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But the Guardian coped again: The best path to peace are not intiating dialogues, but helping Ukraine to win this war

>Russia-Ukraine war at a glance: what we know on day 274 of the invasion
>Kyiv’s critical infrastructure hit by Russian rocket attacks; Ukraine to set up winter shelters
>U.S. is sending Ukraine $400 million in ammunition and generators
>Boris Johnson claims Germany favored Ukraine's defeat and France was in 'denial'
>At least six die in Ukraine as dozens of missiles target civilian infrastructure
>Russia-Ukraine war live: death toll rises after Russian strikes across Ukraine; European parliament ‘under cyber-attack’
>Russian missile barrage forces Ukraine to shut nuclear power plants
>No nuclear power plants in Ukraine are generating power for Ukraine's grid
>Ukrainians suffer in cold, darkness as president implores U.N. to punish Russia

And more news to come, as always


>N.B. liveuamap.com is not to be trusted

Andrei Martyanov YouTube & blog for military strategy: https://www.youtube.com/user/smoothieX12

>CIA involvement in ukrainian nationalism: https://www.redstreetjournal.com/p/cia1?s=r More in >>>/edu/9906

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https://nitter.net/GeromanAT (ddranons fav newscopypaste-source)


https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BuWPSZ7rZzM (hey its still up!)
More can be found in the Ukraine Videos Thread in /leftypol_archive/

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meanwhile Belarus is progressive


The national bourgeoisie is the most wealthy of the forces that may be won over to the side of the revolution. It is restricted by foreign and feudal domination in its goal of nationalist industrialization. Though it wishes to lead the patriotic and progressive classes through its entrepreneurship and its political actions, its kind of class leadership has already been surpassed historically by the revolutionary class leadership of the working class. The vacillating dual character of the national bourgeoisie should be recognized by the working class while working for a national united front of all patriotic and progressive classes, groups and individuals under the leadership of the working class.

At this stage of Philippine history and world history, it no longer suffices to have the old type of national democratic revolution. The era of imperialism has long invalidated the leadership of the bourgeoisie. An exceedingly high stage of the world proletarian revolution has been achieved with the ascendance of Mao Tsetung Thought, the acme of Marxism-Leninism in this era. The Communist Party of the Philippines itself can never hope to lead the Filipino people if it does not rid itself of modern revisionism or the black bourgeois line, particularly of the Lavas and the Tarucs, that has marked its history.

The national bourgeoisie and the urban petty bourgeoisie, the latter especially, are allies of the working class within the national united front



The urban petty bourgeoisie can join such a united front. The national bourgeoisie can also lend direct and indirect support to it although it always carries its dual character, its contradicting progressive and reactionary aspects. In a national united front of workers, peasants, urban petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie, the proletarian revolutionary party can best guarantee its leadership, independence and initiative only by having the people's army firmly at its command.

U.S. imperialism has long made use of the jargon of liberal democracy to deceive the people. In upholding proletarian revolutionary leadership, the Party does not mean that socialism shall be achieved without passing through the stage of national democracy. Neither does it mean that such progressive strata of local bourgeoisie as the petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie have no more place in the revolution. They do have a role to play as national-democratic allies of the working class.The Party is highly conscious that in rebuilding itself as the principal instrument of the leading class and in building a united front of all patriotic and progressive forces, it must build a strong people's army that can weld together the workers and peasants and destroy the local reactionary state and the interventionist forces of U.S. imperialism.

The ultimate goal of the people's democratic revolution is the establishment of a people's democratic state and a coalition or united front government. The people's democratic state is under the leadership of the working class and it includes the participation of all democratic classes, i.e., the workers, peasants, petty bourgeoisie and the national bourgeoisie. Its government is a coalition or united front of all democratic classes. In the course of the protracted people's war, a national liberation front may be created to combine all available forces and elements to isolate and destroy the enemy and prepare for a democratic coalition government.


Nothing I said contradicts Sisons analysis, 😜✊!


>“Progressive” forces include … the U$ Democratic Party


Sison himself supported Biden in 2020, 😜✊!


US imperialism and domestic feudalism are the main problems afflicting the whole nation and from which the masses of the people aspire to be liberated.

Since the beginning of this century, U.S. imperialism has made use of feudalism as its social base in the Philippines. With the defeat of the old type of national democratic revolution, which was imbued mainly with the ideas of liberalism, U.S. imperialism has succeeded in employing domestic puppet forces

U.S. imperialism has bred and made use of the comprador bourgeoisie as its principal agency in perpetuating a semi-colonial and semi-feudal type of economy, culture and political system.

The combined oppression of US imperialism and feudalism involves the inequitable colonial exchange of cheap local raw materials (sugar, coconut, abaca, logs and mineral ore) and finished products imported chiefly from the United States and the investment of US surplus capital in the Philippines chiefly to foster the semicolonial and semifeudal type of economy that exploits the toiling masses of workers and peasants.

During the direct and indirect rule of U.S. imperialism in the Philippines, the Filipino toiling masses have been exploited to serve the excessive hunger for profits of the U.S. monopoly capitalists and the local reactionaries.

In the political field, the Communist Party of the Philippines advances the revolutionary leadership of the working class, fights to overthrow the reactionary bourgeois regime and all reactionary classes supporting it and, in its stead, establishes a people's democratic state system, a coalition or united front government of the working class, peasantry, the urban petty bourgeoisie and national bourgeoisie.

Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, using the method of criticism and self-criticism and closely linked with the masses of the people. It wields the two weapons of armed struggle and the national united front to deal death blows at U.S. imperialism and feudalism.

A proletarian revolutionary leadership, guided by Marxism-Leninism-Mao Tsetung Thought, is what makes the people's democratic revolution a new type of national democratic revolution. We are now in the world era in which U.S. imperialism is heading for total collapse and socialism is advancing to worldwide victory.

In the course of the protracted people's war, a national liberation front may be created to combine all available forces and elements to isolate and destroy the enemy and prepare for a democratic coalition government.



He also blames the Ukraine conflict on US/NATO and takes a mostly multipolarista position



>meanwhile Belarus is progressive
That map is basically
>what the imperialists are progressive
But it looks kinda colonial so you throw in anti-imperialists in the mideast and latin america, which they're at war with. Meanwhile those anti-imperialists sympathize with BRICS, which are under the leadership of Donald Trump

The other thing I notice is that map conflates the class character of states with that of parties. India is reactionary because of the Modi government, but the coasts of America are progressive because of Democratic governments. I'd be willing to wager the Indian national bourgeoisie has little stake in imperialism. Of the BRICS, it's probably the most exploited and it has a very old colonial history


>boris johnson says germany wants ukraine to lose
is this what NATO unity looks like


link dammit


Didn't recently Olaf Scholz say the same?



>European phenotype
>Just germanic countries
What about the other european countries?


File: 1669430749583.jpg (230.25 KB, 800x450, monkeyfight.jpg)

maybe they'll tear each other up



It would be to german and European benefit, always has been and still is. Only if these defeatists cliques would actually do something.


File: 1669431625308.jpg (342.38 KB, 1268x1204, evLKeeU6PRw.jpg)

Caption this


Who's the guy on the front, gotta make a meme for this


Ramzan Kadyrov


looks like Kadyrov


>expecting consistency and logic from king schizo


File: 1669432163693.jpg (361.25 KB, 1268x1204, evLKeeU6PRw.jpg)

(Paint image-macro)

Context: NATO keeps sending military aid, but winter comes, and all they can do is to talk with Putin directly.


Kadyrov disapproves, though


similar energy. with the difference that Bidens-Carters picture was deliberate, had a chance to go to edition and post-production, and was still published.


What. Are the Carters actually that short?


well they're sitting down, also people shrink when they get super old


look at the size of Jimmy's shoes and compare it with Biden's. there, you will get the real perception. It was the shitty perspective, but this shit passed through a chain of people that allowed it to be published.
ah, yes, Biden, a known youngster, who rides a bike without falling down or without babbling regularly, not calling the u.k. pm rashid sanook because of his jovial age.


File: 1669433807356.png (608.03 KB, 1011x910, ClipboardImage.png)

>It would be to german and European benefit, always has been and still is. Only if these defeatists cliques would actually do something.
probably just bitch like this


Broken clock moment for Europe?


Maybe Europorkies are finally waking up to the fact that their own bourgeois interests lie in ending this war and resuming cordial relations with Russia ASAP.


More like trying to shift blame for bills on USA.


Yeah, EuroPorky must have realized how much they were spending on a forever war and said "Check Please."


File: 1669435388128.png (866.42 KB, 1280x1684, ClipboardImage.png)

I think it's just part of dealing with stresses. They're isolated in the world, unable to mobilize it against Russia and China as the sort of trojan horse in BRICS, and disagreeing with each other over how to handle sanctions, their fallout, and how to support Ukraine. They're not dealing with, for example, all the crises that the recently departed Angela Merkel bounced between starting in 2009. Neither is America. It's just all starting to snowball, and I believe the way this merged the growing problems of Europe and America will mean bias towards the latter when the former requires much more internal balancing. Doesn't seem very healthy to me.

I suspect that it'll be bad enough to mitigate the temporary united fostered by Russia, because at the end of the day this isn't about Ukraine. it's about Europe and America trying to survive a changing world which they are accelerating as they fight to preserve the 1990s. Europe will come second when it needs unity the most.


Has this been posted?
Seems like the German government is expecting a war against Russia. So this proxy war until the last Ukrainian will become a regional war until the last Eastern European. Possibly even all Europeans.

Liberalism is a death cult.


Richard Sakwa did an interesting interview talking about Europe's problems, it's worth listening to

>Sakwa is Emeritus Professor of Russian and European politics at the University of Kent. From 2001 to 2007 he was also the head of the University's Politics and International Relations department. He has published on Soviet, Russian and post-communist affairs, and has written and edited several books and articles on the subject.[2][3]


I wouldn't put too much stock in these kinds of war plans. Most of the time they are drafted as contingencies even if the government has zero intention of actually executing them. The US had a plan to invade Canada in the 1930s, but obviously they weren't actually going to go through with it. It was a "just in case" measure.



File: 1669437339338.png (1.85 MB, 1080x1350, ClipboardImage.png)

forced perspective is a hell of a drug


if they had any principles they would have said this before February


File: 1669437721095-0.png (2.64 MB, 1280x902, kadyrov.png)

File: 1669437721095-1.mp4 (14.61 MB, 852x480, Chechen Forces.mp4)

none other than ramzan kadyrov, of chechnya


Beautiful. I will save this to laugh at the Eurocucks


>we out here doin bad shit uygha


File: 1669439952074.jpg (193.45 KB, 1166x1280, photo_2022-11-25_09-45-41.jpg)


>Reactionaries will hate this


Please the suicide hotline is overworked as it is


File: 1669446756571.png (231.07 KB, 398x441, She Themping.png)

Greece is the last hold out against the Trans Menance!


>new thread
<new thread
>new thread
<new thread


france looks the same


Based. Infinite uygher genocide of all transphobe bugs.

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