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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Solidarity pours in for workers of McDonald’s in Serbia
Masina reported that in the press conference, three long-time workers of McDonald’s outlets detailed their grievances including low wages, poor working conditions, long shifts, constant transfers, insults and abuses. Jonathan Johanson, campaign coordinator from IUF, said that “Workers from this industry – with a workforce of 12 million people – talk about terrible working conditions in almost all countries, and McDonald’s – a major employer in the sector – constantly increases the value of its shares, but does not share the profits that the workers generate with them.”

Germany to criminalize denying war crimes, genocide
Alleged war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine. Genocide of the Yazidi. Human rights violations against Uyghurs in China. The list of atrocities in conflicts around the world is long. Yet time and again, some people downplay or deny these crimes ever happened. Lawmakers in Germany no longer want to tolerate this state of affairs and want to make such statements punishable by law if they are used to stir up hatred or disturb the public peace. The lower chamber of German parliament, the Bundestag, voted for an amendment at the end of October, and on Friday, it is set to pass in the Bundesrat, the upper chamber which represents the state governments. The approval, denial, and "gross trivialization" of war crimes and instances of genocide will now fall under the criminal offense of "incitement of the people" in a newly created Paragraph 5 of Section 130.

Spanish right launch sexist attacks on equality minister over consent law
The law, introduced by Spain’s Socialist-led coalition government after the fury and revulsion that followed the so-called “wolfpack” gang-rape in Pamplona six years ago, made sexual consent a key factor in sexual assault cases. But it also revised the scope of potential minimum and maximum prison sentences, inadvertently allowing some convicted sex offenders to have their sentence reduced on appeal. Montero has defended the legislation, and angered many in the judiciary last week by suggesting that some judges were not upholding the law because of their ingrained sexism.

French MP pulls bullfighting ban bill during debate
A left-wing MP who put forward a bill to ban bullfighting in France has pulled the proposal after some 500 amendments were tabled. Aymeric Caron of France Unbowed blamed "parliamentary obstruction" and vowed it would soon be abolished in France. The government officially opposed a ban and pro-bullfighting MPs had promised to talk it out of parliamentary time. The United States and Britain committed the most direct military aid to Ukraine between Jan. 24 and Oct. 3, a Kiel Institute for the World Economy tracker shows, with Poland in third place and the Czech Republic ninth.

Weapons industry booms as Eastern Europe arms Ukraine
Eastern Europe's arms industry is churning out guns, artillery shells and other military supplies at a pace not seen since the Cold War as governments in the region lead efforts to aid Ukraine in its fight against Russia. Allies have been supplying Kyiv with weapons and military equipment since Russia invaded its neighbour on Feb. 24, depleting their own inventories along the way.

Turkey has shelled dozens of villages and towns in Rojava since the morning
The Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) announced that 116 villages and towns were shelled alone on 23 November, when 2 fighters and 1 Asayish member were martyred. The attacks have continued since the morning of 24 November. Some of the areas targeted during the day are as follows: The Turkish army bombed the village of Til Eber, west of Kobanê, in Jarablus at around 15:40 local time. The village has been attacked at least three times since the morning hours.

Israel's Supreme Court rejects appeal by Palestinian filmmaker in libel case
Israel's Supreme Court on Thursday rejected the appeal by Palestinian actor and director Mohammad Bakri in a defamation and libel case filed against him by an Israeli soldier. The Supreme Court upheld the ruling of Lod District Court, which in January 2021 asked Bakri to pay $55,000 in damages to Nissim Magnagi, an Israeli officer who appears in the documentary film Jenin, Jenin, for defamation and $15,000 for legal expenses. The court has also seized copies of the film, which was banned last year from screening in all Israeli cinemas. Jenin, Jenin, which was released in 2002, is a set of interviews with Palestinians who lived through the Israeli military invasion of the Jenin refugee camp, north of the occupied West Bank, at the height of the Second Intifada in April 2002.

Lebanese turn to alternative medicine as health care costs soar
Due to Lebanon's continuous economic collapse and exorbitant inflation rates, most of the country's population is unable to access the health care system. Medical shortages and high hospital costs have rekindled interest in ancient medical practices, which differ in type and price. Whether it is traditional Islamic medicine in apothecaries or modern healing centers that combine eastern traditions with Arabic teachings, experts told Al-Monitor that the coronavirus pandemic — mixed with the economic crisis — has caused demand to increase.

Leftwing Brazilians hope to reclaim football jersey from Bolsonaro movement
The canarinho (little canary) shirt has become the most potent symbol of support for Brazil’s nationalist leader, who won power in 2018 but had his hopes of a second term dashed last month after leftwing former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva won the presidential election. Lula, who will take power on 1 January, is spearheading efforts to wrest back control of the football shirt, as well as other Brazilian symbols such as the national anthem and flag.

Mayo Square Mothers March in Tribute to Hebe De Bonafini
The meeting will be preceded by march number 2,328. This is yet another rally that the Mothers have been carrying out tirelessly for 45 years as a way of demanding justice for the thousands of Argentines who disappeared during the Jorge Videla dictatorship (1976-1983). Grandmothers and mothers such as Josefa de Fiore, Visitación de Loyola, Irene de Chueque, Sara Mrad, and Carmen Arias will be present at the march. Also journalist Demetrio Iramain and Culture Minister Tristan Bauer confirmed their participation in a concentration, which is expected to bring together thousands of Argentines.

U.S. prepared to authorize Chevron to boost Venezuela's oil output
Chevron Corp could soon win U.S. approval to expand operations in Venezuela and resume trading its oil once the Venezuelan government and its opposition resume political talks, four people familiar with the matter said on Wednesday. A U.S. authorization for Chevron to help rebuild the country's sagging oil production was one of the biggest plums for bringing about talks between the Venezuelan government and its opposition.

El Salvador announces new anti-gang measures
The president of El Salvador announced Wednesday he will seal off sections of cities to search for street gang members, the latest phase in an increasingly tough nine-month anti-crime crackdown. President Nayib Bukele told a gathering of 14,000 army troops that certain sectors of cities in El Salvador will be surrounded by police and soldiers, and that anyone entering or leaving will be checked. Bukele said such tactics worked in the town of Comasagua in October.


thank you based news anon


‘Cowboy’ constable involved in deadly July shooting pulls gun on another evicted tenant
In a summer of recent complaints regarding constables and their tactics during evictions, Markovich’s experience is just the most recent revelation that one constable — Doug Clark — has been caught acting more like a rogue cop than an elected official tasked with processing paperwork for the Agua Fria Justice Court. In February, he pushed over a woman who was reaching for the purse Clark was searching through during an eviction. In July, he was one of two constables on the scene when an evicted tenant was shot dead. And not but a month after that, he pulled his gun on Markovich. 

Biden says his administration is engaged in talks to avert railroad strike
President Joe Biden said on Thursday that his administration was involved in negotiations to avert a looming U.S. railroad strike that could shut down supply chains across the country but added that he has not directly engaged on the matter yet. Speaking to reporters outside a fire station on Nantucket Island, Massachusetts, during a Thanksgiving holiday visit, Biden declined to provide details on how the talks were going because it was "the middle of negotiations."

Oregon public defender shortage: nearly 300 cases dismissed
District attorneys in Oregon are once again sounding the alarm over the state’s critical shortage of court-provided attorneys for low-income defendants. The lack of public defenders has strained the criminal justice system and left more than 700 people statewide without legal representation.

Meta claims US military link to online propaganda campaign
"Individuals associated with the US military" are linked to an online propaganda campaign, Meta's latest adversarial-threat report says. The campaign was the first major covert pro-US propaganda operation taken down by a big-tech company, independent researchers said in August. It supported the US and its allies, while opposing countries such as Russia, China and Iran. But experts said it was largely ineffective.


>U.S. prepared to authorize Chevron to boost Venezuela's oil output
Maduro's gambit paid off spectacularly


TKP-ML TİKKO Rojava Command: “It is in our hands to bury the AKP-MHP fascism!”
We interviewed Umut Zilan from TKP-ML TİKKO Rojava Command about the Taksim attack, the statements made after it and the aggression against Rojava. Zilan “The Turkish Republic is putting forth its best efforts to suffocate the Rojava revolution,” he said, adding, “It is in our hands to develop the common line of struggle of the working class and workers against all this. In this respect, it is necessary to defend Rojava in every area we are against the occupation, both with armed and mass movements. We achieved this once, with the 6-8 October uprising. We buried the hopes of the Turkish state in Kobane. If they set their sights on Kobane again, it is in our hands to make them suffer a similar defeat again.”

Under Xiomara Castro’s Government, the Garífunas in Honduras Still Await Answers in the Struggle for Their Land
The Garífunas of Honduras are an Afro-indigenous people who have lived on the country’s scenic northern coast for more than 225 years, before the republic was founded. In recent decades, they have come under increasing threats from private corporations in the tourism sector and extractive industries, among others, which have colluded with the state and organized crime to dispossess the communities of their lands. The threats and violence have intensified in recent years, especially since 2015, when the Inter-American Court for Human Rights (IACHR) issued rulings against the state of Honduras and in favor of the Garífuna communities of Punta Piedra and Triunfo de la Cruz. These rulings required that the state provide reparations and guarantee the Garífuna people’s ancestral rights over their lands. In the context of the communities’ struggle for their rights, four young leaders of Triunfo de la Cruz, including the president of the patronato (community council) Sneider Centeno, were abducted on July 18, 2020. The community has yet to receive answers from the state regarding their whereabouts. Honduran president Xiomara Castro, who took office on January 27 amid great expectations of change, has failed to take any steps to comply with the IACHR rulings, despite having promised to do so during her campaign. Meanwhile, the development of Special Economic Development Zones (ZEDEs) on Garífuna lands has continued. These are special-jurisdiction areas in which private companies are entitled to establish their own police forces and judicial, legal, and tax systems—a clear cession of sovereignty to foreign companies. While the National Congress repealed the law establishing these jurisdictions in April this year, after Castro’s inauguration, construction in these areas has continued, without further opposition from the national government.

John Maclean : Marx on the Franco-Prussian war
One of the scurrilous Sunday penny papers had a lying article stating that the principles of Marx had been brought into London by Germans in the pay of the Kaiser to corrupt the British working men, and break them from their allegiance to their own King and country. Let it be known that Marx had to clear out of Germany, and Belgium because of his revolutionary teachings, and that he himself selected London as a place of safety for getting the information and facts necessary for the writing of “Capital” and his many articles to the “New York Tribune.” So we must conclude that Marx imported his own principles through German compulsion and not to suit the ends of anyone. For the benefit of cheap-jack writers we would like to mention that Marx’s teachings were popularised by a British capitalist H.M. Hyndman, one of the most rabid anti-Germans at the present moment. That Marx was right up against capitalism, German or any other, is clearly proved by the following dramatic onslaught upon German capitalism and landlord or any pretensions during the Franco-Prussian War of 1870-71. It is taken from his “Second Address,” written for the International Working Men’s Association in Europe and the United States.


>denying the uyghur genocide is illegal in Germany
Freedom of speech guys.


Multipolarism in action guys


This far removed, I feel like it can be difficult to understand just how much of a stain the Nazis are on German history. They probably feel like they have to put as much as they can into it not happening again.


>Germany to criminalize denying war crimes, genocide
>Alleged war crimes in Bucha, Ukraine.
The Bucha war crimes were almost certainly committed by Ukrainians as revenge killings against those Ukrainians that were working with the Russian forces. If they criminalize that, virtually the entire mass-media strata, would become liable for denying that. It is very likely that everybody who (probably falsely) attributed these to Russia is a war-crime denier.
The Bandera Nazis were in the process of committing genocide against the Donbass-Ukrainians in Luhansk and Donetsk. There is so much denial about that as well.
>Human rights violations against Uyghurs in China.
Starting with the CIA attempting to abuse a Chinese demographic as tool for geo-political secessionist aims. So many people will go into the denial box for that.
>The list of atrocities in conflicts around the world is long
Yes for example every Zionist has to go into the denial box regarding the brutalization of Palestinians.
All the liberals that support the fighting Russia to the last Ukrainian mantra, into the atrocity box they go.
Everybody who supports sanctions that harm civilians, bam atrocities.
Almost every argument that isn't rooted in anti-imperialism is supporting some kind of atrocities.

>Lawmakers in Germany no longer want to tolerate this state of affairs and want to make such statements punishable by law if they are used to stir up hatred or disturb the public peace.

Considering how much hatred against Russians the mainstream media war-propaganda has caused, it's astonishing they go for that.

They obviously are trying to criminalize not towing the political line of the bourgeois dictatorship, but this is stupid it completely relies on legal interpretations based on neoliberal political extremism. If these people loose power, these laws will easily be used against them. The only explanation is that these people do not understand how far out and extreme their own political positions have become.


>This far removed, I feel like it can be difficult to understand just how much of a stain the Nazis are on German history. They probably feel like they have to put as much as they can into it not happening again.
That is true Germany has different sensibilities in that regard.

Obviously the initial media claims of the Chinese state sending 2 million Uyghurs into NAZI style extermination or concentration camps was wrong. The media admitted as much and changed the accusation to "cultural genocide". (I have no idea what that means). I have seen somewhat credible indications that the Chinese state forced a large number of people to go to vocational training facilities. Forcing grown-ups into what amounts to a boarding school that is definitely overstepping boundaries. If you contrast it what the US did to Muslims during the "war on terror" campaigns in the middle east, or the abuses in the enormously huge US private prison system. That seems like it's worse, do we call those things a type of genocide too ? And everybody who doesn't agree with that criticism a genocide denier ?

I can get why there is a hard stance against holocaust-denial, but non of the events in question come even remotely close to this. There is a danger of eroding the severity of that historic memory by making these conceptual links.

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