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This thread is dedicated to our uyghur comrades assuring us the path to energy transition, as stated by the IEA
>The world will almost completely rely on China for the supply of key building blocks for solar panel production through 2025. Based on manufacturing capacity under construction, China’s share of global polysilicon, ingot and wafer production will soon reach almost 95%. Today, China’s Xinjiang province accounts for 40% global polysilicon manufacturing. Moreover, one out of every seven panels produced worldwide is manufactured by a single facility.

As for the news, Europe's current heatwave is described as 'the most extreme event ever seen in European climatology' by Climatologist Maximiliano Herrera (see picrel)

Recent IPCC reports on climate change:
<Physical Science Basis
<Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability
<Mitigation of Climate Change
Synthesis report is coming in march.

And the UNDRR report
<Global Assessment Report on Disaster Risk Reduction 2022

Also posting this article for the anti-renewable schizos and nuclear cultists who will inevitably come shit in the thread
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Love how falun gong propaganda tries to make something that is objectively good look bad.




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hi carl :3

















File: 1676922842786.jpg (10.02 KB, 368x423, 1676800932396057.jpg)

Shay, you and I are kindred spirits. You want to flood the world, I want to plant trees and shrubs and shrooms and so on. We both want a better world and I appreciate the knowledge you bring to this board



File: 1676923205393.png (3 MB, 1176x1920, 1670901062923.png)


File: 1676923503142-1.jpg (118.28 KB, 800x852, North_pole_map.jpeg.jpg)

dont forget the technocrat canals and the world land bridge


What do you think about the great salt lake drying up?


My thoughts: it needs to get larger and recreate lake bonneville


It really shows how depraved capitalists are. We already know they are willing to destroy the environment for profits but this will be on a scale not seen in the US before right beside a major city and its entirely because farmers and ranchers are sucking up al the water


Youre not SERIOUSLY suggesting displacing kulaks in salt lake city and drowning extremely fertile land with a high agricultural output just to create a big giant lake in utah are you? How dare you!


File: 1676933344712.png (51.62 KB, 854x261, ClipboardImage.png)

I am, and I'm tired of pretending I'm not. Even Utah likes dixbol with mega lake characteristics theory


>read 'heal the planet with pods'
It's over, totally over, it never even began


yo but why is he wearing the flag of Imperial Japan?


Damn I recently watched the documentary on Three Miles Island, and when asked what were the radioactive emissions, the answer was "lol we don't know nobody had any high level detectors and the authorities were too busy lying to people or having their heads in their asses". Meanwhile in Chernobyl they actually took some measurements in the direct aftermath, so the 3.6 rongten not bad not good meme should really only apply to burgers.


To make it clear the corp operating the plant knew their employees had maxed out detectors around the facility, and were aware that the plant released a good amount of radioactive material in gaz form, but of course they were saying to the population nothing bad happened while communicating very little actual intel but very reassuring buzzwords to the government, many higher ups in said gov felt the whole nuclear industry was at stake so they relayed the bullshit without looking too much into it. In the end a lot of people probably got cancer and died, but in the American spirit, since they didn't do studies, it didn't happen (those guys were only mere workers and poor people anyway).
So today, people say "Three Miles Island wasn't bad, it ain't Chernobyl" Well yeah it fucking exploded, but for Chernobyl the government actually stepped in and even after the dislocation of the USSR numerous studies kept being going on and we know a few hundreds thousands got cancer because of it, and they were compensated. In the US it's >be american, >get shot with radiation, and nobody cares.


File: 1678729785479-0.png (629.79 KB, 685x711, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678729785479-1.png (211.67 KB, 1212x584, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1678729785479-2.png (137.24 KB, 1024x833, ClipboardImage.png)


Reminds me of that time during COVID when farmers were dumping so much milk (cause capitalism) that pipes bursted, the land of milk and honey would rather starve it's population and the globle then waste a penny in profits


Again imperialism being one of the big causes, because the western fuckers keep subsidizing their own farming industry to heaven to keep it competitive with the rest forever, forcing southern agricultural enterprises into specialized varieties like cocoa, coffee or a plethora of varieties that are highly fluctuating on the market following the last consuming trend.

We really need to dismantle capitalism yesterday and put in place something at least not completely retarded.



Damn I need to read this book


It's like standard reading in burger public school.


It doesn't seem like it when I read what burgers write. Maybe most americans go to private schools where those commie books are forbidden? Well anyways thank gods I'm not born in this forsaken country.


Nah it's more like they don't pay attention most of the time and if they do they regard all literature in the abstract as if it was fiction. Probably also explains the propensity of holocaust deniers despite everyone reading some version of Anne Frank's diary.


ive opened up more to nuclear over time, but i still believe a lot of nuclear proponents are trying to apply a simplistic mathematical model to nuclear risk that is simply not applicable. The risks of nuclear are too complex to calculate. We're talking about an arbitrary risk of catastrophic damage to the whole world.


growing up, we were all taught that all the problems of the gilded age and great depression depicted in grapes of wrath were fixed magically by the new deal and postwar international american financial hegemony. i.e. once we had welfare, and once america got rich off of the interest from rebuilding europe through the marshall plan, capitalism was no longer bad! the end!


Literally this, I wish the new deal got obliterated instead of implemented and we'd probably see a United Socialist States of America, or that's what I hope would happen


File: 1679284844492.mp4 (26.76 MB, 640x480, 2pac grapes of wrath.mp4)

tupac did it better


Lol no. None of the old accidents were catastrophic and reactor construction and safety has gotten much better. Meanwhile the sane world will contine building them while retarded radlub firsties throw a fit.


File: 1679347141647.png (255.81 KB, 828x1028, Andrew Tate went green.png)

Florida is still around… -_-


We're locked in for 2c

Latest IPCC report predicts 5 degrees at the highest end by 2100, with 2 degrees before 2050 if things continue as they are.

It's Over


How are you today?


>socialist infrastructure project
Keep dreamin


File: 1679399858420-0.pdf (3.98 MB, 180x255, IPCC_AR6_SYR_SPM.pdf)

File: 1679399858420-1.jpg (582.54 KB, 2063x2508, SYR_SPM_Figure3.jpg)

File: 1679399858420-2.png (357.57 KB, 880x1087, IPCC_AR6_SYR_SPM.pdf.png)

The summary of the report is out bunkersisters

I think we have a shot at being below 2°C actually, with renewables exponentially going upward. Nukes and hydrogen are already obsolete memes for mass electricity production, countries just need to stop investing in those paper tech and go full on batteries, solar panels and windmills faster than the market will make them. Then the main hurdle becomes about how to get the rich countries to massively investing in the global south in projects to mitigate the effects of climate changes that will happen whatever we do, ether it is desalination plants, fire fighting capability, drought and flood management etc etc there are trillions of dollars worth of things we need to do.

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