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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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File: 1673287586189.png (7.15 KB, 1080x272, nmlarge2.png)


Hey guys, Editor. I'm sorry to say but I'm announcing the end of the New Multitude project as of today.

NM was a place for anons and non anons to write about stuff that mattered to them and we had contributions from all over the world, including Singapore, Malaysia, Nigeria, UK, USA, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Brazil, Myanmar, Thailand, Japan, and many more.

I've been running the site since the start and at this point I just don't have the time to give it the attention it deserves.
I want to express sincere thanks to all the contributors as well as the original logo designers who generously contributed their work for the project, and everyone who supported, whether financially or just through sharing and commenting on articles. The site will remain up for a while. If you want to contact me, I'll still be on the matrix chat.

thanks -Ed.


File: 1673288221871.jpeg (28.74 KB, 384x461, 1624475595495.jpeg)

thank you for your service, editor.


any chance you down archive/download all the articles?


dunno what is this but posting here to be stickied in first positions



File: 1673289459968.jpg (36.49 KB, 555x430, 1515817941331.jpg)

It was fun while it lasted.




it was a much appreciated effort anon. I'm actually surprised you were able to run it so long. what are you moving onto next, have you got an irl job or something?


Thanks for your effort


Thank you for your effort, NM Ed.


Wait, what’s going to happen to this website?


Where is everybody going to move to?


there is an archive .zip file. will distribute it. There's always a chance it could be rebooted


> the matrix chat


Can someone purchase it from you? If you are, how much are you planning on selling it?


leftypol.org is NOT closing down.

New Multitude is a really nice project by our dear editor that unfortunately and sadly, but also very understandably will shut down.


Thanks a lot for all your hard work. We will post the archive zip in the reading thread.


File: 1673310000034.png (76.81 KB, 862x575, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1673311932801.gif (Spoiler Image, 604.99 KB, 600x900, itsover.gif)

And thus, the last vestige of old /leftypol/ dies



Oh, true


Why don’t you have the time anymore? Or were there no articles lately?


Thanks, Ed, for all the contributions you've made. Rest in peace, NM. You will be remembered.

- 302


A combination of that and just not really getting any articles submitted to edit. My skills are as an editor not a marketer so it was difficult to strategize how to get more submissions.


Literally who



Hello editor. I am the original creator of the nM logo. I remember in that thread years ago when coming up with a project the asking for a logo and thinking of something before coming up with the idea of the n being inside of the M. I thought it was a very clever idea at the time and was quite glad you liked it enough for you to use it. Remember it might have been that thread or another but someone called it dumb and at that point I kinda agreed and so offered you a second logo of this previous Soviet logo modified to fit it. But you said there was still mileage in that original and so I didn’t push it further. You had some really good essays and I was glad that I helped contribute to this project, even in this small way. I still of the mind that a better logo could’ve been created and used but for what it’s worth, I’m glad that you really liked it and even when it all ends, it was something you felt needed thanks. And I thank you, for sticking to that logo through the shift from medium to website to substack. And thank you for this wonderful project


Please make an archive for us to save.


Where will you distribute it?


Ah I see. That’s a shame. I personally can’t think of much to write these days myself tbh…


cant internet archives do the job very easily?


Why don't you keep the website dormant until new articles starts coming in?


costs money probably


Probably, but do you have the links?


just change the domain or something, so many projects in here die like this and it is sad


I think the main problem is not the hosting or maintenance of a website but the labor of soliciting and editing articles.


Make sure it's all on archive.org before pulling the plug.


I mean yeah you're pretty much right. I really enjoy working with a writer, but like I've said, I'm not good at marketing or tech. It would have been good to have a collective working on this to bounce things off, etc


It will be up for a long time don't worry


you deserved both of those gets, dear editor. Thank you for your service over the years, we wish you the best in all things going forward.


man. i always thought "ill write for New Multitude next month when things die down" but it was always daunting when i started. now its gone :(

i guess ill just post my screeds as threads


Can a scrapper had been used to churn out a few cheap articles?

Too late now, but still.

Thanks for all the team's effort.


We already had:

Did I forget something?


Why don't you pass the domain off to one of the admins here or at leftychan or something?

I mean, it's important to preserve these mediums because the more of these alternative sites go down the more centralized the discourse around leftism on the internet becomes.


I think there needs to be some serious discourse on the why these magazines keep failing. Judging by what the editor for nM said, it seems to be lack of engagement. Well, its more than that, but without that steady flow of articles being publishes, it was kinda hard for them to do their job, and so they had to try and get creative on the articles. It seems they run out of steam on doing things, so thats why it ended


Not crying because it's over, smiling because it happened. Thanks ed.

Successful projects in this genre include:
Monthly Review

cosmonaut mag

Not sure why the leftypol stuff fails. probably because it is nonacademic and also not supported by the CIA. If we want to make a feature magazine for leftypol, maybe it would be worth trying to figure out some criteria to have long-form built into the main site with some kind of community approval system. Imagine reading 1500 word polemical debates between leftypol users that were actually written for an audience rather than the polemicized user.

I think it would be cool if we had a board for feature posts that would be posted by an editor, and could then be commented on with the regular image-board software and somehow integrated into the /leftypol/ board.


Well the difference I’d say is that they have regular writers who can throw out articles, whereas the editor here had to rely on anons for the articles. (Though I do recall at least once it was the editors who took a thread and made an article of it). So if no one is contributing, there’s not much else to publish and at that point, the editor had to look for something, which contributed to the end. Though I guess I don’t know why he simply gives the publishing task to someone else and stays as editor at best or just parts ways at worst. Don’t see why it has to ends but maybe it’s the only way


>it is nonacademic and also not supported by the CIA.
I don't think cosmonaut mag is academic either (or is it?)

also what is 闯 ?


So actually yes, I started NM after seeing that right her on Leftypol, there is actually some really interesting, insightful and knowledgable discussions. Like seriously, this is one of the few places where people can really let it out and debate (reasonably) freely, not just on everyday experience, but how socialists relate to China, etc.Some of the early articles attempted to make articles out of threads alongside meme pictures. But this is a lot of labour actually!

I guess ideally we would have had a collective and when we identified a cool thread, we would have made an article out of it, and then passed it around the collective for quality control.

Sometimes I took effortposts and polished them up as articles, but that act of translating an effort post into an article feels like a fish out of water sometimes. Simply, the way people write on imageboards doesn't look right when put into an article most of the time. I did sometimes make posts in threads asking people who made good posts if they would care to write it up into an article, but it's incredibly difficult to do this on an imageboard. Matrix has made things somewhat easier. Maybe setting up a room there of people interesting in writing and editing could work.

I'll give an example on the problem: For the last few years, there's been a lot of talk about Paul Cockshott on leftypol, probably 100,000 words written on his theories, cybersyn, etc. I personally don't know much about him, but seeing that there was a large community of people here who did, I thought this would be a unique topic that literally no one else in the left media sphere is covering. However, when I went into the thread to ask if there was anyone who would care to do a introductory article on Cockshott, no one wanted to, in fact I was basically told to read his books and write one myself. Thinking about this, I think it shows that posting on leftypol is fundamentally different to writing articles. Posting on leftypol is a leisure activity, whereas writing an article is labour. I was naive to think that people would freely write stuff, because they are two different types of writing. So that's the key issue here that means that translating the energy and knowledge here into something less ephemeral, needs to overcome.


>Not sure why the leftypol stuff fails. probably because it is nonacademic and also not supported by the CIA.
It's probably more a lack of critical mass. You need enough writers to crank out articles regularly and enough readers to read, interact, share, etc


File: 1673908436504.mp4 (811.28 KB, 640x480, Disparate.mp4)

I think another issue was relevance. When I looked, the topics were geographically disparate and niche, and unless each one of these articles were shared to other more-specific local newspapers or groups, it's unlikely they would find readers who are personally connected to the subject matter.




It's Chuang, a supposed Chinese left-com mag confirmed to be a CIA/NED project run by a white anarchist from Seattle.


True. Instead of occupying a single niche it was targeting multiple niches at once, none of them with consistency.


I would try and write something but I am skitzo and take meds forreals so I would probably end up sinking the project


Any source on it being a glowop?


>white anarchist
Reading over the issue one introduction just now, (the one about the thousand li ) they specifically say they're communists interested in China, not exclusively Chinese nationals or whatever. They claim to translate/report on those in China, but I didn't see anything saying anything about authorship either on the about page or their first editorial explaining their viewpoint.
This meme really needs to die, you can never tell when people are serious or they're just some schizo leftist blaming every failure of everything on the CIA (including stupid things done by leftists of their own accord) or whathaveyou. If there's proof the whole thing was specifically a false front then present it, but otherwise the whole "everything bad is CIA" thing just makes people look like unhinged types who blame the CIA when the room goes dark as they flick the lightswitch.


Nah he is right its a Kissinger Institute Anti-Communist front group, dont be so naive.


File: 1674092122977-0.png (68.36 KB, 971x578, chuang1.png)

File: 1674092122977-1.png (498.03 KB, 750x694, chuang2.png)

File: 1674092122977-2.png (524.4 KB, 729x632, nytimes.png)

File: 1674092122977-3.png (83.83 KB, 758x785, kek.png)

some anons in the /prc/ general had all the details a while back. Don't expect information outing intelligence agency assets to stay on the internet for long, unless they somehow get published in a "reputable" journal (not happening these days since we are in full Red Scare 3.0 mode)
>some schizo leftist blaming every failure of everything on the CIA (including stupid things done by leftists of their own accord)
Amazing how you can't even defend this glowop without resorting to base, kneejerk anti-communism.
Even a quick google search reveals that the site cites 2 known NED foundations
I still decided to take a dive into their social media presence, wasn't surprised to see their content is primarily shared among the "China watcher" crowd, basically Western journalists working for NGOs, and self-hating Chinese liberals.
Pic 1: the crowd using tired Redditisms pushed by MSM
pic 2: citing the WSJ, lmao, literally the paper of billionaires
pic 3: NY Times, same deal
pic 4: was just too funny not to screenshot, I literally laughed out loud when I read 'Chinese anarchists from wealthier backgrounds." They really can't help but give their game away.
pic 5: A journo who's one of chuang's biggest reply guys. Totally a normal leftist concerned with normal leftist things.


File: 1674094408654.png (949.96 KB, 1304x1792, 654654.png)

Heres this one aswell.


Don't divert from the thread topic please

Just write it.


you can use chat gpt to convert posts into articles now, lel


Stop shitposting, and if you think your posts made sense, leave until you realize what NLPs are and what they are not.


I'm not shitposting though. What's the harm in asking chatgpt to rewrite a post in the format of a news article. It does save some labor.
>your posts made sense
In this thread? I only made 2 posts before your reply.


File: 1674507136217.jpg (101.01 KB, 933x933, FeULGexaUAUR8Ev.jpg)

I would say to the editor of the zine to rethink fully shutting it down or to at least think of a way to allow for the magazine to still be alive in the future. Mainly because as its been pointed out, theres been a lot of past attempts at making magazines and let it be known that is history repeats, there will be more attempts. And I feel like out of all past attempts, nM was more realized than the rest and was not as grounded in the board, at least aesthetic wise. And if some person wants to form another magazine/news site, then I'd rather they'd have a good solid foundation to work on rather than starting from scratch. Not saying to start production right away, but prolonged hiatus? Idk its up to you editor anon.
What are your thoughts on editorial or opinion pieces? Lots of other newspaper/magazines have them, and lets be fair not everyone cares for that. But if an anon has a hot take, this is a platform to throw it into the discourse. Might want to curate these takes obviously, but there can be interesting discussion to be had.



>Darren Byler
FUCK that faggot. he is absolutely 100% a glowie, he has an outsized amount of coverage on things especially related to xinjiang. if hes supposedly posting as a chinese communist as well, it only furthers his case as a paid agitator

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