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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Hello everyone, we have discussed the possibility of restarting /roulette/ in our latest meeting, we have come up with some idea for your consideration:

/grass/ - Board for everything non internet/screen/media related, eg cooking, sports, fitness, making friends, drugs, whatever. Cause we could all use a bit less internet.

/life/ - Pretty much the same as above but about only 'lifestyle' topics like cooking etc.

/tv/ - Television board since there are multiple active TV topics on /hobby/ and the general has gone to 500.

/antianglo/ - Board where no English language is allowed


/antianglo/ - Board where nobody from the anglosphere is allowed (CANZUK+US) but English is allowed


/antianglo/ - Board where everyone is allowed but discussion of Anglosphere-related things is not allowed. Learn a bit about other cultures and so on.

Any other ideas also welcomed. Please let us know any feedback on these ideas or your suggestions.

As for /x/ we have decided not to create it as a board due to the lack of popularity during the original 30 day run. But maybe we can try some old board ideas again in the future.
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File: 1669086501751.jpg (43.92 KB, 600x600, 1515165.jpg)

>3 IPs circlejerking for hours
This temper tantrum changes nothing. You don't have to love, hate or even respect the mod team. We are not here for that. You just have to accept it.

>derails thread to whine about moderation
>doesn't want to participate when the people that agrees with him derails by airing their actual grievance with moderation and
How cute.

How would they know which idea would be like that unless they actually try it? We can cannibalize boards that slowed down. And more importantly why not?

You are shifting the goalposts. First you say Roulette wasn't made for flavour of the month, then you say people won't want it. Who is this 'people' you speak of? And where were there when we created roulette last year?

Roulette is going nowhere.

NSFW is staying in siberia. Coomers are contained.

Too much effort.

Yea no english sounds. You can still talk about Anglo things (since it is going to be nightmare defining it), but just not with English.


You know what, if you're the only janny in charge of this thread then I applaud your restraint. By now most of the other jannies would have deleted all dissenting opinions and claimed that they're off-topic, but you're at least willing to address the people calling you a subhuman scumfuck janny and ask them for suggestions on what to do going forward. I'm going to recommend the owner double your pay immediately.


Your backhanded compliment is not appreciated. I am entertaining these usual retards whining about moderation so I can get feedback from actual comments about Roulette. This is why I don't take /meta/ seriously anymore.


>This is why I don't take /meta/ seriously anymore.
no one takes you seriously, either


Luckily, I do not need that to moderate well.


I say
/health/ - board for fitness, diet, mental health, medication, supplements, herbs, first aid info (where more personal touch than would go if in /edu/), healthcare registration advice type topics since otherwise these just wind up on /leftypol/ or /siberia/ and seem out of place on both. Drugs also should go on such a board since no point in distinguishing between medication and recreational drugs helps keep the knowledge in one place. Watching sports should go on /tv/ not grouped with fitness stuff like /grass/ while playing sports could go on /hobby/ since not all sports are very fitness inducing so they shouldnt be split part in /health/ and part not. The playing versus watching sport divide i feel would be fair and logical since it's totally different mindsets between these groups.
Sectarian, nationalist and racist all at once except for version that is non English posts which is fine since it helps stop those non English speaking posts from bumped off by more active English posts but call it something else like /polygot/ or /lingo/


He beats the Korean because he mispronounced some words and didn't kneel to the white man because of "all the money my country gave your country".


Watch as this thread descends into mods defending their shitty bans and insisting they can't improve if you don't point out the specific problems - and then banning people who actually point them out. This website is fucking finished


it's a sign of immaturity not to be able to take criticism, learn and grow. but instead insist you did nothing wrong or that your actions are impeccable. most mods are underage or still in their "young adult" stage of life and have no idea what they're doing beyond "I don't like it, therefore I can remove it because I have the power to do so"

how many users have left because of wvobbly, pasquale and moody and their knee-jerk reactions and "delete by IP"? moderation thread is full of "you got caught up when we were dealing with spammers" (or /pol/ or whatever). nobody wants to post on a website where if they say the wrong thing, or if a mod doesn't understand what the person wrote, all of their posts get deleted. it's worse than reddit, because at least you get banned from a single subreddit, here you get a site-wide ban, even /meta/. when you complain in /meta/ abort your ban, they ban you for "ban evasion", despite the OP of the moderation thread saying "dispute your bans here".
>Technically I have you by rights on ban evasion

there's nothing worse than an internet forum moderator. they get a tiny bit of "power" on an insignificant corner of the internet and love abusing it. it's all the people who are bullied IRL, can't stand up to others, meekly say yes, sir, no sir, and avert their gaze. but as soon as they come here they pretend they're some big shot and take out their impotence and frustrations on users.


I honestly think I'm done with /leftypol/.
Years ago, when most of these mods probably weren't even in fucking high school, earlier iterations of this website had quality posters that did so much to educate others. The quality of the site has dropped like a rock as people who know better leave.


File: 1669114324498.gif (379.4 KB, 244x170, 1664951885109.gif)


>jannies are now actively encouraging users to leave their dying site
this site won't live to see 2024


They have been doing this for a long time. I stopped posting in this thread because I realised I was reverting to the futile activity of trying to make them actually care about something beyond their own egos, but they literally do not and cannot.

They don't care about the site, the left, anything at all besides the fact they get to mod here and making it how they want.

Its honestly a sick parody of my experience with most IRL leftist groups. A group of people build something new and cool, attractive to lots of people, then some bunch of insane trots or whatever sink their teeth into it, suck the life out of it, destroy everything that made it good in the first place, and then double and triple down on everything. They have fanatical ideological beliefs and absolutely nothing matters but their implementation, even if it is to the obvious detriment of all.

Think the UK labour party under Keir Starmer.


Make /isg/ its own board


File: 1669145039656.png (1.98 MB, 1200x1201, R (7).png)

Move /isg/ into siberia. Marriage made in hell


>posts from bumped off by more active English posts but call it something else like /polygot/ or /lingo/
Fine we will call it the politically correct /lingo/.

I think so far the new suggestions are

>/long/: Long posts only

>/jam/: Audio files only. No images

>/green/: Nature and environmentalism, horticulture, zoology and maybe agriculture

>/health/ or /life/: Fitness, mental health, diet, supplements, herbs, first aid info, drugs and biohacking in general

I will add them in the next iteration. Probably randomize which board gets it.

I don't really care about what you think about the bans.

>I stopped posting in this thread because
Or maybe you stopped posting coz you got your facts wrong about the mod team's formation and relationship to NM.

> then some bunch of insane trots or whatever sink their teeth into it,

You are the insane trots in this dynamic tbh fam. Whine all day everyday like some 21st century Orwell.

We will if /isg/ gets too big or too fast. It is probably the endgoal for such a general.


>I will add them in the next iteration. Probably randomize which board gets it.
If you want, you can create a thread about it on /leftypol/ or /hobby/ in the meantime.


No point in adding more boards when there's little activity.
Also I hope the /antianglo/ suggestion where anglos are banned was a bad joke. I really do, for the sake of my own sanity.


>I hope the /antianglo/ suggestion where anglos are banned was a bad joke
why? we need a place jannies can't visit.


We need to be closing dead boards, not opening new ones. /AKM/ has had one post in 12 days. Even /po/, a board so slow that there are still threads up from before Trump became president, is literally hundreds of times faster than /AKM/. Archive the posts and fucking close it.


We will discuss cannibalizing slow boards and probably do so for AKM and draw. But again entries in roulette doesn't need to guarantee success, merely be interesting for a time.



no we won't


If you're going to kill /draw/ please archive it, there's a lot of useful info there.


Just keep /leftypol/ and /siberia/. Then either kill every other boards or merge 'em all into one singular board. People here only care about those two boards anyway lmao.


Siberia should be put out of its misery



Ideas kind a bad but the /grass/, /tv/ could be useful but i recommend you do a fitness /fit/ board too since fitness is much more important


Fuck off coomer


The word coomer has reactionary undertones


>NSFW is staying in siberia. Coomers are contained.
Why tho? Then how about the opposite. Make a off-topic chatting board that doesn't have porn generals.


i'll one up you
ban porn full stop, be strict on siberia for a few months to wash out the culture and we have our off topic board that won't ooze its cum and fifth over the walls and into other boards


what would be the point of /siberia/ then


File: 1669410990650.jpg (132.7 KB, 960x1280, 0rr13yky6sq91.jpg)

off topic posting and non pornographic shitposting


>cannibalize /draw/
Nah we can't give up on recruiting drawfriends
that shit is important for keeping the community alive and making dank propaganda. What it probably needs is its own identity, and promoting people to learn to draw. The tutorials there are a plus for that already.


This may come as a surprise to you, there was almost no porn on siberia / b when it started, only the old muscle girl thread.


Agreed. We don't need the sexualization of /leftypol/. Mods should just ban porn as millions of other websites exist for that. Also porn attracts sad, terminally horny coomers and incels. Notice how the increase of all the /r9k/-esque shit on /siberia/ correlates with the increase of porn on it.



>anyway remember when specific bans used to get debated and litigated in the moderation thread and you could go in and promise to be a good boy and not to do it again, or you could argue some anon got treated too harshly because they were just speaking like an idiot and it got read the wrong way, or you could counter-argue someone saying they were a good boy by pointing out they were a prick who does this all the time or whatever.
This has literally never been true. Most bans are full board site ime, especially when it's those abusing faggota vwobbly or m00dy. Utter acumbags who don't even pretend to moderate by the rules and abide their own democratic process.


/coom/ - Porn


We will discuss the nature of siberia in the siberia itself. But in the meantime, may I suggest the matrix room where you can form parasocial relationships in a SFW context?


For posterity there is porn in the siberia room, but the main leftypol chat is SFW


grass could be good for the occasional 420ch refugee


Add /grass/
Delete /leftypol/ unironically


Does anyone else question how roulette is done? I feel like roulette should just be renamed whenever it has a monthly topic and give it some denotation in the name to signfy it's roulette. I just dont feel like many people even remember to check /roulette/ to see what it is about and even if they do it's not entirely clear what's going on.



Sorry, I accidenctally pressed the button. Ignore: >>1283594

Anyway, I was just thinking: why not make the roulette board a bulkanize board? It would let us see if whether or not it's a good idea, we can still keep the original boards if things go bad, and we can give the balkanize board a head start by importing threads.

If we do that I'm pushing for the merge of /games/ and /anime/, maybe call it /entertainment/

I love porn, but we shouldn't do that. Porn boards don't actually contain conversations &'re just places to dump what you're into.

We shouldn't. /siberia/ functions well as a higher quality of /b/, banning porn would hurt the board since what "should be deleted" will fall under a slippery slope.
Also porn makes the pph increase which encourages the use of the board, the problem with /games/, /anime/, and /tech/ – are that they feel/are dead and it no one wants to be the one person to revive the board(s).


File: 1669624230389.jpg (1.86 MB, 1011x3690, 1620621382392.jpg)

Because most or all the radlib, nazis, and incels go there, delete the siberia board before anime.


Okay, we got everything we wanted. Thanks for the input.


Yes that could be the use if the monthly topic isn't that popular. Refer to >>1275728


File: 1669793972369.jpg (320.44 KB, 828x659, 1639935268888.jpg)

how about an /r/ board for requesting books on certain topics? or can you just do that on /edu/?

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