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What is America's end-goal with making up a completely fake genocide? What do they seek to accomplish with it?
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File: 1668531773332.png (824.87 KB, 722x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

>There is a genocide because …. because there just is, OK?!?!


File: 1668531906084.png (33.37 KB, 120x161, xigma.png)

The third reason you didn't list is a lot more important: To support East Turkestan nationalism, which would cause chaos in Xinjiang which is the corridor between Afghanistan and China, thus fucking with one of the most important areas to the Belt and Road Initiative.


File: 1668531963425.png (694.43 KB, 640x841, ETIM.png)

>how many are ETIM?
notice how they never answered


it's all just another tired sequel to operation cyclone. If sanctions, coups, embargoes, and sabotage are not enough to wear down a rival's sovereignty, The West will resort to proxy wars and arming of right extremists.


Maybe its more of the fact you faggots use acronyms so loosely here that it derails discussions? Also, everything about your pics fails basic source criticism, literally /pol/ infograph-tier unless you can provide an actual source


>infographics without a source
lefty /pol/ indeed


>believing deliberate radicalization of muslims in the ME was never the goal of US foreign/military policy
ok faggot


File: 1668541291039-0.jpg (27.48 KB, 715x429, FYkdTBRaAAEwdBR.jpg)

File: 1668541291039-1.png (108.35 KB, 601x386, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1668541291039-2.png (134.03 KB, 839x413, ClipboardImage.png)


Not the point I was making, assmonkey


>exercising basic critical thinking skills is soy and cringe

is this the final form of imageboard culture


1) put the quotes into google books
2) find book title
3) download from libgen

u use those critical thinks urself instead of posting


Ah yes because we all know jewish GDP went up during the holocaust and not down…


when I quote books I actually cite them like you're supposed to instead of being a lazy asshole


prove this wrong


>infographics without a source
operation cyclone is literally a declassified CIA operation you fucking imbecile. The source for my left image in >>1268268 is Washington Bullets by Vijay Prashad. The source in the right image is literally listed. Kill your self.


here's an actual US military official admitting that ETIM was used to interrupt belt and road initiative. kill your self.


File: 1668574025744.png (1.84 MB, 1200x774, ClipboardImage.png)

here's the source for the quote in the original french, which was listed in the fucking image you claimed had no source. Kill yourself.


Interesting how you manage do wrap up your burger propaganda ("debt trap", Xinjiang "colonized") in radical lefty lingo. Very smooth.


do you actually have a dispute with the information or are you just mad people post images on imageboards

there are a expat/refugee Uyghurs that have ties to ETIM and even have ISIS affiliated flags in their testimonial videos that are funded and backed by US and Turkey to travel to Afghanistan and Syria for terrorist training

and "speaking out" is not evidence of "a systematic human rights abuse campaign"


here's a full English translation of the interview with Zbigniew Brzezinski


spot on OP



Please stop replying to this poster outside of /edu/.


>expecting an infographic to have a bibliography
b-b-b-but reddit made infographs seem so cool, I can't believe I can't learn everything from pictures. r/mildyinfuriating


Is there a term for the west's approach of making up a genocide, and then their drones doing nothing but bringing up the "genocide" whenever china is brought up to drown out all other discourse? Like you can't even talk about china's high speed rail without some westoid npc barging in and screaming about the uyghurs. A part of it is atrocity propaganda but is there something that also encompasses how they've not only made up an atrocity but also base all their arguments and sense of moral superiority on those entirely fabricated claims?


"poisoning the well" comes to mind


how can you prove it's made up?



I probably wouldn't like being sent to a reeducation camp, but Russia flattened their equivalent of Urumqi on two separate occasions with 1960s-era weapons (not very precise suffice to say) and the U.S. invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and killed a million people to deal with its terrorism problem. But we can't have that discussion.



further related
USA can't into war crimes, by decree of the law, which USA itself wrote


America accuses its geopolitical enemies of genocide so freely I'm surprised Iran, Venezuela, and Cuba haven't been accused of genocide already.


>invaded Iraq and Afghanistan and killed a million people to deal with its terrorism problem
lol,they conveniently ignored the countries where the terrorists did come from (Saudi Arabia and the other gulf states),they didn't do shit against terrorism,it was just a pretext.


If the separatists love Sharia so much, why don't they just move to Afghanistan?


File: 1672893251159.png (358.6 KB, 673x740, 1616180112420.png)


CLAIM: The East Turkistan Islamic Movement is a terrorist group operating in Xinjiang.


THE FACTS: Um no sweaty. Not only is the ETIM not a terrorist organization, but they don't even exist anymore, okay? They just don't.


I can't substantiate this, but what if the CIA is helping China hide this by trying to get people to associate them with the evidence? Sometimes the glow has layers, right?


> the CIA is helping China
the Chinese government has literally killed CIA moles and dismantled CIA spy networks in recent history.



Yeah but are we really going to be mad about somebody editing their terror list.
Does this have real world consequences or something ?

Can we make our own list and put the CIA on it ?



True, but China has intelligence agencies too, it could be they know getting along would be for the betterment of the intelligence industry. Like, 7 eyes is better than 5, right?


File: 1672902216490.png (231.48 KB, 303x437, slap_your_shit.png)

No. That's dumb.


The only important eye is America, which is why that organization of intelligence agencies works. China is a competitor to America; it has no reason to subordinate itself to America, and America has no reason to cooperate with a rising rival power.


>America has no reason
they could easily find one if they really wanted,by engineering a fake rivalry with China and reestablishing bipolarity in secret with their accord in order to stabilize both of their spheres of influence instead of having a real rivalry over multiple emergent countries they're not guarranteed to win.(I am not saying they're currently doing it,I read an anti-EU right-winger saying that as the worst possibility to happen in order to curb multipolarity)


File: 1673883880423.png (121.32 KB, 575x562, horseshoetheory.png)

At this point I'm convinced that this thing was invented by fascists soley to discredit Communists.

What's the dumbest "horeshoe theory" take you've heard?


To distract from their ongoing genocides against Syrians and Russians


>placing the burden of proof on the accused, as opposed to those making the accusations in the first place
probably one of the most severely damaging aspects of modern discourse is this exact take applied to any and all alleged atrocities that pop up. the severity of claims such as genocide bring with them an equal severity on the accuser to rigorously defend their position - the implications of such things being true would have global reverberations, so its irresponsible, dangerous and highly stupid to be throwing them around and treating them as true without proper due diligence. innocence should be presumed, not guilt. (unless its the united states federal government and its myriad appendages)


>condemned by China
yes, and like a dozen other countries and global institutions. removing terrorist cells from your list to own the chinks is an astonishing act of retardation (although i know its because they want to be able to funnel money and supplies to them instead)


>What is America's end-goal with making up a completely fake genocide?
It's the US ruling class that is doing this, most people living on that continent are not onboard, even if they might have been fooled by it. Falling for a deception is not the same as consent.

You can think about it as a battle between two directions of representing reality.

The first one seeks to find out the truth about reality and create as accurate representations of it as they can.
The second one strives towards obfuscating objective reality mostly for selfish reasons.

The second group who makes shit up can act much faster, because they don't have to go through the slow process of documenting and evaluating evidence, but the first group always wins in the long run. Lies can only be upheld temporarily.

You have to admit that they are very skilled, they are making many people believe their bullshit. However societies that do not believe in lies of this type are more successful, and hence there is a strong adaptation pressure to develop resiliency against it. Eventually the manipulation methods will be fully understood, become documented, analyzed and then societies will change to negate the effects. Religious institutions used to be so powerful that they could define reality, but it didn't last the enlightenment swept it away.

If you want to be part of the first group, you could start by documenting their lies and try to understand how they work.


That Stalin wanted to attack Hitler first, and Hitler merely defended himself from Stalin by preemptively attacking USSR

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