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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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This is a thread about culture jamming, the disruption and subversion of capitalist mass media culture and cultural institutions. This thread is also for discussion its historical use among Situationists and other socialists as well as its modern use among activists, its recuperation, and for sharing humorous and effective examples of jamming.

Remember: this is not limited to nor validated by being parodies and edits. If it's not jamming culture, it's not culture jamming.


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Reminder that Fight Club's Project Mayhem was inspired by a San Fran culture jamming group, which also heavily influenced SantaCon and Burning Man.


I think culture jamming is harder to pull off due to it frequently (not inherently) being illegal, but is effective in hijacking the way that empty/advertising culture is forced into everyone's face, and done intelligently and creatively it will be super effective.
The risk is it becoming recuperated, and advertisers are well aware of that. There are claims that they intentionally designed billboards to try and attract defacing as a way to draw attention to themselves. Then again, that may just be mutual benefit; you get an audience and they get attention.


File: 1664319517043.jpg (230.39 KB, 800x450, 1553718126728.jpg)

How many more times do we have to tell you that capitalist will coopt anything, especially aesthetics?


anything but attacking the base


whats the chances of getting sent to jail if i accidentally drop a brick on giant advertising screens


Yeah, so what's your point?

I guess we should stop being socialists because of muh Che t-shirts lmao

how accidentally are we talking here? and who will be a witness?


>how accidentally are we talking here?
throwing something several meters high

>and who will be a witness?

cctv probably


Well, if you're going to have to drop it several meters high, you might as well transform it rather than destroy it. But yeah, I'd check your jurisdiction for details.


Can an oldfag please post the
"You have to [] to have your body brought back" webm?
It's of a mechatronic pair of legs attached to a shopping cart with a really good post-punk/industrial song playing and I want to figure out what the original title of the song is to listen to more of them


>>1195468 (me)
Nvm found it


If capitalists can use those spaces, we should steal them.
simple as. low cost high impact.


Is there value in weird displays in crowded places like that which have revolutionary undertones and push obvious truths like "wage labor is wage slavery" etc?


reminds me of this video with gigantic puppets at the WTO protests. another option is performing plays with a script and a meaning or playing projectors with communist propaganda. any value?


File: 1665095565895.png (183.33 KB, 1220x883, revangelism.png)

Posting a relevant post


you're better off posting something like this on lainchan. Leftypol is totally creatively inert in 2022 AD



I was hoping someone would connect this thread with that post.

First and foremost I absolutely agree that grassroots, 1:1 personal engagement is essential. Undebatably necessary. I would even go further and say 2:1 engagement is a strategy that should not be ignored, if you and likeminded people are the normal in a conversation, it can push points and carry 'social proof' (for lack of a better word; the illusion of being true because of popularity) and can even steer conversations without it seeming like either party is being preachy.
You don't need to be a global majority to be a local majority.
[0] This interactive is a quite simple and a little bit libby, but it demonstrates the point quite well. https://ncase.me/crowds/

That said, I think the post is unnecessarily negative about impersonal approaches in mass media.

1) If there is no co-ordination or tactical planning, yes, the information flood will drown out. You're shouting into the 'marketplace of ideas', if you're directionless then you don't even need bots to drown you out.
But collectively selecting targets and concentrating effort there can get you wins that the flood of background radiation won't dominate, at least unless they actively notice the change and intentionally shift their efforts to counter it. See [0]

2) If the jam doesn't blend in with the background noise (which can be hard in a literal attention-seeking market, but even they have many limitations) then it rises above the background noise. It's a free platform, to draw attention in and add a sharp counter-thought. With the right crowd, that alone creates curiosity. I've looked up things I've seen on posters and graffiti, and I'm sure I'm not the only one. Maybe it's a bit less effective in realspace when most of the people on trains are stuck in phones.


File: 1665720933820.jpg (148.1 KB, 900x1200, ad.jpg)


Yes. Felt like screeming into a void when I was suggesting of just saving up collectively to purchase ad space in a Times Square NYC bilboard even if it's just for half an hour and put something controversial there shitting on capitalist deaths or something along those lines but nothing so much it would hit mainstream media. Hacking was thought of but it would draw too much media attention if iit was a major billboard like that. Literally nothing came of it. There was more interest trying to get Alunya into Nekopara for some reason which is fun and all but….


>but nothing so much it would hit mainstream media
Why not? Sounds like a good thing, hitting a few million people instead of a few thousand who will probably skim over it.
I dunno, I tune TV ads out but my parents even watch the repeats like zombies. So what do 👻{normal}👻 people do?


In a crowded metro area like a subway entrance you could come into contact with literally tens of thousands of people a day, some of whom may see your propaganda and even interact with you personally. I can't help but wonder what would happen if every single subway entrance in NYC had a communist posted all day long speaking to anyone who asks.


File: 1665738482343.mp4 (6.93 MB, 640x480, Free Money.mp4)

Probably this:



sorry but you're literally a moron if you think a lack of billboard advertising is the thing that's been holding the left back


literally nothing, advertising functionally doesn't work and to the extent that it does the only people you recruit are pre-radicalized internet weirdos who are going to tank your organization


>sorry but you're literally a moron if you think [thing that no-one said]
If you stop making strawmen to burn, you'll live a happier life.



and if you figure out that advertising doesn't actually do anything and "culture jamming" is completely ineffective you might work your way to doing something real


File: 1665740446641.png (174.88 KB, 590x747, Maxine Stirner.png)

Name one 'real' 'something' you did this month.


>advertising doesn't actually do anything

yeah that's why corporations spend 781 billion dollars on it annually, because 'it doesn't do anything'


The analog of that is "specifically I am inmune to advertising" and everyone thinks this. Nah uygha, we are all suceptible to advertising. I wouldn't be surprised if smart people are the most suceptible to it, but that's just speculation on my part.


It's for getting people to impulsively buy commodities, not change minds on vast political economic topics


File: 1665768199653.jpg (665.58 KB, 1200x822, 1569781833711-b.jpg)

>I wouldn't be surprised if smart people are the most suceptible to it
If that's the case, I may well be immune.


Propaganda is advertising too, you know.
Why you gotta be like that? No-one's here saying this is some LE GOLDEN BULLET THIS IS HOW TO ACHIEVE GOMMUNISM IN ONE MONTH ultimate one-step action.
And just because it's not a solution doesn't imply it's not a useful method of unregulated mass communication, to add to the arsenal.


>not projecting classified documents onto buildings


propaganda is education
this is what is has meant from the start. Libs took the word, made it out to be a bad thing, and associated it with posters and shit - but propaganda is just education.
Effective propaganda effectively educates.

marketing is different - marketing hinges on emotional appeals, brand association, and the like. It's emotional manipulation.

The difference is vast. Plus, we're not capitalists, we're workers. What we have (few or many) is ourselves and others. We don't use capital to win shit. Advertisers can use their money to throw out all kinds of expensive manipulation to try to funnel the cattle into their shops. We have labor - what is our specific method of action that's reproducible and gets results? We can't just throw money at shit, or play around with vibes and aesthetics to slightly sway people with a weak sense of personality or a boring life towards identifying with our 'brand'. That's not any way to actually organize or gain political power. It's trivial to go out and buy smth you only sort of wanted, as long as you have the money. It's the exact opposite to commit yourself to learning, proselytizing, and fighting for a better life. We can't use capital-intensive methods that a weak impact which is only significant in aggregate. We need dedicated individuals, who will fight for each other and make room in their lives to continue the struggle.

Why do people continue advertising? It's a salary for the people doing it, and it's a means of making money for the people purchasing it! It's self sustaining on those grounds. We will never be able to pay people to be communists. How do they make a living? Working. Why should anyone help us expand our "brand"? Because they have learned that it benefits them, that there's an objective truth to the fact that fighting the boss will get them a better position than fighting other workers, and that at some point capitalism won't be tenable anymore and the working class will have to take power, and is perfectly capable of ruling. They need to be educated. They can't be sucked dry of their hard earned money for advertising projects. They only have themselves to donate in a sustainable way. The people have to be the means of propagandizing, and the propaganda must educate and not only incite whims if its goal is to be achieved.

Or basically this:


File: 1666505368035-0.jpg (538.02 KB, 1163x1600, galago#99.jpg)

File: 1666505368035-1.jpg (146.18 KB, 460x630, HP1webbliten.jpg)

<vegan bullshit
Thank you for de-alienate me. I'm still going to eat meat.

>How many more times do we have to tell you that capitalist will coopt anything, especially aesthetics?
This. Especially since the alt-right pretty much ran the show during Trump's election with.
<le irony
<le multi-layered jokes
<le edgy estethics
I'd say that THE walking lefty dead is the swedish magazine Galago. Trice ironic since their

A) "Nu blåser vi borgarna" was as heavy handed as it gets

B) "Tips & tricks till tönthögern" is a lesson everyone can learn from

C) "Den lilla häxan" seems to be actually comercially sucessful and is pleasant for the eyes
Sara Granér, cover artist of Galago #99 - eat your heart out!

>Yeah, so what's your point?

>I guess we should stop being socialists because of muh Che t-shirts lmao

Maybe you should reconsider a lot of things.


>getting triggered by vegans
get a life lol

>alt-right irony/edgy

>muh magazine

>Maybe you should reconsider a lot of things.

what are you even trying to say here lmao
is that meant to mean something? are you just angry at this thread in general?


File: 1666517967870.gif (11.28 KB, 200x200, information.gif)

You're in the wrong thread. You're not even talking about anything related.


File: 1666522719688.jpg (34.26 KB, 393x360, gruen transfer.jpg)

I see similarity between education and advertising. In fact, I would say good advertising involves education.

If some anarchists put up posters saying "Stop the rape of our envirionment / Support the Anarchist Organization" with some pictures of animals affected by capitalism, I would say that's an emotional appeal and pushing their brand. In fact, many of those 'bad thing' examples of propaganda posters use the same techniques as the marketing industry.
At the end of the day, these are all just forms of unidirectional communication. In our cases, usually unsolicited communication aiming to change people's worldview.

Since we don't have the authority, mass support or power of huge political parties or ruling states to engage in long-form or official propaganda, most political orgs effectively rely on guerilla propaganda for anything that isn't personal social conversation (like the post you quoted discusses). Like you said, we don't have the means to sustain professional industrial marketing teams. It generally comes from sacrifice and volunteering. Even culture jamming techniques, like stealing advertising space, become viable ways to give small snippets of education or prompts to explore further.


>One of the covers is a throwback to EC comics
unfathomably based


love this, very clever


No not advertising. More like a based public service announcement.


File: 1666787060076.png (714.63 KB, 863x782, ClipboardImage.png)

I think this counts (even more so if unintentional from mindless collection resellers)


Even if it would be meaningless in the grand scheme of things, whenever I see messages like that it makes me feel less alone and I imagine it is the same for quite a few other people.

I live in a rural village in the middle of nowhere and I have been spamming the walls and poles with anti-cop and anti-capitalist propaganda, lately I saw some stickers denouncing capitalism, I'm socially quite inept but it is nice knowing that there are probably a few people in a village of 800people who are engaging in anti capitalist thought.


File: 1667341607768.jpg (154.23 KB, 638x1068, 1667325422790.jpg)

Copied from /crisis/


I often point out the poor delivery of anarchist posters that get stuck up around my areas (see the /pol/ banners thread for my rants) but despite my disappointment I really do appreciate that they're put up. This place doesn't have much of a sense of community so it's refreshing to know that there are a substantial amount of pro-labour people around, even if they don't tell me where to find them.

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