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Honest question: if the Vatican II council was truly a product of communist infiltration (as tradcaths love to claim) how the FUCK did it fly under the radar of the CIA?

In the 1960s the CIA was overthrowuyghovernments around the world, manipulating leftist movements, engaging in mass disinformation campaigns, and so on. If they got word the biggest and most powerful religious institution in the world was infiltrated by communist agents who were pushing all sorts of reforms in the Church, why did they do nothing about it? Or if they did, why do we have no record of it?

Not to mention, how did all the alleged commie priests in the US fly under the radar of the FBI during McCarthyism?


Tradcats are extremely mentally unwell and should be treated like your regular schizo


To be fair the Soviets did a lot of shit the CIA never found out about. You’re right there’s no evidence they infiltrated the Vatican though.


People severely overestimate the CIA's reach and competence, to the degree that a few schizos here even believe that "glowies" are monitoring users and collecting their posts for blackmail purposes.



I’ve heard the CIA be accused of numerous things with little to no evidence. Fucking hell, I’ve been told Chomsky has been a CIA agent all along.


everyone is a cia agent except me until proven otherwise (pro-tip, you can't)


Smoke weed? Well then, you’re just an asset of the CIA!


>Fulton Sheen
A poor-faith actor who constantly conflated “communism” with “atheism” in nearly all his sermons. Fuck that guy. Not credible.


File: 1669496199340.jpg (449.45 KB, 1920x1870, f7b.jpg)

>Nobody is innocent, only degrees of guilty


based wordfilter does it again kek


Now you've done it you freak shit. You've fucked up. You're being tracked by the grid. The eye in the sky is watching. We're coming for you. Prepare to die.


communism is often conflated with ML which is pretty much atheistic, the only exception I'm aware of is cpusa 'bill of rights socialism'.


>Tradcaths fail to grasp that Vatican II was merely when they stopped being private about their agenda, and embraced postmodernist architecture to demoralize the territories it occupied.


Duginite detected


B-b-but Haz told me Christianity flourished under Stalin!!


In what way was cpusa's Bill of Rights socialism not atheistic?


>Not to mention, how did all the alleged commie priests in the US fly under the radar of the FBI during McCarthyism?
Bella Dodd made this shit up in order to make herself look more “redeemed”, goofy. She never talks about it in her snitch memoir or snitch testimony.

Think about it: if she was talking about this publicly while surrounded by feds, and the feds never investigated her claims, there’s a pretty strong chance she was lying through her teeth.


freedom of religion and speech


if anything she was the agent perpetuating red-scare if not just a grifter.


File: 1669500269029.png (2 MB, 2000x2000, c12.png)


so are we bound by leviticus or not


Oh she loved being a rat. She allegedly gave the feds more info than any other ex-CPUSA member. She HATED Foster and wanted to take him and his party down any way she could. Bitch.


How was this book? Is it worth critiquing?


Yeah but how does a communist plot involving hundreds of organized agents go unnoticed when they were going after everyone else?


It didn’t happen. We’d have a paper trail from the FBI if it did.


Firstly it wasn’t. Rather than the Sedecavaticanist claims, Vatican II was mostly an update to existing doctrines within the Church in order to modernize it. Namely because there was a genuine belief it was falling behind the times (ie Mass was still in Latin despite no one speaking Latin other than priests)

Plus given the special requirements of a priest, it’d be exceptionally difficult to infiltrate the Vatican, and provide minimal returns, if any.


exactly, if u infiltrate it, what can you do exactly? not much. Most decisions at councils are done on a majority or consensus decision, and if u start preaching heretical doctrines people will start calling you out, then you lose your authority.


I'd also add that there's a very logical reason for why American Catholics (aside from Hispanics) tend to be overwhelmingly politically liberal: they live in cities. It's identical to why so many American Jews are hardcore Democrat voters, they live in urban centers and suburbs and absorb that culture.

Go to the rural countryside in the US and you'll be hard put to find a Catholic church, or an Orthodox church, or a synagogue, or a mosque, etc. but you'll find a plethora of Protestant churches (mostly Baptist and Evangelical).

Not going to lie, part of me thinks the urban/suburban vs. rural divide is a hell of a lot more significant than many comrades make it out to be.



QRD on Bill of Rights socialism?


Why do people think V2 was the start of leftism in the Catholic Church? Did the Catholic Worker not exist?


Is that Paul Kengor’s new book?


From this interview it sounds terrible.

Also, Kengor looks like he pees sitting down.


Kengor claims Fulton Sheen spoke about an attempt by American communists to infiltrate the priesthood starting in the 1930s. Sheen apparently said this in 1952 just two weeks after giving Bella Dodd a conditional baptism and hearing her confession.


This pretty much.


Eh, funny enough I've run across a couple rural Catholic Churches, granted I think that's generally because Catholics were more willing/successful at evangelizing to Native Americans than Prods were. I remember hearing some story back in Catholic School about a pair of Jesuits that tried evangelizing to some Mohawk tribe or another. They were tortured, but handled their torture with such grace and forgave their torturers that the warriors of the tribe were actually impressed and asked for conversions.

Part of the reason Catholics are so liberal in the U.S. is because we mostly came here as immigrant laborers such as the Irish. There's also the fact that for most of its history, the U.S. was explicitly a racialized country, whereas Catholicism is ostensibly universalist so we had less historical hangups about intermingling between races (even Louisiana was comparatively more progressive on race than the rest of the Slave States) and as a consequence, the traditional defenders of conservatism in the KKK would try to kill us often.


Not sure I agree with this. European Catholics were incredibly segregated by ethnicity. In Boston it was considered weird for an Irish Catholic to marry an Italian or Quebecois Catholic up until the 80s.


This doesn’t explain why American Jews are super leftist (and liberal) given their religion/culture is anything but universalist.

I also agree with the other anon Catholics are extremely tribalist. Irish Catholicism is basically an ethno-religion (like Armenian Orthodoxy). Irish Protestants can never be “truly” Irish because they’re not Catholic but colonizers.


>Part of the reason Catholics are so liberal in the U.S. is because we mostly came here as immigrant laborers such as the Irish. There's also the fact that for most of its history, the U.S. was explicitly a racialized country, whereas Catholicism is ostensibly universalist so we had less historical hangups about intermingling between races (even Louisiana was comparatively more progressive on race than the rest of the Slave States) and as a consequence, the traditional defenders of conservatism in the KKK would try to kill us often.
I'm not sure I'd reduce it to theology.

A much more logical explanation is that most Catholic European immigrants were migrating from countries that were still semi-feudal. Ireland was a British colony which wasn't allowed to develop. Italy and Poland were still feudal in the late 19th century. When you're oppressed by feudal elements, liberalism and modernity seem pretty sweet by comparison.


File: 1669593618209.png (160.75 KB, 410x256, ClipboardImage.png)

so true


24:28 – Why do so many anti-communists always insinuate female CPUSA members back in the day were sluts who had tons of abortions?

Where's the evidence apart from snitch memoirs like Witness?


>Why do so many anti-communists always insinuate female CPUSA members back in the day were sluts who had tons of abortions?
Unlike today, where it’s the men on the left who are stereotyped as sexually promiscuous.


>To be fair the Soviets did a lot of shit the CIA never found out about.
Could you name some of these? I'm curious.


>Where's the evidence apart from snitch memoirs like Witness?
The latter is the evidence.
You must be new to media and or the internet, it is contemporarily called a 'meme' as in, 'memetics'.


The CIA promoted evangelicalism in Brazil during the 70s to counter the influence of liberation theology, to this day Catholics mostly vote left and protestants right.


Any sources on CIA being personally responsible for it?


Meaning, if the CIA was actively attacking Liberation Theology, why would they not have exposed V2 as a communist plot to turn the church leftist?


Imagine having children under capitalism. Abortion is a GOOD THING. Fuck them kids.


Birth strike is so 1914, anon.


Question: if Vatican II really was a communist infiltration plot and the CIA knew about it, what could they have realistically done to stop it?


Whittaker Chambers was proven to have been a psychopath IIRC.


Probably take out the known commie clergy and replace them with anti-communist clergy.


A better question would be why there’s no documents from the Soviets relating to a large-scale plot to infiltrate the Catholic Church when so many of their docs have been declassified since the USSR broke apart.


Kengor literally claims Foster was a Malthusian in this book.

Maupin would go apeshit if he read it.


Tradcaths are basically trying to convert Catholicism to the evangelical status quo


That, and many TradCaths are former Evangelicals (Taylor Marshall being the most notable).


At 39 minutes he talks about communists being excommunicated from the Catholic Church. Did this actually happen?


I'd argue TradCaths are much more like the Ron Paul/Mises Institute libertarians from the early 2010s in that they want to go back to a time when capitalism was based entirely on small-scale farmers and artisans. They basically want to scale back the clock 300 years or so, which is impossible.


The years of lead
Or Calvinism


WZF said a lot of problematic shit so I’m not shocked at all by this.


There is literally nothing wrong with being a slut who has a ton of abortions.


To be fair, so do PatSocs who insist industrial capitalists are the “good capitalists” while financial capitalists are the “bad capitalists”.


>years of lead


The Vatican is such a tightly-controlled organization it would have been impossible to do anything.


an era of domestic terrorism that swept italy


Pretty much. Then again, this means it’s also insanely difficult for a large-scale infiltration to happen.


Didn't they find documents that revealed almost all RO priests were KGB-trained or some shit?


File: 1669913168588.png (379.75 KB, 688x360, ClipboardImage.png)

>why do Christians believe in something with no evidence?
Literally the central conceit of their religion.




File: 1669931476326.png (194.74 KB, 231x313, 1667859373789271.png)

>expecting not just christians not just catholics but tradcaths in particular to have anything resembling a coherent thought


Do red scare idiots actually believe this shit?

Why do they think CPUSA “infiltrated” literally everything, or why that’s necessarily a bad thing?


I want to ask Paul Kengor if he thinks Chris Smalls is "evil" for doing nearly exactly what William Z. Foster was doing in the 1910s (that being, going on an agitation spree).


Fun fact: Dorothy Day was buddy-buddies with Margaret Sanger and was a huge supporter of Sanger's American Birth Control League before her conversion to Catholicism.

I wonder what Kengor thinks of that.


Kengor needs to debate Maupin or Haz.


Was Dorothy Day actually an anarchist post-conversion or was she just a liberal?


Sneedgor claims communist parties infiltrated the Dominicans, who later created Liberation Theology.



File: 1670267143846.png (894.91 KB, 640x882, ClipboardImage.png)

She converted as a teenager so who really cares what her positions where as a literal child?
She was of Anarchist leanings in her adult life.


I think her politics were watered down a lot after she became Catholic. I know she was very utopian and opposed to full-blown revolution.


Why would the CIA want to prevent them from doing mass in a dead language.


The conspiracy theory is that communist parties around the world all plotted to infiltrate the Catholic Church on the basis the Church was the biggest obstacle to worldwide communist revolution. So, in the 1930s Stalin ordered all parties affiliated with the Comintern put infiltrators into Catholic seminaries. Those infiltrators would allegedly go on to become priests and bishops and cardinals with several of them being present at the Vatican II council. Those secret commie clergy were the ones who are said to have changed the liturgy and all that. Then, due to Vatican II, the Catholic Church all of a sudden began super liberalizing and secretly promoting Marxism.

In other words, it's basically a more autistic version of the Frankfurt School "cultural Marxism" bullshit.



Since we word filter dis cord to FBI.gov, how about we filter strawpoll to CIA.gov? That way no one clicks it out of reflex / disregard.


File: 1670313927028-0.jpg (1.14 MB, 1440x810, ESR_3650x.jpg)

>Eh, funny enough I've run across a couple rural Catholic Churches, granted I think that's generally because Catholics were more willing/successful at evangelizing to Native Americans than Prods were.
Stumbled across one of these in Texas in a small pocket near Oklahoma settled by German Catholics, which is distinct from the much larger "German Belt" of Protestants in the core of the state. Impressive building for a rural Catholic church that's out of the way of everything.




She was an IWW member who wrote for socialist publications like The Call.


> Irish Protestants can never be “truly” Irish because they’re not Catholic but colonizers.
i mean catholic irish might believe that but it's just historically false cause there were a lot of protestant irish nationalists


>>1293652 (me)
To the person who answered "I would have done the same thing in her position" – why?


it's gaudy as fuck tho.


Not that person, but in their defence I would find it very hard to remain loyal to a party that wasn’t loyal to me. Like, I get that Bella Dodd was kicked out of CPUSA for Browderism and shit but I’d still be bitter if my former comrades cut me off and wrote a bunch of nasty stuff about me in the Daily Worker. Dunno if snitching would be justified though.


>I would find it very hard to remain loyal to a party that wasn’t loyal to me. Like, I get that Bella Dodd was kicked out of CPUSA for Browderism and shit but I’d still be bitter if my former comrades cut me off and wrote a bunch of nasty stuff about me in the Daily Worker.
The thing is, we don't know the full story. Think about this logically: there's no way Dodd was rolling with the Party when all of a sudden they just purged her out of the blue. If I recall correctly, in her memoir she talked about how uneasy she was in the Party leadership after Browder was purged and the anti-revisionists took over the Party again. She said she got into several fights with Foster and also Black party leaders because she couldn't handle the new line.


CIA doesn’t disclose what they’re investigating unless shit gets leaked.


>ever not revisionist
Take that Mao head off your posts.


Hilarious how people are still mad at “McCarthyism” when 15% of CPUSA’s membership was informants and Foster was being watched by the FBI 24/7 for years.


There's no honour among thieves. In that world comrades cannibalize themselves. Dodd should have known that before she agreed to run with so-called "union thugs" for 14(?) years. She was well aware of what CPUSA's agenda and strategies were. She knew Foster was a hardcore labour militant. And most importantly, she knew how comrades would treat her if she turned her back on them, which she did. I don't have an ounce of sympathy for her. Fuck that rat.

Protip: telling the feds something they "already know" is still snitching. A lot of times cops and feds will claim they "already know" something in order to get you to confirm it, aka snitch to them.


>that video
Thanks for making me lose my appetite.


If there’s no honour among thieves then why do we ascribe honour to the “party line” or no-snitching code?

If it was wrong for Bella to go against the party line then why was it wrong for her to snitch? Or better yet, why was it wrong for Browder to do what he did?

You’re implying there are no rules yet the party line is somehow the rule above all rules. Don’t you see how contradictory that is?


Off-topic but this is cute and I'd totally have this icon in my apartment if I believed Christianity was true.


You don't need to have faith, the picture is touching enough to have a secular value


😭😭😭😭😭😭 poor rats.


wait, they're all saints?


i think its supposed to be an anachronistic depiction of Joseph, Mary, and Jesus


Bella Dodd, Whittaker Chambers, and the rest of them signed up for that life. Communist Party membership is never forced. You choose to enter that world and know full well what it comes with.

Am I really supposed to believe Dodd ran with CPUSA's labour division for over ten years and was completely unaware Foster was a hardcore syndicalist? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Foster was a deranged fanatic but still. Dodd knew what his agenda was. She knew what the Party's agenda was. Being a high-ranking member she had all the information that the rank-in-file didn't.

>Or better yet, why was it wrong for Browder to do what he did?

Oh boy, you can't be serious can you? Browder sold the Party out and it was perfectly right to purge his ass. A communist party needs to abide by the principles of communism (in this case, Marxism-Leninism). If the head of the party isn't going to do that then yes throwing him to the wolves is objectively a good thing.

It's not about "right or wrong", it's about what furthers the struggle of the working class. Problematic party leaders who won't follow those principles need purging.


idk man it seems like holiness inflation


Because, unlike what Caleb Muppet tells you, the CIA isn’t some all-seeing, all-knowing puppeteer that secretly controls everything. They have more fuck-ups than successes. Chances are, they might have known V2 was turning the Church soft on communism yet they couldn’t do shit about it.


Day has a real case for canonization though.


>tfw you implement the most ambitious communist project in human history known as Year Zero only to have your population rat rats 40 years later


Protip: if you eat cows, sheep, goats, pigs, chicken, ducks, turkeys, fish and sometimes deer and rabbits you have no right to judge people who eat rats, bats, dogs, cats, grasshoppers, animal intestines, bull balls and animal hearts.



Nothing wrong with sitting down when you pee


If you have a dick it’s kind of weird.


Chilli, garlic, and lime is an S-tier combo. You could put that stuff on anything and it would taste divine.


>tradcaths unironically believe this is communism


If this is true, it’s the most based thing CPUSA ever did.


Not to mention, the greatest psy-op is instilling in people’s minds that every progressive change to the culture or political uprising is a ruling class psy-op.

Maupin wants everyone to believe every single leftist movement except for the ones he approves of were puppets of intelligence agencies. That’s cult brainwashing shit.


>every progressive change to the culture
It’s obvious to me that Maupin (and Haz, and Stinkle) are desperately trying to imitate the GOP’s obsession with outrage, whether it’s vaccine mandates, transgender kids, “abortion up until the moment of birth”, etc. The thing is, this strategy may work very well for an anti-intellectual crowd like right-wing Americans, but there’s no way it could ever work for a Marxist. Marxism is a science which provides people with a scientific explanation for economic, political, and social phenomena. Short-term outrage can’t sustain something which is supposed to be scientific and vice-versa. Maupin and his ilk are playing themselves by this.


>Bella Dodd, Whittaker Chambers, and the rest of them signed up for that life. Communist Party membership is never forced. You choose to enter that world and know full well what it comes with.

It works both ways. Don’t sign up for the Communist Party and expect to not get snitched on or eventually repressed. Being told on, going to jail, being blacklisted, etc is just as much a part of “that world” as union organizing and purging revisionists.

And Foster was definitely a fanatic. You can’t really deny he got a certain thrill from agitating. He would go on months long agitation sprees, get beaten up by company goons and go right back to agitating like nothing happened. I’m not saying he and CPUSA deserved to be taken down but he wasn’t some innocent angel like all the Stalinist hagiographers claim.


>It works both ways. Don’t sign up for the Communist Party and expect to not get snitched on or eventually repressed. Being told on, going to jail, being blacklisted, etc is just as much a part of “that world” as union organizing and purging revisionists.
Except facing repression from the state is unavoidable. Snitching on your ex-comrades is a choice and a deplorable one at that.

>And Foster was definitely a fanatic. You can’t really deny he got a certain thrill from agitating. He would go on months long agitation sprees, get beaten up by company goons and go right back to agitating like nothing happened.

Product of his environment. Some people just take their grievances down a more extreme path than others.


>You can’t really deny he got a certain thrill from agitating.
This is literally everyone in the labor movement lol.


Populism always has an "outrage" element to it though.


The CIA used the Vatican as their own private bank for decades to fund coups worldwide


CIA created European Union
Used Vatican bank as their own personal bank for decades to fund coups and Gladio
Created the strategy of tension in Europe. Supported the 1965 anticommunist genocide in Indonesia that wiped out one of the largest Communist parties in the world and printed Indonesia as a vassal state of US..

Turned Afghanistan into a jihadi hellhole by dropping jihadi books everywhere during the Soviet-afghan war ensuring they would have a new threat when communism disappeared to shill to their retarded population

CIA is a ridiculously successful organisation and your allusion to their 'fuck ups' is only sliver of the surface where they've been ridiculously arrogant and audacious

I would go so far as to say if everyone in CIA was executed in 1945 the entirety of Europe and south America would be red already


… During Tiannenmen square when loads of liberal faggot protestors waving models of the Statue of Liberty overthrew the party the CIA had Zhao Ziyang and a bunch others in the party ready to overthrow socialism

During the 1990s the CIA practically ran the Russian government as the people of that country were raped to death. The NSA even cracked codes for CIA agent Yeltsin where he should've been overthrown in a military coup were it not for the CIA assets crawling all over Moscow in 1990s
People who claim the CIA is not a ridiculously successful org are either glowies or retards


The CIA isn’t an all-seeing god. That’s my point. No one is denying they’ve been successful in overthrowing governments. But even then, the CIA doesn’t start fires, rather they pour kerosene on fires that have already started and direct those fires the way they want. It’s foolish to think every single geopolitical phenomenon was started ex nihilo by the CIA.


>failed to kill Castro over 300 times
Comrade, please….


Why would the CIA care about the Church changing its liturgy or whatever?






Bella Dodd was a fed asset, so it’s likely she made up the conspiracy in order to divert the fact that the CIA did, in fact, infiltrate the Vatican and we have proof of this.


If tradcaths hate Vatican 2 so much they should realize how much of it was founded on Vatican 1. Papal infallibility was a mistake, my uygha Ockham and the Conciliarists did nothing wrong.


Correct. It’s foolish to think V2 was some radical change to Catholic doctrine. It was just re-confirming what their doctrine already was.


>the CIA did, in fact, infiltrate the Vatican and we have proof of this.
Could you show the proof?


Did Planned Parenthood infiltrate the Vatican?


At this point, the only thing keeping the GOP alive is outrage and conspiracy theories. That 1950s white Protestant "middle American" family-centered culture that American social conservatives idolize so much is never coming back, not just because capitalism's slow crash can't sustain it, but because it's just not wanted anymore. American millennials and zoomers (especially) are much more socially progressive in terms of support for abortion rights, LGBTQ rights, etc. So, the only thing the right-wing can do is turn to conspiracy theories in order to discredit said social progressivism.

Which is exactly why "leftists" like Maupin and groups like PAAU >>1307160 (me) are welcomed by the far-right with open arms: their entire shtick is spreading conspiracy theories about how the American left "used" to be socially conservative/anti-abortion/anti-sex and only became pro-abortion/pro-sex due to infiltration by top-down nefarious forces.

When we warn about these people it's not just because we disagree with them, but because we understand how their entire function serves crypto-fascism whether they know it or not.



Fucker got laicized for repeatedly disobeying his bishop, misusing funds (shocker), and being an all-around ass in general.


Bruh moment


Same in my country (Netherlands), the protestants are staunchly right-wing, and the Catholics are on the left


Proof this anti-woke stuff is a glowop.


It says a lot that their proposed solution to the evils of capitalism is “MOAR HIERARCHY” rather than more equalization of power.


He will be in a local corporate megachurch soon enough.


Nah he’s a Catholic priest and Catholics don’t do that. My guess is he’s going to keep pushing conspiracies about the “deep church” or whatever. Pavone is like the Catholic version of Maupin.


The cope is off the charts.


The Vatican holds records of all major crimes committed by its ranks from priests molesting young boys to the highest levels of political corruption, then they seal away these records for entire decades until nobody remembers enough to care. Accessing the records is forbidden unless you have extreme clearance (a few people.)

Its entirely possible that they colluded with Communists and we may find out later. The Vatican has already been infiltrated by other religious groups in the past and the city has a history of covering up crimes. In my opinion the CIA has a greater chance of influencing what goes on at the Vatican than whatever left wing movements you're talking about.


Why would they have colluded with communists though?


I don't think they did i'm just suggesting its a possibility. Lets say in a hypothetical scenario there was a Communist conspiracy in the Vatican, it would be to subvert Christians into aiding a Communist agenda which has happened before (Fascist Italy).


What’s the evidence of the CIA infiltrating the Vatican or that the CIA created V2 ( which as others have said on here, wasn’t even a change in Catholic doctrine)?


The Pope is currently working with the WEF to make Christianity focus on climate change and environmentalist jargon. They are writing a new 10 commandments.

This is enough proof that the Vatican is colluding because their agenda is aligned with Neo-Liberalist ideas. Even though they view religious organizations as low priority.


That's not evidence they were infiltrated by the CIA.


Its the same agenda


The Vatican is a global organization. Thus,many of those who pay respects to the Mother of All Churchers resides in multiple places around the world, not just in Europe.

Some of these places include climate-vulnerable areas such as South and South East Asia, Africa, and other such places, that in recent years have suffered devastating floodings and crop failures caused by chaotic climate patterns.

For Europeans and Americans, the effects of climate change are not yet visible due to the presence of sophisticated disaster-preventing technologies and infrastructures guarding your nations 24/7. But for these people in the Third World(who, by all index are the most pious and fertile parts of the Catholic congregation), the impact of climate change is nothing short of catasthrophic. Thus the Vatican adressing climate change is not because of WEF or CIA infiltration (although financial capital and America 100% twisted these disasters for their benefits) but simply adressing the concerns of their flock living outside of Europe


And it must be reiterated that acknowledging climate change does not mean you have to embrace the capital-propped "solutions" to it (like austerity measures) anymore than acknowledging the crack epidemic means embracing big pharma's "solution" for it


Thats a good take


Good i'm glad we can agree on that


>Some of these places include climate-vulnerable areas such as South and South East Asia, Africa, and other such places, that in recent years have suffered devastating floodings and crop failures caused by chaotic climate patterns.
Exactly this.

This also explains the leftward shift of the Catholic Church in recent years: most of the practicing Catholics in the world live outside the West. Brazil and Nigeria are the world's most Catholic countries now. Congo and Philippines are up there.

It's foolish to claim the Vatican was "infiltrated" when its shift to the left can easily be explained by material factors.


This is pathetic.


I love how Sneedgor folds on the important questions.

>”why do you think Marx thought it was important to gradually abolish the distinction between city and country?”

>”well that’s just because Marx was EVIL EVIL EVIL”


How is this guy even a tenured professor? Morality bureau? More Americans are bourgeois than proletariat? Marx wanted to destroy everything just because he was evil? Someone actually debate this guy please.


Goff answer, and it pisses me the fuck off that so many “comrades” are taking up right-wing (fascist) talking points about concern for global warming and “wokeness” being a conspiracy by elites or whatever.

The truth is, evidence for climate change is pretty fucking obvious now and the exploited world is going to suffer from it the worst. It’s not “Malthusianism”.


Snitch testimony was the primary way the feds targeted people. If no one outed you as a communist the feds wouldn't bother you.


To what extent did the leadership know there were rats in the Party though?


>How is this guy even a tenured professor?
University upper staff, probably nepotism.


They’d literally joke about how the informers were the only ones who paid their dues.


There’s a reason why they’re using chicken seasoning for the rats…




At least they got CPUSA’s logo right.


File: 1672841790766.jpg (166.67 KB, 680x641, not a party.jpg)

>Honest question: if the Vatican II council was truly a product of communist infiltration (as tradcaths love to claim)
correction: as the CIA by USA orders, love to claim

>On 5 March 1971, Nixon assembled his closest advisors to the Oval Office. They were talking about Latin America. Nixon pointed out that the singlemost important event in the past ten years was the ‘deterioration of theattitude of the Catholic Church’. ‘[T]hey’re about one-third Marxists, and theother third are in the center, and the other third are Catholics
>Bolivian intelligence, joined bythe CIA and by the intelligence services of ten other Latin Americancountries, began to compile dossiers on liberation theologists,
<to plant Communist literature in the churches to shut down any progressive Church publication
>and to arrest and expel foreign priests and nuns who believed in liberation theology.
>In El Salvador, where priests and nuns took up residence in the slums, the fascistic religious paramilitaries circulated a simple call – haz patria, mata un cura (‘be a patriot, kill a priest’). Rutilio Grande, a Jesuit priest, was murdered by the Salvadoransecurity forces in 1977 in a spate of murders which would culminate in the killing by a far-right death squad of the Archbishop of San Salvador OscarRomero in March 1980

Revisionism from both extremes of the ideological spectrum. Same trite left-right, red-blue, black-white, 0-1, dualistic mentality to drive a tribalistic sports team cheer.
Jesus was not a communist revolutionary, communism was created as a mockery of christianity by anti-christians, by stealing the charity elements from it while removing God from it, communism is a materialistic bad copy of christianity, not the other way around.
And neither is christianity a tool for some oligarch to hide their corruption from being exposed to truth and being judged according to eartly human laws of common peaceful life inside a community.
The church of christ is not the playground for your economic and ideological proxy wars, neither for a godless imperialistic entity like USA or the UK before it, neither for a godless materialistic ideology.


Get Eddie from Midwestern Marx to have Kengor on his stream and have him debate either Noah or Carlos.


>fulton sheen
What the hell was his problem?



It wasn't the CIA. It was the Catholic Church under John Paul II doing a witch hunt on itself. This destroyed many rural/slum parishes and Protest burgers just came in to fill the vacuum.

>Catholics mostly vote left and protestants right.

What a retarded way to look at things.


That honestly looks good as fuck, but all the little bones would probably be too annoying.


This pretty much. JP2 was an asshat.


>If it was wrong for Bella to go against the party line then why was it wrong for her to snitch?
It’s the same reason gang members don’t snitch out rival gang members to the cops. You don’t want to bring state repression into the picture.



It's not just that, but it speaks to her character that she was willing to sell out the same people who took her in, educated her, gave her a platform to educate others, etc. She threw that all away because she was never truly committed to communism, she just wanted to be validated and accepted.


Chrisitan idpol.


Kek imagine selling out your homie for an Italian beef sandwich and a fucking pop.


Could someone Email Paul Kengor and ask him these questions? Or better yet, show him this thread?


File: 1673681683023-0.png (52.44 KB, 616x247, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673681683023-1.png (74.06 KB, 854x177, ClipboardImage.png)

Tip for those who are concerned about Catholic Aggression:

On January 22nd, 2023, Roman Catholics in America are going to protest against a Womans Right to Choose.

Go onto your local Catholic Churches Website. Go to the bulletin. Your Trad Cathedral Church will.


File: 1673682094139-0.png (400.99 KB, 1479x704, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673682094139-1.png (22.76 KB, 442x98, ClipboardImage.png)

"…this court's decision puts us on par with North Korea and China".


This is the Diocese of Winona [Rochester MN] that Bishob Barron presides over.



File: 1673682213781.png (11.82 KB, 270x82, ClipboardImage.png)

St. Joseph Church; Owatana MN;


File: 1673683047325.png (498.22 KB, 859x1252, ClipboardImage.png)


"Archbishop Hebda will celebrate Mass and present the awards. Come help us celebrate their pro-life accomplishments in our local communities and support the work they do. All are invited! The Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life Rally follows at 2:00 p.m. at the State Capitol. Please visit https://www.mccl.org/march for additional details"

"Saturday, January 22 nd, 2022 will start with a prayer service at the St. Paul Cathedral beginning at 10:30 am – 11:30 am. Signs will be available to pick up as you leave the prayer service. This will be followed by the MCCL, MN Citizens Concerned for Life March for Life at noon on the State Capitol grounds. There will then be a brief program at 12:30 pm. MCCL will introduce pro-life lawmakers and officials".



"We will be starting at 3:30PM at the intersection of Grand Avenue and Bertrand and spreading west, single file, along both sides of the street, as far as our numbers will allow. Signs will be provided for your use. It is important that you and your family, especially small children, stand or kneel far back from the traffic."

City=St. Mary's


"The overturning of Roe was just the start…"
“Now that Roe is overturned, it opens the doors for so much more"


File: 1673684162670.png (94.52 KB, 1000x243, ClipboardImage.png)

University=Fransican University
When you hear Catholics mention Steubenville Conference, these are the kinds of things they do.


File: 1673684634156.png (54.3 KB, 466x455, ClipboardImage.png)

"On Monday we honor the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and his fight against the sin of racism, and on Saturday, we pray for
the legal protection of unborn children".

Image originates from: http://cathedral.mhsoftware.com/ViewCal.html?dropdown=1&calendar_id=2


File: 1673684858050-0.png (166.13 KB, 368x548, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673684858050-1.png (343.32 KB, 697x1654, ClipboardImage.png)


"The march begins from the AMU football field and concludes in front of Ave Maria Catholic"


File: 1673685469525.png (776.8 KB, 974x709, ClipboardImage.png)


"The day will begin with Mass at 8:30 a.m. at St. Joseph Old Cathedral in Oklahoma City"
Departure=8:30+1HR Mass + unknownBufferTime;


I have been excatholic for 3 to 5 years. I am in my 20's.

I posted this to take a thread on Catholic History to issue an early warning about upcoming concerns that are aided and abided by Catholic Churches.

I only posted this on Leftypol because less digital fingerprints and so my accounts don't get death threats. Men get death threats. Women get rape threats.

What you can do:
1. Document local Catholic messaging in Bulletins, social media, and Calendars.
2. Prepare counter-messaging for gender allies.
3. Alert gender allies about gender adversaries. As in, if you work at Planned Parenthood, anything with Democrat in the name, anything with Abortion, you can go "oh, that is why we get these weird calls right about now".
4. Other unique ideas.

I am not a counterprotest as I fear police for good reason.


My protest strategy:

Remain 10 seconds biking distance from cops despite following all laws.
Remain 7 seconds from reactionaries.

The ability to retreat into your own home is valuable. The further you go, the worse it is.

Things to carry:
1. Hunting camera because zoom. Ideally FLIR and Gen4 NVG but 5K USD.
3. Something with pro-choice messaging
4. Camera stabilizer because shock
5. OD4 445 to 535 nm that look like "weirdo hippie glasses"


Don't be a wierdo about it you're going to have to be friendly with some of these weirdos at the next antiwar rally since you'll be on the same side

Just hold up a sign saying something like pay better wages parents can't afford to feed their kids and eat themselves

Wear red


"Monthly prayer vigil at Planned Parenthood: Join us at 9:00 am on the 2nd Saturday of each month at the Planned Parenthood clinic at 38th and Pontiac. We pray the Rosary and Divine Mercy chaplet for an end to abortion…"



"Between 200 and 250 people from the Archdiocese of Boston are expected to attend the national March for Life, with the majority registering through the Catholic Schools Office. All Catholic school students from grades six through 12 were invited."

"The pilgrims will then attend the March for Life, which begins with a rally on the National Mall."

"The March for Life has traditionally followed a route ending at the Supreme Court as a sign of opposition to the Roe decision. Since it has been overturned, … the march will instead end in front of the U.S. Capitol, "a new front in our battle for life," the March for Life website reported."


File: 1673690820114.mp4 (2.29 MB, 1280x720, fideldodgin.mp4)


"Feature a different Respect Life topic in each week’s bulletin. "

"Each year, homily helps are provided to help priests and deacons preach … Other ministry leaders can also use these notes during Bible studies, small groups, ministry gatherings, or other faith formation settings."


"All are welcome on January 22 in front of Planned Parenthood to join in a peaceful public witness and prayer for the end to abortion. There will be … speakers and pro-life updates."


>Honest question: if the Vatican II council was truly a product of communist infiltration (as tradcaths love to claim) how the FUCK did it fly under the radar of the CIA?
A nearly 200 reply thread was posted, and stayed active and up because of a question with an extremely easy answer


"A rally will begin at noon at the Mall and Seventh Street, followed by the march along Constitution Avenue to the Capitol and the Supreme Court".


"The national march this year had, as its original end point, the East Front of the Capitol, reflecting its new focus on legislation and a nationwide abortion ban. Jeanne Mancini, president of the March for Life Education and Defense Fund, has expressed her support for a ban after 15 weeks of gestation."
TLDR: Ending abortion in blue states.

"Instead, there’s the impossibility of prohibiting, in a march with up to 100,000 participants, flags, banners, and the tripods used by livestreamers. Flagpoles and tripods were used as weapons during the Jan. 6 violence. U.S. Capitol Police have banned them on the Capitol grounds."
TLDR: No poles thus new route.

"Last year the march was delayed for an hour when a group of white supremacists calling themselves Patriot Front attempted to lead it. Police removed the group without incident."


"In response to the cancellation, the Sisters of Life and the Knights of Columbus announced in December that they will be hosting a new morning rally on the day of the March for Life at the Entertainment & SportsArena in Washington D.C. Life Fest …"


Catholic terms
Eucharistic procession == Lots of people marching with maximum catholic bling.
Fr. == Father/Preist
Sr. == Sister ___
Eucharist == "The same Jesus that was on the cross is here with us".


"Due to the added security of the venue, including bag checks, it will take longer for all to enter into the venue. Therefore doors will now be open at 6:30am!"

External fears: "The wild an-tif-U are coming"
Internal fears: "Our numbers are armed. It looks bad."
'Merica: All Americans sleep with a gun and bring guns to events.
Dam kids: Kids carry vapes, julu, condoms, and sin.


File: 1673693585746.png (154.13 KB, 261x337, ClipboardImage.png)

Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2023
March for Life Expo (Renaissance D.C. Downtown Hotel)
6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Thursday, Jan. 19, 2023 (Renaissance D.C. Downtown Hotel)
March for Life Expo
9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.

Friday, Jan. 20, 2023 (National Mall)
Pre-Rally Concert : 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
March for Life Rally: 12:00 p.m. – 1:00 p.m.
March for Life: 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m."


File: 1673693950655.png (265.9 KB, 365x553, ClipboardImage.png)


Technology infrastructure you should build:
1. AI Face blackouts of videos, not just images, that can be used on an iPhone and Android. I had a professor who said like 70% of all computing is mobile or something for some services. Mobile first FDroid apps that respect privacy.
2. Self hosted OpenStreetMap with Magic Earth or other self-hosted services.
3. Special purpose bodycams that [convert speech to text and run tone analysis] in order to save video around aggression against you.

This has been the conclusion of late night schizo-posting.

Catholic elements [United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Kight's of Columbus (KoC), etc] inform parishioners [through Bulletins, Calendars, Flocknote] about anti-choice activism. They coordinate Masses, local metro/state events, and nationwide marches.
Assume counterprotests that follow laws will not be treated neutrally by American cops. Embrace low risk responses close to where you live.


"Wierdo" was said in a cute-sy fun way.

The goal is to always pick the most wholesome expression for the inevitable live streamers.


When you look wholesome, it is harder to be viewed as a good target.


File: 1673696828608-0.png (1.2 MB, 2281x499, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673696828608-1.png (709.22 KB, 1276x855, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673696828608-2.png (176.48 KB, 2517x1402, ClipboardImage.png)

Matt Frad

Matt Frad in 2016 could be viewed as default Catholicism with Charismatic speaker characteristics.

Charismatic Speaker: Don't sound like a calm businessman when doing a Homily/Talk. Sound like a hype man who changes volume,
intonation, hand gestures that look amazing. This is a speaker optimized for a complete lack of attention span in modern humanity.

He now smokes cigars with Michael Knowles.


Dr. Scott Hahn

Franciscan University is the key runner of Steubenville Conference. Image 3 demonstrates that this conference is everywhere in America.

Franciscan University prominently features Dr. Scott Hahn.

Dr. Scott Hahn is the kind of man who discusses "How to Combat the Woke Culture" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pxFUuHpJSE (Image 2) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6pxFUuHpJSE


Late night schizo-posting has not concluded. My bad.

Note: I learned about the "Don't bump thread" button just now.


File: 1673697674529-0.png (300.63 KB, 595x422, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673697674529-1.png (259.52 KB, 562x465, ClipboardImage.png)

Brian Holdsworth casually condemning corporate pride flags and a wall of text questioning of affirmative action.


File: 1673697865389.png (863.11 KB, 1698x845, ClipboardImage.png)

I realized the "Do not bump thread" button marks something as Sage. My bad.


Earlier we talked about Dr. Scott Hahn and "Woke culture".
EWTN brings this guy on as well.

The Catholic landscape is more rightwing that you might expect.


Robert Evans wrote a book called After the Revolution. He discussed the actions of a right-wing group that was running an ISIS of the Charismatic Variety.

Here is what I expect a Catholic Terrorist movement would look like in 2030 elections:
1. Vegas is modern day Sodom and Gomorrah. Be glad son of Joan, for you did not let a single pedocrat bus drive through the town without ensuring that the roof of a bus goes flying.
2. We should embrace the moral hand of God on Earth and run a government as we see fit. We are the ones who see clearly. Something about duty. Something about Crusaders.
3. More open rhetoric about "defeating feminism".


Defeating vs eating the Government:

The best-case scenario for Roman Catholics is not we will defeat "the great Satan" to "build the Kingdom of God". That takes effort from noobs who build rival factions. The government that emerges in that scenario will have to contend with a population that hates their guts. The better scenario will look like eating the government to obey the "moral leadership" of God.
What does that look like:
1. Contest every election every year for the rest of time.
2. Control the education of everybody.
3. Banning abortion and aborticants. Then classify the Birth Control Pill as an aborticant. Make every Hospital a Catholic Hospital and buy out the rest.
4. Enable [PRISM, XKEYSCORE, Talored Access Operations, BULLRUN, and OPTICNERVE (GCHQ) ] on anything that is Left leaning and law obeying.

Non-law policy
[Redacted hospitals] policy on Vasectomy's as of 2021 or so:
[Be 30] else [be late 20s in relationship] else [have like 3 kids for special exception].
I was blocked from getting a Vasectomy at [Redacted Hospital] so I went to Planned Parenthood. I can't say which else I reveal where I live.

I bring up that story for a reason. They don't need legally binding laws on the federal level that freaks everyone out. They can administer patchwork per company policy that forms a hard to break web.


>tfw women have more rights in the DPRK than they do in Mississippi or Oklahoma


So what’s the answer?


EWTN is pretty cucked as far as right-wing Catholic media goes.


File: 1673757192531.png (119.68 KB, 1142x782, ClipboardImage.png)

Dress codes

I was with a Catholic Group that went swimming.
The men were told you must wear shirts unless you are in the water.
Woman must have both a 1-piece swimsuit plus something else near the waist.

This Catholic group was against shorts that go above the knee and below the 45% between waist and knee. These are not flirtatious shorts. They are a part of a dress code organized by an external company.

Catholics will come for your Yoga Pants, your Swimsuits, and your tank tops.


They're pretty straightforward Vatican II but they give a lot of airtime to Trads.


>that aesthetic
Are they stuck in 2004?


In that theory of history, the CIA likes communism, or rather, they see communism as a lie and the real program is some hybrid of fascism, capitalism, communism, and Satanism. On one hand, that is basically what is happening today, because the rulers of the world are not beholden to any ideology or particular way of doing things. On the other, the entire construction of this history is intended to suggest that there was a golden age where men were pure and would never ever do such a thing, and the Church was never ever corrupted. The things in Vatican II were things that had a long history in Catholicism and Christianity generally. American Protestants saw it as the filthy papists masking off, and there was a cope about how the Church was going woke and not saying the things they said before.

To make a long story short - people are believing Nazi agitprop, and this was encouraged by, hilariously, the CIA. So they themselves are a product of "communist infiltration". The really ironic thing is that the conspiracy crank position was, in the early 20th century, a leftist thing and a trope about Marxists. Commies have been among the best conspiracy theorists, and if you read Lenin's polemics, they read in so many ways like a lot of things the rightists believe now, in that Lenin is willing to rail against the world and say who is doing what. This makes a lot of sense for Lenin's goals. The brilliant trick is to take a genuine critique - that politics is conspiratorial and there is a new world order - and insert some Nazi shit that derails it completely and redirects the "revolution" to nothing or back into the regime. It's why these people think their Republican masters are totally on their side, and then whine about their leaders selling out. The same thing is done to the far left, but with far more devastating results. One of the greatest victories of social engineering has been to flip the positions of the left and right in the discourse, so that the right appears to be the revolutionary party, and the left is harkening to the recent past and defends the institutions. Some of the people in the hoi polloi didn't get the memo that things changed, or they did get the memo and insisted on their own view of politics, which has no real backers.

One thing that is clear is that the Church is getting money to get on board with an effort to restructure Christianity. This was a project that was carried out starting in the early 20th century, and it was for a fairly obvious reason - rich oligarchs, particularly the Rockefellers, wanted to bring together the Christian churches and put an end to the struggles over doctrine, and the way to do this was to basically neuter Christianity's meaning. In some way, the old religion survives - or rather, it has been reduced to its essential components, which is why a lot of Christians are normcore and get more into their philosophy and theory than the spookier stuff. On the other end, the old Nazi program was to rebrand Christianity to be its exact opposite, and that's where the religious right comes from. So, a lot of these charges come from people who are espousing creationism and things which are entirely inimical to a useful interpretation of the religion. This has been another long-run program, where first religion is turned into a total parody, and then the believers are given the hint that the core of the religion was actually Satanic and that Satan was actually the good guy. After enough of this, the religion can be dismantled and a Satanic movement that just wants to kill and rape things can take its place. That was exactly what the Nazis wanted, because they were into that ultra-reactionary shit where Hitler was the great avatar of death and all that faggotry. Their inheritors have done the same thing with today's right.

So in the end, the CIA is actually trying to salvage something of the religion, and the right wing wants to corrupt it further. The normies find themselves torn between two ideologies and then ask what the point of it is, and there is growing disgust towards the institution. This is the old three-pronged attack that has been used to dismantle old things and transgress decencies. So far as normies hold on to Christianity, it is because they are fearful of the rise of eugenics, for all the reasons. No one can be allowed to genuinely oppose eugenics, and that's the origin of this assault, and the culture war of the neoliberal period.


The right is only anti-CIA because they aren’t the ones currently in control of the CIA. They never held these sentiments during the Bush II years.


> So far as normies hold on to Christianity, it is because they are fearful of the rise of eugenics, for all the reasons. No one can be allowed to genuinely oppose eugenics, and that's the origin of this assault, and the culture war of the neoliberal period.

Amazing how middle-class whites only freak out over “eugenics” when it’s their standard of living that’s dropping, when Black and indigenous folks (not to mention the disabled) have had eugenics done to us for over 100 years and white, neurotypical folks didn’t care.


CIA has always been very liberal. Rightoids love the FBI. I recall a lot of the right being paranoid and blaming the CIA for things that were explicitly Bush's policy (not that there's really a difference). But by that point, the hard right would not have been satisfied with anything less than a fascist takeover, which is what Trump was suggesting must happen.
It's really silly because there isn't much these people really get to fight for. They just choose which ideology they supplicate to while the actual masters of the world do as they please. It's all cuckoldry.


Middle-class whites believed they were on the winning team, until they realized they weren't. Even then, there were members of the bourgeois set who saw what would happening, tried to fight at least for themselves. They lost, and those who marched and cheered for eugenics won. The people who lost when Reagan took over never forgot, but they were muzzled and not allowed to seriously contest what Reagan did, which was always eugenics at the core. Then some of those people got the word that eugenics was now multi-racial and they built up the "white shame" narrative. It's eugenics through and through, but you can't call it what it is and they tell you to blame something else, whether it's a race or ideology.


What do you mean by "eugenics"?



File: 1674124274863.png (872.29 KB, 1440x810, ClipboardImage.png)



You can hunt for their signs and make countersigns in the same style here: https://marchforlife.org/sign-inspiration/


File: 1674124305234.png (734.14 KB, 2693x1797, ClipboardImage.png)

Responsible groups


File: 1674124518474.png (898.33 KB, 1920x1079, ClipboardImage.png)


As in responsible for this march or more.
The map for DC


List of organizations that are complicit or agree with the goals of ending choice:
Abiding Love Charities
Abortion Survivors Network
Alliance Defending Freedom
American Life League
And Then There Were None
Care Net
Christian Broadcasting Network
Christendom College
Christians Engaged
Cindy Brunk
Concerned Women for America
Consistent Life Network
Crusade for Life
Embrace Grace
Equal Rights Institute
Focus on the Family
Ghirelli Rosary
Girl Scouts, Why Not?
Hallow App
Heart of a Child Ministries
Heritage House ’76
Human Life Alliance
Human Life International
Life Runners
Lutheran Church Missouri Synod
Mission Rosary
Priests for Life
Pro-Love Ministries
Proud Catholic Company
Rosary of the Unborn
Save the 1
Seven Weeks Coffee
Sidewalk Advocates for Life
Solidarity Healthshare
Stanton International
Students for Life of America
Teachers Saving Children
Texas Values
The Guiding Star Project
The Heritage Foundation
The Knights of Columbus
The Radiance Foundation
Thomas More Society
University of Mary


File: 1674124746916.png (108.66 KB, 1141x623, ClipboardImage.png)

Let's talk about propaganda.
Beer beach; beach beer. The mind is an association machine. Propogandists know this.

Lila Rose is attempting to associate LGBT with Child Abuse


File: 1674125318479.png (283.9 KB, 1839x1529, ClipboardImage.png)

USCCB has a Twitter against choice.

This UI enables auto-sending of messages to your local politicians.


This particular location was chosen as it was Bishob Barrons current Diocese.


File: 1674126450051-0.png (807.7 KB, 763x1447, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674126450051-1.png (3.86 MB, 2162x1903, ClipboardImage.png)

Location: Los Angeles, CA

See attached image.


"Join us on Jan. 21, 2023 in Downtown LA to Celebrate Life! Bring your parishes… @lacatholics @ArchbishopGomez"

Street level
City wide level


File: 1674129032139.png (313.42 KB, 941x372, ClipboardImage.png)

Location: USA, MN, Rochester
Diocese: Diocese of Winnona [Bishop Robert Barron presides over this Diocese]
Church: Pax Christi

"January 22 is the date of the Roe vs. Wade decision… that legalized abortion… Here in Minnesota, both houses of the Legislature and the Governor’s office are controlled by Democrats… Bishop Barron asks us to make our voices heard at this critical time. We invite you to take a card to send to our state representatives and senators… A short online search will tell you who your legislators are…"

Let's describe the influence and reach of this message with math.

Here are the sections of a church: Left side of church. 1; Left middle side of church 2, Left Main Isile 3.
//Ignore the right side as we can simply multiply by 2 {Right Main Isile 4, Right Middle side of Church 5, Right side of church 6}

Saturday 5:15 pm [Hard to estimate]
1: 6 people per row * 7 rows
2: 4 people per row * 12 rows
3: 5 people per row * 15 rows
size=currentSum*2; //For right side
165*2=330 people

Sunday 7:30 am
Identical to Saturday 5:15 pm for simplicity
330 people

Sunday 9:00 am
1: 10 people per row * 14 rows (all rows full this time)
2: 9 people per row * 14 rows (all rows full this time)
3: 6 people per row * 20 rows
size=currentSum*2; //For right side
386*2=772 people

Sunday 10:45 am
Identical to Sunday 9AM
772 people

(330*2)+(772*2)=(330+772)*2=2204 people

This is only 1 church. Technically, this is one of Diocese of Winnona's bigger churches.
This is a lighter estimate. It could be larger.
They have like 14 churches in just this one town (not the Statewide Diocese) that are smaller. They would create their own bulletins that contain the same anti-choice announcement.
This is only the Catholicism; other religious groups can do the same.

"No one reads the bulletin" you say? They have after Communion announcements. Everybody will hear it.


Reading Catlin Johnstone's Substack motivated me to write that last section about the reach of the bulletin. She mentions the influence of media organizations over the masses.


File: 1674131285582.png (1.24 MB, 1041x1821, ClipboardImage.png)


Fr. Mike Schmitz is promoting anti-choice as well.


File: 1674131411614.png (8.38 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)

March for Life sponsors. Noteworthy examples:
FOCUS=Fellowship of Catholic University Students. These people are on a lot of college campuses across America. Every FOCUS is a Newman Center. Not every Newman Center hosts FOCUS.


Observed trends:
1. ["culture of life", "celebrate life"] VS [Defeating Abortion, fighting Roe V Wade]
2. Kight's of Columbus are highly involved in this.



Priests for Life, Stand True, Rock For Life (don't know if they're around anymore) and Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising (PAAU) are all splinter groups of Operation Rescue.


A good psyop is to take credit for stuff other people did. Such as the U.S. Army Field Manual 30-31B-hoax.

And if you say that "It's fake, but right in principle", well congrats! You just vent full Julius Evola on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion…


File: 1674368657893-0.png (645.22 KB, 890x992, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674368657893-1.png (564.58 KB, 731x656, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674368657893-2.png (222.06 KB, 319x261, ClipboardImage.png)

The MN flag, the Vatican flag in image 3.


File: 1674368703761.png (480.58 KB, 868x759, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1674368916205.png (782.85 KB, 640x787, ClipboardImage.png)

Knights of Columbus sign


File: 1674369065843-0.png (926.29 KB, 780x797, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674369065843-1.png (554.7 KB, 769x446, ClipboardImage.png)


"Christendom students praying Rosary outside an abortion clinic
The college cancelled classes on January 20 to give an opportunity to students to participate in March for Life rally"


File: 1674369802212-0.png (35.17 KB, 812x184, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674369802212-1.png (4.98 MB, 2048x1365, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674369802212-2.png (2.73 MB, 1280x960, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674369802212-3.png (79.54 KB, 865x364, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674369802212-4.png (37.75 KB, 789x116, ClipboardImage.png)

General themes:
-Every Catholic organization tries to show up
-Catholic colleges and schools treat it as a field trip, even going as far as to cancel classes to enable this.


>that degree of whiteness


File: 1674374566904.png (4.22 MB, 2000x1332, ClipboardImage.png)

Washington's defense of anti-choice events


File: 1674374617715.png (4.38 MB, 2000x1484, ClipboardImage.png)


"… at least 30 ISP personnel on hand who surrounded a very well thought out barricade… Across the street the Proud Boys had set up and appeared to be well armed; one guy had a black face mask and an AR 15 strapped to his chest. They just kind of hung out and chatted. The counter protestors demonstrated incredible vocal stamina and ability by chanting the same phrases quite loudly for over an hour straight. ; very impressive. The only real conflict came when some of the canines present came into contact with one another and had a few scuffles, but hey, at least they got to enjoy an outing with their owners on a really nice sunny day. Good job everyone.'"


Note: That was in the comment section


File: 1674447928112-0.png (567.43 KB, 757x599, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1674447928112-1.png (147.27 KB, 1013x739, ClipboardImage.png)

SUNDAY, JANUARY 22, 2023 11:45AM
For those who cannot attend the March For Life at the Capitol on Sunday, or just wish to join us…

Sunday, January 22, 2023 NOON
Cathedral of Saint Paul, St. Paul
…(This Mass is replacing the Prayer Service for Life.)"



"About 180 people, including 140 high school students and young adults, also traveled by charted buses from the Archdiocese of St. Paul and Minneapolis to the 50th March for Life in Washington, D.C. Jan. 20."

"Archbishop Hebda also acknowledged his gratitude for students in attendance from the University of Mary in Bismarck who were on their way back to North Dakota after participating in the march in Washington…"

"…Archbishop Hedba said Minnesotans must “express our voice to our senators as soon as we can, because the vote will be as soon as this week.” He suggested accessing the Minnesota Catholic Conference website at mncatholic.org or the archdiocese’s website at archspm.org to find ways to express views to state senators. "


Summary again:
1. The march for life does not just happen out of nowhere.
2. Catholic Churches and Catholic Schools facilitate media campaigns and buses to make it so.
3. Notice the level of coordination from high level USCCB to the Local Church level.


Pics related.


Randall Terry is a rat.


Yeah plea deals often involve the defendant agreeing to snitch or set up others. If he’s getting a bunch of college kids to invade abortion clinics for him you know something’s up.


why the hell are anti abortion people always the ugliest fucks that would never need an abortion


Personally I don’t think Terrisa is ugly. She looks like your typical 50-year old wine aunt who drinks diet ginger ale and shops at Christmas Tree Shops.



are they talking about stealing fetuses again?…



gross. what do these people think they've achieving with this


Shock value for clout.


New schizo Kengor video.

This one hurts.



Catholic Extremists need language that justifies the immoral action of intruding into Planned Parenthood and scaring people to not use their choice.

Also, they can't build a movement of terrorism yet. The court of public opinion does not like bombings, even among their own ranks.


This is psychopathic.


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