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China has markets, isn't socialist, let alone communist, they're just LARPing as gommie because thats how they stay in power. We've had east asian posters here who admit viet/china aint gommie and its actually just nationalism. So if you're going to be a nationalist for a capitalist country, why not be nationalist for your own? Is there any fucking reason besides reflexive self loathing, contrarianism and aesthetics that I should become a weirdo dengist and support China over my own nation?
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People who are like "oh the Chinese, they're fake communists, they're not real communists" are boring because I think it's overall a good thing that there's a ruling party of a country of that size that says Karl Marx is good and cool.


File: 1672535128388.png (352.47 KB, 640x980, ClipboardImage.png)

So true


is it a revisionist interpretation of marx? you cant read the subtitles since they are not translated so i dont know how you can judge the quality of their marxist analysis.


>give me one (1) reason to support china
<240 replies
fuck all of you


File: 1672597975115.jpg (978.55 KB, 1700x2560, 91VbYRf5rOL.jpg)



File: 1672683713188.jpg (289.52 KB, 1071x1600, national khomeinism.jpg)

>So if you're going to be a nationalist for a capitalist country, why not be nationalist for your own?
Not a chinaboo, but the nationalism here is every other possible nationalism other than one of our own. It goes towards America, Germany/EU, Russia, Israel, the Nordics, the west, the white race, Christendom, but not for us even when a lot of people claim to be nationalistic our way.

All European nations are this way because there's no European nationality left by itself that isn't for the purpose of servicing the conqueror. Poles are just as Polish as for example the Spanish. Nation-states are dead and power blocs are reality. It's given me a national pessimism, because true European nationalisms were given the sword centuries ago.


Engaging in class war, at the behest of the aristocrats and the bourgeoisie, within the given territories that the ruling class had its interest in is fundamentally anti-proletarian. The Italian mode of production was this dictatorship of capital, or as you put it the rule by the “fascist elites” (aristocrats and old guard) and the “corporate organs” (the bourgeoisie, in the abstract sense). This ruling class is only self-sustaining based on its necessitation by the mode of production itself and its concurrent class alignment (the dictatorship of a aristocratic-bourgeois coalition)

Even if I were to grant the abolition of “labor value” in its surplus, profit exists as the static essence of capital by which labor value is one derivative, profit itself is “pure form”, for Marx. I don't think that there's any evidence of labor-value being abolished in Italy, especially if it were reinvested into the private use of arms rather than socializing it, which would then maintain itself as a form of extracted value anyway

Nor does a “corporate economy” supersede socialism; corporatization was already an ongoing phenomenon since the post-mercantile era within Europe.

Fundamentally, fascist Italy was a dictatorship of the capital in the most absolute sense and wholly anti-proletarian (they literally fought in a bourgeois coalition against the Soviet Union, for instance), and who waged war on people against people, worker against worker, for the sake of the Italian deep-state, entrenched old guard aristocrats, and capitalists.


File: 1672906812333.jpg (491.95 KB, 1200x675, covergn.jpg)

>lets shit on the only world power that can counter western hegemonic imperialism


File: 1672918210092.png (258.76 KB, 612x408, fedup.png)

Chinese savior syndrome


‘China savior syndrome’ is unironically something a fed would say.


>Chinese savior syndrome
what fucking reddit terminology is this


a condition in which an online leftist finds salvation from the current world order in an international intervention conducted by the People's Republic of China
Chinese-sponsored revolution in one's own country, getting one's own country to ally with China diplomatically, Chinese invasion, China dropping nukes, China deleting the opponents to communism could be such ways
or at least I've seen people wish for some of these


File: 1672945173020.png (1.75 MB, 1197x795, ClipboardImage.png)


nice meme fellow leftist


Seems like schizo projection. My country is other side of the planet and has nothing to do with them but I support China 100% because they can and will fuck Americans up.


>My country is other side of the planet and has nothing to do with them but I support China 100% because they can and will fuck Americans up.
<a condition in which an online leftist finds salvation from the current world order in an international intervention conducted by the People's Republic of China


Psychobabble can't save you from Michael Hudson


The problem with a leftist image board is that it is easy for glowies to use it. However, we can figure out if they’re glowies based on their tendency to behave like smug Redditors


how is this smug calarts OP still going


yeah, i can read it. it says ur mom gae


>people who don't know what calarts is saying calarts again
LARP opsec spook corporatism Dunning-Kruger bait!1


File: 1672990812041.mp4 (7.29 MB, 1280x720, 1649552660422.mp4)

>The pure socialists' ideological anticipations remain untainted by existing practice. They do not explain how the manifold functions of a revolutionary society would be organized, how external attack and internal sabotage would be thwarted, how bureaucracy would be avoided, scarce resources allocated, policy differences settled, priorities set, and production and distribution conducted. Instead, they offer vague statements about how the workers themselves will directly own and control the means of production and will arrive at their own solutions through creative struggle. No surprise then that the pure socialists support every revolution except the ones that succeed.


File: 1673128461171.jpg (84.41 KB, 680x669, EwGF0VFWEAcwuEv.jpg)

So we're in agreement that Dengist China isn't communist?


File: 1673149835065.jpg (28.87 KB, 600x655, c2d.jpg)

>Socialism is when the workers own the means of production and communism is when there's a stateless, classless, moneyless society


>when nobody said that
anyways here's a nice song.


File: 1673175530268.gif (1.43 MB, 360x238, Cigar_man.gif)

I'm sure I'm supposed to care about another literally who token American economist of leftypol whose merit is subscribing to Marxism. I'd like a wall of text I will never read as a response, Steve.


china doesnt care about opposing imperialist or even america other than when America stands in china's self interest i.e. Taiwan and trade with third countries


>leftypol has reached the point where we just soyjak at the basic definition of terms


so true sis, fuck 'jack spammers and 'plier fans


The thing is China doesn't need to intervene anywhere. The West was able maintain social peace against the destructive tendencies of capitalist by ruling over and leeching off the Rest. The West has always been intervening in others' affairs and the only thing China has to do is to maintain its sovereignty against Western attacks and not let themselves or other periphery countries become the subjects of national exploitation through quid-pro-quo economic relationships. If there is no periphery to exploit, then imperialism falls apart and as a consequence the long-standing social peace will fall apart within the Western metropolis which in turn will lead to the resumption of class struggle, something that is in the interest of communists.


The chad histmat


Fascist Italy was imperialist and colonialist and allied with nazi Germany in a genocidal war against the USSR. Venezuela is not imperialist or colonialist or genocidal. It is important to look at geopolitics and not just the ratio of private sector to public sector


Those are only definitions for people who hardly understand the bare minimum


>supporting imperial germany makes tsarists seethe


>that pic

but the US got kicked out of Iraq and Afghanistan


>powerless USA sodomized by foreign imperialists?
Based. Those occupiers however wouldn't be called imperialists because they do save the people and their intents do not represent such countries’ bourgeoisie. Take for example China liberating Pacific TIme Zone states; Xi would then provide free healthcare and transport to the locals, all while disallowing Tencent and Alibaba from interfering in their affairs. Unlike the US where it allows its allies to destroy the Third World, one example being car-and-motorcycle-ridden Indonesia


Enlighten us


just read The German Ideology, communism is the proletarian movement itself out of real class relations, not a superimposed society (eg: "when everything is classless, etc", no one says this - it's pure impositional ideology and does not have material precedence to claim it as being a real form, it's ultimately idealist in nature) the process of sublating and overcoming (or negating) antagonisms through class is the formative catalyst in development (being communism and labor its universal property), socialism is its lower phase when the superstructural relations begin to reflect the proletarianization which had occurred at a more fundamental level (again, via sublation). Socialism isn't an ideology, nor is communism, they are living, real, instances of human phenomenon. again this is for Marx, but other leftoids disagree, tldr read hegel and modern chinese thinkers, communism has been dead in the west since stalin’s death


saw this a week late. lol'd even though you're making fun of me. good job


File: 1673509849849.png (391.61 KB, 600x595, ClipboardImage.png)

>communism has been dead in the west since stalin’s death


isnt aussie also cucked to the US though?


The german ideology is early Marx, prior to the epistemic break. Only Critique of the Gotha programme and a few parts of Capital are truly free of his latent early hegelianism


BEING - China is Socialist
NOTHING - Negation, China is not Socialist
BECOMING - Sublation, China is becoming Socialist


Not sure about the critique of the gotha program (i'd have to go back and check) but even within Capital the ascent-form and phenomenal reciprocity (internal contradiction) are basically straight out of Hegel, when/where did Marx have an epistemic break? The SPD and other left parties were non Hegelian from whom Marx "broke" (assuming they were ever connected)


File: 1674644868366.png (675.81 KB, 1138x882, ClipboardImage.png)

Give me one reason to support Amerikkka


<Give me one reason to support Amerikkka
if america gets nuked you will too


challenges ameriKKKa
challenges SSinos


lmao this thread is so nakedly pathetic i love it


Give me one good reason you shouldn't be nuked.

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