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Discuss games, who is going to win, who you are supporting.

Or, post stuff about Qatari slaves

Is it right to oppose the Qatari world cup, when European countries have hosted it, and the US will host it, who are by all measures, worse than Qatar, and are also part of the imperial matrix which Qatar is part of. Why should we see it as extra terrible, it is merely the world cup showing its true face. Is Qatar is the Trump of the world cup?


also, will China have a strong contender football team by 2050?


File: 1669085626830.png (377.39 KB, 768x432, ClipboardImage.png)

1/10. Should have taken the Yellow.


Also, people are talking about Ecuador getting robbed, is there truth to this esoteric russian disinformation?


Does it matter? They still won, hell in fact this was the first time in world cup history that the host lost the inaugural match so it seems Qatar will have to deposit more riyals if they want to bribe their way out of the group stage.


File: 1669086474305.jpg (23.08 KB, 474x351, prostate football.jpg)

Reminder that not watching as a protest is literally "thoughts and prayers"-tier feel-good nothingness.

I'm not watching either but that's just because I don't enjoy it.
Place your bets: Europe or South America for winner?


>who are by all measures
Worker deaths on-site

>Why should we see it as extra terrible

Eh, US/Europe hosting is generally more comparable to when Fascist Italy hosted the cup. A mundane cup in a terrible country. This is just the cup preparation being quite obviously horrendous on top of the country being shit and corrupt.


File: 1669087188389.png (457.77 KB, 602x593, 45860945869048506.png)

Qatar banned beer at the last minute and now Budweiser has a massive stockpile of World Cup themed beer sitting in a warehouse and the World Cup is officially a no-fun zone.


Anyone here interested in betting for the games?


>>1276590 (contd)
If so, what are good minimum wagers?


File: 1669095561847.jpg (69.98 KB, 948x533, Neuer.jpg)

can LGBT people not for once shut the fuck up about their sexuality and just enjoy a tournament like everyone else? it's so annoying ok i understand you're LGBT now get a beer ffs

>who you are supporting

hoping for a final DE vs NL :-)


>ok i understand you're LGBT now get a beer
lol they can't because the venue won't let them in

actually wait the venue doesnt have beer either


maybe some more people realize how boring football is when they are not pissed.

anyway, fuck fifa, fuck football, fuck professional sports in general.
evereyone lamenting how they will boikot this years tournament because muh slave laber and muh lgbt and muh beer basicall just says one thing:
>i don't care about LGBT and Slaves as long as i can be ignorant about it - and drunk!


File: 1669099641517.png (311.4 KB, 594x739, 6496845908645906.png)


File: 1669099873582.png (302.42 KB, 732x549, ClipboardImage.png)


>sure, you get stoned to death for your sexuality
>but guess what, i was bullied as kid, i know your struggle
should hang from a lamp post - in minecraft ofc


File: 1669100555988.jpg (46.91 KB, 400x381, laughing pig.jpg)

>Qatar banned beer at the last minute and now Budweiser has a massive stockpile of World Cup themed beer sitting in a warehouse


It's the football world cup, not the politics world cup ffs. FIFA should go ahead and ban anything politics related including "reporters" during the WC except national flags. Neuer can fuck off too he can talk about LGBT issues in shitlib MSM all day but not on the pitch.

also this thread should be on /siberia/


>Qatar banned beer at the last minute


File: 1669100932909.jpg (21.64 KB, 474x311, rykard mylosky.jpg)

>Today I feel gay.
Everyone feels gay once in a while.


File: 1669101396040.mp4 (2.19 MB, 480x880, r10uBr_F7OhKchec.mp4)

>Abloo bloo keep the politics out of my corrupt racket
Fuck FIFA and fuck this bitchmade fail-ass trash regime. Doha is one of those places only businessmen think is cultured because it has large hotel rooms and fancy-looking restaurants that are both filled with people who will do whatever you demand they do without question. The only people who would ever go there are those guys (if they're not just scam artist "consultants"), literal criminal or underworld types, military contractors, or migrant worker who needs to survive and make a living. Like there's no real value proposition otherwise.

They've spent like $200B on this tournament, something like 10x the previous most expensive World Cup. The economic ROI was never there, and so far they're throwing away every last bit of sportswashing ROI by failing to maintain even a facade of progress on anything except advancing the interests of the state of Qatar via just how many trade deals and arms contracts and so on Qatar was signing with various countries using the World Cup as a bridge.

Who are they going to get to use the weapons with their 300,000 actual citizens? They just hand them out to the local sides they like like Idlib.

But I also think this Qatari World Cup is going to increase Islamaphobia in your "Western Liberal" style countries. Look at the way that Qatar is shouting "We are Muslim," "This is a Muslim country," "This is the way things are done by Muslims in Muslim countries," "You filthy heathen white people just dont understand coz you are different." And then all the stories are on the deaths of the indentured slaves, the oppression, the repression, (both political and otherwise), the bigotry, discrimination and violence against LGBTQ, and women etc. This leads for a lot of very easy "Islamists are backwards brutish evil fuckwits" style articles by the right wing press and similar more judiciously worded ones, (but with the same message), by the "liberal" press. And it will gain legitimacy because Qatar itself is saying "All of this is happening this way BECAUSE we are a Muslim country etc. This is how we do things."

Bullshit. The Qataris are doing and have done some evil horrible shit, both in real life and in the context of bribing and organizing this World Cup. This is because they're fake and gay poseur assholes (among other things), not because they're Muslim. But because these assholes are handwaving away all their fuckery and human rights abuses etc. on "we are a Muslim country, you in the godless West wouldn't understand," then a lot of the focus is going to be on how Qatar, a Muslim country, handle things.

>Beer and other drinks, including an official FIFA Champagne and an array of sommelier-selected wines, will still be available in stadium luxury suites reserved for FIFA officials and other wealthy guests.


Because Qatar is, you know, a Gulf country, and Gulf countries are basically super-religious petrodollar-backed absolute monarchies, in this case Islam, where it bans Khamr (includes beer). So there you go, beer banned because it's not halaal.


File: 1669102151272.jpg (266.62 KB, 823x1500, 81UITv4OpWL[1].jpg)

What about this one


File: 1669102241409.jfif (156.93 KB, 1920x1080, FiBCTXuWYAAdFht.jfif)

Exception: for rich Qataris wanting to party in some expensive VIP suite with David Beckham and some models. And once that was secured, they could just not give a fuck anymore. (Gay is also allowed in VIP booths and yachts.)


>>1276699 (definitely me)
and I hate it when protesters do it in public. Fuck, just complain online like everyone else and stop inconveniencing me. Especially strikers. Fuck them.


>anyway, fuck fifa, fuck football, fuck professional sports in general.


This is the one thing that I'm allowing myself to root for the USA to win even though we're going to do extremely badly and lose, not even for any real nationalistic reasons, there's nothing in it for me, but the better the USA does the more it's going to devalue this racket since Americans only tune in every four years and don't care about it. Then we can start calling it soccer all over the world instead of football. Is LeBron James playing in the World Cup? I know he isn't… but, like… can you imagine if he did? I think a lot of outcomes are possible if he's on the team.

I also think it'd be cool if China and North Korea host the 2030 World Cup.


It would be funny seeing the us winning a cup on top of a slave cemetery


FIFA President Gianni Infantino Sees No Reason Why North Korea Should Not Host a World Cup Read==
The DPRK would not go for it. Too much work only for dumb foreigners to come, get drunk in the cities and smash shit.


This is based, though


>the US… who are by all measures, worse than Qatar
your brain on idpol


Name one thing Qatar has done that is bad as the Iraq war by itself excluding every other of the multitude of things the us has done


This World Cup is based because it heightens the contradictions in a lot of plains.
>US winning
More probable is seeing Qatar pass to 8ths


File: 1669136520383.png (445.88 KB, 537x535, ClipboardImage.png)

Also, Argentina losing to Saudi Arabia
Los hermanos argentos no pueden tener ni un descanso





The ratings were apparently way down in the opening games in the U.K. and Germany which is lol


File: 1669192009463.jpg (67.33 KB, 900x506, D10S_y_Fidel.jpg)

>Also, Argentina losing to Saudi Arabia
What a fucking abomination…


Pretty boring match between Croatia and Morocco. We got Germany vs Japan and Spain vs Costa Rica coming up now, hopefully they're good.


Small teams keep beating big teams. Qatar world cup is Islamic Communism


It’s unironically, 100%, Westoid hatred of Arabs.


File: 1669226819465.jpg (126.8 KB, 1080x840, 622cd7c486f02.jpg)

Spain 7 - 0 Costa Rica


Qatar's treatment of guest workers and LGBT rights are absolutely horrendous but comparing them to the Saudis is wrong, because women's rights to exist, they have the right to vote and don't have to wear the headscarf there is a dress code that just tells you to dress modestly, e.g. don't wear tank tops and stuff like that. Applies to men too. They are also not a strict theocracy, multiple churches exist there as well as synagoges although elements of Sharia law embedded in their criminal, civil and administrative law. Also their state media Al-Jazeera has a left-liberal incline.


>Everyone feels gay once in a while.


>your brain on idpol
Qatar has never interfered on any other country


How can Al-Jazeera pretend to be left-liberal when they don't give a crap about LGBT rights?


the English version is liberal but I heard the arabic version is more conservative


>it is another conflating sexuality shit with mental illness episode
People like you make me sick because it is obvious you don’t care about either, but you want a politically correct way to dehumanize queer people.

t. Actually mentally ill person


I am shaming your weaponization of mental illness despite your ignorance of it.


Yes because of your association of LGBT with mental illness.

tbh I think awareness of mental illness and neurodivergence needs as much love as LGBT pride stuff but that’s a topic for another time


Ridiculously bad faith gaslighting. Eat lead.


It objectively isn't "under it". Unless you want to make a case of why it should, but you don't even have basic education or knowledge in the relevant field, so shut the fuck up and consider suicide.


South Korea or Uruguay?


Amazing how that works, huh?
Still no arguments. Only your uneducated opinions being stated as fact. Fuck off back to /pol/.


And now they're saying all races should live in harmony and black girl magic is real. So should you now slingshot the other way and pull out the calipers? I honestly despise how dead socialist country flags are used by crypto reactionaries. You're not fooling anyone.


>needs as much love
With "love" you mean privileges, right? What do you want? Free tickets for the FIFA world cup? Dedicated toilets? Footballers performing a dedicated dance before and during games for you?


Even if it is a mental illness, your approach to it wouldn’t help those people either since your “okay retard” attitude is clearly detrimental to mentally ill people.

Don’t put words into my mouth you bald kraut. You can criticize LGBT being fetishized by westerners without being homophobic.

I regret scanning the GDR proporganda posters for you


Further is the implication that mentally ill people, and particularly LGBT people, should be hidden away, forgotten, excised from society. Separate the wheat from the chaff. That's some fascist nonsense.


I don't want to critisize LGBT, i dont care about it. I just want you to shut up for a minute about your sexuality, conditions, whatever when other people just want to have a good time and forget about politics for a minute. You don't do your cause a favour if you keep being such obnoxious attention whores. If you want respect, give respect, it costs you nothing. I don't expect you to understand this though.


Yea, pathologising LGBT shit is one thing, but using it to justify their homophobia reveals that these people are eugenicists to the core.

I don’t even like queer people that much, but I feel obligated to speak up for them coz I know what these people will do to the mentally ill once they are done with the LGBT crowd.


>I don’t care about it but I will bellyache about it and putting words into people’s mouth
Methinks the lady doth protest too much.


You put words in my mouth you disingenious liberal fuck. Kill yourself.


You are the one accusing me of wanting special privileges for the LGBT people when I was only pointing out that pathologizing LGBT shit to justify one’s homophobia only reveals one’s ignorance or loathing of the mentally ill and neurodivergent.


>privileges for the LGBT people when
For the mentally ill people.


File: 1669299581502.jpeg (152.85 KB, 1200x675, E3wfGSwXMAQFlmC.jpeg)



Approach might be a wrong word. But your view/attitude/description of LGBT as mentally ill is not only wrong but abhorrently eugenicist towards the latter.


If it didn’t come home last time, it sure as hell won’t now.


Flaunting? Bitch please, you literally bragged that your country used to criminalize LGBT just two post. Don’t act dumb with this motley-Bailey bullshit.


File: 1669300073267.png (74.47 KB, 668x681, a07.png)


I wasn’t that person who said, but also you know those countries were progressive in its time right? Hell even communists like Fidel apologize for Cuba’s treatment of LGBT people and pushed for their acceptance today.


>>1279386 (me)
FWIW I am not judging you on what flag you use, but your terrible attitude to the mentally ill to justify your homophobia. You can’t even pretend to care when you called me, a mentally ill person, a retard.


>England when their team goes to penalties


>mentally ill
This is tangential to your post, but you seem to be implying that mental illness is cause for exterminating people.
I would object to that, the brain is a biological organ it can go wrong like all the other organs, and it should also be possible to heal it.
I know that the history of psychiatry and mental health institution is utterly horrendous and unscientific. But in principle it should be possible to do ethical brain-health. Maybe it's a project for a more enlightened society, that originates from a higher mode of production, so i can understand that you may have reservations regarding the present, but you can't seriously rule it out in principle.


Exterminate is too strong a word, but I do agree that about the history of psychiatry being detrimental to the mentally ill.

>But in principle it should be possible to do ethical brain-health.

Sure I do. And in fact I think the current approach to LGBT people, however flawed, cumbersome and exploited by porkies, can help mentally ill people deal with their condition and seek help, or the neurodivergent to seek understanding of self and others.

But it is when homophobes justify their treatment of the LGBT by claiming they are mentally ill, it reminds me of psychiatry all over again.


>I just want you to shut up for a minute about your sexuality, conditions, whatever when other people just want to have a good time and forget about politics for a minute.
"We're" not doing anything. Everything is political. The fact that you choose to ignore the political aspect related to the oppression of non-normative sexualities is your decision. A liberal one at that.
>You don't do your cause a favour
Our cause, fucking reactionary retarded piece of shrivelled pig dick? Fuck off to reddit, liberal pap smear.
>if you keep being such obnoxious attention whores.
Right wing talking point. Amazing.
>If you want respect, give respect, it costs you nothing.
No respect to the likes of you. You give none, yet you demand it all. Fuck you.
>I don't expect you to understand this though.
Believe me, I get it. I grew up around liberals, homophobic and not. You're the worst of them both.
>Yea, pathologising LGBT shit is one thing, but using it to justify their homophobia reveals that these people are eugenicists to the core.
>I don’t even like queer people that much
"We're" not a monolith, just like neurodivergent people aren't a monolith.


Oh god no, you are shilling for commercializing/privatizing health care, that will lead to life/existence as a subscription service.
There will be powerful capital interests that will make earth a place that is hostile to human life and everybody that wants to live has to be subscribed to a service that counter-acts the negative effects. Basically bio-slavery.

You have to make health care a free public service, so that economic incentives align with finding cost efficient cures , instead of expensive treatments. Don't you dare try progressive-washing neoliberal bio hell.


>I grew up around liberals
It shows. Go back to Reddit.


what the fuck does LGBT stuff have to do with this


They should go for it.


got raided by /pol/ fags who realised they could stir up fbi.gov by discussing LGBT and idiots keep falling for the bait


I am whit Japan in this world tournament


File: 1669306479891.jpg (75.27 KB, 800x600, smiliecat.jpg)

> could stir up fbi.gov
lol the word-filter sometimes creates great unintentional comedy


hope Ghana btfo the Portuguese imperialists


>LGBT was considered mental illness here and it was criminalized.
Criminalising supposed retardation has to be the most retarded thing I've ever heard. I take that back, proudly touting that fact is. Well done uighur!


Hmmm? I am not opposed to public healthcare?


I hope Serbia achieves something here.


Imagine Brazil winning the same year Lula becomes president, lol


You people seriously have no other place to chatter about sportsball?


Too bad uyghur, the whole eastern bloc did it. Bulgarians and Czechoslovaks attempted to cure it. Looks like there's some success nowadays, so China should try it. Doesn't exist in the DPRK basically. Cuba legalizes lgbt at the same period they legalize private property, something something base superstructure


Why are you so homophobic?


It already happened in 2002.


>muh tradition
>muh china

Nobody cares, they were wrong, I don't care if you have a sentimental or emotional attachment to dead countries.


You combined a lot bullshit into a concise amount of sentences. So I'll give you that.
>the whole eastern bloc did it.
The GDR was very socially progressive.
>Bulgarians and Czechoslovaks attempted to cure it.
simply an L we have to bare
>Looks like there's some success nowadays,
it was at this point I realised your pineal gland was indeed fully calcified. No, pray the gay away, doesn't work.
> so China should try it.
I cannot think of any more pointless waste of resources. You realise that means employing people, using space for their offices, cleaning those offices, feeding all of these people every day, on an industrial scale, to make batshit attempts to "convert" gay people, despite them having existed for the entirety of recorded history more or less.
>Doesn't exist in the DPRK basically.
You literally don't know that.
>Cuba legalizes lgbt at the same period they legalize private property something something
correlation does not equal causation.


Here is what Castro actually thought about it, that anti lgbt sentiment was a holdover from the former reactionary imperialist culture.

>The former Cuban president told La Jornada the persecution of gays, who were rounded up at the time as supposed counterrevolutionaries and placed in forced labor camps, was a "great injustice" that arose from the island's history of discrimination against homosexuals.

>He said he was not prejudiced against gays, but "if anyone is responsible (for the persecution), it's me."
>"I'm not going to place the blame on others," he said.
>Mr. Castro, 84, said he was busy in those days fending off threats from the United States, including attempts on his life, and trying to maintain the revolution that put him in power in 1959.
>"We had so many and such terrible problems, problems of life or death," Mr. Castro said.
>"In those moments I was not able to deal with that matter (of homosexuals). I found myself immersed, principally, in the Crisis of October (Cuban Missile Crisis), in the war, in policy questions," he said.


Apologies, forgot this was the world cup thread and responded to the retard. I will not carry this on any further.


File: 1669354844809.jpg (235.67 KB, 637x358, gb.jpg)

That was a nice goal. How long is Fred actually playing for Brazil, does he ever get older lol. Wasn't he already in the team with Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, Cafu etc?


File: 1669358045171.jpg (12.28 KB, 474x226, OIP (8).jpg)

Went for Brasil and glad they won. Have a "root for all LatAm countries" policy. Sorry Serbia Bros for that loss. Hopefully you can still get out of groups


Threadly reminder that this is still the greatest World Cup song.


That was a different Fred


File: 1669385558098.mp4 (261.27 KB, 540x540, BACK.mp4)

This guy is the only Brazilian footballer who openly supported Lula lol


File: 1669387098208.png (129.97 KB, 394x360, 1561311423030.png)


Leninhat confirmed for Welsh.


>Qatar already eliminated
Is anyone else genuinely surprised about this? I thought that ref shittery would've gotten them to at least the quarter finals. They got the money for it, South Africa didn't but I guess it didn't work. Did anyone watch the match with Senegal? How was it? Did they try to help Qatar? Anyway Qatar is now the second country in WC history to host the tournament and get eliminated in group stage.


File: 1669391919238.jpg (112.38 KB, 743x770, IMG_20221125_164210.jpg)


You need to be at least somewhat competent for refball to work


File: 1669404800178-0.jpg (155.12 KB, 1265x1321, 20221125_193122.jpg)

File: 1669404800178-1.jpg (147.85 KB, 946x2048, 20221125_193124.jpg)

USA fan posting about the world cup Vs England fan posting about the world cup


I just want to see the english cry


USA has a long way to go when it comes to football banter


File: 1669409811402.png (1.37 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

Another boring 0-0 flop fest. Yawn. Soccer isn't a real sport.


Fat vs Fat game just ended


Imagine being Brazil and being slaughtered like that


Saudi upset makes up for it. Good year for Arabs.


Still got a chance lol


Got to have some fish and chips in an Irish Pub, at least that was entertaining today.

You’d think with all the money we give the CIA they could drug some English football players.


>You’d think with all the money we give the CIA they could drug some English football players.
They don't care about football, that's why. You know who cares? France. You know who drugged Brazil's best player in 1998? France.



lmao Bongland draw with the lardoids


England is shit tier confirmed.


why they say it's coming home if they are so bad at it ?.


File: 1669442563753.webm (1.3 MB, 404x720, 1491003194337.webm)

Coz when it does come home, maybe their fathers will.




File: 1669494090982-0.png (1.8 MB, 967x1845, world cup.png)

File: 1669494090982-1.png (402 KB, 1840x1875, world_cup_worker.png)

LGBT activists trying to steal the spotlight of the real controversy of the world cup

>Cuba legalizes lgbt at the same period they legalize private property, something something base superstructure
purely coincidence


> base superstructure
the USSR tried to abolish the family structure following the october revolution.


but that's because Stalin was 'based' I guess and everyone before him 'cringe'


>>Doesn't exist in the DPRK basically.
>You literally don't know that.
According to the government it doesn't lol

>This practice can never be found in the DPRK boasting of the sound mentality and good morals, and homosexuality has become a target of public criticism even in Western countries, too. In fact, it is ridiculous for such gay to sponsor dealing with others' human rights issue.



Oh you mean that policy that resulted in a shit ton of divorces and orphans?


Least racist Argies
>Listen up
>Spread the word
>They play for France but they're all from Angola
>How cute they're, they will run
>They swallow cocks like that faggot Mbappe
>Their mom is Nigerian
>Their dad Cameroonian
>But in the document: French nationality


Spain germany now


why do you all hate the gays so much?




Spain 1 - 0 Germany


>patsoys not being banned on sight.


Belgium 0 - 2 Morocco


The reasons why americans can't understand soccer is that every point in soccer is like a jumpscare, and that's what makes it good


soKKKer is a trash game for fascists and everyone who likes it should be shot.

there is a reason why no socialist country has ever given a shit about soKKKer, yet every fascist country loves it.


>Socialist countries don't play soccer.
>America doesn't play soccer.
>Thus, America is a socialist country


Spain 1 - 1 Germany


every working class person in LatAm is a fascist then? communist football players like Maradona and Socrates too?


End of game.
Spain 1 - 1 Germany


Idk who is Germany's 19 but that guy needs to start being a team player holy shit.




love how soKKKer fans have to throw up the two players who werent fascists to cover for their love of an international fascist mafia working slaves to death and entombing them in the stadium concrete.


nah the ussr had a football league and it was kinda kino but yea most teams nowadays are filled with reactoids and their fans arent much better


I agree with this. Soccer should probably be banned for it's garbage nature.


/sp/ is one of the most reactionary shitholes on the whole websites. I would even say it's more fascist than /pol/ is.


File: 1669589193186.jpg (408.72 KB, 1125x1430, 1618863910358.jpg)

The historical post war Soviet tour of Britain where collective interplay triumphed over individualistic wingers, the near invisible Hungarian's of the 50's, the glorious Yugoslav teams now wrongly slandered as Serb dominated, all lost to history as some lard ass who's sole athletic acheivment is pulling themselves of six times in single day erases the proud communist sporting traditions in the peoples game.
Deeply Sad.


The soviets had a water polo team too. That doesn't mean soKKKer is the people's game.


File: 1669591010798.webm (2.91 MB, 588x1080, bel_mor_fut.webm)

>more fascist
could you define this word and show examples in the thread?

Belgium riot of Moroccan fans


love a good riot


File: 1669591644150.webm (1.64 MB, 720x1280, fireworks_bel.webm)


File: 1669591687283.png (3.91 MB, 1969x1969, 1623423772212.png)

The working class origins and fight against the FA to recieve wages and proffesional status, culminating in the break away of the industrial north and midlands to form the football league.
The 100,000 who packed out Lenin Stadium to the start of the Soviet Union's inuagral European Championship vicorty.
The millions who joined the trade union spartak athelthic associations, predominantly focused on the peoples game, football.
All lost.
Lost to more yankoid propaganda as fragrant as their lies about WW2.
NO! I will not suffer Ameriball! Begone back to your adverts and sponsers and fat people.


>But I also think this Qatari World Cup is going to increase Islamaphobia in your "Western Liberal" style countries.
It hasn't seemed to. Even with British fans, the attitude seems to be a lighthearted 'their country, their rules, you have to be respectful innit'. I don't think we will see any serious raise in Islamophobia coming from the World Cup and this will be the first of many cup's in the region.


have literally seen 100x more anti-ginger incidents than i ever have racist or homophobic. he has a point.
today, I am Infantino


File: 1669608455836.png (1.65 MB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)


The Irish and parts of LatAm are pretty decent when it comes to football fans.


File: 1669610807363.png (56.49 KB, 1143x400, ClipboardImage.png)

weird interests in the world cup now


File: 1669611114063.png (211.93 KB, 480x270, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh, there's a good reason american whites would be preferring Messi over Labrone.


File: 1669611381822.png (1.16 MB, 1240x744, ClipboardImage.png)

<The World Cup tension the west is not seeing: Israelis told to keep low profile
I personally see this as an win.
Football is the working class game, from Kabul to La Paz.
Hopefully the gringos team gets beaten by Iran. That will be a game with politics coming out of the pores.
Mexicans where salty now cause there was some pics of Messi standing over a Mexican tshirt lol


File: 1669611877929.jpg (8.17 KB, 251x201, Voria-Ghafouri-1.jpg)

>Hopefully the gringos team gets beaten by Iran. That will be a game with politics coming out of the pores.
Iran left one of it's best players at home, for political reasons, it's very silly.


File: 1669612255483.mp4 (1.14 MB, 256x256, best hoxha.mp4)

Politics can be silly
forgot to add video


Based international solidarity, you love to see it.


File: 1669615304984.png (24.47 KB, 815x133, erbarb.png)

Zionists pretending it's only Arabs mistreating them when people from all over like Japan and Brazil are snubbing Zionist media.


lmao you're ascribing this heroic narrative to a "sport" that exists as an excuse for neo-nazis to get drunk and murder minority youth while literal nazis get rich.

soKKKer is the people's game in the same way auschwitz is the people's camp.


I see this as the (small) price Israelis have to pay to continue living off of their settler colonialist, racist country. I'm reminded of something I read once in the r/israel subreddit, which was a huge controversy with Billie Eilish where she tweeted "Hello Israel" before doing a concert there and got spammed to hell with anti-Israel and pro-Palestine responses. People in the subreddit where saying 'do they really hate us this much'. Yes they do. This is the curse the Israeli population will have to carry with them as long as Israel continues to exist in its current form. You may win the military and political battles, but in this scenario you will always carry this burden, this stain. It's a very small price to pay in comparison to what Palestinians pay but at least it's something. It reminds them that they're not completely free from the burden of living there.

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