They should share these excess profits. It’s not normal, it’s unjust. This is an indirect preying on the war started by Putin.”


>Russian speaking ukrainians shouldn't be considered russians

You can thank Ukrainian nationalism for rendering them less than Ukrainian and creating a national question.


File: 1663950463559.png (546.37 KB, 778x710, ClipboardImage.png)

>Poles, it was poles.
Not only poles, champ, everyone: Britbongs for example, here.

I swear to god, Europe will invade Norway one of these days.


File: 1663950582429.jpg (168.6 KB, 2560x1600, 2Q==(5).jpg)





Poles were the ones who complained about long term gazprom fixed prices years ago.




File: 1663950904053.png (1.03 MB, 1080x1406, Kraut soy.png)

>Anglos, Frogs and Germs be like: "Profits bad, when it's not our profits!"


Another wing for Socdem Gang! Just kidding, succdems are left-fascists, off to the gulag with them


Separatists began complain about ethnic cleansing right after ukrainian parliament said they'd veto the law which would make ukraine effectively bilingual. The reason behind the vetoing was that some european lawgroup told them it would not be constitutional. (Ukrainan constitution was written during separation from soviets so it promotes the position of ukrainian language and culture). Russian language would've still been a recognized minority language and rights of russian speakers would've been protected under the law, but it was quickly spun to be about oppressing russian speakers. Of course there has been atrocities after the war began, war sucks yo, but separatist movement wasn't originally a response to any real threat of a genocide, but a protest against ukraine getting closer to EU and all the yucky liberal values it would bring.


Yeah, and maidanites shouting "hang the moscovites" was a nothingburger too


Glow. Maidan was dominated by US/EU backed fascists from the start.


Pooland's PM really like to roleplay as Euroführer, doesn't he?


File: 1663951517372.png (1.22 MB, 1440x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


Many russian speaking ukrainans from moscow huh? Could you concieve there being an another way that sentence could be interpreted, heard in an anti-corruption rallies in a country under russian soft power?

Not trying to do mental gymnastics here, i really don't know, but I really find it hard to believe average ukrainian is a bloodthirsty beast hungering for russian babies, as it is usually painted by russian propaganda.


>began to complain
No chums the "Russian spekaing ukrainians", started to complain with counter-protests in the east against the maidan because the maidan was a reactionary force against yanukovich for not cutting ties with Russia (in reality, what yanukovich tried to avoid is to let the ukrainian economy fall into a pit because europe wouldn't help them transition to the european economy, that's his words, and seems plausible: he accepted the radda elections as a referedum for the integration to europe because according to him, and here I am paraphrasing, "if the parties that want to promote a union to europe gain most of the seats, I will interpret these results as a referendum and I will promote the mechanisms).



and to preserve the gene pool of the Ukrainian people, is the duty of the State


Ukraine repealed the 2012 language law because it caused fistfights in parliament in a time of great polarization after 2008. There is no evidence it was about constitutionality nor any evidence that post-1989 Ukraine is founded on everyone speaking Ukrainian (it was actually founded on promoting the rights of all cultures to freely develop). The 2019 language law was signed off on by a neonazi speaker of parliament and contains exceptions for all languages but Russian. Europe actually had issues with this law. These assaults continue through quotas for media, language tests, and other forms of legalized discrimination against Russians.
The repeal of the 2012 law coincided with a plethora of other assaults on eastern and southern regions by a monopolized Rada and interim government.
>separatists complained
When autonomy became overwhelmingly popular in Donbass
>muh liberalism
Yea they don't want to be ruled, in the name of a reactionary 'democracy', by west Ukraine and Europe as less than Ukrainian. They were seen as a liability in artificially separating Ukraine from Russia while turning it into an ahistorical anti-Russian state

You're coping about how the contradictions of turning a multiethnic SSR into a European nation-state entail ethnic oppression


File: 1663952081508.jpg (31.32 KB, 1000x746, youstillherejoker.jpg)

>fighting/dying in a capitalist war is good way to prove yourself a man
Disgusting piece of shit.
Leninhat, you still here? The chopper to the LPR is waiting.


Article 16
>To ensure ecological safety and to maintain the ecological balance on the territory of Ukraine, to overcome the consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe — a catastrophe of global scale, and to preserve the gene pool of the Ukrainian people, is the duty of the State.


>send your young women away and your young men into the meatgrinder

5/5 would preserve again


Joke was there exist 3 different constituions of ukraine but article 16 is the same for all of them.


Those are amendments:
CONSTITUTION OF UKRAINE Adopted at the Fifth Session of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine on June 28, 1996 Amended by the Laws of Ukraine № 2222-IV dated December 8, 2004, № 2952-VI dated February 1, 2011, № 586-VII dated September 19, 2013, № 742-VII dated February 21, 2014, № 1401-VIII dated June 2, 2016 № 2680-VIII dated February 7, 2019

Article 16 To ensure ecological safety and to maintain the ecological balance on the territory of Ukraine, to overcome the consequences of the Chornobyl catastrophe - a catastrophe of global scale, and to preserve the gene pool of the Ukrainian people, is the duty of the State.

What has Chernobyl anything to do with "preserve the gen pool" is what always makes my head spin.


iirc he broke some promise and ppl got hella mad, don't care enough to check since it's again the time to go to enjoy my weekly dose of neurotoxins for a good proletariat. Stay well!


It's pretty sick that people actually think that your average Ukrainian is a piece of shit bloodthirsty nazi. These are just people trying to make ends meet and not get fucking shelled in one of the poorest countries in Europe, these are the people self proclaimed leftists should have empathy for, the same goes for your average russian fighter and the people of Donetsk and Luhansk.


File: 1663952190090.jpg (17.05 KB, 332x386, it-laugh.jpg)


>Could you concieve there being an another way that sentence could be interpreted
No. Ukrainians use "Muscovite" as a slur against Russians in general, not only against people who live in Moscow.


>a protest against ukraine getting closer to EU and all the yucky liberal values it would bring
Curious way of saying U.S.-sponsored coup using Hitlerite hooligans as shock troops and the disenfranchisement of voters in the south and east.


>It's pretty sick that people actually think that your average Ukrainian is a piece of shit bloodthirsty nazi
Literally nobody said this. People talk about nazism in Galicia, which is the region Europe depends on to project power. In this region 70% of the population likes Bandera and a third of its largest city, Lviv, voted for a neonazi party.

The militants of Maidan and later the war on Donbass draw heavily from this region, Andriy Parubiy being at close to the helm of both.


>What has Chernobyl anything to do with "preserve the gen pool" is what always makes my head spin.
Radiation + balls = literal degeneracy. This article is weird because it could be interpreted as a safeguard against nuclear contamination or as some eugenist fascist 14 words thing. There's some ambiguity there


Rent free.


He didn't break a promise, he followed through on EU association until it was clear the EU had nothing to really offer at least the part of Ukraine Yanukovych represented. West Ukrainian parties out of partisanship made the failure to accept whatever Europe offered the chance for a second color revolution, which this time would conclude with political purges and ethnic oppression. This position was never actually in the majority, it was enabled by Ukraines political crisis after 2008/2010 and Western exploitation of it.


>Rent free
I should hope so.


File: 1663952980223.jpg (223.45 KB, 1200x1667, 16501639549380.jpg)

>in a country under russian soft power?

Oh yes, "hang the muscovites", "who's not jumping is a muscovite" and such coming from banderites and maidanites were totally aimed at "not russians who are good but at their government which is bad" :)


>There's some ambiguity there
On purpose, to hide in plain sight


journos reaching new heights of passive-aggression

I can hear their buttholes clenching as they think up new synonyms for "so-called" to write before "democracy", "referendum" and the like


Barracks are indeed rent-free.


Rentierism is bourgeois you bogdanovite


That's a new one, explain.


To any "nuclear war is based" shitstains in the thread. I don't care what your position on the war is. The fact is simple.

Misanthropy is anti-communist, and so are you.


But I'm doing it for the revolution


>To any "nuclear war is based" shitstains in the thread. I don't care what your position on the war is. The fact is simple.

Nobody cares about your indignation. Gorbachev's idealism is going the way of Woodrow Wilson's and you'll be lucky if it doesn't end in nuclear war.


File: 1663953843851.jpg (24.9 KB, 392x280, LIT.JPG)

Have you prepared your fallout shelter yet? Worst case just flip one of these over.


He's referring to the meme brothers, not the Bolshevik.


>>1186299 (you)


Have the lines moved much recently


Ukrops say they are pushing around Liman and Russians report fighting there.


draft dodger


the lines to fuck your mother? no, still as long as ever.


<On October 30, 2014, Milonov spoke out about Apple CEO Tim Cook's homosexuality and said on the FlashNord website: “What could he bring us? The Ebola virus, AIDS, gonorrhea? They all have unseemly ties over there.”
You think he browses /tech/?


File: 1663954196999.jpg (11.08 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)


But in all seriousness, what the fuck is wrong with you? Yeah sure, I am the pooppo village idiot all laugh at the baltoid man ITT, but that doesn't change the fact that you are an insane misanthropic shitlet if you unironically want a nuclear war, IN WHICH YOU YOURSELF WILL DIE.


Nuclear war isnt misanthropic though


because it's cool to be a cynical brainlet.


only up zelenskys nose


love the sound effects


unironically based
lmao, why the morrowind references tho?


image board users don't have any skills. It doesn't really matter if they are commies or fascists, we are the sludge mutants of society.


Dodging what?


I've lived on protest camps, might have a sliver of a chance


Nuclear war would be an unprecedented disaster, yes.


Fair point but Lviv could probably do with a good nuking if the Poles or Russians aren't interested in moving in to discipline Banderastahn


what on earth is the context of this vid


File: 1663954624711.jpg (56.34 KB, 600x398, 1660148763043.jpg)

I take offense to that, puny hooman


Far-rightism promotes cuckoldery (while pretending to be against it) to weaken proletarian will. Why is NTR and cuck porn so sought after by the right? Because they view themselves as inferior and worship their leaders, they believe that only the strong should reproduce, despite their strong men being people like Elon Musk, Donald Trump or in Russia's case >>1186184 this unironic soyjak calling other people soy.


The problem is that you actually believe that Putin threatened a nuclear war because you are reading western media pamphlets, that's why you make a joke of yourself.
>lmao, why the morrowind references tho?
Because he gets emotionally unstable with the silliest things possible, that are everywhere (cliff racers are one of the most common easiest enemies you can find in Morrowind).


Man, it would be hilarious if Russia's half-measured war will result in a 1905-esque revolution attempt. The only bad thing about it would be letting ukronazis off the hook.


>Preserve the gene pool
>Becomes the for profit mare lab of Europe
Makes one think


File: 1663955113146.png (407.97 KB, 590x484, ClipboardImage.png)

Conspiracychads, where will the elites move after Putlerpatine start the nuclear hoholcaust?


Into the ground


File: 1663955277142.png (264.54 KB, 640x360, ClipboardImage.png)

You mean Pal-Putin?


File: 1663955355281.jpg (467.33 KB, 1673x932, Red Square Rally.jpg)

Who will be the Zhukov of this war?



Drone Pilot #19563xa


I am legit worried about nukes flying because the brand of bourgeoisie we have now are particularly retarded and they all believe their own bullshit. Also the contradictions of capital are intensifying


White guard tards don't deserve to be taken seriously.


The 2020 madness answered that question. They have doomsday bunkers in New Zealand, remember?


so am i. west ruling class is super high on their own supply and believe the natural order is they always win, and must win. all it takes is for them to assume 'russia is bluffing' one time too many and then it begins.


File: 1663955983341.jpg (47.83 KB, 370x462, Alexei Berngard.jpg)

I'm going with Alexei Berngard. Looks chaddish and he led Russian forces to victory in Mariupol.


Workers of the world, wait on the workers of Europe!


The working class is bound to suffer by definition, but rhe ruling classes never do. Ergo, both of them suffering is unquestionably an improvement.


I like the Z marine at Mariupol who was carrying that red backpack. Heard he lost a leg.


he lost his foot but is in good health from what I understand


>What has Chernobyl anything to do with "preserve the gen pool" is what always makes my head spin.
People were afraid that Chernobyl would have damaging effects to the genes of people effected like happened to the Japanese, luckily, decades later, it seems that no lasting damage has happened.


>country has the ability to end the world
>rest of the world is racist to their people, send proxy armies of people of their ethnicity to their borders, persecute their dissidents, tries to sabotage them, wants their resources
>think they will never press the button



i am not too sure, although i am hoping this proud young slav will be moving into my pants if it does occur (hopefully you understand what i mean)


File: 1663957159300.png (312.16 KB, 962x482, ClipboardImage.png)


To be against nuclear war means to give up communism forever, because 1. the capitalists have nukes and 2. they would rather destroy the world than lose it.


take the posadas pill


it's called "plausible deniability"

like when trump said "they're rapists, but some I assume are good people."


The bourgeoisie is also not a single united bloc. Some of them are NAFO retards, others want to stop the conflict ASAP, most of them want to weaken Russia as much as possible while avoiding direct conflict IMO.

I believe you shouldn't worry about nukes right now, they have zero useful value beyond deterrence and any side with nukes knows that if they strike first, they will be destroying themselves too. Furthermore, it's not in the bourgeoisie's self-interest to risk the total destruction of their own capital in feasing so. Maybe I would be more worried if actual Nazis or schizo-rightoids were in charge of a nuclear power like the US.

My point is although the US bourgeoisie has a stake in weakening Russia and China, they don't want to push it to the point of risking their own complete destruction. To me, the whole "NATO escalating" thing is a way to scare Russia off, because the US already knew Russia would intervene with force if NATO expanded there, already know Ukraine will fall at some point and because they are familiar with madman theory. Plus, ordering a nuclear strike is not an easy thing to do. That's my own two cents on the subject matter.

I hope I'm not wrong, the idea of global thermonuclear war terrifies me as well obviously. But they won't nucc themselves into oblivion for the sake of Ukraine, that I'm sure

Do you think the required chain of command for a nuclear attack would be intact in case of a revolution? I could see them wanting to destroy the world if they are about to lose it, but will it be even possible in the chaos of revolution where the nuclear codes might be lost (or even in the hands of the proletariat) in the midst of it? Not counting tactical weapons which could be used on the field of course.


>Do you think the required chain of command for a nuclear attack would be intact in case of a revolution? I could see them wanting to destroy the world if they are about to lose it, but will it be even possible in the chaos of revolution where the nuclear codes might be lost (or even in the hands of the proletariat) in the midst of it? Not counting tactical weapons which could be used on the field of course.
Do you need me to list all the neonazi groups imperial militaries contain or are you going to realize the dumb shit you said on your own?


File: 1663958166136.png (788.72 KB, 1024x806, ClipboardImage.png)

How will normies that spent the last decade saying to themselves that Putler is a crazie, on his death bed, with delusions on grandiosity and with the personal wish of creating Russian Empire 2 by any means convince their brains that Putler won't launch the nukes?


sei lá


File: 1663958379772.png (255.06 KB, 600x709, Screenshot CIA (@CIA).png)





#1 Guest: Theodore Kaczynsky


File: 1663958568807.jpg (47.03 KB, 300x400, 7657654.jpg)

#Bonus episode: 'a Holiday in Jakarta'.


Wtf real shit?


Oh, I absolutely don't believe Putin planned a nuclear war. My take a day ago was that this was just the best manuever by Russia to declare war while still selling it as a defensive one - by making the republics "integrated" to Russia. I am more just attacking the dipSHITS ITT who actually HOPED there would be a nuclear war.


It would be pretty baller if they declassified the JFK files, actually admited it was them all along or something like that, and then demoralized every single conspiracy schizo by showing that no one would care if it became admitted knowladge.


Yeah and if Zyuganov was in charge mobilisation would've happened in february



Onlyfans account coming next


>Do you need me to list all the neonazi groups imperial militaries contain
Your point is made, thank you.
>or are you going to realize the dumb shit you said on your own?
You didn't need to add that part, fuck you.


Stop questioning Russia's internal affairs


Which one is he?


File: 1663959241200.gif (6.85 MB, 640x640, clown-world.gif)


Did the voting end for the referendums?


File: 1663959616818.jpg (98.7 KB, 1174x758, EgjkRX6VkAACMR1.jpg)

Don't you want to ride flying space dolphins?



Why so much time? Shouldn't take more than a few hours.


People are busy and there are many people. A few days should give everyone an opportunity to vote.



what's the chad animal


File: 1663960145095.jpg (103.92 KB, 828x627, 1663892041642850.jpg)

You now remember how Xi bullied Putin into delaying the invasion of Ukraine until after the Chinese held Olympic Games and Russia was forced to drive directly on the roads because the potato fields were bogged down with mud.


Isn't it kinda retarded PR-wise to hold referendums in Zaporizhzhia (Russia doesn't control the capital) and Donetsk (there are some important towns left)?


Is this gonna be the post-war cope? Noooo the Chinese didn't bail us out wtfff lmao


The referendums are a formality, they don't really matter because the goal is to just say "you are now attacking Russian clay so I must mobilize and upgrade this conflict from a speshul military operation"


Not sure any side gives a shit about PR anymore.


They. Are. Anti. Imperialist.


File: 1663960988179-1.jpg (200.57 KB, 1196x798, FdW5HPfXgAAqZg-.jpg)

Russia is using Iranian drones right now, not Chinese. I have also seen Iranian artillery rounds captured, BUT the arty rounds could have come third party, definitely not the drones though. Air monitoring shows flights directly from Iranian drone manufacturing sights into Russia pretty much straight up.

Tells us something about the China/Russia relationship.

>The list of Iranian drones used by the Russian army keeps growing - the Ukrainian Air Command "South" reported the downing of a Mohajer-6 UCAV in the South. Though it may have been lost due to other causes, it is indeed a Iranian-made Mohajer-6.


Would the people be more motivated to fight, since the territorial gains are now guaranteed?


File: 1663961230727.png (124.05 KB, 745x801, ClipboardImage.png)

Lol they are calling genocide


The troops that are already there will be more motivated, because of this new mobilization, which legally required these territories to be in Russia


This tells me that should Ukraine fold, they'd just be annexed outright


lmao, imagine wanting Ukrainians in your country

The West and maybe the Center can go fuck themselves.


Fresh Lancaster video, on location covering the referendums.


Why exactly are they using Iranian drones? They don't have enough of their own?


Yes. Russia wasn't investing into them, almost at all.


Rainbow flag in bio.


>for foreign audiences
foreign audiences are a priori convinced that russia is a totalitarian dictatorship doing a megagenocide of heckin innocent ukrainians for no reason, so what's the point?

also the gunmen probably have something to do with repeated terror threats from the Ukrainian government


I think that's the same guy who tweeted about "the queerness of being ukrainian" and has an internship with some westoid glowie org


The Iranian drones are analogous to US' predator drones. Russia has some, but was largely neglecting non-UAVs.


Too bad he is not in one of the referendum areas. Would be funny if he woke up next week being a pidor in Russia.



The cute girl reading this


lol have you watched this


I closed at the ten seconds mark, anyone managed to go further?


He’s a well-known glowie:
>Eristavi, who began his career working as a news reporter for Radio Free Europe

Also funny:
>Co-Founder, Hromadske International

>According to the interim financial report Hromadske TV was funded in 2013 by the Netherlands Embassy (793,089 Ukrainian hryvnias, -₴-), the US Embassy (399,650 ₴) and by George Soros' International Renaissance Foundation (247,860).[16] By June 2014 Hromadske TV had received another 558,842₴ from the Government of Canada, 394,181₴ from the Fritt Ord Foundation, 287,898₴ from the Embassy of the United States, Kyiv



Putler is like the most boring Russian leader of all time and westoids think he's a Himmler with Napoleonic ambitions


He's boring but he's up there with Peter the Great and Stalin as the three best leaders of Russian history


I listened to both these videos at the same time with audio overlap.
shit bait


I was trying to contest that but I couldn't come up with anyone more boring
Andropov maybe?
Nicky 2 was a dull retard but his times were anything but boring


We are all Children of the Atom here
If you don't like it, leave


Modern day Bismarck. He's got a head on his shoulders, which can't be said for many leaders.


>shit bait
Not bait, anarchoid


File: 1663962527582.png (26.8 KB, 527x409, 48d.png)


File: 1663962540000.png (236.52 KB, 400x400, Eg1x9aTXsAAIY0V.png)

Thank you for clarifying your stupidity then.


I take it you choose Gorbachev, sorry for offending your idol



File: 1663962714410.jpg (181.51 KB, 470x675, 1646708767516.jpg)

Of course they would.


File: 1663962838143.png (231.78 KB, 621x380, 1662647455520.png)

>You must like the guy who sold out the USSR if you do not like Putin
Are you a bot or just terminally stupid?


File: 1663963005708.png (1.33 MB, 960x960, ClipboardImage.png)

>He's boring but he's up there with Peter the Great and Stalin

ay dawg i found this pic of your tits


File: 1663963076340.png (1.36 MB, 1240x927, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1663963160671.webm (2.66 MB, 352x640, 1663961849878323.webm)

Video of where the conscripted soldiers are training just dumped
Crash course for field living coming down hard. At least they have beds though. How the fuck do they still allow them to have cellphones?


I'm not saying you have to like him, I'm saying he's the third best leader of Russian history, second being Peter the Great and first Stalin


tsarbol mladarossi gang stays winning


File: 1663963232126.png (1.39 MB, 1024x923, ClipboardImage.png)

one of those people is gonna lose patience for their shit and just kill them.


Imagine unironically believing these videos


File: 1663963253577.jpg (67.24 KB, 794x472, Igor-girkin-strelkov-.jpg)

So he was right. They're only mobilising now when it's too late and they're ve already been pushed back and embarassed enough.


>Comparing that cuck with Peter the Great



> How the fuck do they still allow them to have cellphones?
because if soldiers can't jack off they go crazy


Out of this shit, dictator Apelsinov might come




File: 1663963345774.gif (75.53 KB, 220x306, leninheart.gif)


>How the fuck do they still allow them to have cellphones?
Because they've already been to boot camp.


File: 1663963467134-1.png (194.2 KB, 945x407, Z Lensky.png)

Zelensky is the Zhukov because he gotten more nazis killed than anyone else in this war. change my mind.


Zelensky is the unsung hero of this war. Decades from now bold and authoritative historians will tell the truth about him. They'll elevate him to the status of other great anti-fascists, such as Pavlichenko, Tito, Zhukov, and other revolutionary heroes.



Zelenskyyyyyy at least had the balls to execute the captured Azovites
Big Z: 1
Cucktin: 0


File: 1663963690958.webm (2.7 MB, 854x480, 1663963360695514.webm)

Holy fuck, Putin played us all. Westoids and Rusoids alike were played by the ultimate 4d chess player.


File: 1663963827455.png (30.32 KB, 927x1135, 1623238115445.png)

trust the plan. agent z in control.


That webm is only 6.5 months old at this point yes


Well, I hadn't seen it before. I thought it was funny.


>>1186541 (me)
Check out his website: https://maksymeristavi.com/
It’s a fascinating example of the cynical use of woke language and woke “mannerisms” by glowies for subversive purposes. It’s designed to appeal to young and naive socially progressive people in the west, down to the writing style. Funny when you consider it’s by a “journalist” who began their career at RFE/RL.


I have long been rather amused at how people recognize Piccolo as black.


File: 1663964008369.png (128.69 KB, 498x498, ClipboardImage.png)

To 7 months of war, lads


find the version with sound and post that instead of a soundless 4cuck webm anon, and you will be rewarded with a spiritual calmness each time you do this, because you will know you have done better in those moments than you have done today


File: 1663964113010.png (161.35 KB, 261x277, hmmmm.png)

Bruh imagine if this all was some MGSV level mind games and Zelensky was the key figure in this war this whole time he just doesn't know it yet.


>tfw i actually thought putin was based enough to seriously invade ukraine
>tfw i thought it would be over in a week
feels bad man, but at least this way, we get to see europe destroyed


File: 1663964221082-0.mp4 (4.65 MB, 480x656, 16639625098620.mp4)


NATOfags are now claiming Xi has been overthrown by the PLA lmao


am i retarded. why is he not translating the russian speech but asking all his questions in english. Lancaster always translated in all the videos i'd watched before


turn on cc dummy


Russia would be more inclined to "invade Helsinki in a week" if Turkey's parliament votes to allow them into NATO since all Finns hate Russia anyway unlike Ukraine which has lots of people sympathetic to Russia.


kek I was on mobile and for some reason that wasn't an option but your reply convinced me to check on desktop and it works here. ty comrade


Remember when Cuba had 2 days of protests and Western media flat-out fabricated on ongoing borderline civil war for weeks afterwards?


File: 1663964919520.png (253.83 KB, 1211x440, Z Biden.png)

Z Lensky

Joe Ziden


Chinese military tech is behind Russia they are still not ready for a war since most of their investment spending is on development in the civilian sector. Xi recently banned the use of Windows software which everyone knows has NSA backdoors. China is a net importer of Russian military hardware so asking for Chinese military support is like asking the broke homeless guy down the street to stop buying your crack so that you can use it yourself.


>Chinese military tech is behind Russia

nooo they are stor wors now


USSR was a net importer of German weaponry in 1940 despite outproducing Germany. Don't mistake bourgeois monopolism, that they'd rather spend money on their own military contractors, with a rational military spending. Rational spending in fact would require a country to buy military equipment from other countries whenever possible


miguel diaz canel was among the protesters, and they were carrying July 26th movement flags, but America was pretending these were "anti government" gusano protests.



China's advantage is its ever growing military budget, which incidentally iirc is just under 300 billion USD, which was the highest the Soviet military budget every was, in 1989.


Good, they are doing what they better know to do: Live in denial.
I hope they there, when reality hits them it will knock out them.




this was one of them, there were some bigger accounts but i think they deleted lol


Hammer his tweet with this. Remind him that by supporting a reactionary state against homosexuals, he's against his own class.


Today we remember:
Reject idealists, for them, they serve as pawns of imperialism.


File: 1663967892398.mp4 (34.91 MB, 1280x720, RT_cringe.mp4)

Did you know that Marx, Engels, and Lenin wanted to eradicate slavs? Cringe new RT documentary just dropped. Immediately after this scene they move on to talk about Nazi Germany and Generalplan Ost as if the Marxists and Nazis were the same in this regard.

Full version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=woKfKZ8GXBQ


File: 1663968293273.png (307.62 KB, 642x800, ClipboardImage.png)

Meanwhile in Iranian telegram


lmao, based parthians


File: 1663969200314.jpg (36.22 KB, 585x350, Ahmadinejad_651014a.jpg)

>Iranian news channels are celebrating today’s videos from Odessa, where Iranian drones hit nato supplied weapons in ammo depots and various UAF targets
>Quote: “our drones are hitting NATO where it hurts”
omg. mr blinken, we must send more isis members/womens rights activists to tehran immediately!


NATO retaliated by deploying Anonymous


File: 1663969444832.jpg (22.75 KB, 320x180, mqdefault.jpg)

Zelensky ‘shocked’ at Israel’s lack of support
The Ukrainian president attributes the country’s refusal to send weapons to being under the “influence of Russia”




File: 1663970334536.mp4 (13.61 MB, 960x720, SaGz0PfSxx-jZ_N3.mp4)

Wagner animu ad


File: 1663970365192.jpg (60.8 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

>Our planes will blot out the sun
>Zelenydas; Then we will shell civilians in shade


File: 1663971270135.png (51.42 KB, 1738x463, ClipboardImage.png)

Never use a channel of youtube that is not checkmarked.
Second, is not a lie. That's one of the reasons Stalin is loved above Lenin. The picture is how Engels portrayed Russians.
I am 100% Russians proved some Marxists by the time how wrong they were.


>>1186822 (me)
Russians proved they can achieve a socialist revolution. The west hasn't seen one single socialist revolution.


300 is just a perfect representation of western delusions about their place in history.

In reality Xerxes was representing higher civilization and was much closer to the ideals "of western civilization" that the movie idolized and someways Persia was even better. Meanwhile Spartans were barbaric slave drivers and that description is already starting to get somewhat generous.


be honest with me
will mobilization secure the military situation?
will economic troubles lead Europe and America slashing aid to Ukraine?


>will mobilization secure the military situation?
Maybe, 200,000 men just wasn't enough for a 1,000KM frontline. I suspect if they had known that Kiev wasn't going to surrender and that NATO was totally fine with fighting a proxy war with a nuclear armed state, 500,000 men is probably the number they would have started with.

>will economic troubles lead Europe and America slashing aid to Ukraine?

Slashing? Most likely. Ending aid completely? Almost certainly not, in this situation no one is giving themselves any "off ramps", they've made it out that Russia is basically Nazi Germany invading Europe again so how do you stop weapon (or at least raw cash once your own stocks run out) supplies in that case? You'd be basically admitting you'd let Hitler invade Poland.



File: 1664073244216-0.mp4 (7.73 MB, 858x720, CIA in nicaragua.mp4)

File: 1664073244216-1.mp4 (17.87 MB, 1920x1440, Spongecoup CIApants.mp4)

>serving the nation

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