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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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#BackTheBlue edition

OP pic: https://metro.co.uk/2022/11/14/police-force-investigated-for-misogyny-and-racism-after-whatsapp-group-exposed-17753542/

>Chancellor Jeremy Hunt is expected to announce an extra two year freeze on the lifetime allowance on pension savings in the Autumn Statement this week.

>Allies of the former Labour leader have signalled he will run for the seat regardless of whether he gets the whip restored. One said locals in his north London seat respected him for his constituency work.
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LGB Alliance tells tribunal it will ‘get around to’ helping LGB people

what did they mean by this?


Scotland blocked from holding independence vote by UK’s Supreme Court


What is considered 'a generation'?
Surely nearly 10 years is getting close to it?


I was hearing Rishi's rebuttal in parliament and he was saying "I think the people of Scotland rather our government focus on the important matters like supporting the war in The Ukraine". Lol.


File: 1669257603245.png (69.15 KB, 1281x695, ClipboardImage.png)

15 usually. Boomers are 18 for some reason.



Why is TERFism so strong in the UK?


because of reddit, twitter, middle class insecurities


>I was hearing Rishi's rebuttal in parliament and he was saying "I think the people of Scotland rather our government focus on the important matters like supporting the war in The Ukraine". Lol.
I laugh but when this proves to not be a good propagnda point they will move on further into attacking migrants as their scapegoat crisis.


These aren't particular to the UK though. I think it originated grows out of some of the schizoid radlib, lesbian separatist and feminist movements of the 80s, some of the residual colonial character of britain, the no-sex-please victorian prudery. And I think reddit and twitter were far less influential on terfism here than mumsnet.

And of course our corporate media's and our politicians' willingness to engage in this debate to distract from real issues.


in a meta sense it's incredibly funny that the BBC is tweeting an apology for not being transphobic enough.


File: 1669307028202.mp4 (3.32 MB, 1280x720, landlord.mp4)


people just dont understand how much hard work goes into maintaining a Range Rover, lambo, and trophy wife


>Sebastian Gerrard made his money in construction

>Gerrard's of Swinton

>Gerrard’s of Swinton is primarily a building company established in 1864 by Jonathan Gerrard
>Today our managing director Sebastian Gerrard Esq is the great, great great grandson of our original founder J. Gerrard



Esquire is completely meaningless isn't it? It's literally just a cunty fake title no-one but a total dickhead would use.

According to his linkedin this cunt was also in the army and posted in Northern Ireland in 2003, so yes total cunt. If it wasn't obvious already.


yes,it's exactly like rich cunts buying noble names or castles, even the descendant of the old money aristocracy think it's silly.


What exactly do the house of Lords own? They don't exactly have peasants to work their land so where do they generate their revenue from to be fitted with the title of lord?


property portfolios


And people also buy lordships. So people who were wealthy business magnates buy the royal titles.


So at some point in UKs history the lords started buying stakes into British merchant companies as the enclosures happened?


Lol he didn't even think twice when they setup for that low angle shot right next to the lambo badge.


I didn't even notice that


Middle/upper class feminist cunts are desperate to still be oppressed by something even when women are better off than men now


File: 1669324544744.jpg (13.21 KB, 360x360, Count Binface 3.jpg)

considering bongland "democracy" is just going to probably get worse and worse from here on out can I just say I don't care what this dude thinks I just think it would be extremely fucking hilarious if through anyway he won



Damn, that's fucked up.


i have just been informed i will not be allowed to return to the university of strathclyde after the christmas break due to an incident at a student union debating event where I referred to professor Sir John Curtice as "Poll Pot"



I'm already sick of this royal family racism scandal, it combines my two most hated types of news "stories": shit involving the royals and idpol.

The BBC have had it as their #1 story for two days now.


File: 1669967038077.png (479.55 KB, 585x631, ClipboardImage.png)

Anglos, are you ok?


File: 1669969457953.png (120.17 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

He did 20 years in community service


He cooked pet food on the heater for 20 years.


You step into your house and find all your stuff is gone, but in reality to WHOM did the stuff belong?


Is the NHS really collapsing in real time anons? I am scared.


I was out today at the British Museum, saw a bunch of people faffing around in the entrance hall with hi-vis vests and what looked like protest banners.

Sat outside for 10 minutes or so chatting with my wife, these people come outside, turns out they are extinction rebellion, display their banners, let off a pathetic smoke bomb and say 'energy for all' for about 1 minute before they get asked to leave by security, which they do and then thank the security guy for 'being cool'.

What the fuck is this group's deal, do they think they can 'gain awareness' and get people to vote for not fucking the planet entirely. About 10-15 people got together and planned and wasted their time and energy and presumably money for a handful of seconds of 'awareness raising'.


just stop oil > extinction rebellion

For whatever reason the just stop lot make all the retards seethe and cope even more than extinction rebellion.

I can't believe it isn't half the same people though. They must be doing crossover events, if not there must be turf war.

Pretty funny at this present rate, what with train cancellations, strikes, and hippies in the road, it will be virtually impossible to travel any distance in Britain.


File: 1670128534020.png (38.19 KB, 354x105, owen jones.png)

classic guardian columnist


Is Lord Buckethead wearing football(real/American) shoulder pads? That’s great to see he supports the great American sport against that lesser sport that’s actually called soccer.


i know it's a cliche to dunk on him and usually as such my contrarian instinct is to defend him, but imagine putting out something like this: https://twitter.com/OwenJones84/status/1599019877242585088 and then being enough of a cuck to still vote labour

jesus christ, my man, my dude, my guy, my bro, you have two hands capable of manipulating a pen, just draw a cock on the ballot paper. you're a columnist, write a fucking column on the thing. do literally anything else other than voting for people who won't thank you for it. (at least not out of more than half of their two faces)


(again, i want my fucking dubs)


Oh apparently I was wrong, it was just stop oil, extinction rebellion and fuel poverty action so yeah crossover.

They seem to actually do more disruptive shit, with the gluing themselves to the road and the putting paint on the plastic in front of famous paintings or whatever. But of course it's still 100% misguided, thinking they can get people to vote or something and save the environment without really changing anything in the underlying system.

I have to say it's hilarious (fucking disappointing but not surprising) how liberals seethe the very second their travel gets ever so slightly inconvenienced, they want train drivers chained to the controls rather than stay home for a few days.


no its because hes a grifter he's hoping he can get some Keithbucks when the time comes




File: 1670227910198-0.jpeg (170.07 KB, 864x1547, FjJ4MoRWYAI4Mrf.jpeg)

File: 1670227910198-1.jpeg (230.64 KB, 1189x2048, FjJ4MoTXEAAq42y.jpeg)

File: 1670227910198-2.jpeg (104.38 KB, 1200x927, Fi-kerWXEAIAUT_.jpeg)


File: 1670229470009.png (195.27 KB, 540x303, ClipboardImage.png)

Watching the last days of a british government who has been in power for a decade is divine.
It's like i'm watching a whole new season of The Thick of It!


It's not quite so fun to live through though. Starmer is unlikely to actually undo any of the damage caused by austerity either, so things are still pretty bleak


Fucking hell, Putin is going to be the new 'literally Hitler' for the next few decades, isn't it?


don't worry, we have Sir Kenneth Rodney Starmer's radical new plans for the House of Lords


keir starmer is like the one guy i wouldn't sell out to, he's the kind of prick who'd constantly tell you that the cheque is in the post even though it's obvious he's just lying and will never keep up his end of the bargain.


Nurses must drop pay demands to ‘send clear message to Putin’, cabinet minister says

Well, you Putin lovers? Why won't you stop demanding higher pay? Just love Russia that much? Hmm..

UK government could mitigate strike action with military to help keep public services running

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