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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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It is idealistic to tell someone to blame capitalism when talking about the woes of the modern day. Capitalism, back then and even more so now, is a very vague abstract concept. For some people, its their work, for other people its literally markets. So many different explanations. But whatever it is, its something that isn't tangible. That you have to build together like a puzzle. Thats why its idealistic to be talking about capitalism to workers. A much better example would be the boss. They are tangible. They exist. You can easily identify them and explain your relationship between them than you can capitalism.
>This fat pig is the one who is taking away all your hard earned money.
>They languish in your riches why you can barley make enough to keep on living.
Think of it as a more material connection to you. Also thinking back on past revolutions and uprising, capitalism wasn't exactly the leading force that would bring about it. It usually be some terrible government, or a monarch or a foreign force. Something to rally around against that was tangible. It was only after the revolution that a sense of anti capitalist sense was able to be fostered. And this is back then. Now, its even harder to explain capitalism, since so much is just plain fake, such as speculation, and trading and shit like that. And people are more inclined to like their boss since the managerial class is at least somewhat ingrained into your work, so you imagine them as "the real boss"
Overall, this post is a bit of a pseud post but this was on the mind a while back and wanted to share to discuss, since there might be some who disagree and some who agree, but overall hopefully a discussion happens


Workers get abstract concepts just fine, this populist pandering doesn't work and is counterproductive


This -> >>1343745

I don't think tangible is really the right issue. If a law exists that says you can't eat in public, I'd say approximately everyone understands the police or workers that stop you eating there aren't the cause, they're merely those affected or those enforcing an abstract idea, a law. They probably also understand ripping up the physical record of the law won't change it. It's a social concept that that guides powerful entities (e.g. LEA) to influence broader society.

So I think its important to recognize where there is a clear root cause, abstract or not, and describe how/why it must affect the material. Killing you boss and CEO won't fix a profit-driven problem in your company even if the boss is the direct actor. The new guy will probably be forced to act similarly or leave. Many of these problems attributed to >👻capitalism are systematic. Destroying the individual components in the system won't solve the problem.

I think 'idealistic' may be the wrong word. Capitalism is an abstract concept but that doesn't make it a bad model of understanding issues with material reality.




Yeah and it's especially obvious when you work in a big company and see managers come and go and none of these people matter as individuals. They play roles and this abstraction exists out there in the world and not in your head.


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>people are literally unable to understand that the problem is the way society operates as a whole, you should point to a specific group of people who are to blame, and teach them a simplified "corrupted system" view of the world


Its really simple OP.

Everything bad= capitalism

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