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This thread is for televising the incoming french revolution.

This is purposely low effort in solidarity with the strikers in France.

>French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday resorted to using special constitutional powers.

The pensions overhaul has been met with widespread protests and strikes across France.
Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced to the assembly that the government would trigger Article 49.3 of the French Constitution.

Tl;dr Macaroon bypassed literally everything and said it's the law because he said so.
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Sweet moves. Beat slaps. Good praxis.


>communist candidate right there
>don't even bother giving the booj a stroke
>it's okay, all results can be discarded, the real opinion of the working class is completely different
>my source is that I made it the fuck up
You took all the discussion regarding bourgeois democracy and turned it into your own personal coping mechanism.


>communist candidate


i don't know but if i had to guess it would be something like "we want all the products and none of the obligations", the standard westoid mentality since forever


Statement concerning S., comrade who is in a life-threatening condition following the Sainte-Soline protest

In the sequence initiated by the movement against the pension reform, the police mutilates and tries to assassinate to prevent the uprising, to defend the bourgeoisie and its world.
Submitted by Guerre de Classe on March 27, 2023
Copied to clipboard

On Saturday the 25th of March at Sainte-Soline, our comrade S. was hit in the head by an explosive grenade during the protest against the giant retention basins. Despite his critical condition, the prefecture deliberately prevented the emergency services from intervening at first, and from transporting him to a special care unit in a second phase. He is currently in a neurosurgical intensive care. He is still in a critical condition.

The massive outbreak of violence that the protesters have gone through led to hundreds of wounded, and many of them suffered serious physical injuries, as we can read in the various reports available. The 30 000 protesters came with the aim to block the construction site of the Sainte-Soline giant retention basin, which is a water-appropriation project defended by a minority for the benefit of a capitalist model that has nothing more to defend other than death. The violence of the armed wing of the democratic State illustrates it vividly.

In the sequence initiated by the movement against the pension reform, the police mutilates and tries to assassinate to prevent the uprising, to defend the bourgeoisie and its world. Nothing will dampen our determination to put an end to their reign. On Tuesday March the 28th and on the following days, let’s strengthen the strikes and the blockades, let’s take the streets, for S. and all the wounded and the imprisoned of our movements.

Long live the revolution.
Comrades of S.

PS: If you have any information concerning the circumstances of the injuries inflicted to S., contact us at: [email protected]

We wish that this statement can be spread as massively as possible.



i am thinking of going to check out the Sainte-Soline site anons but i am not in the country. is it a good idea anons or should i wait to see if the campaign keeps momentum and becomes more established?


When are the next protests planned ?

It'll be interesting to see if it'll become a ZAD or a second Verdun, even more violent than this protest.


File: 1680004821357.jpg (29.71 KB, 567x537, 76576565.jpg)

give it to me straight /leftypol/, is it habbening?


It's a Schrödingers habbening. If you pay attention it's going to happen, the moment you get excited, it's immediatelly over.


Thanks for the update anon. I don't have much else to say. If you do go, then maybe it makes sense to bring supplies?
It's always happening. This isn't a "final" happing, but this will have big repercussions in the future. In a similar sense, BLM was a prelude of what's to come. Each happening more extreme than the previous one.


>It'll be interesting to see if it'll become a ZAD or a second Verdun, even more violent than this protest.
That is what i am hoping!


Has Macaroni fallen yet?


In solidarity with Sébastien, a railway worker mutilated by the police, Sud Rail calls for an even stronger mobilization
<to continue the fight and express our support for Sébastien, who was shot on Thursday 23.

Sébastien, a SUD -Rail trade unionist, a railway worker in a hardware workshop for more than 25 years and father of three children, was shot by the police of Gérald Darmanin and Laurent Nunez. Thursday, in the Parisian demonstration, our comrade lost his eye following the burst of a de-encirclement grenade.

The power in place has crossed the line too many ! He orders the security forces to use weapons of war to silence social protest in the country. Desencirclement grenades are listed in the war material category by the Internal Security Code. The same day, a demonstrator had her finger torn off in Rouen by a grenade.

The SUD -Rail federation and the Union Syndicale Solidaires strongly condemn this disproportionate and illegal violence.
We demand an immediate response from those responsible for these criminal acts. The police management of a political and social crisis has the consequence of putting more and more demonstrators in serious danger.

Since the forced passage with 49-3, there has been an acceleration of police violence against demonstrators. This violence, which recalls that exercised in recent years against young people in working-class neighborhoods, against trade unionists or against the Yellow Vests movement, is unacceptable. It reveals a strategy of terror and decay organized at the top of the state.

Where is democracy when a government prohibits gatherings and demonstrations, represses, beats up, mutilates the social movement ?

The SUD -Rail federation and the Union Syndicale Solidaires, in connection and support with the family of our activist, will do everything possible to ensure that this act is punished in proportion to its level of violence. As a sign of solidarity, we call on workers to mobilize as strongly as possible in the coming hours and days.

Rolling back this government is the fight of our mutilated comrade ! This is what we will achieve as soon as possible !

If you think you filmed this, if you witnessed it, it was between 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. around 17 boulevard Poissonière (between Franprix and Natal market, towards SFR store ) you can send an email to [email protected]


The media is trying to write hit-pieces about S. but I have to say they are making him sound pretty based:
>had previously taken part in ultra-left demonstrations on several occasions, sometimes integrating the black block.
<His presence had been reported by the services during the G7 in Biarritz in the summer of 2019.
>He is also known to the services for having taken part in the protest against the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.
<He held leadership positions in Toulouse within the revolutionary communist local.
>implicated in the investigation attack on judicial protection of youth (PJJ) in Labège.
I hope our comrade does not die and leaves his coma.


File: 1680018538375.jpeg (23.42 KB, 512x500, EwXrTgvXIAA-sj3.jpeg)

nope, JVPITER is indomitable


Props to the absolute Stirner who was filmed running down that Paris street with a long stick smashing in all the shop fronts one-by-one.


File: 1680018753017.png (839.58 KB, 1186x720, beatdown.png)

>ywn live to see a first-world presidential assassination


Parisian window installation companies must make a killing every time shit like this happens.


<Doctor in Sainte-Soline, I bear witness to the repression
I recommend reading this, it is a hard thing to read though.


uhhhh abe???







File: 1680039543260.png (557.53 KB, 1080x1522, ClipboardImage.png)

Sainte-Soline : l’enregistrement qui prouve que le SAMU n’a pas eu le droit d’intervenir

Alors qu’une polémique s’est installée sur la possibilité de secourir les blessés lors de la manifestation contre la mégabassine, samedi 28 mars, une équipe de la Ligue des droits de l’homme a eu, en direct, confirmation que les forces de l’ordre interdisaient au SAMU d’intervenir. « Le Monde » a eu connaissance de cette conversation téléphonique.

Par Franck Johannès

Les secours n’ont pas été empêchés d’accéder au site de Sainte-Soline lors de la manifestation contre la mégabassine du samedi 25 mars, a affirmé Farnam Faranpour, le chef du pôle des urgences de Niort, dans les Deux-Sèvres. Il a en revanche reconnu qu’il y avait eu des difficultés pour accéder aux blessés les plus graves, notamment aux deux jeunes gens entre la vie et la mort.

« Pour ce jeune homme gravement blessé, il y a eu un premier appel aux pompiers qui sont partis, mais la géolocalisation n’a pas permis de trouver le lieu, a expliqué l’urgentiste à France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine, mardi 28 mars. Donc, nous avons attendu d’autres appels pour préciser le lieu et nous avons finalement envoyé le SMUR de Ruffec qui était le plus proche des lieux. » Mais quand l’équipe est arrivée, elle a été arrêtée par des manifestants blessés qui avaient besoin de soins.

La Ligue des droits de l’homme (LDH) et plusieurs associations estiment, au contraire, que les forces de l’ordre ont interdit au SAMU 79 de se rendre sur le terrain de la manifestation, et disposent d’un enregistrement téléphonique qui semble l’établir. La LDH avait envoyé samedi six équipes de trois observateurs sur le terrain, en liaison avec quatre autres personnes, restées en appui dans une salle, dans la commune de Melle (Deux-Sèvres). Parmi eux, trois avocats, Sarah Hunet-Ciclaire, Chloé Saynac et Pierre-Antoine Cazau, ainsi qu’un médecin Jérémie F., généraliste en centre de santé, qui ne souhaite pas donner son nom.


Pas opportun

C’est dans cette salle qu’a été enregistrée, par la LDH, la conversation de 7 minutes 30 avec le SAMU, que Le Monde a pu consulter. Le téléphone du médecin sonne constamment, les équipes sur place lui signalent ici une plaie cervicale, là une mâchoire fracassée ou une fracture ouverte ; et il est convenu qu’il peut servir de coordinateur. Il a déjà appelé le médecin régulateur du SAMU, d’abord pour réclamer un hélicoptère, ensuite parce que les observateurs de la LDH lui ont dit que les secours n’arrivaient pas, et qu’il y avait au moins un blessé dont le pronostic vital était engagé.

Il est 14 h 50 lorsque le docteur F. rappelle les pompiers.

> Un pompier : Je viens d’avoir le SAMU sur place qui me dit, on n’envoie personne sur place, le point de regroupement des victimes est à l’église de Sainte-Soline, une fois qu’ils seront là-bas, l’engagement des moyens sera décidé.

< Le médecin : Ecoutez, je pense que c’est une, que ce n’est pas, enfin, je pense que ce n’est pas opportun comme décision.

> Le pompier : Alors moi je suis ni décideur, ni…

< Le médecin : Attendez, attendez. Mais moi je vais vous expliquer. Moi, je suis médecin et en fait, là, il y a des observateurs de la LDH, la Ligue des droits de l’homme qui sont sur place, qui disent que c’est calme depuis une demi-heure. Donc en fait, vous pouvez intervenir et moi, mon évaluation à distance avec des éléments parcellaires que j’ai, c’est qu’il faut une évacuation immédiate.

> Le pompier : Je vais vous repasser le SAMU. Ne quittez pas. (…)

< Le SAMU : Allo, oui le SAMU, bonjour.

> Le médecin : Oui, c’est vous que j’ai eu tout à l’heure au téléphone ?

< Le SAMU : Oui.

> Le médecin : Super. Vous en êtes où, là, de la plus grosse urgence absolue de ce que j’ai comme impression, moi, de loin ?

< Le SAMU : Alors déjà le problème, c’est que vous n’êtes pas sur place, donc c’est un peu compliqué. On a eu un médecin sur place et on lui a expliqué la situation, c’est qu’on n’enverra pas d’hélico ou de SMUR sur place, parce qu’on a ordre de ne pas en envoyer par les forces de l’ordre.

> Le médecin : OK, est-ce que… Alors moi je suis avec des observateurs de la Ligue des droits de l’homme qui disent que leurs observateurs sur place disent que c’est calme depuis trente minutes et qu’il est possible d’intervenir ?

< Le SAMU : Je suis d’accord avec vous, vous n’êtes pas le premier à nous le dire. Le problème, c’est que c’est à l’appréciation des forces de l’ordre dès qu’on est sous un commandement, qui n’est pas nous.

> Le médecin : D’accord.

< Le SAMU : Donc, pour l’instant, on attend de rassembler les victimes au niveau de l’église de Sainte-Soline, c’est ce qui est en train d’être fait, avec des moyens pompiers qui se déplacent sur site pour prendre en charge et ramener. Pour l’instant, pas de moyens de SMUR ou d’hélico qui peuvent se pointer sur place.

> Le médecin : La LDH me dit qu’il y a des médecins militaires qui viennent d’arriver sur place. Est-ce que vous avez cette information vous aussi ou pas ?

< Le SAMU : Les médecins militaires, ils sont là pour les forces de l’ordre. C’est leur service de médecine pour les forces de l’ordre.

> Le médecin : La Ligue des droits de l’homme a demandé s’il y avait un contact au niveau du commandement à transmettre pour qu’on puisse intervenir ?

< Le SAMU : Négatif, négatif.

> Le médecin : Est-ce que vous voulez que je vous passe la Ligue des droits de l’homme ?

< Le SAMU : Non plus. On gère les victimes pour l’instant et les secours, j’aurais pas le temps d’aller…



On n’a pas l’autorisation

> Le médecin : D’accord, d’accord, je veux juste faire accélérer le truc.

< Le SAMU : Il faut qu’ils fassent le point, dans ce cas il faut qu’ils contactent la préfecture.

> L’avocate de la LDH Chloé Saynac : Vous avez interdiction d’intervenir ? Vous confirmez que vous avez interdiction d’intervenir ?

< Le SAMU : On n’a pas l’autorisation d’envoyer des secours sur place, parce que c’est considéré comme étant dangereux sur place.

> L’avocate : Et si vous n’y allez pas, ce ne serait pas une non-assistance à personne en danger ?

< Le SAMU : Nous devons avoir nos secours en sécurité également, malheureusement on n’a pas l’autorisation de les envoyer comme ça.

> L’avocate : Vous n’avez pas l’autorisation des forces de l’ordre ? Ou de ?

< Le SAMU : On n’a pas l’autorisation de toutes les institutions sur place, pour l’instant, on est sous leur commandement.

> L’avocate : Quelles institutions du coup ? On a besoin d’analyser très clairement parce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui peut décéder, donc pour que les responsabilités soient établies on a besoin de savoir.

< Le SAMU : On fait au mieux, mais malheureusement, il y en a d’autres…

> L’avocate : Qui interdit l’accès à ces personnes en danger grave, vital ?

> Le médecin : Et donc vous confirmez que c’est la préfecture qui a interdit l’accès ? C’est ça, en fait ?

< Le SAMU : Non, c’est pas la préfecture qui interdit l’accès, je vous dis que c’est le commandement sur place.

On ne peut pas faire plus

> Le médecin : OK. Comment on fait pour contacter le commandement sur place ?

< Le SAMU : Ben, il faut passer par la préfecture. Je ne peux pas vous les passer directement.

> Le médecin : OK. Est-ce qu’on peut faire le 17 ? On peut avoir le commandement sur place ? Vous croyez ?

> L’avocate : Et c’est quoi, vous, votre contact avec eux ?

< Le SAMU : Nous, malheureusement, le SAMU, on est juste là, en fait on nous demande d’envoyer des moyens qu’on envoie à des points donnés, on ne peut pas faire plus.

> L’avocate : Je sais bien, je comprends, mais on essaie de vous permettre de travailler là, parce que vous êtes empêchés de travailler.

< Le SAMU : Oui, oui, mais du coup, on monopolise une ligne une urgence. Merci beaucoup, au revoir. »

Le SAMU 79 a indiqué sur Twitter : « La justice fera son travail, et nous nous mettrons à leur disposition pour leur donner l’ensemble des informations nécessaires comme nous le faisons dans chaque enquête. »


Fuck the police



Man i thought green-orange text was a good idea but it makes everything worse lol


This whole situation reminds me of Sivens and Rémi Fraisse. In the end his death meant the cancellation of the project, but I'm not sure people dying would even slow the government this time, they're even talking of dissolving the "soulèvements de la terre" because terrorism or something rn. This has gotten pretty bad.


I thought it was good. I will english-post it.
It was this doctor it is refering to, yes? >>1414872


Yeah I think so, didn't see the reporterre post.

BTW that tweet is still up, I try too avoid twitter posts as news, but god damn dude


File: 1680043155334-0.png (311.05 KB, 565x587, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1680043155334-1.png (159.07 KB, 559x587, ClipboardImage.png)

https://nitter.snopyta.org/SAMU7912 and this. arguably worse. After the evidence we have… disgusting.


Kafka was right, we are all going to die from stupid bureaucratic procedures like "we can't treat wounded people because the commandment said we can't go beyond this area, you need to contact the prefect to get an authorization to heal wounded protestors beyond this imaginary line", as if the local head of the police mafia was going to authorize any of that shit by the time another grenade explodes nearby.
Today here they seem to have exhausted almost all of their ammo before the end of the afternoon, the fucking dumbasses. They were sending CS gas grenades in the river, it's like the prefect gave them the order to go full retard.



État du droite


Proof that the French protests are more than justified.


bump because everything else on the first two page is complete trash.


You're trash but cute trash, like Justin Timberlake


File: 1680100182419.png (491.97 KB, 750x422, ClipboardImage.png)

The families of one of the injured comrades still in a coma has filed for crimes: "attempted murder and voluntary obstruction of help arrives”.

they are currently running our comrades names through the mud, the narritive seems to be that if they are the 'ultra-left' it is okay that they die.
it is all very bad.


They are defending this narrative because they know that if he dies this stupid project goes with him, and I'm guessing they are really tired of the gendarmerie getting vietnamed by zadists anytime they want to ruin an ecosystem to build some dumb shit. This kind of narrative they push is not new however, they were already equating zadists with Al Qaeda a decade ago, talking about "green jihadism" and other crazy nonsense like that.

Btw if you want the attention of leftypol faggots you should just go ahead and talk about Olivier Dussopt and his tetu interview, people here just want homosexual celebrity gossip politically themed


One of the 2 in coma is braindead (so dead) I think?

Meanwhile Darmanin is just lying about the types of weapons used by the cops. He is the most disgusting goblin of the whole gov tbh.


>Btw if you want the attention of leftypol faggots

Geez sorry, it's just hard to understand what's going on with the language barrier and whether it will lead anywhere, we've all seen big riots and stuff before that didn't lead to change


> people here just want homosexual celebrity gossip politically themed
sadly. two of our comrades are dying and these fags would rather talk about their gay little mass shootings and their ITG 'content'. i hate this website.
and SAMU and etc are openly lying about what happened. fucked.
>Geez sorry, it's just hard to understand what's going on with the language barrier
It is 2023. translate automated exist.
>and whether it will lead anywhere,
<i wont pay attention to any movement until i deem it to have lead somewhere
this is so painfully retarded.


Eco-terrorism isn't real. But it should be.


>i wont pay attention to any movement until i deem it to have lead somewhere

well failure is depressing and it's not like I can really do anything to help




It is just pointing out they use their own security or 'stewards' to attack anyone who wants to do more than a->b march and go home and have been known to actively work with the police.
It is well known.


I thought the CGT was autonomous/independent from any party/state affiliation?


File: 1680108798451.jpg (207.82 KB, 652x353, SO & CRS_0.jpg)

>I thought the CGT was autonomous/independent from any party/state affiliation?
does that matter?


Apparently not. I'm just a bit baffled by this is all.
In my country this doesn't exist. It's either the Socdem-cucked union that of course collaborates with the police or the (anarcho-/revolutionary) syndicalist union that wouldn't ever do something this anally retentive. CGT is like a mid-point you're saying?


They did the same in '68 too, anon. They are scumbags i thought everyone already knew this tbh. it is something i would have assumed is common knowledge on a leftist forum.
here, english lang commentary of the time:
>"The CGT is desperately keen that its hundreds of thousands of supporters should disperse quietly. It fears them, when they are together. It wants them nameless atoms again, scattered to the four corners of Paris, powerless in the context of their individual preoccupations. The CGT sees itself as the only possible link between them, as the divinely ordained vehicle for the expression of their collective will. The Mouvement du 22 Mars, on the other hand, had issued a call to the students and workers, asking them to stick together and to proceed to the lawns of the Champ de Mars (at the foot of the Eiffel Tower) for a massive collective discussion on the experiences of the day and on the problems that lie ahead.

>At this stage I sample for the first time what a service d'ordre composed of Stalinist stewards really means. All day, the stewards have obviously been anticipating this particular moment. They are very tense, clearly expecting "trouble". Above all else they fear what they call débordement, i.e. being outflanked on the left. For the last half-mile of the march five or six solid rows of them line up on either side of the demonstrators. Arms linked, they form a massive sheath around the marchers. CGT officials address the bottled-up demonstrators through two powerful loudspeakers mounted on vans, instructing them to disperse quietly via the Boulevard Arago, i.e. to proceed in precisely the opposite direction to the one leading to the Champ de Mars. Other exits from the Place Denfert-Rochereau are blocked by lines of stewards linking arms.

>On occasions like this, I am told, the Communist Party calls up thousands of its members from the Paris area. It also summons members from miles around, bringing them up by the coachload from places as far away as Rennes, Orléans, Sens, Lille and Limoges. The municipalities under Communist Party control provide further hundreds of these "stewards", not necessarily Party members but people dependent on the goodwill of the Party for their jobs and future. Ever since its heyday of participation in the government (1945-47) the Party has had this kind of mass base in the Paris suburbs. It has invariably used it in circumstances like today. On this demonstration there must be at least 10,000 such stewards, possibly twice that number.

>The exhortations of the stewards meet with a variable response. Whether they are successful in getting particular groups to disperse via the Boulevard Arago depends of course on the composition of the groups. Most of those which the students have not succeeded in infiltrating obey, although even here some of the younger militants protest: "We are a million in the streets. Why should we go home?" Other groups hesitate, vacillate, start arguing. Student speakers climb on walls and shout: "All those who want to return to the telly, turn down the Boulevard Arago. Those who are for joint worker-student discussions and for developing the struggle, turn down the Boulevard Raspail and proceed to the Champ de Mars".

>Those protesting against the dispersion orders are immediately jumped on by the stewards, denounced as "provocateurs" and often manhandled. I saw several comrades of the Mouvement du 22 Mars physically assaulted, their portable loud-hailers snatched from their hands and their leaflets torn from them and thrown to the ground. In some sections there seemed to be dozens, in others hundreds, in others thousands of "provocateurs". A number of minor punch-ups take place as the stewards are swept aside by these particular contingents. Heated arguments break out, the demonstrators denouncing the Stalinists as "cops" and as "the last rampart of the bourgeoisie"."


Well that's just great, they recognize the holodomor as a genocide, this should put an end to what was to this day an unresolved question among academic circles. Why do you need historians when you can just get PMs to enlighten us on important historical questions right. Never mind that France is responsible big time for the tens of millions of people suffering from famine in Yemen.



picrel for the lazy anons who don't keep up with anything because the language is a minor inconvenience to them: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-hiTUswblhc

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