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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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tldr a trans girl got kidnapped, forced to detransition, and get shipped back to saudi arabia, by a bunch of powerful business men, including one who ran as a republican candidate.
this is a nightmare timeline that is only getting worse.(click link at own risk, your google account will be visible)



This is some nightmarish shit right there.


>Michael Nicholas Pocalyko (/poʊˈkælɪkoʊ/; born December 24, 1954) is an American businessman and writer.
>His paternal grandmother Dora Bendera (Ukrainian: Дора Бандера) was born in Galicia in the family of Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera.[11]


We need a final solution to the Banderite question


If you want to be a woman, that's fine, but why do you have to abandon your people at the same time? Why do I always see non-Anglo transsexuals change their names to Anglo-type names upon transitioning? It reeks of self-hatred, and furthers the conception that transsexuality is a Western contagion.


As a English trans person, I find this island deeply shameful. I don't consider them my people, they are awful people. I have good will to individual English people, but as a group they are horrible horrible people.


also, 'transsexual'? you're really revealing your power level there, what is this the 80's?


>your people


You can't use "transgender" the same way. You'd have to write "transgender people" or the like instead, and that's longer and uglier than "transsexuals". No hate intended.


transsexual isn't even accurate to what you're talking about tho


Transitioning doesn't make you stop being an Arab.


'My people' are the people I choose to keep in my life, they are not handed down to me by some accidental genetic or geographic association. Why should I give a crap about your average racist dunce English person?



We all know that (You) are Bri'ish.


Inshallah she should have moved to Iran


File: 1678984892137.jpg (77.25 KB, 841x1024, 1669924407243.jpg)

Rest in power Eden Knight, and damn the barbaric scum who jerk themselves off at such cruelty. This is a horrible timeline


RIP, that had to have been an absolutely horrible situation to be in


How will you explain yourself to the judge at the weighing of your heart when they show you this? Using the forced kidnapping, abuse and death of one of your fellow humans as an opportunity to spread your racial hatred over the choice of someone who was driven out of their own family and sheltered by another peoples, to adopt a name that shows their true self as well as an indication of kinship to the culture of those that accepted them?

The correct term is "trans people".




class is an identity and you're not doing anybody any favors by overfocusing on it at the expense of bipoc and lgbt+ comrades


No, that's not it.
Specific groups are especially adversely effected by capitalism in different ways and ignoring those issues in favor of some in-a-vaccum ideal of class is a psyop to keep proles from effectively organizing.
It's also the go-to strategy for /pol/ infiltrators to disguise their idpol as simply being class reductionist.


you do realize how obvious it is you're talking to yourself. Making up bait the making fun of your own bait isn't an argument.


how is this any different from what I wrote?


I'm currently too busy to type up why, but I'd hesitate to call class an identity. I get why you think that, but I think it's useful to treat them as separate parameters. Sorry for calling your post bait.


File: 1679097056901.png (143.69 KB, 443x427, bobby.png)

I can do nothing but hope that the reactionaries who manufactured the new Other - trans people - for political gain will all become dust.


ban lengths for idpol in this thread are now doubled (3 days -> 1 week)

bans will continue until morale improves

have a nice day


Half of the thread is still idpol though. The idpol that you agree with is still visible.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


File: 1679099875761.png (238.97 KB, 436x600, kulak detected.png)

Very unfortunately for you, we decide what "idpol" means as per the rules of the site.

Supporting trans people and their struggle against reactionary and bourgeois ideology - such as that which you carry water for - is wholly within the acceptable conduct for users, outright encouraged even. There is no war but the class war, and the class war entails the liberation of the whole of the proletariat from their material and social bondage. The red star shall adorn every trans flag as they carry forwards the revolution in their own capacity.



Well said.


So true sister.


fine fine ok that case is going a bit too far it's allowed out of /USApol/
fucking oath
Who the fuck does that and why is a Saudi running as burgerian politician?
Please explain


mfers really be like
>idpol is when people different from me exist
>me hating them for being different is not idpol
with a straight face


you stole my dubs lol


I don't hate them I just don't understand why you're all so sensitive about even the mildest jokes being made about them.


I don't hate uyghurs I just don't understand why you're all so sensitive about the minstrel shows.


Go home burgers That's the final word**
That's the case for the vast overwhelming population of this earth just saying'though


File: 1679103249554.jpg (29.1 KB, 680x499, df4.jpg)

>fine fine ok that case is going a bit too far it's allowed out of /USApol/ Fucking oath Who the fuck does that and why is a Saudi running as burgerian politician? Please explain
Stalin stache, what the fuck are you talking about
>>Please explain
Read the op


Burgers are one of the most accepting countries for trans people. In most African nations homosexuality is still illegal, and that is widely supported by tgeir respective populations.


Not clicking that link lass or lad give us peanut throwers in the balcony chairs the audience a quick run down or we will turn into a bunch of chimps and ruin the thread

I have been on bulletin boards for a very long time just calling it like it is


Then I for one support the USA opening it's borders to all the many homosexuals in Africa and welcoming them with open arms
munches on peanut throws shell onto the OP's stage


>Not clicking that link lass or lad give us peanut throwers in the balcony chairs the audience a quick run down or we will turn into a bunch of chimps and ruin the thread
I can give you grace for not knowing, I give you no quartering for lacking the skill to seek information


Oh there lass or lad or both; It's not a matter of skill it's a matter of inclination
I'm not logging out of my Google account or opening another browser just to read a Google doc

Print to .pdf and upload or enjoy the show as the thread derails like in east Palestine Ohio
A lot of people especially on an image board just won't click links for somewhat obvious reasons


'businessmen' is kind of overlooking it. Pocalyko is a massive glowie. Not only that, he's the worst kind of glowie - a glowie for hire. he's a radioactive little piggy.

Here's the website of his 'intelligence contractor' firm, with their business addresses included: https://specinv.com



>SI Cyber is integrated with the special-capabilities investigations and business process improvement talent of Special Investigations to deliver unique capabilities . . . a licensed and regulated private security services provider with global reach.

>Mark Young is founder and CEO of Credibility, LLC, formerly Senior Vice President of IronNet Cybersecurity and President and General Counsel of Ronin Analytics. He was executive director and technical advisor to the Director of the National Security Agency, Special Counsel for Defense Intelligence to the House and Senate Armed Services Committees, and is a member of the board of the Norwich University Advanced Research Institute. A carrier-based Navy E-2C pilot and senior staff officer at the NSA, he graduated from Norwich University then earned his MS degree in Strategic Intelligence at the National Intelligence University and his law degree at the University of Maryland.

>Michael Pocalyko is CEO of SI. He has been chairman and CEO of Monticello Capital, Advanced Environmental Resources, Inc., Erdevel Europa Sàrl, International Systems Srl, and Special Investigations Limited Company (SI); and non-executive chairman of the board of Erdevel Europa in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Envambien SA, TherimuneX Pharmaceuticals, Inc., and Enterprise Applications, Inc. before its acquisition by SI. An experienced corporate director, he was audit committee chairman at Herley Industries and at Challenger Corporation, and is a Sarbanes-Oxley audit committee financial expert. He is an investigator, compliance agent, and certified fraud examiner. His best-selling novel The Navigator was published by Macmillan. He is a member of the National Association of Corporate Directors teaching faculty for corporate governance. A retired commander, Navy pilot, and Beirut Veteran, he graduated from Muhlenberg College and received his MPA from the Harvard Kennedy School and his MBA from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.

>Ellen Cole is Managing Director of SI. She was a corporate founder and the case manager of Special Investigations Limited Company and is an expert in investigative processes and controls, open-source intelligence, and information data systems. She is an investigator and compliance agent. She formerly headed administration for Monticello Capital; was CEO of an information systems professional services corporation; and was executive vice president and chief administrative officer for two Washington DC-based franchise development firms. She was educated at St. John’s College, Annapolis.


You are not a leftist



Because it's not politically important, it's just family drama that resulted in tragedy.


You can look at individual cases and consider the macro scale implications of even one instance of this happening. It's not the only example either, but it's a well documented case, facilitating discussion.


You think the fact that a republican businessman was able to aid in conspiracy of the kidnapping of a trans child without consequence is not political? Well gee that’s really interesting.


that's fucked


something people underestimate is that everything is political, and they havent realized it yet. that's why i'm opinionated about every single thing that exists


>was born in Galicia in the family of Ukrainian nationalist Stepan Bandera


Holy FUCKING based.


File: 1679123175085.png (156.53 KB, 436x600, gigabol.png)


File: 1679153545449.jpg (91.96 KB, 692x1055, media_FrTj2OOaUAIJiBk.jpg)




Why the FUCK would you move to a different state away from your community on the word of someone that literally openly states they're connected with your conservative family? She sounds dependent and easily manipulated to an almost unbelievable comic degree, as well as completely unable to forgive herself for not being a morally spotless person for some reason.


cringe victim blamer


hurrrrrrrrrr durrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr


it's cringe to be incapable of empathising with someone who was so desperate for their parents to accept them and reconnect.


your parents are freaks, in the worse sense. this is not normal. it is the parents job to love and be supportive if they understand their childrens lives or decisions or no. not get upset about them for things like their gender identity, that is absolutely insane..
don't try to use your parents maladjusted behavior to normalize such behavior.


there's nothing right about that.


I don't need to empathize with that. No one should care what their parents think about them. Family doesn't inherently trump everything else. Not even sure why I need to spell this out.


>humans are totally rational beings and if they aren't it's their fault

here I found an ideology for you. its called liberalism.


Parents shouldn't have to be anything tbh. You're playing into this transphobe's hands by thinking there's some normative standard for how a family should operate. Communists seek to abolish the family as a whole, not make it work right or whatever.


Lmfao you hit the nail on the head.


Enjoy walking into your hateful parents' embrace because family is sacrosanct and worth more than your life to you.


? no one said that, no one thinks family is sacrosanct and eden certainly didnt think that, she was manipulated. you're fake af


I will not die for a flag, nor the nation.


wow damn almost like people raised in abusive environments develop mental problems


You're calling me a victim blamer and saying I don't empathize when I do.


'I don't need to empathize with that'


Hey pink flag, could you just report the /pol/ raiders instead of filling the thread with arguing over boilerplate. This is a pretty important topic.



On the topic then, what do you think we can do about this situation? I read a few articles and I believe the original journalist was looking into how we can possibly hold them accountable. But I do not know what I could do about it other than bump the thread and spread awareness.


That's been my approach too, spread awareness. Hopefully that could more reporters investigating this sort of thing as it's happening.


Rolling Stone has already reported on it but they're a music magazine primarily




File: 1679177412748.jpg (139.37 KB, 672x768, this is unbearable.jpg)



You can share these links on social media or whatever btw if you want to spread the word


Shut the fuck up /pol/.
The only thing anfem has wrong ITT is giving you fuckwits attention. Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Non binaries are neither. Cope, seethe and die .


so random XD


that's great but you still can't give any source, nobody is falling for your divide and conquer shit


Do you feel pain or stress anon?




yeah we're terrible, just stay in /pol/


damn that sucks bro


>trans ideology
You aren't subtle.


>everything I don't like is idpol
you "people" need to learn new tricks


The system works.


Imagine using Docs.


So a Saudi businessman and some ex glowie can just abduct an american citizen legally like that?


Affluent people and glowies can do whatever they please at any time the choose without any repercussion, yes.


She wasn't an American citizen
I guess she was overstaying a visa she had since childhood and that's how they coerced her, by threatening to report her to ICE


>ban lengths for idpol in this thread are now doubled (3 days -> 1 week)
so you gave me a 35-day ban for my single post in this thread just for funsies, then?


Are you sure you didn't have 5 different instances of idpol within said post?
a month should be default anyway, I imagine they keep it as short as they do for false positives tho


>im not a transphobe for not giving a shit about the oppression of trans people
>trans people are transhumanists
>a person who was expelled from the bourgeoisie, living in the shelter and tortured until they killed themselves by the bourgeoisie is a booj

This person wasn't receiving 'fair comeuppance for being bourgeois' this was an expression of some of the most brutal suppression of aberrance and difference that exists in the modern world BY the bourgeoisie. your ban was hella deserved.


the only person even remotely implying that 'black billionaires aren't going to be hung under commulism' is you. You're inserting idpol, fuck off.


according to what was this chick a booj


Holy hell and no one was talking about it.
Try not thinking of a large pink elephant. Try not breathing manually. Idiot


>I don't hate trans people BUT
the /pol/ack reveals himself as simply as that


>If you want to be a woman, that's fine, but why do you have to abandon your people at the same time?
I think this goes in the other direction, anon.


der ewige banderite


3 days was just the shortest idpol ban possible, for light offences - you have done much worse.


ITT: Janny sex pests

Unique IPs: 36

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