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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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What's up with Karl Marx playing basketball? Why is Karl Marx a mascot for a local basketball team?


East German citizens were super depressed after the Wall fell and they realized capitalism was pretty shit.
Basketball Marx was developed as a psychological coping mechanism to try to placate the DDR nostalgiafags.


Karl was black so it's only natural


>Why is Karl Marx the mascot of the team from Karl-Marx-Stadt?


That's awesome


>more than one reply
>no images of Fidel Catch-Throw
shit thread. didn't reply.


His wife called him Moor lovingly in her letters


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Without sanctions, cuba would be a sporting global power and I'm not even kidding. Look at our Olympics records. We will be in a world cup again within the next 10 years too.


The best communist sports are Basketball and American football. Not Euro football because its owned by big Capital without any real equity or drafts for the sake of equity and unions.




How about those million of people playing normal football outside europe? And basketball, though popular, still needs baskets while in football you just need a ball. Also NBA.


All ballers are proletarian?


American football literally kills the people who play it lol


So does every combat sport, hell even pro wrestling kills it's participants and that's a form of theater


Maybe we shouldn't have them anymore then?


As long as boxing and muy thai participants know the risks involved and there's informed consent I see no reason to end them


well I dunno, maybe, but it definitely shouldn't be something that you get paid to do, that creates a perverse incentive


Why not? It's productive labor in the sense that there's footage which gets printed and reprinted


We shouldn't be encouraging people to kill themselves for the amusement of others.


We kill ourselves for productive ends all the time, why is doing the same for amusement so awful?


Ĉiuj sportoj kunportas riskon de vundo. Ne sensas malpermesi arbitrajn sportojn, precipe tiuj, kiujn homoj povas ludi en siaj kortoj.


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>Cuba brings all the doctors back home and uses them to create supermen.

>and American football
excuse me what the fuck
did it autocorrect association football?

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