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Talk about job/career advice and other related stuff from a leftist perspective. EX: How to get a job, promotion, skill, switch companies, resume, life hacks, etc.


I know there's an entire thread up right now talking about how education is a meme and how you shouldn't have to be a degree to get a job, but (in the US at least) you can still get a good paying job with just a 2-year degree.


ive done retail for several years, how can I bullshit my way into a office job where I just enter data or something.


Quit immediately when your at your limit with a shit job. Its better to get out when you can than abrubtly be fired for some bullshit reason.


This is where I am now.


Lol, me too. But a bonus may be around the corner. Not long for this shit afterwards


>>1263434 (OP)
Been a NEET for over 5 months and I've been not liking it since nearly 2 months ago.
Only worked at Walmart and a 7-eleven. Unironically liked Walmart more because of the 1 hour lunch breaks and little to no responsibility for anything. At 7-eleven there'd be times you just sat there for 2 hours on a stool not doing anything, but there was still a lot more drama compared to Walmart. Nearly all my coworkers at 7-eleven were either an alcoholic or a stoner, while at Walmart it was mostly just dumb kids.
I've pretty much given up looking for a job because in both I often screw up more than everyone else despite working there longer than my coworkers, and get treated more like a baby. I am certain it's because I have high-functioning autism. If these are the two easiest jobs a person could work and this was my experience, then fuck that. I am a genius when it comes to math and science, but when it comes to performing executive tasks like help running a store or doing a certain task, I am just underperforming and make mistakes.
Everything I want to do requires a degree, and I currently don't have the attention span to remember anything that happened a day prior. Been thinking of suicide for several months now despite mom making me see a therapist every week because I made terroristic threats of wanting to kill people.
My mom gets pumped child support from my dad until I'm 23 so there is no incentive to work and make my own money in the first place, and I turn 23 next year.
So yeah, even though I don't want to be a NEET anymore, I still don't feel like it's worth getting a job again.


why not channel your autismo into being an actuary



I am a programmer with an advanced degree and 1 year of experience. I quit my job to go to grad school for a masters in computer science. After graduating i started job hunting, after applying for 400 jobs and getting none of them (1-2 failed technical interviews, but 99.9% just straight up ghosting).

I was hired by a last resort employer consulting firm that pays low and promised me a job as a programmer, but I would be put through "training" for 3 months first and if I quit before 2 years I would have to "pay it back", around $40,000 (I'm paid around 36k/year in a MCOL area).

I get to the client site and it turns out the job isn't programming at all but IT Prod support. I spend my days turning excel sheets from other departments into SQL to correct some random minor issues with the data in the oracle DB, and filling out virtual paperwork on servicenow, working late night prod support shifts in a 24x7 rotation which is destroying my sleep cycle and sanity and I'm even forgetting how to code.

I asked my boss when I can code and he lowkey NEGs me and he says we need people with more experience so you have to get an oracle java certification to maybe have a CHANCE to get moved to development.

Now on top of it all I'm being forced to go back to the office in person next week. I could tolerate this before since it at least was totally remote but now I will have to drive into the office.

And now on top of it a fucking TRUMP JUDGE blocked my student debt relief on my $80,000 worth of student loans. So if I quit now I'll literally be $120k in debt.

I will probably never get the stain of being an application support analyst out of my resume either since people will just fucking assume I wasn't technical enough to be a developer still so i got demoted.

I want to believe they will eventually allow me to move back into dev but they've lied once already so I don't trust them.

If I have to work another year of third shift prod support making sure the banks stonk options get processed correctly in oracle or w/e I'm going to brush my teeth with a fucking shotgun.

TLDR: going to grad school totally derailed my career, permanently shitting on my resume with a terrible company, irrelevant experience, and probably having to restart my developer career from scratch.


I dont blame you, it does things to you when you work in a supermarket and seen a disabled man get abused by micky mouse managers, checkout girls groomed by pedos, workers regularly diddled out of wages, and a guy's leg got amputated because he was made to clear out the freezer and got frostbite.


I actually like my job but it doesn't pay enough


i wash ishes and move boxes pretty good but ill probs learn programming or something 2 get out of it and see if i can help the movement out more


I would love to do something related to GIS or image processing. I just need to find a community college that offers these kind of programs.
Yeah, the worst of humanity happens there. I completely lost my 5% raise because Walmart increased their minimum wage from $11 to $12 something and I made as much as any other new worker.


Currently doing technical support while I work on a political science degree. While my job's not terrible I still don't really like it. Are there any jobs in the realm of politics that are /leftypol/-approved? It's either that or I try my hand at amateur video game development again.


That's not a bad thing son you lost nothing and your comrades gained something

Better you also gained something too but it's not exactly bad, in unions there is strength


>wants to code
<doens't do so
thousands of open source projects out there.
pick one, code away.
any merge of your code into the project is worth more than some bullshit written on the CV


I am almost done with my engineering degree and I have ruled out working for a pure arms manufacturer for obvious reasons, however as most of you the way the economy is organized virtually every tech or manufacturing company is in some way integrated into the MIC and is in come capacity a supplier, contractor or has a direct arms division.

Is this moralizing libshit and should I just take the cash or do I legit have blood on my hands if the sensors I builx end up being used in a drone that blows up another Pakistani wedding?


not working for the gov directly or indirectly is basically impossible in the US in tech sectors, as the state is the primary consumer of surplus value.

t. cybersecurity employee


How to become an Onlyfans e-whore?


The market is completely saturated so you need to create some baseline popularity through something else, especially feeding of established content creators and through nepotism and then cash out on the little popularity you have or you find your niche in doing some strange and fucked up fetish shit.


do some kind of imageboard gimmick and co-opt it like all edgy online grifters



>after applying for 400 jobs and getting none of them (1-2 failed technical interviews, but 99.9% just straight up ghosting).

400 is not a whole lot and 2 failed interviews is not a whole lot.

get those rookie numbers up.

I'm not shitting on you, just speaking from experience and it blows.

You did the right move taking the production support job IMO, especially if you needed money.

That job is not necessarily the stink you think it is. SQL and production database experience can be good for a resume. You can end up doing 6 figures with that in a couple of years but you'll have to keep applying to thousands of positions and failing interviews until you eventually get a better job where you can do a little bit of coding and go from there and get a pay bump doing it, so keep applying to places and don't give up. In a couple of years if the economy doesn't completely collapse you will be making 6 figures and if it completely collapses we'll all have bigger problems than debt


the market is too saturated, unless you are a 10/10 conventionally attractive well proportioned blonde petite woman, in which case just become an actual pornstar and skip amateur hour OF bullshit.


Please stop calling them whores.


How about, as Hasan would say, workers in an e-brothel


who else /laidoff/ this week?


not I but there is a recession cresting ATM. lots of people being laid off, even in tech/services


MechE/Aero/EE: nearly 100% MIC
Civil: lots of options, nearly 100% non MIC
CS(SDE/SWE): 75% non mic but lots of defense contractors hiring as well.
CS(Cybersec): Nearly 100% MIC, esp. at entry level. A few large companies (mostly finance) have security departments/teams.

There's no ethical consumption under capitalism and there's no ethical job under capitalism so take what you can get.

The only exceptions are maybe being an open source programmer supported by github sponsors or a freelancer who only takes certain projects, or some sort of salesforce consultant doing work to program your local real estate company's salesforce house tracker shit.


this is the career thread. Its about getting paid to code, anyone can code for free.


find one of those coding bootcamps where you only have to pay once you find a job. some of those are pretty legit, but the job market is going to be pretty tough for a year or two so you might have to actually get an unironic grindset if only to get some $$$.


i make 170k doing programming. no degree. community college dropout. not that good at cs, know enough about different layers of the stack to do anything with some effort tho. transitioned into from freelancing off of sites like upwork (i had multiple people want to contract full-time). can answer any questions if people have any. my general advise though would be to lie and be confident when you're talking to clients.


i just got laid off as a software dev (web fullstack Node bullshit), how the hell do you even get your first contract? And what kind of stack do you usually go for?


you get your first contract by underbidding a little bit (but not too much, you don't want to be classified as cheap labor/competing with indians), then saying "of course i can do what you want, in fact i've done it before: here are some examples, what are you available for a phone call?"

i had a template that was basically:

– hi, i understand you need X
– i have a lot of experience doing X, (words about doing X), discussion how you did this at company Y, maybe links to sites demonstrating this.

– you can make up the old companies/example projects.
– let's talk on the phone! (this is important, you can make them like you, establish good vibes, and it actually helps in understand their goals)

i would usually bid on projects that didn't have stacks specified. someone wanted a tool to do something, or a website, or whatever. when they specify languages it's more of an established company, which is fine, but working on other's codebases sucks. django/react ideally though


I say it a lot, but travel nursing/imaging/whatever is a solid way to make a good income with just a 2 year degree

-Get to travel the country, only staying in one place 3 to 6 (sometimes even 9) months at a time
-Pay is excellent, doubling or tripling what a normal hourly employee makes
-Most of your income comes in the form of non-taxable stipends, meaning that you make half as much money on the books and pay less taxes overall
-Get very good at all aspects of the job very quickly as you have to adapt to an entirely new system every single time
-Never stay at one job long enough to get sick of it

-Can't do it forever and still have a family (maybe tell your wife you're in the military or some shit)
-Gotta find a place to stay and pay for an additional rent, which for most people shouldn't be a problem with the increased pay but for some it might be an issue somehow? A lot of women in particular are weird about this.
-You have to drive yourself and your stuff across the country every 3 to 6 months
-Some coworkers might resent you for making double or triple what they're making
-Hard to make lasting connections with coworkers


File: 1668536280665.png (327.6 KB, 568x594, 7ab1a828c62.png)

>Company requires me to give them a bank account to sign my hiring contract
>Bank requires a letter from the company to make a payroll account
>company tells me I can use any type of account to receive my salary
>normal savings account has a monthly cost


>if I quit before 2 years I would have to "pay it back", around $40,000
what in the black hell am i fucking reading? your job can legally recoup every red cent it paid you as a salary if you were to quit within a certain timeframe? Disregarding what is an astonishing precedent for labour rights, how can they effectively get under 2 years of work for free from you with no legal repercussions????


don't you fucking police what i can or can not call myself.


>Its about getting paid to code, anyone can code for free.
yea and he explicitly said how good a code merger is for experience credentials ya dingus


I'm in retail, how do I transfer to office jobs? my feet hurt


my flag is not a joke, in colombia you have to pay for saving accounts.
it's just like 1,50 dollars a months in my vase but I've heard stories of people who left the country for a couple of years and found their accounts empty and with a debt to the bank.
We also get charged one by four for withdrawals from ATMs


Quit, you might as well take the additional hit, or tough it out for the next year, then say you've been out of town taking care of your frail health grandmother in those years because of Covid risks or been on missionary work/humanitarian calling bs or something, try to find something elsewhere.

How the fuck are you not finding a programming job though. Real talk bruv, do you have a linkedin profile? Just put some shit on there, I get many proposals every month despite stating i am not looking for a job. At worst, find a head hunter agency, they can find you a job.


NTA but its a common practice in North America, the UK and India: https://onezero.medium.com/recent-grads-are-being-lured-into-indentured-servitude-by-a-coding-bootcamp-8a3b2b8e87e8

>James’ trepidation came from the legal contract Revature requires all of its associates to sign. Documents obtained by OneZero, as well as interviews with 13 associates and three instructors, show that Revature requires associates to commit to work for a client for a two-year period after training. The associates don’t have a say in which clients they work for: Revature chooses the client, the location, and can require associates to move across the country. If the associates choose to quit within two years after the training, they could be on the hook for a $36,500 quitting fee, copies of the contract show.


A few days late, but thought of another thing to add to this list

>you will get constant, daily job offers from recruiters, and you will never, ever be out of work if you don't want to be

>you will get constant, daily job offers from recruiters, and a solid 75% of your text messages will be from people trying to get you to work at their hospital


I was outside north america and all the job/technical interviews were super early in the morning for me (ex: 3am-5am) due to time zone not aligning which was really messing up my performance in technical interviews. I will probably start looking for another job beginning next year since there's alot more hiring in january


I graduate community college next spring, and will earned a general associates degree for free.
I’m 17, so I have a sizable head start, but I simultaneously have absolutely no idea what to actually pursue, (and I need to decide soon, given financial aid/college application shit and all).


Depending on your math and science abilities, go with any vocational major that will get you a job. I.E. Medicine, engineering, cs/se/it, nursing, actuarial science, accounting, or taxes etc.

Avoid any social sciences, liberal arts/humanities, and generic business degrees other than accounting specialized ones because that's an actual skill.


guys, just apply to Google / Meta / Amazon / Netflix / whatever giant corporation. you will have to spend a couple weeks grinding hackerrank and leetcode to prepare for the interviews, and they're very time consuming, but they don't treat you like complete shit and ghost you like you're saying all these other companies do. seriously just shoot for the biggest companies, you'll be shocked how well they pay for work that isn't much harder than what you're doing now. you don't even need a degree if you have a good portfolio of work in an in-demand field (read: ML)

like seriously the best advice I can give anyone reading this is to go on kaggle and huggingface, learn machine learning concepts, make a few cool models, apply to every huge company, get paid $200k+. you owe it to yourself


>i had a template that was basically:

>– hi, i understand you need X

>– i have a lot of experience doing X, (words about doing X), discussion how you did this at company Y, maybe links to sites demonstrating this.

>– you can make up the old companies/example projects.

>– let's talk on the phone! (this is important, you can make them like you, establish good vibes, and it actually helps in understand their goals)

This is pretty good, especially the call part.


Also I'm thinking I'll do this
Knowing my luck the gravy train will finish about two months before I graduate


you cant create actually cool models without throwing money at AWS/Azure/GCP

doesnt matter to score a gig with clueless companies who listen to gartner tho


I'm too midwit to remember linear algebra so being an ML engineer is gonna be a stretch (without alot of studying).

Do the ML/AI positions also require leetcode?



The gravy train already ended, there are maybe 1/5th as many jobs as there were at the start of the pandemic and they're paying 40% less than they were. There are still literal thousands of openings at any given moment and you'll be making a minimum of $3,000 a week. Travel nurses whine more than anyone because they were making $2,000 a day at the height of the pandemic.

See this shit? That's how many openings there are for all of these jobs. 36,000 openings for JUST allied health professionals, the bulk of which are imaging positions. Hell, if you're an RN there are more than 200,000 open travel positions on this one site alone (though I didn't do nursing because imaging is comfier).

I've been traveling for long before COVID happened, the pandemic just solidified travel as something that's here to stay.


File: 1668618247332.jpg (81.33 KB, 894x894, 1615272682925.jpg)

>hiring window for the position expired because I should had sent them my yet nonexistent bank account last week
>Company is now offering me a new position where I can work from home


File: 1668629520815.jpg (82.9 KB, 1080x1010, 4l6ri086a7371.jpg)

actuary bros I can't handle it anymore. I asked my advisor last year if it was necessary to study for the first exam and she said no. It's now my senior year and I can't get an internship because I didn't take the exam yet. Asked my advisor and she just said that I should have taken the exam already.


I live in Europe. Can't you find an it job in your own country? Why are the interviews at 3 in the fucking morning.


If you’re freelance, and can decide which clients to work for, does that mean you can effectively/independently choose where to go/where to avoid? Cause there are certain states I would never want to work/live in, even for a month (Oklahoma, Arizona, etc).


is fiver any good for a side income?


cuz thats the start of the work day in middle north america


my own country was colonized by the US and now its super expensive place where fat burgers vacation with little to no tech industry to speak of


Yes. You will have zero problems, recruiters will always ask if you have any preferences of where to work or if you have any places you refuse to go. There are so many jobs that you will have no problem avoiding those states.


Dude there stole his girl


Don't surrender yourself to this division of labor bourgeois propaganda construct. A career is a capitalist sham that alienates the human being from their full capabilities by forcing them into ever narrower widget-like specializations.


File: 1668658516821.pdf (122.29 KB, 197x255, WebSalarySchedule.pdf)

Found this leaked online LA community college pay schedule for different positions.

>mfw a 'Director of Diversity and Inclusion' makes a 150k a year…


File: 1668676343585.png (21.38 KB, 918x375, ClipboardImage.png)

they aren't bourgeois so who cares


Nice :)


The old switcharoo eh?





A lot of police officers in more conservative towns make 200k plus. It's criminal.

Anyone over the median wage is receiving *some* surplus value. It can still be in their interest to overthrow the bourgeois state but they are in a sense not exploited.


Motherfucker careers have always existed, do you think the village executioners, blacksmiths, butchers, bakers, and candlestick makers were all slaves to capitalism, a system that hadn't been invented yet? Were they clairvoyant about the nature of Capital and started forging chains for themselves in advance?
>b-but Heinlein said that specialization is for insects
Yes, if you allow yourself to only be good at the things in your career, you're kind of a loser. Any competent, normal person is going to have hobbies and interests outside of their job. Now go take a shower and put in those job applications before your mom starts yelling at you again.


I'm still trying to become a bureaucrat in Canada.


Hope the French is coming along well.


Hot, arid and desolate


there are some states which are paying remote workers to move/live there


Do banks and financial companies count as indirect???
they pay fukken well if you pick the right one.


Honestly, this.

Be a naz or lolberti grifter and send the money to socialist orgs.


>Anyone over the median wage is receiving *some* surplus value.
from who? from the bourgeoisie. Who are the bourgeoisie? the people you should be concerned about. Not 'Director of Diversity and Inclusion'.

If I were a 'Director of Diversity and Inclusion' I would use my position to regularly point to studies that show unionization drives makes workers less racist by forcing them to work with coworkers of different backgrounds. But something tells me I would get fired if I did that. Because I wouldn't be the one really running the show, would I?


File: 1668723900323.jpeg (7.52 KB, 293x172, hands.jpeg)



Those are not careers, those are trades or callings. A career is a specific construct with a particular historical archaeology.

>Yes, if you allow yourself to only be good at the things in your career, you're kind of a loser. Any competent, normal person is going to have hobbies and interests outside of their job.

There's a distinction between a career and careerism, though the two are obviously codependent. Careerism is the relentless capitalistic enculturation processes which encourages someone to sacrifice everything , hobbies, families, to climb the corporate ladder. It's not about perfecting a craft but doing whatever is necessary to compete in the market. It's false consciousness and alienation.
Stop being wrong.


>There's a distinction between a career and careerism, though the two are obviously codependent.
I'm sorry anon, but you said in your initial post that careers, not "careerism," are a capitalist sham. Once again I implore you to stop being a worthless NEET faggot on the internet and go put in those job applications.



File: 1668727798939.png (45.35 KB, 1027x203, ClipboardImage.png)

It's posted on there website because it's public information.


Homebuyers Need $107,000 Annually to Afford the Typical U.S. Home–Up 46% From a Year Ago

Do you anons make above a 107k?



no, so i guess im fucked


you'll be competing with thirdoids who will do the job for nothing


I was thinking of doing proofreading/editing, as a native English speaker, is the competition that bad?


How do you programmers get past the leetcode technical interview portion, or which tech type jobs might not have it?

Im sure I could do the job if I got one, but am damned sure I would fail every technical interview. So Id prefer to find a position thats just the typical soft questions.


A better job is to just write articles for content farms. They pay per word and you can usually make 60$ ish per article.


Career and work stuff needs its own /board like leftchan here imo


ok thanks, will look into that


Are there prerequisites?


>I'm sorry anon, but you said in your initial post that careers, not "careerism," are a capitalist sham. Once again I implore you to stop being a worthless NEET faggot on the internet and go put in those job applications.
Can't have one without the other raging retard.


Usually not, but I think they allot for some amount of corrections. But if you write good articles or can reword existing ones well anyone can do it from home.

There was a website that hired content writers specifically, but fuck sorry cant remember it atm. You can find article writing jobs on upwork and pretty much any other freelance website.


Yes, and it's the only reason I was able to afford a house.


if you have an engineering degree, the patent office is a chill job if you get lucky with who your boss is and what art you examine


Anybody here ever done an applied math degree?
I want to be a municipal economic planner after the revolution.
Sophmore currently in for comp sci but it seems like a waste.


Applied math is just CS on roids. if you want double major in math and CS, or applied math and CS.


>you will have to spend a couple weeks grinding hackerrank and leetcode
more like 2-3 months if you've never done it before


File: 1668796679403.png (24.21 KB, 918x375, ClipboardImage.png)

it splits the coalition of the proletariat in half to pretend all proles who make above median wage are bourgeois.


the techbros. and elite PMClass officers aren't bourgeoisie always but they are extremely coopted as proles and basically are not much better than the cops, who also count as technically workers; these people turn super reactionary very quickly if their suburban circles get a little bit the disturbed.


I agree with you anon, if you have to work for a living then your a worker, otherwise you have money that makes you money


The price of privilege is servitude


*You're a worker


Labor aristocracy is real but it's a result of imperialism and colonialism rather than these workers being inherently bad imo

Cuban police aren't like US police, for example

and tech workers from the periphery have been incredibly based and instrumental in the fight against intellectual property tyranny


File: 1668815732804.png (355.1 KB, 500x378, 1455340634363.png)

company hasn't contacted me with the new offering.
I've lost hope now.


call them you fuckin homo


I wish that instead of doing STEM I took the plunge and studied International Relations instead but instead of becoming a glowie-ajacent pussy-ass liberalist fuck I would have been a revolutionary neo-gramscian based boy.


no, it's over, if a company ghosts you there is nothing you can do.


motherfucker CALL THEM

If they don't want to hire you and are just ghosting you, then they'll just tell you that you didn't get the job.
If they do want to hire you and you just got lost in the paperwork, then calling them is a good reminder.


you can still double down and do a masters in an unrelated subject


Not that guy but you can either do leetcode or apply to companies that focus more on the behavioral side of things like most banks or non tech companies.


freelancing you never have to. i've interviewed at smaller companies they don't do that leetshot code but like take home stuff where the questions are: do you know what `this` means in JS, do this project. leetcode grinding is really reserved for the FAANGS or sadists who want to pretend they're on that level (which you should avoid)


takehome projects are sus, especially when they're suspiciously close to a real thing, kindof feels like working for free


Just had the rudest interviewer who basically told me to get off the phone or change his mind in the next thirty seconds. Not even an engineer, just has a degree in C.E. from like 1992 and has no idea what reverse engineering entails.

I hope his children get fucking cancer.


Also has anyone noticed that open positions are drying up. Several recent security positions I recently applied to got an automated 'this position was closed' (could be lying) and the open positions have been pretty scarce lately.

Economy is still growing but tech seems to be shuttering its doors.


tech overhired during covid and now they're cutting back on hiring and even doing layoffs. They bought the meme that the pandemic would change people behaviors wheras in reality it was just temporary and in fact probably made people sick of technology even more than usual.


strangely I keep seeing ads for coding bootcamps for ppl looking to change careers


coding bootcamps dont care once they have them oney


Work with a recruiting agency and tell them you don't do well with whiteboard interviews, they'll have insight into who does them and they'll avoid them for you because it'll be a waste of time for both of you.


dont all the high paying jobs require LC style questions?


What type of imaging do you do?


>and tech workers from the periphery have been incredibly based and instrumental in the fight against intellectual property tyranny
thank you NEET russfags for uploading virtually everything that exists for free


MRI, but you can make the same amount of money doing x-ray. CT pays more than either, but you'll actually have to work for your money.


LeArN C0Ding was a retarded meme-tier career advice intended to cause an oversupply of tech workers.

For now, the trades are doing better, but remember every type of career can end up being over supplied.


woops replied to wrong
meant to reply to >>1276440


You should just blow a whistle on the phone for 30 seconds and then get off the phone.


File: 1669262792636.jpg (36.51 KB, 300x300, 1469564371650.jpg)

Well seems writing them an e-mail worked, I had another interview today and seems I'm on track to get hired for a different position.
I'm really nervous right now.


Good for you anon! Try not to stress out, they will do what they will do and you can always get another job if this doesn't work out.


Glad they emailed you back, I was tearing my hair out over your initial doomposting.


The most profitable way to employ your time in Capitalism is to Own things.

The most valuable thing to Own is 'nothing'.

'Nothing' has no upkeep costs, no liabilities, and doesn't require workers for manufacture.

Sell 'nothing' for years and years until you get caught, then fight 'the law' with nothing until you die because the value you stole came from the 'good will value' of the law/system that willingly prostituted itself to you for the pretty lie that Capitalism can survive forever.

>Tesla: Overvalued By 85.26% And Not A Technology Company

May 06, 2022

Socialists could collapse the system tomorrow by selling an empty box labeled 'capitalism is good' to multinational finance desperate to overcome the tendency of the rate of profit to fall. Maybe Alexander Helphand had a point after all. Though his 'empty box' was arms dealing to finance/arm the revolution.



Huh I would’ve assumed MRI would require as much work as CT. They seem pretty comparable


>jobs thread
>only two mentions of unions


Don’t most MRI technologists have to get another modality (usually X-ray) to compete? Or can you just be MRI certified and be successful enough?


> The most profitable way to employ your time in Capitalism is to Own things.
> The most valuable thing to Own is 'nothing'.
Tesla does represent a grotesque example of fictitious capital on the stock market but what you are describing is just the MO for money capitalists. The idea that lending money begets more money through interest is a highly fetishized view of commodity exchange so much so that industrial capitalists are always wanting to move out of the business of making things into that of loaning capital. Of course any Marxist will tell you that a society of money capitalists can't produce any new value as it must enter production at some point.

Tesla is perhaps an ingenious loophole then, an industrial capitalist who by making nothing but convincing others he is making things operates as a finance capitalist to his shareholders. Producing M' out of M.


MRI is comfy as hell if you work the day shift in a hospital because you're just doing outpatients. CT you're doing inpatients almost every scan, so you have to worry about the patient being unconscious or crazy or stuff like that. MRI is incredibly chill by comparison.

You CAN just get an MRI certification through ARMRIT, but almost every hospital wants you to get your certification through the ARRT, which means that you need to do x-ray first. You can technically get just an MRI cert through the ARRT, but you'll be hard pressed to find a school that does that considering they only made it a primary pathway within the past couple of years.


File: 1669412551136.png (407.94 KB, 1033x784, ClipboardImage.png)

do NOT enter "see resume"




why the fuck do they make you submit a resume if they just make you fill out the form anyway? WTF is the point?


to see if you have tolerance for meaningless and demoralising tasks, and to break your spirit


This, every aspect of life under capitalism is twisted into a soul crushing game of endurance



To be clear. No value is produced by Tesla/Musk's bullshit. Thought this was obvious from the post. but I wish to be clear.

The fortress is built on nothing, the emperor has no clothes, and the decision tree of the ruling group has a self defeating vulnerability on this front. Capitalists are infected with a bug that will force them to make poor strategic decisions. This defect should be attacked and agitated against in favour of real value production/revolutionary means.

Musk's(and others) lifetime of fraud/fuckup has done much to undermine Capitalism because it exposes this weakness and the need of the top appraisers/decision makers of financial capital to consent to fraud; even self-injurious fraud. Daimler once conned could not extract itself without suffering loss. They were robbed by a poor man who was thus judgment proof, so they went along with the lie to preserve their profits and face.

This is not praise of Musk. This is an excoriation of the best minds that Capital >>>can<<< produce and their necessarily present and pervasive bad decision making. If you know your enemy can't resist faceplanting their whole army onto your pikewall, you always present them a pikewall and flank them.


>Musk's(and others) lifetime of fraud/fuckup has done much to undermine Capitalism because it exposes this weakness and the need of the top appraisers/decision makers of financial capital to consent to fraud; even self-injurious fraud.
basically. Musk is living proof Ayn Rand was dead wrong


File: 1669416448425.png (503.4 KB, 860x911, 1669345658175.png)

I mean everyone already knew, but to have the physical proof to back the claim is always great


>dont all the high paying jobs require LC style questions?
If you're straight out of school/little to no experience then yeah, probably. I worked as a dev for a very small company that paid 49k per year just to get "my foot in the door" as they say. 4 years later I'm on my 3rd job and make a little over 125k. None of the companies that I've worked for have asked for leet code style interviews.
If you're looking at senior/staff engineer positions down the line then they really only care about your references anyways.


File: 1669468409459.jpg (29.84 KB, 527x903, FPcfetqWYAUzM1T.jpg)

How do I get a job in the UK from outside? (Third world and muslim-sounding name)

I got my engineering degree in the UK about half a decade ago. My employment history since then has been kind of spotty but I've been employed more than half the time. Currently I work at the third world branch of an American tech company, but it's some of the least interesting work I've done. I've been applying for more than a year at this point. There was a bit around September where I got a lot of interviews from smaller companies but that seems to have dried up.


I've been in the military for 7 years
First 4 i lived really frugally saved 50k and bought a house
Feels good man


Burgoid here, what's a job I can completely and totally tunnel vision on so that I can really start saving up cash to move from a poorer part of town? I got skills in basic labouring, roofing(maintenance/qa), lifting heavy things, dishwashing and general restaurant traing including line cooking. The problem is that most jobs don't pay really any better than 10-16 before getting sideline with jobs that are outside my skills. Jobs like HVAC and nursing and door dash seem the most prominently listed


you bought a house for 50k? do you just mean the downpayment?


indian or pakistani? If its indian im pretty sure the UK is making it easier to migrate due to labor shortages after brexit


look into some type of sales job, those guys can make bank if they're good


Well, as much as I hate customer service type of jobs it probably be worth it to have the cash


From what I've heard, you could specialize in something, like HVAC or plumbing and you might be able to charge more. You could start working for a firm and then do your own thing once you're confident. Something that also works when you're alone and specialized is to "be the __" for some boojie neighborhood / community.

Restaurant jobs pay like shit usually, unless you're a waiter at a fancy restaurant. I'd avoid it tbh.


My motorcycle mechanic charges 88$/hour for labor. Its easy to do repairs for motorcycles. You could literally grab 2-3 buddies and work for yourselves


It seems like the nature of what's being said is the same between these posts, that a specialized labor is the best path forward, thank you anons. You've helped me greatly


isn't HVAC a skilled trade thought? does it really pay that low?


All my college friends went on to get internships and jobs at northrop grumman and boeing.


Why not get a degree and use your connections with them to get a job


>isn't HVAC a skilled trade thought? does it really pay that low?
So it says the average is a little less than $30, the problem with my previous post is I didn't specify that when I did a search for $20 an hour no experience search, everything paid as low as 10-15 but then there was jobs like nursing or HVAC that requires more to get the job. Obviously cause of the skilled labor position


My outlook has changed over the years.

Old: Why work to aid Washington? Stop.

New: Somebody is going to get rich building the REDACTED. I want the people profiting from it to be loyal to proletarian assistance. Why should the left abandon the profits of war to the right wingers.

TLDR: Abstaining from the killer drone factory results in the wrong people becoming rich.


i would say you should be ashamed of yourself but i doubt you are capable of that emotion anymore.


What an opportunistic little imperialist fucker you are.


Its irrelevant because commies are never gonna get a security clearance anyway.


>Why should the left abandon the profits of war to the right wingers.
the profits do not go to the workers, armchair anon


and in ten more years you'll be telling everyone why we need to vote democrat, cool.


and how they're glad they grew out of that ;leftie phase


>North America, the UK and India
hope those poor third worlders manage to gain some much-needed labour rights


The bosses must pay less than they get from you in work. Therefore defraud their regulators at all times and in every way.

The customer must pay you less than the value they get from your product. Therefore defraud their regulators at all times and in every way.

Derivatives(financial instruments) have no basis in reality except consent. Therefore defraud their regulators at all times and in every way.

Capitalism works only by fraud and theft backed by the threat of state violence. Therefore defraud their regulators at all times and in every way.

Abolish Capitalism and remove the system of fraud.


What are some common/general prerequisites that are required for imaging/radiology programs? I’m in an all expense paid early college program for another 3 terms, so Id like to capitalize on it and knock out any possible prerequisites.

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