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Scary Labour Stories

A thread for all your narrative needs, post your own and other workers' tales.


I almost hydroplaned a loaded semitruck off of a bridge once


My workplace recently won the right to collectively bargain, and now all my co-workers are complaining because management is delaying a bunch of promised pay raises until they figure out how to negotiate a union contract.


One of my former bosses tried kicking me into a running power saw. He was also a racist despite being an It*lien. I only worked at that company for a month and nearly died 2 times. Never gonna work in construction ever again, fuck these people.


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Woah, now that's a fuckin new story right there.
Long shifts? Tiredness? Or was the weather actually so bad that driving itself was too dangerous.


My workplace voted against the union-led agreement renegotiation 60-70% or something. Managers were saying shit like "vote yes for the current contract" and changing our backgrounds on computers and shit. The deal was shitty, but I think people fell for the meager payrises and some 'i got mine' shit with leave.
I had joined that year along with a bunch of other younger college graduates (early-mid 20s), during the propaganda meetings we booked a private meeting room for 15 of us, put the meeting video up on the wall, muted ourselves and just laughed at their bullshit for an hour. Good times.


File: 1674518623432.png (200.84 KB, 382x334, Hold the line.png)

>my boss tried to murder me


I was driving 65mph during a tropical storm. I have a bunch of other near death experiences but those were all bad drivers, I guess another scary moment was driving 9 hours straight through really icy weather where I passed crashed cars and trucks every few miles and my dispatcher was getting on me to go faster because I was hauling medical supplies


Is it true that in America you only get healthcare if you work at a high end job but can lose your job if you get sick or hurt?


Walkin on down, to the hill
Where he come from we dont know
So between this thread and the last one, I quit my job and got a new one. Why, you might ask? Because the management at my old place is full of pathological liars more concerned about ass kissing their superiors, as I've probably related in the past, but this particular event was the last straw. See, a couple months ago I decided put yet more pressure on management to actually live up to their promises and get them to consider me for the AGM position, with the one most sympathetic to me, let's call her Olga, actually coming to an agreement with me. Olga told me the first step would be increased responsibilities, and one of those responsibilities would be doing pre-meal meetings with the servers. In short, this involves going over with the servers things like weekly specials, specific tasks we should focus on, the bread for today, and other such things. I was able to do that pretty well and Olga was impressed.

Flash forward a week, and I suddenly find there's been a manager switch around, now Olga almost exclusively manages the adjacent restaurant when she's working and isn't around at the one I usually bartend at, instead being presided over by a significantly worse guy, let's call him Bobby the Brown Nose, or Bobby for short. Bobby is a guy who only has the job due to glorified nepotism, he housesat for the general manager a lot a few years ago and thus their families are friends, and so the general manager not only bends over backwards to accommodate his mediocrity but also to persecute anybody who dares hurt his feelings, which over the course of the years led to a lot of firings during times when we were already short staffed for the pettiest of reasons. Anyways, even though I told Bobby that I was doing the meetings, he seemed to not care at all because he would always find a reason to either start them without me or to run in when I started and immediately shout over me and tell me I was "doing it wrong". Pretty much the same thing would happen with another AGM they brought over to "straighten us out" (apparently we were a problematic restaurant because we didn't like to put up with Bobby's blatantly unprofessional shit), and it culminated in me going to Olga and asking what's up. After some waffling back and forth for a week, I finally got an answer: they were NEVER considering me for an AGM position, and the whole "pre-meal meeting" thing was never supposed to last longer than a few days. It was meant to be something to "keep me quiet" and let me think I was progressing when they were just laughing at me behind my back. I put in my resignation a couple of days later.

There's some details I missed out, but yeah, fuck that place and fuck its terrible management, I hope they go out of business


I used to work in a warehouse and one time a truck we had just unloaded drove away from the dock with me in the trailer. Another time the power went out and our boss made us keep unloading in the dark.


>my dispatcher was getting on me to go faster because I was hauling medical supplies
Health is important to us.™


I mean, its fucked up, but its kinda badass.
¯\_ (ツ)_/¯


File: 1674620752532.png (365.65 KB, 700x366, 1608457294386.png)

more of an autismo story but i'll bite
>working at <retail store> with only one bathroom per sex, bathroom is locked to prevent loss
>somehow, some guy got into the bathrooms, stole shit, and then shot something up in his arm, leaving blood and a discarded needle
>really need to fucking piss, like really need to piss
>i end up bitching to customers, this is like week 1 of the job, i end up bitching to my manager, and he says "use the women's"
>I decide that in the case I *do* use the women's, it'd be a horrid fucking pr disaster if I were to enter in fucking uniform to a customer or fellow employee.
>I then choose to take the less risky option of fucking announcing to all customers at the front desk
>didn't go to the bathroom
>took 30 minutes for someone to clean the bathroom, not sure why they didn't get me to do it but who cares


File: 1674647719165.jpg (24.64 KB, 474x398, dammit.jpg)

Gender moment. nah, i see where your coming from. tactless but definitely not the worst option


no fucking way lmao


>tactless but definitely not the worst option
what would be the worst option?


pissing on the nearest customer




For actual good quality healthcare?Yes.
A lot of full-time jobs might offer some kind of meager coverage; but the medical billing is so fucked over here and near everything medical is priced out of most peoples' range. So a lot of people just go without or are going to go into debt-slavery trying to pay it off.

And yeah a lot of people are living so precariously, anything serious happening could absolutely wreck their shit and could mean lose everything


I work at a "tech" company, and my job boils down to being a flash computer doing repetitive tasks for the parts of the system where it's cheaper to hire an underpaid monkey than pay a programmer to automate it.



Good anti-bourgeoisie Praxis , lol

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