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Esperanto will probably not get its original goal of a universal language, sadly, once the english language are, but it did had its place on the labor movement and had its place in China and the Soviet Union (at least for a time)
I personaly find it interesting and I myself am a student, but what do you guys think about it? I would love to see your thoughts on it bellow


Dead language. Latin exists even today because it is/was a language of science for Europe, but Esperanto existed basically for no reason.


Stalin tried to learn it

>The condemned ate and slept with the others. Before the eyes of the prisoners, they were led out at night and hanged in the prison yard, so that in the cells “were heard the cries and moans of the hanged.” All the prisoners suffered from the nervous strain. “Koba slept soundly,” says Vereshchak, “or calmly studied Esperanto (he was convinced that Esperanto was the international language of the future).” It would be silly to think that Koba was indifferent to the executions. But he had strong nerves. He did not feel for others as for himself. Nerves like that were in themselves an important asset.

>In the Baku prison he began to study Esperanto as “the language of the future”. That touch most instructively exposes the quality of Koba’s intellectual equipment, which in the sphere of learning always sought the line of least resistance. Although he spent eight years in prison and exile, he never managed to learn a single foreign language, not excluding his ill-starred Esperanto.


Personally i think spanish is the best candidate for a worldwide lingua franca of the future because of how easy it is to learn and because of the 1 billion spanish speakers in the world, but latin should be revived and i think portuguese has a lot of potential. I think romsnce languages in general but specifically the easy ones are the best candidate for a lingua franca. I dont know anything about esperanto though


Zamenhof assumed that everyone would just speak the language of their colonizers since at that time the world was dominated by big colonial empires, so a Eurocentric language made sense and this is still kinda true today, despite de-colonization. What he didn't forsee is that one colonizer language would become so dominant to the point where it would supplant all other languages. Don't forget that English-language hegemony only really took off after WW2.


>toki Epelanto
>ala toki pona


Didn't Stalin suppress Esperanto precisely because it was an "internationalist" language, putting up a "danger" to his his implementation of the Socialism in One Country policy?


he didn't believe in sioc when he was in tsarist prison


Why did Stalin's Marxism degrade so much with time? He also had a better understanding of socialism and the problem of commodity production in his earlier vs later years.


If we ever get to power in Europe I will push for Esperanto because I dont want to repeat a situation of ethnic privilege for a certain ethnic group, in addition to giving the Anglo world, which would most likely not be socialist aligned, a very easy time brainwashing our population with their national media.

I think Esperanto as a language ought to be the future lingua franca of the socialist world, at the very least in Europe.


Learning the language as a one day full international language isn't a great idea, but you can use it to help learn other languages (https://www.italki.com/en/article/438/how-learning-esperanto-can-help-you-learn-other-languages

There's also the benefit of reading works written only in esperanto, plus all the generic benefits of learning another language like it sharpening your brain (something to highlight since it's easier to learn esperanto).

Interesting, and shame he didn't pick up the language. Learning a language is complicated and what is said to work changes, (for example: it was found that watching a show of your targeted language with subtitles of the language you're familiar with doesn't help with learning the language – a big shock for all anime nerds out there).


Learning a language is really hard, and I imagine back in those days it was way harder. How are you going to learn it, memorizing a dictionary or trying to read native material? Even nowadays the learning materials are shit, depending on the language


>Esperanto will probably not get its original goal of a universal language


Yes, it is true indeed!
I learn esperanto not only because can help me to learn other european languages (as it is my goal to learn some day) but because it is really cool to learn something new, specially a language
As I said, esperanto probably will not get it status as a "world lingua franca" (at least not in my lifetime, I'm afraid), so I'm not really with that in mind, but thanks for the article :)
If you have some other material about esperanto and other languages, or just languages in general as a subject, I would be glad to read about


File: 1674599749663.jpg (36.76 KB, 690x388, (((anglo))).jpg)

I like how people in this thread soy about a lingua franca while communicating perfectly well using English


I've always found it neat. I've been a little linguistics nerd ever since childhood and Esperanto was the first attempt at a universal language that I learned about. Pros: Very simple grammar, because it is a non-natural language that was designed to be easy to learn. Con: The simple accessibility mentioned above only really applies to Westoids since it is based entirely on European languages. As a "global language" it's shit because it is Eurocentric. But it's still neat, and could even have some potential as a pan-European language if there was any real need for that.


I'm pretty sure there is a constructed language that aims to include not only european languages but also some asian elements as well, but I can't really say anything about it for sure, as I'm really relying on my memory now and did not read much about it


The lingual franca is shit! And it was before English too!


Lojban is a lot closer to what a universal language should try to be but in it's current form it isnt suited enough.


Esperanto made more sense before video was the dominant form of transmitting information. Nowadays international sign language would be a better option, signed languages can have a more universal vocabulary and arguably grammar. They are also useful in their own right, you can speak and hear across a noisy room, while your voice is sore, ears are clogged, etc. Sign languages can be written in their native syntax, using vocabulary of natural spoken languages. (Alternatively, perhaps someone could create from scratch a sign language with an intuitive way of writing each sign, that would be sick)


Fuck that. Mandarin is way easier. Just use mandarin with a modified version of the Korean writing system.


File: 1674612351834.jpeg (137.41 KB, 585x856, image-asset.jpeg)


>Mandarin is way easier. Just use mandarin with a modified version of the Korean writing system.
Zhuyin is there to help you


>a language that has gender


tbh it's crazy to me reading about how universal sign language was in native north america.
like from louisianna to maine people shared a close enough sign language to just communicate.
And having a shared sign language made it easier to learn others' spoken languages.
damn sign language is rad


>when one anticommunist myth contradicts another anticommunist myth

Happens more often than you think


People in the pre-contact Americas traveled a lot. It was typical for a settlement in a given area to have several visitors from various neighboring peoples. I wonder if the diversity of languages and use of sign language may have made developing a written language less likely due to lack of linguistic stability.


File: 1674625096916.jpg (95.18 KB, 286x281, go away.jpg)

Great reaction pic btw


File: 1674629755886.png (356.34 KB, 571x278, ClipboardImage.png)

Chad refuses Thot sign language


File: 1674633148448.jpg (Spoiler Image, 47.34 KB, 657x574, 1614573937465.jpg)

Stalin was a redditor CONFIRMED….


File: 1674634100613.png (457.45 KB, 900x648, 16639212536300.png)

>helps you get


What are you talking about


That's the joke


>What is survivorship bias
If this thread was made in Chinese, they would say


>le counterfactual


Start making coherent posts any time now


Ĉu iu vere konas esperanton en ĉi tiu fadeno?


Ĉu vi havas pdf-n por tiu eldono?


Jes, mi iomete parolas la lingvo, sed mi volas lerni pli



Bonege! Lernu.net aŭ "Kurso de Esperanto" ambaŭ estas bonaj manieroj por lerni.


Bedaŭrinda. Tamen mi trovis ĉi tiun tradukon. https://www.marxists.org/esperanto/marx-engels/1848/manifesto/mkp.pdf. Ankaŭ marxists.org havas esperanta fako, kiun enhavas plurajn librojn. https://www.marxists.org/esperanto/


Dankon! Mi uzas duolingon por tio, sed mi iros rigardi tio ankaŭ :)


Dankon denove! Mi rigardos tio ankaŭ ;))


The idea of a “universal language” is retarded Whiggish nonsense

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