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I don't know what the left's stance on captal punishment. Liberals don't like it, Bernie Sanders is against it and pribably more. But from what I know, the Soviet Union definitely did. Bring back the gallows, I say. What are your personal opinion as somebody on the left? I know anarchists probably wouldn't.


Yes I believe in the death penaatly, for the rich


Also, forgot to add this:
>be Michael Shane Bargo
>killed a 15 year old when he was 18 following him getting his ass beat by said 15 year old after a long, heated exchange between the victim's ex that was posted publicly on FaceBook for the world to see
>Bargo got Seth's ex to lure him into a shared house that was owned by a married couple (the male owner if the house helped assist in bleaching the area to remove evidence of a crime who got 10 years), and the kids would throw parties over there
>once Seth entered the place, he had to fight off 5 people, got shot three times by Bargo, he tried escaping but got caught and brought back into the house where they put him in a bath tub when Bargo would shoot him some more, beat him and curse him
>they then disposed of the evidence after placing his body in a sleeping bag over an open flame untl he was cremated before loading the ashes in 5 gallon paint buckets and thrown down a local rock quarry
People like this, plus bankers and politicipans, deserve this. Let em all hang, I say.


Btw, he got the death penalty. Everyone else got life (except for the two homeowners). He remains the youngest death row inmate in Florida.


In theory I'm not totally against it, but the state can't be trusted with such a thing, inevitably innocent people will be sentenced to death


File: 1679025229081.jpeg (9.96 KB, 225x225, download (1) (10).jpeg)

Patrick Crusius escaped the death penalty along with John Earnest. Sickening of hearing this shit in the news.


File: 1679025402260.png (1.22 MB, 1280x693, stalin anime.png)

reeducation and gulag.

>some people can't be re-educated

those are the people who need re-education practiced on them the most so the re-educators can get better at re-educating

>gulag is slave labor

no. the US prison system is slave labor. the gulag system actually paid people for their labor and even reduced their sentences if they exceeded labor quotas.


They do ask people if they have a blanket moral objection to the death penalty in those cases but presumably some people who get though just don't feel that they can justify it in this case in particular, or when they actually are asked to sentence someone to death they can't do it


American legal system protects rich crackers (jan. 6 petty bourgoids, brock turner, rittenhouse) and disproportionately punishes poor blacks, but the death penalty in and of itself is perfectly fine. Just needs the right state to apply it.
>posts le stalin pic
>thinks death penalty is unnecessary
I too was naive and wondered why Stalin had to kill Bukharin, but just look at what happened when Deng Xiaoping was merely expelled and allowed to return.


As that extract says, I definitely feel that it's unjust to blanket exclude everyone who opposes the death penalty because people's opinions on that are generally correlated with other issues like 'do the accused deserve rights' and so on. But if you are going to have the death penalty there's no real avoiding it, another reason why it should probably be abolished.


I'm not entirely comfortable with bourgeois states having legal and cultural sanction to execute people. However there are some people who are irredeemably incapable of living in free society without being a constant murder/rape hazard. If it can be indisputably proven they are guilty of the horrific crime(s) they've been accused of, I'm not opposed to doing a little societal pest control under the right government.


Anon, my sweet comrade, I wasn't imagining hypotheticals when I wrote that.


File: 1679027478219-0.png (146.3 KB, 1488x629, deng on khruschev.png)

File: 1679027478219-1.mp4 (12.71 MB, 1920x1080, Dang, Deng.mp4)

>just look at what happened when Deng Xiaoping was merely expelled and allowed to return.

Deng upheld Stalin. He also tricked Amerikkka into de-industrializing, thus giving all their real productive leverage to China, while forcing them to rely entirely on fictitious capital, and monetary imperialism, which is increasingly unsustainable. Deng Xiaoping was great. People just don't understand him.

I suggest these articles





File: 1679027960557.png (40.44 KB, 273x300, ClipboardImage.png)

>death penalty


During peace time, no. But after a revolution I do think it would be necessary.


Only if financial crimes can get the death penalty too.


I'm in favor of death penalty in several occasions, one of them is being found to be col laboring with anti-socialist powers.


No to death penalty.

Only reformative gulag.


Only immediately after the revolution. Then it should be constitutionally prohibited. Death dhould not ever be normalized. That's how you get Burgerland.


In a socialist society where I actually trust the legal system? Of course I'm for it.

Basically, if there is a decent chance somebody could be reformed by labor and reeducation and returned to society successfully, then that's what should be done. If not, just shoot them immediately. Prisons are barbaric and should not exist. As soon as a person is found guilty, they should either be shot or sent to reeducation depending.


Totally against. Any power you grant to the state will inevitably be misused.


I dont support the death penalty for regular crimes, not even for murderers. There is people who get convicted innocently, and we need the possibility to at least give them back some of their life.

However, in specific cases it is justified. People like Hitler and his allies deserve no less. Additionally, people who continue to sow death and chaos in society even after imprisonment, like mob bosses or cartel leaders, need to be executed.


Capital punishment is cringe. Just rally a mob if you want to bring someone to justice


Sometimes you have to just kill people because they’re a red flag


Yes but people deserving of it should be worked as variable capital in restorative social production to the full limitations of biology first, with the aims of reversing the necessarily heinous damage they have caused.
There will probably be a period in the future where it is more politically expedient to be lenient on crime and focus on reforms, the greatest pains and most intolerable punishments should be applied liberally against the worst offenders of the human species until then, as to demoralize and suppress antisocial elements, attitudes and behaviors. This would necessarily entail forms of torture and pragmatically applied significant cruelty and therefore would be unpalatable to most progressive elements and society as a whole, at first especially since it is done for progressive reasons and not a hyper-normalized evil. This may be more pragmatically applied by way of actors not officially affiliated with the communist/proletarian movement.There will significant challenges and discomforts (necessarily so) but there will be revolutionary benefits to the whole bulk of society for many generations to come. It is like taking the nihilism inducing effects of unpunished cruelty, untouchable child rapists, Belgian congo etc. that rip apart societies and the natural good will of homo sapiens, it is taking that and flipping it on it's head. Except that the thing is just cruelty has more inherent power, because it is ultimately a collectivist and conformist activity that both involves a great majority of the people, and simultaneously invigorates and promotes the good health of them. What is good is made up but it is decided that way for a reason. Good means what is good for the human secies and the efficent administration of justice which promotes unshackled and mutualistic strength. When the good are predators they are naturally much stronger, more robust, more ruthless than the wicked as predator actors.

As an example: One reason people/proletarians give for not believing in communism today is that it is "utopian" that is that it is too optimistic or that it seeks to create a perfectly just society. Why should such a society not exist if it is in the interests of the bulk of humanity? I think if the past 100 years and our current state of affairs teaches us anything, it is that the organization of society can be molded through political will. Instead of inherent pessimism and misanthropic beliefs, what if the expectation was one of justice and forced pro-social behaviour? Why shouldn't kiddy diddlers and psychopaths have their inheritable traits weeded out, their environmental risk factors abolished, and the mere thought of their dark desires cause so much fear of reprisal that they are blocked out sub-consciously? Humans are a naturally self policing species as a result of our material reality. The problem is that the worst, most anti-social and anti-just of us are in charge. Imagine a world where the reverse is true.

>no. the US prison system is slave labor. the gulag system actually paid people for their labor and even reduced their sentences if they exceeded labor quotas.
not a good thing

>American legal system protects rich crackers (jan. 6 petty bourgoids, brock turner, rittenhouse) and disproportionately punishes poor blacks, but the death penalty in and of itself is perfectly fine. Just needs the right state to apply it.
>I too was naive and wondered why Stalin had to kill Bukharin, but just look at what happened when Deng Xiaoping was merely expelled and allowed to return.
capitalist roaders are ultimately self serving and are usually only inhibited by fear

you are delusional
do your bourgeois homework kiddo

>Death should not ever be normalized.
>That's how you get Burgerland.
lol no. also ignoring class etc if anything the bourgeoisie in burger land is against the death penalty in most cases since they profit off prison labour and most of them are predatory kiddy diddling psychopaths that spread the meme now in the media and bourgeois psychology and criminal justice that no one is "evil" and are instead troubled and in need of reform. With the unspoken pretext being that if they are acting out by being poor/black they need prison labour reforms and if they are politically treasonous they need rope or solitary torture to be made an example of. Of course they, and all well connected rich people get the lenient already existing Oslo system.

what about non state solutions or if the people control the state?

All the people saying blanket no I challenge to try being raised by psychopaths and see just how far your moralism and "taking the higher ground" gets you. When the kind do not punish the wicked they serve the wicked.

I am not a sadist and I am not a psychopath. I have a deep empathy for people. MY ability to feel others pain and my solemn, disspassionate, and professional attitude towards punishment makes me stronger. More potent, more efficient in this regard. I can inflict much greater and much more personal pain against those that wish to cause harm and be an enemy of man.
Why should I not exert my will over such people? Could you even give me a reason not to?

The just should be strong and bold.



No, the State shouldn't have the power to dictate Life and Death.

I should.


I'm not against death penalty a priori but in my opinion it should only ever be applied in cases where the person is a threat to the revolution if left unchecked i.e. people with social capital like Trump or Trotsky. So that means they will bite the revolution in the ass if they are merely exiled or left at a labor camp. But there is the possibility that perpetual labor camp stay is enough so that has tk be thought out.
Obviously death penalty should never exist in the hands of the bourgeois state. Not that it is ever necessary since the CIA can send someone to pay them a visit.

I will also add that the reeducation labor camps should be isolated from society, like small villas near a productive force in bumfuck nowhere, so dangerous people are not left near society.


>not a good thing


File: 1679081712654.png (183.26 KB, 825x595, ClipboardImage.png)

>you are delusional
you are an ultra


File: 1679082400600.png (217.07 KB, 509x226, ClipboardImage.png)

As an anarchist yes, I know it is instinctive for many to say no but if we are against prisons, and one does crimes that can not be rehabilitated and no community would accept or feel safe with them then we need to ask ourselves some hard questions about what one does?
We support the attacks that lead to the deaths of the boug and the reactionary in our day to day, no? It is little different than that.


but, i, of course am against the state having such right, although it does anyway, if it is formalized in law or no. When it cannot kill you it will bury you in concrete until you do it yourself or old age gets you. so in that regard kind of irrelevant i guess.


death penalty for any opposition ofc

for other shit like the occasional irreedemable criminal like somesort of murder rapist chomo then I feel like the death penalty can be appropriate.

that being said I dont think the state should kill, heres my ideal

>at any point the family/friends of victim can request to kill whoever on death row

>basically if they want them dead they have to take em out back,say whatever they want to them and shoot them out in the fields themselves


there's nothing wrong with killing
murder is a victimless crime


The death penalty is literally a normal form of punishment in the world. And it was only in the last few decades that western europe and the anglosphere started rejecting it, choosing instead to appease pedophiles, while giving larger sentences to non-violent drug users


that's not true, the people left over are the victims


File: 1679148267671.png (272.19 KB, 631x758, 1678709528221.png)


Only for political and economic crimes.


Sauce for picrel?


File: 1679153327683.jpg (12.9 KB, 307x352, faNoc4m.jpg)

>hit someone
>rob someone
<the person you hit/rob is the victim
>murder someone
<the victim is someone else for some reason


according to hillary clinton, yes


This, plus solitary confinement.


well if a person is no longer alive, how can they (presently) be a victim? :^)


File: 1679154038793.jpg (61.13 KB, 1280x720, odvc2t20qa821.jpg)

that's my point


Waste of money and resources.


I have to agree with lenin hat. Only once they're dead and buried can we begin healing… sitting in a circle around a campfire singing kumbayah whilst roasting their tasty nutritious porky flesh


Capital punishment as a particularly weak form of punishment, simply because it has no other weight to it besides the impending fear of death. After death the person ceases to exist and therefore their punishment is finished. Better to leave them rotting in a cell.

Regardless, this punitive mentality reflects a certain moral ignorance. No one is truly responsible for anything in the strict sense. The psychopathology, dysfunctional impulse control or anger regulation issues that caused this boy to commit that murder was not something he chose. Heinous criminals should be removed from society so as to neutralize any further damage they might produce. Those who are a particular menace to society, who are so dangerous that their continued existence is deemed a threat to humanity, ought to be considered for execution. Not for punishment but as a practical recourse, a solution to a problem. It is unbecoming to indulge in baser emotions for vengeance and retribution, least of all for a neutral organ of social order such as the state, which in its best manifestation ought to exemplify higher reason .


At least in the US, capital punishment feels superfluous at this point. Convicts are on death row for so long that some of them end up dying of old age.


>Do you believe in [something that objectively exists]
Why wouldn't I believe in it? You can look it up and see that people are still legally executed as a death sentence. Ridiculous question.
>The Soviet Union did X therefore it is good
Are you fucking retarded? Don't answer. I know the answer, I'm just shocked.


File: 1679229838179.png (465.59 KB, 540x540, 3rwe.png)

Based. US murders people daily overseas no one punishes them… no god… no justice… just chaos. The most murderous regime called US won the cold war too


File: 1679239151959.jpg (141.84 KB, 732x1024, 1672043872121.jpg)

I do not believe in punishment at all, since it would prevent me from doing crimes. If I ever decide to do anything criminal, i'll die in a shootout with the police.


<not furthering the struggle in jail though organization or attack
anon. this is not the way.

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