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Now that the final 48 hours of the New Republic's worst government are running out, the question remains: what will the cope be this time?


Descansa en paz Pelé.


O Pelé não deu supporte ao governo militar no começo?


Acabou, não podemos mais nos gabar que temos o melhor jogador de futebol da historia do mundo, o brasil depois dessa vai falir, lula vai morar de aluguel.


is bolsanaro and his generals really fleeing to florida


Imagine if he tries to do a Bay of Pigs, lmao.


hue maybe he will try to be the brazilian Guaido


is it true that comando vermelho and the more mysterous guadiaes do estado,are connected to marxist ideology or at least pro-favela anti-upper class rethoric and prison organization?


File: 1672507155596.jpeg (148.79 KB, 800x600, 1672351926482.jpeg)


File: 1672507624338.jpg (162.77 KB, 719x820, Fk_rSfEWQAAfUYN.jpg)

Dunno, but he was thinking of ending his retirement in 1974 since he was still healthy as an ox, but after the brass asked him to do it he NOPE'd.


O que esperar de amanhã?


Comando Vermelho owes its name to the political prisoners who taught the common criminals urban guerrilla tactics. The military dictatorship made the mistake of putting them together so the commies decided to do this to destabilize things, but alas, class consciensce didn't rub off on them. To the best of my knowledge, none of these narco groups has ever had any meaningful revolutionary ties, tho they might give back to the communities a little bit and foster some favela pride and whatnot.

But as a rule of thumb, all over the world, organized crime always veers towards reactionarism, being an unholy confluence of lumpenproletariat and lumpenbourgeois. Gangs are a bit different, being born mostly out of disenfranchisement, fragilized communities and such and thus they're fertile ground for class agitation, but actual criminal organizations are bad news.



To my surprise, bozoloids are finally awakening. Not to their general idiocy, naturally, but to the fact that Bozo swindled them. His unceremonious flight (and that's what it was despite how much our media has downplayed the gravity of it: he's essentially a fugitive already) without even mentioning the 2-month-long bozoloid encampments which he fostered (with plausible deniability) is making most of them finally realize they have been had. All over BR internet can be heard the sad and dejected mooing of the Bozozoic cattle. I thought they would remain in a trumpanzee-like eternal postponement of a great big event while his popularity slowly dwindled, I didn't see this sudden realization coming. On hindsight, I guess that the different voting systems are to blame for this. America has an immense patchwork of extremely different and flawed voting systems, created with the deliberate purpose of enabling fraud on a localized scale, which has allowed Trump to preserve for so long the illusion of an overturn or some other miraculous change. This isn't possible in Brazil, because our elections are one of the few things we have gotten right. Bozo certainly trying destroying its legitimacy through sheer bullshittery for 4 years straight. More than 4 years, actually – he started calling the electronic voting system into question immediately after he was elected in 2018. But like every single damn thing other than bribery and graft, he met only lmited success. The once-ironclad reputation of the voting system took a beating, but nowhere near enough for him to pull any bullshit. As with the rest of his project. a success in other areas could have meant a success in this area, bu alas, his failure has been almost all-encompassing, so no one but the most hardcore bozoloids still believe the electronic voting machines were rigged. And the craziest thing is, he committed electoral crimes by the hundreds, and this is not a figure of speech. The run-off elections on 30 October saw a myriad of misdeeds aiming at harming voter turnout in the Northeast region, and the weeks preceeding it had hundreds of reports of porkies coercing their employees to vote for the clown, and the months preceeding it saw obscene abuse of the State apparatus, especially spending, to try to throw off the election to a degree which might not have been seen in human history. And he still lost.

Being completely amoral, he didn't think once about keeping his mouthbreathing horde rallied until now, even as he himself blew his last chances completely. It's amazing how he kept fucking up until the very end, to the point he didn't even bother dismissing the morons whom he had just told to squat in front of barracks for 2 whole damn months. Then again, this cheap and craven M.O. is his, well, M.O., and that of our reactoids as a whole. Keep plausible deniability high and don't even bother cleaning up after they're done. So the morons who have been living like hobos in front of barracks for ~60 or so days, subjected to sizzling sunshine and torrential downpour, hit by diarrhea and communicable diseases, shitting in oversued portapotties or even in supermarket plastic bags are now pissed off they finally realized they have been had. (I'm not joking about taking dumps in plastic bags by the way, it's a common complaint in the deluge of videos the imbeciles are making.) Nevermind the fact that tens of millions of people have been saying so, nevermind the fact that Bozo's entire damn life made it clear that he would take the lowest road possible, they still somehow are legitimately surprised, as if their idiot-king wasn't as predictable as a brick wall.

It's far, far too much material for me to repost, so keep your eyes on @printsminions and @da_museu. To b honest, these profiles still only collect a minuscule fraction of bozoloids' spergouts, but I know of no better collections.


That would be very cring


File: 1672520470389.mp4 (3.32 MB, 606x1280, VKTBPgWFwZzIKPTG.mp4)

retweete se vc chorou


File: 1672523777214-0.mp4 (1.96 MB, 480x848, L07jDpGei28mhbzc.mp4)

File: 1672523777214-1.jpg (103.58 KB, 684x1280, FlUy8ynXwAEMxjx.jpg)

File: 1672523777214-2.jpg (133.28 KB, 743x1280, FlUy8ytWAAAFy8G.jpg)

Bozo might not end up going to Mar-A-Lago. For now, he's crashing at the house of a Brazilian former MMA fighter in a Latino suburb of Orlando, where he has already met a few BR gusanos.

Gusanos' obsession with orlando is only rivalled by their obsession with Miami, they're the Mecca and Medina of the American Way of Life to them.


Alguém daqui?


File: 1672524622708.jpg (114.88 KB, 968x1073, FlRXueoWAAAfPN3.jpg)

Esse bosta não vale a pena nem sujar minha faca.


Um dos possíveis herdeiros do Olavo fez esta jogada magistral na disputa pelo título. Difícil vencer tamanha demonstração de cornismo cultural.


>no refunds


>brigado por ficarem mendigando golpe por 2 meses, trouxas kkkkk agora vão pra casa que meus colegas tão de saco cheio de vocês, eles não gostam de ver povo reunido em lugar nenhum



File: 1672532258808.jpg (71.5 KB, 1080x604, Fgw4hUWWQAMwI8E.jpg)

>trending topics


File: 1672534865290.jpg (173.98 KB, 1080x1194, media_FlV4g6JXgAE_sbc.jpg)

Realmente faz pensar…


>"putas" e não "putes"


File: 1672536322716.jpg (97.05 KB, 871x753, media_FlV4xKzWIAApAzm.jpg)

Deve ser pra despistar moderação do Twitt*r.


Os caras nem disfarçam mais que são racistas e odeiam pobre wtf, antes ao menos havia certa subversão e teatro


o parâmetro estético da crise é fascinante


Seria engraçado se o Bolsonaro quem desse esse pronunciamento ao invés do mourão, gostaria que esse fosse o cenário, apesar da ultra covardia que exala do bolsonaro


File: 1672539170623.mp4 (2.75 MB, 640x288, Lwn4oSZUznh3z9S0.mp4)

yfw Antônio Conselheiro would have been a huge bozoloid


File: 1672542652348.jpg (85.37 KB, 1200x1200, media_Fhzk9TlX0AEhQ10.jpg)

Happy new year, lads.


File: 1672543051366.webm (Spoiler Image, 2.63 MB, 1920x1080, coffee.webm)

Happy New Year


File: 1672544136166.jpg (85.46 KB, 1080x869, FlWyN21XoAIMFtJ.jpg)





Lula is a LITERAL CRIMINAL. He needs to go back to prison asap.


So true


File: 1672594010182.jpg (112.91 KB, 1208x768, Maduro-Medium-1.jpg)

>Brasil retoma as relações com Venezuela hoje. (CNN).


CNN Brasil hosts just talked about how many brown people there are in the crowd.

Latin America moment. lmao


File: 1672594389221.png (404.81 KB, 596x330, Untitled.png)

From prison to power.

We did it Lulabros




File: 1672595048294.png (412.86 KB, 694x383, love.png)



Lula went to hug the foreign heads of state but to Petro he gave the sickest gansta handshake, lmao


The big mystery: who will hand the presidential band over to Lula? Save in cases of impeachment, this has always been done by the leaving president as part of the whole "peaceful transition of power" shtick. But Bozo left the country and his veep already said this is Bozo's duty and won't do it. Lula's surpporters have been agitating for Dilma to fulfill this role, in a grand symbolic closure of the shitshow which Car Wash started. not to mention that she was the last legitimately elected president, which contradicts the official yet laughable history which says that the 2018 were totes legit, but regardless. Lula's team has said that the identity of the band carrier will be a big surprise.

According to Globo news anchors, some areas in which Brazil is worse today than it was in 2002: poverty was 25%, now is over 30%, hunger is also worse tho I don't remember the numbers, vaccination was at 95%+, now it's below 75%.


This juxtaposition between the inaugurations of 2003 and 2019 was one of the golden moments of semiotics. Let's see if his team was smart enough to make sure that today's pictures will match.


File: 1672603486844.jpg (169.65 KB, 1024x1280, FlREzfxWAAAhn5e.jpg)


File: 1672603880936.mp4 (6.12 MB, 720x1280, iLvbnVVC2ttUfK7W.mp4)

Jesus sighted


File: 1672603988366.jpg (74.24 KB, 645x388, FlaYV_GWIAI73Wi.jpg)


They went and added an entire rainbow coalition to the group too, including an adopted stary dog, Resistência.


File: 1672604183020.jpg (117.61 KB, 851x844, FlaYkZOXgAAsTbb.jpg)



uncritical support for dog.



Lista de pessoas:
Francisco: uma criança de 10 anos, moradora de Itaquera, periferia de São Paulo;
Aline Sousa: catadora, 33 anos
Cacique Raoni Mtuktire
Weslley Viesba Rodrigues, metalúrgico do ABC
Murilo de Quadros Jesus, professor de português
Jucimara Fausto dos Santos, cozinheira que ficou dez meses na Vigília Lula Livre
Ivan Baron, influencer na luta anticapacitista
Flávio Pereira, artesão que ficou 580 dias na vigília Lula Livre


A smooth criminal


File: 1672606873904.png (876.64 KB, 1024x576, foto-1024x576.png)

Resistência isn't just a stray, by the way. She hung around the "Free Lula" encampment which was set up in front of Lula's prison back when he was behind bars.

Which reminds me of another inanity about Bozo's government. Resistência has been a talking point or propaganda piece or meme or whatever is the proper term, partly to constantly remind us that Bolsonaro stole a dog. Back in 2020, the presidential family adopted a dog, but as absolutely everything involving that cretin devolves into farce, what should have been a menial event became ladden with symbolism. It turned out that the pooch which they picked off the street already had an owner, who recognized it from the pictures the media ran about the "new member of the presidential family". After a brief press event to return the dog to its owner, they didn't adopt any animals again, but not before this absurdity yielded jokes about Bozo being so dishonest he even stole dogs. It was so ridiculous that it made me question whether this wasn't just some ploy for attention set up with a supporter of his in order to hog the news cycle, as Bannon says, but alas, it seems it was a legittimate SNAFU which goes to show that nothing is simple enough that Bozo can't somehow fuck it up. They could have bought from any kennel or adopted from any shelter, and yet they didn't. This brings to mind that thoughtless militiaman/lumpen mentality which is so rife with reactoids of just doing whatever the fuck they want, as if an exotic dog roaming the streets wouldn't make one ever suspect that it was a runaway. And, given Bozo's utter worthlessness, one can't help but wonder if he actually knew it had an owner when they "rescued" it.

The fact that Resistência is a mutt adds to the symbolism, seeing as Bozo's "dognapping" victim is an exotic European breed, a Maremmano-Abruzzese sheepdog. The semiotics of racial purity in Latin America and Brazilian mutt syndrome were so thick you could cut it with a knife (Bozo himself is proud of his Italian-german heritage to the point he often lies about having had a grandfather who fought in the Nazi army, but that's a whole other shitshow). This fiasco was one of those things which gave rise to jokes about Brazil having a writer, and there were a lot of moments like these during Bozo's term. I mean, to be honest, we always had a lot of these moments – ready-made jokes, we call those – and yet Bozo cranked those up to 11.


03 is melting down on social media right now. Pic related is him claiming that Bozo brought violent crime down thanks to his pro-gun policies, yet, being a moron, the very graph he posted says otherwise. Even a retard can see that the sharp downard trend began during Temer's brief reign. I commented on this since at least 2018, it seems like no one quite knows what caused that decline, not even Temer himself. Regardless, the point is that it's something for which Bozo is flat-out stealing credit. Back when he was the circus' justice minister, Moro stole credit too.


File: 1672607993567.png (85.77 KB, 591x586, FZKYgGvWYAARyh_.png)

Speaking of 03, if you would be so kind as to waste a few seconds to post pictures of open box-frame beds on his latest tweets, please do so. Bozo has said in the past how he won't end up like Jeanine Áñez, thus handing us a meme on a silver platter. Here's a pic, if you can't be assed to GIS.



Diplomatic envoys to Lula's inauguration:

✳️ Chefes de Estado 🇪🇸🇩🇪🇦🇴🇦🇷🇧🇴🇨🇻🇨🇱🇨🇴🇪🇨🇬🇾🇬🇼🇭🇳🇵🇾🇵🇹🇸🇷🇹🇱🇹🇬🇺🇾
✳️ Chefes de Governo 🇬🇳🇲🇱🇲🇦🇻🇨
✳️ Vice-Presidentes 🇨🇳🇨🇺🇸🇻🇵🇦
✳️ Vice-1°s-ministros 🇦🇿🇺🇦
✳️ Chanceleres 🇹🇷🇨🇷🇵🇸🇬🇹🇬🇦🇿🇼🇭🇹🇳🇮🇿🇦🇨🇲🇸🇦
✳️ Outras autoridades 🇲🇽🇷🇺🇩🇿🇮🇷🇩🇴🇲🇿🇯🇲🇬🇶🇷🇸🇪🇺🇺🇸🇬🇧🇯🇵🇫🇷🇺🇳🇵🇪

It blows Bozo's inaguration out of the water, of course, but I expected more, to be honest. Lula's return isn't quite the international hot topic I expected it would have been.


File: 1672608537358.png (820.9 KB, 1024x576, ClipboardImage.png)

<hmmm it doesn't really look like a stray
>Back in 2020, the presidential family adopted a dog, but as absolutely everything involving that cretin devolves into farce, what should have been a menial event became ladden with symbolism. It turned out that the pooch which they picked off the street already had an owner, who recognized it from the pictures the media ran about the "new member of the presidential family".
You couldn't make it up. Satire is dead. Everything Bozo did cannot be topped. Go home everyone.


File: 1672608598548.jpg (97.04 KB, 750x985, FlZplijWIAApmhn.jpg)

The only 3 times the band wasn't properly passed on were the 3 times when military cunts were supposed to hand the band over to a civilian.

Really activates my neurons.


Oh yeah, it was the rainbow coalition which handed the band over to Lula.

Meh. A wasted opportunity. Besides the cheesiness, having Dilma do it would be the perfect way to start the abnormalization of Car Wash, which ought to be PT's #1 priority besides the economy.

Now think of 4 straight years of that kind of crap.


File: 1672610334521.jpg (528.94 KB, 1705x2202, FlZRmw3XEAEMMKN.jpg)

Not the most appropriate reference, but I'm a sucker for anything which calls back to Akira.


File: 1672610761185-0.jpg (173.77 KB, 1080x1008, FlZvaVJXEAcCdq0.jpg)

File: 1672610761185-1.png (2.65 MB, 1280x720, Shot0006.png)


A fed used this gnarly device to jam a drone which butted into the Esplanada area.


File: 1672610869948.jpg (248.97 KB, 1169x1819, FlZsPXcWIAYSDyD.jpg)


File: 1672610872588.png (1.44 MB, 1080x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

Insira falar bem de torcida organizada aqui



>German preaident attended


I liked it. Only thing that bothered me was the massive VPL of the woman who handed him the sash


I'm surprised Lula openly called Dilma's impeachment a coup during his speech. But having her hand over the presidential band would have spoken much louder than words.


>dubs dubs
Confirmed for meme magic.


File: 1672614405484.png (174.15 KB, 498x421, media_Fk62ZkKWQAAlnzD.png)

Lula said the first thing he would do as president would be to end the 100-year-long secrecy which Bozo put on every damn thing. He wasn't lying, he just signed that decree.


File: 1672618130857.jpg (95.55 KB, 976x819, Fla7PRqXwAEpP5K.jpg)

On the topic of symbolism, notice that Bozo, besides downright fleeing the country, went straight away to a gated community in Orlando. Gated communities are, in themselves, highly representative of the Brazilian favlor of social problems, and the fact that it's located in gusano paradise compounds it, and the fact that it's located right next to fucking Disneyland compounds it further. These symbols of crass American soft power are to gusanos what flames are to a moth.

Before crashing at the former MMA fighter's house, he stopped by a KFC, where his entourage, naturally, took a lot of pictures to show their champion of the common man just having a cheap meal. It's just about the most basic tactic in any election in any representative democracy, and as much as you and I laugh at the shameless cynicism of it, it fucking works. Joe Blow legit thinks this reveals the man's soul or some shit instead of being carefully staged events. And this tactic was particularly effective in Bozo's case because he has effectively been campaigning for his entire fucking presidential term, and this is not an exaggeration. He's literally retarded and was involved with very little actual governing, which is just fine as far as the circus is concerned, and instead spent most of his days touring the country, inaugurating public works which already were inaugurated (not a joke, by the way) and these events could cost more than the public work in question (also not a joke). His "job" these past 4 years was simply being visible, and it was possibly the crucial factor in his dangerously close near-victory this October. As I have been saying nonstop since 2018, elections have fully degenerated into the popularity contests which Ancient Greeks derided them as being, and simply being on TV everyday probably did more to help his election than his digital militia, the Potemkin media and other tools at his disposal. Familiarity is everything, and those cheap events showing him doing everyday things like eating fast food or strolling down farmer's market does work, because Joe Blow has no idea what the fuck a politician actually does, but he sure understands fast food and a stroll through farmer's market. The fact that Bozo would immediately leave those places and goes to 6-star hotels and eats outrageously expensive food doesn't register simply because Joe Blow doesn't see himn doing those things. Remember, this is post-post-modernity: reality is what you see on your screen (whether of a TV or cellphone), everything else is fiction. Compare this to all previous presidents, which weren't campaigning 24/7. You would hear rather little of them. The news would mention where they travelled that day, whether they met a diplomat or inaugurated something, maybe show them answering a few questions from the press and that's it. The presidents themselves obeyed simple customs and regulations so as to not abuse the power they have to command attention; they would refrain from talking about private affairs, they wouldn't hog limelights and so on. Besides what little the MSM showed, they mostly stayed out of the public eye. Bozo, of course, didn't give a fuck about these simple customs, and campaigned 24/7, used the internet to further goad Joe Blow and so on.

So put yourself in Joe Blow's shoes. On the one hand, you saw "old politicians", whose actual job you can hardly even conceive, going to-and-fro and talking to so-and-so personality, and you would know what the press claimed about them – in PT's case, an endless stream of plausibly deniable smears. Then you looked at the """""outsider""""" Bolsonaro, and besides seeing those same two things (him going to-and-fro and talking to so-and-so personality, and what the press claimed about him – infuriatingly docile coverage or downright cover-up of his crimes) he also had a third thing which other presidents never did, which was the metaphorical stage provided by the internet. This isn't spin control, because the second factor there, the way media treated them, that's spin control, and although obviously Bozo had an advantage there too simply because he bought the MSM off, the endless campaigninga and its broadcasting to the internet in a way completely unfiltered by MSM, this was a tool which other presidents didn't have. This is what olavo and Bannon talked about, it's a stage in which Bozo was in complete control, and which could not only help shape the spin of MSM but even override it entirely, seting th public debate, creating new issues out of whole cloth etc etc etc besides providing the all-important familiarity for Joe Blow. This new stage is something which PT will simply have to use in order to avoid a new coup in the future. Lula and Dilma, like others before them, didn't really use this stage because both of simple professionalism and because some regulations forbid it, and Bozo never gave a shit about either of those things (It should be pointed out that we have electoral laws against campaigning outside of the actual campaign, but it was just one of Bozo's many, many crimes which the rest of the government just plain ignored), but it's no longer a matter of choice for Lula. He will have to hog limelights, preserve a captive internet audience and generally use simple populism in order to survive, let alone actually get anything done.

One added irony here was that populism was possibly the accusation most often levied against Lula by the worst elite in the world, and it couldn't be farther from the truth. He always kept it proper like I just said, well now he'll have to use some degree of populism. I wish he had started this last year, making a confrontational electoral campaign, which he didn't, but he'll have to get started sooner or later.

Notice I didn't say anything about what is said and done in this new stage. Bozo used it to pander lies and bullshit, but it can, and should, be used to spread truth and information. Remember the revangelism I keep talking about? Getting everyone on the same baseline reality? The new stage can be used to this end too.


File: 1672619086809-0.jpg (495.03 KB, 1536x2048, media_FlaHNVtWIAQdXVb.jpg)

File: 1672619086809-1.jpg (480.04 KB, 1536x2048, media_FlaHNVxXwAAQtVJ.jpg)

Memes to invest on: eating dogs. Buy, buy, buy!

Venezuela has been a permanent fixture of the arsenal of the circus' lies and imbecility. They seem to have double down on it during this year's campaign, and fearmongered about famine by talking about eating dogs like Venezuelans supposedly did. Being complete morons, bozoloids didn't realize how incredibly easy this meme is to highjack and used to mock them.


*about famine by talking about eating dogs like Venezuelans supposedly did if PT returned to power because muh communism and shit.




Bananinha tão puto que comprou briga até com o Bicicleto.


File: 1672621596288-1.jpg (151.16 KB, 1280x851, media_FlatjDTXkAM1Ojq.jpg)

lil Resistência at the Lula Livre camp

there was no 21 cannon salute at the inauguration today so as to not disturb autists and animals

I half expected reactoids to spergout and demand eugenics


File: 1672622405764.jpg (207.97 KB, 1197x1227, FlbHiD-XEAATG6J.jpg)


Livre de mundial




acabou a posse e Lula não falou nada do ministério do namoro


>trending topics


His crime: loving Brazil too much


File: 1672644030224.png (91.48 KB, 220x244, charlie and lula.PNG)

I remember the threads saying ''lula can't win the second vote' and 'lula has a hostile congress and will cuckold to them or get denied'.
What's the situation? Is it a real red tide in Brazil?


>lula can't win the second vote
Idiotic statement since he was ahead in all research polls.
>lula has a hostile congress and will cuckold to them or get denied
All presidents have a hostile congress. We call it the "big center": politicians with no strong ideology inclinations that will vote favorably to the president if they get what they want (political capital and money). The "big center" is the majority today, as it was four years ago. Bolsonaro had tons of impeachment requests in the parliament before the pandemic due to not catering to them (and, of course, commiting crimes and being involved in investigations), he was complicit with the largest corruption scheme of Brazil's New Republic exactlty because he needed to cater to the parliament.
Lula is immensely popular and, now that he is in power, it is in the interest of the parliament to start negotiations. Defending Bolsonaro and his family is not in the interest of the "big center", they couldn't care less about him now that his role in pushing the neoliberal agenda is over and he made a clown of himself these last four years.
>What's the situation? Is it a real red tide in Brazil?
We still can't know for sure what will happen. The market is very uneasy with a president that prioritizes social welfare for the poorest demographics and the mainstream media already started to slander him for the pettiest things (such as Resistência wearing a 70 dollars collar). We don't know how tensions with this demographic will go.
It is a fact however that both the reformist and the radical movements of the Left are rebuilding their strength in the streets and on the internet. Normal citizens that supported Bolsonaro are way less hostile to Lula now that all of the anti-PTism thing has proven to be media-induced mass hysteria. Overall, the radical Left needs to critique Lula without giving space for anti-PTism to rise, to push him so he does what he promised to do, and to move forward on our agitprop.


Thank you for this detailed answer.

>Idiotic statement since he was ahead in all research polls.

I think people were saying that after the first one, believing most of the eliminated candidates would transfer to bozo and put him in lead.

>It is a fact however that both the reformist and the radical movements of the Left are rebuilding their strength in the streets and on the internet.

Great to hear!

>the anti-PTism thing has proven to be media-induced mass hysteria

What kind of stuff was that? Dumb exaggerated conspiracies like PT will destroy family values with gay communism?


File: 1672667395611.png (325.49 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>What kind of stuff was that? Dumb exaggerated conspiracies like PT will destroy family values with gay communism?
That plus the usual "muh venezuela" fearmongering as well as dick-shaped baby bottles. And that not even the tip of the iceberg.


>dick-shaped baby bottles
I… wat.

wat the hell brazil


File: 1672669298811.png (331.24 KB, 567x749, image-5.png)

>PT politicians will distribute penis-shaped baby bottles in kindergartens
>PT politicians will distribute "gay kits" in public schools, those allegedly being pamphlets pushing children into having gay sex
>lula will close all christian churches
>lula will legalize drugs and abortion
>lula will force middle-class citizens to share their apartments with homeless people
>lula is friends with the kingpins of major organized criminal factions
>lula has ties to satanic churches
>real lula is dead and was replaced by an actor
>russian hackers have confirmed exploits in the electoral system
Some of these are based but, for better or for worse, they're all fake news.



The infamous mamadeiroca will probably be the most long-lasting meme associated with him. It was the kind of bargin-bin fearmongering of which he fed for no less than 7 terms as an absolute nobody in the House. If Car Wash hadn't broken the fucking laws of physics, not even Brazil would have elected this cartoon character as president.


File: 1672675263127-1.jpg (265.53 KB, 1077x1895, media_Flc9Rr7XoAIdU9d.jpg)

File: 1672675263127-2.jpg (306.59 KB, 1080x2129, media_Flc9SWSXoAMKKDz.jpg)

File: 1672675263127-3.jpg (286.79 KB, 1072x1817, media_Flc9S8vXwAEvE7b.jpg)

<it's okay gauys, Lula hasn't been inaugurated, the presidential band is fake, Bolsonaro will be reinstated any second now, trust the plan


Incidentally, Lula didn't receive the same band Bozo did. His is the same one which Dilma received.

Irt was probably just a symbolic gesture, but honestly, I wouldn't put it past Bozo to try to fucking poison the band. God knows the CIA did dumb shit like that to try to get Fidel, and Brazilian reactoids have an uncanny knack for copying the worst things about America.



A 2 dias do fim do mandato, o circo fez um trem-da-alegria pra mamateiros da Receita ganharam novas mamatas no exterior. A grande mídia não deu um pio sobre isto, mas o preço da blusa da Janja, ela sabe de cor.


File: 1672676197281.jpg (362.87 KB, 1600x990, FleCZYcXEAAlMu2.jpg)

The rainbow coalition was front and center at the NYT

>loser is absent




Lula cancela privatização da Petrobrás, Correios, "Dataprev, Nuclep (Nuclebrás Equipamentos Pesados), Serpro (Serviço Federal de Processamento de Dados) e os armazéns e os imóveis de domínio da Conab (Companhia Nacional de Abastecimento - Conab)".

Interessante que colocar a Petrobrás no Programa Nacional de Desestatização foi a primeira coisa que o arrombado do Sachsida fez. 4 anos inteiros, e não conseguiram. Só mesmo a burrice da corja nos salvou do pior.


não adianta correr, o agente 47 ja colocou ele na mira.


Interessante a admissão tácita de que deixaram ele roubar direto enquanto estava no poder.


File: 1672686023159.jpg (161.59 KB, 1080x1121, Flet6ZiWQAEmh5V.jpg)

Moro rastejou de sua tumba hoje pra reclamar que Lula não falou nada sobre a CoHuPiSsAuM.

Só o fim dos sigilos centenários, por si próprio, já é mais que foi feito contra a corrupção do que literalmente tudo no executivo federal nos últimos 4 anos somado.


File: 1672686322102.jpg (105.88 KB, 571x1024, FlfCCNVXoAAh4ER.jpg)

Lula will spend pretty much this entire day meeting with foreign envoys. Of all areas of government, diplomacy is probably the one to which Bozo did the most damage. Partly, this is because other people simply didn't want to meet him.

See the list of Lula's meetings today? This is more than Bozo did in a year, and that's not a figure of speech.


Nos últimos dias de desgoverno, Haddad pediu publicamente que o circo não fizesse mais nada que afetasse os cofres públicos em 2023. Então tomaram mais 4 medidas que tirarão 15b da receita.


Renderia impeachment de esquerdista? Renderia.


Na área ambiental:
- restabeleceu medidas de combate ao desmatamento na Amazônia;
-restabeleceu o Fundo Amazônia;
-revoga norma q incentivava o garimpo legal na Amazônia";
-determinou q o MMA proponha, em 45 dias, nova regulamentação para Conama.

Flávio Dino disse:
>O novo decreto presidencial suspende novas aquisições de armas de uso restrito; novos CACs; novos clubes de tiro. Reduz armas de uso permitido. E haverá um recenseamento geral de armas existentes no Brasil, visando separar o joio do trigo.



>Psol acaba de pedir ao STF a prisão preventiva de Bolsonaro, bem como quebra de seus sigilos e busca e apreensão, pois ele incentivou golpe de estado


E o Carluxo tá como? Voltou pra 2018, pra dizer "olha só o dodói que o meu papai teve".


File: 1672688111100.jpg (52.24 KB, 457x396, media_FleXi_4XwAUTAUv.jpg)

The coverage the NYT gave to Bozo at the exact same day 4 years ago.


File: 1672692961407.png (131.02 KB, 680x488, ClipboardImage.png)

Grande dia.


Puta que pariu, bom demais. E é o mínimo!


>Marina Silva é ofendida em restaurante e clientes defendem ministra | Diante dos ataques, Marina fez um gesto de coração com as mãos. A ministra do Meio Ambiente contou que tentou conversar com a mulher, mas disse que ela não aceitou o diálogo e foi retirada do local. Assista.

Consta que Marina Silva foi uma das muitas pessoas que sairam ou foram expulsas do PT. A lista inclui, entre vários outros, Rui Costa Pimenta do PCO, Zé maria do PSTU e uma caralhada do PSOL.


File: 1672695781297.mp4 (2.11 MB, 640x352, EXVx9hnrtdLn72i2.mp4)

Lavando a entrada do ministério da economia/fazenda com sal grosso.


File: 1672696470927-0.jpg (75.04 KB, 1107x1107, media_FhziWEVXgAMgqVK.jpg)

File: 1672696470927-2.jpg (105.05 KB, 1280x1280, Fhzj65oWAAEjhRq.jpg)

File: 1672696470927-3.jpg (158.4 KB, 1818x1818, media_Fhzi5eLXEAAmYcI.jpg)

File: 1672696470927-4.jpg (85.37 KB, 1200x1200, media_Fhzk9TlX0AEhQ10.jpg)

pra irritar o gado


File: 1672698236731.png (1.19 MB, 766x992, yojeiniaqo9a1.png)

God Emperor Lula


Segundo dia de Governo e os liberais já estão surtando e fazendo mil previsões.


>Camilo Santana cita Paulo Freire e promete repetir bem-sucedido modelo cearense de educação

Sempre que o mercado cai um pouco, as subcelebridades daytrader choram as pitangas no Twitter.


File: 1672705199743-0.png (15.46 KB, 226x226, wefwefwefew.png)

File: 1672705199743-1.png (8.4 KB, 226x226, rgreerg.png)

meme de baixo esforço e template de baixo esforço


File: 1672713818234.jpg (101.87 KB, 1024x949, FlZ1n0lWAAEhq05.jpg)

eu vou gozaaaaaaar



It looks like Bozo will one-up Trump by unironically pretending he's still in charge. He didn't even change his Twitter bio.


Multipolarista's latest video on bolsonaro and Lula is good shit.

This bit is getting old. Why can't these fucktards just fuck off with the billions they stole.


>8.000 militares exonerados pelo governo federal.


>. @NatuzaNery conta que a equipe do governo Lula chegou no Planalto, encontrou portas trancadas e precisou chamar um chaveiro: “Uma ideia do grau de hostilidade que existe na passagem de bastão”.
Renderia impeachment de esquerdista? Renderia.


A população de Santos é de 430 mil pessoas, e espera-se 230 mil visitantes pro funeral do Pelé.

Notável é o quão poucos craques e ídolos estão comparecendo. Talvez se colocassem uns logotipos de site de aposta no caixão, esses arrombados apareceriam pra tirar uma foto e tacar no Instagram.

Casagrande estava certíssimo.



Bozo's circus is spazzing out because of an unusual development in Alexandre's antidemocracy trials. I have been saying how he, like everyone to the right of Lula, has been criminally lenient with Bozo's bullshitand has given mere slaps in the wrist so far in this antidemocracy case. Before the 2022 campaign started and bozoloids started ramping up their bullshit, only 6 were arrested, all of them for very short periods before being freed or being moved to house arrest, and two of them abused this privilege continually and were arrested several times – and freed several times. Only 1 of these six is now in jail, and only because he assaulted federal police with a rifle and fucking hand grenades when they came to serve a slap on his wrist.

Once the campaign started in 2022, an increasingly desperate circus ramped up the coupist shit considerably. See the hundreds of electoral crimes and, after the election, the road blockades and the barracks encampments and a few assorted attacks, including the flopped terrorist attack in Brasilia and the bozoloid rampage. These forced Alexandre to fucking finally do something real and plenty more arrests of these more serious crimes in the past few months. Still less than should be happening, but hey, it's a start. Well the unusual development now involves breaking the phone secrecy of 8 people. Again it's a small number, but what's unusual is that the suspects found out when examining these 8's phone records will themselves get their secrecy broken, in a sort of chain investigation. This might technically be a bit unorthodox, tho it certainly makes sense, it's investigating a conspiracy after all. Yet the circus is losing their shit over this, because it's obvious that all this bullshit they have pulled had input directly from Bozo and his innermost cronies themselves. They always hid behind farcical level of plausible deniability in order to pull their stunts at all levels, but this chain investigation cuts at the heart of it. Everyone to the right of Lula has been complicit to some degree during these past 4 years, but by the same token, they may actually start doing their fucking jobs now that that ship has sailed. Fingers crossed.


File: 1672797129027.jpg (132.08 KB, 1080x1263, FllfG3tXoAEtvtN.jpg)

Errado, não está, mas, até onde sei, ele próprio não foi ao velório. Bola fora.


Notícia falsa. Foram exonerados "apenas" ~1000 hoje.


>O general Santos Cruz afirmou que não considera o ex-presidente Jair Bolsonaro (PL) “de direita”. “Ele é um populista. Inclusive, prejudicou muito a direita”, disse à CNN #LiveCNNBrasil
Ah, pronto!


File: 1672866533023.jpg (57.75 KB, 650x480, Flp8_wTWAAU6Bwt.jpg)


jokes on you, I believe Bolsonaro is both lying about his afflictions but also falling apart at the seams like a dry tortilla with too much filling.


Enquanto a grande mídia inventa crises sobre blusa da Janja e coleira da resistência, ignora por completo a primeira crise do gabinete de Lula. A ministra do turismo tem elos com milícias cariocas. Mas o desinteresse não é nenhum mistério. A ministra é do União Brasil.


Finalmente cancelaram o passaporte e bloquearam as contas bancárias do arrombado do Paulo Figueiredo, o neto do ditador.

Como é de praxe pra reaça, é não é apenas um golpísta fascistóide, ele é também criminoso. Tem rolo na justiça tanto nos EUA quanto no Brasil. Aquilo que vivo falando de atavista: são gente ruim mesmo.


File: 1672877426759.gif (1.99 MB, 330x275, dancing stalin.gif)

E do Cowstantino também.



File: 1672932834168.png (565.41 KB, 600x703, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuera Sionista.



>O empresário e influenciador Maciel Carvalho, ligado ao filho do ex-presidente Jair Bolsonaro (PL) Jair Renan, foi preso na manhã desta quinta-feira pela Polícia Civil do Distrito Federal, em Águas Claras. O influenciador digital é o principal alvo da Operação Falso Coach, e é investigado pelos crimes de posse, porte e comércio ilegal de armas mediante a documentação falsa. De acordo com informações preliminares da Polícia Civil, a família do ex-presidente não teria envolvimento com o caso. No entanto, a carteira de habilitação do filho 04 foi apreendida no escritório do influenciador.


I just realized if Bolsonaro gets hospitalized again for being full of shit he can easily accumulate medical debt in USA.


>the New Republic's worst government are running out

Hear me out: acho que Temer foi pior que o Bolsonaro.

O governo Bolso aconteceu no freestyle. Ele coçava o saco, Paulo Guedes brincava de trader e as pessoas morriam de covid. Já o Temer enfiou TRÊS grandes reformas (Previdência, Trabalhista e PEC dos Gastos) em um espaço de 2 anos porque tinha apoio do Congresso e sabia que nunca ganharia uma eleição.

Espero que o Lulão consiga revogar a PEC 55/16 e fiquei feliz vendo o discurso em que ele chamou o teto de estupidez. Mas vai ser muito difícil. O que aquele judeu turco maldito fez com o Brasil fodeu o Brasil por umas três gerações, incluindo retroativamente.


File: 1672947872885.png (25.12 KB, 240x459, ClipboardImage.png)

>judeu turco


Surprising no one, Bozo was a terrible tenant. Lula's current missus, who has been fulfilling a peculiar role of friendly interface with the MSM, says that they found infiltrations in the building, plenty of garbage strewn about and the stand of his infamous livestreams still assembled. In the various government offices, there are locked offices to which they provided no keys and various anti-Marxist books.
>🇧🇷 Ao chegar à biblioteca do Alvorada, Janja e Natuza Nery encontraram o cenário das lives de Bolsonaro montado. Na mesa, canetas bics e a frente uma TV enorme.
>No palácio ainda estão pertences da família Bolsonaro. Janja disse que mandará encaixotar para devolver.



You know the former MMA fighter at whose Orlando home Bolsonaro is crashing? He received 200k bananabux in taxpayer money for pretty much for no reason.


Again that lumpen mentality. They just showevered allies and friends with public funds with zero oversight. Meanwhile, during Lula's first term, media made a huge circus and nearly got a minister sacked over a snack worth 8.30 bananabux snack. And no, this is not an exaggeration. In one of these curious coincidences, the minister in question is called… Orlando.


Correction: the MMA fighter didn't receive these 200k bucks because these morons couldn't even be assed to create a phony bank account to receive the cash.


É também CAC e pastor. Um exemplo perfeito de lumpenburguês.


File: 1672958525694.jpg (55.02 KB, 1080x529, media_Flt7gSzXoAI-1X9.jpg)

Simplesmente incrível.


File: 1672964255962.jpg (41.65 KB, 828x264, Flj3OTLXgAEznpR.jpg)

<bolianhas de gude


>Gusanos' obsession with orlando
Lol Orlando? That's funny.


O ministério da justiça contatou a Interpol e a justiça gringa pra dar início à extradição do Allan dos Santos.

Lembrete que Alexandre não fez porra nenhuma quando Bolsonaro sabotou o processo.


Dark Lula virou realidade.
Quem diria.


File: 1673019895119.mp4 (3.49 MB, 480x848, JmfLXoM0GHMQ-ssZ.mp4)

Video of cops busting a bozoloid encampment.

Lula's granddaughter mentions how a doctor once mistreated her once they discovered her relation to him: https://extra.globo.com/famosos/neta-de-lula-relata-atendimento-ruim-em-hospital-por-ser-parente-do-presidente-ameacas-enaltece-vodrasta-janja-25638837.html


File: 1673026787663.jpg (77.58 KB, 720x753, Flt7ixrWAAIwJKQ.jpg)

It looks like that ridiculous picture at an American KFC was just the start of Bozo's post-defeat campaign. Which is hardly surprising considering that he has quite literally been on the campaign trail since 2018 as I mentioned here >>1320029 . Now Carluxo got daddy to go to a supermarket to keep showing he's a common man just like us and shit.


bruh Bozo even cut down trees planted by Lula at the presidential palace grounds



Stratfor predicts large foreign invetment in Brazil, mostly thanks to Lula's commitment to environmental causes and Chinese expansion.



O acampamento funcionava com energia furtada kkkkkkk



File: 1673042768622.jpg (199.61 KB, 980x1600, FlzhDwxWQAsL55m.jpg)


File: 1673043010424.jpg (101.98 KB, 744x1079, FlzTlFqWYAAk_8Y.jpg)

Bozo even left a grease spot on the presidential palace's couch.


File: 1673043058442.png (396.37 KB, 600x338, FlzBJK4XEAI-nQu.png)


>BH: Golpistas ganham R$ 50 e lanche de empresários, diz secretário. À noite, uma pessoa armada fazia uma “ronda” entre os manifestantes. Importante: A prefeitura disse que a PM não agiu.
Importante noatr que quem desmontou essa merda aí foi a guarda municipal.


File: 1673043893786.jpeg (122.87 KB, 936x1024, Fl0a-ivX0A8eJmZ.jpeg)

e essa cadeira? que podridão.

Também vale observar ele ter deixado uma cilindro de oxigênio e lembrar da falta de oxigênio em Manaus durante um dos picos da pandemia aqui no Brasil.


File: 1673044418008.mp4 (15.8 MB, 720x1280, e1tLxuGeFNrUlzEA.mp4)



File: 1673044528954.mp4 (14.02 MB, 592x1280, 48nxkKOJgjdnsnvP.mp4)

the prequel


File: 1673044605846.mp4 (2.83 MB, 368x640, YRbVWMY4QEPaPWNO.mp4)


File: 1673044891981.jpg (111.11 KB, 1125x1156, FlzT1AFWYAEYq01.jpg)

os caras fizeram experimentos humanos no meio de uma pandemia que já estava comendo solta, e a imprensa deu menos destaque do que pra porra da blusa da janja


File: 1673045019195.mp4 (7.4 MB, 848x480, pNgJZr9KQaejNNtI.mp4)

claro que também teve agressão a jornalista


Bicho, eu já morei numa república com outros 8 marmanjos, e era menos nojenta que a porra do palácio presidencial do Bolsonaro.


Vocês já viram cum sock. Bolsonaro tinha uma cum chair. Aposto que esse bagulho era branco antes dele tomar posse


File: 1673052725216.jpg (179.24 KB, 1034x1293, 911182.jpg)


Dado o histórico do casal presidencial, é capaz que seja na verdade a cuck chair. "Dá-lhe Osmar, esse é meu ministro!"


The presidential palace isn't the only building in Brasília in need of reformation. At an underground room in the House, someone witnessed a fucking scorpion falling down from the AC ducts.



According to a political columnist, Bozo bawled his eyes out in a dinner with a STF judge soon before leaving the country.



>Governo busca entidades e AGU para indenizar família de Genivaldo

>Ministério da Educação de Lula acaba com diretoria responsável por escolas cívico-militares no país.

tinha até me esquecido como era receber notícias boas


File: 1673122766057.jpg (188.14 KB, 1506x797, Fl0rP11WAAgvKIl.jpg)





Achei que era uma anedota interessante.


File: 1673192717056.mp4 (1.3 MB, 480x768, TZfKh1bScoWEuUuf.mp4)

Não sei se o vídeo é falso, mas que é verdadeiro, é.


Mulher do cara achou outro em 50 dias? Caralho que rapidez


File: 1673202393825.png (607.77 KB, 1000x562, ClipboardImage.png)

tentativa de golpe.


a resposta do governo federal a isso vai dizer se o lula adotará uma atitude conciliatória com os bolsonaristas ou não. a polícia deixou eles passearam até aí. vamos ver no que vai dar


File: 1673202950348.mp4 (2.15 MB, 640x352, cYDK4d0yB0XfKwT0.mp4)



File: 1673203892890.webm (1.67 MB, 352x640, 1673203598891314.webm)


Finalmente capitolio brasileiro


>inb4 burgers flood the thread to explain how this is actually an organic proletarian movement


Looks like an organic proletarian movement to me


File: 1673204566996.jpg (21.16 KB, 563x503, 1667696707815.jpg)

>invasão do Congresso em pleno domingo


Any chance that the military will actually back the protestors?


Dear Brazilians, rank the severity of this storming incident?


I think if the military wanted to do a coup they would have already done so.


>>1326709 (me)
Lets say 1-10, 10 being cataclysmic


Imagine getting shot by some armed cop fighting for a guy 2000 miles away who left you


Brazilian politics really is like 2-3 years late to everything that happens in America isn’t it


can't beat that kentucky fried uygha


white af tbh


Not relevant at all.


Thanks Bolsonaro for buying facial recognition technology from China, it'll be of much use for Lula now.


/br/os, Im still unsure if I should move to the US or stay here. I have both Brazil/USA citizenship so its not like I wont have rights. My biggest gripe is that I feel like I'll be deeply homesick, but my family is pushing me to move out since I live in the abandoned rural areas of Minas.


It really is


Ask yourself this.
Which one has cheaper healthcare.


proof the police is just gonna let these bastards do anything until some major purges happen, which rn is irrelevant (can't do a coup with 5k dudes and no one working) but if it doesn't get fixed we're fucked


The "loyalty test" of the generals was the two weeks after second round, they didn't do shit and have been excusing themselves since then.
Wut? When did that happen?


yo this, at the very least here we got some nice sacolãos to buy fresh veggies at cheap prices, and if you break a bone or something you dont go bankrupt. Also there you'll be treated with the typical us racism toward latinos



Sic the police to mow them down.


Messages begin to circulate in Bolsonarist groups that the order of the moment is to camp in Congress, STF and Palácio do Planalto.






Yet another nothingburger.


does this chimpout have any chance of suceeding?


Uncle Joe and Aunt Jane invade congress demanding a new dictatorship(not happenig)


jan 6 farse version


Trust the plan


Bolsonaristas who invaded the Planalto Palace were on their knees praising the Army when they were hit by bombs with moral effect.



bolsonarista petit burgers absolutely repeated 6/1 but even more retarded and insane.


define succeeding


>posting links instead of downloading video
use ytp-dl or youtube-dl. twitter can delete anything at any time.


I guess you can't do it on a friday, huh?


I saw on Twitter that some were carrying guns and shooting cops. Is it true?


Lol. Look how fat that guy is. Look at his gut


I wouldn't be surprised, they said the same thing about January 6 and the Freedom Convoy when it's clear they were both backed by outside sources. Right-wing populism is a disgrace.


these fucking movements are heavily subsidized by porkies, there is nothing organic about them, and to think otherwise is to think that any time a bunch of people get together it becomes "an organic proletarian movement" independent of the rest


I Believe this wasnt noticed by the media althrough it would be predictable to happen




File: 1673207536207.jpg (41.05 KB, 640x333, dark_lula.jpg)

Now Dark Lula is a must, not an option.


Which porkies do you think are financing these guys?


mostly reactionary porkies, especially those that love to tax evade, and those like havan creep that have declared their support to bozo and thus have tied their fortunes with him


Smaller porkies? Larger ones, like monopolists?


landlord/landowner porkies, lumpemburgers, agroboys, piece of shits that i would thank mao to getting rid of those of china


i'm not gonna say more because i really don't know the nitty gritty, but its been proven that there are people distributing money to the bastards, such as https://www.otempo.com.br/politica/manifestantes-da-raja-ganham-r-50-e-um-lanche-de-empresarios-diz-secretario-1.2793530

that being said i'd bet its a mix, though maybe monopolist porkies will prefer lula because a stronger internal market is better for them, unless theyre agro, in which case they just wanna burn every single tree to plant soy


Agribusiness, neopentecostal churches and military police.


How serious is this. Does it feel like can cause actually destabilization? Or it's a nothing burger that will be calmed down?


look to the aftermath of Jan 6 for your answer.


Are they gonna have a brawl in the capital? Would be hilarious.



we hope to see dark lula rising


Reminder that literally everyone to the right of Lula aided Bozo and his cronies, either directly or through deliberate inaction.




File: 1673211860425.jpg (48.77 KB, 738x445, lulastalin.jpg)

>Joseph Vissarionovich Lula memes itself into reality


Today reminded me that I named a thread I started back during the election "Three Powers Square Massacre Edition", at the time it was just a joke with Tiananmen Square but it seems like I predicted the future.


then let's meme it faster


Conseguiram a intervenção federal que pediram.


>police abandoned the cordon to go buy refreshing coconut water
I literally can't tell if this is a joke


Só não dia que é tragédia anunciada por que é patético demais. Farsa anunciada.


File: 1673212564952.png (752.78 KB, 1500x1309, trttrthrt.png)

I have been joking for year's about how our reactoids have an addiction to copy all the worst shit in America and ignoring the good things, yet they keep surprising me. They go an LARP an entire fucking putsch.


File: 1673212686532.jpg (99.27 KB, 1080x1148, Fl-aGItWIAgGTFn.jpg)


File: 1673212878622.jpg (89.59 KB, 576x1024, Fl-TxzpXgAEV4Oe.jpg)



File: 1673213112562.png (2.31 MB, 2048x1283, ClipboardImage.png)

Didn't even know there was something going until 30 mins ago. What a pathetic copy of an already laughable shitshow.


It's over https://t.me/intelslava/43146

>⚡️🇧🇷 The Brazilian Army, in tandem with the police, have begun to arrest protestors and secure government buildings. With the loyalty of the security services to the Lula Government, it appears unlikely the latter will be dislodged from power.


File: 1673213286491-0.jpg (183.84 KB, 1024x683, media_Fl-a3sDXkAQKbXq.jpg)

File: 1673213286491-1.jpg (295.21 KB, 2880x1590, media_Fl-a5a-XkAEcH3s.jpg)

All these fancy government buildings in Brasília are masterpieces of communist architect Oscar Niemeyer and they're all officially national heritage buildings, and they're full of works of art and relics.


The bastards won't even have the decency to murder anyone on any side because our reactoids are just shit like that. They're used to get away with literally everything.


chimp = out


Reminder that the DF police is under the command of the same dipshit who was ordered roads in the NE to be blocked for "police checkups" on election day. It was the most brazen crime against democracy on record, and literally nothing came of it, so as always, atavist cunts went and did worse.


Please save every picture and video you find of these subhumans in action.


What do "conservatives" even conserve at this point? Primal instincts?


patriarchal power relations





They're literally against civilization itself. You know Freud's discontents of civilization? The underevolved bastards who can't help but attack absolutely any constraint upon the exercise of their will, no matter how base or barbarous, as if it's their God-given birthright as a übermensch? That's them. Pathological reactionaries, atavists. During the 20th century, reactionarism became just plain obsolete and ideologically hollowed, thus acting as a perfect shell for these atavists to congregate and plot, inflicting their poathology on mankind at large in an organized manner, while mankind is conditioned to take it lying down in the name of tolerance and democracy. I mean, the pathologicakl cases always were there (and everywhere else for that matter) but this hollowing-out enables them to further their disease in an organized manner. Literally a morbid symptom of late stage capitalism. It's very much the collective manifestation of a pathology which threatens mankind's survival and it's taking place in plain sight and with our conditioned but decreasing patience, and climate change is no doubt the biggest example. How the fuck can the possibility of extinction of the human race be defended as a political opinion, for fuck's sake? We as a species will have to realize sooner or later that this psychotype needs to be repressed in a concerted and constant manner because it's in their nature to ruin everything for everyone, and we have let them do so for so long and so unimpeded that now they threaten the entire fuckign biosphere.


File: 1673214584982-0.jpg (104.73 KB, 792x1094, media_Fl-pZUPWYAE3XCw.jpg)



Manifestações pela deposição do Ibaneiz viriam a calhar no futuro próximo. Pena que a esquerda institucional desmobilizou o povo por completo, né?


File: 1673215028781-0.png (1.65 MB, 1132x724, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673215028781-1.png (1.73 MB, 1118x667, ClipboardImage.png)

What's up with commies and good taste architecture


File: 1673215082050.jpg (92.2 KB, 843x918, Fly1URrXoAA4AZa.jpg)

Bozos digital militia and Potemkin media are currently at stage 3 of pic related.


Please tell me at least a few died.


Não é a primeira vez que o Lula faz isso.


File: 1673215275324.png (277.63 KB, 680x832, ClipboardImage.png)




Junto com os petistas.
inclusive teve um drama que os motoboys estão marcando protestos para 25 desse mes e os petistas estavam chiando falando que ai não pode.
é foda viver em ditaduras da direita (O que chamam de democracia)


Eu falaria que afastamento e investigação de Ibaneiz é o mínimo, mas já usei essa expressão várias vezes ao longo dos 4 anos malditos, e o mínimo nunca aconteceu, então né


File: 1673216358428-0.jpg (193.79 KB, 1918x1080, Fl-pzQxWIAURV4G.jpg)

File: 1673216358428-1.jpg (40.23 KB, 586x314, Fl-pzdXWQAgezwM.jpg)

Lula shat on the DF police on live television


Almost all culture worth a damn in the 20th century was created by leftists, and it's not a coincidence. Reactoids tend to be terrible at creating anything, let alone culture, due to their inherent opposition to civilization.


File: 1673216558195.mp4 (1.69 MB, 352x640, kAOaysdouOE5W5AY.mp4)


O maluco do Ibaneiz tá pedindo desculpas agora kkkkk aí é foda


Fodido de óbvio que ele está entre os responsáveis. Na manhã seguinte ao quebra-quebra em Brasília na diplomação do Lula, um jornalista perguntou ao Ibaneiz se alguém havia sido peso. A resposta: "não sei". Revelou muita coisa em apenas duas palavras.


Governor of DF just went on CNN Brasil and publicly apologized to Lula lmao.


Correction: the DF police is under the command of the cunt who was Bozo's minister of justice during the Brasília chimpout last month, Anderson Torres.

The guy responsible for road stops in NE on election day, Silvinei Vasques, was head of the highway federal police.


File: 1673217296416.mp4 (3.1 MB, 720x772, e_kjqduBpvQN7igK.mp4)

le epic maymay currently making the rounds in bozoloid circles: that vid related was found in Alexandre's desk


>goes to brasilia with a dildo just to own the libs
damn, reactionaries are on a whole different level of insanity


>lula recusou o pedido de desculpas do ibaneiz


É aquela parada de homofóbico fazer flood na internet com um amplo acervo de pornô gay mas em uma nível de autoflagelação que eu nunca esperaria ver.




>They're literally against civilization itself.
They're literally demons. Lock 'em up or go Doom guy on them in Doom II imo


Correction: it's not just national heritage, it's officially heritage of mankind, listed by UNESCO. Brasília has the largest land area listed as heritage in the world. So you can high vandalism to the list of charges of the subhumans chimping out right now.

Oscar Niemeyer managed to live to 105, he actually was born 10 years before the fucking Russian Revolution and lived all the way to 2012. I recall one interview late in life, from the 90s I think, when he was asked if he was still a commie, and his answer was "of course I still am, I became old, not dumb".


One of the fundamental traits of pathological reactionaries is subversion and co-optation, they have an uncanny capacity to pin their faults and sins on their enemies without ever realizing it. They have always been the actual destroyers of culture.


Logical genocide of the Right """wing""" will commence



Social movements are deciding to stage manifestations against all this god damn bullshit to which no one wto the right of Lula does anything about.

A faint chance that this rekindles popular mobilization.


Alexandre soltou notinha. Estou pegando tanto nojo dele que nem vou me incomodar em fazer screencap.


Alexandre Frota postando uma caralhada de imagens dos subhumanos e ajudando a identificar.

Já fez mais trabalho nas redes pelo PT do que o próprio PT.


frota é realmente a história do reaça que viu a luz, orgulho


how much do you guys wanna bet that the police will beat the shit out of such manifestations if they happen


ja disse, o Frota é o unica personalidade que tava com o bozo e se arrependeu de verdade, todos os outros continuam com os mesmos valores que o bozo que os levaram a apoialo, so cura matando.


File: 1673219589091.mp4 (744.73 KB, 720x1280, DoQm4cWQGsqMBH1S.mp4)

prime candidate for main meme of this (quite literal) shitshow: the Supreme Shitter


he didn't actually shid tho?


File: 1673219747321.gif (1.2 MB, 498x278, shitdemon-shit.gif)

He's spawning a Golgothan, a shit demon.


truly a patriotic shit


>Joe Biden classifica como ultrajante situação no Brasil.
>Congressistas norte-americanos questionam permanência de Bolsonaro nos EUA.



stage fright lel


Di Cavalcanti paiting vandalized, Brecheret's Ballerina reported as missing.

Reactoids always were the real destroyers of culture.


fuck that painting was so pretty


>Rep. Joaquin Castro (D-TX) calls for Bolsonaro to be extradited to Brazil

Let it be known that the American government is calling for Bozo's process before the Brazilian government did.


File: 1673220421094.mp4 (759.95 KB, 480x848, UlIJ2bY3YEhH2T6Z.mp4)

<The Walking Patriots


File: 1673221683449.jpg (99.88 KB, 1200x675, FbMPYx_UEAIIBnU.jpg)



File: 1673222023921.gif (6.09 MB, 640x424, boom-mind-blown.gif)

holy shit, I finally saw MSM refer to the subhumans as terrorists

they didn't use the term back during the 12 December chimpout, they didn't use the term when George Washington (lel) tried blowing up a fuel truck, but fucking finally did it

(I have the sinking feeling that MSM is only finally doing it to follow the cue from the 6 January Capitol attack)

what's more, MSM actually named Ibaneiz, Anderson Torres and even Aras as guilty in this shitshow, a very rare moment of them lefting the veil of hyperreality for a second


Que porra é MSM?


just posting some random bozoloids gloating on social media right now before they inevitably delete everything

https://archive.is/wip/4KeFs (a fucking state senator: https://nitter.kavin.rocks/ProffEmerson/status/1612218088837242882 )
https://nitter.kavin.rocks/euMarinaMamede/status/1612199641436635138 (Carluxo's cousin and obvious past gay lover sighted in the chimpout WEW)

mainstream media


The anti-democratic protestor being called George Washington is just too funny to be true.


I pray that all of the reactoids get their HP reduced to zero after this


>Partido Verde solicita o Impeachment do Governador do DF Ibaneis Rocha


File: 1673222908111.mp4 (432.69 KB, 848x480, UpV66Zyt95SeGV1e.mp4)

subhumans being marched out


Helpful of many of the grugs to wear matching colours for easy identification and rounding up.


<Wait a second… I recognize that butt!


Belém police has started dismantling the local bozoloid camp right now.



Brasília, or at least the government district, is a planned city. Part of its design was to facilitate crowd control and prevent occupations like those. This simply could not have happened without action from government officers. Notice I say action, because simple ommission still wouldn't have been enough. Although there are doubts whether January 6 had glowies involved, this here definitely had very high-ranking officers actively participating.


Justice minister Flávio Dino says that at least 40 buses which brought subhumans from other states have been impounded already. 500 arrests and counting.


Lembrete pra mandar todo e qualquer doisladista tomar no cu.


File: 1673224195249.png (155.83 KB, 852x480, ClipboardImage.png)

>O Lula ascende, cumpanheiro


bruh bozoloids film themselves committing crimes and asking for donations live

they're making the Boomer Hall Putschists look like opsec experts


That's literally a Hannah Barbera skit


File: 1673230502134.mp4 (1.42 MB, 832x480, O4hVufnQepp_MQ0v.mp4)



File: 1673232039524.png (22.13 KB, 112x112, ClipboardImage.png)

lets not be retards now



Now this is getting interesting. Pará state prosecutor's office is asking for people to narc on any bozoloid in today's chimpout who resides in the state.


File: 1673233091496.jpg (28.61 KB, 225x286, 1388957233831.jpg)

This shitshow has urged the DF police to start mobilizing officers to undo the bozoloid camp in front of the Brasília military HQ.

Then military goons went and put up a fence around the camp. Are they protecting bozoloids from the police, or are they doing it to keep more bozoloids from coming in?



File: 1673233654037.png (2.3 KB, 265x455, 1328731838361.png)

This Escosteguy dude broke some interesting news during Bozo's term, seemingly because he has some great inside sources. According to him, the federal executive, with the explicit support of the legislative and judiciary branches, officially ordered the armed forces to bust the bozoloid camp in front of the Brasília HQ, so if they don't do it, it's insubordination. https://nitter.kavin.rocks/diegoescosteguy/status/1612273693371289603

Big if true.




Reports of at least one road block by bozoloids, Anhangüera road at Limeira.

For several days now, the sewersphere has been talking about blocking oil refineries and other distribution centers. Then again, they're always talking about crazy shit.


Lula had been earlier today in SP but he's already back in Brasília, saying they will resume work at the vandalized Alvorada tomorrow.


libanês rodou


File: 1673235076398.jpg (55.07 KB, 960x960, CBUIzFS.jpg)

>🚨 AGORA: Golpistas bloqueiam saída da Refinaria Presidente Getúlio Vargas (Repar) em Araucária (PR). Caminhões despejaram terra na portaria.


Police forces in several states seem to be preemptively deploying officers near refineries and distribution centers in response to this.


Prisão decretada? Impeachment-relâmpago? Detalhes, anão.


File: 1673235421658.jpg (299.57 KB, 2048x1216, FmACxhfWAAE44l5.jpg)



O problema: a vice dele é ainda pior.


>🚨OUÇA: Em áudio, secretário de Segurança Pública do Distrito Federal tranquilizou o governador Ibaneis Rocha 1 hora antes da invasão de terroristas em Brasília: “Tudo tranquilo, ordeiro e pacífico”.



File: 1673235917873.mp4 (5.4 MB, 720x1280, doWBg8xCM6XBKvM6.mp4)

trompetista tocando jingle do Lula enquanto ônibus levam bozolóides presos


Anderson Torres, the 99%-most-probable co-architect of today's shitshow, just published an statement repelling any accusations of him being involved.

He's in Florida with Bolsonaro.


Criei um subreddit pra identificar os golpistas, se alguém quiser se juntar:


File: 1673237225123.jpg (67.9 KB, 1170x447, FmAH05tXwAIUkhZ.jpg)

Alexandre also just ordered the armed forces to bust the bozoloid camp in Brasília and authorized use of force, and forbade any bus or truck with suspected bozoloids from entering DF until 31 January.

In the official document, he mentioned Neville Chamberlain's appeasement policy. After literally everyone to the right of Lula spent 4 fucking years doing worse than appeasing Bozo.


Acho que o formato do Reddit é muito ruim pra isso.


Falando sério, vejam nas redes se tem organização na sua cidade marcando protesto pra amanhã.


Falando nesse tópico, amanhã será a primeira manifestação que vou atender e quero me preparar pra pior das ocasiões. Algumas dicas de quem tenha experiência?


Beba bastante água, evite sempre andar sozinho, não carregue nada nas mãos que nem de longe possa ser confundido com arma. As organizaçãoes devem ter mais instruções.




File: 1673239566565.jpg (82.7 KB, 1080x937, Fl_vkGdWAAADnNC.jpg)

for fuck's sake, there as even a vice-mayor in the shitshow

>He's in Florida with Bolsonaro.
Admission of guilt right there.


Armas e munições do GSI roubadas no Alvorada. Sabiam exatamente onde procurar.


Um golpista (no outro sentido) ficou pedindo pix dos patriotas por vários dias dizendo que estava organizando caravana com VINTE MIL ônibus kkkkkkkkk

Imagina o quanto o cara não deve ter ganho.



A crucifix was vandalized, but Bozo's official portrait is in pristine shape.


File: 1673245658572.jpg (189.61 KB, 1170x1841, FmAaRgGXwAIWpj4.jpg)

another state senator in the chimpout


File: 1673245693072.mp4 (1.76 MB, 640x352, 6qLJRaXyOxJNHKOh.mp4)


File: 1673249003806.jpg (98.89 KB, 1024x1010, FmAVOIMWYAIf35o.jpg)

O gengivudo tentando fazer a fanfic virar realidade.


File: 1673249804394.jpg (137.51 KB, 1215x709, FmA2VopXwAEtbHD.jpg)




da página do dicionário Priberam


The military finally busted the bozoloid camp in Brasília and arrested over 1200 subhumans. About 40 busloads of them were taken to the federal police.


File: 1673278973406.jpg (35.2 KB, 828x643, Fl_-phgX0AIl2tu.jpg)

As expected, all the morons who were proudly filling their social media profiles with evidence of their crimes are now in BALEET EVERYTHING mode.

Here's one dipshit who changed his bio but not his handle.


Lmao. No way the law is going to persecute them like the US, right? That level of surveillance and police power seems only possible in the US.


em hipótese alguma vá de chinelo



File: 1673283995387-0.png (2 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673283995387-1.png (1.86 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673283995387-2.png (1.81 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673283995387-3.png (1.65 MB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


Can you explain who this lion guy is and why he shows up in Brazil stuff? I thought he was the D.A.R.E. mascot?


blue balls. Isn't he about to day every other month this past year?


This has been pointed out but I love how these guys get to have their moment and all they can fucking do is to post and livestream and shit. It's a perfect illustration of where we're at.


People jokingly use him to joke about drug use. Pic related tells you to not carry around drugs otherwise the cops will fuck you over, and to stay sober so you can think quickly if shit hits the fan


pretty much


It's PROERD, Brazilian DARE.


File: 1673295166163.png (138.65 KB, 449x410, 5903849583085345.png)


It ain't a betrayal when the other person doesn't even care about you.


They seem to have made even more evidence against themselves than the Boomer Hall Putschists did. Honestly, as with everyone to the right of Lula, all the elements necessary to lock them up are there, the government just has to actually go through with it.


Que intentona patética.
Perda de tempo.


Uma mísera intentinha.


so extremely obvious american glow op right? what do ou guys think will happen afterwards


Lula chamou todos os governadores pra reunião em Brasília. Até hoje de manhã, Tarcísio foi o único que disse não, mas mudou de idéia agora a pouco. O "volta atrás" que foi tão comum na era Bozo, quando o instinto atavista deles fala pra tentarem aumentar a filhadaputagem até alguém dizer "desta vez não deu".

Honestly, I doubt whether the American government threw their weight behind this one. Bannon and his assorted porkies, however, are 100% in on it.


File: 1673299145201.jpg (58.68 KB, 500x478, kirbyface.jpg)

bozoloids crying crocodile tears on social media over the people narcing on their bozoloid relatives


Imagine witnessing the moronic shitshow that was Jan. 6 and wanting to imitate it. The Brazilian right have to be some of the dumbest motherfuckers in the planet, but also probably some of the most uniquely self-loathing at having been born in Brazil instead of Orlando.


MPF finalmente abriu inquérito contra a Jovem Klan. Tutinha foi afastado do comando do grupo.

Dizem que o Haddad perdeu reeleição pra prefeito por causa do terrorismo midiático dela. Eu achava exagero uma emissora de rádio e internet ter essa capacidade, mas agora, é perfeitamente crível.


File: 1673299640697.mp4 (244.39 KB, 720x720, I2dsgNmOtu_0d_co.mp4)

Lula in a phonecall with Dark Brandon right now. Will he join the dark side?


File: 1673299953176.mp4 (1.95 MB, 490x270, lVpf58bh2pxvKE9b.mp4)

Over 9000 a thousand bozoloids arrested yesterday being held at the sports court of a police academy. Notice that they didn't have their cellphones confiscated, as is usual, or else, well, this video itself wouldn't be making the rounds.


A Senate enquiry into yesterday's chimpout is already udnerway and it has enough signatures to begin.



wew Bozo lied about being admitted to a hospital


bruh they don't even bother actually pretending to be sick, they just claim to be be sick and call it a day


File: 1673301022944.png (198.91 KB, 500x375, FmDA_gXXEBckGmN.png)

literally the Disneyland hospital
>The hospital opened in 1997, as part of The Walt Disney Company's planned community of Celebration. It was envisioned as a patient-friendly physical environment, designed with a Mediterranean resort theme


I think this information is still cloudy, it could be a lie, like the thousands Bozo's clan weaved until now, but the hospital also could be trying to protect him as admitted patient.


File: 1673301659812.jpg (53.48 KB, 554x554, FmCu2EcXEAAuXzh.jpg)

As 4 maiores torcidas paulistas marcaram presença na manifestação na Paulista.


Mercado não ficou nem um pouco nervoso com a tentativa de putsch do fascismo trissômico. Nem mesmo irritadiço. Sequer amuado. Quiçá furibundo. Outrossim, borocoxô.


Eu estava pensando nisso hoje.
Pescotapa gratuito em todo liberal que retrata o mercado como alguma espécie de entidade suprema e inquestionável.


>trending topics
wew bozoloids are calling this a concentration camp

here's a little pic to throw at them when they call for human rights


O besteirol bolsolavista não é mais moeda corrente, felizmente, mas o besteirol liberal está incólume, graças à proteção incessante da grande mídia.

O PT deveria fazer campanhas de publicidade pra desmontar esse besteirol. Mas ele ainda não consegue nem desmentir fake news rasa, então fica difícil.


A vice do Ibaneiz já está articulando o impeachment dele kkkk


File: 1673308400426.mp4 (5.98 MB, 720x1280, wMtywymqEPsoo4Oo.mp4)

bozoloids BAAAAAAAAAAWing when they find out the consequences of their actions


File: 1673309014126.jpg (167.69 KB, 1080x1434, Fl_p2RfXkAIu4NW.jpg)

Endureça teu coraçao o Lula.



File: 1673309653463.mp4 (1.96 MB, 480x848, L07jDpGei28mhbzc.mp4)

We aren't joking when we say we have the world's worst elite.


File: 1673309721573.png (236.48 KB, 447x406, 534859083590835t.png)


File: 1673310178607.jpg (300.89 KB, 743x673, attention grabber.jpg)

Both the federal police and the federal prosecutor's office are asking you to kindly narc on the bozoloid scum who took part on yesterday's chimpout.

Also this seems to be the main hub for identifying the perps from their torrent of videos and pictures: https://www.instagram.com/contragolpebrasil/


File: 1673310491843.jpg (76.05 KB, 720x632, FmEgAEdX0AEdeTG.jpg)


File: 1673310732587.jpg (19.67 KB, 446x251, FmEh0rbWQAAEXtA.jpg)

reactoids are literally underevolved


Bozo himself told CNN Brasil (which has been painfully supportive of his bullshit) he's coming back to Brazil earlier than expected.

Maybe he learned he would have to pay exorbitant bills for American healthcare huehuehuehuheh


File: 1673311284644.jpg (77.67 KB, 1079x821, FmD7KHdX0AMcHat.jpg)

Da portaria do MPF que instaura inquérito contra a Jovem Klna.


Our lovely little wasteland…


File: 1673314265175.mp4 (6.15 MB, 352x640, 8_nSMfmRBtpgxP-f.mp4)

que pena kkkkkkkk


Vontade de dar um tapa no ouvido dessa crentelha histérica.


File: 1673315883653.mp4 (3.82 MB, 640x352, 6XMbD3bbx8vO0-Iu.mp4)

um bozolóide literalmente espumando de raiva ao ser expulso do acampamento em Brasília

>O homem que aparece nas imagens é o coronel aposentado Adriano Camargo Testoni. A mulher é Evelise Rodrigues da Silva. Ela funcionária comissionada do Gabinete do Comando do Hospital das Forças Armadas (HFA), em Brasília.


File: 1673316138051.mp4 (5.76 MB, 320x568, D4gW-RfW4Bzqt9HH.mp4)

Eles parecem incapazes de perceber que estão sendo detidos. Com luva de pelica, mas mesmo assim detidos. Ficam narrando "a polícia nos levou pra cá, nos fez esperar" e não sei o que, porra, isso aí é ser detido. Eles não se tocam.


File: 1673316330454.mp4 (1.12 MB, 490x270, VBH-zUbF6DeBtjnb.mp4)

Turn your sound on, this one has "English" narration.


File: 1673316469778.png (855.13 KB, 1024x853, ClipboardImage.png)



File: 1673316476113.mp4 (807.95 KB, 490x270, uFh9a_MzHMihct_m.mp4)

um patriota puto em BH depois do desmantelamento do campo

destaque pra faixa no caminhão no começo do vídeo onde se lê "no cup yes freedom"


File: 1673316689982.gif (3.46 MB, 377x372, HAAH WAAW.gif)

Parece que uma fascista de terceira idade empacotou ali no "Gulag Lulalckmin" (crédito pra algum bozolóide no Twitter). Logo depois, aparece nos TT: "E DAÍ"


needs an alunya laughing-crying emoji face


File: 1673317228717-0.png (389.41 KB, 494x882, rubio.png)

File: 1673317228717-1.png (232.36 KB, 489x880, jones.png)

De que lado vocês estão, anões?
Sei que uma revolução não é um mar de rosas e teríamos que sacrificar algumas vidraças :^), mas não consigo aceitar tanta baderna vindo desses sub-humanos, abaixando a calça e cagando dentro do Palácio ou rasgando um quadro do Di Cavalcanti.
Também não entendo se é soberba do Jones ou se faltou oportunismo, agora é hora de descer a lenha nesses vagabundos e não ficar de "akschually, o problema é só que são fascistas". Além disso, duvido que esses idiotas saibam ou se beneficiem de um programa ultra-liberal (quem os pagou, sim), estão fazendo bagunça e levando galha há 2 meses porque o Enviado de Asmodeus foi vítima de eleições fraudadas (i swear bro).



File: 1673317815570.jpg (134.41 KB, 1242x1214, Fl-SVhWX0AAttE2.jpg)

O marreco soltou esta poucas horas antes da zorra começar. Incrível como liberal está sempre errado. Se um deles me disser que o céu é azul, eu vou correndo até a janela mais próxima pra conferir.



File: 1673319110582-0.jpg (98.41 KB, 720x897, FmFBcPeXkAAWF5f.jpg)

File: 1673319110582-1.jpg (66.34 KB, 720x565, FmFBb_eXoAEkV5j.jpg)


>ATENÇÃO: A PRF prendeu dois policiais militares em um ônibus utilizado em atos terroristas, originário de Formiga (MG), retido na BR 040, próximo a Santa Maria (DF). Durante a abordagem, um dos PMs, da reserva de Minas Gerais, soltou um gás de pimenta no interior do veículo, provocando um princípio de tumulto. Com outro policial, também da PMMG, foi apreendido um revólver calibre 38 com 6 munições intactas. Todas as ocorrências foram encaminhadas para a Polícia Federal.
Colega do mineiro comedor.


File: 1673319920840.jpg (127.5 KB, 945x2048, Fl_d8W1XkAEGJVV.jpg)



File: 1673320101051.jpg (109.1 KB, 429x547, FmEzajbXkAIrB6d.jpg)



File: 1673320223824-0.jpg (77.65 KB, 1012x1280, FmExWlzXEAE-28Q.jpg)

File: 1673320223824-1.jpg (163.36 KB, 1080x1920, FmE0CFHXEAAtRZu.jpg)



coisas ditas por reaças que seriam bacanas se fossem verdade


This amuses me


E esse velho schizo aqui? Alguém tem mais notícias? Vi no R7 q a polícia falou q a arma era falsa (de pressão), mas certamente não parece


Porra de Ayn Rand, irmão. Depois de "Escola Austríaca" agora vão copiar objetivismo dos americanos também?


começo de um sonh


não consigo parar de rir com a expressão da Tebet


Acho que estava pior em 2019, com Bozolino ainda em ascendência. O fracasso dele puxou muitas dessas merdas adjancentes junto com ele pra baixo.



Sim, o bolsonarismo basicamente engoliu toda o resto da direita (monarquistas, integralistas, anarcopitalistas, etc.).


As coisa nunca vão mudar, não é?


File: 1673324553109.jpg (246.35 KB, 1411x1762, Fl4oSJcXkAA119O.jpg)

quando a zelite esquece que está escrevendo texto pra um jornal e não fofocando no country club


File: 1673324947817.png (1.25 MB, 1400x762, ClipboardImage.png)

Bozoloids are the gift that keep on giving, no matter how much they keep digging themselves into their own pit.


Que analogia horrível, o que um tem a ver com o outro?


Acho que ele quis dizer que o Lula será tão autoritário que vai fazer o "fascista" Vargas parecer um liberal como a Rand. Colocar esses dois na mesma frase tinha que dar pena de morte.


Confesso que também não captei direito a mensagem dele, mas que seria bacana se Lula fizesse essa laia, seria.


File: 1673329135281-0.jpg (150.87 KB, 946x2048, media_FmDer9PWIAk5QOf.jpg)

File: 1673329135281-1.jpg (282.91 KB, 946x2048, media_FmDer9PWYAAlvuM.jpg)

Estou achando que este ano terá concurso a dar com pau.


Não julgo o melindre que alguns têm com o termo terrorismo, tem um peso similar ao uso da palavra marginal no cotidiano brasileiro. Só ver quem tem o costume de usar e pra quem é costumeiramente usado. O diferencial do terrorismo é que foi usado para criminalizar certos manifestantes em 2013.

O ponto é que caberia pensar no que é mais adequado e eficiente para tocar na raiz do problema. Nesse sentido eu concordo mais com o Jones. Na hora em que o carequinha do STF indicia o pessoal, é muito melhor a longo prazo que ele coloque as palavras "fascista" ou "golpista reacionário" do que "terrorista", pois essa última não dá indício nenhum da ideologia da trupe.

Mas estou com muita raiva, então não é por isso que eu vou ficar censurando a galera que for usar o termo. Chamem do que quiserem e que os desgraçados se fodam.


File: 1673330829122-0.jpg (183.2 KB, 1170x1889, media_FmD9wCxX0AwbP4E.jpg)

File: 1673330829122-1.jpg (206.63 KB, 1170x1622, media_FmD9wC0X0A0VhJu.jpg)

Quem aí tem idade pra se lembrar daquele hit: "ô Miiiiila, mil e uma noites de amor com você…"?


File: 1673365579521.mp4 (1.42 MB, 320x580, j7DIFByG3Az8n9ZK.mp4)

fascista arrombado reclamando da comida de detento


File: 1673366002191.jpg (23.78 KB, 450x337, FmHhsjyWQAArqus.jpg)

>Ex-primeira-dama da Paraíba está entre as pessoas identificadas nos atos golpistas em Brasília


File: 1673366480125.mp4 (7.53 MB, 720x1280, YaHcR7P3Q9sAbvdJ.mp4)

mais fascistas arrombados choramingando


File: 1673366707574-0.jpg (214 KB, 1080x1261, FmHhDRiWQAE0SEV.jpg)

File: 1673366707574-1.jpg (239.31 KB, 1080x1290, FmHhDesXoAAPTVG.jpg)

Então, né.



Legal o quão rápido esse pessoal partiu pro ilegalismo, os mesmos que vociferam contra a criminalidade.


Pra deixar bem claro que Aras é tão cúmplice quanto Ibaneiz: https://nitter.kavin.rocks/FAngelico/status/1612783183103148039


Despite the widespread vandalism, the subhumans stayed well clear of the Senate library: https://nitter.kavin.rocks/AndreBorges_JOR/status/1612475221247725569


File: 1673370002685.jpg (66.68 KB, 608x799, FmEjzEVWQAEWMEF.jpg)


File: 1673370450142.jpg (76.91 KB, 526x1024, FmFhxLiXwAA9QR-.jpg)

from a gringo memesmith


Incredibly, the 1000+ bozoloids arrested actually are going to jail. After afew days on the """concentration camp""" as seen in posts abovethread, they're being duly transferred to Brasília's Papuda jail.



File: 1673372420497.jpg (50.25 KB, 640x352, 1673245693072.jpg)

Ih, parece o Magno Malta, hein?


Essa vovó do banco de imagens, ironicamente, é mesmo brasileira, e morreu ano passado.


File: 1673377683542.jpg (82.51 KB, 1080x649, b0e75l1dqaba1.jpg)

Apparently Lula is an ML now.


>🇧🇷 URGENTE: Ministério Público de Contas pede o bloqueio de bens do ex-presidente Jair Bolsonaro, do ex-ministro da Justiça e ex-secretário de Justiça do DF, Anderson Torres, e do governador afastado Ibaneis Rocha.


Eu sonho que fosse verdade, como seria.


(My portuguese is shit), is it really so authoritarian 1984 Marxism-Leninism-Gulagism to detain people for trying to fucking launch a coup? Wild.
Retard with the swimming goggles is the least retarded person there.
Kek. You've heard of "woke moralists" get ready for "woke morsels".
>the subhumans stayed well clear of the Senate library
The rightoid book allergy saved the library. God Bless.


File: 1673378449548.mp4 (589.77 KB, 640x288, HWLUXDXWbDkkJo2p.mp4)



File: 1673378649872.png (227.95 KB, 896x507, FmCkcvkXgAE1-qa.png)


Memes à parte, o Xandão no fundo deve estar contente com a macaquice de domingo. O povo se esquece que ele é um jurista tucano e, a partir dessa semana, vai comandar uma ação repressiva de alcance nacional e que vai durar pelo menos uns dois meses.

Realizando o sonho de princesa.


There are no details
That's literally what happened


Esse fascista já estaria preso



Até a UFMG está convidando o povo a dedurar quem tem vínculo com ela kkkkkkkkk


>De acordo com @NatuzaNery, da @GloboNews, o nome de Anderson Torres deve entrar na lista de procurados da Interpol ainda nesta semana. Pessoas próximas ao ex-ministro/ex-secretário fizem que ele estaria abalado com a notícia da prisão e que CHOROU.


Esta arrombada aqui, mencionada nuns posts acima, que organizava ujma caralhada de salas pra micareta golpista, foi presa.



Jovem Klan, não mais nas mãos do Tutinha, finalmente afastou Cowstantino, Figueiredo e aquela cubana de Taubaté. Ao longo dos anos, eles afastaram um porró de gente a mando do Rodrigo Cocô, só pra acabar tendo que fazer o mesmo com ele. Reaça só serve pra foder tudo.




Tem que empastelar esse lixo de emissora.


Janones pistolando


E ele tem um ponto, Ciro Gomes já dizia que Bolsonaro (aqui extendo a todos da laia dele) é valente só até você enfrentar


Realmente, é o M.O. normal do reaça, parte da personalidade subversiva. O erro aí é só peitar na internet, já que eles podem manter a aparência de machões permanentemente. Se alguém dissesse isso ao vivo pro Carluxo, porém, ele cagaria nas botas.


Falando no asfatemento do Cowstantino e outros >>1329089 houve várias outras notícias do gênero este ano que passaram meio em branco. A própria Jovem Klan perdeu um porró de anunciante graças ao Sleeping Giants, e a Oeste foi desmonetizada pelo YT. Esse antro de facho é quase que um rol de filhos da puta que viviam de inventar mentiras sobre o PT do níve "financia ditaduras estrangeiras" espalhados por toda a grande imprensa, e, pra surpresa geral de ninguém, todos sugaram as bolas mofadas do Bozo.


Carluxo já botou a Skynet pra falar que era esquerdista infiltrada kkkkkkk


Essa Oeste consegue ser ainda pior do que a Jovem Pan, é pra onde vão todos os jornalistas demitidos de lá. Só o chorume do fascismo.


File: 1673395810091-0.jpg (111.65 KB, 1056x1074, media_FmJhKiMWQAAfTQi.jpg)



It's funny how after nearly 80 years, the worst accusation for right-wingers is… comparisons to a right-wing regime.


File: 1673396277454.png (39.83 KB, 859x117, ClipboardImage.png)

Eu poderia fazer um comentário mais alongado ridicularizando as prioridades e preocupações que canalhada tem, mas acho que a imagem fala por si só.


I think it is because they keep saying shit like Hitler being communist and all right wing regimes that are infamous are actually leftist
I have the disgust to see both Hitler was from the left AND based because it is actually from the right, like, some people can't decide


Ah yes, Hitler was left-wing but also Nazism is based. chinlet logic.


Parece que finalmente o "guardião da democracia" começou a fazer sua obrigação, e só o fez depois de ter seu gabinete invadido de vanfalizado.


That's where the atavist's capacity to literally believe what he wants to believe comes into play.

I'm convinced that, if it were possible to know whether a person truly believes what they say, we would see how these bastards genuinely believe every single one of these contradictory things.


The Black Book of Communism has just added a new chapter…


Genocídio gamer já.


Malafaia já falou ontem que planeja viajar pra fora do Brasil em breve kkkkkkkk


The Lulag Archipelago


File: 1673399602661.jpg (74.73 KB, 936x306, media_FmHfnF9WYAASTbM.jpg)

>‘NÓS VAMOS COLAPSAR O SISTEMA, NÓS VAMOS SITIAR BRASÍLIA’ 📲 Imagens comprovam que invasão de bolsonaristas em Brasília foi premeditada. @EstadaoPolitica identificou 88 golpistas; veja os nomes



discordo da merda que ela falou mas toda vez que vejo que esses retardado estão mais preocupado com o preso dos jogos do que qualquer coisa e vão agir igual uns retardados apoiando tudo de reacionario pra lacrar contra.


patriotário ensinando os colegas a pedir auxíli-reclusão, que eles tanto atacaram como sendo "bolsa-bandido"




Essa aí estava bem posicionada na corja, tinha contato com altos bolsonaristas, milicos e outros. Se ela abrir o bico…


Será que cai?


File: 1673401971168-1.jpg (141.63 KB, 1250x657, media_FmJ1fbGWYAAyt2F.jpg)

well, bozoloids already supplied the memes


Isso não enquadra em antisemitismo? Eles estão banalizando o genocídio dos judeus comparando com a prisão dos terroristas.


e como sempre, em campos comunistas so gente que merece vai.

> Eles estão banalizando o genocídio dos judeus
Eles faz isso des de sempre, holodomor ta ai, usando o holocausto pra se autovalidar.


O vitimismo desses caras é patético, lembrando q eles que afirmam que negro relatar racismo é vitimismo


We need to surpass them quickly


BREAKING 🇧🇷: The Lula government has detected a NEW coup threat — for tomorrow, Tuesday 11 January. Bolsonaristas are planning a “Mega National Protest (Manifestação) to Reclaim Power" here in Brasilia and in cities all across the country.


not only that but bolsonaro shared on his facebook profile some nonsense allegation that lula was actually elected by the federal supreme court


the fucking morons are gonna try it again holy shit


File: 1673405961944.png (198.91 KB, 682x884, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1673406072813-0.png (209.6 KB, 1080x623, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1673406072813-1.png (326.5 KB, 618x594, ClipboardImage.png)

Tomara que seja verdade.


This has to be the final push, right? Bolsonaro has thrown plausible deniability out the window and now the coup will be attempted nationwide. Rumours have been going around that the army was ready for direct action this Sunday, so I wonder if tomorrow they'll actually try to pull something off. In all likelyhood, they're just gonna flop. But you never know with these assholes


what is so special about bolsonaro. at the very least trump was funny (For like the first year in office)


Galvão bueno 8/7/2014, belo horizonte.


his wife did it for free.


Janones confirmou: https://nitter.kavin.rocks/AndreJanonesAdv/status/1612996639748145161


Torcer pra ser fogo de palha, já que o circo ficava conclamando greve geral, megamanifestação e tudo mais o tempo inteiro. Com um pouco de sorte, isto é justificativa pra vários bom-dia-PF amanhã de manhã.


>Bolsonaro has thrown plausible deniability out the window
In post-post-modernity, anything short of filming yourself commiting a crime while clearly stating "I AM COMMITING THIS CRIME RIGHT NOW" is still within plausible deniability.


Oh yeah, I don't think I ever talked about that cunt here.

José Múcio is by far Lula's worst ministerial appointment. I'll leave the long list of Múcio's ties to the military mafia for a few paragraphs later. For now, all that matters is, he's a thorough worthless waste of carbon and an obvious threat to any government which is even vaguely progressive to the point that the only conceivable reason for Lula to choose him for defense minister would be to please the "military party". By December, the "military party" was releasing planted articles (the Brazilian press loves to do the armed forces' PR for free under the guise of rumors, anonymous sources and the like) implying that the heads of the 3 branches of the military appointed by Bozo would resign before Lula's inauguration ceremony, so they wouldn't have to salute salute him. Symbolism and stuff. After Lula appointed Múcio in December (and he had been in good terms with him anyway in the first PT era, cuck that he is), they officially declared that all those rumors were bullshit and of course they would salute on the day and time marked as good Republicans and blah blah blah. Given Lula's conciliation fetish, everyone assumed this showed he was willing to make peace with them no questions asked. The beginning of the infamous next pact of "national forgetting".

But as we keep saying, our elite is as vile as it is moronic, and even with the most cucked leftist on the planet extending an olive branch, they've decided to emulate the most pathetic coup attempt in recent world history. Which, it must be said, was only the conclusion of the process which began immediately after Bozo's electoral defeat in 30 October with road blocks and a few serious acts which thankfully didn't catch on, quickly changed to camps in front of military buildings, ramped up to a chimp-out in Brasília on 12 December and then the failed terrorist attack by George Washington Oliveira. Every single one of those acts involved the exact same scum behind all of Bozo's reign of bullshit, up to and including the "military party" which steered him into power and with whom Lula still tried to make peace. It's always, always the exact same leaders cropping up every time. Everyone in the country knows this and has known this, but these cunts can just keep trying, and failing, because we're just plain not a democracy.

And José Múcio is close with that shower of cunts. How close? Soon after his inauguration this month, Múcio said that the fashoids begging for a military coup were a "democratic movement", that Villas-Boas wife was among their organizers (!) and in fact he had friends living in those camps (!!!). And this was hardly surprising, because he never hid how close he was to the "military party". He can't be said to be member of the mafia (and that's the most appropriate term for them, really) of generals who constantly use threats of a coup as leverage to plunder the country simply because he's not a military man himself, and the "military party" is very elitistic and snobbish while he is just a lifelong bureaucrat and apparatchik of whatever reactoid party is highest on the totem pole at the moment. And even by the standards of that awful background, he has long been a loyal lapdog of theirs, providing an interface between tha mafia and the civilian governments which preceeded Bozo, who gushed with praise for him. Direct translation: "Joe Múcio, if I may be allowed, I'm in love with you. I greatly admire Your Honor from the good, epic times in the House and also the bad times".

Múcio, like the "military party" he represents, have not stopped feeding the coupist process(es) even as they kept failing because they're used to complete and utter punishment. I wish I could say that January 8 was a breaking point, but really, I, and the entire country for that matter, thought that Bozo's circus reached a breaking point several time during these 4 years and they got away scot-free every single time. The one thing I can say for certain is that they will keep this shit up until arrested, and if they reached the point of a (terrible) putsch attempt now, it's a matter of time before they bring out snipers. Honestly, it's like some of us here have been saying: the only unknown quantity here is if and when Lula will grow balls and do something about them, because the world worst elite, of which the military mafia is only a small part, will never stop their bullshit by themselves. They have never suffered consequences for 522 years and counting, so they will never stop out of their own volition. This is elementary, yet we can't be sure Lula and co. can see the elementary here.

With that out of the way, January 8 might – and let me emphasize the uncertainty of that tense – have been the breaking point.
Globo, the semi-monopolistic TV channel, finally started calling the bozoloid cunts coupists and the January 8 subhumans terrorists;
Alexandre actually dethroned (at least temporarily) the DF governor who obviously was part of the fiasco;
the investigators under Alexandre have asked for the arrest of the DF secretary in charge of the police on January 8 (who just so happens to have been justice minister for Bozo on the December 12 chimpout, and to be with him right now in Orlando) and several other leaderships;
the government office in charge of budget overseeing officially requested for that secretary's, and the governor's and even Bozo's assets to be frozen;
Congress, seemingly firmly on Lula's side (if only because Bozo's circus fucked up nonstop for years), took control of the DF public security and have begun purging its officers;
over 1400 bozoloids who chimped out are being filed and, incredibly, even jailed;
they are also being doxxed on social media and losing their jobs;
Lula openly criticized, among others, the DF governor, the DF security forces in general, latifundiários, land grafters, illegal miners and other lumpenbourgeoise who bankroll this bullshit. He didn't threaten them or anything, just talked about bringing them to justice and not tolerating threats to the democratic State, rather mild stuff, but it's decidedly a tonal shift by his gigacucked standards.

So, so far, it looks like the camel's back finally broke. So far. Brazil has had a lot of false starts before, see the whole salvationism thing. In this instance, Múcio's permanence in the cabinet is the big question. This shitshow has turned him into the most obvious inside risk since the fucking Trojan horse, to a degree which even Lula's preferred conciliatory hyperreality might not accomodate.




This is starting to look like a tower defense game where the waves of enemies just keep coming.


Okay, so here's a possibility.

Earlier today, Bozo said he would return to Brazil. A bit later, an arrest warrant for Anderson Torres (Bozo's justice minister during December 12 and the DF justice secretary on January 8) was published, and ho coincidentally happens to be sucking Mickey Mouse's left nut in Orlando right now while Bozo's sucks off the right one. Alongside the arrest warrant, there was the usual search warrant on his house/office/whatever here in Brazil, during which a computer of his was seized, and it happened to have WhatsApp autologged in (kek), allowing the feds to see all his dirty laundry. Again, this is a rumor. Regardless, after reportedly crying (double kek), Anderson claimed he's coming back to Brazil to cooperate in the investigations. Anderson deciding to spill the beans would explain this new supposed "megamanifestation" thing and/or Bozo more openly claiming the election was stolen.


Damn, how badly written. To be clear, the WhatsApp thing is a rumor.


Nothing, he's just an asshole who happened to be at the right place at the right time.


File: 1673409232151.jpg (55.54 KB, 720x481, FjaN3bMXwAABW4X.jpg)



For the general public, that might be true. Not so much for a justice system that's already aiming for your throat. Which is why this seems like a last ditch effort.


LMAO, the coward deleted the Facebook post.


An Italian parliamentarian arguing against Italian citizenship for Bozo.


Fun fact: his family name was actually Bolzonaro


File: 1673417751028.jpg (78.43 KB, 640x830, t2xprgs91zaa1.jpg)


A faggot nerd, I'm apologize Brazil. It's a sad day when faggot nerds feel free to exist public without a deep shame.


Já mandei screenshot do post do Bolsonaro pra um monte de políticos Democratas e Republicanos pedindo a extradição. Esse cara tá fudido na minha mão


A jiripoca vai piar;


File: 1673436644104.jpg (46.49 KB, 900x506, FmJ8cXcXkAcmpNT.jpg)



Wassef acaba de embarcar pra Orlando kkkkkkkkk


>O ministro da defesa, José Múcio, quer publicar os dados com sigilo de 100 anos imposto por Bolsonaro em ordem alfabética. A ideia é demorar mais para publicar os documentos sobre o genocida Eduardo Pazuello e o Partido Fardado.
boa indicação Lula, to gostando de ver



Já não tão pressionando pra ele renunciar?


Does he have a fetish with embarrassing himself? Jfc
Anão, vai descansar.


File: 1673464407868.jpg (961.65 KB, 1085x1355, FmKogg3X0AEI7Gx.jpg)

Estou vendo beócios comparando Alexandre com Moro positivamente. Peço que gastem alguns segundos pra mandar tais indivíduos à merda, caso avistados.

Sempre estiveram, mas a festa do pijama tá cagando.


File: 1673464592694.mp4 (3.92 MB, 320x580, Dx5T5ODyG4MWKzSN.mp4)

Dondocas reclamando da detenção. Sim, estão fazendo filme dentro do banheiro público porque reaça é burro assim mesmo.


>O deputado Eduardo Bolsonaro foi visto há pouco deixando o escritório da embaixada americana para emissão de vistos em Brasília.


File: 1673465037123.jpg (122.36 KB, 1080x1089, FmJrdTeWYAIKzOD.jpg)

>Dona Fátima, vulgo "vovó do barro" de tubarão SC, que participou do atos criminosos é pensionista e recebe uma pensão de 30 mil reais do falecido marido q era militar, ela tbm recebe aposentadoria por invalidez.

Eu falo que é patológico. Nunca é uma pessoa que cometeu um erro no passado ou algum crime de oportunidade qualquer, sempre é um padrão vitalício de autograticação e comportamento antissocial.


File: 1673465375261.jpg (66.87 KB, 1024x536, FmMiNX7X0AAX47V.jpg)



File: 1673466189144.jpg (105.36 KB, 630x784, FmJRQO-XoAAJHgQ.jpg)

Saiu a primeira quebra de sigilo centenário!

Lista de visitantes da Michelle Bolsonaro.


>ctrl+f valdemr

>0 results
>ctrl+f osmar
>0 results

Ih, essa merda foi fraudada!


File: 1673466484058.mp4 (3.65 MB, 352x640, qusCJklU0LBI-eXs.mp4)

>Vídeo gravado no Palácio do Planalto no domingo (8) mostra soldados do Exército completamente perdidos durante a invasão, com medo dos extremistas e levando bronca de oficial da PM. Um dos soldados chega a tentar atirar bala de borracha sem destravar a arma.


A grande quebra de sigilo deve ser a do cartão corporativo, isso se tiver a quebra.



Tem um projeto de lei que tão passando no legislativo para cortar as aposentadorias e pensões do povo que foi preso nessa merda. Rezando que passe.


Olha, confesso-me surpreso com o fato desse PL sequer existir.


File: 1673467706897.png (2.54 MB, 1200x2133, ClipboardImage.png)

ok, 1 hora pros atos bolsonaristas nas capitais. talvez quem acompanhe os grupos no zapzap, telegram saiba dizer se isso vai ter a mesma escala e financiamento que a tentativa de golpe no dia 8.


Essa presepada de ter deixado os detentos ficarem com os celulares talvez tenha vindo pra bem. Os vídeos que esses chorões estão fazendo está indo diretamente contra a ótica de oprimidos que eles querem criar.


File: 1673467863559.jpg (81.49 KB, 720x577, FmN0a5PXoAAE4-P.jpg)

>socorro Damares


File: 1673468318432.jpg (84.18 KB, 984x626, FmN3NiMWIAs6kHA.jpg)


File: 1673468774592.jpg (99 KB, 999x562, FmNtgknWIAcjxP-.jpg)

Esta foto está implorando por uma legenda…


>AGORA: Alexandre de Moraes, do STF, autoriza a prisão em flagrante de quem fechar vias nos estados, impõe multa de R$ 20 mil a extremistas que participarem destes atos e de R$ 100 mil a empresas. Magistrado também autoriza PM a atuar em rodovias federais e recolher veículos.


Lex Luthor caminhando nas ruinas de Brasilia.


como diria um anão lá em cima, ainda não entenderam que estão sendo presos, imbecil reclamando que comida de cadeia parece comida de cadeia, also, o agente federal dizendo que eram pra dormir juntinhos pra esquentar foi engraçado


E põe comportamento antissocial nisso, até hoje pude contar nos dedos a quantidade de bolsonaristas que prestam, a vasta maioria parecem sociopatas e psicopatas


100 mil é nada pras empresas desses vermes



18 horas camaradas, alguma movimentação dos golpistas?


Ainda não, Heleno.


Lista de comunistas atualizada.

>“Estou dentro do mesmo avião“, diz Luciano Hang, anunciando que vai torcer pelo novo governo.


Lol, não sei dizer se é meme dizendo que ele vai estar no mesmo avião (indo pra orlando) ou se até nisso ele demonstra o elitismo nojento que exala do terno verde dele ao se colocar num avião enquanto todos estamos no mesmo barco


O desgraçado diz isso depois de mandar caminhão pra bloquear estrada. Deve estar com o cu tremendo agora que vão investigar e punir os financiadores e ta tentando pular fora.


Esse maluco é tão esterótipo de capitalista sociopata que é capaz de dedurar um por um do meio bolsonarista, se for virar a casaca de fato.


Um subhumano enchendo o saco do advogado do Lula: https://twitter.com/Boscardin/status/1613273283671261184

Bozolóides ficarão coordenando assédio neste estilo aqui por eras.


>CASSAÇÃO JÁ! Dono de ônibus que transportou terroristas é amigo de ninguém menos que Carla Zambelli. Onde tem fumaça, tem fogo!

Tudo muito óbvio. E o arrombado do Alexandre diplomou toda essa corja não faz nem um mês.


Lembrei agora de que falaram q um deles no golpe de estado parecia o Magno Malta


Erro crasso de publicidade terem revelado essa efeméride da Michelle como o primeiro sigilo quebrado. Puta que pariu, uma década apanhando do lavajatismo e ainda não aprenderam o básico da propaganda, vai tomar no cu.


>Segundo o deputado Leonel Radde, mais de 50 policiais militares do Distrito Federal que trabalharam no dia dos atos terroristas, e NITIDAMENTE PREVARICARAM, estão sendo presos e seus celulares apreendidos pela Polícia Federal.


File: 1673474814087-0.jpg (108.35 KB, 1600x900, media_FmNbZHTWYAIA1AK.jpg)

dia 8 / dia 11


A MEGA MANIFESTAÇÃO tá sofisticada, hein? Levaram até capa invisível


File: 1673475203790.mp4 (6.77 MB, 564x1024, AAB4Bf3gsZZn1aOM.mp4)

que pena kkkkkkk

Eles estão sempre na base do mememagic, inventando megaprotestos e greves o tempo todo. já vi "anunciarem" greve geral pra dia 15, é pelo menos a terceira que eles inventam desde a eleição


so uhhh did attempt #2 manifest brasilfrens
or is it a completely dead duck


Feijoada, or nothingburger like you gringos say.


File: 1673476279275.png (186.81 KB, 267x441, ClipboardImage.png)



cursed image


File: 1673477073580.png (315.71 KB, 564x411, FmLRErHWQAAP-wr.png)

Cartoon from Le Monde.


File: 1673477394556.jpg (36.88 KB, 720x1208, FmIglurXEBcJr_D.jpg)



Eu tbm


File: 1673481034522.png (129.91 KB, 1170x983, FmMq8U3XwAA5sRt.png)

Cidadão de Bem strikes again.


Porra, é só começar BBB que a esquerda no Twitter se torna intransitável.


Eu já ia comentar isso, tem uma parte da esquerda brasileira que é extremamente fútil e leviana.


File: 1673482018723.jpg (86.65 KB, 1280x853, FmOYv_BWAAE0uBz.jpg)

In Brasília, a grand total of 2 (two) bozoloids showed up. They were met by 21 journalists and over 100 cops.



File: 1673484087793.jpg (38.02 KB, 623x696, 3a1.jpg)

The protesters arrested in Brasília are being forcefully vaccinated against Covid-19, kek. Lula is full-on "owning the cons" mode.


File: 1673490384716.jpg (95.86 KB, 1284x1211, FmG10_fXoAES-e5.jpg)

Bozo's online popularity timeline. I think it's measured simply by proportion of negative and of positive mentions of his name or something like this, which, combined with the bot horde, explains his constantly high rate. Regradless, look at that nosedive.


File: 1673490551278.mp4 (8.22 MB, 1280x716, fuZlQMQinbyygpMp.mp4)

dangerous levels of unwitting cringe comedy


File: 1673490670124.png (569.12 KB, 750x913, ClipboardImage.png)

Todos aqui sabemos o porquê disso.


File: 1673491122379.mp4 (1.02 MB, 720x720, 4hfZ6glsSTLCGh36.mp4)

Ótimo vídeo pra repostar a todo instante.


File: 1673493054819.jpg (251.89 KB, 1080x1848, FmPHa9fWAAIL3X-.jpg)



File: 1673493273114.jpg (114.51 KB, 1079x1012, FmO66LvWIAAl3io.jpg)

Isto sim é que é Cid


>Governador afastado do Distrito Federal, Ibaneis Rocha, diz que o ex-ministro e ex-secretário de Segurança Pública Anderson Torres viajou aos EUA sem avisar e que não estava de férias. Ibaneis diz ter feito várias tentativas de ligação para tentar falar com Torres.
kkkkkk já estão se dedurando


>Rosa Weber vê judiciário contaminado e quer punir juízes golpistas
>O CNJ (Conselho Nacional de Justiça) pretende fazer uma profunda limpeza no Ministério Público e em todo o Poder Judiciário, inclusive com juízes e desembargadores.


Será que consertam o CNJ? Deve ser uma das instituições que mais fracassaram no Brasil, e olha que o páreo é duro. É uma merda corporativista desde muito antes de Bolsonaro, sendo, inclusive, parte da legitimização institucional dos crimes do lavajatismo.


>A permanência do ministro da Defesa, José Múcio, no cargo, foi defendida em uma rara reunião virtual entre cinco ex-integrantes da pasta na manhã desta quarta (11).
>O grupo composto por Nelson Jobim, Aldo Rebelo, Raul Jungmann e Fernando Azevedo pediu o encontro com Jaques Wagner, que serviu no posto brevemente em 2015, no segundo governo de Dilma Rousseff (PT).

Uma equipe de defesa dessas é um dos melhores argumentos a favor da exoneração do Múcio que eu já vi.


só o pessoal de linguinha de fora prontos para lamber o saco de milico.


>Bolsonaro gastou R$ 13,7 mi em hotéis e usou cartão corporativo em sorvetes
<No total, foram R$ 13,7 milhões com hotéis Somente no Ferraretto Hotel, no Guarujá, cidade do litoral paulista, foi pago R$ 1,4 milhão
>R$ 8.600 gastos em sorveterias
>Cerca de R$ 408 mil em peixarias
>Em padarias, Bolsonaro gastou R$ 581 mil ao longo do mandato



Atacar o STF como atacaram é a última traição na visão deles, instituições corporatistas protegem os seus mas esse é um crime imperdoável na mesma lógica.



Vocês já devem ter visto o rombo de 20bi das Americanas.

Tenham em mente que o valor de mercado da holding, a B2W, é de 10bi.

Pertence ao Lemann, um dos arrombados que financia putarias "apartidárias".


O sapo barbudo sempre conciliando o inconciliável. Vai ter fé assim na burguesia na pqp


File: 1673557221615.jpg (70.23 KB, 827x890, FmTGLCiX0AArmyv.jpg)



Over 40 Burger Representatives officially requested Dark Brandon to revoke Bozo's visa.


File: 1673557386247.jpg (102.14 KB, 990x1280, FmSjZfFWAAg8jSv.jpg)

Este aqui me lembrou do Açaí da Wal.


File: 1673557818938.png (551.03 KB, 500x500, lula revenge fixed 2.0.png)

ta na hora do jair


File: 1673557912195.jpg (75.09 KB, 1073x462, FmR0R32XEAEnI48.jpg)

Imagina um cachorrão bom.

A desculpa do Anderson, sem um pingo de ironia, é que não deu tempo de destruir esses documentos.

Muito, muito, muito, muito, muito, muito, muito, muito burros.


>Mitos têm pés de barro. Eu sou a Lenda.


>Um "detalhe" interessantes no caso da fortuna gasta por Bolsonaro com o cartão corporativo em Boa Vista (RR):
>a compra foi em 26/10/2021, quando ele visitou um GARIMPO ILEGAL na terra Raposa Serra do Sol e discursou a favor dessa atividade.



E pra deixar essa do Anderson ainda pior: Trump havia feito a mesma coisa, tinha até uma proclamação de insurreição pronta.



Pois então, esta vagabunda, uma das principais organizadores da zorra, foi detida pelo exército e deixaram ela escapar.


Tudo muito óbvio. A absoluta certeza da impunidade por mais de 500 anos gestou uma elite tão maligna quanto burra.


Eles foram aconselhados pelas mesmas pessoas, Bannon e Miller.


The gated community where Bozo has been hiding near Orlando has finally allowed the press to enter. Besides the obvious reason to keep him away from the press, there's also the optics of it. Remember what I said about stage control? Well Bozo's circus has been publishing a million pictures of reactoids who enter the community to fangirl over him while the community itself did the hard work of keeping any dissenters out. The thing is, Bozo had an entire State apparatus to do this for him, whereas the gated community management isn't quite up to the task, and folded to pressure today.

O César Calejon (um dos muitos que a Jovem Klan rifou porque o Cowstantino chorou) diz que essa é a "materialidade jurídica" que faltava pra configurar golpe de Estado.


Sem falar que o Dudu estava com Trump durante o evento. Pode ter até ajudado na redação daquela proclamação.


Bem, continua sendo corno-manso, mas pelo menos, tem ciência do problema: https://nitter.kavin.rocks/GloboNews/status/1613556375421943808

Já é um avanço, né?


Ideas for the nexp OP?


Definitely use >>1330154 for the OP pic, might make a pun with Michael Foucault just to keep the leftist theme.


Either >>1331545's idea, or something to do with >>1331451


Uma piada sobre vigiar e punir seria óbvia demais para *não* fazer.


I think I have a good idea. It'll take a little while to edit the pic tho.


Que galera burra do caralho





Back in January 2021, the prosecutor-general, Augusto Aras, arguably Bozo's most craven and pusilanimous goon – and the single damn person in the country with the power to indict the president – made a verrrrrrry weird statement about the "state of public calamity" of COVID was the antechamber to a "state of defense" and thus represented a point of possible institutional break. Everyone raised eyebrows, to which of course Aras said he was misunderstood haha.

Aras is one of the leaders of the entire coup bullshit, up there with Anderson Torres, Braga Netto (arguably Bozo's right-hand man and the vice-president in the 2022 ticket), Bozo himself et al.


File: 1673571047414-1.jpg (125.41 KB, 1334x750, media_FmT5bpWWQAAccMJ.jpg)

File: 1673571047414-3.jpg (111.74 KB, 1334x750, media_FmT5bqFXwAIhfHR.jpg)

Globo had access to Anderson's draft decree of a coup. It would create a "Electoral Regularity Commission" of 17 members, of which a whopping 8 would be appointed by the armed forces. The remaining 9 would be appointed by the houses of Congress, the federal police, the prosecutor's office and others. Implicit in this is the fact that the highest echelons of all those offices had people guilty of the conspiracy for the cretinous putsch of January 8.

I'm speechless. And I have been speechless very often in the past 4 years because these bastards keep outdoing themselves, yet their stupidity keeps reaching depths which should be mathematically impossible. They're almost forcing Lula to stop being a fucking cuck against his will with the sheer magnetude of their imbecility.


File: 1673571497472.jpg (139.95 KB, 819x1048, FmTxUoZXkAE7Zy6.jpg)

Bozo's third son sighted at Dubai, having left the country without warning. Just as he did back during the world cup.

Both times, we didn't learn this from MSM at all. The first time, it was sheer luck that FIFA's cameras caught him, and now, a random civilian, and it's important to note that, during the first time, he not only didn't warn anyone, he even got someone to answer his roll call in the House for him, which is ironclad proof that he was there on the download. The same damn MSM knows the price of Janja's fucking dress down to the god damn cent.

Incidentally, the second son has been at Orlando since late December, having unexpectedly left the country the day George Washington Oliveria staged his flopped terrorism plot at Brasília.


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