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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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>4chan traffic at an all-time low
>"Generation Zyklon" meme failed miserably and zoomers are even more left-wing than millenials
>Conservatives losing elections the world over as the center-right was replaced by a bunch of extremist lunatics, nearly all American countries have liberal or leftist and Europe isn't too far behind
Why did they fail so badly?
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File: 1674544830110.png (41.06 KB, 765x208, ClipboardImage.png)


4chan's decline is mostly due to the rise of other chans and horrendous moderation.


what other chans? They all seemed to be kind of dead to me



>what other chans? They all seemed to be kind of dead to me

soyjak.party and 8moe aswell as twitter.


who will win in the fight of cop vs. nazi


My take: They had no vision, no dream. The people of the world like Nick Fuentes bring nothing to the table capable of inspiring anyone that isn't a midwit tweaker or similar. Their praxis is to troll "the left" with signs like IOKTBW, meanwhile"the left" is writing novels, building communes, and creating art.


the death of sharethreads did it


Unfortunately shit take.
>horrible moderation
Since at least 2010, probably mid-2000s. It's not new, and quite frankly the decline more closely correlates with the rise and subsequent spread of /pol/ to alt-boards. A factor? Maybe, but not a critical or isolated one.
>listing 8moe and soyshit as rising sites
No. 8moe isn't the worst answer but is a mere fragment (albeit a big one) of 8chan. Last I checked, it was coasting at best, compared to 8chan it is certainly not bigger at drawing away 4chan users. Soy is niche and a non-compeditor, all it did was take the boring non-posters 4chan was smart enough to kick. It looks fast, but its not due to having many users or growth. Comparable to sportschan's /sp/ in that sense, but bigger.
Non-English IBs are a far bigger impact than either of those.

Slow isn't dead. Far from it. Lose the dopamine addiction.


>The entire point of the alt-right and /pol is to make fascism happen
You're an idiot.


>lazer swasdika - share and donate
is this labor?


Main difference between chads and chinlets


i don't get it
stop masturbating in the thread



That's not a meme, that's more comparable to motivational pictures, and actual propaganda flyers.


What do you think the sound of your neck snapping in 2 when the noose pushes the entire weight of your body in free-fall into it would sound like?


File: 1674628330262.png (322.7 KB, 443x480, R (15).png)

The only sound I hear is the clickity clackity of two edgelord losers trying to outtype one another. Spoiler alert: You're both fags.


Haha what sounds would you guys make if you took out your sexual frustrations by double teaming me in bed haha


Well simple, the first thing I personally would do in power is ban all of social media and make the internet more like it is in North Korea, an intranet only accessible through like libraries and schools and universities. That or try make the internet more like how it originally was intended, a web of separate personal websites without algorithms or bots.



you sound like someone with an unwarranted high self esteem and a hatred of others that is backed by nothing desu.

And I am someone who is rather skeptical over the the youth's progressiveism but i don't hate them for not having the same ideals as I do, especially in the wake of the fact that communism has been "Slain" in a sense in the public eye.

Maybe you should have a smidge bit more empathy for people again, saying this as someone who finds that shit hard to do.


>They want socialism not because of the good of society, but because of pure greed and selfishness
"im a socialist because I care about the poors" are generally the biggest grifters around, if you dont have a personal stake in the game chances are youre a conman and a narc


it sounds like you live in a world of stereotypes but at the very least you're a technocrat although I have no idea what is the issue with homosexuals in particular? Is it just because it's icky to you or some shit. Man ass is pretty kino desu.


>bad choices
Nothing to do with this. If you dont want socialism to spite the rich, or help those your love and care about youre a grifter. I.e. Va*sh, Maupin, Haz etc etc
t. dropped out of school in early teens


>The "social issues" need to be localized or dropped entirely
<homosexuality is discouraged
Yeah me fucking around with dudes is why life sucks under capitalism. People that care more about fags than not being able to pay rent, afford healthcare or feed their families aren't socialists, they're reactionary grifters


as an actual gen z, who's interacted with prolly way more in general, you have those people sure, but you also have a significant amount that are done with capitalism in general. they don't want "drip", they see right through materialism and what it's doing to the earth (like fast fashion ruining not only economies, but people's lives due to sweatshop/basically slavery conditions), and know that it's not something to play into. there are many, myself included, who are minimalists when it comes to interacting with capitalism. i buy only what i need, i try to go as local as possible to prevent giving money to big fucking corporate cunts, and many of my irl friends are the same way.

it's really just 50/50 from my experience, half indulge excessively in capitalism and materialism, the other half are fucking done with it and want it to be gone. that's why leftism is growing again somewhat, it's not the older folks who are realizing capitalism bad, because chances are they're already at the top, it's the younger crowd who are left to scrounge around for crumbs that the previous generations left us with.


So the state should ban art, non-reproductive sex, all forms of entertainment, "food excess" meaning home cooking (everyone should eat food rations).

you're a reactionary retard. Kill yourself.


There is nothing revolutionary in supporting the oppression of the working class.
>Oh, I don't care about gays, I only about socialism, which is why we should ban homosexuality.
Your posts are devoid of intelligence and filled with reactionary drivel. Commit suicide at your earliest convenience.


File: 1674634499875.png (2.09 MB, 1211x1253, ClipboardImage.png)

>But the State should ban all promotion of it and view it as non productive behavior.
this is your brain on "the imperial core is bad because it's gay, not because it's imperialist" contrarianism.


File: 1674635228662.jpg (77.08 KB, 800x475, who_could_it_be.jpg)



In China gay couples can appoint their SO's as legal guardians, giving many of the rights of marriage
>Modern Russia
Lol that law was promoted by some of the richest people in Russia
>Homosexuality as you know it is a capitalist excess
What the fuck are you talking about? You think dudes didn't fuck each other before capitalism? what more is there to know?
>zero value for homosexuality.
A tribe can survive without "art", non-reproductive sex, or anything except bare survival. Is that what you want?
>non productive behavior.
Capitalists think this way
Even funnier when its coming from former imperial mercenary to me an eastern euro (jungle) fag lol


You think its healthy to force people to have kids they dont want?


what is it with weird people who want to act like stereotypical tankies who seem like they have a fetish for depraving people of leisure and luxury goods as a whole?
I frankly think it's an image board thing because your typical rightiod is fairly hedonistic.


File: 1674635504217.png (60.44 KB, 200x195, 1612401258729.png)

>CATO Institute
>Muh Soviet Union banned it therefore it's good
HAHAHA scientific socialism you fucking moron
>Modern day Russia is in some way shape or form leftist
where do they print morons like you. You're a spectacle to behold.


>Guy is small business owner
Lol every time


Everybody on an anonymous image board is a faggot
This includes (you)


File: 1674636059114.mp4 (3.31 MB, 1280x720, 1646620438661.mp4)

Rightoids are hedonistic but fantasize about controlling other people's lives, such as depriving people of simple pleasures in life. This "tankie" behavior you identify, elegantly displayed by the retard here, is nothing but right wing vestiges on the left.
This retard is pretending he's already a commissar and is already handing out rules and regulations for the People's Republic of Burgershartistan. LMFAO
>Homosexuals statistically are amazing consumers and love "luxury goods".
You can just feel the type of retard that writes shit like this. Surely someone so embedded in the class struggle as to have absorbed such "statistics" from the aether.
>"Consuming luxury goods is anti-communism and is really harming our movement, ok guys? Stop buying iPhone" - Karl Marx
Oh shit, I forgot this totally legit quote! Maybe anon is on to something.
>Is it scientific and good to promote homosexuality when birthrates are so low?
Hahahaha is it scientific to WHAT NOW? what 0 reading does to a motherfucker.


If you want higher birth rates, give straight couples better incentives. Increase wages so they can afford more kids
>Homosexuals statistically are amazing consumers and love "luxury goods"
Cockshot made a video explaining why, it isn't because gay people are consoomers, it's because gay couples have less kids, less expenses and more free time
Still waiting for answer how me fucking a dude either prevents socialism or prevents you from having a (large) family


>Still waiting for answer how me fucking a dude either prevents socialism or prevents you from having a (large) family
Goes like this:
>Was a rightoid
>it's an insane death cult
>ok, what else is there, republicans and democrats are terrible
>I'll try socialism. Oh nice, let's do it.
>oh wait, why is socialism failing?
>well, the thing I dislike the most about socialism is that they advocate for basic human dignity and autonomy of people I dislike
>oh look, companies are taking advantage of the oppression of these people I don't like
>if companies advocate for something, then socialists need to be contrarian and advocate for the opposite
>this must be the reason socialism is failing in the west
>therefore, we should gas the gays so that socialism works
>what is recuperation of leftist struggles
how new r u?


also isn't one of the most popular chinese animes (like literally from china) a yaoi animation?


China has many vibrant queer communities and nightlife centers. These people choose to invent the China in their head that justifies their anti-social positions. China, for them, is the promise of obscene enjoyment, where Chairman LARPers like >>1343957 fantasize about dominating the population into their insane ideas about population control and good christian morals.


>corporate LGBTQ propaganda
Is almost exclusively a western thing. I don't care if China or Russia ban that, but I don't want to live in a world where I can't be with my boyfriend because people think I am being "unproductive" and force me to have kids
>victim of it
I knew I was bi before I ever watched porn or knew it existed


>Homosexuals know subconsciously that they are degenerates wastes of oxygen, and therefore they feel the need to be constantly validated in everything they do. The one thing homos really hate the most is being confronted with reality. A homosexual can never accept, on a intellectual level, that homosexuality isn't 100% equal and just as valid as heterosexuality; and the very act of banning pro faggot propaganda implies that fact and leaves the opportunity for people to come to their own conclusions on faggots. This is why you're wasting your time arguing with faggots.
Nice argument


Anti-LGBT peoples are such schyzos man what was that


They don't have one except their own broken brains
So it goes


I'm not that guy who made that >>1343849 post. I think the internet would be better if it was more like it was originally envisioned by Tim-Berners-Lee instead of the centralized corporate hellhole it became.


>Everybody on an anonymous image board is a faggot
Most image boards use "fag" or faggot" as a synonym for "person" or "human"
It's a left-over of the socially progressive cultural discourse before the dark age of identitarianism caused the great cultural regression.
The basic principle was to erode the derogatory meaning of slurs by using them as terms of endearment or just in a neutral context.
Cherish it, because it's a rare thing now, it feels like we culturally regressed 100 years in the last decade. It's gotten almost impossible to kill a slur and destroy it's power.


honestly same
i do wonder if the modern internet is just the result of capitalist accumulation. How would it work past it?


I wonder what is the answer to the "Gen Z" is the real socialist generaton when people are buying hogwarts legacy in droves? (Despite it seeming mid as fuck)


Hogwarts? Harry Potter? What? God damnit, go outside!


it was a silly way to refer to "types of guys" in the /b/ golden age era, not some sort of political cultural discourse


>Anti-LGBT peoples are such schyzos man what was that
That's because they're FAGGOTS


based /po/sters


File: 1674716482285.jpg (324.78 KB, 865x842, 1674714143369157.jpg)

Unique IPs: 27

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