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Evidence of the influence and origin of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine


Developments of multipolarity timeline https://www.pacemaker.global/multipolar-transition-timeline

Live maps and updates
>Nb: LiveUaMap is not to be trusted
SouthFront: https://southfront.org/category/all-articles/world/europe/ukraine/
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<adding Slavyangrad, why not
< I mean why? Dude is literally schizophrenic. I dont hate him, indeed I feel fopr him cause his daughter didnt deserve to be killed for damn sure & Dugin has his based USSR boomer moments but…


> Ihor Kolomoisky
>dat name not heard since the 20s.
that guy is 100% not living in kekraine.


File: 1675260981651.png (764.59 KB, 884x1203, Untitled.png)

Ukraine is… le baZZed???


A brain


don't tell me you think nazis were socialists just because they called themselves as such


Ukrainian Maoists fighting Russian social imperialism


>Russia has taken the place of "The Turk" in the European imaginary.
Why is there no russian KARA BOGA??


that must have been before the entire MotorSich fiasco


>Lenin annulled this and invaded
Shut up westoid
The central powers anulled it first, look at what happened in the baltics. That is why the baltics today are Russian and still part of Russia, this treaty was violated therefore balcucks don't get any independence, and therefore the Soviets could do whatever they liked afterwards. Deal's off



The only anarchists in ukraine actually fought UNDER the azov batallion
We are apparently "rightists" for questioning how anarchists sabotage Russia, and again aren't allowed to question why anarchists in the west aren't doing sabotage. They "just are, okayy", "Inam too lazy to show you how" and please ignore the fact they fight under the UPA flag


File: 1675262221120.png (7.77 MB, 2302x2285, ClipboardImage.png)

New Bakhmut sector map from Rybar

Wagner is getting closer and close to the Chasoc Yar-Bakhmut highway. They also made some gaing in the east and nort-east of Bakhmut.

They also took a small hamlet north to Blagodatne and increased their bridgehead on the right bank (towards west) of the Bakhmutovka river slightly.


Muh details
Wake me up when backmoot is Russia land


Literally this, even Haz understands this its basic dialectics


File: 1675262780204.jpg (52.16 KB, 600x805, n08A8NO.jpg)

>Don't be a chauvinist
Actual pic of the average leftypol poster trying to not let legitimate criticism of a country's government turn into blanket hatred of an entire nationality.


File: 1675263119956.png (615.07 KB, 745x726, ClipboardImage.png)

So, would it be a legitimate target?




You must be over 18 to post in this site.


Sinking a ship sailing under a non-Ukrainian flag would be an act of war.


except when the US does the same with Iranian tankers and so on

that's totally not an act of war, that's just international peace keeping


They don't sink them though, just seize them. It is illegal but the US by default is immune to any repercussions. Russia has nothing to gain and all to lose from destroying this ship.


Russia should "seize" it then.


Tell that to the Nord Stream pipelines


That was a selfless act of environmentalism.


It would be legal if the ships sail through the Black Sea, combatants of a war are allowed to stop neutral vessels travelling through their waters and seize contraband (cargo they think is going to the enemy). This was the logic behind the blockade of Cuba turning the Cuban missile crisis with the exception they stopped the Russian convoy in international waters due to where Cuba is.


The people replying to objections to Russia violating international law with "well the US does it all the time", you understand that's the nature of hegemonic unipolarity right? Russia is not the hegemon, and interestingly, they're trying pretty hard it seems to not violate international law. This is the best they can go for as of now, anything else only hurts their diplomatic standing.


Unlike Iran the US can actually retaliate. It would be a major escalation that Russia wouldn't really benefit from. Best case scenario would be that NATO vessels just start escorting these shipments. Worst case scenario NATO joins the war directly.


File: 1675263856245.png (2.29 MB, 1512x837, lusitania.png)

A question as old as time


This happened over 100 years ago though.


So? The principle is the same. If Russia sunk a US ship it would be WW3.


Well, if it happened now WW3 could be highly likely. But back then it wasn't guaranteed, hence why it happened so often.


File: 1675264310748.jpg (560.02 KB, 960x1101, image.translated (39).jpg)

Form you have to fill to receive a temporary residence extension as a Russian in Latvia. I love European democracy bros


1984 george orwelles animal farm


Orson Welles' 1969 film
(I was gonna write the same joke)


Wait is this for all Russians living there or for the expats leaving Russia post-Feb 24?


I think it's for any Russian passport holder wishing to extend their temporary residence.


Wow, so life for almost 25% of the population is worsened by apartheid-esque policies like this. How do Russians even manage it, I can't imagine living in a country where you're that discriminated and propagandized against. I would try my damndest to move to Russia.


Baltcide when?


it would be justice. but westerners can't discern past that. israel drones Iranian infrastructure?
Axis of evil does the same?


It didn't happen 'so often' though. The sinking of the Lusitania forced the US to enter WW1 (they wanted to anyway but still).


File: 1675265472270.jpeg (62.55 KB, 680x763, gigavat.jpeg)

hello, i'd like to turn in my extension form


'justice' doesn't matter. realpolitik does.





based Jimmy


You can always just lie.


top kek


> What are you going to do? deport me?
- Quote from Man deported


File: 1675266572699.png (1.19 MB, 1316x728, ClipboardImage.png)

Jimmy "No War But the Class War" Dore does it again. Never should've doubted this man


Dore read Lenin? Ahahaha good shit


Governments and media hypocritically lionize themselves and demonize their enemies. More news at 11.


File: 1675266988321.mp4 (10.37 MB, 1280x720, RAZznxWvOtyhp_fE.mp4)

In Volgograd, state-sponsored monuments to commemorate the battle of Stalingrad were inaugurated. Zhukov, Stalin and Vasilevsky are displayed.



you love to see it


Based they should rename the city as well.




File: 1675269161312.png (609.01 KB, 640x850, ClipboardImage.png)

Will there come the day when westoids will stop and think "Uh, actually those numbers supplied by Ukrainian sources make no sense at all"



Media are already seething about it kek


Do we even have credible numbers about this war? Both sides are making shit up.


for real
yeah he does. Hes pplaying a role I think. But he was always ourguy


File: 1675269750473.mp4 (4.2 MB, 640x360, HitlerCouldntWin.mp4)

It is going to be Wehraboo shit all over again, where the west keeps making excuses for why they lost to Russia.


here is finally a liberal no to german tanks in the ukraine

ends with the Rio Reiser (legendary German leftist folk singer, so to speak)
>But is there a country on earth where the dream becomes reality? I really don't know. I know only one thing, and I am sure of it. This country is not it.


He sounds indistinguishable from people like Agent Kochinski or Dylan Burns at this point. He was always like this though; when push comes to shove during his lifetime he will side hard with the US/NATO sometimes even going beyond it (for example demanding more bombs being dropped on his own country). He'll criticize imperialism when it's "safe" to do so, he'll have no quarrel going after the Vietnam War, the Iraq War, etc. because those are allowed to be criticized in liberal circles.

It dawned upon me the last months what a piece of shit this guy actually is. He constantly shills for conservative, or rather neoliberal philosophers like Sloterdijk or Habermas, who he calls "good friends", the actual Slovene Society for Theoretical Analysis called him a fraud, and he started his career being a pop philosopher for upper-middle class students in California.

Funny thing is that I think Dugin and Zizek are not that different in their demeanor, both are quirky meme philosophers who use obscurantist language and have some seemingly contrarian ideas. Both were dissidents from socialist countries. I'd love to see a debate between Zizek and Dugin, the latter might surely be willing, Zizek will never do it.


>frankfurter rundschau
Die haben manchmal überraschend vernünftige Takes.


>Will there come the day when westoids will stop and think "Uh, actually those numbers supplied by Ukrainian sources make no sense at all"
Those numbers sound ridiculous, but they are carrying a heavy weight.

When the ceasefire is signed , the Ukrainian claim to victory will have to be carried by their victimhood, of which surely much of the military losses will be falsified as randomly exterminated by the Russians ("Remember Bucha!!" not even a consequence of infrastructure strikes , just straight up executions and barbarity, watch it happen) which justifies the necessity of the sacrifice. And the other half on how many losses they have inflicted or how much they have hurt the RF in the abstract, to bled NATO goals with their own.

Ukraine pretty much HAS to scream that they kill 5000 Russians every week and that the "orcs" are eating children and raping dogs inbetween looting washing machines because the post war national identity depends on hammering those propaganda points in, until the Banderite ethnic hatred is adopted by proxy and so are their old allegiances and grievances (which happen to be well groomed by the NATO glow and favor its terms).


Holy fuck


Only redditors addicted to infotainment and incest porn actually believe this numbers, real NATO decision makers know its made up


File: 1675270843871.jpg (333.63 KB, 1200x757, Battle of Isandlwana.jpg)

Yep and they will award every Ukrainian soldier a gold medal for 'services to NATO' it will be like how the British Empire tried to distract from the defeat at Isandiwana by giving out a huge amount of Victoria Crosses to the soldiers at Roukes Drift.


File: 1675271201751.mp4 (4.31 MB, 848x624, htpbvgBOFW_FvqCV.mp4)

This uygha absolutely murdered Zelensky with this monologue.


File: 1675271250498.png (137.24 KB, 320x484, ClipboardImage.png)



Interesting how Sabaton decided to do a song about Rorke's drift, singing praise about the invader, instead of Isandiwana, where they could've sang about the native beating back the invaders.


>I have my scores to settle with Zelensky as Jew to Jew
My sides. Damn son


That album was about last stands though.


File: 1675271576406.jpg (69.09 KB, 597x604, 1674148231151.jpg)

>muh both sides
STFU, lib! One side is doing it way more than the other in absolutely comical proportions. Kys.


File: 1675271823668.png (162.27 KB, 750x500, communalkek.png)


What about Jew on Jew crime?


Most credible is between 15.000-20.000 KIA for Russia (RUAF, DPR, LPR, and Wagner combined) and between 100.000-150.000 KIA for Ukraine.


Got some source on that?



I'm thinking Ukraine is over 100.000 by now and also his tallying method isn't completely accurate but it's the most credible estimations imo right now.


File: 1675272153118.webm (Spoiler Image, 9.68 MB, 712x400, right.webm)


He's confused because he's anti-China but pro-Russia. Also bashing the US too hard got to him.


Fucking kek I wonder what he's thinking


Hilarious but that stupid face he makes is well practiced for the fox news dummies


resting baffled face


this map shows pretty heavy Russian losses in the Seversk sector - Russian controlled territory now marked with “areas of active combat” (which is basically a cope for Ukrainian controlled land)


a previous map for reference


I never doubted the guy and constantly asked why nobody on the site would give him any credit. The biggest laugh I've had all year was the bit he did on dubya's masterclasses too.


File: 1675274268278.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.84 MB, 710x400, resting_face.webm)


File: 1675274837605.jpeg (55.8 KB, 951x817, 1669141474914.jpeg)


Russia did try quite a few times to break through the Bilohorivka sector in the past months without any successes. Ukraine is dead set on holding the mback there, as any Russian success there could thraten Seversk itself and pontoon crossings used for staging offensives towards Kremenaya. Think Wagner also tried their shot there after LNR forces couldn't get through. They did manage to get inside Bilohorivka itself, but no further than that. Now even that was undone.

It's most likely the reason they shifted the focus to pushing upwards from Soledar, which yielded far better results so far than any offnsive from the Severodonetsk direction.


I honestly can't take all these bants between serbians and albanians because it always feels like beef between the homies.
I hope they get along soon.



ah… those darn pesky recessions that keep popping up every decade in capitalist economies… they really arent very good if you're trying to outcompete unfriendly nations in a pivotal historical moment where they will either be suffocated or survive to become long-lasting adversaries…


File: 1675277230973.jpg (156.83 KB, 742x900, Tserakhto.jpg)

Ukrainian Azov nazi officer, Platoon Sergeant Dmitry Tserakhto was eliminated by Wagner forces near Bakhmut front.


<Cabinet of Ministers fires Fiscal and Customs services leadership


<Director of State Bureau of Investigations reports on successful searches among corrupt officials



> Prosecutor General Andrii Kostin and head of the Ukrainian Security Service Vasyl Maliuk spoke on Wednesday after large-scale searches.

>On 1 February, Ukrainian security forces and law enforcement officers conduct a series of searches among various officials and served notices of suspicion. In particular, the searches were conducted at State Tax Service in Kyiv; oligarch Ihor Kolomoisky’s house regarding Ukrnafta company; the property of Arsen Avakov, former Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, and the house of Vadym Stolar, a Kyiv property developer and a member or parliament from the banned Russian-backed Opposition Platform – For Life party.

>The Prosecutor General's Office served notices of suspicion to Bohdan Khmelnytskyi, former Deputy Director of the Defence Ministry's public procurement department; Viacheslav Shapovalov, former Deputy Defence Minister, and Volodymyr Tereshchenko, Former Deputy Director of the state-owned company Promoboronexport.

>On 23 January, Arakhamiia said that corrupted officials would face responsibility and announced the imprisonment of corrupted staff in the spring.

>On their meeting on Wednesday, 1 February, the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine fired Viacheslav Demchenko, Acting Head of the State Customs Service and his deputies, Oleksandr Shutskyi and Ruslan Cherkaskyi, as well as Tetiana Kiriienko, Acting Head of the State Tax Service.


Fuck I feel young.




Aren't Wagner also Nazi.
Like, their name is literally "Wagner".
Kinda sus.


no theyre dixiebol



Thats why its CRITICAL support for Russia not UNCRITICAL support


>The property of 12 Ukrainian banks is planned to be nationalized in Crimea, follows from the draft resolution of the State Council of the Republic. In particular, we are talking about the property of the banks "Forum", "Ukrsotsbank","Impexbank", "Piraeus Bank MKB", AB "Express Bank" and "Joint-Stock Prominvest Bank".

Russia isn't socialist they said 🤓


The composer Wagner was literally a socialist though.


File: 1675278277032.jpg (95.11 KB, 1024x486, 24805 - SoyBooru.jpg)

>1 dead allied soldier to 5 Ukronazis
Well, this is going worse for the Russian side than I feared.
So much shelling, and they only manage such a small ratio? Damn. I hope, the Ukronazi casualties are much worse than the publicly available data suggests, otherwise it's hard to not doom at this. The methodology used here seems decent enough.

>Estonian BBC colony

It's hilarious, how all these anti-Russian organisations are run in the Baltics. Considering their tiny collective populations, they must be using everyone for this rubbish, since these shitholes' labour has nothing else to offer nowadays, than being slaves to Western imperialists.
A lot of internet Balts and Balkanoids, I've debated always have an IT bullshitjob, they boast about. Is this all these losers can do?


An antisemitic socialist.

Kinda sounds like he was a nationalist more than he was a socialist.
A national socialist, if you will


>/Leftypol/ try not to reply to Bait challenge (IMPOSSIBLE)


>let's start with disproving "attacker suffers 3 times as many casualties"
Ah, I see a fellow person butthurt to oblivion with the stupidity of an ordinary /k/oper


>A lot of internet Balts and Balkanoids, I've debated always have an IT bullshitjob,
These nighas are going to be absolutely demolished by Pajeets and Nigerians in 20 years, what the hell are they going to do then? Are the baltics going to go unironic Ted K. Anprim route?


File: 1675278681005-0.png (188.7 KB, 360x360, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675278681005-1.png (812.55 KB, 720x960, ClipboardImage.png)

Btw, picrel is the guy running Nasha Canada, a Russian language (heavily Russophobic/liberal/nazi-friendly) newspaper in Canada. A Latvian pro-ukrop nazi who writes purely in Russian about how all Russians are scum who need to be decolonized.


>A lot of internet Balts and Balkanoids, I've debated always have an IT bullshitjob
After 1991 their industry got plundered so now everyone there is either a wealthy bourgeois, petit-booj technical manager, unemployed or an emigre.


Sny proof that he's a Nazi?
Or are military uniforms Nazi now?


What nation? Germany didn't even exist until like 10 years before he died.


Good. If the Wagner casualty reports are to be believed, these units have one of the most deadly jobs in this war, effectively grinding the Nazi problem out of existence.
Still, I have yet to see up-to-date evidence that they actually are Nazi-infested – at least compared to their Ukronazi counterparts, which are visible in literally every footage Cockholes appear.

>going to be absolutely demolished by Pajeets and Nigerians in 20 years
Interesting. Can you elaborate, since I'm not informed on these guys at all?


UPA banner in the back


File: 1675278964489-0.jpg (100.75 KB, 600x598, 8857987_600.jpg)

File: 1675278964489-1.jpg (124.14 KB, 900x575, 98296195.jpg)

File: 1675278964489-2.jpg (128.95 KB, 934x641, 154581042213703842.jpg)

Also his Twitter is full of hysterical genocidal shit (exclusively in Ru of course)


What's the difference between critical and uncritical support?
Who gives a shit whether your support is "critical" if it's support in the end?

NATO expresses critical support for nazis, just like you do.


Wagner are not Nazis and if you think they are, you should leave the site. r/ukraine would be more to your liking.


Wagner at best (or worst in this case) has a few mercs that are nazis.
Ukraine on the other hand has whole ass nazi battallions, its people worship dead nazis as heroes, have nazis in the government and indoctrinate their children into nazi beliefs.


>Cuckrainian flag
>Blood and soil banner/scarf
>Stahlhelm LARPing
Is this enough proof?


Wagner, like any PMC or group of males obsessed with military stuff, almost definitely has some "WW2 memorabilia fans" in its ranks, but there is no indication they are in any way nazi on the level of leadership or ideology. All of their public dudes like RSOTM or even Prigozhin himself repeatedly namedrop the Great Patriotic War and disavow nazism


File: 1675279414701.jpg (8.47 KB, 300x168, images.jpg)

Why'd they do it bros?


>Russian language
It's so stupid how common the Russian language is spoken in ex-Soviet states even amongst the greatest haters of Russian people and nation.


The masculine urge to do a little trolling


Probably the same reason English is widely spoken in former anglo colonies.


>WW2 memorabilia fans
Isn't it funny, how they almost never show appreciation for the Soviet military might? Even though it won the damn war! It's always simping over "muh based Nazi uniforms". Makes you think.


personally I blame American cinema for presenting Nazis as "cool aristocratic superscience villains" and the Soviets as "dirty drunk human waves"


>Interesting. Can you elaborate, since I'm not informed on these guys at all?
I mean, why pay euros for baltic and balkan it guys when you can pay already english-speaking nigerians or indians for way less? (Assuming AI hasn't taken over all IT jobs by then) Its not like we're talking about irreplacable engineers here, just your average techie guys you can find all the world over.
My point is that these West-catering service jobs that eastern europeans and balts are doing after the fall of USSR are in serious dangers of being undercut by both cheaper Third World labour and Automation. And they can't go back to manufacturing to their decrepit age and all the youths fleeing to Germany. So what are these pro-West slavic and baltic countries going to do then?


File: 1675279996807.png (404.95 KB, 717x717, ClipboardImage.png)


It's just not cinema unfortunately


Sure, but it's not just Amerikkkans. It's all of the West, since the end of WW2. "Historians" especially, because they uncritically believed all the nonesense, the captured and later rehabilitated Nazi generals told them about the war.


Well, it's one of the main American culture/propaganda exports.

Even the USSR had a similar problem when the series about Stirlitz which focused on the Nazi leadership aired, and spawned a small subculture of "memorabilia fans" because they seemed cool. Of course it's way worse with American movies which tend not to have the same nuance as Stirlitz.


Yeah but it's not just cinema, western historiography of the USSR is just Goebbels with the antisemitism toned down.


Want KKE the based party and all others revesionist or is it the dengist type of communism were socdems are to the left of stalin


What happened to "if there's 10 people at the table, and 1 of them is a nazi, there's 10 nazis at the table"?
We gonna give a pass to orgs that employ nazis as long as they're not 100% nazi?
Ukrainian government should get a pass by the same logic then.


>Cuckrainian flag
National flags are nazi now? Then every country is nazi, including the RF.
>Blood and soil banner/scarf
>Stahlhelm LARPing
Looks like a regular helmet to me. It's not even grey


There is no evidence Wagner is political, unlike the nationalist volunteer army the Ukrainian state depended on after the Maidan coup and the partial collapse of the Ukrainian army and police in Donbass/Crimea.

What you're talking about is a principle applied to right wing political protests such as the Canadian trucker occupation.

The false equivalency about nazis is part of European disinfo meant to discredit the threat faced by Donbass since 2014. One side in this conflict wants ethnic supremacy to keep a nation together, the other wants self-determination that allows both ethnicities to live at peace.


>Ukrainian government should get a pass by the same logic then.
It shouldn't because it explicitly allows nazis to have ideological/political influence. This is what's key. Otherwise we'd have to disavow nearly every military force in the world because they're guaranteed to have some skinhead retards worm their way in just because they're obsessed with violence. Even the Kurds had some sus people fighting for them if I'm not mistaken.


Kringe Kuckold Empire is the opposite of based if anything.


no er um but you s-see russia is nazi too just because okayy, please ignore the fact that even nazis in high positions dont hold any real power in russia


>we'd have to disavow nearly every military force in the world
Sounds like a deal to me.

Why the fuck would I, as a leftist, not disavow the armies of nationalist bourgrois states?


Was he in azovstal and exchanged? I barely remember his face.
I saw some exchanged azvostal azovites have died in Artyomovsk. nazis won't learn.


Sounds like a whole bunch of cope.


Least imperialist ukraine supporter


That includes various guerrillas and armies of besieged anti-imperialist states like Syria as well


>National flags are nazi now?
For the Cuckrainian one, yes, because historically it has always been used by Nazis. Cuckrainian nationalists were always explicitly Nazis.
First photo >>1352618 the scarf on top of the shelf
>Looks like a regular helmet to me.
You are clearly arguing in bad faith. I don't buy it that you can't recognise the infamous Stahlhelm
>It's not even grey
Yes, it is. Are you colour-blind?

Kys, gaslighting Nazi apologist.


Difference is Wagner has killed 100x more nazis than they ever had in their midst


File: 1675281751501.jpg (175.24 KB, 798x820, leftist evolution.jpg)

>Sounds like a whole bunch of cope
dont worry, you're only still halfway there.


>Sounds like a whole bunch of cope.
Back to Reddit.


Nazis kill each other all the time, so what.
Who was more based, the italians or the germans when they turned on each other in WW2?


Ah sweet, another episode of "LE BOTH SIDES!!!11!!" retardation!



First picture should be enough: >>1352628
Source me.

I remember the got who deflected from the wagner to finland (was it finland), and the discussion around is that the guy was nazi (in the orchestra telegram channel)


You're right, that's clearly a stahlhelm.
The lighting threw me off. Yeah, he's a Nazi/sympathizer.
But the scarf just says "glory to ukraine". Generic. Unremarkable.

>Cuckrainian nationalists were always explicitly Nazis.

As opposed to nationalists of every other country? Are russian nationalists explicitly tsarist? Remember, ussr wasn't russia.


>What happened to "if there's 10 people at the table, and 1 of them is a nazi, there's 10 nazis at the table"?
>We gonna give a pass to orgs that employ nazis as long as they're not 100% nazi?
Yes. Because we're not infantile retards who cherry pick who to "support" based on if they have people we like or dont like. Because by that metric might as well oppose Russia because it is "bourgoise" therefore le bad and evil. Wagner is just a private military company, it's not a political force, it's useful because it's an attack dog against imperialism.
>Ukrainian government should get a pass by the same logic then.
It's absolutely not the same logic retard, the banderite nazi forces in Ukraine are not only integrated within the military forces but are politically active. Whereas in Wagner there are nazis across the board in the rankings, they hold no political authority and their power does not rise above the Russian statehood. Regardless of any personal nazi ideology or beliefs, they serve the Russian state above all.
On the other hand, the Ukronazis have infiltrated every level of military and government. They serve themselves and their ideology above all.


>neo-imperialist glow image
Mao Zedong has nothing to do with bourgeois tailism and "AES" stanning, contemporary China isn't socialist and doesn't claim to have arrived at socialism, look up the meaning of the word "preliminary", actually read Marx, your baseless memeinformed posturing is transparent for all to see


Look up the meaning of the word "Primary", actually read Marx.


File: 1675282800841.png (1.03 MB, 800x600, ClipboardImage.png)

The musicians, now literally instead of just figuratively


>nazis are good as long as they serve the state
Dang, that's like, every nazi ever.


File: 1675282903155.jpg (67.85 KB, 1171x748, lmao.jpg)

You seem to hold the German ideologist misconception that communism is a "state of affairs" to be achieved, and that a state has their socialism switch flicked on and off based on whether they have X Y Z institutions or policies implemented or not. You are literally hold 19th century german ideologist mentality.
As for China, they are still under control of the dictatorship of the proletariat. The CPC has never relinquished control since 1949. They are focused on the 21st century, not the 19th. That's all that actually matters, not your infantile buzzwords. Next time care to communicate like a normal well-rounded person instead of the 🤓 emoji?


That's what SPD thought about freikorps. That's what liberals think about nazis in ukraine.


Was the chain-gang rapist bandit slaver Makhno not "good" for disrupting White movement's supply chains and forgagers at the beginning of the Russian civil war?
Until his usefuless dried up. Dang, that's like, every anarchist ever.


imagine rehashing the "wagner = russian azov" argument in 2023


>by that metric might as well oppose Russia because it is "bourgoise"
Why the scare quotes?
It is a bourgrois nation state.
Wait, I thought we were leftists here, we're supposed to be against the bourgeoisie, remember?


nazism in ukraine is not at the freikorps level, it is very intertwined. the 'idea of a nation' is the core value of ukrainian nationalism.


File: 1675283301923.png (449.54 KB, 679x680, ClipboardImage.png)

Now, it's a scientific fact by now that the trauma from Vietnam War is what created the demographics of autogynephilia in the United States. Does this mean that the invasion will create a transgender banderite reformist movement in a few decades?


>the 'idea of a nation' is the core value of ukrainian nationalism
As opposed to every other instance of nationalism?


Reads like some seething fed faggot, I'm going to guess it's from /k/ope.


>Wait, I thought we were leftists here, we're supposed to be against the bourgeoisie, remember?
When you say "the bourgoisie" you aren't talking about anything concrete, you are speaking of an abstraction, in which national borders are liquidated and all bourgeois of all nations are identical to each other.
The Russian national bourgoise are absolutely a progressive force in the face of imperialism right now. Again, which is why >>1352665 all of the successful communist parties support Russia. You want to know why communists support Russia (a dictatorship of bourgois)? Ask Stalin.
>The same must be said of the revolutionary character of national movements in general. The unquestionably revolutionary character of the vast majority of national movements is as relative and peculiar as is the possible revolutionary character of certain particular national movements. The revolutionary character of a national movement under the conditions of imperialist oppression does not necessarily presuppose the existence of proletarian elements in the movement, the existence of a revolutionary or a republican programme of the movement, the existence of a democratic basis of the movement. The struggle that the Emir of Afghanistan is waging for the independence of Afghanistan is objectively a revolutionary struggle, despite the monarchist views of the Emir and his associates, for it weakens, disintegrates and undermines imperialism; whereas the struggle waged by such "desperate" democrats and "Socialists," "revolutionaries" and republicans as, for example, Kerensky and Tsereteli, Renaudel and Scheidemann, Chernov and Dan, Henderson and Clynes, during the imperialist war was a reactionary struggle, for its results was the embellishment, the strengthening, the victory, of imperialism. For the same reasons, the struggle that the Egyptians merchants and bourgeois intellectuals are waging for the independence of Egypt is objectively a revolutionary struggle, despite the bourgeois origin and bourgeois title of the leaders of Egyptian national movement, despite the fact that they are opposed to socialism; whereas the struggle that the British "Labour" Government is waging to preserve Egypt's dependent position is for the same reason a reactionary struggle, despite the proletarian origin and the proletarian title of the members of the government, despite the fact that they are "for" socialism. There is no need to mention the national movement in other, larger, colonial and dependent countries, such as India and China, every step of which along the road to liberation, even if it runs counter to the demands of formal democracy, is a steam-hammer blow at imperialism, i.e., is undoubtedly a revolutionary step.


>As opposed to every other instance of nationalism?
nationalism has different forms, religious nationalism, cultural nationalism, political nationalism,chaste nationalism, even a small combination of everything, to name a few, but 'idea of a nation is based on blood purity, race superiority over other races, and 100% nazi-based nationalism.



File: 1675283522441.mp4 (1.28 MB, 640x360, leave britney alone.mp4)

>in a few decades


More like Americans will go there to form it
Leftists act like opposing the Russian bouj means being very upset any time the Western bouj doesn't win


it occurred to me. Is Russia currently only fighting at the parts that got partitioned in September? If yes, isn't it probable that they will stop at the new borders?

also, what other important has happened lately? Not following


>we need America to be passive agressive against a country with a tenth of their power to support a country America is spending less than 5% of their defense budget to protect


Stalin and Lenin WERE wrong, because they based their understandings of the bourgeoise class on the unfounded premise of the "national bourgeoisie". But the truth is there are no national bourgeoisie or comprador bourgeoisie, the capitalist class are united in their class consciousness and will not go to war to weaken each other.


>If yes, isn't it probable that they will stop at the new borders?
No. Russia capturing every last piece of dirt of the new annexed regions won't make the Ukrops magically stop attacking. They'll need to pull of a successful Kiev offensive to end the conflict if the Ukrops don't surrender before that.


File: 1675283878842.jpeg (28.3 KB, 720x456, X9hENEX.jpeg)


File: 1675283908202.jpg (80.23 KB, 640x539, 1465683261057.jpg)

Hey that's pretty good


Oh, so there's good kinds of nationalism now, good to know.

Out of curiosity, is there any phenomenon that's NOT justifiable for the sake of multipolarity?
Just doing a little falsifiability test here.


>But the truth is there are no national bourgeoisie or comprador bourgeoisie, the capitalist class are united in their class consciousness and will not go to war to weaken each other.
>what is Iraq? Lybia? Ukraine?
>bourgoise totally no infighting guise, the deepstate controls all sides1!!!! the freemasons and longnoses control all sides, the wejs hold all the true power!


>Oh, so there's good kinds of nationalism now, good to know.
tankanon posted a good link so you can enlightene yourself >>1352760.


We don't know what the Kremlim really wants. For example, before the invasion Putin said they would be there to liberate the Donbass separatists, not make a referendum that would include the Donbass and areas outside of it to join the RF


>the capitalist class are united in their class consciousness and will not go to war to weaken each other
Capitalists aren't one big entity that cooperates with each othe rall the time. Each different group of them is interested in increasing their profits, which will eventually result in having to beat their other capitalist competitors to get their wealth.
You can see it now with US capitalist fucking over German and other EU capitalists, not to mention that the purpose of this war is to break down the Russian capitalists who don't want to cooperate with the West like the ones Yeltsin put into power.

Just as there can be in-fighting between the proletariat, so too can there be in-fighting between capitalists.


So the Communist party of Cuba is no lobger a successful communist party, good to know


>Oh, so there's good kinds of nationalism now, good to know.
Have you even read a sinngle piece of theory at all? Of course nationalism can be progressive. Like the nationalist movements that were fighting against European monarchies, or the vast majority of anti-colonial nationalist movements across the global South.


File: 1675284277915.webm (1.04 MB, 640x360, unironically.webm)

I love how despite everything, /ukraine/ is still the best place to discuss this war on the whole Internet.


>quoting stalin
Guy was a good ruler.
Not the best marxist

Quote Lenin or fuck off.


Stalin was a subjectivist and told communists to tail bourgeois nationalists dogmatically. PRC would not have been possible were it not for Mao and the CPC to ignore Stalin's ignorant advice to tail their """progressive""" bourgeoisie. Of course right-wing deviationists like you cherry-pick the worst from Stalin (not his central planning, anti-Bukharinism and domestic campaigns of cultural revolution to rid the country of their equivalent of Confucianism!) to justify your own dirigist bourgeois aspirations. You rats like you would not survive Stalin, as you are far worse than Bukharinites.


File: 1675284327699.jpg (Spoiler Image, 58.03 KB, 888x894, 1621011771772.jpg)

>Oh, so there's good kinds of nationalism now
Honestly. Based on how little western marxists know about human society, history and the world as a whole. It's no surprise you have no real movement in the west. You will never tap into the roots of your own national realities. Westoids deserve all they get


Shoo trot.


Not really, it's stagnant and Fidel's kids made mistakes.


Yes, he was. As the person in charge of actually implementing communist policies, Stalin is better qualified than Lenin. Material reality > theory.


Can be.
They can also be regressive.

Hypothetically, would a feudal monarchy be progressive if it happened to be politically opposed to western hegemony?


>Capitalists aren't one big entity that cooperates with each othe rall the time.
Wtf do you think the WEF is huh?
>Iraq and Libya
Both Iraq and Libya were AES
The war in Ukraine was not started nor is it being fought by "nationalist bourgeoisie" elements. In fact, the Russian capitalist class (with the consent of Cucktin) seems to be content with trading resources with the same West that is arming nazis against them. Can you imagine Jugashvili trading with Hitler at the same time that SS bandits and Hiwis were raping people to death in Belarus?


Cuba supports Russia dude.


Why are you wasting your time replying in this thread when you could donate to your communist vanguard instead: Infrafed?


>Material reality > theory.
That's funny to hear, because the material reality is a bourgeois nation state going to war against a bourgeois nation state, and all the cope about multipolarity is pure theory.


>russian telegram celebrated him from the start
hell no they dont! they were quoting korybko from the beginning.


>1917 is pure theory
Yeah, that about sums up NATOuyghur's dread at watching their empire decay.


Lenin has the same beliefs of nationalism. Is nationalism bad always? When used by the bourgeoisie to control a nation and attack other nations, yes. 'Idea of a nation' is rooted in imperialism (Spanish use of race, first empire to use that) used a chaste system where only 'los blancos peninsulares' were superior (had access to top political positions or sent to study to Madrid) while the rest was inferior, and never allowed to be on top, hence that nationalism is garbage.
The kuomintang nationalism wanted to get back all the territories lost by Qing dynasties during the 19th century. That was progressive. It was good because the CPC could work on a common ground to de-colonize China from japan, them from europe.

Just to put an example.


File: 1675284900236.jpg (166.99 KB, 500x500, BothSides.jpg)


File: 1675284916054.gif (1.49 MB, 1200x1173, trotcraft.gif)

>PRC would not have been possible were it not for Mao and the CPC to ignore Stalin's ignorant advice to tail their """progressive""" bourgeoisie
But they didn't need to do that in the first place fucking idiot. They had no industrial bourgoise to begin with they, were almost totally an agrarian peasant shithole. They built everything themselves, thanks to great achievements later on too like reform and opening up for one. And don't pretend any petty bourgoise made up any significant sphere of the economy in any way.
Keep writing more buzzwords see where that will get you, another icepick to the head so you're dead for good next time hopefully.


Way to expose your bankrupt familiarity with Stalin's great contribution to Marxism. all posts made by you henceforth are discredited


Ah, I see tge problem, it seems your material reality is around a century past its expiration date, you should go to the store and grab a fresh one.

Speaking of progressive forces, turning the clock a century back doesn't seem progressive to me, rather the opposite. Regressive, even.


We are in this weird paradox right now, in which everyone who doesn't inform themselves through Reddit knows that Ukraine is slowly sinking, but at the same time the UA Government and their agitators can't accept a ceasefire or negotiations or else they would lose their America gibs, and the more money and weapons that are thrown to them means 50k more casualties for the next counter offensive, when what they really need is a stalemate in which they will be publicly seething and dialating at Russia occupying a small part of their territory, while they receive billions in reconstruction bucks for the parts of the country who actually love Stepan Bandera. Basically supporting Ukraine means forcing them to continue to pretend that they can win, while hurting themselves


Stalin admited his initial policy toward China was a mistake and took responsability for his actions after Mao's victory.


>that about sums up [bourgeois reshuffling]
Don't forget to vote really revolutionarilly for one of the two parties again in four years too Billy LOL


No matter what you can't hand-wave away national realities. Nations are OBJECTIVE. Shut the fuck up cosmopolitan degenerate. Grow some roots


File: 1675285175537.png (657.38 KB, 1284x1118, ClipboardImage.png)


We went from
'All nationalism is bad'
'Go support haz' in short time.


>Nations are OBJECTIVE
Are you sure you're not a liberal?


nations are real, countries and borders are not.


Love how the USSR stopped the Chinese revolution by handing all of Manchuria and tons of captured Japanese weaponary over to the CPC in that region.


fucking booklet burgers, i swear
>go to google maps
>turn on satellite view
>see borders with my own eyes
<N-NOT R-REAL!!!!!!!!!


File: 1675285396069.jpg (146.04 KB, 1280x720, 1344862995698.jpg)

>inter-imperialist infighting won't weaken imperialist states and allow a revolution through, like before
>because… because… it's out of date, and I said so
>no, I'm not going to update anything


>nations are real,
Literally invented by the bourgeoisie in the 19th century.
Read a book.



>Bot on Twitter said thing :OOOOOOOOO


File: 1675285568096.jpeg (43.21 KB, 482x318, Fn2b9qEXwAA5Z4T.jpeg)

Ah, fake drama. The best drama one can ask for.

Anyway. To illustrate more about somo progressive nationalism.
The land of the Pole today had a rally where it was asked to stop the escalation of the war in the neighborhood. And one of the chants was 'stop americanization of Poland'.


again, fucking booklet burgers
Nations weren't "invented". Nations developed with capitalism surpassing feudalism. Then the bourgeois intelligentsia justified and ideologically propagated it's existence.

Also, fire, electricity, cooking – all of these were invented. Guess that makes them not real.


>Wtf do you think the WEF is huh?
What do you think salmon mating season is for bears when they all come to the river and cooperate in catching fish? But then when the mating season ends the bears all fuck off into the woods and start killing each other again?
Do you know how life works or are you unironically parroting nazi conspiracies about how all bourgoise in the world are secretly working together just because of annual WEF meetings? Nevermind the countless wars happening RIGHT NOW, just because the imperialists have international meetings means all wars are fake right?
>Can you imagine Jugashvili trading with Hitler at the same time that SS bandits and Hiwis were raping people to death in Belarus?
Can you imagine the fact that Jugashvili was still sending significant amounts of critical raw materials necessary for Hitler's future war efforts, such as petroleum, grain, rubber and manganese, all up until operation Barbarossa?
The Ukraine war isn't by any metric operation Barbarossa yet, come back when NATO becomes directly involved and attemps a land invasion or something, idiot.


>Manchuria to CPC
They actually didn't. They handed it to KMT, like a good boy on the geopol stage. Then the KMT, corrupt af, and hungry for loot, bumrushed it, and torpedoed its economy in the process, discrediting itself and building support for CPC.


Cooking was invented but the fire and electricity were discovered. Things burned before men existed.


Wait, weaken?
I thought russia was going to get stronger instead.

So is russia getting sttonger, thus making a revolution in its territory less likely, or is it growing weaker as a result of the conflict?
Which one is it?


Yes, Russia is being weakened. Not at the rate the West is, but weakened none-the-less.


Lmao I posted one Haz speech.


You know what I meant. The taming or technique of using them were invented.


File: 1675285960265.mp4 (15.93 MB, 1280x720, 01.02.2023_IMR_USA.mp4)

US military-industrial complex might be a paper tiger. The socio-economic problems of the US might be a boomering for making bold statements about Ukraine.


tbf Lenin didn't actually say this and did in fact spill a lot of ink dunking on Kautsky


>Sounds like a whole bunch of cope
Then you should have no problem discussing it. I've had this discussion a million times since 2014.


>Nations weren't "invented". Nations developed with capitalism surpassing feudalism
Was the development driven by humans of a particular class perchance?
Because development driven by humans is kind of the literal definition of " invention", retard.

"The rafio wasn't invented, it developed" - by whom, retard?


>They handed it to KMT,


And KMT functionaries went to Manchuria. Officially. And looted the factories to the point they stopped working. Officially.


>There is no evidence Wagner is political
but but but American bourgeois media told me they were nazis and my favorite succdem influencers on twitter immediately agreed!


Damn, how much weaker will it have to get until a communist revolution spontaneously matetialises?


File: 1675286191648.png (291.52 KB, 680x337, ClipboardImage.png)

>Are you sure you're not a liberal?
Atleast now you've revealed that you have no clue about nations and nationalism. The only marxists, in my experience, that are prejudiced against nationalism are the illiterate and uneducated ones who originated as liberals, who were originally programmed by the liberal academia to define "nationalism" as synomyous with "reactionary". Therefore the only liberal here is you. Do you think national self-determination means "domination over other nations" or something?
Keep denying national self-determination of people and then stay wondering like a retard why western marxists like you don't have any real movement in the west. Read Marxism and the National Question by Stalin. Natiaonlism was already considered a given by Lenin, Marx, Engels, and just about everybody else.


the "left" in burgeria is getting shown up by the right. pathetic


So who invented capitalism, you big brained retard?


the prophecy is coming true bros im telling you


Check the global casualties of WW1 and WW2.


>Ukraine is a bourgoise nation state!
>also what is imperialism?
>Russia is a bourgoise nation state!
>also what is anti-imperialism?
>what are primary contradictions in the word today?
>what is marxism?


I agree, I hope you also support Ukrainian nationalism and self determination too, same as Russian.


>But the scarf just says "glory to ukraine". Generic. Unremarkable.
This is the Banderite chant.
Also red and black, which stands for Blood and Soil, which is Ukronazi symbolism, you buffoon!

>As opposed to nationalists of every other country?

Yes, because they always acted like Nazis, seeking Nazi policies, like murdering thousands of domestic and Polish Jews for example.

Read the OP and shut the fuck up, until you're done.


So do they expect Ukraine to navally invade, or force the river or somehow reverse the push from Zaporozhye?

>just win, lmao


The first and foremost enemy of any communist is imperialism, if the national bourgeoise of their country is currently positioned against imperialism, the communist party must make a strategic alliance with this bourgeoise. Or should for example Afghan and Libyan communists ally with the US agains their national bourgeoise, since you claim that the national bourgeoise is the first and foremost enemy? You functionally are doing NATO's cognitive warfare divison's work for free, you know that?


>We went from
>'All nationalism is bad'
Just because you have split personality disorder doesn't make your retarded opinion any more popular


>I agree, I hope you also support Ukrainian nationalism and self determination too, same as Russian

Ukrainian nationalism is constructed on oppression and therefore not a form of self determination, but (ethnic) supremacy.


Ukraine is imperialist, but the rival imperial power is anti imperialist? That's some heavy theory.

When italy and germany attacked each other in ww2, which one of tbem was impetialist, snd which one sbti-impetialist.

Was every empire in the 19th century simtaneously anti-imperialist?


oppression is one of the most important impetuses for establishing self-determination


>nations are "invented" actually, I think it's possible to "invent" such things because I am a voluntarist idealist who thinks that historical change occurs when man consciously acts upon the world, and that ideas have primacy over reality! Napoleon literally invented civilization personally!
>read a book! I won't say which one!
I will tell you which one. You can start with J. V. Stalin's Marxism and the National Question, which wipes the floor with your retarded claim. https://www.marxists.org/reference/archive/stalin/works/1913/03a.htm


>"a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture"
This is an "invention" according to brainlets itt. This whole discussion would not be happening if you people were aware that nation and nation-state are not synonyms. A nation-state is a country, a nation is the above quote. Nations can be stateless, but all countries require the state part of nation-state.


>a semi-colony fighting for independence from us imperialism is "the rival imperial power"


Ukraine is attempting to unite its state and ruling class via ethnic supremacy over Russians, which dovetailed with the struggle to unite the states and ruling classes of the entire imperial core via European supremacy over Russia. These are forms of oppression that Russians must struggle for independence from, which is why they are accelerating decolonization and its multipolar conclusion.


Russia good. Anglos bad. Don't really care about communism/imperialism. Simple as.


nations are not "invented" but they are imagined communities.


based honest zigga


Thank you, /chug/ FC


Ukrainian nationalism is one of those types like Georgian, Latvian or Finnish that only developed after the rise of socialism and proletarian revolution. It has no democratic content.


File: 1675287137682.png (676.57 KB, 1095x1200, ClipboardImage.png)


i thought it was well known that the US military industrial complex was a money laundering scheme.


I guess the thought was that it was a somewhat lethal money laundering scheme.


File: 1675287348617.png (915 B, 120x120, lel.png)

Russia is a shithole with high abortion rates and meth usage
anglo is however worse


File: 1675287372836.jpg (87.75 KB, 564x594, qw2f5wir7mq31.jpg)

>common language
>economic life
You rwalize all these had to be centrally forcefully homogenized to form nations, right?

Literally believing in the naturality of nations, fucking liberal


they've just gaslit themselves so much with the 'ukraine victory' narrative they're just delusional now. also, nobody wants to admit they were wrong so they just keep doubling down and swilling hopium.


It turns out the "Russia needs chips for its rockets that it doesn't have, so they will run out" was projection all along, and it's stinging US more than it does Russia.


As opposed to russian nationalism?

By that logic tsarism is the only form of russian nationalism with drmocratic content lmao


A russian cold rob me blind on the spot while threatening me with an AK, and I'd still trust him more than a backstabbing anglo.


It is lethal to people they already bombed the fuck out of 30 years ago.
The us's military doctorine is entirely about bullying the fuck out of people from across the pond and wrangling canada


That's the definition Stalin used, and I'm pretty sure he is not a liberal.


actually wait a minute, what the fuck is ukraine doing with all those munitions the US is giving them?


File: 1675287706789.png (16.5 KB, 474x316, ClipboardImage.png)

>I agree, I hope you also support Ukrainian nationalism and self determination too, same as Russian.
You know what? I actually do. Just the sort not based in Galician chauvinism, russophobia and anti-communism. The sort not based in CIA-run fascist programs which led to the rise of Stepan Bandera.
I support Ukrainian nationalism of the sort of Taras Shevcheko, who wanted national determination for his people against the degenerate rule of the Romanov dynasty, who were debt slave cucks to French bankers. I support Ukrainian nationalism of the sort of Vladimir Lenin, who helped Ukraine forge their own first proper Ukrainian state institutions based in their own people, not the cosmopolitan bourgeois experiment called the "Ukrainian People's Republic". Monarchist chauvinists in Russia today like to deny the history of Ukrainian ethnogenesis and claim everything at the end of the day is still "Russian", which is exactly the type of Romanovite propaganda Lenin and Stalin struggled and warned against.


Using them up. The US isn't actually giving them that much. (for the needs of a conventional war)


All of those spoke a subclass of French, practicing a subclass of French culture.
Pretending all of those cultures are completely divorced from each other and have no common ground that unites them (aka the French culture and language) is retarded.


Out of curiosity where is "ClipboardImage.png" coming from? Where in Windows is this generated?


File: 1675287837031.png (3.82 MB, 2560x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

Human waves tactics. All these munitons and weapons are sent for the express purpose of being destroyed, for the western MIC to keep getting endless funding to make next generation versions like the Abrams X.
Ukraine today is a weapons testing site.


You can ctrl+v images into the attachment box, it's better than saving useless shit to my local drive that I won't ever use outside of this one post in this one thread


I have become convinced that most of the news regarding Russian and Ukraine are pure projection. Like the level that they just swap the names in a report depending the way it serves the selected narrative and they get and report that as news.


>oppression is one of the most important impetuses for establishing self-determination

Exactly, there is no self determination built on supremacy. That is self enslavement that makes the world cannibalize itself and gives us common ruin for all. The oppressor reproduces history to the detriment of all and the oppressed abolishes history to the benefit of all.

The question of oppression and reproduction of history lets us tease out the progressive and reactionary side in Ukraine, who is struggling to abolish a historical condition and who is fighting to maintain it. Abolishing these conditions expands class-sorting forces and maintaining them does the opposite.

The struggle of Ukraine for self determination is just a struggle to hold together a state, which has dovetailed with a struggle to unite and preserve the imperial core. It's not a struggle of the people. The struggle of Donbass and Crimea is a struggle to emancipate a people on the national basis they are targeted and declassed, which solves the national question for both Ukrainians and Russians.

This is why the issue of Donbass autonomy exposed a lot. It showed that self determination of Ukrainians had nothing to do with the people but the state, unless you believe the people only be free if they stop Russians from being free. That's exactly the logic NATO slid into, which is why Russia is justifiably at war with it.


You can drag-and-drop an image straight into Quick Reply, btw. Or paste a web link to an image into the File Name line, if you clicky.


>There is no evidence Wagner is political
everything is political. especially men who kill for money, and who are members of a private corporation named after the most antisemitic composer. But they've recently taken to countering US hegemony for money, so that makes them anti-imperialists for hire (and not opportunists) (allegedly)


When you say Ukrainian nationalism you mean how it manifests itself today, as a chauvinistic tool of imperialism instead of actually legitimate national self-determination?


>But they've recently taken to countering US hegemony for money, so that makes them anti-imperialists for hire
African nations like Burkina Faso and CAR are hiring them to counter the French funded insurgents.


Damn, even the ones who spome a getmanic dialect?
Wow, fascinating


>When you say Ukrainian nationalism you mean how it manifests itself today, as a chauvinistic tool of imperialism instead of actually legitimate national self-determination?
Yes exactly. Ukrainian nationalism can have a progressive character, we've seen it before. Bolshevism intersected with it.


File: 1675288132395.png (84.94 KB, 820x485, 1344177706900.png)

They are memers first and foremost. Western Media said "Wagner" was the private PMC made up of Neo-Nazis that Putin used as his personal guard. That did not exist. Then they said "Wagner" was actually a network of PMCs. That did not exist, either. Now the Russians actually created a PMC and named it Wagner.


Ghey epic trolled the west by validating tgeir claims?
Epic trole


>Ukrainian nationalism you mean how it manifests itself today, as a chauvinistic tool of imperialism instead of actually legitimate national self-determination
That's how it always manifested, it's never had any democratic content and the working class in Soviet Ukraine defeated the nationalist Petliuraites.


Nazi Germany literally was a western project gone out of control. Italy was nothing but a vassal of the Nazis from 1922. Are you referring to the Nazis attacking the Italian resistance or what the fuck are you on about?
If you want to understand imperialism and why it's the primary contradiction in the world today, start with Lenin's book, and work forwards from there.


>That's how it always manifested, it's never had any democratic content and the working class in Soviet Ukraine defeated the nationalist Petliuraites.
What do you think Borotbists are? Lenin wrote about the progressive content of the national consciousness of the Ukrainian peasantry

What has consisted twisted that consciousness into something reactionary has been appealing to the European character of that peasantry, which both the Nazis and now the liberal-imperialists are doing.


File: 1675288341949.png (196.35 KB, 1144x3700, ukraine thread.png)

Anyone else here on /leftypol/ the day the invasion started, have nothingburgercels ever been more btfo




File: 1675288354708.jpg (44.13 KB, 612x596, 1564686207270.jpg)

>the French assimilated the few germanic cultures bordering the germanic-speaking countries, therefore that disproves there being a common connection between the non-germanic French cultures


File: 1675288383678.mp4 (10.61 MB, 1280x720, tim osman.mp4)

oh shit for real? so it's like an al qaeda situation? the US media called it Al Qaeda before Osama Bin Laden did


>Or paste a web link to an image into the File Name line
What? Explain


The kinds of chips that the most advanced missiles need are literally the same chips found in voodoo graphics chips from the 90s, which any bourgoise asshole with a factory can produce


get his ass!!!!!


it's based that Burkina Faso and CAR are kicking out the frogs, and I don't even care if Wagner's helping them, but I seriously doubt a bunch of men who kill for money are doing it out of some sort of principled anti-imperialism. Of course you will all tell me that the means don't matter and only the ends do. Which I agree, so whatever. Would be a shame though if there were some long term negative ramifications of all these countries (including America) resorting to private armies. I hope Wagner never ends up doing the equivalent of what blackwater did in Iraq


>just because things happened that means they aren't real!
>actually all borders are fake and Spanish people are identical to Ethiopian people because they just are okay sweaty


to be fair nothingburgercels win 99% of time. the general trend is for things to stay boring but get incrementally worse. le HAPPENINGS are rare


>That's how it always manifested, it's never had any democratic content and the working class in Soviet Ukraine defeated the nationalist Petliuraites.
As opposed to russian nationalism?

By that logic tsarism is the only form of russian nationalism with drmocratic content lmao


When you click upload (anywhere on the Internet, really) and you're given an Explorer window where you can select a file to upload, you can paste a web link to a file on the Internet into the File Name line, and it will work. You do click on the "Select/drop/paste files here" like a button, right?


Wait, you .ean they weren't frencb snd then became french?
Wow, I wo der what other people weren't french and then became french.

Ah, nah, france existed since the dawn of time :)


Stop drunkposting and go to bed.


>some cultures going extinct means that there is no common connection between cultures that are currently alive and replaced those old ones
keep trying, anon


Scratch a multipolarist abd a nationalist bleeds


lol how old is this, this has been like every thread since I arrived


File: 1675288970321.png (2.04 MB, 1600x2133, ClipboardImage.png)

>Yes, I'm a multipolarista and Yugoslav nationalist, how could you tell?


Yep, there isn't.
The "connection" you think you have to people from 500 years ago is just libshit ideology, sorry


>wagner came into existence because the most important people in the world, BURGERS, said it existed

wow, burgers literally have the power to manifest their imagination into reality. they are truly a power to be reckoned with


you sound like a SJW bleeding heart cuck
Just accept this is how reality works dude its not hard


faved and retweeted, Comrade! 😀


You're saying your file manager is connected to the internet?? That seems like a huge security risk
t. GNU/Linux user, not even something as bloated as GNOME's Files come with that


I think, like two months after the war start?


File: 1675289114891.png (364.25 KB, 452x500, ClipboardImage.png)

Bretons are literally Celtic.
And you're wrong, there was no dominant dialect that defined a "French language" until the northerners started forcing the Parisian dialect on the southerners and everyone else including other langue d'oil speakers, which they enforce to this day using the national academy

This is like if Tito forced everyone in Yugoslavia to speak Kajkavian


*ominously returns to lurking*


No one was talking about having a connectiong with old cultures from the past. I am talking about the common connection cultures inside a nation share.
This is like the 5th time you keep trying to move the goal post.


File: 1675289162627.png (290.04 KB, 500x500, ClipboardImage.png)

I audibly giggled at this like a 5 year old. This isn't the own you think this is.
Glory to all nations of the world. There is no internationalism without nationalism. The best kind of iernationalists are very nationalistic.
I wouldn't expect a retarded, worthless American to understand.


Nah, it just automates the process of saving an image from the Internet to your PC and then reuploading it.


My man, you're map is showing multiple groups of cultures that shared a common connection with to get grouped in together by historians.
The group from the north assimilated the group in the south, yes. Now after centuries, both north and south are one group and share the same common connection.


Interesting points:
>It's been decided long ago that Leopard 2s would be sent to Cuckraine. Media spectacle was just a smoke screen
>Ukronazi units have been trained for these tanks already for months in NATO countries
>They will likely start appearing in less than a month on the front
>Cuckraine can't repair nor maintain this NATO equipment, and will have to rely on Pooland to do it for them, since its safe from Russian Kalibration. I.e. sending everything back and forth for thousands of kilometres at a time.
<Russias is still not destroying the railway network, due to Cucktin
>The Leopards' effectiveness will mostly depend if Ukronazis can use then properly or not. The correct doctrine.
>Cuckraine apparently captured 500 Russian tanks
<LMAO what?
>Although, most are unusable and are cannibalised for parts


File: 1675289263158.png (2.79 MB, 816x4801, Dengism_Elder_Scroll.png)

>there are no national bourgeoisie or comprador bourgeoisie
not true at all. national bourgeoisie develop capital for the imperial core. Comprador bourgeoisie develop capital for the nation. Comprador bourgeoisie keeps development of imperial periphery slow and asymmetrical by serving the interests of the core. national bourgeoisie fulfill the historical task of setting up the material conditions for a socialist revolution to occur. Vanguard parties in the imperial periphery have historically achieved the task of the national bourgeoisie by kicking out compradors and rapidly developing productive forces. This makes ultras angry because "muh dengism"and such, but in the long term it was progressive, because even if they didn't build socialism as it was assumed to exist in theory, in practice they achieved a historical task, and they pushed forward material conditions closer to socialism.


I checked the date and it''s from March 14th lmao


File: 1675289295025.gif (18.56 KB, 148x125, 135660.gif)



>accept ideology as reality
Ok, liberal


>There is no internationalism without nationalism.
Huh, now that you mention it, I never truly thought about how nationalism is the prerequisite of internationalism, even though it's in its fucking name.


>are one group
Sure buddy, just like English-speaking Irish people are British and Cajuns and Hawaiians are Americans because they had their language beaten out of them.


>nothingburger is indeed a nothingburger
Thanks for clarifying


>three weeks, actually
Oof, yeah, the war caused a shitstorm here.


What is that "connection" you speak of?
Is it material, like class?
No? Then it's ideology, and thinking ideas are real makes you a liberal, sweety


>national bourgeoisie develop capital for the imperial core. Comprador bourgeoisie develop capital for the nation

i said this part backwards because i worked 12 hours


>Huh, now that you mention it, I never truly thought about how nationalism is the prerequisite of internationalism, even though it's in its fucking name
Marx once said regarding the polish question that internationalism means nothing if national self determination isn't achieved first

This is why ultras struggle with conditions in the periphery


File: 1675289520465.png (228.3 KB, 924x774, 1661348633107.png)


What will happen when Bakhmut falls? Will burgers start suspecting they are throwing money at the wrong horse?


Ah, my bad. Linguist and athropologists are just grouping cultures together randomly and not because they share similarities with each other, similarities out of which nations can be formed.
My bad, bro.


ultras also get confused when vanguard parties achieve the historical task of the (national, non-comprador) bourgeoisie by rapidly developing productive forces. They see that and they say "it's just capitalism with red paint." But they forget that it's a pre-requisite for Communism. They seethe when vanguard parties provide stewardship over developing economies and turn peasants into proles.


They have been suspecting it for months now, they simply don't back down because dragging the war on for as long as possible will mean more dead Russian soldiers, they don't care if 5 Ukrainians die per Russian killed.

As for Bakhmut, once it falls the road for Kramatorsk and Slavyansk lays wide open.




But we all know that "you won but you won with these casualties" is the loser's gigacope. Does the American public want to participate in this?


Ok but how does the russian worjing class benefit from any of this


You really don't know what ideology is if you think nationhood is ideology
I bet you think communism is an "ideology" too idiot


Dunno. I predicted total collapse of Ukrainian forces East of Dnipro, and start of invasion from Belarus to secure the Western bank of Dnipro.

Unless I mistook Ukrainian suicidal efforts of keeping Russia away from Kramatorsk-Slovyansk as evidence of lack of defenses there, when in reality they are just insane. (possible) Or Ukraine successfully evacuates is armor formations, as they are all still stuck there. (unlikely) Or Ukraine has prepared defenses elsewhere. (very unlikely)


Irish people weren't assimilated out of existence by the British. Them just speaking english isn't enough to make them part of the same group.
And there's also the fact that there can be multiple nations inside of a country. Like the many indigenous nations inside of the US and Canada.
Cajuns and Hawaiians could very well seced from the US and declare themselves their own nations.


Russia avoids the Yugoslav treatment from the West.


File: 1675289947772.jpg (20.71 KB, 500x500, phil.jpg)

>how does the russian working class benefit from not having NATO missiles and biolabs on its borders
>how does the donetsk working class benefit from not getting shelled Serb style every time they go down to the market?
This one's a thinker.


somethign about this guy is really off, can't quite put my finger on it


Petit bourgeois nationalists. While we're at it, so were the Makhnovites. Notice how modern Ukraine honours "left nationalists" like Hrushevsky or whatever it is and Makhno while furiously attacking actual communists like Shchors, Petrovsky and Timoshenko?


but the Kiev or Bakhmut working class gets shelled harder than the Donetsk working class, what do then


>liberal academic consensus is based when it validates my spooks


kiev has not been shelled more than donetsk and bakhmut wants to be liberated


go make a thread about nations if the concept makes you seethe so much. Yes, nation building inherited from feudal centralization, and eventually forcefully integrated everyone by breaking regional powers and languages. You can be unhappy things happened like that, but denying the people living now in a nation indeed share a culture, language, institutions and feel connected to each other as citizens of their nation is plainly retarded.


Name the material basis of your national identity challenge (impossible)


The Bolsheviks also crushed Russian nationalists so what's your point dickhead?


No, that's just state capitalist redfascism. You can't just build productive forces if everything around you was built under capitalism. True communism starts with protracted people's war in the jungle, where you must first destroy everything before achieving communism. All of the means of production must be razed to the ground and the country reversed to a paleolithic state before we can begin developing the first worker-controlled communes, and declare communism achieved, ✊😜!


I'm not denying it, just calling it what it is: false consciousness


Which Russian nationalists? The Bolsheviks already were an agglomeration of nationalists of every nation in Eastern Europe. Take the L on this one


File: 1675290365952.png (38.77 KB, 148x148, ClipboardImage.png)

Ask them, they are one of the most vocal and ardent supporters of the Special military operation.


Lol it happens


>True communism starts with protracted people's war in the jungle, where you must first destroy everything before achieving communism.
obvious troll. try to be more subtle next time Lear


The white guards, moron.
The Bolsheviks fought all the bourgeois nationalist reactionaries from Ukraine to Estonia and Mongolia to Georgia.


He's pro-Ukrainian, but he actually does the legwork to investigate, instead of believing Ukrainian claims. All guys like that are off.


Last i heard the western working class supports capitalism.
I guess multipolarists can be anything, nationalists, populists, opportunists.
The only thing they have trouble with is actual socialism


>liberals invented linguistics and anthropology
please stop being a retard


ok, you first


File: 1675290770446.jpg (7.75 KB, 176x176, channels4_profile.jpg)

>Name the material basis of your national identity challenge (impossible)
Ayo clown 🤡 I hear you dissin on nationalism or sum shit?? It's low-kew easy AF to define material realities of nationhood, on god. The nation deadass slaps, my book be bussin. Your libshit is mid tho FR FR, no cap.

>What is a nation? A nation is primarily a community, a definite community of people.
>Thus, a nation is not a racial or tribal, but a historically constituted community of people.
>Thus, a nation is not a casual or ephemeral conglomeration, but a stable community of people.
>Thus, a common language is one of the characteristic features of a nation.
>Thus, a common territory is one of the characteristic features of a nation.
>Thus, a common economic life, economic cohesion, is one of the characteristic features of a nation.
>Thus, a common psychological make-up, which manifests itself in a common culture, is one of the characteristic features of a nation.
>A nation is a historically constituted, stable community of people, formed on the basis of a common language, territory, economic life, and psychological make-up manifested in a common culture.
>It must be emphasized that none of the above characteristics taken separately is sufficient to define a nation. More than that, it is sufficient for a single one of these characteristics to be lacking and the nation ceases to be a nation.


We are talking about over 80 Leopards. It's not much, but not nothing either. Just another cut of the a thousand cuts the internally sabotaged Russian forces have to suffer. (Referring to Cucktin)
It will be another annoyance, they have to deal with, slowing down their progress, giving the Ukronazis more time to regroup and NATO more opportunities to escalate even further beyond. Fighter jets maybe?
NATO has still hundreds of Leopard 2s to spare. Some countries even willing to sacrifice entire mechanised units for Cuckraine like the Netherlands did. Not to mention other MBT and different shit.

This is not a nothingburger!


Literally did, dumbass.
There was this little thing called the enlightenment, you might've heard of it


Russia already got the Yugoslav treatment when the USSR collapsed. If anything Yugoslavia got the USSR treatment.

Also, even if Russia wins, I feel like the imperial core will continue to wage proxy wars. Isn't this one like the 4th in a quarter century? Weren't Chechnya, Georgia, Syria all essentially western-backed proxy wars against Russia?


Well, not Syria. And imperial core's success rate is dropping. Can't really shit the bed for too long in this game.

Feel free to check liberal plans for "post-war in Ukraine" Russia, if you feel like your blood pressure is too low.


So the reinnaisance historians who studied ancient Rome were liberals?


Damn, stalin was pretty dumb, huh.


Being a multipolarista means you support taking down the western unipolar rule and the establisment of multiple poles all around the world.
Socialists support multipolarity because it is a prerequisite for global socialism.


File: 1675291155783.png (198.95 KB, 850x400, ClipboardImage.png)

>Last i heard the western working class supports capitalism.
So what? The reason working-class people in the west support imperialism, be it nazi Germany or the US, is because of material interests. Imperialism bribes the working-class of the imperialist nation, thus its supported, but like i said, national self-determination doesn't include the right to oppress and exploit other nations, which is what imperialism is. Russia on the other hand isn't imperialist and isn't oppressing any nation by defending itself from Ukrainian nazi chauvinism. The SMO, and the Donbass people's struggle for freedom is supported by the people. Dismissing people with "people don't know what they want" is moronic liberalism, there always is a reason.
>I guess multipolarists can be anything, nationalists, populists, opportunists.
>The only thing they have trouble with is actual socialism
Actual socialism (picrel):


>abstractions aren't real
>money doesn't exist it can't hurt you
>really if you think about it its just a piece of paper man


>80 tanks in a war of over half a million men
Game changing move


I guarantee that nobody gives a shit what some lanky westoid like you thinks about one of the most famous and most-loved figured in the history of humanity. You wouldn't last 5 minutes in a debate with Kautsky let alone Stalin


>Also, even if Russia wins, I feel like the imperial core will continue to wage proxy wars
With what armies? The war in Ukraine has shaken up the old guard in the west as much as Napoleon did during the Napoleonic Wars. Western doctrine has been proven false, where all the shiny expensive toys of the west got blasted to pieces by work horse systems of Russia going back to the old Soviet army idea that quantity has a quality of its own.


File: 1675291295937.mp4 (146.6 KB, 256x250, 1637307793728.mp4)

>Damn, stalin was pretty dumb, huh.


people have been telling stories about the past since forever
Modern historography, and the sciences, though, are a recent invention.

Read a book.


>hundreds of Leopard 2s to spare
Does it, though?


Varoufakis spoke in Cuba about a new international economic order


File: 1675291442551-0.jpg (101.38 KB, 962x801, Lenin & Stalin.jpg)

Stalin was literally the Commissar of Nationalism (John Reed even talks about him in Ten Days That Shook the World) there is no better person to speak on the subject.


I honestly don't know what the majority opinion was, is, or will be. I said the US MIC was inefficient and obsessed with wunderwaffen not long after the war started, and a few people (not here) said I was downplaying them and "saying the same thing about the US that chinlets say about Russia" (which in retrospect is neither here nor there, surely?).

Then a few people called me out for suggesting that the US investing in fucking laser-equipped AC130s was a waste of money because they are technically possible to make and could be useful in certain circumstances (despite the context being that they wanted to use them for blowing up vehicles on the ground… y'know, like the fucking spartan laser from Halo).

But just recently I got BTFOd by tankanon and co. for believing the hype about the Abrams, and over the last week or so it seems that plenty of people are willing to admit that the US military has been hollowed out by neoliberalism and exists to enrich shareholders and arms manufacturers, and perhaps isn't quite as effective a force as it could be.

I'm not even sure I know what *I* think anymore.


File: 1675291529844.png (394.63 KB, 831x649, ClipboardImage.png)

>we are so short in manpower we have to draft olympians

Why would you admit to that lmao


Why were the white guards nationalists but the Bolsheviks were not nationalist then? Do you even know what nationalism is? Any knowledge of the Borotbists? It sounds like you didn't read the basics (Stalin). Ending korenization was a mistake. Take the L bozo


Reminder about the castration video Ukrainians released, with one of the perpetrators wearing limited edition shoes that only olympians get.


>Feel free to check liberal plans for "post-war in Ukraine" Russia
their dreams of "decolonizing" Russia into a million little fragmented oblasts that declare their own nationhood because of shit going back to the 1400s ain't gonna happen


File: 1675291710262.mp4 (545.53 KB, 288x360, troll drip.mp4)

Kindly might a link be shared to said videos good sir?


Money isn't real. But what's real is the cop who will throw you in jail for not pretending it is.

Let me guess, you also think private property is real, liberal.


You know, I try to ignore irrelevant discussions in the background ITT, but you're making it really difficult.


Thesis: Society of the spectacle
Antithesis: No such thing as society
Synthesis: No society, only spectacle


>Money isn't "real" but it is real in its consequences
I feel like you are slowly getting it. Good.


File: 1675291857104.png (568.94 KB, 1356x668, 1675206165683.png)

>Game changing move
My metaphor meant that Russia may lose to a myriad of bad, smaller issues, which add up; not big developments individually.


Googling "Ukrainian castration video" will lead you right to it. My hard drive is better spent on porn and vidya.


nice pretty pictures, any relevant argument?


>the irrelevant argument in the background was in bad faith all along
Yup, sounds about right. Back to ignoring.


It's kinda like racism. The consequences exist, but the thing itself doesn't.
Thinking there's consequences to belief in races is common sense. Thinking that race exists makes you a racist.
Same with nations and nationalism.


>Imperialism bribes the working-class of the imperialist nation
You're gonna get a lot of flak from patzis for saying this, but you're right. Burgeroids don't like hearing that fact.

Fun reading:


Leninhat was already shown why he was wrong about the only way ukrainian nationalism ever manifested itself was chauvinism, so the matter is settled either way


>You're gonna get a lot of flak from patzis for saying this
Bro what? Even Haz agrees with the fact that the American working class are bribed by imperialism.


>anon discovers what "socially constructed" means
good for you!


>US gets taken down as a world power
>multiple poles of power have been established
>but US is still one of those poles of power with pockets of influence
guarantee you this will happen, even once the US is restricted to the Western hemisphere ziggers will still be calling us cucks for not fellating everythign the Russians are trying to do in Central Asia


what the russians are trying to do in central asia conflicts with what the chinese are trying to do in central asia so it'll be chinese and russian multipolarists at eachother's throats though


Once the US is just a pope, the entire imperialist order goes into terminal crisis and decline. At that point I would support Russia and China to preserve anti-imperialist containment and prevent restoration of Western supremacy



>Let us take an example. No philosophical proposition has earned more gratitude from narrow-minded governments and wrath from equally narrow-minded liberals than Hegel’s famous statement: “All that is real is rational; and all that is rational is real.” That was tangibly a sanctification of things that be, a philosophical benediction bestowed upon despotism, police government, Star Chamber proceedings and censorship. That is how Frederick William III and how his subjects understood it. But according to Hegel certainly not everything that exists is also real, without further qualification. For Hegel the attribute of reality belongs only to that which at the same time is necessary: “In the course of its development reality proves to be necessity.” A particular governmental measure — Hegel himself cites the example of “a certain tax regulation” — is therefore for him by no means real without qualification. That which is necessary, however, proves itself in the last resort to be also rational; and, applied to the Prussian state of that time, the Hegelian proposition, therefore, merely means: this state is rational, corresponds to reason, insofar as it is necessary; and if it nevertheless appears to us to be evil, but still, in spite of its evil character, continues to exist, then the evil character of the government is justified and explained by the corresponding evil character of its subjects. The Prussians of that day had the government that they deserved.

>Now, according to Hegel, reality is, however, in no way an attribute predictable of any given state of affairs, social or political, in all circumstances and at all times. On the contrary. The Roman Republic was real, but so was the Roman Empire, which superseded it. In 1789, the French monarchy had become so unreal, that is to say, so robbed of all necessity, so irrational, that it had to be destroyed by the Great Revolution, of which Hegel always speaks with the greatest enthusiasm. In this case, therefore, the monarchy was the unreal and the revolution the real. And so, in the course of development, all that was previously real becomes unreal, loses it necessity, its right of existence, its rationality. And in the place of moribund reality comes a new, viable reality — peacefully if the old has enough intelligence to go to its death without a struggle; forcibly if it resists this necessity. Thus the Hegelian proposition turns into its opposite through Hegelian dialectics itself: All that is real in the sphere of human history, becomes irrational in the process of time, is therefore irrational by its very destination, is tainted beforehand with irrationality, and everything which is rational in the minds of men is destined to become real, however much it may contradict existing apparent reality. In accordance with all the rules of the Hegelian method of thought, the proposition of the rationality of everything which is real resolves itself into the other proposition: All that exists deserves to perish.

>But precisely therein lay the true significance and the revolutionary character of the Hegelian philosophy (to which, as the close of the whole movement since Kant, we must here confine ourselves), that it once and for all dealt the death blow to the finality of all product of human thought and action. Truth, the cognition of which is the business of philosophy, was in the hands of Hegel no longer an aggregate of finished dogmatic statements, which, once discovered, had merely to be learned by heart. Truth lay now in the process of cognition itself, in the long historical development of science, which mounts from lower to ever higher levels of knowledge without ever reaching, by discovering so-called absolute truth, a point at which it can proceed no further, where it would have nothing more to do than to fold its hands and gaze with wonder at the absolute truth to which it had attained. And what holds good for the realm of philosophical knowledge holds good also for that of every other kind of knowledge and also for practical action. Just as knowledge is unable to reach a complete conclusion in a perfect, ideal condition of humanity, so is history unable to do so; a perfect society, a perfect “state”, are things which can only exist in imagination. On the contrary, all successive historical systems are only transitory stages in the endless course of development of human society from the lower to the higher. Each stage is necessary, and therefore justified for the time and conditions to which it owes its origin. But in the face of new, higher conditions which gradually develop in its own womb, it loses vitality and justification. It must give way to a higher stage which will also in its turn decay and perish. Just as the bourgeoisie by large-scale industry, competition, and the world market dissolves in practice all stable time-honored institutions, so this dialectical philosophy dissolves all conceptions of final, absolute truth and of absolute states of humanity corresponding to it. For it [dialectical philosophy], nothing is final, absolute, sacred. It reveals the transitory character of everything and in everything; nothing can endure before it except the uninterrupted process of becoming and of passing away, of endless ascendancy from the lower to the higher. And dialectical philosophy itself is nothing more than the mere reflection of this process in the thinking brain. It has, of course, also a conservative side; it recognizes that definite stages of knowledge and society are justified for their time and circumstances; but only so far. The conservatism of this mode of outlook is relative; its revolutionary character is absolute — the only absolute dialectical philosophy admits.



>discussing post-US world order
Survive it first.


You are right, it most definitely will happen. The people too invested in the spectacle will carry on this pro-Russian bias years after multipolarity has been established.
But those not invested in the spectacle will update their material analysis on one based on that new multipolar world and discarding the deprecated one based on the current western unipolarity we live in.

That is simply the state of things. I know the new poles will be capitalist, which means conflicts will happen between them. But that doesn't change the fact that all those poles establishing independence from the western unipolar one means they can properly unleash their productive forces without being stifled by the West. And that, is a prerequisite for global socialism.


File: 1675293363786.mp4 (40.23 MB, 720x576, lol.mp4)

a fun time, i add


File: 1675293451518.png (171.36 KB, 504x141, 1507398725016.png)

>we'll update our world-view after US collapses, ok?

The point of class consciousness and a Marxist education is that you aren't beholden and simply responding to material conditions, like a basic, falsely conscious, bitch.


Imagine if Stalin stopped at the Oder.


File: 1675293787350.jpg (74.3 KB, 888x499, a little trolling.jpg)

Thread got too unintelligent, Imma ask intbrig a question to raise the I Q back to normal levels. Intbrig anon, how do you compare the situation in Ukraine between Galician nationalists vs Russians in the East and South with Georgians vs Ossetians and Abkhazians? They can be compared in some regard though part of the difference is that the more hardcore Georgian nationalists claim that Abkhazians for example are not a real nation. Meanwhile I don't think any ukrop would claim "Russians don't exist" since that's what the vast majority of the people of Donbass identify as (either ethnically or culturally, as we have learned with these threads, nationality in Ukraine is pretty fluid, it's almost a matter of choosing to identify as Russian or Ukrainian, or even both for some people).


How is still screeching about taking down the western global hegemony after it's been long take down in any way adhering to marxism?
That's like the retards who still apply a material analysis of the early 20th century onto today's conditions.


File: 1675293920452.webm (1.59 MB, 720x720, trump temujin.webm)

>what the russians are trying to do in central asia conflicts with what the chinese are trying to do in central asia so it'll be chinese and russian multipolarists at eachother's throats though
>what the russians are trying to do in central asia conflicts with what the chinese are trying to do in central asia so it'll be chinese and russian multipolarists at eachother's throats though


>taking down the western global hegemony after it's been long take down
>western global hegemony
I doubt you understand what this entails.


Didn't you ask me this before? I think I remember answering this


Did I really? I don't remember asking that, if I did I'm sorry for forgetting, but what would your gist be?


Breaking ties between the US and Europe and reducing each of them into mere regional powers.
They cannot be taken down completely, just knocked down from their positions of rulers of the world. And that entails the West weakening itself by desperate actions like the Ukraine war untill more and more countries will be able to unshackle themselves from the US.


Another way to say not real, qed


And you think the West will only limit itself to proxy wars, do you?


Obviously, no. They'll use the whole package of sanctions, coups, embargos, terrorist strikes etc.
But all of those come with their own costs. Costs that aren't sustainable now that the IS is far from it's peak in the 80s/90s.


No open warfare? You think your luck is high enough for history to take an unprecedented course?


>>1353132 (me)
And to add, their adversaries like China and Russia have developed enough that, combined with the costs, can put meaningful pressure on the West, like Russia is doing with it's reduced supply of natural gas and oil to West, shaking up their economies as the IMF predictions show.


I've found iron felix twitter account.



File: 1675294875770.jpg (61.84 KB, 900x750, Le Toad man.jpg)



u wot? Unbanned?


Nazi germany was a progressive force, they were a national bourgeois state fighting against global international capital


Of course, open warfare is a possiblity. But a low one.
The US will only do a direct conflict with China and/or Russia if their standing at home is at risk. As Ukraine shows, they're not willing to get directly involved over vassals.


Except for the British, French and Americans bankrolling the likes of Krupp and Porsche and have them all their capital back after slapping them on the wrist after WWII.


The situations are identical and when I was watching Ukraine go down in 2014 I read it exactly in the terms I read Georgia. That is, NATO is supporting the export of a European style unitary nation-state model to accelerate decommunization, clashing with the the SSR construction from these states and the minorities that benefit from them. Crimea, South Ossetia, and Abkhazia are resisting the central government by conserving their soviet era autonomy (ASSR/autonomous oblast), which clashes with the central government and its desire for the decommunization path of centralization into a unitary state that is then made dependent on western capital.

Donbass isn't an AO/ASSR, however it is a historic intersection of Russia and Ukraine which tried to join the RSFSR in early 1918 and later resisted Korenization. It also voted in a referendum for autonomy in 1994. When Ukraine's implementation of decommunization vis those two key features I mentioned meant severing the nation's ties to Russia, autonomy again became overwhelmingly popular. Ukraine refused to grant it because it saw autonomy as freezing decommunization like Abkhazia and South Ossetia did, acting as a veto on the central government that obstructed European ties. In the name of stopping another Crimea, which Ukraine and the West claimed was just the product of Russian hybrid warfare (in reality polls showed Crimea wanted out after the Feb 21 coup), Ukraine declared war on Donbass to force it under the central government and to accept severing of ties to Russia.

Both Ukraine and Georgia demonstrate how decommunization throws the region back to the 90s and Western imperialism rationalizes the divisions this reveals as the battle between democratic and anti-democratic nationalities. This fuses local ethnic supremacy with European supremacy. The result is imperialist expansion into the former USSR reproduces the national question the USSR solved, creating these ASSRs/AOs in the first place plus proliferating ties between the republics.

Thus we are dealing with crises manufactured by Europe and then laid at the feet of Russia and its fifth column minorities (the actual words used are much harsher, so I will not use them and yes they involve denying Abkhazians and Ossetians exist for example). This is then then the logic used to fuel a war to save European expansion, which finally crossed a red line with NATO conflicting with the will of Donbass and Crimea against Ukrainian nationalism.


File: 1675295212873.jpg (60.81 KB, 576x720, 764567.jpg)

Damn.. I didnt know Bordiga posts on /leftypol/


File: 1675295276671.png (52.77 KB, 602x286, ClipboardImage.png)

found him by a retweet.
and I noticed it was 'digital partisan' tg being promoted, so it's him


You think the west won't get in bed with surviving russian oligarchs if they win?


>Nazi germany was a progressive force, they were a national bourgeois state fighting against global international capital
<most tyrannical dictatorship of finance capital
<national bourgeois


Damn donbass devushka tweeted him? I'm jealous


The west was always in bed with the German Nazis, their goal was for Nazi Germany and the USSR to destroy each other so the west could carve up eastern and central Europe.


>even once the US is restricted to the Western hemisphere ziggers will still be calling us cucks for not fellating everything the Russians are trying to do in Central Asia
A better alternative will be that of the US being restricted to just Canada. From Mexico onwards it's all anti-imperialist


I am tempted of following him, for the lulz, and whack him once he gets angry for whatever reason. but I don't want to make myself public, I am Anonymous.



Cool, thanks for giving your thoughts.


I forgot to add, but this contradiction decommunization is causing and the European reliance on the unitary nation state model in order to expand, with both of these serving to expand liberal unipolarity and guarantee it for the new century, exposes how liberalism struggles with non-western conditions and can be part of reactionary regression rather than democratic progress. However, it was propelled to expand there anyway given the mix of collapse of AES in the periphery and inter-imperialist integration in the core (neoliberalism), the two conditions underpinning globalization. Multipolarity is going to end these two conditions and fix this problem with globalization that is causing war.


File: 1675296026171.png (476.93 KB, 566x581, 1649209551528.png)



It's best to let him write. Hes pretty good. I just wish he behaved better here.


Can somebody post that video with the dota map overlayed with pictures of Putin and other figures in this way with that basshunter dota song playing?



Here you go >>1328514


File: 1675297791515.jpg (47.25 KB, 395x400, 1400119662166.jpg)


Thanks. It's still my favorite video from this whole conflict.


You can check more of those videos at the ukraine videos thread


File: 1675298287049.mp4 (19.69 MB, 1280x720, tank greeting.mp4)


I dunno, it's funny thinking of this whole conflict framed as a real life Dota game betwen Putin and pals and Zelensky and co.


Not to some people, since Putin won't stop farming.


>Nations are OBJECTIVE
Imagine thinking anything is "objective' or still upholding the "subjective" v "objective" dualism.


File: 1675300290858.png (1.55 MB, 1080x1440, ClipboardImage.png)

Most sane Ukraine flag twitteroid.


Why do Ukrainian nationalists think they have a claim to that kuban region


1919 Ukraine didn't exist in that state due to the Russian civil-war where Ukraine was divided between Whites and Reds.


The Cossacks are Ukrainians, actually.

t. Ukrainians


So is life

Russian immigrants getting punished is a bad thing, but at least we have russian libs getting cucked again


The UkSSR will also be restored


Imagine being a Russian lib in 2023 who for decades hyped about how much better Russian would be if they had more western style society. Average Russian now most likely either laugh at their naivete or overtly see these people as traitors.


File: 1675302395037.jpg (129.56 KB, 1536x1032, GorbachevPizzaHut01.jpg)

I wounder if Gorbachev on his death bed (he died last year) thought pizza was worth it.


So true bestie, the Nazi party were building up the productive forces by using MEFO bills and allying with the Krupps, that heccin ultra Stalin ruined it all


File: 1675302691137.png (60.79 KB, 352x524, ClipboardImage.png)

This war is just like Harry Potter and WWII, in which Russia is Germany and Ukraine is the USSR

But also the Soviets were bad guys too, even worse than the Nazis. And actually they were worse at war than Germany, they just "won" because they had more bodies to throw at and American trucks. But also the death camps were actually liberated by the Ukrainian division. But also Soviet Ukraine was a Russian puppet state


Yeah, we get it, feddit bad and you got banned from it.


I'm just imagining if the Avengers all teamed up to defeat Putler (Putin but Hitler because he basically is Hitler at this point). Imagine Captain America's shield blocking tank shells, Stark industries donating weapons to the Ukranian military. Imagine if the Hulk jumped around Ukraine, smashing invading Russian tanks and if Hawkeye shot down Russian planes. That would be so fucking cool. I also sometimes imagine if Hogwarts helped Ukraine and the Wizards started casting spells on Putler and his guys, oh and if Jedi masters used the force to pull down Russian planes and to block artillary shells with lightsabers. WHY COULD I NOT HAVE BEEN BORN IN THIS UNIVERSE I HATE OUR CURRENT ONE. PLEASE LETS MAKE THIS A REALITY


This isn’t me, this is a vulgar parody of me, and fellow Anons should realize this because the Imposter inaccurately portrayed my Maoist Line, and insinuated that I think PPW is universally applicable in the current material conditions, when I am a Sisonite Maoist who believes PPW is currently applicable in the Periphery/Semi-Periphery (including in Semi-Periphery Imperialist States such as Dengist China and Putinist Russia, if/when they are internally destabilized through a embarrassing Military defeat, which is happening as we speak in the latter, and is very likely to happen in the next decade or two in the former), but is not currently applicable in the material conditions of the Imperial Core (it will only be so if/when a Nuclear War breaks out, something Mao himself believed would pave the Shining Path to Communism), which means Western Maoists should critically support Social Democrats as a Lesser Evil to Crypto-Fascist Rightoids in the meantime, ✊😜!


File: 1675303493368-0.png (19.23 KB, 580x172, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675303493368-1.png (736.21 KB, 990x731, ClipboardImage.png)

Mozart Group is no more.


What the fuck is happening


What do you mean by that, 🤔?


File: 1675303827610.jpg (20.02 KB, 500x333, 1344397534012.jpg)

Marxism is a hard science. Just like physics. It has rules, it has laws, it has recognizable patterns and data. But the moment you zoom in to look at the atomic level, everything stops making sense, and it's just an incomprehensible mess.


Lol they lasted only a few months?


uh huh just like Blackwater was no more after they rebranded to Academi


It's Constellis now.


the aftermath to that video, mein got. the clown world gets real.


actual photo of Matthew Christman (he is about to call molotov ribbentrop an alliance, no one will ever correct him, there is nothing you can do to stop it)


>Amid accusations of fraud and sexual misconduct, the founders of the high-profile Mozart Group are waging a personal war back home.

>Andy Bain, a businessman in Kyiv since the 2000s and a former Marine, filed a lawsuit in Wyoming, where Mozart is registered as a limited liability company, accusing Milburn of financial fraud, sexual misconduct, burglary, attempted bribery, avoidance of U.S. weapons-transfer regulations, and even threatening a retired American general.

The Masketta Man.


File: 1675304468568.png (233.67 KB, 523x452, 1636504249725.png)

You have five seconds to prove you are the REAL Lear! Or else I blast the both you.

What should be the optimal hair style of women after the revolution? Answer this now!


File: 1675304517042.mp4 (7 MB, 1280x720, natolostlol.mp4)


Pixie cut or shorter in order to liberate Women from Bourgeois Femininity/Domesticity, ✊😜!


File: 1675304963218.jpg (117.06 KB, 500x500, blamo.jpg)

Correct. You are obviously the real Lear.


Absolutely gem
Also love the ending.


In Putin's case, is 'going jungle'.


>Amid accusations of fraud and sexual misconduct, the founders of the high-profile Mozart Group are waging a personal war back home.
>Andy Bain, a businessman in Kyiv since the 2000s and a former Marine, filed a lawsuit in Wyoming, where Mozart is registered as a limited liability company, accusing Milburn of financial fraud, sexual misconduct, burglary, attempted bribery, avoidance of U.S. weapons-transfer regulations, and even threatening a retired American general.


>the end
kek, kek.


Do you have any book on red cossacks? white cossacks are easy to find, as they were replicated by the only superpower that didn't get pounded and promoted as anti-communism. but it is secrecy to see the red ones.


File: 1675305608903.jpg (9.73 KB, 247x204, download.jpg)

Still waiting.


File: 1675305640153.jpg (181.06 KB, 1080x612, 230201145829.jpg)

This goes so hard, well done. I was about to ask if it was oc but with that end, I knew it could've only come out of the genius mind of a /leftypol/er.


File: 1675305791482-0.png (250.08 KB, 722x919, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675305791482-1.png (277.96 KB, 724x1005, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675305791482-2.png (263.28 KB, 711x966, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1675305791482-3.png (268.14 KB, 705x1064, ClipboardImage.png)

Lawsuit is some interesting reading to say the least. What a scumbag lmao.


watch millburn becoming zgang, saying this is retaliation for saying ukraine is corrupt, and whatnot, becoming another arestovich.
it will be a fun show.


Wait, was Milburn the one that drunkenly said Ukraine is a corrupt shithole and he hated training them?



lol, how could you forget? that's the joke


I knew he was one of the twats that went to Ukraine to train them, I didn't know he was the Mozart founder. And he ended up on Myrotvorets, too. Amazing.


File: 1675314862810.png (86.22 KB, 556x308, ClipboardImage.png)

Just a random factoid. This is Halder's diaries, and here Halder says that Russians (Budyonnyi) were the originators of "quick mass concentration"


>word used to describe a surprise attack using a rapid, overwhelming force concentration

As far as I can tell, Halder actually talks about mechanized warfare here (Russian translation says so, anyway)


File: 1675319646437-0.png (434.29 KB, 1914x903, Iron.png)

File: 1675319646437-1.pdf (2.21 MB, 197x255, First as tragedy.pdf)

ok i am finally done with Flinten-Uschi and let me tell you the only time I ever want to see this rotten bitch again is when she's swinging from a rope.

To quote Comrade Stalin, we march under Lenin's flag toward victory. Tankman is an op and should be banned, preferably from breathing.


so how did Budyonnyi became known just as the horse guy ?.


Hey Int. Brigade flag anon, you said how Avakov may be considered for Minister of Internal Affairs? Seems like they want nothing to do with him lol

I think Zelensky wants to get some room by getting old heavyweights out of office, and the West's support and love for him allows for a shakeup.


>out of office
I meant out of the picture


He was considered a cavalry genius and played a key role during the civil war but didn't do good during WW2. I guess he couldn't adapt to tank warfare.


Bizarre. Bikes and trucks are just better cavalry. Maybe HoI4 should split that bonus.


The Bolsheviks were communists and internationalist, pretty obvious, dunce.

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