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Someone explaining it to me I asked a couple of questions and merged their answers together.

"The Philippines have apparently advanced beyond strategic equilibrium and the armistice has been called off. Usually there are consistent ceasefires, now that Sison is dead it may seem that the Party has switched gears, and the pattern of ceasefires are not being followed. from what I know the CPP declared that they were in a state of Strategic Equilibrium a very long time ago. This was where Sison's entire policy of "accumulating forces" came from, and also why the Strategic Equilibrium didn't transform into a Strategic Offensive. This is why I see the ending of the ceasefires as their transition to a Strategic Offensive, because the ceasefires came as a result of the Party's belief that they had reached Equilibrium, and now those ceasefires are not being renewed, says to me that they are moving beyond Strategic Equilibrium."

What I would add is notice in the document that the NPA mentions using their superior forces against smaller groups of the enemy army all over the country. Also note that the Philippine's government wants the Maoists to ceasefire and the Maoists don't accept the offer. The Philippine's government is so desperate they are arresting citizens etc and claiming they are Maoists. I wouldn't be surprised if those news articles you see which can be summarized as "A few people died to Maoists, a few Maoists killed" are government created.(bait thread but also opportunity for discussion)
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>They behave objectively similarly to ISIS in the region.
Do you have even a shred of evidence for this? lol
They help the peasants, the support the above-ground working class struggle… what has ISIS done other than kill people? Or are you just an uninformed internet armchair critic who heard one thing about the NPA and decided they're literally ISIS and terrorists (good job anti-terrorist campaign by Duterte and Marcos cleaning up this anti-democratic people-terrorizing threat! Kill some more peasants and unionists while you're at it theyre probably evil terrorist

While you say you're not giving "critical support for muh regime", there's been a recent campaign specifically by the most fascistic parts of the philippines government to tag the NPA along with the CPP and NDFP as terrorists. You're doing the fascists' jobs FOR FREE

Also lmfao imagine thinking China is the main force driving history and progress in the world. DELUSIONAL. How did China get where it is today? They supported national capital, they kicked out imperialists, and then solicited technological help from the USSR. Yet the exact same type of movement in the Philippines you condemn, because even though theyre doing it China's way, theyre not doing it for China? Pure national chauvinism. Rethink your next breath. They're actively fighting the colonial/comprador status of their country, but for this crime (terrorism!) they're supposedly betraying their country's goals and helping the US boot? I'll say it again, 100% baseless DELUSION.

>And still why do you think that this same ruling class won't try to improve its positions against the will of the United States now that its empire is in decline?

So what, am I support to condemn communist fighters for acting, on the logic that the national bourgeoisie may decide to stop being compradors (theyve given no indication they will, and the Philippines is one of the US's most impotant military positions, aka well guarded assets, given its number of military bases)? How about this: the working class will struggle for its betterment. The bourgeoisie may do what they will. These two things need not concern each other. The only time they intersect is if the working class can use the nationalist sentiments of their bourgeoisie to the people's advantage, by kicking out imperialists. What conditions allow this to happen? Only when the working class is strong. If the working class is kept weak, what pressure is there on the bourgeoisie to change course? They're fat and happy. Especially the corrupt fascist presidents, they steal billions from the country. For them everything is working out fine.

>If the Philippines are under direct USian military rule, then why aren't US troops smashing up these infrastructure projects? Why do they have to rely on the help of communist guerillas?

fam… "comrade"…
1. its rare for a country to simply attack other country's investments, so yes if it happens its done highly covertly or through proxies
2. where is the evidence that the NPA are being directed to US ends? Is their command compromised? Are they drinking up US propaganda? Or could it be that there are specific situations that cause the NPA to react against (the sacred!) Chinese capital? Capital is capital after all, and in class war there's no distinction of the nationality of the capitalist, its irrelevant.

I will agree on one aspect - that the maoist tendency towards luddism may not be the correct course of action. On the other hand, the NPA draws its support (and itself, its people) from the peasants. If something is hurting the peasants, then why should they attempt to take some nonviolent universal view and sacrifice themselves and their base's interests? I mean really. You can look as an armchair and say "well, this is progress, hundreds might lose their livelihoods and many will die but that is soon to be history" - but that cold way of relating to progress is only possible from the analytic perspective. In our personal lives, in our actions, we fight for ourselves. So I can't condemn the NPA for fighting for their interests.

But on this subject, of mines and progress, think of it like this: At every step they support their base. They aren't betraying them in favor of some wider dream (e.g. future proletarian instead of peasant revolution, industrial progress). Is this or is it not the correct course of actions? If they are obedient to their base, are they more or less likely to win? If they win, then they can allow safe exploitation of the natural resources, by providing the necessary aid to displaced peasants. Who would it benefit the world working class struggle more to have these resources - a communist philippines, or a fascist philippines?

>the rest

Im not trying to be rude but honestly you fail to read my post carefully I think. You seem to skim over "insofars" which are so crucial, and in your last section you basically start out disagreeing and then end by agreeing, all the while trying to argue. I think it's you who's not being dialectical, because the core of dialectics is knowing in what conditions a thing is how it is, and when latent contradictions manifest. E.g. the liability of outsourcing, or the attempts of the imperial core to prevent trickle down. This contradiction manifests as both sides existing, each side pushed to manifest by its own unique causes.

Also you seem to be confused on what capitalist exploitation is, and how it occurs. Outsourcing necessitates exploitation, it means literally hiring people in another country to do work. That means exploitation, because they are hired. Why they choose to hire people in foreign countries is because of cheap labor.

Also literally how can i be saying that exploitation exists in the sphere of exchange (mind you, you mention unequal exchange yourself in your post! it feels like im replying to an AI) when literally I said its about labor? When cheap labor is exploited, the profits flow to the (foreign) capitalist, this has nothing to do with the market! You're highly confused. I mean no disrespect but just… wtf. ARE you a person? If ur an elaborate bait op u gotta tell me



um… deng bros and mao bros? whats going on? arent they anti china?

Oppose US plan to use Philippines in war strategy against China
>The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) condemns the imperialist US for war-mongering and heightening war-preparations against China and for using the Philippines and other countries as launching pad for its planned military attacks against its rival imperialist power.

>In an interview by the Financial Times a few days ago (“US military deepens ties with Japan and Philippines to prepare for China threat”), the imperialist hooligan Lt. Gen. James Bierman, who is the commanding general of the US armed forces’ Third Marine Expeditionary Force (III MEF) and Marine Forces Japan, revealed explicitly how the US has long been planning to set the stage for war against China, comparing it to the many years of preparations they made in Ukraine:

>"Why have we achieved the level of success we’ve achieved in Ukraine? A big part of that has been because after Russian aggression in 2014 and 2015, we earnestly got after preparing for future conflict: training for the Ukrainians, pre-positioning of supplies, identification of sites from which we could operate support, sustain operations."

>"We call that setting the theatre. And we are setting the theatre in Japan, in the Philippines, in other locations."

>These statements of General Bierman are typical of the gross arrogance of the US imperialists in its relentless push to establish its global hegemony in its desperation to counteract its strategic economic decline. It regards with contempt the sovereignty of the Philippines and other countries. It treats its so-called “allies” as mere pawns in its imperialist game of chess to encircle its super-power rival China.

>In line with the Pentagon strategy of encircling China and prepositioning its forces within the so-called first-island chain, the US continues to build up its military presence in Japan, Korea, Singapore and the Philippines where it maintains military bases, and ruling governments are subservient to US interests.


everything I don't like is ISIS


low effort bait, no argument


you just outed yourself burger


File: 1674770409588.png (20.61 KB, 200x200, ClipboardImage.png)

>comparing the CPP-NPA to ISIS
>ISIS literally exists in Mindanao and actively fights the NPA
>Without the NPA the island would be fucking overrun by islamic insurgents on the countryside


>your opinions are invalid because you are not filipino
<i'm a burger tho but that's ok
incredible cope


>supporting communist revolutionaries is cointelpro


>Wow, infighting? Among terrorist groups? I guess I have to side with one.
That's the single most reactionary bullshit possible
If you can't support revolutionary violence youre just allowing reactionary violence (which is somehow even worse than the Filipino State, its fucking ISIS)


You can cry and shit your pants all you want, I'm not supporting terrorism against infrastructure in developing countries.


File: 1674777700494.jpg (90.25 KB, 504x566, b79.jpg)


>infrastructure made by foreigners solely for foreign profit
>infrastructure that drestroys the living conditions of indigenous people
>infrastructure that drestroys the living conditions of peasants
>infrastructure that expropriate the houses of poor working class people
The Belgians sure left a lot of infrastructure in the Congo


It must be fun to be a fed and have access to the high quality archives of wojacks, anime avatars, and Picrews.


>muh chinese imperialism
We get it anon.


As a fed at least I would recive something, you happily suck Chinese cocks for free


You don't have consider China to be imperialist to acknowledge the existence of contradictions between its bourgeoisie and workers/peasants in the countries they invest in.
You're the one vehemently defending a pro-US comprador regime and attacking communist revolutionaries as "terrorists".


And yet anon has done nothing other than suggest attacking Chinese projects in the region is not part of the struggle against American occupation. It is pretty fishy for a guy hiding out in the Netherlands to announce it from Radio Free Asia, too.


if u don't like my posts, hide them, but this is just pretending to read them


File: 1674779015641.png (91.39 KB, 642x570, 1670179432414-2.png)

Have you considered that these Chinese projects may be having a negative impact on the interests of the local population, and that attacking them is a way to deepen the CPP's support? Have you considered that China's involvement is providing benefits to the comprador regime, and thereby actually helping the US retain its grip on the country? The sensible approach when looking at the actions of comrades in other countries is to operate under two presumptions. First, that they are acting in good faith to bring about socialism in their country. Second, that they understand their country, its conditions, and the necessary tasks of its revolution better than any foreigner. Instead you are operating just under the childish assumption that literally anything China does must be good, and anybody who has any objection to anything they do must be bad. Because of this assumption you chauvinistically slander the CPP, minimize the importance of their struggle, and generally just display the kind of Westoid arrogance that is typical of your average radlib. You make ridiculous accusations that they are secretly pro-US (a laughable claim to anybody remotely familiar with the situation), compare them to ISIS, etc. You make no effort to consider their perspective or understand their actions. This is what vulgar campism does to a mf.


You guys think the Belt and Road is comparable to Belgian occupation of the Congo.
Bottom text.


I never said that or even implied it. You on the other hand seem to be operating under the assumption that no Chinese investment could ever harm the interests of workers and peasants in another country.


I mean really that's the core problem is you don't understand what imperialism entails. You support Maoists in your online roleplays through process of elimination.
(me) >>1346324


More deflection. China doesn't need to be imperialist in order for its foreign investments to harm the interests of the local people.


You're really running with "attacking Belt and Road projects is the same as attacking US occupation forces". I get it anon. If that's what they want, they can expend resources to attack them.
It's pretty obvious to me why the US has not been building infrastructure in their colonies, but go off.


Would you support communist revolution anywhere that has belt and road infrastructure?


Why not - I'll engage with your idealistic notions.
However, I would not be gullible enough to believe a "communist" group attacking part of the Kunming-Vientiane Railway in Laos (for example) is anything other than a bunch of terrorists.
I would immediately look for signs of them being used by foreign intelligence like positive reporting on them in imperialist media outlets.
The combination of faux environmentalism & indigenous advocacy with this does not make it more convincing.
It would be like Yaku Perez calling for attacks against BRI projects in Ecuador - laughable levels of fed nonsense. And if he was in Luxembourg? Fucking sidesplitting, comrade.


I assume you mean https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kunming-Singapore_railway
I believe referring to later construction with the name used for an earlier stage of the project.


Is this bait?


The PRC pulled bullshit like that pretty much throughout their entire history


>While they have had a slight leftward turn
lol no


>You're really running with "attacking Belt and Road projects is the same as attacking US occupation forces".
I didn't say that either. I said that when you hear about the NPA attacking Belt and Road projects your first reaction should be asking why they are doing that. When you investigate to answer that question you should do so under the presumption that they understand the situation better than you do, and that they are sincerely working to build socialism in their country. Operating under these presumptions is the best way to combat your own chauvinism and avoid acting like a retarded arrogant Westoid. You didn't do that. Instead you heard they attacked a B&R project and immediately started looking for reasons to slander them, because the extent of your thinking is "everything China does is good." If you are so unwilling to part with this assumption that you start spewing state-department talking points about how the NPA are just like ISIS then maybe you should reassess your thought processes.


Cool thanks anon


>However, I would not be gullible enough to believe a "communist" group attacking part of the Kunming-Vientiane Railway in Laos (for example) is anything other than a bunch of terrorists.
Embarrassing post.


I don't know about Philippines but in my country the port was bought by Costco and explicitly asked the state to mitigate union interference.
There was a whole thing between are national bourgeois and China funny story


>explicitly asked the state to mitigate union interference
Well clearly those unions were CIA backed terrorists who are exactly like ISIS.




AFP general who ordered Yvonne Chua killing is also behind killing of Ka Bok and Chad Booc

Marco L. Valbuena, Chief Information Officer
Communist Party of the Philippines

January 27, 2023

Gen. Jesus Durante III, whom the police named mastermind behind the recent killing of Davao City model Yvonne Chua, is also the criminal behind the torture and murder of NPA commander Menandro Villanueva (Ka Bok) and the killing of Chad Booc and four others last year.

A few days ago, a special police investigation determined that General Durante, commanding general of the 1001st Infantry Brigade, and former head of the Presidential Security Group under Duterte, ordered the killing of Yvonne Chua, a Davao-city based model. Chua was Durante's lover.

Murder charges have been filed against Durante and a number of other officers and soldiers. According to the police investigation, a group of six soldiers under General Durante were ordered to carry out the killing of Chua last December 30 using their AFP-issued guns. They shot Chua outside her home in Davao City and took her belongings. Probably pricked by their conscience, a number of these foot soldiers revealed the truth about the crime.

The CPP has taken special interest in this case considering that General Durante was head of the military unit that was directly involved in the torture and killing of New People's Army (NPA) commander Menardo Villanueva (Ka Bok). Ka Bok was captured by forces of the 1001st on December 25, 2021 in Davao de Oro, and subjected to torture and subsequently killed while under military custody. General Durante himself announced the killing of Ka Bok.

Before she was killed, Chua said she was being physically beaten by General Durante. At that time, she showed her friends on Facebook pictures of her bloodied face, arms and body. These conversations are now being made public. In one of her message, she said: "Feeling ko talaga… papatayin nya talaga ako. Andami kong alam na illegal nyang gawain… Kung isisiwalat ko lahat matataggal sya sa position nya" (I really think he will have me killed. I know a lot about his illegal activities… He will be kicked out of his position if I reveal all these).

More evidence about Durante's motive was revealed when one of Chua's friends posted a message from Chua where she said she holds "a vault of evidences and the real story about… the death of Menandro Villanueva aka Bok," as well as "the real story about the death of Chad Booc." Chad Booc, a volunteer teacher and activist supporter of the struggle of indigenous people of Mindanao, was extrajudicially killed by military personnel under the 1001st IBde on February 24, 2022 in New Bataan, Davao de Oro together with four other companions, after a meeting with local Lumad communities.

Indeed, had Chua possessed such damning information revealing detailed secrets of the AFP's dirty operations, she would be target not only of General Durante, but of the 10th Infantry Division and the entire AFP as well.

We join Yvonne Chua's family and friends in their clamor for justice and demand that all the criminals in the AFP be punished for their brutal crime. We denounce the AFP for giving Durante the Palparan special treatment for taking him into its custody instead of having him detained in police jails.

We denounce the local police for describing the murder of Chua as a "crime of passion" when it was evidently premeditated and carried out with a clear intent to kill. It appears the police does not want its investigation to reveal the real extent of the crime.

We urge all of Chua's family and friends to reveal all information that can help bring the secrets of the AFP's illegal and dirty operations to the fore. They can have Chua's computer and gadgets be subjected to independent forensic examination to retrieve all information that she had stored.

The killing of Chua reveals how the AFP is led by pathological criminals who use their power to order their men to carry out torture and murders. We urge all men of the AFP, especially its rank and file, who can no longer stand the stench of the military to leave the AFP and not allow yourselves to be used in the criminal schemes of their power-hungry fascist officers.


Lol get absolutely bodied, seethe all you like
Your fantasies of committing terrorism will never materialize and there are ample resources to defend these projects


>I didn't say that, I'm just saying you should've said that, because it's right
Just flailing about I see


I really wish you would use a flag so I can ignore you like Eurasia anon


It's the same silly argument from Maoists over and over again: developing a country is imperialism. They forget that empires deliberately repress development in their colonies, and that's why China makes burgers and Maoists tear their hair out.


The only one seething is you, shitting and crying that communist revolutionaries are waging an armed struggle against a US-backed comprador regime instead of just waiting for Chinese porkies to make the country slightly less pro-US.


File: 1674849997020.jpg (81.97 KB, 1024x502, negros_to-1024x502.jpg)

3 AFP soldiers, dead; 7 injured in NPA encounter in southwestern Negros

From Ang Bayan(CPP central news organ) Article was orginally in filipino so if the wording is slightly scuffed blame google translate

The New People's Army (NPA)-Southwest Negros (Armando Sumayang Jr. Command) confirmed today the encounter between its unit and the 15th IB in Sityo Malipayon, Barangay San Jose, Sipalay City on January 18.

Due to the unit's guerilla ability, it was able to seize the initiative from the soldiers and inflict 10 casualties on the enemy. Three were confirmed killed in the 15th IB while seven others were wounded.

According to Ka Andrea Guerrero, spokesperson of the NPA unit, the battle lasted for 10 minutes and after that, the people's army unit was able to safely maneuver and retreat.

The soldiers turned the fascist violence on the local population after such an encounter. As was done in Himamaylan City and other parts of Negros, a militaristic lockdown was implemented in Sityo Tabon-tabon and Sityo Malipayon in Barangay San Jose, Sipalay City and the communities in the adjacent Barangay Baclao, Cauayan.

About 200 families or nearly 500 individuals were forcibly evacuated from schools and barangay centers. This forced displacement affected the livelihood of farmers and residents.

In the report received by the NPA-Southwest Negros, it was said that the residents were prohibited from farming, returning to their houses and leaving their villages. The soldiers also illegally searched the food purchased by the residents.

Link to article: https://philippinerevolution.nu/angbayan/3-sundalo-ng-afp-patay-7-nasugatan-sa-engwkwentro-sa-bhb/


File: 1674868421118.png (339.44 KB, 1080x564, 1656866829503.png)

>but it's clear they provide a way for the Department of Defense to recoup communist sentiment for their foreign policy goals
Lmao, you're actually retarded. Do you unironically believe that the Fillipino government is some kind of bastion of anti-imperialism? It literally hosts US bases, it docks US ships, it's a de facto US colony. It's a linchpin of US power projection in the Pacific. Losing it to a Maoist government would actually be the kind of blow to US imperialism that China is too cowardly to strike. You're so committed to defending China's Gorbachev-tier appeasement of the West that you are opposed to the revolutionary overthrow of a major US comprador regime.



>They're not going to throw out the US doing this nonsense
Thanks for the input from Langley.


Idk, the CPP has called for Filippinos to resist the use of their country as a base to attack China >>1346074 and they're actively working to overthrow a US comprador regime.

Meanwhile you're over here telling people that armed resistance against the US is pointless and that people who do it are the same as ISIS.(Please stop replying to spam. Report and ignore)


absolute unadulterated cope


Last July Duterte claimed the NPA's armed component was reduced to 2000 members.
Obviously this is very Orwellian language from the regimist Duterte, but what are the numbers?
I know strategic equilibrium is a huge step, showing they are entering the LATTER stage of the Protracted People's War. 👊😜 Even more impressive if their numbers are in fact dwindling at the same time.

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