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This thread is for televising the incoming french revolution.

This is purposely low effort in solidarity with the strikers in France.

>French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday resorted to using special constitutional powers.

The pensions overhaul has been met with widespread protests and strikes across France.
Prime Minister Elisabeth Borne announced to the assembly that the government would trigger Article 49.3 of the French Constitution.

Tl;dr Macaroon bypassed literally everything and said it's the law because he said so.


File: 1678735687502.jpg (202.95 KB, 1280x1280, photo_2023-03-13_20-26-44.jpg)

Who is going to participate in paris 1iere mai demonstration? Any infos, sites, stories, tips? I hope it will be wild, chaotic and ungovernable, last time i went in 2018 maybe.


>I'm not flying 10 hours to go riot.


>I'm not flying 20 hours to go riot


>All the protests and strikes
<JVPITER still raised the retirement age
When will someone get the balls to kill Macron already? This man is a literal caricature of tge capitalist elite. Former banker who hates the poor and tells everyone to bootstrap themselves into wealth? Am I missing something? He should have 10% support at BEST.


there's already a french protesting thread. the protests are still ongoing and a general strike is imminent or has already happened. check the catalog, friend. I'd try to go with someone, rather than alone fwiw, but I don't live in france.


Here for the lynching.


File: 1678994365088.mp4 (12.58 MB, 1920x1080, T8UPEe3_9RgVZ77g.mp4)


honestly Macron is like the neoliberal Assad, i hope this is the one for you French comrades but goddamn he is surprisingly resilient. good luck out there lel.



Why did this guy think that political suicide was a good idea? Why are these neoliberals so happy to run to their deaths? I honestly want to understand, like a person trying to understand how an airplane works and it's mechanics. I want to understand the mechanics of the mind of a neoliberal.


Macron called himself "Jupiter" a couple of years ago. All these liberals are delusional from a period of relative stability and ease, making them high on power and grandeur. Macron is just the worst of them.
The real question is: are the current crises enough?


Line go up even if I go down.

That's it. That's literally the whole philosophy.


>are the current crises enough?

I want to believe anon……


New album cover just dropped


Fuck. Forgot image.


File: 1678995583632.jpg (26.59 KB, 400x400, Bf2Yij9b_400x400.jpg)

The spontaneous gatherings and riots today are impressive, but it's getting to the point where only *something* really big could change anything tbh. Tomorrow will tell if it's a nothingburger or not.


Do it's a hope or cope situation. Tomorrow decides.


Unless there are pushbacks (by the rioters) and entries (into national buildings), today is not going to be special. However, it'll be a chip in regardless, and it'll be a long haul.


Anyone got any vids of the current situation?


Mc Democracy ftw. What did you take France for? A dictatorship like Russia or China?


There are multiple leftist medias covering the évents, this is the situation in front of the Assemblée Nationale : https://twitter.com/LibreQg/status/1636452590123642880?t=WyHHNV4XGsJI1hCIs9CG5A&s=19


Francoid pheno's love to kill, so here's hoping they keep it up!


Link the accounts. NOW.





This page is down


Je t'en prie.
They don't cover Paris only, some footage comes from various cities.


All three are up for me. Use a different front-end.


Revolution doesn't happen in a day dude. To expect this is to act against the nature of history. The Russian revolution was something that happened cause of a long fight at the very least beginning with 1905. Same for the 1949 revolution in China. It takes years and years, decades, for revolution to happen.


You're totally on the money, but to-point: Lenins brother was executed in 1887 lol




File: 1678996941671.webm (18.02 MB, 1280x720, videoplayback.webm)


Based frogs.


God bless the French comrades.


Mfs will literally watch the class compromise that created the labour aristocracy collapse in real time, watch it reignite the militancy of the first world proletariat, and still find some way to complain about it.


we should bring french strike culture to every nation.


Their handlers have dirt on them (ie Epstein) so they're willing to do anything for them


Report. Don't respond.


They're not fighting to abolish imperialism though, they're literally invested in it and want their returns. They're not communists nor are they fighting to abolish their class, they're fighting to uphold that compromise, their place as privileged workers.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)



Nah, they're just a petite and a pedant.


If anyone responds to the anti-communist bait in the thread you will get banned alongside him.


white sakaist retards coming out of the woodwork as they kneejerk at class conflict, like clockwork with you motherfuckers


>They're not fighting to abolish imperialism though
First off, citation needed. I see nothing to indicate what their position is vis a vis French involvement in Africa (but I'm going to guess they are not friendly to it). Second, even if they weren't, it doesn't mean that the contradictions between labour and capital aren't increasing in a way that can endanger the rule of the French bourgeoisie. The entire reason why we are seeing the postwar compromise be rolled back is because it's no longer sustainable. The combination of the falling rate of profit and decline of Western imperialism means that this compromise can no longer coexist with the kinds of profits the bourgeoisie need to keep the system going. That means that even maintaining elements of this compromise will increasingly come to endanger the entire capitalist system by starving it of profits. It serves more or less the same function of cutting off sources of imperialist super profits. Anti-imperialist revolution from without and the conquest and consolidation of concessions from within both serve to suffocate the capitalist system by denying it its lifeblood of profitability.


THIS. mods, introduce this as a rule


Is that Place de Concorde, where the guillotine used to be? Fitting if so.


is there a word for this liberal-pretending-to-be-an-ultra nonsense



It's still going on, there were multiple barricades on fire (but less peuple I guess)



This is Paris right, now. Burning barricades.


Someone rip the webm, plz.


>no sound


Why are the booj so retarded nowadays? Is it just sheer overconfidence? I mean it wasnt hard for them to keep workers placated, but it's like they passed the bill just to rub it in proles' faces.

Im sure they just price riots and unrest in at this point, like "yeah the riots from this will cost the city 5mill, but raising retirement will net 20mill."


Feel free to bully me.


Greece is still rioting over the train crash too.
No riots in Italy tonight though.


File: 1678999022453.png (653.51 KB, 3761x2446, basu2.png)

>Why are the booj so retarded nowadays?
It's a mystery.


Exactly what they do. Most of the time, first world governments blatantly ignore what people want and get away with it, because they know they can outlast most outrage.


They don't give a fuck because they are hidden behind layers and layers of cops who get more and more violent with each protest. The budget allowed to the police department is rising anyway.



Thats true as they gain more power they keep adding pigs to retain it.


wow the revolution is happening in my lifespan. Based


Forgot to add vid.
Use youtube-dl anon it is very simple and versatile.


Neoliberalism. Neoliberalism rotted their thinking and made them overconfident and it's been failing ever since 2008.


They feel untouchable. They will never be among people without a security clearance. They haven't lived outside a security detail in years and maybe never will. Even petite bourgeois have their gated community retirement retreats planned. They have looted the world and the west and they are pressing eject right now. NZ PM, Scottish PM, Macron.


Now this is happening kino.


blessed post


Also….timing. It's always the timing. It's timed perfectly to distract from the financial and Ukrainian incompetence. He is a banker after all.


It's time for heads to roll.


Didn't the arab spring explode on him because he wanted to implement neoliberal policies tho?
I mean later it became into yihadist hell but that's another thing.


Also….the thousands of troops on urban french rush hour streets for…exercises…two days ago was a coincidence.


In Paris? Do you have a source please?


File: 1679001460623.gif (2.02 MB, 520x345, 1632300723315.gif)


What it makes me wonder is how long it'll be before these neoliberal policies begin to cut into the Scandinavian social democracy which has "seemed" the most resilient till now. I remember seeing this streamer who's German who seems to "like" the Greens. He's basically the son of a former Soviet citizen of East Germany. It makes me wonder what these people think of the gutting of the welfare state, the cutting of pensions and vacation times, the horrible and dehumanizing anti-labor policies. There is no middle ground here even if you consider yourself an anti-communist/socialist, you must still see the necessity of the welfare state and the well being of citizens to have security in their futures. Making the average laborer poorer and forcing old people to work for longer or die goes against their humanism. If you thought communism was so bad, but in the sand breath think that forcing people into poverty and groveling is a better deal because they have "freedom" as opposed to the Soviet Union. God I wish I could talk to these people and see how they rationalize their perspective.


And all you Burgers were sobbing when Macaroon got elected.


Glowies? Radlibs? Maybe both???


Another large city I think, I'm on a phone, can you search it? It was big news.


File: 1679002533468.png (962.64 KB, 1280x1024, USSC has the solution.png)


People like that don't care because they think the poor deserve nothing but misery and austerity.
>If you thought communism was so bad, but in the sand breath think that forcing people into poverty and groveling is a better deal because they have "freedom" as opposed to the Soviet Union.
Because these "freedoms" mean nothing for those below the PMC class and those that are less wealthy than the PMC class are worth nothing to them.


Back to work wagie!
.t former investment banker


File: 1679003078601.jpeg (1.63 MB, 1744x6552, choose your class.jpeg)

choose /leftypol/, wheeled hussar here.


This is your brain on third worldism
This is why third worldists must be eliminated from the movement.


File: 1679003165305.jpg (48.66 KB, 624x352, I'M THE TRASHMAN.jpg)


I miss the yellow vests so much… They are still around but not as powerful and present as 2018.


File: 1679003377015.png (98.65 KB, 471x281, steel chair effect.png)


Are they disconnecting power and gas yet, or are they still being little bitches about this?


Third worldist


They did at gov representatives' offices and homes, in Amazon warehouse, but nothing since one day or two.


File: 1679003657911.png (411.19 KB, 584x433, radialized.png)

I gotta say, dark paladin lookin great




File: 1679003773210.png (30.57 KB, 325x313, hey.png)

Oy douchemod, the ban is ok but don't delete the posts we're laughing at.



context : dummies of Macron, prime minister, labor minister, and gov sopkesperson


100% truth. Every protests that happens gets hailed by leftypol as the preamble to the real revolution and it always fizzles out. They're literally protesting against a 2 year increase in pension lmao, it will be forgotten in 6 months


This means France's government has gone full blown revolving door. If in the next election a radical runs for election but fails because of underhanded shit from the current neoliberal power, then you can bet we'll have some one even worse than Le Penn. The modern order of neoliberalism is now the revolving door of neoliberalism-fascism.


if you talk to the protestors i wonder how many want to abolish the capitalist system and how many want to maintain it but with social dem reforms


It's simple to point out to working people that porky has robbed the world in their name and direct their righteous anger. Have you ever tried it, anon?


We could say the yellow vests were reformists because they weren't coming from traditional parties and did't get a political education. Some got very radical after that. Educate the moderates/apolitical proles with a bit of willpower and you will get interesting results.


so just direct their anger with education and you will get results


USE ytp-dl INSTEAD. I've found it to be quicker at updating when youtube/etc. breaks compatibility.
Protip: use ffmpeg to convert anything to webm/mp4 if necessary.


No, input code then press enter to get results.


youtube-dl stopped being updating and ytp-dl is the current fork.


Yep. That's why they all pour cash, time, and experts into space travel and shit when conditions allow. It's their plan C.

Union is going for the long run. Probably won't se a lot of industrial action tonight, but fingers crossed for 23, leading up and afterwards.

Development picked up again, but it's slooow. Stick with ytp-dl.


File: 1679007145650.png (60.39 KB, 830x910, shart_noises.PNG)


A representative of the governement is asking the home secretary for protection.



Question for Frenchoids: aren't the troops fucked by this too?
Obviously cops are protected (for now until they get shafted in the back, excepting the officeriate).


It doesn't change anything for them (neither for cops or senators).


>protestors are not ideologically kosher
no shit anon, that is the principal task of communists, to lead the movement of the working class


You'd think this would be obvious by now, but alas.


Nothing pisses me off more than than the target of opposition declaring their support for it.


Paladin x Mage x Dark Paladin x Pyromancer x Alchemist


File: 1679008447324.png (225.13 KB, 1280x658, XVIe_législature.svg.png)

Btw, the motion of no-confidence that could prevent the law last minute is likely to fail tomorrow.

The opposition would require the sum of the following groups to succeed:

+All leftist factions(Socialists, SocDems, Communists , Greens)
+The Far-Right Nationalists
+The Faction of Independists and Overseas Territories (ideologically diverse)
+Most of the non-aligned
+1/2 of the rump that is the Historical conservative republican party (at least 30 votes)

Considering that the conservatives themselves campaigned on raising the retirement age it is very unlikely they will vote against this historic window of opportunity.


Can dissident LREM députés vote for this motion?


Yes, but in the course of the last few years some of the more social liberal fringes of LREM/Renaissance have already left the government factions and rejoined other groups, including former cabinet members.

Also the faction has decided to immediately expel any dissinters from the party if they vote against the reform.


So again, assuming all the other major factions vote for censure they need to get around 30 votes from new traitors to Macron and the conservative republicans.


How did things get so bad, man.
Not just France, Western Europe. (Scandinavia too, fuck you.)


You get to collapse the government, tho.


Yes, but Macron has basically been ruling like a conservative with extremely minimal concessions to social liberals, basically just a difference in aesthetics. The Republicans pivoted to more Euroscepticism but that didn't realy work out. They hardly differ politically at this point and are just political rivals.


Do protestors have a plan?


Well, SocDems got into full power again after 2 decades, betraying virtually all of their promises. They comoletely collapsed as a political force, the neoliberals within their ranks seized the moment and successful exploited the presidential system which also obviously coincided with the rise of the far right and the classical two-party heavy center-left socdems vs center-right conservative system collapsed into a three party system: leftists, neoliberals, far-right


They are more protests planned and the leftist deputies have talked about initiating a referendum to overturn the law which the French constitution allows for but requires millions of signatures to kick off.


Kill neoliberals. Behead neoliberals. Roundhouse kick a neoliberal into the concrete. Slam dunk a neoliberal's baby into the trashcan. Crucify filthy neoliberals. Defecate in a neoliberal's food. Launch neoliberals into the sun. Stir fry neoliberals in a wok. Toss neoliberals into active volcanoes. Urinate into a neoliberal's gas tank. Judo throw neoliberals into a wood chipper. Twist neoliberal's heads off. Report neoliberals to the Party. Karate chop neoliberals in half. Curb stomp pregnant neoliberals. Trap neoliberals in quicksand. Crush neoliberals in the compactor. Liquefy neoliberals in a vat of acid. Eat neoliberals. Dissect neoliberals. Exterminate neoliberals in the gas van. Stomp neoliberal skulls with steel toed boots. Cremate neoliberals in the oven. Lobotomize neoliberals. Mandatory abortions for neoliberals. Grind neoliberals fetuses in the garbage disposal. Drown neoliberals in fried chicken grease. Vaporize neoliberals with a ray gun. Kick old neoliberals down the stairs. Feed neoliberals to alligators. Slice neoliberals with a katana.


Millions of signatures don't seem to be a problem. Is there a public heat map of protests yet? That should give a good indication of support.


Nothingburger, the Franzacke will throw a tantrum for a night or two, but then they'll raise the white flag, open wide, and take the reform like the rest of Europe.


opinion discarded


just don't take a carriage out of Versailles, that's how they get you


please guillotine macron


File: 1679012258354.png (191.85 KB, 459x394, 1677364594229.png)

Jesus Christ it's amazing that people are still posting crap like this. Read Lenin's "What is to be Done?" The answer is no, most of them don't have genuine class consciousness, because spreading class consciousness is literally the entire purpose of the vanguard party. What these protests signify is the heightening of the contradictions between labour and capital, a situation which of course leads to a spontaneous uptick in trade union consciousness, but which also provides a relatively fertile ground for communists to spread class consciousness. Communists should be going among these people and helping them achieve their short term goals while urging increased militancy and more ambitious demands. You spread class consciousness by being the most committed and active defender of the immediate interests of the working class, playing a leading role in getting concrete gains and building their power, while helping them to realize the connection between these interests and broader questions of capitalism and socialism. Any French comrades who aren't out participating in this unrest because they dismiss these workers as "labour aristocrats" or "socdems" needs some sense beaten into them with a rusty pipe.


File: 1679012460332.jpg (45.66 KB, 700x700, el gato grande.jpg)


Here's hoping the French manage to organize this time. That yellow vest thing was pathetic by French standards. Pure dissolution of actual discontent.

>but goddamn he is surprisingly resilient.
Every leader is surprisingly resilient in the post-history. It is, by definition, an age of stagnation and passivity.


File: 1679014806397.png (569.98 KB, 628x1447, 1679014589770452.png)

Le coup d'état permanent.


The only thing part of my blood I’m proud of is the french ancestry sometimes. Robespierre, the strike culture…. Ahhhh…. I wish I did not live on incest island


File: 1679017259939.png (328.23 KB, 750x400, Guy-Debord.png)

Hear me out, I'm going to predict the future. The majority of parties in parliament are already positioning themselves opportunistically to increase their voter base, by appealing to people's sense of outrage, they will swear to change this once in power, then the opportunist bourgeois left parties will try to form a popular front with the so called "communist party" and all other left wing opportunist parties with a high proletariat support, they will end up sacrificing their program, to maintain "unity" and this will propel the left wing bourgeoisie onto power, which Will lead to some breadcrumbs to the proles, but not the reversing of the reform, perhaps the crumbs will be bigger if there is more outrage, and then once they are in power, all dissent will be crushed, and communist who oppose it will be seen as causing division, this will be enforced by the communist party who will be directly responsable for purging those against this, and they will say the dissenters will allow Macron to take power. Until they are defeated by an even worse ghoul, which will crush workers 1000x worse than everyone. It will be a repeat of the Stalinist popular front, but even more pathetic, and degenerate


Ultras got your cock?


Honestly, I don't think the actual left will even be a part of that theater. I think that international porkies have realized that, in this age of hyperreality, they can simply black out the left's existence, and that will be more or less enough for the vast majoity of people to literally never hear about it. A rather easy way to ensure all future elections will boil down to a fascist versus a fascist-enabling centrist.


There's literally nothing revolutionary in their demands. Class consciousness is not when any type of politics is being done


Communism is
a) the real movement
b) the ideologically pure movement


ruthless criticism except when it suits me


Clearly. Unless you think whining about lack of ideological purity is a criticism.


>User was banned for this post
Sakaist bros….. Its over


>+All leftist factions(Socialists, SocDems, Communists , Greens)
The whole NUPES and their overseas allies are against it right?


you are too naive, the popular unrest hast to be channeled somehow


>There's literally nothing revolutionary in their demands.
Read my post again, and then read Lenin. It doesn't matter if there's nothing revolutionary in their demands. Worker's won't spontaneously develop a revolutionary consciousness and we shouldn't expect them to. Your job as a communist is to spread revolutionary consciousness, and you can't do this if you don't engage with the movement as it currently exists and help it advance.


"Ruthless criticism of all that exists" doesn't refer to constantly spewing ignorant, uninformed takes that expose you as a theorylet who has never engaged in actual organizing.


That's where the fascist candidate comes in, anon.


You can agitate any amount of revolutionary consciousness to the protesters. Will they able to recognize that they are parasitically attached themselves to the third world and that revolution would imply losing most of their privileges? Ehat does retirement ages have to do with advocating for communism in the first place? Even China, a socialist country, is raising their retirement age. The objective situation of the world has made it so that the current young generation of workers will not see a cent of their promised pension for retirement.


>you have to be miserable because of my stupid headcanon of what communism really is
You'r an absolute retard.


>obnoxious doomers making this about themselves again

And people wonder why no one wants to post here anymore…


File: 1679042708090.jpg (267.83 KB, 499x435, IMG_20230317_094257.jpg)

Good morning!

The CGT has blocked major roads around Paris.


Frenchists, what are people saying about the military drills that had thousands of soldiers on the streets 3 days ago? Are they connecting the drills to these protests?


File: 1679052544240.png (137.99 KB, 467x445, le feminism face.png)

Good, fuck cars.


File: 1679052568423.jpg (49.43 KB, 732x671, 1670907038934.jpg)



let's gooooooooooooooooooooooo


I can only find news about the Orion exercise that took place in february in the south of France. Apparently it's been in prep since 2020, and it's juste usual training (even though it's a big one). Nothingburger


>popular unrest
so true bestie!


File: 1679053359257.png (645.96 KB, 814x551, ClipboardImage.png)

They even put on a little fireworks show for the police! That's nice of them.



ok but why? I don't speak French.


>Will they able to recognize that they are parasitically attached themselves to the third world
Plenty of them will, and even if they don't, it doesn't matter. If third world revolutions are successful, then this will necessarily explode the postwar social democratic compromise. The result will be an increase in revolutionary potential of the first world, in which case it's best to already have a robust worker's movement to take advantage of this potential. Alternatively, if elements of this compromise can be maintained amidst the decline of Western imperialism, then it will (like third world revolution) starve capital of profits and hasten its demise.
>revolution would imply losing most of their privileges?
Complete bullshit. Imperialism is not necessary to maintain high standards of living. China is rapidly approaching Western living standards without imperialism. It's necessary to maintain high standards of living for workers AND high profits for the ruling class. If you remove the latter from the equation then imperialism becomes unnecessary for worker prosperity.
>Ehat does retirement ages have to do with advocating for communism in the first place?
Raising the retirement age is a clear attack on the interests of the working class. These demonstrations are an expression of class struggle. Therefore communists should insert themselves into this struggle, help workers achieve their goals, and in the process spread class consciousness and grow our movement. Class consciousness will never spread if we don't spread it, and we can't spread it without joining the workers in their struggles and establishing ourselves as defenders of their interests. Workers aren't going to listen to a bunch of armchair intellectuals lecturing them on how they're all evil first world labour aristocrats. They will listen to people joining them on the front lines of the class struggle.


As I understand, higher retirement age means higher profits. It is similar to working longer a month, but same wage and from this, the link should be clear.

I'm confused with your question on periphery. In the core, there is still inequality of income and some of the workers live in poverty even compared to some periphery workers. I mean, they should all fight, periphery or not.


> Will they able to recognize that they are parasitically attached themselves to the third world and that revolution would imply losing most of their privileges?
This line isn't true at all and anyone who says this should be banned.
Every imperialist country has tons of people working pointless stupid jobs in things like finance, and those jobs should be slashed and drained and put into productive, useful jobs. Plus, there is the option to re-invest into more productive machinery again in a way neoliberalism has been desperately trying to fight off. I guarantee that increasing productivity to where it should be instead of letting it get retarded by neoliberal ideological choices will allow the west to both pay back imperialist material debts and maintain high living standards.


I'm seeing disappointed rightoids online and it is funny
>Protests have erupted over Macron ramming through a new law…
<…that raises the retirement age from 62 to 64


good post, although this is basic ML theory. Leftyniqqas just dont read these days


>We need to smash the globalist elite!
<By which I mean we need to have more racism in movies again, not actually challenge the basis of their power.


thanks i will look at ytp-dl. i did remember last time i tried to use youutbe-dl i was having troubles with it i couldn't shoot, so maybe that was the problem a bout yt-dl stopped updating regularly.


will NUPES Benefit more, or the far-right?


Sometimes I feel like /leftypol/ doesn't actually want anything to happen.


Why are the mods allowing this bait to be posted? This shit is so clearly bait because the first one got banned and now this dude is back posting bait for (you)s, in any case here's your (you)


File: 1679077814809.jpg (43.69 KB, 713x397, FrbvajYWAAMU0mE.jpg)



Shit seems to be getting real.


I am here, amused by all this bustling about.

Here a Kaiser, there a Wilson and everywhere people who moan and don’t rise up.

I do not want to unite with the multitude of those who flatter the proletariat, excusing them, praising them, adorning them with wreathes. No, oh distinguished windbags, your verve disguises nothing. The “people” is always there, idiotic, cowardly, resigned.
You languish in hunger and hardships, you vegetate, bestially fertilizing wombs with a swarm of ragged, filthy, scrofulous, stunted brats.

Force! You raise your cowardly lament in chorus! You say that you are hungry. You stretch out your hand in front of the shop window full of jewels. Do it, take it!
You complain to each other about the war when you yourselves are its authors, and it continues because you put up with it!


Reactionaries' basic M.O. has always been to steer popular discontent against targets of opportunity.


Any updates?


Ultras aren't /leftypol/, and haven't been for years.


>muh doomers
how's chaz going bro


File: 1679097287507.png (5.19 KB, 252x87, ClipboardImage.png)

oh whoops


>Why are the mods allowing this bait to be posted?
Because mods aren't your personal army, you baby. They're there to delete child porn and raids and flooding. Go to a reddit clone if you want curation, not a place called fucking "/leftypol/".


File: 1679098214821.png (13.14 KB, 878x85, ClipboardImage.png)

post chill riot vibes


>China is rapidly approaching Western living standards without imperialism
I thought I heard you saying some time ago that China was imperialist.


Obviously he changed his mind due to the irrefutable logic of finding truth from facts I presented to counter his false beliefs that China is imperialist
Nice dubs btw


>meet qt 10/10
>invite her to the demonstration to get to know her better
>sitting, chilling on the sidewalk talking, getting on well
>mfw cops run over and bodyslam me
<she never calls again


Mods aren't omniscient.


sabos position was that china had the potential to become imperialist…. if the revisionists and porkie sympathizing members of the party took over.


Are you sure about that?


File: 1679129524917.png (578.48 KB, 639x826, ClipboardImage.png)

Here's your certified riot porn


>sabos position was that china had the potential to become imperialist
That's odd, I recall his position was that the PRC was not imperialist enough and should instead actively engage in proxy warring by arming and funding communist insurgents around the globe.


>china had the potential to become imperialist
Yeah this is the dumbest position ever, literally
Anything has the potential to become anything, literally
Like read a book


live stream Paris is burning


File: 1679154129371.png (1.37 MB, 1024x1024, 1663894373957-2.png)

In a weird twist the far-right National Ralley (formerly known as National Front) has announced it will not run any competing candidates in circunscriptions where MPs of the conservative Republican party vote for the motion to censure which would stop the retirement reform.

French source:


>I recall his position was that the PRC was not imperialist enough and should instead actively engage in proxy warring by arming and funding communist insurgents around the globe
That would be revolutionary internationalism, not imperialism.
My view is that China has a capitalist economy, and that as their rate of profit declines they will be forced to choose between abandoning their current economic model or becoming imperialist. Which one they do will depend on the outcome of ongoing class struggles within the CPC between bourgeois and proletarian aligned forces. Xi seems to be holding the porkies in check for now though.
My views have changed a lot in the last two or three years, but iirc I adopted the view that China was not imperialist sometime during the Bunkerchan era.


This is a pretty surprising political calculus move from RN.
I wonder if they want to win the favors of some current LR deputies in the long-term with this promise, as LR is a party for dying boomers anyway, since most people who aren't retired are getting more extreme on both sides.
Maybe the no-confidence vote could work out after all.
Ceci est un fil de discussion à propos de la politique française, et non pas de la Chine.
不谈话中国, 谈话法国政治


File: 1679156667160.png (326.71 KB, 580x386, ClipboardImage.png)

Nantes, France: The night of the barricades

The pyromaniac at the Élysée Palace set the fire. In Nantes, as throughout France, spontaneous calls against the 49-3 brought tens of thousands of people together within a few hours. It was no longer about pensions, but about the “revolution” that was sung in chorus in the demonstration marches.

In Nantes, the repressive apparatus that has terrorized the city for months was caught off guard this time: even with all its grenades, it could not quell the rage.

For several hours, dozens of barricades burned throughout the city center. The whole heart of Nantes smells of burnt plastic and tear gas, but it’s a boost of oxygen: finally, people are raising their heads.

Various shop windows of capitalist businesses are smashed. The CRS1 assaults are kept at bay by impressive fireworks. Many trade unionists hold the street together with the youth. In the Rue de Strasbourg, the BAC2 has to flee under the throwing of Molotov cocktails. A huge fire softens the asphalt. The city center belongs to the demonstrators! Several marches move in different places in a yellow vest atmosphere. In the alleys of Bouffay, you no longer know who is demonstrating and who is coming out of the bars, because “everyone hates the police”. There is singing on the terraces. Luxury boutiques and flagships of multinationals are cleared. Until 1 a.m., the forces of order cannot move without being insulted from everywhere. At 11 p.m., a fire is still burning on the Cours des 50 Otages, and demonstrators are driven away by volleys of grenades. After midnight, the Rue de Strasbourg is still blocked, torn up and torn up again, and littered with projectiles for hundreds of meters. The word “revenge” is written in red letters on a wall.

As soon as the French state does not march several dozen militarized squadrons in our city, as soon as the union leaders do not organize the “dangerous route” requested by the prefecture, the anger of Nantes can finally unleash the full potential of its force. And the numbers don’t matter much, because this night of barricades will have made more noise than the eight previous, well-supervised processions with their tens of thousands of people. Rennes, Nantes, Paris, Marseille or Lyon, the fire is spreading.

After canceling a trip to the Gironde region, Gérald Darmanin (Minister of the Interior) convened all prefects of France this morning for a video conference on the “social situation”. Four more years with Macron are unthinkable for everyone. The calls for an “inter-union” day in a week seem ridiculous. After this night of rage, we should act without delay.

This report on the spontaneous revolt in Nantes on March 16 after the French government imposed its “pension reform” by decree (49.3) appeared on Contre Attaque on 17.32023.

Found on bonustracks.blackblogs


Source: Kontrapolis

DN Notes

1. CRS, Compagnies républicaines de sécurité. The CRS are a civilian corps (unlike the gendarmes, who are military), trained in anti-insurrection and antiriot techniques.

2. BAC, Brigade anti-criminalité. Plain clothes cops, identifiable in riot/protest situations by their orange arm bands. Used regulary in so called “sensitive areas” such as housing estates (banlieues) or economically poor or even migrant neighborhoods.


Will this actually sway the MPs or is this just grandstanding?


it is a long time until the next of the election. if it does not at least life is going to be hard politcaly for macron, social life only worsens since 2008 but lately very fast.


Of course not, they are into leftism because it makes them feel unique, they don't want to be the man they want to be the underdog.


Oh this just to censure not a vote of no confidence? I guess LR don't have much to lose then.


is it at Greek levels of protestor vs. cop hatred yet?


Not sure, but it's certainly a strong communication move.
I found some interesting take from a RN supporter.
>The LR (Republicans) and Renaissance (Zemmour's party) are scared to death of dissolution [of the government] because if we vote again, this time it will be the end of LR and more than half of Renaissance MPs will be forgotten
If the motion of no confidence is voted, some are afraid to lose their cushy advantages as MPs (especially LR, they are corrupt as fuck).
I used to be jaded, but this decade is going crazy, anything can happen at this point.
No, but it's not that far off.


File: 1679168110705.png (81.35 KB, 1510x840, FrQfRtnXwAIPy6G.png)

>If the motion of no confidence is voted, some are afraid to lose their cushy advantages as MPs (especially LR, they are corrupt as fuck).
Recent polling doesn't really suggest such a massive shift.

Unless some really new or wild shit has happened in the past 2 weeks that could have changed people's minds radically. Else it seems like people has already aligned their ideological approach to the retirement age bill with their previous party of choice.


File: 1679168967841.jpg (72.81 KB, 316x422, 1679152093264.jpg)

Happy Commune day bros


A pic of one of the first barricades erected during the paris Commune.


reasonable position sabo


File: 1679171482000.jpg (630.58 KB, 830x830, 1586285163788.jpg)


Best ACAB Kino from the French protests so far.



File: 1679172977966.jpg (127.41 KB, 1241x1017, Frhj6_GWAAMxF8N.jpg)

damnnn, that was clean


Greece is worse than usual recently, what with the one of the worst train crashes in europe history.

Times are getting spicy.



I enjoyed this little exchange as a reaction to the video:
<Never turn your back on the leftoid!
<I hope this policeman is well 🙏😔
>oh no the poor thing he probably died from this kick, he suddenly fell forward on his hands and knees with his gloves and his knee-pads
Poor Robocop indeed, I weep. Ratioed.


Holy Based yo, I am going to fucking cum buckets if they pull this shit off dude.


File: 1679322819443.jpg (73.89 KB, 750x996, FrmDeiKXsAEyplO.jpg)

Almost 60% of Republican voters support the no-confidence vote.


9 Republican deputies have announced that they will vote down the government publicly

According to the most generous estimates they will still be 10 votes short of the 287 needed.

So there needs to be a huge upset



Even if they loose i think this will still be good for putting the knife edge on macron.


Parliamentary session starting now

Official Livestream(French):


Expect total meltdown either way


So they no-confidencing the tapeworm or not?

I need something to cheer me up while in the ward.


Vote is at 18h i think


https://nitter.snopyta.org/Cemil/status/1637569632658681857 cops arrestibg random people because they feel like it


vote closing at 6:45 pm local time


From an outsider looking in, it seems like the Left (NUPES and their kind) and the Right (RN and their kind) have wildly different approach. NUPES are more down with protesting and rioting, while defending the protestors on TV while RN is trying to flex in the Assembly. The NUPES on twitter are more likely to report the protestors outside LR threatening them with that bouncing effigy while RN is making appeals to LR MPs that they won't contest if they vote their way.

Both will trying to claim credit after the whole debacle is over and I am kinda interested to see who wins public support and sympathy more.


Yes, it mirrors how NUPES has underpeformed electorally and how RN has outperformed in a way.


I wasn't trying to make a point about performance electorally. NUPES did okay as a hasty coalition of difficult partners tbh.


Absolute majority: 287
Votes cast in favor: 278

Result: Motion of No-Confidence failed by 9 votes.


Neoliberalism is the homeopathy of social science. It puts on a facade of rationality, but at its core, it's essentially a religion, and a frightening amount of its ideas are rooted in blind faith. It has an outer circle of true believers, people suckered in by briefly tempting arguments and emotional appeals, that is ultimately a circlejerk of useful idiots for profiteers.
They are the worst kind of grifter: the kind that actually believe their own bullshit, because otherwise they would struggle to sleep at night without booze and xannies. It is not enough for them to exploit the working class, they can't even be honest with themselves about it. They are cowards who, on some level, feel guilty for their complacency in capitalism, but lack the will to give up their privileged lives.
Despite not being outright sociopaths, neoliberals are considerably more dangerous than other ideological capitalists as a result of their self-delusion. Other cappies like ancaps have an obviously worse ideology, but they will likely always be fringe, because they are open about how vile their ideology is: they are not only aware of the inevitable result of their desired system, they desire it (see Hoppe). Neoliberals truly, genuinely believe that they are doing the right thing, which makes them viable in mainstream politics, even though in practice, their policy changes are almost always despised.


>I need something to cheer me up while in the ward.
I hope you are better and back in to society soon crimeanon. <3


Je ne veux pas ce beaucoup!


File: 1679335772135.jpg (483.78 KB, 2048x1757, paris map of power.jpg)

So what now?


Where is the PCF headquarters?


>>1406200 (me)

Literally Le Pen just said the only way to overcome this crisis is to vote for her in 2027, while Melenchon and LFI is gesturing to go back to the streets to protest and riot over it.


in the 19th arrondissement


-25% of deputies and senators vote for a referendum
-Then a constitutional council verifies the constitucionality
-Then they have 9 months to collect 4.8 valid signatures
-Then there will be a national referendum


4.8 million*


Man that sounds like a lot of work. Have people table for said referendum?


French riots are weak, I remember the BLM protest thread had more kino.


>French riots are weak,
not really
<I remember the BLM protest thread had more kino
I was going to go on about how BLM was the only time you were able to manage a mass mobilization of people onto the streets in literal decades. but it appears you are just a passive spectator and very likely didn't even participate.
pathetic fake human.


Cops casually beating up a young woman at Marseille.I

hate cops so fucking much, fucking dogs


File: 1679384989465.png (559.86 KB, 1240x826, ClipboardImage.png)

Because it's her turn.


French people will not escalate beyond a certain point while Macron's police violence will.
I support their courage but I don't see how they can realistically win.



It worked before so it can easily work again. How long do you think France can run without refineries?


They sent the cops for the garbage collectors on strike and then monitored them to make sure they were working, or they hired private ones.
If they can do that and body cares, they can force workers in refineries too.
With the cops being more and more violent and exhausted in protests, it could lead to something dramatic though and it could change everything.


>>1407018 (me)
Called it : it says the gov is sending cops to end the strike in a big refinery.

If there isn't a backlash from unions and workers it's over.


French revolution was a bourgeois revolution backed by the political elites, dunno why everyone simps for them so hard. It literally ushered in the age of liberalism

You see people taking to the streets and you expect a sudden change in government because that's how western color revolution coups work, a few days of people in the streets and getting beaten up by cops and all of a sudden Victoria Nuland appoints the entire Ukrainian government. It doesn't work that way without bourgeois backers. The only successful blueprint for a proletarian revolution is Lenin's and it's not being followed, this is simply an outburst of class indignation without any plan or guidance. Last time the French communists had a chance at revolution in 1968, their bitch-ass party sabotaged it and betrayed the working class.


File: 1679389669241.jpg (118.11 KB, 1024x853, IMG_1353.JPG)

Why is Macron like this?


Man, you'r a fucking retard


Let's suppose the French State starts shooting people and/or forcing some categories to work under threat of prison.
Then what?


>French revolution was a bourgeois revolution backed by the political elites
someone has NOT read marx at all, thats the point you fucking retard


Forcing the strikers to work is already happening (see >>1407019)
Considering the police violence in protests it's only a matter of days until a protester gets killed (french pigs kill a lot, usually in suburban areas or in their police stations).



I'm fairly impressed at how quickly the communists are gaining support. If this were to continue and a vacuum suddenly appears we may end up with something…


>be riot cop in any Western country
>get to see (and endure) more fireworks in a single night than most people will see in their lifetimes
Sign me up fam sounds bussin


Do any Frenchanons know of any still active Maoist Org/Parties? How much have they changed? And how much has Alain Badiou influenced their activism and theory? Have you interacted with them?


They are completely irrelevant, the french left is almost entirely trotskyist


absolutely not,this isn't the 60's anymore,they're all dead.
I still blame the gulag archipelago for that,fuck BHL.


Interesting. I’ve been reading Badiou because he’s the only leftist that I know of that work a lot with the philosophy of mathematics, and I’ve become fascinated with his Maoist interjections with philosophy, alongside his earlier activism with Maoist organizations. Also been meaning to read pic related. From what I read it was a pretty strong solid movement, I would’ve thought some were still around, especially when you have giants like Alain Badiou and Samir Amin thought and theory to work with.


>I still blame the gulag archipelago for that,fuck BHL.
This is nonsense, trots became important because they were historically implanted in France from the 30s and kept winning points by siding/organizing with the workers and not merely doing Kremlin's foreign policy or focusing on securing electoral positions at the expense of principles. The french left isn't "almost entirely trotskyist" anyways, although they are heavily represented in the student milieu and some lambertist fucks like Jospin who somehow historically made it out on top.

Although Maoism is only existing trough some little groups and political sects usually active in big cities, Maoism and guys like Badiou were and still are pretty influential on the whole french far left, people are still reading Badiou. Weirdly you also can find a distressing amount of ex maoist among the most fanatic defenders of Macron and neoliberal policies who use their political formation very well for to spew the most vile propaganda in msm, I'm thinking about dudes like Serge July or Brice Couturier.




>The only successful blueprint for a proletarian revolution is Lenin's and it's not being followed
How did MAS retake power in Bolivia again Westerners should be studying MAS and Chavismo, since those are the tactics most applicable to modern bourgeois democracies.


File: 1679409098215.mp4 (10.97 MB, 1280x720, pSWg6wM_TGD68hnI.mp4)

The workers didn't even block the requisitions or the refinery, they let the requisitions happen and they made a picket in front, letting trucks and cars pass. The french police modus operandi is to gas and shoot people when something is going on so they did that and now the workers are really angry and Olivier Mateu is saying the refinery will be blocked as soon as the requisitions are over.


j'adore ce matteu


d'ailleurs, bfmtv c'est la merde a 1000%


Maoism in France is completely dead since the 1970s, and the death of the movement was well deserved, it was absolute cringe.

They were combining the worst aspects of Western ML and anarchism: cultish and rigid party dynamics with a lack of real organization and in-depth analysis of material conditions.
It was a license to be an edgelord for some Parisian bourgeois kids, feeling smart by writing "dude the revolution will come from the masses lmao" in national newspapers.
Not surprisingly, it turns out some of these maos became neocons, the prime example being André Glucksmann, who advocated for a protracted people's war against the French fascist dictatorship in the early 1970s, and has supported every NATO intervention and US-led war from 1991 until his death.

There is absolutely no reason to be a mao-spontex in 2023. You might as well try to build a time machine.

If you want to be an adventurist in France today, you should instead become an appeliste (see https://teddit.net/r/Anarchy101/comments/9hqb0a/what_is_appellism/)
Read the Invisible Committee, smash banks and insurance agencies, FOUT LE ZBEUL, organize in little decentralized units, try to occupy urban spaces as long as you can and develop organic movements there, organize events for both having fun and political causes, etc.
This anarcho-situationist praxis isn't new and has its limits, and we might observe them right now in real time as long as there are riots happening in France, but they are for sure deconditioning people from the monotony of daily wagie life, they smash the things we hate and spare the ones we love, they are trying to build solidarity among angry proles despite all odds, they are in short, romantic revolutionaries in real flesh…
As Laurent Fabius said about Al-Nosra:
>They are doing a great job on the ground

You know, sometimes it's better to admit that your ideas might be outdated and not fitting to the current material conditions than to agitate yourself alone in a deadend.


Bah alors les chômeurs on poste à 16h, tout juste levés pour aller manifester :^)


Je suis allé au bureau ce matin mais mon chef n'était pas là donc je suis rentré chez moi ;)


je travail sur l'ordi à la maison oklm perso mais je vais à l'émeute à 20h tkt on est là


ffs read a book anytime


fuck appelistas. fuck appelistas reeeee-
they are a cult, see how they acted in nantes. anyone who pretends they are anarchists is stupid or more likely a fed.


Basé. Franchement j'ai envie mais je suis moyen chaud de me faire courser… Jeudi c'était drôle, mais là ça y est je revois l'époque des gilets jaunes où les flics sortaient toutes leurs tactiques de crevards, les nasses et les coups gratuits…

C'est quoi les trucs importants à avoir sur soi en manif en vrai ? Eau, sérum physiologique, des vêtements noirs ou couleur neutre, un masque COVID et/ou une écharpe, et peut-être des lunettes de ski ?

Je suis un peu perdu en fait, j'ai donné des sous à la caisse de solidarité, mais mis à part ça et regarder le zbeul un peu de loin, je sais pas trop quoi faire là…


Tbh "appelist" is the term to use when you want to deride someone from this milieu, some are indeed rich kids who got into this for a little thrill and can act like bitches toward people they claim to defend.
But it's undeniable some people in this milieu are sincere and try their best to agitate for revolt, come up with strategies for effective actions, and document what is currently happening at a time when basically everyone is pissed off at Macron right now.


File: 1679413820217.png (570.57 KB, 636x424, ClipboardImage.png)

Maybe my view of them is to jaded but i seen a lot of people in the anarchist milieu have an undeserved respect for these people, even in america, and i am pretty sure all they will do is use this to try to funnel young impressionable people/anarchists in to their little cult.
It is kind of a meme for me to whine about them whenever they are mentioned, but sincerely I would love to be proven wrong with them.


They are sincere in their ambition to make an insurrection, but do not hesitate to be perfidious and dishonest for the rest. And who knows if one particular group is made up of anarchists, they act like bitch ass secret societies, the police has also been extremely paranoid about them for years and years so they're likely infiltrated anyway at this point. Honestly I like the writings, esthetics and what they can do in protests etc, shit I even partied with them one time, but I wouldn't put my back to them or trust them for anything else, for example I still don't know where the money they raised for prisoners during the GJ went, they did that when there was already an organization doing this and no one saw the color of it afaik.


>I still don't know where the money they raised for prisoners during the GJ went
probably to their absurd bobo goat cheese or jam or whatever smol bushiness 'commune' farms.


Le Maalox ça marche bien contre les lacrymos aussi. Le plus important c'est de courir vite surtout en ce moment.


Baguettes should learn from japs. Ngl the "riots" are looking pretty ame and pathetics, mostly just people walking.


Yes let's murder each other in winter lodge getaway struggle sessions


There are times to charge, and times to observe. And you clearly don't know how to observe the shift in the tides


Nah let's just let pig tackle and beat people to shit. You don't need to actually beat hte shit out of cops (though i don't see a good reason not to do it), but without organization you can have thousands protesters against one cop and copsare still gonna beat you. When pig see organization most of the time they are gonna be very careful about their attacks.

What exactly is the point of those "riots", again? Cardio?


<Baguettes should learn from japs. Ngl the "riots" are looking pretty ame and pathetics, mostly just people walking.
>t. Spectacle addict.


I mean the thread is name "riot porn".

Jokes aside, protests without organization are meaningless, just a way to direct pressure into a whistle, make people think they have achieved something without achieving anything except getting beat by pigs.


File: 1679420425768.png (49.72 KB, 300x300, ClipboardImage.png)

>'what exactly is the point' of class outrage and anger
Is this advanced autism?


So, the point is to direct this outrage into something meaningless and achieve nothing, right? Well, as expected from anarchists. You always saw "actions" as thing-in-itself instead of means to achieve your goals.



I would rather be an anarchist of action than a leftist tut-tutting at workers for being rightfully angry, anon. any day of the week.


>tut-tutting at workers for being rightfully angry
Quote me on that, you piece of shit. Mf, you are the one who said that violent protest are "spectacle" and now i am the one who forbids the workers to be angry. Kys


>What exactly is the point of those "riots", again? Cardio?
Anon. you said this. Maybe you are just autistic so don't know but asking someone 'what is the point in being angry' is absurd on the face of it. it does not stop being absurd because you are addressing class anger.
>you are the one who said that violent protest are "spectacle"
I sincerely believe you don't understand what Spectacle means.


The problem is that structured labor union protests don't achieve much either, and at this point you need both savage and official protests.

The appelists published a little encouraging romantic essay this Monday morning:
>The opposition members of parliament are maintaining a terminal democratic fiction, the motion of censure.
>When this last show of strength has failed, we will be the only ones left to face a power that has no other way out than that of impeachment [from the bottom-up].
>Then Macron will have a speech to explain to us that we are at war, uh, that he has changed, well… that he wants to live in harmony with all of us
>We'll listen to him carefully (because we can't help it, Papaprésident, all that) and as soon as he's finished, we'll go out and the movement will express itself as it knows how to do now.
>And finally, on Thursday, some paternalistic chasubles will invite us to follow one of these silly routes, which goes from nowhere to nowhere.
>Except that we can't take these routes anymore.
>We like Thursday nights now.
It's inspiring ngl.


I don't even disagree with any of this on the face, they have always been good at crafting rhetoric and propagand. Think i would hate appelistas less if they were sincere in their politics as being part of 'the left' proper, that is what they are selling people, instead of trying to market themselves to specifically anarchist milieu and with anarchist aesthetic so often.
I think it is a marketing thing because the SI which they seem to take influence on has had a larger affect on the anarchist space than the traditional leftist space, it is pure cynical marketing imho.


>Anon. you said this.
In the fucking context of other anon telling me "noo protests should not be violent". Ffs learn to read the convo before butting in. I posted video about japanese riots. They are organized way better. frogs should learn from them if only for the sake of not getting stomped by pigs.

And yes, protests without any significant action or pressure on people in power are meaningless, in fact they serve to quell this anger with what is at best a cardio excercise. Anger should be directed productively.

> labor union protests don't achieve much either
Protests don't. Strikes do. Economic leverage works wonders, but most of the unions in france are yellow or yellowish so they wouldn't do it.

The only thing historically that worked were strikes and armed organized uprisings.

>It's inspiring ngl.

Is it, really? Maybe it's a joke i am too old to get


>Protests don't. Strikes do. Economic leverage works wonders, but most of the unions in france are yellow or yellowish so they wouldn't do it.
It fucking sucks that unions didn't agitate for strikes on Monday, "noooooo think about the poor high-schoolers" — pourquoi les lycéens sont en train de passer le bac en mars d'ailleurs ??? — when it would have been the ultimate move to win a power-level at the bourgeois assembly.
Now nothing remains except smashies and softass union merguez sandwichs…
>The only thing historically that worked were strikes and armed organized uprisings.
C'est pas faux.

>Is it, really? Maybe it's a joke i am too old to get

Yes I'm looking forward to watch property destruction being perpetrated in front of my eyes in real life, I do officer


>pourquoi les lycéens sont en train de passer le bac en mars d'ailleurs

Anyway, sorry i was rude. I just want to see more organized protests.



File: 1679424968391.png (682.89 KB, 1024x575, suicidez-vous-01.png)

>Now nothing remains except smashies and softass union merguez sandwichs…
Nothing irks me more than leftists/marxists getting mad at smashies because of their own failings to organize the working class in these rare instances of emotionally lashing out with insurrectionary energy.
i am not claiming that this is you at all, it is just a common sentiment on this board that has even come up in this thread.
It is so bizarre to me, like how anyone going to just whine and bitch about people doing violence and action instead of X or Y when one is not organizing them to do X or Y?


I bitched about them actually not doing any violence and just taking it from the pigs seemingly.

Seriosly, just collab with people, buy helmets, gloves, goggles and flags on long and sturdy poles. And stick together. Seriously, don't even need to be violent ifsituation doesn't call for that, but that would certainly help against pigs just kicking you around. And you also can help people who are kicked by pigs.


MAS and the PSUV heavily compromised on their progressive principles. Not saying they aren't worth supporting overseas but the communist parties of their respective countries have broken with them


How did they compromise it?


Armchair generals of the riots are fucking useless, material circumstances actually dictate what people are doing in the streets in France currently, it's not Hong Kong where the police is nice and protestors have money, media, and CIA backing. Protestors can't just buy gas masks, helmets, weapons and fight the cops in ranks. There's a whole galaxy of (poor) people and orgs who want different things ranging from revolution to sausage grilling acting together, and one of the most important things is damage control so too many people don't get arrested and thrown in jail or worse while maintaining a high tempo of protests and strikes. Gawking at the Zengakuren is masturbatory leftoid weeb practice anyway, there's the same in France if not better only good people try to avoid filming violent actions from well organized protestors for obvious reasons.


> and one of the most important things is damage control so too many people don't get arrested and thrown in jail or worse while maintaining a high tempo of protests and strikes.
And also to afterwards. Support your local Book to Prisoners, your local Anarchist Black Cross, writing to and doing solidarity towards our political prisoners comrades.
In the modern day a lot of things can be done literally from an arm chair.


I'm aware of the PCV's opposition to the PSUV, but in all the statements that get posted around here they seem to just make vague references to "anti-worker policies" etc. I haven't seen enough detailed critiques from them to see if they are making valid points or just ultras seething.


catchy song


File: 1679440569299.jpg (18.54 KB, 463x529, 1662772037009223.jpg)

Yes, because being an armchair secretarian and posting on an albanian image board is so much better. You really showed them gosh-darn anarkiddies!


Nice projection


File: 1679485997546.png (4.02 MB, 2048x1398, ClipboardImage.png)


vid related arent japanese red army


>called himself “Jupiter”
>is not fat


You're forklift certified right anon? 🥰
Anyway the port of Havre is now blocked until further notice.


Unironically though why is everyone forklift certified? I am forklift certified. I haven ever actually worked a job that needed it. Why does every social security scheme across Europe seem to think that forklift certification is the the primary skill workers need to enter the job market? what is the materialist explanation for this?!


File: 1679494766264.mp4 (6.62 MB, 720x1280, BUMwiYmQa9kPFNeB.mp4)

It's not a great day to cross the longest bridge of France, in Saint Nazaire, although on the other hand if you succeed in passing the roadblock it's free because the toll is on fire.


File: 1679495954018.mp4 (2.26 MB, 1280x720, Hrp2_AxFZPPge0VA.mp4)

The CGT joined NATO!


File: 1679503197338.png (729.97 KB, 500x707, ClipboardImage.png)

Fuck the collabo police dick sucker CGT.
Never forget.


More and more gas stations are without supply or rationing



many workers in the west work in "logistic" (aka moving shit around), smth like a good 30% iirc


File: 1679511148614.jpg (127.99 KB, 720x478, forkliftcertified.jpg)

I spent a year driving picrel in a steel mill but I never got the certification because they found out I was going back to school in the fall and they didnt have to give me a raise as long as I was "in training."


>L'État, c'est moi edition
let us retvrn to age of le roi soleil
please and thank you, /leftypol/.


I don't see what the sun has to do with a hemoroidal butthurt inbred going on a psychotic rampage in Europe


Blanc Lives Matter


File: 1679520543191.png (213.58 KB, 800x686, former head of state.png)


File: 1679520628130.jpg (45.15 KB, 640x480, mpv-shot0032.jpg)

based and red-white-blue pilled


File: 1679520689766.png (4.82 KB, 278x235, snacks.png)


I don't know about forklift certs, but in other industries a cert can basically be an an automatic gayrise.


File: 1679520988944.jpg (77.76 KB, 640x732, this image is mine.jpg)

<noooo stop flipping cars over




>The Accidental Death of an Anarchist
based theater enjoyer anon.



File: 1679601085422.mp4 (2.95 MB, 1280x720, 1679601008192.mp4)

Protesters have set fire to the city hall in Bordeaux, vidrel.


Ok…. It MAY actually be happening.


it's not happening


Here is an english language piece from lefty media.


File: 1679607936631.png (179.46 KB, 2154x2153, i.png)

Did you know: It's the 90th birthday of the Enabling Act of 1933?


The rioting is cool and all but what separates this from any other French riot and protest? Why get excited over this when the other ones didn't bring socialism not even 68?


>it didn't bring socialism today!
This doesn't mean it's not a good thing.
Socialism is a process, not an orgasm.


Socialism starts with flirting, then foreplay, then orgasm for both parties


File: 1679609302447.jpg (268.14 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0033.jpg)

>when singing your national anthem is a form of left wing radicalism
I wish we had Waltzing Matilda and not the crap we have


Socialism is when you have a lot of sex. The more sex you have the more socialist you are. And if you have a real lot of sex? That's communism.


File: 1679609363432.jpg (89.49 KB, 1271x837, Álvaro Cunhal.jpg)

I don't need a girlfriend, I have socialism!


File: 1679609471916.png (128.36 KB, 458x432, ClipboardImage.png)

>GDR reached full communism and no-one noticed


This is great


Didn't know Cuñal was an absolute stud.


Reminder there is no "happening" moment per se. History is always in motion. Every moment is merely a temporary arrangement of previous conditions. If emergent conditions seem heated now, it is a stochastic emergence of the underlying factors. Emergent conditions become part of underlying factors and thus the machine recycles its own output for the production of the next moment. Just like BLM was a preface of what's to come, so are these protests.

It's happening. It always was. Seize the day!


It’s quite funny that if one were to look at the going’s on in France with the names blacked out it would appear to be an obvious example of despotism.


Any recommended resources for following the updates on this besides MSM?
/leftypol/ is not delivering atm


On Twitter, French trade union accounts like @unitecgt are good. Search for specific cities like Nantes, and importantly avoid populist right takes and accounts. The right is so locked out of the current protests that it seems like the Western right doesn't know what to make of it yet and thinks it's about vaccines or something.


>>1410379 (me)
Forgot to say, specifically avoid English language populist right accounts. They think it's a giant struggle against lockdowns and the WEF. I mean fuck the WEF sure, but it completely overshadows the rights inability to address worker's concerns and the miraculous mobilization of the French left and what remains of the workers movements there


A lot of drama around raising retirement age by 2 years.


Kill yourself porky bootlicker.


File: 1679680118907.png (182.9 KB, 310x642, nice one boss.png)

<A lot of drama around raising retirement age by 2 years.


Take a deep breath, lads. I meant on all sides. Anything deeper going on? Bypassing parliament to push austerity seems excessive.


<Anon says what is going on
>You lick boots and need to an hero
Wew. Cool it with the edge.


It's because they legally can't force them to shut up when it is the national anthem




Macron has been austerity measure after austerity measure, he has personally said there won't be an indexation of the peoples revenue because he is a big headed super smart banker who knows the economy very well or some shit, there is also the entire question around ecology which has been completely ignored under his reign.

It's the drop that is too much, also for a lot of people doing hard work +2 years is a lot man.

But ultimately everyone hates macron except demented old rich people


Interesting to see rallies in Spain and Greece supporting the riots in France. Even a PVDA-PTB guy, Raoul Hedebouw is talking about it in his parliament. Lowkey nice to see an organic pan European leftism forming when Yanis is clambering for it for years.


So how did he get a higher percentage of voters in the first round in the 2022 election than in 2017 election? Is every fifth person in France a demented old rich person?


Leftists who didn't vote for Macron in the first election voted in the second because the desire to not have Le Pen became much stronger. Plus Melenchon publically advocated to do so.


>you get what you vote for
Me thinks the lady doth protest too much


That's the second round, not the first. :^)
I'll stop busting your balls. It's too easy, and the pleasure derived is too one-sided.

Most of France voted for either an austerity lib, a crypto fash, or an actual fash. So if these protests fuck around too much and fail, France will only end up with a naked fascist government. You've been warned.


Melenchon literally was 3rd (and closely) in the first round of 2022 - what the fuck do you mean a crypto fash?

Besides it was incredibly likely that if he'd made it into the second round he would've won.

No one likes Macron


File: 1679684238593.jpg (154.86 KB, 1577x1536, stirner.jpg)

>Voting as a sign of any sort of right or justification


Somebody already forgot Zemmour. The best performing newcomer. You should recognize when you're having a KPD moment to understand the… precarious situation France is in.


File: 1679684569047.png (58.24 KB, 275x246, 1646707420718.png)

>You've been warned.


The bourgeoisie lack a coherent material analysis. They are not critical. Though they need to "have" (to exploit them) the working class in order to survive, they can do so without dialogue, through means of force, oppression, etc. The revolutionaries, on the otherhand, need to talk to the working class, they must be in dialogue with them, they are unable to act revolutionarily if they do not have dialogue with the people, for they will lack support, they will lack knowledge of the people's struggle, and they will be unable to struggle alongside the people, thus generating contradictions between them.
The bourgeoisie survive because they are in contradiction to the people (whom they dominate), the revolutionaries need to be with the people, to be in dialogue with the people, but cannot be in contradiction to the people, with whom the strength of their analysis comes. The bourgeoisie's "analysis" comes from not talking to the people, at times talking "for" the people, or "against" the people, but not "with" the people. In-fact, the bourgeois conception of objectivity is rooted mystification of bias, and enables the use of passive language, for example, to mask bias. It is a manipulative tactic. It is similarly dehumanizing as the practice of banking education, where teachers tend to treat students as mere empty vessels for which "knowledge" is to be deposited. This contradiction does not serve to create critical students, nor fortify critical teachers. It has the reverse effect. It makes them contradictions of each other. The ignorant student. The knowledgeable teacher. We see the formation of domination. The teacher dominates the student, so to speak, and becomes an authority. The means are not important. To deprive the people of the decision making ability is to dehumanize them. We are against people being an authority. But the relationship between student and teacher, so as to not have contradictions that undermine the educative objective, is to be synthesized as co-investigation in dialogical education. The teacher and the student are thereby transformed from being a teacher and a student, a dichotomy, into co-investigators who are discovering the truth. They are each at different stages of development, materially, socially, politically, and through dialogue they establish truth. The revolutionary in this instance should seek to practice revolutionary listening and to ask questions, not to quiz, but ultimately to help the student become critical, and to develop consciousness. The vocation of humans is to each become more fully human, that life is the process of becoming. The objective is self-actualization. But in capitalism, self-actualization is limited, and the process of humanization is halted by systems and by myths, each of which with an alienating character. The bourgeoisie as oppressors seek to transform the working class (the oppressed) into dehumanized persons, zombies, dead flesh, that they are entirely subservient, and receive only authorized commands, and only act on them, and surrender the desire to become more fully human, and to foreclose on critical development, to be unconscious, and to be drained of life.


It is not rioting. It is rebellion. The people are in the process of becoming.


File: 1679684814115.png (35.18 KB, 507x526, never trust socdems.png)

You really shouldn't make posts that will age like milk.


schizo tier


>t. retardfaggot who only makes posts that age like mlik


[citation needed]


Zemmour was a huge nothing burger. You might as well talk about the PS candidate while you are at it.


File: 1679685980428-0.png (1.39 MB, 750x833, Fr2.png)

File: 1679685980428-1.png (5.17 MB, 1500x1666, Fr3.png)


I mean their national anthem is about killing nobles.


You're doing Great Man Theory, instead of contemplating what he was a symptom of.


Spicy nothingburger is still a nothingburger.
There's possibility it develops into something but is rather low.


Well, it's been a year, but these kinds of degenerate posters are back. Shame.


File: 1679687066810.mp4 (18.62 MB, 486x1080, imdoomping.mp4)

Dumping trash at the politicians homes


It's all adding up tho. It's a slow process and this century will be heated.


What is the material explanation for French being based like this despite being imperial core otherwise? You never see stuff like this in Anglo countries


France despite being a cucked neoliberal country smack dab in the middle of western europe has obvious historical roots in revolutionary movements. France also has a very high collective bargaining coverage within workers which leads to very entrenched militant leftist movements, although this has been in decline over the past few decades. So you have a population that is somewhat politically conscious but not enough to really warrant revolutionary action


Clearly their worker's movement took much less of a beating during the 80s and 90s compared to other firsties. This is why it's retarded to write off trade unionism and social democracy as merely "redistribution of imperialist super profits among the labour aristocracy" or whatever. Even if that is true in some sense, having a strong worker's movement means that when the contradictions between labour and capital increase (as they inevitably must) you get this kind of shit instead of the giga-cuckery you see in the US. It will probably take the US left another 20+ years just to achieve this level of organization and militancy.


File: 1679690772789.mp4 (1.48 MB, 560x848, 1679690710371.mp4)

Fisticuffs with cops.


I theorize political has-beens are prone to extremism as a way to recover. The circumstances transmitted from the past a big bowl of shit.

Anglos are at the top, so nothing there. China was fucked over for a century, now they are Communist. Russia also fell hard before the revolution. Germany was mid-tier for most of history, before getting clapped twice at the height of their power, so not much going on there.

France used to be the fourth most populous region in the world, and the hegemon of Europe, before its population collapsed, and they were a shadow of their former empire for a long time.


Yesterday was fun. I got a tear gas grenade chucked at my hand, it then explode when it dropped to the floor. Tonight was calm because the football was on and people are resting up for the next actions. There is also a possible ZAD that is developing at Sainte-Soline. The weekend is announcing itself to be quite fun.

Also the oil refinery workers are a day away from grounding all the flights at CDG and Orly if they continue their strikes.

Good day to all of you. I’ll post pics from the protests tomorrow and in the coming days.

Sucez ma bite bandes de feintants.


File: 1679712242789.png (105.97 KB, 184x273, ClipboardImage.png)

i see tankie poster has taken half of the gregor pill


I am just saying, his presence can easily be explained by the forces that created Marie Le Pen, and his impact in politics is not that big.


People tend to shit on 68 but seem to forget when the labour movement work with the bohemian intelligensia, nothing is impossible. And France somehow always seemed to tie these two blocs together better than any country. Maybe the desire to make scholars out of workers and workers out of scholars?


Their union CGT has roots in first anarcho-syndicalism (important for the following sentence) and the communist movement during and after WWII (ending in the 1990s).
It was able to maintain it's dominant position and today it is still autonomous from social democratic influence: this is key. It distinguishes this situation sharply from, by contrast, the paralysis and degeneration witnessed of the workers movement unfolding in northern Europe, where the big unions are subservient to the bureaucrats from the social fascist parties (Nordic model).


Just be mindful about not "doxing" stuff prematurely. Not saying you will or are doing that. Just a reminder that some feds for sure track this site and that the US and French intelligence agencies for sure share resources on stuff like this. Make sure to for example talk about developing bases of power after it has already become known, and also blur faces of workers that may not have enough disguise for their faces (for when/if you share photographs).
Also clean the files of EXIF data, which is data that includes time and geographical location sometimes.


File: 1679720651506.mp4 (4.36 MB, 576x1024, 1663275935489.mp4)

There is no France, there are no Anglos. There is only the Proletariat and the Bourgeoisie they are destined to overthrow.

Solidarity forever.


Is it true the military cops are joining the protests?


the legacy


the blood of vercingetorix flows still through their veins. they were COLONIZED. #DecolonizeFrance


HOW THE FUCK did I miss this thread???

Is it still going on or did it fizzle?


Still going….


Burgers are the most cucked people on the planet. Why haven’t they done anything like this despite all of the opportunity to do is confuses me.


File: 1679735521194.png (150.08 KB, 360x360, 1628154076619-0.png)


Absolutely not. The cops in those videos are accompanying protestors directly to the metro so they don’t reform protests behind police lines.

However, it is true that the cops aren’t running quite as fast as before. Also true that an entire riot police commuant got wiped out in Rennes.


Company * Jesus fucking Christ I hate phone posting.
Clarification the riot police company had like 15 injuries, 3 serious injuries and they declared themselves non operational.


Are you guys fucking asleep. There’s a battle happening at Sainte-Soline. Multiple cop cars have been set on fire.


File: 1679757316780.mp4 (9.09 MB, 1280x720, 1679757136387.mp4)

Police position overrun in Sainte-Soline.


This is eco-activst stuff anon not pension reform stuff. They are against the building of some resivoirs and farms.


File: 1679759132777.mp4 (1.24 MB, 1280x720, a6-8ZRmOmOjeOlif.mp4)

French piggers going Mad Max mode on protestors at Sainte-Soline


You must have some sort of Brain tumor blocking your critical thinking. You do realize that All opposition against capitalism is good.


File: 1679759597375.gif (1.87 MB, 400x320, 1678503419142.gif)


Yea no shit.
That goes against literally nothing I said you absolute fucking simpleton kill yourself for being so dumb.




Sixth one is the charm they say.



Came here for this. Probably two dead comrades.


May they recover, indeed there seems to be between 2-5 comrades fighting for their life.


gave pic-related a shot
>gommunism and fascism are the same
>marxism has no relevance in china and barely influnced chinese political thinking
>totalitarianism meme
very disappointing


thats not for the retirement though, its eco fighting against water basins (that pump from the water table in winter to sell the water to farmers to irrigate in summer, coz its forbidden to do it in summer…)
so yeah, literally stealing public water to line pockets, killing all natural vegetation, when we already have big growing drought problems…


If that were to happen what would it mean and what would fundamentally change? New constitution? what about it.


Read the thread.


>hurr durr ça veut dire quoi "convergence des luttes" ?
In French, it means "based"


Burgers should do this at the MET gala on May 1st




File: 1679774018480.mp4 (3.63 MB, 1280x720, iteMzH_efK5Exje0.mp4)

Second half of this vid is unexpectedly kino, looks like an upgraded Napoleonic reenactment


>Gendarmerie nationale
what absolute cancer is this


File: 1679778478176-0.mp4 (11.61 MB, 1280x720, _A-s_h_s9d-lJS7P.mp4)

File: 1679778478176-1.mp4 (12.3 MB, 1280x720, cK-3GYGVFyxCYqsS.mp4)

ok ok, here's some protestor POV


yeah its one of the worst books ive read but tankies idea that a has been nation turns to radicalism in order to revive their country …… ironically was stated by gregor as his central thesis.


Article 7 of the bill “relating to the Olympic and Paralympic Games and various other provisions”, an article authorizing experimentation with the processing by algorithms of images captured by cameras or drones, was adopted on Thursday by the National Assembly after lengthy discussions. This project, which includes experimentation with so-called “intelligent” video surveillance (i.e., automatically reporting “suspicious” individuals or behavior thanks to their program) had already been adopted by the Senate.

“The Minister of the Interior justified this experimentation with algorithmic video surveillance by saying that “exceptional situations require exceptional means”, referring to the 2024 Summer Olympics. The implementation of this technique will not, however, concern only the Games: it will apply to “sporting, recreational or cultural events” in general, which “by their scale or circumstances, are particularly exposed to risks of acts of terrorism or serious attacks on the safety of people.


File: 1679781186741.gif (1.93 MB, 245x246, 1342554355945.gif)

Seems rather obvious to me. Is it a "liberal meets world" sort of deal? "Radicalism" just refers to politics of change. Because status quo is clearly not fucking working. "Radicalism" adherents practice consequentialism, so to deontologists (ethics of status quo) they appear the same. And, by definition, those who strive for change are those who are more likely to not be thriving under the status quo - i.e. they are losers.


yeah its pretty obvious but I still found it to be a hilarious convergence since one of the main people in academia suggesting this is a evola-stan, fascism=communism, and china is fascist retard
but yeah i agree with your statement


> New constitution?
Yes. It would probably be oriented so that there is better representation. It could be modeled after Rojava or influence from China.


oh that part of his thesis wasnt objectionable, it was his retarded conception of fascism and straight up wrong understanding of marxism that soured it for me, which is a shame because ive been looking for historical material on revolutionary china and have been coming up short


Holy fucking based


If these kids die the water site is going to bece Nantes zad 2.0 isn't it?


>"Radicalism" adherents practice consequentialism, so to deontologists (ethics of status quo) they appear the same.
Oh yes, that one is going into the historic moments in /leftypol/ folder.


based frogs


In all honesty a new constitution would probably be the same as the 5th but without any of the monarchic remmenants of the 5th. No articles allowing for shortened debates and passing legislation without a vote.


File: 1679798779943.png (79.91 KB, 1510x840, FsGDN8hWYAAep1J.png)

Some bummer for the optimism ITT. It is pretty weird to see overwhelming support for the unions against Macron but that never seems to translate to gains for NUPES, even when they are like outwardly supporting, participating and defending the strikes and protests. Even their support for >>1411813 is getting shit on as "des activistes d’ultra-gauche". People are angry enough to act, but too angry to really think about a proper solution/alternative.


Are abroad voters leftist?


Overseas territories tend to vote for Leftists or Macron-style centrists (apart from one Indian Ocean island which is muslim but votes heavily for Le Pen)


I would go if someone were willing set me up for a few days


Yea it is more skewered to NUPES so the mainland polling is like 85% of the picture.


Any updates on the resovour protestors in critical condition? Is Sainte-Soline going to turn in to a flashpoint like Nantes a decade ago?



Has a single French politician been shot yet?


Who cares currently a comrades is in emergency care and fighting for life
What the fuck larp are you blathering about?


Man Melenchon really said abolish the police kinda



Has anyone blamed China yet


File: 1679856173824.gif (2.61 MB, 600x300, hon hon hon.gif)

Cheeky cunt said he'd disband them and make them take their meds. MY FUCKING SIDES!


Rioters should equip themselves with some of these bad boys


Won't be a real revolution till China arms the uprising French proles.



I chose ze Spy (im about to do a garvilo principe)


Its happening too quicklyyy aaaaah. Can't keep up. This is absolutely crazy!
>"des activistes d’ultra-gauche"
🙄 they want socialism as a service at best.


<Francia, il ministro Dupont: «Democrazia è recarsi al voto, non voler ammazzare i poliziotti»
A challenge?


>Baguettes should learn from japs
you mean being submissive cucks? because that's what japs are nowadays


File: 1679867532601.png (213 KB, 750x621, ClipboardImage.png)



French people should care about uhh [dumb reactionary hate bullshit] not being forced to work longer for capitalists, which is just silly


File: 1679867625852.png (143.78 KB, 461x461, ClipboardImage.png)


Am I wrong?



>COVID Tyranny
They literally hardly did anything to fight the virus. That’s why their death rate is so high.



I think its obvious that these retards just copy pasted Anglo-American rhetorics and stamped it on EVERY OTHER FVCKING COUNTRY.


Yes, this new synthetic-right has tried to transplant itself on to various social movements. They did the same with the yellow vests even though that was before their particular covid psychosis.


File: 1679881796403.mp4 (5.25 MB, 394x720, Wtfprotest.mp4)

Uhhh frenchies, explain yourselves…


If she can't dance it is not her revolution


File: 1679882460838.gif (493.61 KB, 200x200, giphy.gif)

Damn, almost like people are motivated to take action by issues that affect them materially instead of the goodness of their hearts. Who could have known this?


>they want socialism as a service at best.
What does that mean?


europe is heading towards the far right instead of socialism….ONCE AGAIN AHAHAHAHA
(this is why i support china)


not surprised
>europe is heading towards the far right instead of socialism….ONCE AGAIN AHAHAHAHA
they're reacting to loss of hegemony instead of getting angry at the bourgeoisie



sad really and i have a pessimism they will continue to be like this


What was that that Marx said in 18th Brumaire? History happens twice? Well there's also this idea, a historical phenomenon where usually after a failed revolution that there's a period of dictatorial reaction and pure reactionary opportunism. It isn't very clear that France had a revolutionary period recently but it DID have a socialist in power in the 80s of all times who fucked over and abandoned the working class by embracing neoliberalism. The US did in fact go through a somewhat revolutionary period with Occupy and then the eventual Sanders movement which was crushed by the DNC rather than electoral politics which is an example of liberals going far right to protect their ways leading to an actual far right reaction. Then we have 2020 and once again co-opted movements with BLM and Sanders movement once again getting fucked.

I'm not someone who considers themselves strictly this type of Marxist or that type of Marxist whateverist, but it's during these moments where I see Leninist principles as the ONLY tactics for leftists to take. We need dictatorial-like control of our parties and ban any kind of sectarian "splits" by denying the sectarians a voice or the ability to split away. The DCCC is one of the most perfect examples of Democratic Centralism of almost any party machine there is. A leftist movement cannot just "win" nationally, they must control the finances and the party machine. This needs to happen to all left wing parties and alliances in Europe, they need to bottleneck the sectarians by taking over all the organs of finance for the party and denying a voice and resources to moderates in the party, forcing the moderates of a labor party or socialist party etc. to toe the "far left" line or be denied resources for campaigning.


File: 1679892891176.png (1.11 MB, 1200x800, ClipboardImage.png)

>Uhhh frenchies, explain yourselves…


She will lead the vanguard party to revolution.


This anon is absolutely correct.
Every rise of fascism follows a failed revolution.


Pampered crybaby doesn't know that bourgeois democracy doesn't actually represent the real views or opinions of the working class.


The western right seems to have two opinions:
>schadenfreude because "should have voted le pen"/"you voted for this"
>neoliberal bellyaching that this will be terrible for the budget


>Emmanuel Macron accuse LFI de vouloir "délégitimer" les institutions

<Emmanuel Macron accuse la France insoumise de vouloir "déligitimer" les institution, selon un participant à la réunion des cadres de la majorité qui s'est tenue aujourd'hui à l'Élysée.

<Le chef de l'État considère qu’il y a un réel projet politique mené par LFI qui tente de delégitimer l’ordre raisonnable, nos institutions, les outils institutionnels et ils préparent la délégitimation du Conseil Constitutionnel, rapporte un autre participant à cette réunion à BFMTV.

Common LFI W.


Sweet moves. Beat slaps. Good praxis.


>communist candidate right there
>don't even bother giving the booj a stroke
>it's okay, all results can be discarded, the real opinion of the working class is completely different
>my source is that I made it the fuck up
You took all the discussion regarding bourgeois democracy and turned it into your own personal coping mechanism.


>communist candidate


i don't know but if i had to guess it would be something like "we want all the products and none of the obligations", the standard westoid mentality since forever


Statement concerning S., comrade who is in a life-threatening condition following the Sainte-Soline protest

In the sequence initiated by the movement against the pension reform, the police mutilates and tries to assassinate to prevent the uprising, to defend the bourgeoisie and its world.
Submitted by Guerre de Classe on March 27, 2023
Copied to clipboard

On Saturday the 25th of March at Sainte-Soline, our comrade S. was hit in the head by an explosive grenade during the protest against the giant retention basins. Despite his critical condition, the prefecture deliberately prevented the emergency services from intervening at first, and from transporting him to a special care unit in a second phase. He is currently in a neurosurgical intensive care. He is still in a critical condition.

The massive outbreak of violence that the protesters have gone through led to hundreds of wounded, and many of them suffered serious physical injuries, as we can read in the various reports available. The 30 000 protesters came with the aim to block the construction site of the Sainte-Soline giant retention basin, which is a water-appropriation project defended by a minority for the benefit of a capitalist model that has nothing more to defend other than death. The violence of the armed wing of the democratic State illustrates it vividly.

In the sequence initiated by the movement against the pension reform, the police mutilates and tries to assassinate to prevent the uprising, to defend the bourgeoisie and its world. Nothing will dampen our determination to put an end to their reign. On Tuesday March the 28th and on the following days, let’s strengthen the strikes and the blockades, let’s take the streets, for S. and all the wounded and the imprisoned of our movements.

Long live the revolution.
Comrades of S.

PS: If you have any information concerning the circumstances of the injuries inflicted to S., contact us at: [email protected]

We wish that this statement can be spread as massively as possible.



i am thinking of going to check out the Sainte-Soline site anons but i am not in the country. is it a good idea anons or should i wait to see if the campaign keeps momentum and becomes more established?


When are the next protests planned ?

It'll be interesting to see if it'll become a ZAD or a second Verdun, even more violent than this protest.


File: 1680004821357.jpg (29.71 KB, 567x537, 76576565.jpg)

give it to me straight /leftypol/, is it habbening?


It's a Schrödingers habbening. If you pay attention it's going to happen, the moment you get excited, it's immediatelly over.


Thanks for the update anon. I don't have much else to say. If you do go, then maybe it makes sense to bring supplies?
It's always happening. This isn't a "final" happing, but this will have big repercussions in the future. In a similar sense, BLM was a prelude of what's to come. Each happening more extreme than the previous one.


>It'll be interesting to see if it'll become a ZAD or a second Verdun, even more violent than this protest.
That is what i am hoping!


Has Macaroni fallen yet?


In solidarity with Sébastien, a railway worker mutilated by the police, Sud Rail calls for an even stronger mobilization
<to continue the fight and express our support for Sébastien, who was shot on Thursday 23.

Sébastien, a SUD -Rail trade unionist, a railway worker in a hardware workshop for more than 25 years and father of three children, was shot by the police of Gérald Darmanin and Laurent Nunez. Thursday, in the Parisian demonstration, our comrade lost his eye following the burst of a de-encirclement grenade.

The power in place has crossed the line too many ! He orders the security forces to use weapons of war to silence social protest in the country. Desencirclement grenades are listed in the war material category by the Internal Security Code. The same day, a demonstrator had her finger torn off in Rouen by a grenade.

The SUD -Rail federation and the Union Syndicale Solidaires strongly condemn this disproportionate and illegal violence.
We demand an immediate response from those responsible for these criminal acts. The police management of a political and social crisis has the consequence of putting more and more demonstrators in serious danger.

Since the forced passage with 49-3, there has been an acceleration of police violence against demonstrators. This violence, which recalls that exercised in recent years against young people in working-class neighborhoods, against trade unionists or against the Yellow Vests movement, is unacceptable. It reveals a strategy of terror and decay organized at the top of the state.

Where is democracy when a government prohibits gatherings and demonstrations, represses, beats up, mutilates the social movement ?

The SUD -Rail federation and the Union Syndicale Solidaires, in connection and support with the family of our activist, will do everything possible to ensure that this act is punished in proportion to its level of violence. As a sign of solidarity, we call on workers to mobilize as strongly as possible in the coming hours and days.

Rolling back this government is the fight of our mutilated comrade ! This is what we will achieve as soon as possible !

If you think you filmed this, if you witnessed it, it was between 4:30 p.m. and 5 p.m. around 17 boulevard Poissonière (between Franprix and Natal market, towards SFR store ) you can send an email to [email protected]


The media is trying to write hit-pieces about S. but I have to say they are making him sound pretty based:
>had previously taken part in ultra-left demonstrations on several occasions, sometimes integrating the black block.
<His presence had been reported by the services during the G7 in Biarritz in the summer of 2019.
>He is also known to the services for having taken part in the protest against the airport of Notre-Dame-des-Landes.
<He held leadership positions in Toulouse within the revolutionary communist local.
>implicated in the investigation attack on judicial protection of youth (PJJ) in Labège.
I hope our comrade does not die and leaves his coma.


File: 1680018538375.jpeg (23.42 KB, 512x500, EwXrTgvXIAA-sj3.jpeg)

nope, JVPITER is indomitable


Props to the absolute Stirner who was filmed running down that Paris street with a long stick smashing in all the shop fronts one-by-one.


File: 1680018753017.png (839.58 KB, 1186x720, beatdown.png)

>ywn live to see a first-world presidential assassination


Parisian window installation companies must make a killing every time shit like this happens.


<Doctor in Sainte-Soline, I bear witness to the repression
I recommend reading this, it is a hard thing to read though.


uhhhh abe???







File: 1680039543260.png (557.53 KB, 1080x1522, ClipboardImage.png)

Sainte-Soline : l’enregistrement qui prouve que le SAMU n’a pas eu le droit d’intervenir

Alors qu’une polémique s’est installée sur la possibilité de secourir les blessés lors de la manifestation contre la mégabassine, samedi 28 mars, une équipe de la Ligue des droits de l’homme a eu, en direct, confirmation que les forces de l’ordre interdisaient au SAMU d’intervenir. « Le Monde » a eu connaissance de cette conversation téléphonique.

Par Franck Johannès

Les secours n’ont pas été empêchés d’accéder au site de Sainte-Soline lors de la manifestation contre la mégabassine du samedi 25 mars, a affirmé Farnam Faranpour, le chef du pôle des urgences de Niort, dans les Deux-Sèvres. Il a en revanche reconnu qu’il y avait eu des difficultés pour accéder aux blessés les plus graves, notamment aux deux jeunes gens entre la vie et la mort.

« Pour ce jeune homme gravement blessé, il y a eu un premier appel aux pompiers qui sont partis, mais la géolocalisation n’a pas permis de trouver le lieu, a expliqué l’urgentiste à France 3 Nouvelle-Aquitaine, mardi 28 mars. Donc, nous avons attendu d’autres appels pour préciser le lieu et nous avons finalement envoyé le SMUR de Ruffec qui était le plus proche des lieux. » Mais quand l’équipe est arrivée, elle a été arrêtée par des manifestants blessés qui avaient besoin de soins.

La Ligue des droits de l’homme (LDH) et plusieurs associations estiment, au contraire, que les forces de l’ordre ont interdit au SAMU 79 de se rendre sur le terrain de la manifestation, et disposent d’un enregistrement téléphonique qui semble l’établir. La LDH avait envoyé samedi six équipes de trois observateurs sur le terrain, en liaison avec quatre autres personnes, restées en appui dans une salle, dans la commune de Melle (Deux-Sèvres). Parmi eux, trois avocats, Sarah Hunet-Ciclaire, Chloé Saynac et Pierre-Antoine Cazau, ainsi qu’un médecin Jérémie F., généraliste en centre de santé, qui ne souhaite pas donner son nom.


Pas opportun

C’est dans cette salle qu’a été enregistrée, par la LDH, la conversation de 7 minutes 30 avec le SAMU, que Le Monde a pu consulter. Le téléphone du médecin sonne constamment, les équipes sur place lui signalent ici une plaie cervicale, là une mâchoire fracassée ou une fracture ouverte ; et il est convenu qu’il peut servir de coordinateur. Il a déjà appelé le médecin régulateur du SAMU, d’abord pour réclamer un hélicoptère, ensuite parce que les observateurs de la LDH lui ont dit que les secours n’arrivaient pas, et qu’il y avait au moins un blessé dont le pronostic vital était engagé.

Il est 14 h 50 lorsque le docteur F. rappelle les pompiers.

> Un pompier : Je viens d’avoir le SAMU sur place qui me dit, on n’envoie personne sur place, le point de regroupement des victimes est à l’église de Sainte-Soline, une fois qu’ils seront là-bas, l’engagement des moyens sera décidé.

< Le médecin : Ecoutez, je pense que c’est une, que ce n’est pas, enfin, je pense que ce n’est pas opportun comme décision.

> Le pompier : Alors moi je suis ni décideur, ni…

< Le médecin : Attendez, attendez. Mais moi je vais vous expliquer. Moi, je suis médecin et en fait, là, il y a des observateurs de la LDH, la Ligue des droits de l’homme qui sont sur place, qui disent que c’est calme depuis une demi-heure. Donc en fait, vous pouvez intervenir et moi, mon évaluation à distance avec des éléments parcellaires que j’ai, c’est qu’il faut une évacuation immédiate.

> Le pompier : Je vais vous repasser le SAMU. Ne quittez pas. (…)

< Le SAMU : Allo, oui le SAMU, bonjour.

> Le médecin : Oui, c’est vous que j’ai eu tout à l’heure au téléphone ?

< Le SAMU : Oui.

> Le médecin : Super. Vous en êtes où, là, de la plus grosse urgence absolue de ce que j’ai comme impression, moi, de loin ?

< Le SAMU : Alors déjà le problème, c’est que vous n’êtes pas sur place, donc c’est un peu compliqué. On a eu un médecin sur place et on lui a expliqué la situation, c’est qu’on n’enverra pas d’hélico ou de SMUR sur place, parce qu’on a ordre de ne pas en envoyer par les forces de l’ordre.

> Le médecin : OK, est-ce que… Alors moi je suis avec des observateurs de la Ligue des droits de l’homme qui disent que leurs observateurs sur place disent que c’est calme depuis trente minutes et qu’il est possible d’intervenir ?

< Le SAMU : Je suis d’accord avec vous, vous n’êtes pas le premier à nous le dire. Le problème, c’est que c’est à l’appréciation des forces de l’ordre dès qu’on est sous un commandement, qui n’est pas nous.

> Le médecin : D’accord.

< Le SAMU : Donc, pour l’instant, on attend de rassembler les victimes au niveau de l’église de Sainte-Soline, c’est ce qui est en train d’être fait, avec des moyens pompiers qui se déplacent sur site pour prendre en charge et ramener. Pour l’instant, pas de moyens de SMUR ou d’hélico qui peuvent se pointer sur place.

> Le médecin : La LDH me dit qu’il y a des médecins militaires qui viennent d’arriver sur place. Est-ce que vous avez cette information vous aussi ou pas ?

< Le SAMU : Les médecins militaires, ils sont là pour les forces de l’ordre. C’est leur service de médecine pour les forces de l’ordre.

> Le médecin : La Ligue des droits de l’homme a demandé s’il y avait un contact au niveau du commandement à transmettre pour qu’on puisse intervenir ?

< Le SAMU : Négatif, négatif.

> Le médecin : Est-ce que vous voulez que je vous passe la Ligue des droits de l’homme ?

< Le SAMU : Non plus. On gère les victimes pour l’instant et les secours, j’aurais pas le temps d’aller…



On n’a pas l’autorisation

> Le médecin : D’accord, d’accord, je veux juste faire accélérer le truc.

< Le SAMU : Il faut qu’ils fassent le point, dans ce cas il faut qu’ils contactent la préfecture.

> L’avocate de la LDH Chloé Saynac : Vous avez interdiction d’intervenir ? Vous confirmez que vous avez interdiction d’intervenir ?

< Le SAMU : On n’a pas l’autorisation d’envoyer des secours sur place, parce que c’est considéré comme étant dangereux sur place.

> L’avocate : Et si vous n’y allez pas, ce ne serait pas une non-assistance à personne en danger ?

< Le SAMU : Nous devons avoir nos secours en sécurité également, malheureusement on n’a pas l’autorisation de les envoyer comme ça.

> L’avocate : Vous n’avez pas l’autorisation des forces de l’ordre ? Ou de ?

< Le SAMU : On n’a pas l’autorisation de toutes les institutions sur place, pour l’instant, on est sous leur commandement.

> L’avocate : Quelles institutions du coup ? On a besoin d’analyser très clairement parce qu’il y a quelqu’un qui peut décéder, donc pour que les responsabilités soient établies on a besoin de savoir.

< Le SAMU : On fait au mieux, mais malheureusement, il y en a d’autres…

> L’avocate : Qui interdit l’accès à ces personnes en danger grave, vital ?

> Le médecin : Et donc vous confirmez que c’est la préfecture qui a interdit l’accès ? C’est ça, en fait ?

< Le SAMU : Non, c’est pas la préfecture qui interdit l’accès, je vous dis que c’est le commandement sur place.

On ne peut pas faire plus

> Le médecin : OK. Comment on fait pour contacter le commandement sur place ?

< Le SAMU : Ben, il faut passer par la préfecture. Je ne peux pas vous les passer directement.

> Le médecin : OK. Est-ce qu’on peut faire le 17 ? On peut avoir le commandement sur place ? Vous croyez ?

> L’avocate : Et c’est quoi, vous, votre contact avec eux ?

< Le SAMU : Nous, malheureusement, le SAMU, on est juste là, en fait on nous demande d’envoyer des moyens qu’on envoie à des points donnés, on ne peut pas faire plus.

> L’avocate : Je sais bien, je comprends, mais on essaie de vous permettre de travailler là, parce que vous êtes empêchés de travailler.

< Le SAMU : Oui, oui, mais du coup, on monopolise une ligne une urgence. Merci beaucoup, au revoir. »

Le SAMU 79 a indiqué sur Twitter : « La justice fera son travail, et nous nous mettrons à leur disposition pour leur donner l’ensemble des informations nécessaires comme nous le faisons dans chaque enquête. »


Fuck the police



Man i thought green-orange text was a good idea but it makes everything worse lol


This whole situation reminds me of Sivens and Rémi Fraisse. In the end his death meant the cancellation of the project, but I'm not sure people dying would even slow the government this time, they're even talking of dissolving the "soulèvements de la terre" because terrorism or something rn. This has gotten pretty bad.


I thought it was good. I will english-post it.
It was this doctor it is refering to, yes? >>1414872


Yeah I think so, didn't see the reporterre post.

BTW that tweet is still up, I try too avoid twitter posts as news, but god damn dude


File: 1680043155334-0.png (311.05 KB, 565x587, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1680043155334-1.png (159.07 KB, 559x587, ClipboardImage.png)

https://nitter.snopyta.org/SAMU7912 and this. arguably worse. After the evidence we have… disgusting.


Kafka was right, we are all going to die from stupid bureaucratic procedures like "we can't treat wounded people because the commandment said we can't go beyond this area, you need to contact the prefect to get an authorization to heal wounded protestors beyond this imaginary line", as if the local head of the police mafia was going to authorize any of that shit by the time another grenade explodes nearby.
Today here they seem to have exhausted almost all of their ammo before the end of the afternoon, the fucking dumbasses. They were sending CS gas grenades in the river, it's like the prefect gave them the order to go full retard.



État du droite


Proof that the French protests are more than justified.

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