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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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What causes mass shootings? Specifically in America, the world epicenter for it, and not ideologically motivated violence such as terrorism. The reason the media pushes–guns–always struck me as a half truth. The correlation is undeniable, the more guns you have around predictably the more they will be used. But a gun does not alone cause someone to want to murder innocent strangers. What about America's brutal society puts these people over the edge?

There seems to be an intersection of causes, psychological, cultural, and sociological, that are enabled by the availability of guns. The breakdown of a sense of national community, a culture which disposes of young men and leaves them in isolation, inattentiveness to warning signs.

However, a more detailed answer eludes me and blaming guns seems to be too politically convenient, like its attempting to coverup the societal decay which leads to troubled young men engaging in hyperviolence.
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"People like us" are just proles. It was proles that killed the fascists last time, if some new reactionaries take over it will be us that kills them again.


Remember that overt propaganda is not the only for of propaganda.

Observe how anons take the legitimate points made against radlib propaganda around MAGAs and media hysteria about "mass shooters" and it's bizarre cherrypicking nature on what constitutes a threat to the average citizen or it's causes, ie material conditions and degrading mental health, and run with these arguments, turning them into straight up MAGA apologism and racebait.

This, is poisoning the well by making up strawmen and false flagging as those strawmen. Don't be surprised then when the conversation is overtaken with divisive statements broadly denouncing those positions and infighting.


you have more chance of dying in a car crash than dying in a mass shooting, stfu


Abolish cars RIGHT NOW


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only it's just a noodle in the end 😑
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Yeah. Idk I was coming off mushrooms when I saw/sent that
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here's the video that site is sketchy
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Yeah. Awful. Don't think I want to see the video. So despicable
The US does not care about addressing the socioeconomic problems that create domestic terror and violence. Police reform, a universal basic income, and rebuilding infrastructure including nationwide high speed internet would do more to address the ongoing violence than anything. These attacks like Colorado recently and in Atlanta are not isolated spontaneous events. They're the result of generations of austerity and a move towards neoliberalism and a carceral society.
Every one of you is so atomized from the ability to make change that even saying hello to your neighbor is a bizarre occurrence. This is intentional. This is a feature of neoliberalism, this is not a flaw. In a nation where the prevailing socioeconomic system seeks to atomize and separate you from the abilities to make changes in your world hand in hand with the people you live around, saying hello to someone is revolutionary.


you can thank Eglin AFB and Reddit for this kind of conditioning


that is kind of my point tbh. mass shootings are just great spectacles that people love to worry about because of their dramatic nature. at this point it's become a ritualistic national event of shooting, reports of shooting, interview of people on the scene, political takes, politicians giving their opinions, president shaking hands of victim's families etc. etc. It's kind of part of popular culture lol. Meanwhile cager culture kills tens of thousands of people per year in the US. 6 million car crashes in total. 3 million injuries per year.


Part mental illness/part no social safety.
If you live in a society where nothing structurally supports your development as a human being, why wouldn’t you expect a lashing out?


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>what happens when we get a younger, smarter version of orange man, and the military actually likes him?
>it just cannot happen, fearmongering aside give me names.



>>135060 my comment here >>134725 shows that not only will this mental health crisis get worse, the social Darwinist bloodlust will only grow. When you can't go after the causes your only option is to attack the effects.


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>if you live in a society


Correct Position.
Take the guns away from petty boug white kids and give the guns to proles


Yeah but you can't say that out loud, maybe we should present it as making guns cheaper to defend the "good guy with a gun" narrative that some shitlibs like to eat up.


File: 1616694308759.png (508.53 KB, 640x384, ClipboardImage.png)

The social and political roots of mass shootings in America
>The framework of the official debate over the horrific regularity of mass shootings like that in Parkland, Florida obscures the underlying causes: social inequality and war.



It was and still is.


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>It was and still is.


actually you're both wrong it's Marilyn Manson, which is why mass shootings started in the 90s


Wrong. Rock and Roll causes shootings.


Okay, tell us how it's not.


Why is it bad?
>the simplest Surrealist act consists of dashing down into the street, pistol in hand, and firing blindly, as fast as you can pull the trigger, into the crowd. Anyone who at least once in his life has not dreamed of thus putting an end to the petty debasement and cretinization in effect has a well-defined place in that crowd, with his belly at barrel level.


>bump a 2 week old thread just to soyjak
have you considered hanging yourself


I've got a bit of trouble formatting my responses to some of your claims but im gonna try my best.

>and not ideologically motivated violence such as terrorism.

The thing is there is often a lot of overlap between someones personal ideologies and beliefs and them doing the attack even if it was an explicitly political action in itself.
The Chief FBI investigator at columbine summed it up well in a particular book he wrote where he debunks / disproves the myth that the two guys were "depressed loners who got bullied and thats why they did it" he pointed out "No. This was a born to kill, tortures small animals in the garden shed psychopath and a boy of noticably lower intelligence who he had basically manipulated committing what effectively amounts to an attempt at causing a terrorist incident"
>inattentiveness to warning signs.
Using Columbine as an example again we can see that even if you see all the warning signs this may not work. The truth is their parents in this case unironically did everything they physically could do to prevent this from happening (They stopped keeping guns around the house, they got their boys to see psychologists, They got them on Anti-Psychotics and Anti-Depressants respectively etc and basically none of it worked.
>There seems to be an intersection of causes, psychological, cultural, and sociological,
As the FBI agent i mentioned earlier in his book said "there is no archtype" taking the actual average of all shootings and not just like Sandy hook and columbine, Mass shootings have basically the same likelyhood to occur in EVERY age group, social-group, and whether or not the person is popular the only defining feature he could find between them was that 99.9% of them were men.


*Wasn't explicitly


>No. This was a born to kill, tortures small animals in the garden shed psychopath and a boy of noticably lower intelligence who he had basically manipulated committing what effectively amounts to an attempt at causing a terrorist incident
<People are born evil
You are some fucking liberal


Alright hotshot, what the fuck would you do about someone always intent on committing sadistic torture and murder, who's resisted all treatment and can only be stopped by their own death?
What do you call that?


Eric Harris was a diagnosed on paper psychopath with fucked up brain-chemistry who would have literally have become like Ted Bundy if he and Klebold didn't decide to just shoot a bunch of people at once.

He literally writes in his journal as the FBI pointed out how one of his initial plans was to literally start kidnapping, raping and killing 1st year girls and being like a serial killer basically

Obviously no one is born completely evil but like you have a birth defect where you have completely fucked up brain chemistry where you associate Rape + Murder = good then yeah your pretty close.


File: 1617840585674.jpg (248.34 KB, 1024x891, 2020-Presidential-Table_No….jpg)

>it's common knowledge that the ruling class felt so threatened by Trump that they blatantly rigged the election in favor of a senile pedophile
It's not "common knowledge" at all, in fact it's blatant fucking evidence-free disinformation cooked up to facilitate a Republican victim complex. On Planet Earth, there's more reason to believe that Trump and Republican operatives did more to rig the general election in their favor than Biden. In all but two of 24 states in which exit polls were performed deviations were in Trump's favor, seven of which failed the state department's own standard for verifying foreign elections. In the real fucking world of serious election scrutiny, it turns out Biden won in such a blowout that most of the vote flipping and voter suppression didn't really matter this time around.


The term "running amok" is a Malaysian loan word for the phenomenon of young men suddenly snapping and going on a murderous rampage. It's a universal phenomenon that probably has sociobiological, primate roots.

Other cultures have knife spree killers, or arsonists, or vehicular homiciders, or mad bombers. Guns however are a unique killing instrument in that they provide distance and removal. Killing someone with a knife is an almost intimate affair. You're likely to even get your victim's blood on you. So it's more terrifying. More to the point, a person with a knife can be overwhelmed by even a small group of people. A person with a gun cannot.

The point is that there's nothing in particular about American society that causes mass murder, it's that it's easier to do it. The means to do so are sold like candy bars at your local corner shop. Killing someone without a gun takes work. And it's inefficient.


>fucked up brain-chemistry
Fellow rick and morty fan i see


Extreme shitlib take.


Not an argument


take your meds, schizo
gargle my nuts


pure libbery


in what way


Not. An. Arg.U.Ment


Good post, but I disagree with this part:
>It's a universal phenomenon that probably has sociobiological, primate roots.

It is a universal phenomenon, but I think it has societal roots and not sociobiological roots. I think amok is the result of societal alienation and not some primitive instinct.


Well obviously society can make things more or less likely to happen, but I think the roots are fundamentally biological. If they weren't then why are mass shooters literally, yes literally, more than 99% male?


>99% male?
I can agree on that and I don't deny the biological factor. But ultimately, I think that the envoirement/society trumps biology. It is also noteworthy, that the majority amok perpetrators are neurotypicals.


Yeah I think we're agreeing but just saying it in different ways. Biology is the default setting, but environment can override it.
> the majority amok perpetrators are neurotypicals.
The majority of people are neurotypical, so that makes sense.


I'm honestly surprised how little correlation there is between autism and mass violence, given that the suicide rate is over nine times higher for autists.


Sexuation is an ontological concept that precedes biology.
What it means to be a male is fundamentally different, subjectively, than what it means to be a female, and we needn't resort to the tautological biology of this as the bedrock causal explanation; there is an ontological antecedent.


Sexuation is an ontological concept that precedes biology.
What it means to be a male is fundamentally different, subjectively, than what it means to be a female, and we needn't resort to the tautological biology of this as the bedrock causal explanation; there is an ontological antecedent. >>158612 Source: What Is Sex? By Alenka Zupancic


File: 1617873660618-0.jpg (68.1 KB, 562x442, tacky.jpg)

File: 1617873660618-1.mp4 (34.75 MB, 1280x720, Americans be like keep pol….mp4)

Mass shootings are a fundamental component of the white supremacist settler state America. One of the main reasons for the second amendment was the shooting of natives and suppressions of slave uprisings.

This dynamic of a superior powered Aryann white man versus a "brown horde" of inferiors or mass of unarmed has a lot of similarity with American mass shootings, it is also no coincidence that majority of the perpetrators are white men. These kinds of things also still happen to this day in Iraq and Afghanistan, where one person is able with the push of a button drop a bomb and kill 100 "uncivilized" brown persons, but we here in the west don't notice this ideological component of these warcrimes.
Exactly because the ideological component of these shootings and warcrimes are so fundamental to the American settler project and most ex-colonialist and still imperialist Western nations is the exact reason these people are unable to grasp the root cause of this. They can't differentiate their own ideology from that of the perpetuator, so that's why most of these things seem "apolitical" or without motives and non-ideological to them. All the while they have no problem doing deep psychoanalysis and ideological/religious critique when Middle Eastern men blows themselves up or shoots civilians and instantly label them as "Islamist fundamentalist extremist" and terrorist with clear ideological goals but can't do that to a white guy that does the same thing, they are even unable to call him a terrorist. (Mainly because "Terrorist" is a political and ideological term, which the white guy doesn't have according to the west they are just "lone wolves" or "insane" )


So basically, because different individuals have different primary or secondary sex characteristics or produce different gametes that they are inherently different and their differences can't be overridden by environmental factors or conscious human thought? This is incredibly defeatist, essentialist, and is basically the "yooman naytur" argument unironically. Are you the anon who read some random feminist works from the 1970s and now thinks he's the shit and tells people to "take the TERF/gender abolition pill?" If so, you should probably go to /pol/ or maybe even BlackPillFeminism on Saidit: https://saidit.net/s/BPF/new/, whatever floats your boat. Whatever you do, just gtfo away from /leftypol/, and don't come back.


This is post colonial brainrot speaking. It's an anti materialist reading.


This ^

A great example of this would be the UK, which people's guns got completely confiscated. But now, there is a knife-stabbing epidemic, where some braindead politicians seek to regulate regular kitchen knifes for registration and such.


You are correct and wrong (Big brain centrist moment)
Capital hill "rioters" were just retarded boomers with brain prions from McDonalds getting entrapment oped by the FBI basically and there was never any threat of US liberal-democracy being interfered with by them.

At the same time there are legit schizo's in like the worst redneck flag fucker parts of the south and like Idaho and Oregon/Washington who want to start the fucking race war and kill every minority on earth or something and are actually dangerous schizos


<Idiot for not realising this thread is already over 173 replies long

This ^ based take


Let's look at that "great example", the UK.
Compare and contrast the length of the list of massacres in the UK back to 61AD:

With the length of the list of mass shootings in America just last year:

Even when you exclude the incompetents who didn't actually kill anyone, you still wind up with more fatal mass shootings in America in one year than Britain has had massacres in the past 2000.


This one is in Bryan, TX near a school.

1 person dead, 4 hurt. A cop got hit.

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