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how true is the claim that stalin had a secret son. Is there any evidence to it.
(context: theres this claim by a soviet journalist that he was secretly stalins son. That his mother and stalin had a relationship before stalin left)


probably not


Who cares


Stalin was the direct descendant by Warrior spirit and practically the second coming of the Great Khan Temujin himself. Stalin personally fathered thousands of sons (sperm tests have showed they were all born with an extra male chromosome) during the Soviet liberation of the European peninsula. No doubt atleast one of them was bold enough to claim heritage.




True, he won WW2 by sacrificing 40 billion Ukrainians to the god of wind.



Konstantin Stepanovich Kuzakov (1911–1996) (Russian: Константин Степанович Кузаков)[1] was a Soviet journalist and politician and one of the organizers of Soviet television, radio and cinema. Kuzakov claimed that he was an illegitimate child of Joseph Stalin,[2] though there is no proof of this.[3] Kuzakov alleged that his mother, Maria Kuzakova, had been Stalin's landlady and mistress during his 1911 exile in Solvychegodsk. One of Stalin's biographers, Simon Sebag Montefiore, supported Kuzakov's claims. According to Montefiore, Maria was still pregnant when Stalin left his exile.[4]

For a while, Kuzakov taught philosophy at the Leningrad Military Mechanical Institute. Afterward, he got a job in the Central Committee's apparat in Moscow. He served as a colonel during World War II. In 1947, while working for Andrei Zhdanov, a very close ally of Stalin, he and his deputy were accused of being American spies. While he was never officially introduced to the man he claimed was his father, Kuzakov alleged that on one occasion while working in the Kremlin "Stalin stopped and looked at me and I felt he wanted to tell me something. I wanted to rush to him, but something stopped me. He waved his pipe and moved on." Simon Sebag-Montefiore claimed that although Stalin prevented Kuzakov's arrest, he was nonetheless dismissed from the Communist Party.[4]

After Stalin's death and the arrest of Lavrentiy Beria, Kuzakov was restored in the Party and in Soviet apparat, holding various positions associated with culture, a member of the collegium of Gosteleradio, chief of a department in the Ministry of Culture and other posts.[1] He died in 1996.


>wikipedia still accepts montefiore as an actual historian
what a joke of a website


Yes it's true, they even made a movie about him.

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