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Considerando la gran cantidad de habla que se ha generado de paises como Brasil, Venezeula, Bolivia, etc (y la ausencia de un hilo como este) he decidido hacer esto. En lo que se pobla de noticias, tópicos y otras cosas esto puede s er un AMA y tengo excusa para usar mi grado en historia puertorriqueña, caribeña y americana en buen uso. Tambien consideren esto un refugio para hablar español

Considering all the talk theres been about countries like Bolivia, Venezuela, Brazil, etc (and having no LatAm general thread in the frist place) I´ve decided to take the inciative and make one. While other topics get added and fill the thread consider this a sort of AMA where I can use my bachellors degree in puertorrican, caribbean, and american (the hemisphere) history.


File: 1616084213608.pdf (5.4 MB, 196x300, THE-VISIBLE-HAND-OF-THE-MA….pdf)

I will take the opportunity to recommend reading this attached book, to understand a little more the current situation in Venezuela and the context of economic war to which we have been subjected. The book is from 2016 before the full implementation of the blockade and sanctions, however it shows the traditional behavior of the internal bourgeoisie and the surreptitious and covert actions of the adverse economic actors and the United States to undermine our economy, mainly with the manipulation of the Bolívar-Dollar exchange rate over this 20 years.

Pasqualina Curcio is one of the economists, not to say the only one, who has made an econometric and statistical analysis of the situation, beyond defining the causes of the crises with typical and empty arguments from the right such as: "Because of of socialism "; "Because of public spending" "Because of expropriations"; "Because of corruption."


**Lo tienes en español?*


File: 1616086129603.pdf (3.79 MB, 232x300, La Mano Visible del Mercad….pdf)

Si claro.

Ahora bien, hay que tener en claro el contexto del 2015-2017, este se manifestó en el tema del "desabastecimiento" y "racionamiento", fenómeno que en estos momentos es prácticamente inexistente, irónicamente, porque nuestro PIB ahora está más golpeado porque tenemos un bloqueo abiertamente declarado y en efecto, valga la expresión.


Mil gracias por este analisis de guerra de clases amigo. Tienes mas libros como este? Quisiera expandir mi conocimiento sobre mis vecinos al sur


File: 1616338557217.png (581.83 KB, 550x377, ClipboardImage.png)


De acuerdo a la agencia noticiera Xinhua, científicos chinos y del Centro de Ingeniería Genética y Biotecnológica de Cuba estan desarrollando una nueva vacua en una facilidad abierta de la ciudad de Yonghzhou, en la provincia de Hunan.


File: 1616340122907.jpg (61.59 KB, 960x584, fidel macaco.jpg)

Meanwhile, in non-embargoed Brazil, our Science Minister is promising some magical vaccine without any proof of being in development and Bolsonaro's legion of retards attacking the Butantã Institute everyday in the social media.


Are there any good English language books on recent Bolivian history? Despite being listed as one of the most important events, there's no article on the National Revolution in the 1950s. Also any books on the rise and tenure of Evo Morales would be awesome.


just learn spanish it's the missionary position of foreign languages


Fair enough, I'd probably do better with some app than any of the spanish classes I took in high school or whatever


I wouldnt be able to tell you, but I can say from experience that Spanish is ignored in the anglophone world when it comes to left-wing literature. I think that your best bet would be to learn Spanish outright, sadly


Maybe Lula will be able to turn the tide?


File: 1616352097050.jpg (34.97 KB, 475x551, 147643203_3218604911574745….jpg)



Quino <3

>just learn spanish it's the missionary position of foreign languages
That would be english


NTA but if you know spanish, you can get by in pretty much all of south america (even brasil)



I know, I´m from LatAm


I just found out about pro-catholic monarchist hispanics. At least Brazil and Mexico were monarchies post-independence. What goes on in the minds of these people?


Ahí les va sobre la legalización de uso recreativo de marihuana en México. Es un problema interesante que demuestra como la clase burguesa se vuelve "progresiva" cuando hay interés económico, los intereses chocantes dentro de la burguesía, y como la cultura tamibién tiene una influencia importante.


En mi país se legalizó solamente luego de que unos senadores evangelicos hubiesen preparado fincas y comprado licencias de exportación e importación


You mean like pro-Spanish monarchists?


After a century of plunder, US imperialism turns away Central American refugees
>The American ruling class has systematically destroyed Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador for over a century, forcing millions to flee their homes.




Taken from the other thread
>An unprecedented human exodus is underway across the Americas, as 2 million people—nearly a 10th of the population of El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala—are expected to flee to the United States in the coming months. The US government has responded by closing its doors, abolishing the right to asylum and detaining 15,000 unaccompanied children as lawbreakers.
I wonder if Biden will treat them humanely


The only way for Biden to treat someone humanely is if they're his crackhead son


Why is it that I was screamed at to VOOOOT for Biden? Obama did the same thing as Trump, he was a Dem, and Biden was VP for 8 fucking years right? Fucking piece of shit liberals


did this happen online or irl? I've found irl people are much more reasonable about most things


irl, couldnt escape the topic while blowing off steam at work


very unfortunate, but yeah there's not much you can do with someone who is a diehard ideologue for either party, even though it's not even political at this point, it's mostly cultural signifiers


US SOUTHCOM chief calls Latin America “front line” in clash with China
>In warning the [U.S.] Senate committee about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, [US SOUTHCOM chief Admiral Craig] Faller pointed not only to China’s influence, but also to the region’s intractable social crisis. He noted that Latin America, with roughly 8 percent of the world’s population, had suffered more than one fifth of COVID cases and deaths, and that “there will also be a significant socioeconomic impact on our neighbors for years to come.”

>“Coming on the heels of widespread public protests against governments throughout the region at the end of 2019, these COVID-19 losses coupled with longstanding socioeconomic grievances and corruption have created the conditions for even greater instability and unrest among our partner nations,” he said, adding, “Even some of our strongest partners are at risk of instability due to this confluence of factors.”

>In other words, even as US imperialism prepares to confront China’s rising economic influence by military means, it faces the greater threat of social revolution throughout the hemisphere. The Pentagon’s answer to this threat today will be the same as it was in the last century, support for counterrevolutionary violence and dictatorship. The Latin American working class must prepare its struggles accordingly.


What sort of social upheavals do you expect to see in Latin America in coming years? A bunch of big protests, Bolshevik-style revolutions, a bunch of socdems getting elected, or something else?

With any luck the successes of Venezuela and Bolivia will spread to places like Brasil and Chile in the short term. The massive success of the Belt and Road Project, coupled with the general economic suicide of the USA is beginning to untangle the seams of power that usually have choked the region. CIA seems impotent to stop someone like Evo, which duo to obvious realistic reasons, cannot just shoot the gusanos like in Cuba, could not contain Lula (although problematic due to his involvment in the early 2000s invaison of Haiti), could not stop the current popularity of the communists in Chile leading the elections by an obviously large margin, and has not been able to stop the recent surge of pro-freedom sentiment even in their own colony, Puerto Rico. Im very hopeful for the next 10 years, barring climate catastrophe. I just hope that Nicaragua's neighbours manage to get their shit together and from a nice block with Chinese support against the yanks


What do you mean by cultural signifiers?


Let me put this way, Republicans and Democrats have almost the exact same policy platform, neoliberalism and austerity at home and militarism abroad. Republicans are the "don't be a pussy" party, Democrats are the "don't be an asshole" party. "Don't be a pussy" meaning that you shouldn't apologize in your brutality, be the brute, unrestricted capitalist id. "Don't be an asshole" meaning that with this tremendous power you should express bourgeois virtues, anti-racism, inclusion in the marketplace, liberal humanitarianism, that kind of thing, more of a capitalist superego in Freudian terms.


Ah, is that why chicks in the us are dems and dudes are reps?


essentially yes


It sounds extremely stupid


That's because it is, I pray every day that the Democrats split in half like the Whigs, it's the only way we're ever going to get healthcare. That fucking party basically holds you hostage if you're to the left of Attila the Hun or any kind of minority.


File: 1616459253295.png (193.39 KB, 1110x598, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1616459665688.mp4 (5.06 MB, 640x480, y2mate.com - Hugo Chávez V….mp4)



Which has the most potential for communists seizing power:
· Argentina
· Chile

And why (material conditions etc.)




I would say Argentina but just slightly more because of their socdem tradition.
Chile has seen an important wave of radicalization though.


discurso increíble


Can anyone tell me status of socialism in venezuala and nicaragua? How enthusiastic are people for it? How corrupt is it? What can they do to fix their problems?


File: 1616501755071.png (2.24 MB, 800x1108, ClipboardImage.png)

here in chile, we are in a similar state of the early 1900s, but quickly entering a state more similar to the 1920s, with growing working class solidarity, but no party to really represent us (the communist and radical communist parties are (at the moment) more concerened about electoralism and democracy than revolution or being a classist party.) soonly enough the communist party will gain majority as the social democrats did in the late 1800s in europe, but a classist party eventualy will arrive, be it a new one, or a reformed social democrat one.


Viva Recabarren


>quickly entering a state more similar to the 1920s, with growing working class solidarity, but no party to really represent us (the communist and radical communist parties are (at the moment) more concerened about electoralism and democracy than revolution or being a classist party.)
So you're saying that what will happen is Maoists will win India, start the 5th International and being really mean to the revisionist party of PCCh and Jadue will then commit sudoku?

On a more serious note what do you think of Partido Comunista Chileno (Acción Proletaria)?


Chavez era un locutor demasiado de bueno, no era necesariamente un locutor rebuscado, pero eso lo hace mejor. No soy venezolano, pero coño sus palabras retumban en mi corazón como si fuese de ahí


Puta cabros siendo muy honestos, hay algun punto en votar en abril si es que soy de un distrito muy facho? Pienso que no tiene ningun sentido hacerlo si es que esta practicamente confirmado que gane un constituyente de derecha.


Pues sí, pero no le digas a nadie. Miente, cada voto cuenta aunque sea muy pequeño. Tal vez puedas servir de informante para organizaciones de izquierda si te logras mezclar entre los fachitos


Venezuela is in a pool of contradictions right now. Nevertheless, things are starting to change for the better, economically speaking, that is, unless the U.S. invade us directly or indirectly through a third country, that would really fuck us up for good.

Regarding Covid19, we have the virus relatively under control, most of our medical staff attending Covid19 cases are vaccinated, be it by Sputnik V or the one from Sinopharm. Recently we have received the brazilian variant P.1 and P.2 and that has caused a second wave of cases during the last few weeks. We have reached more than 1000 cases these last few days going back to the numbers we had in september from last year. To address that the government has decreed two weeks full quarantine and lockdown to avoid the spreading, let's see how that works to flatten the curve again.

Right now I can only speak for myself, I'm an electrical engineer, I'm working in freelancer projects and at the same time I work in the ministry of industry, but I work from home for obvious reasons now. I design electrical systems at residential, commercial and industrial level. I have been involved in designing or supervising the electrical systems of several state owned factories that we created. For people here that talks very lightly about privatizations, well they are holding on to really weak arguments, they are the mirror of the people who said we expropriated and nationalized 99% of the economy. One word: WRONG.

Now the state can't do the dirty work, so the private sector has to do it. Before being blocked, the state provided everything and everybody was a parasite to it, everybody in a way worked for the state, the biggest contracts the private companies had was with the state as client, so in a way most infrastructure is thanks to the state, the private sector invested little and reaped the bigger profits, now they have to get their hands dirty too. The course we are taking is changing our shitty 100 year old single product rent capitalism for a more productive, efficient (in a capitalist framework) and diversified capitalism, at least in the medium to large industrial production processes, because we have the communal production processes and the communes developing at the side so we are walking forward but looking backwards at the same time hahaha.

Anyway, I still get paid from my government job and they sent me boxes and bags of food regularly, like fifteen days apart, because I live alone I have excess food sometimes, I can't eat too much pasta, so I give some to my neighbors so that it doesn't go to waste, the rest I try to provide to my mom and dad who live in another state, 5 hour drive. Also the "Fatherland System" or "Sistema Patria" never fails and sends people money like a UBI for everybody registered, that helps alleviate the hyperinflation.

Back to the socialism question, most people don't know what socialism is, however, they are coming to terms with the fact that our economical demise is linked completely to the blockade, sanctions, aggression from the U.S. and their lapdogs inside and outside our borders and also by the currency manipulation, and they know when you speak to people, that that is not caused by socialistic measures or by even government corruption or incompetence, at least at this outrageous level of collapse, and add to that the fact that people now objectively know that the opposition led by Guaidó during Trump's administration has robbed and has done more harm to the country and its treasury in these 2 to 3 years without even being in power, than the corruption of the supposed "chavistas" in all of the 20 years of revolution we have.

That is one side, the right here, has nothing, they are devoid of arguments, they are reduced to being explicit sycophants and gusanos, nothing more, driven by feelings and emotions, frustrations and anger, nothing to look for there.

The left, now that's is another story, we basically are at the point of "What to do?" "What to follow?" "Dogmatism Vs pragmatism" "Real politik"? "Should we become purists and succumb almost immediately?" "Invent or err"?. A good thing though, we have our National Assembly back so we are discussing, creating and modifying laws again. One thing that is being discussed in our National Assembly and works as a starting point for economic stabilization and recovery is a proposition to index the salaries and the state budget to the petro (But now for real hehe) in order to keep the purchasing power and maneuvering power of the state so that we neutralize the variations of the prices companies set and raise the salary automatically at the same ratio they increase the prices, without waiting for a decree or law raising salaries (we get paid every 15 days, we don't use the hour or year reference). That is good, and this is already being implemented locally to only oil sector workers to test how it goes empirically, last week that law project was presented, that proposition is from people who wants to deepen socialism but know the context and the steps needed to be taken at first, this guys are from the PSUV and are against a more liberal oriented faction of the PSUV. PCV doesn't understand this, they are a photograph of a party, I haven't heard from anybody there how to proceed under these current conditions or a proposal on how to implement communism or a planned economy option for the 21st century and how to politically make it feasible in this context, not as if we are Russia in the beginning of the 20th century.

Also considering something I stated before in some other posts in some other threads, due to unilateral coercive measures, in recent years Venezuela's income has been reduced to almost 1%. We have lost around 99% of what we received. Of the 56 billion dollars that we received monthly, we receive less than 740 million dollars a year. So in short term the state can't embark on full on nationalizations anyway, and also until the economy isn't stabilized the state's budget in bolivares gets eaten up by this induced hyperinflation so the state is focusing its efforts on the industries prioritized like obviously oil, gas, mining (Both traditional and crypto) and leaves the rest to the private sector and makes alliances with other companies without losing majority of shares of their own companies in order to increase production.

One other thing, our constitution from 1999 is still a bourgeois one, albeit a thousand times better than the ones beore, but it won't let us do "full communism""full socialism" like some of the kids here shout and criticize when talking about Venezuela, without even knowing recent history and our country's laws, not everything is that simple. In fact did anyone of you know that we had a referendum in 2007 to change our constitution to a heavily socialist oriented one and the PSUV lost? a very small margin, like 1% but a loss anyway so in our pacific path to socialism and adopting a more participatory democratic process we have to respect the results even when they are not favorable so that really makes this the slow and hard path.


Basado. Thank you so much for actually contributing from a responsible point of information. Would you mind doing some semi-regular updates? I live in a country completely isolated from the rest of LatAm because of gringo colonialism, its really hard to get anything of worth here thats not cia bullshit or gusano lies



This article shows a mixed picture of gains in popular organization but also creeping dollarization, but it shows a positive picture overall. Is it true Chavistanon?

Also, could you provide some detail on the "Communal Parliament" law mentioned in the article? Cause it sounds pretty much based.


>En mi país se legalizó solamente luego de que unos senadores evangelicos hubiesen preparado fincas y comprado licencias de exportación e importación
Hahaha acá fue el ex-presidente de Mexico, candidato del partido católico quien impusló mucho su legalización por razones similares.


No joke you should start a blog or see if you can contribute to venezuelanalysis or something, you've got better prose in English than a lot of native English speakers, certainly more than I do.


Yeah, agree with this anon. You should expand what you wrote and submit to newMultitude


Seconding the anon suggestion


I am Chicano Bhurger, how do I learn more about the economies in Mexico and other LatAm countries? From my perspective they look firmly capitalist and much more "free market" than the USA, but I have trouble proving this to our rightoids.

I want to use it as a bludgeon against those who argue against communism by showing them the effects of capitalism, lol


none lmao


Do you know Spanish? Maybe I can find some history books


yeah, i had migrant ed + fluent in spoken so I can read and write Spanish at like a third grade level (by like, Burger standards) so they'll give me a headache but I can get through with a dictionary usually


File: 1616561265677-0.epub (1.69 MB, The Face of Imperialism b….epub)

File: 1616561265677-1.pdf (26.33 MB, 203x300, E. Hobsbawm - La era de la….pdf)

File: 1616561265677-2.pdf (12.92 MB, 67x118, E. Hobsbawm - La era del c….pdf)

File: 1616561265677-3.pdf (14.72 MB, 67x118, E. Hobsbawm - La era del i….pdf)


Aquí tienes hermano. Hobsbawm is seminal introductory material for any leftist worth his salt. And of course the same goes for Parenti


This>>133937 is a general overview. If you want specifics Im afraid I dont have much at the moment, building my library is a lot slower than I thought. Though if any fellow compañeros here would be so kind to share what they got I´ll gladly reciprocate


Check out Las venas abiertas de América Latina by Eduardo Galeano


pc(ap) is… fine i guess, as a left cum i obviously dislike their, well, you know, "beliefs", but as far as a political force they are very small, i would not call them a classist party, as i believe they cant represent the working class if most people that are not already communist know about them.

ive got a friend whos millitant over there and they do some stuff, but mostly its about trying to get into the parlament n shite. i dont oppose em, just believe they are (as well as every other party) kind of irrelevant in class struggle, at least at the moment.


(not saying trying to make it into the parlament = socdemery or something i believe that shit is acceptable i aam just stating fax)


It seems Gustavo Petro in Colombia has 23% and it's first in the polls. How is him? Is he a socdem like Correa or is to the right of him?


Meanwhile it seems Farc are now back to illegal activities but… there's three of them! (2 illegally operating 1 legally to be precise). Also as if it needed to be more complex it seems the two armed factions of Farc have different relationships with the Venezuelan government to the point that one of them attacked a border position of the Bolivarian Army getting BTFO in response.
In short, Colombia is going back to being a complete clusterfuck (did they ever stop?)



My apologies for the bad historical joke here >>132824
but could any Chilean give their two cents on PCC (AP) mentioned in the second paragraph? What do they do on the ground?


>What do they do on the ground?
nothing, they are a local meme


File: 1616636794721.jpg (729.69 KB, 3300x1619, 1446866466762.jpg)

Today it's been 45 years since the last military dictatorship took power in Argentina. F to the victims.


As someone from South America it enrages and saddens me so much that these people will most likely never be avenged for their deaths. Fuck all rightoid collaborators who dare call themselves patriotic that sold out their countries and massacred their people to protect American interests. Seriously, these fuckers and all neocons need to burn in hell forever.


RIP Óscar Romero


30,000 dead and thousands more raped, tortured, and silenced for what? Profits, foreign profits


This seems too unlikely to be true. Are you a PCCh party member?
>they are a local meme
Oh so like any actual communist party not yet in power?


File: 1616731230226.png (1.49 MB, 1280x885, ClipboardImage.png)

300,000 deaths in Brazil: a capitalist crime against humanity
>Brazil has been transformed into an open-air laboratory for the generation COVID-19 mutations, and possibly even a new virus, an even more infectious and lethal SARS-CoV-3.



Apparently people are shooting back at the police in Chile?


Honestly, could we see revolutions in Latin American in this century? From what I've seen, a lot of people worldwide, especially in Latin America appear to be reaching their breaking point


<Shooting back
Any video sources? That link sends me to a podcast but i would like some proof, cause it would be a serious deal if real.


As far as I'm aware he's just talking about the protests of 2019. Unless you have a specific time stamp where he's talking about 2021? Also weird though because no cops were killed during the protests.


File: 1616770432787.jpg (50.66 KB, 929x960, clorox_eye_wash.jpg)

Bitch retard gusanos are gonna be the death of us. Nuclear wars, climate change, pandemic, destruction of economic system. Shittiest fucking century by far


Lol Peru has already 120 000 deaths according to the national system of deaths.
New video from ¡Ahi les va!
Agarrense venezolanos que la montaña rusa del señor huesos tiene mas que dar.


Also Rip Dammert, man from the legal left, leftover of Left Unity and the mad man who pressed the bottom that accelerated the country.


esa tipa me calienta tanto
porque tiene que estar lleno de indios este continente


File: 1616862815026.png (40.16 KB, 168x200, ClipboardImage.png)

>esa tipa me calienta tanto
>porque tiene que estar lleno de indios este continente


They're fine but small. Their "legal" branch is Unión Patriotica which is almost the same thing but can run in elections like they are doing now for the Constitutional Convention and municipalities. If only 2 o 3 of their candidates are elected in the constituyente it would be extremely interesting and a huge assblast for the right wing. afaik they do more shit on ground than the PCCH.


Algunos deberán pensar que hace falta una especie de Unión Europea pero para Latinoamérica. Pero aquí ya tenemos diversas comunidades continentales, convenios y acuerdos entre países como la UNASUR, la CELAC, etc.


Haznos el favor de bañarte en el tanque séptico más cercano

Si pero la EU es algo que integra mucho mas a sus miebros. Cada uno tiene que utilizar el Euro, por ejemplo. A demás cosas como derechos regulares que se extienden a través de todos los paises y sus ciudadanos como viajar sin visado o derecho de movimiento libre. Le veo la lógica, América Latina necesita unirse para combatir contra sus maestros imperiales en Bruselas, Paris, Londres, Washington y Berlín. Claro, solo funcionaría si fuese socialista


Porque hay tantos gusanos en Latinoamerica? Ustedes han sufrido lo peor del capitalismo y el imperialismo, pero todavia tenien muchos fachos que defienden a la sistema.


Es por la clase gobernante en Latinoamerica. Obvio que tambien hay gusanos de clase trabajadora, de esos hay en todo el mundo, pero la mayoria de los fachos que ves en el internet son de los estratos mas privilegiados y ricos del continente.


Trust me: you don't want something like the Eu in your nations.
Perpetual austerity is not nice.


En Latinoamerica todavia queda parte del establishment conservador que apoyo el Plan Condor en los 70s y 80s, algunos siguen vivos y en el poder.



Why do they fear a socdem like Correa so fucking much lol?


File: 1617010835623.png (327.22 KB, 591x1065, FireShot Screen Capture #3….png)

How the hell is no one talking about Bolivia's absolute chad move? I honestly thought Evo's crew would just play nice guy to death. This is an incredible development, it's exactly the sort of thing the left simply has to do in Latin America. The recent past has made it clear that concilliation is impossible, and reactionaries will destroy entire countries, no matter how much the leftist government has improved it. They're forcing us to arm up just for the sake of a crappy bougie democracy, it's like they want us to shoot their asses.


Unironically why'd nobody ever talk about her plastic surgery deformed face? Kek. She looks like a cheap 90s porn star


we had a whole separate thread for it


Esta es la razon por la que no tenemos cosas bonitas.
En el Ande esta la comunidad andina, como la UE pero en los 70s y con objetivos proteccionistas y desarrollistas.
Como es bien notorio, las olas mundiales no le favorecieron y al menos sirve como manera de que un colombiano vaya hasta Bolivia solo con su documento de identidad

¡Alegrate /lat/ con Les Luthiers!


Does Mexico have any hope bros? I can't shake the notion that it's a failed state too mired by corruption, cartels, reactionism, AMLO's ruination of the perception of the "left", and its almost colonial-like ties to the USA to ever have a meaningful leftist movement like in Bolivia. Thoughts?


"Poor Mexico, so far from God, so close to the United States"
-Porfirio Diaz


Mexico deserves so, so much better


Evo isnt been talked about mainstream because he won, lmfao. Over here people have been cumming for him since they started the purges


It's not even really Evo, he's just the face of the party, it's Arce's administration, which is admittedly tough to remember because Evo occupies the media sphere and Arce is really kind of dry and lacks the politician charisma, or at least that's what I've seen.




debunk this NERDS

how does embargo explain the high prices
how does explain everything being empty
how does it explain the security guards

there is no alternative


Policías en Tulum, Quintana Roo (México) matan a mujer de origen salvadoreño al fracturar su columna vertebral
En una extraña coincidencia, se parece mucho al caso George Floyd.


Bueno, los gringos no entrenan a las fuerzas policiacas al sur de su pais?


File: 1617091730531.png (542.37 KB, 484x650, media_EwYmYPPXMAIN8fX.png ….png)

How dare you besmirch this brave and stunning inspiration to comprador elite girls?


Damn she's really ugly


Alguien aqui ha leido el libro de Gustavo Bueno titulado "El mito de la cultura"? Estoy pensando comprarmelo ya que estoy curioso leer sobre materialismos no-marxistas.


El Zar y un Puñado de Aristócratas · Humor Dulce Hogar · Les Luthiers


File: 1617241398928-0.png (1.22 MB, 1280x721, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1617241398928-1.png (989.77 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

36-year-old Salvadoran mother killed by Mexican police officer who kneeled on her back
>The death of Victoria Esperanza Salazar Arriaza in the resort town of Tulum is a direct result of the increased anti-immigrant measures demanded by Washington of the Mexican government.



Fucking sick pigs, I cannot express how much I despise the yankee empire and the gusanos that foster it


What's the all the police kneeling on people now? And how was she killed just from being knelt on her back.


Mexican police are honestly some of the worst pigs in the world, only behind 'Murica


The cops ruptured the C1 and C2 vertebrae of her spinal cord.


File: 1617244083183.png (143.5 KB, 460x600, ClipboardImage.png)



Que opinan los anons Chilenos de videos como este? Se me parece como los policias de Chile son peores que los de Estados Unidos. Los cerdos aqui si pueden ser bien cabron pero este se ve bien feo, estos gueyes se me paracen como estaban listo a disparar a la multitud

El Chile me interesa mucho, se ve como tienen mucho batalla entre la clases bajos y la "burgesia", o como ustedes dicen "cuicas". Estoy viendo todos estos videos de "flaites" y se me parace como hay mucho prejuicio contra los pobres aya. Aqui en California tenemos gente que tiene el mismo actitud, pero aqui es mas contra la delinquencia en vez de la pobreza.

(sorry if this is illegible, I only have 3rd grade education in Spanish so I can't write for shit lol)


I would agree tbh, I'm chilean and this is rampant behavior here. And I think it's necessary to clarify, I don't think if someone is trying to rob you and you defend yourself that you should be shamed for that , or if someone breaks into your house and you are armed, if you choose to kill them I understand why. Shaming and treating people like killers in these situations is lib morality. It's really ironic really, what you'd call libs here in Chile also hate cops but they probably hate guns too (gun control isn't really that talked about here) and they're the type of people who would judge someone for defending their home and family from armed intruders. In these situations, you must do what you can to survive.

However, on the other side of the spectrum, the more rightwing people here tend to go overboard. Like I already mentioned, it's fine if you must defend yourself, however these are people who frothe at the mouth any time they read about poor people being killed. An incident that happened some time ago (don't remember too well) of someone who committed a pretty small crime, something like stealing bread or some shit, he got beat down by like 10 people, stripped naked, and tied to a street post. That's not defense, that's torture. And of course rightoids eat this shit up.


Este video esta equivocado?


File: 1617481686636.jpg (6.06 KB, 278x181, donramon_shut_up.jpg)

Hace falta teoría critica lationamericana

>Quico tiene una relación de maestro-esclavo con el Chavo. El chavo, en su posición sumisa, está forzado a crear objetos (de deseo) para el maestro. Cuando Quico compra una mercancía, la mercancía no es propiamente solamente para él, el chavo, en su envidia, enajena la mercancía como un objeto de deseo, y de esta manera completa a Quico como el poseedor del objet petit a. La relación que tiene Quico y el Chavo es precisamente una de BDSM, del control del placer y el deseo. En su casa, Quico tiene muy poca autonomía, ya que doña Florinda es una madre controladora. Quico siente la necesidad de encontrar autonomía en la relación que tiene con el chavo, siendo Quico quien controla el placer del Chavo al prestarle sus juguetes. De esta manera Quico se completa como individuo. La única envidia que Quico le tiene al Chavo es en el exceso de placer que obtiene el chavo al desear lo que Quico ya tiene. Quico no puede sentir el jouissance, lo tiene que vivir de una manera indirecta a través del chavo.

>Quico se quiere tener sexo con su mamá entonces simula la relación que tiene con su mamá pero con el chavo como fantasía sexual 🥵🥵


>Bolivian government reopening State owned glass processing plant

>Bolivian government opening State-owned fruit processing plant


How can they be so fucking based?


Deberias ser apaleado.


Una planta de frutas y otra de vidrios, ¿que es esto? ¿Victoria 2?


Hace años en inciclopedia el articulo del chavo era sobre como el chavo fundo el partido comunista de la vecindad y la lucha de clases que había ahí.
Quien sabe si todavía existe.


File: 1617483557761.png (25.85 KB, 396x400, 1563428060776.png)

>teoria critica
pseudociencia pequeñoburguesa


File: 1617483922394.png (143.96 KB, 800x450, ClipboardImage.png)

>pseudociencia pequeñoburguesa


File: 1617484179001.png (181.07 KB, 498x481, lmao.png)

Which Maoist parties in South America are MLM and which are "principally Maoist" (Gonzaloist)? Sendero Luminoso is obviously the main one of the latter category but what about the rest?


Based if true


Check wikipedia lel.
4 real, the only one that involved fight was Puka something in Ecuador, they blew a car. And the colombian maoists.


>Quico se quiere tener sexo con su mamá…
¿? ¿Cual indicación dio el Quico de que quería follar su mamá (la doña Florinda) en vez de no más estar enfadado por ella? ¿Por curiosidad, de donde sacaste este escrito? ¿O lo escribiste tu mismo?



Mas luego sale encuesta de las elecciones en Peru por parte de los 2 grandes diarios (uno progre de raices socialistas, bien progre ahora y el clasico periodico derechista).
Segun La República (el progre)
Keiko Fujimori 9.8 (Rightwing)
Hernando de Soto 9.8 (liberal, right)
Rafael López Aliga 8.4 (ultraright)
Yhony Lescano 8.2 (Center? Left? Right wing party)
Veronika Mendoza 7.3 (socdem left)
Pedro Castillo 6.6 (Left)
George Forsith 5.7 (right wing)
Margin of error 2.5%


Verolovers are seething 🤣🤣🤣


Peru is a balck hole of reaction rivaled only by Colombia.
These are the fruits of Gonzaloism.

Meanwhile in Ecuador it seems the indigenous unions and stuff publicly declared support for Arauz, so /ourguy/ has some probability of pulling the rug under the neolibs feet.


Melhor shitpost que eu já li neste site


>True absoultreu cksKUCSVCVcsvkTVSTK


It's inour tradition.
We are since the colonial times the base of the colonial yoke. And that sentiment extends from eras long forgotten.
Nah, but the socdem candidate has been bleeding votes from her recent moderation lol


I wonder how much votes will Castillo get. The march in Huancayo looks awesome
Also Fslnanon, that channel seems focused in bolivia and the MAS (but is in spanish)


Terrorist attack hits Venezuelan gas pipeline


That happens like every month, looks like just when oil prices are rising they are targeting more.

In other news, I recomend everyone to see this hotel in Caracas, wow.


Maldicion, ni chequee como se hace este embed


Lo escribí yo lol. Namás es un shitpost rápido que le escribí a unos amigos y compartí aquí también. Quico sufre del complejo de edipo.
Don Ramón tiene el espíritu del maoismo anti-landlord aktion.


Acaso este no es el que fue al centro comercial mas grande de Cuba? Si lo es me pinta de mamado


Compañeros, me pueden recomendar libros sobre los movimientos guerrilleros de América Latina? En español o en inglés. Tanto libros sobre países o regiones específicos como obras más generales me interesarían.


File: 1617684955752-0.jpg (158.25 KB, 1417x1417, wa.jpg)

File: 1617684955752-1.jpg (137.89 KB, 860x1280, pc1.jpg)

Well, there will be no more polls in Peru so I leave some hecking cute and wholesome racism from the part of the fav socdem of Peru and the economic head from Verito.
Ay la Vero!
Plus el manifiesto de Cajamarca
Viva Peru libre!


Ahi no se mucho hermano, pero supongo que el libro de guerrilla del che es uno que pudieses leer


Que es la primera foto? Y la segunda se ve muy normal. No estoy muy familiarizado con el Peru


File: 1617739406327.pdf (13.9 MB, 238x300, Sandinista - Carlos Fonsec….pdf)



File: 1617833470839.mp4 (6.04 MB, 1280x720, videoplayback123.mp4)

Lo explique (a pucha, en ingles).
>Pedro Franke
Economista "heterodoxo" de es profesor en la PUCP (una universidad privada para clase alta de Lima) y actualmente es parte (no se si es el jefe) del plan economico de Veronika
>Cesar Hildebrant
Antiguo y destacado periodista, mediohermano de la excongresista Fujimorista Martha Hildebrant (celebre por sus escritos sobre la linguistica y su desden por los quechuahablantes).

El caso es que Hildebrant en su semanario (nominalmente socialdemocrata) escribio un analisis de las elecciones, donde aparece el parrafo del meme, tildandolos de "izquierda aldeana" entre otras cosas.
Para colmo, Franke lo publica en su cuenta de Twatter, como cereza del pastel.
Y los verolovers que alcanzaron a leerlo, en vez de censurarlo por lo que decia, solo alcanzaban a decirle, borralo Pedro, quedas mal (solo 1 menciona como cochinea eso a la "unidad de la izquierda").
Asi que el meme termina con el chascarrillo de un muchacho inclusive denostando a Ciro Galvez y Pedro Castillo por ser indios mientras que ellos responden categoricamente OK, Juntos por ¨¨Barranco¨¨

El segundo simplemente es un manifiesto que hace Peru Libre con motivo de su multitudinario cierre de campaña en Cajamarca, en el que se compromenten a seguir lo que Juntos por Barrancx dejo de lado, nueva constitucion! fuera la injerencia imperialista! y limpiar el estado de la corrupcion!

¨Ademas, ha estado corriendo una encuesta (estamos bajo silencio electoral asi que no hay manera de verificar) donde Castillo ya le va ganando a Vero


File: 1617834412829.png (541.33 KB, 523x614, ClipboardImage.png)

awebo per2na erman0 :(


Al hombrx-bichx limeñx se le tiene que recordar todos los días que si no fuera por esos serranos, literalmente se moriría de inanición en 2 semanas.


File: 1617836513045.gif (7.38 KB, 220x220, 1608916521070.gif)

>the only hope for Brasil is a centre-left party with Saint Franciscan values.
This country grinds you until you lose any spark of hope.


bienvenido a la neocolonia :)


is this x thing ironic or do you guys legit use this over there


Uh, in woke circles it is. But its very very niche, only yanks use it. And they use it wrong. Either ways you wont find it outside those specific groups


Por eso los paros generales tienen tanta fuerza allá, el ultimo de los camioneros hizo llorar sangre a los morados jajaja


File: 1617889926680.png (26.85 KB, 806x880, 9e8abbc8ff88ebe58a99897d7a….png)

Anons, como puedo volverme voluntario on la Escuela de Comando Anti-Imperialista de Bolivia siendo extranjero con edad de combate?
No hay futuro económico en la zona donde vivo incluso si estudio una carrera STEM y prefiero unirme a esa causa en lugar de enlistarme al ejército de mi país debido a su colusión con el narcomenudeo o peor aún desperdiciar mi vida como asaliarado volviendo a los burgueses aún más ricos mientras yo y mi familia comemos mierda. Las condiciones revolucionarias donde vivo son horribles y se van a volver peor con el fracaso de la socialdemocracia actualmente en poder.

Lo siento si esto clasifica como fedposting, pero realmente no se que más hacer.


Por lo que tengo entendido, solo pueden unirse miembros de las fuerzas armadas de Bolivia, Venezuela y Nicaragua (creo que Ecuador tambien). Asumiendo que no eres de ninguno de esos paises lo unico que podrias hacer es unirte al ejercito Boliviano, es el unico que acepta extranjeros.


File: 1617946871620.png (69.13 KB, 851x397, ClipboardImage.png)



Join the Bolivian army if possible anon, it's kinda small and needs socialist minded people insidie to counter the lingering pro-coup elements (which were purged just at the very top).


It seems the Venezuelan State is seeing to empower the Communes which are sproutimg around the territory.
This could be VERY interesting.
Also asking to ChavezAnon: What is your take on this whole situation? Good or bad?


Deberia de estudiar mi carrera de Ingenieria en Sistemas por si acaso o directamente ir por Bolivia? Porque me acabaría graduando a los 29 y para entonces no se si me aceptarían, aparte no tengo cartilla militar de mi país debido a errores burocráticos y probablemente tendría que rehacer mi servicio militar para obtener una y necesito tramitar pasaporte.


This is your choice anon, you can't take decisions based on what strangers on imageboard say, only take advice


File: 1617996053794-0.jpg (54.04 KB, 500x750, castillo.jpg)

File: 1617996053794-1.jpg (243.72 KB, 2048x833, pl2.jpg)

File: 1617996053794-2.jpg (174.25 KB, 1478x694, pl1.jpg)

Castillo sube como la espuma segun la última encuesta filtrada de DATUM Internacional (esta prohibido difundir encuestas durante la ultima semana, por lo tanto yo no puedo colgar eso aqui).
Probable segunda vuelta entre el evismoperuano y la minpao parlante. Los verolovers estan pasando las 5 etpas de la negacion


File: 1617998011309.mp4 (4.99 MB, 1280x720, ptm jajajaja.mp4)

JAJAJAJAJA Primero Hildebrant y Franke, ahora tambien una candidate de JxP, para ser tan inclusives y demas, son capaces de juzgar la paja del ojo ajeno y no el tronco que tienen en el suyo.


Brainlet here: So you're telling me this Castillo guy is /ourguy/?


File: 1618002835197-0.jpg (106.14 KB, 720x1057, aggg.jpg)

File: 1618002835197-1.jpg (105.57 KB, 970x517, aggg2.jpg)

Looks like, Vero has moderated and descended the pits of Inferno like the second image shows.
Plus, the verolovers, the caviar left and various NGOs (with the backing of U$A1D & N3D) are in shock, it's amazing, attacking like rabid dogs instead of talking about unity & shit

>Pic 1 From Hildrebrant semanary, doing the classic terruque (accusing anyone on the left of terrorism and being supported by the guy who is locked)

>Pic 2 From Carlin, caricateur of La Republica, showing Castillo as the same of the Fascist Lopez Aliaga because he isn't progre enough.
This sunday is going to be spicy, and the next round will burn mouths.


1. Terruque → Terruqueo, which is what is explained there.
2. The second image I was reffering to is from >>161284 specially the part where it says "She left the speech of "We will change everything""


File: 1618003593319.jpg (314.38 KB, 1800x901, las rondas.jpg)

Also if any [email protected] is here, Castillo was a member of the selfdefense forces, those that fought them, but that doesn't matter, since the holdouts of their forces in Peru are hidden, or in the jungles or calling for not going to vote.


They lost an important insurgency leader from what i Heard from Twitter.
Also they're like less than 1000 people right now arent'they? Why don't they just stop?


Because for this you would need an amnesty law, and as Alan Garcia put it: "When you are winning you don't give amnesty" (In this case the state already won).
Plus, in a way they deserve it, since they failed the basis ethos of the guerrilla, which in a way, give the state the rope in which they were hanged.


Any news from Ecuador/Perù?


El documental de "La revolucion y la tierra" esta siendo colgado a cada rato en yt. Es sobre el gobierno revolucionario de las fuerzas armadas de los 70's.
Por si alguien quiere ver.




Castillo is gonna get cucked so bad if he wins. The existing rondas are too divided on political matters and his nationwide clout is too new to amount to a significant paramilitary force to stave off any coups, much less recover from it a la Chávez or Morales. The existing "successes" of "Socialism of the 21st Century" are one-offs that will inevitably fail to escape an inevitable return to some more naked in your face form of compradorism, but since this is /leftypol/ we're talking about I know some of you will keep simping for succdems til the day you day you die.


So what should Peruvian socialists do? Kill themselves? Everyone knows what potentially awaits them and its probably already a miracle that an explict Maraiategui follower is getting close to power in a black hole of reaction such as Perù (second only to Chile and Colombia in this regards). Better die tryin than killin themselves.


File: 1618201517720.jpg (425.08 KB, 2047x1345, media_EyvN9UvXEAAZRCc.jpg)

Unlockable charaters are always the best ones.

If they have a shred of good sense, they will shill night and day for a leftist union against the inevitable bullshit being cooked up right now.. And it's important to make it a clear matter of us vs them, but us as in Peru and the Peruvian people against the compradores and gringos. Stocks for left-nationalism are BUY BUY BUY


>But Allende remained unconcerned about the danger of a coup. Chile had a long tradition of bourgeois democracy, and Allende assumed that the military would respect the actions of a democratically elected government. On June 29, 1973, just a few months before the coup, an army unit surrounded La Moneda with tanks in an attempt to seize power. After this Tanquetazo was defeated by loyalist troops, many Chilean workers realized that the time had come to arm themselves and take power away from the capitalists.

>Allende, however, told them to trust the officers’ corps. After June 29, he said in a speech to the nation: “trust your government. Go home and kiss your wives and children in the name of Chile.” He even named Pinochet as commander-in-chief, hoping to keep the loyalty of that part of the military. Allende also approved an Arms Control Law which allowed the military to disarm workers.

>Even on September 11, Allende apparently rejected offers to flee from the center of Santiago and organize resistance across the country. His sincere desire was to avoid a civil war. All this meant in practice, however, was that the inevitable civil war was entirely one sided: The army could massacre workers and leftists who had been disarmed by Allende.

Oh no no no no


I mean he should just doxx his opponents have them “removed” by the will of the people. Screw bourgeois democracy and let the people decide, if they are forgiving they will spare the right and its government, not them bye bye.


And he was right. There was no logistical possibility that the armed labor movement would confront the power that the Chilean Armed Forces had at that time, since the process of arming leftist revolutionaries would have had to be approved by the army itself. Doing so would have led to a worse massacre since the "professional" armed movements that existed before the coup were very small and isolated. He was just fucked.
Even the "resistance" under Pinochet were like just 10 guys supported by Cuba.


>Even the "resistance" under Pinochet were like just 10 guys supported by Cuba.


Yeah it's an hyperbole. Active members were like 100 or a bit less, which is basically what limited them to just blow up some things and kill one or another fascist.


Support Sendero


that movement has been dead since 1991 anon


This is why Peru has been a reactonary colony in steroids since 1980


maybe the resistance was small and could've never stablish socialism but it could certainly disrupt the power of the dictatorship making it possible for a new bourg democracy to emerge, just killing pinochet could have been a great win and they almost managed to do it


File: 1618452028634.png (60.5 KB, 330x331, ClipboardImage.png)


>pseudociencia pequeñoburguesa

Unique IPs: 87

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