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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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>Liberal elite, also referred to as the metropolitan elite or progressive elite, is a stereotype of politically liberal people whose education has traditionally opened the doors to affluence, wealth and power and who form a managerial elite. It is commonly invoked pejoratively, with the implication that the people who support the rights of the working class are themselves members of the ruling classes and are therefore out of touch with the real needs of the people they say that they support and protect.

1.To what extent is this actually a real category of actually existing people and not a right wing fantasy?
2. Are they identical to the ruling class in marxist terms?
3. Is it just an anti semitic dogwhistle?


Whenever you see rightoids talking about "elites" or somesuch, it's JOOZ. It's always JOOZ.


Idk they seem pretty cool with that description you gave


I think we've seen a dialectical evolution of porkies. The old generation from the early 20th century would be like the stereotype from classical Marxist propaganda with the evil capitalist in the top hat who shoves babies into his furnace. But then the system reformed itself after WWII and a new generation rose up like Bill Gates, who made his money in computers, and adopted post-60s values, and while it seems hard to believe today, he used to be considered kinda "edgy" in the capitalist propaganda in the late 1980s/early 90s when Microsoft became a major company.

Gates is the stereotype of the progressive elite. But now there's a new generation of Elon Musk types, who is a synthesis. He's more like "Gen-X libertarian" who smokes weed and seems "progressive" on the surface and is "saving the world," but he's a Penguin porky too. Not that Gates isn't in reality but Musk is like "we will coup whoever we want!" to get lithium like Lex Luthor.


This idiot conversation was already had but a few days ago.
sage use the catalog.


File: 1679089523405.png (258.92 KB, 828x693, ClipboardImage.png)

people who say "liberal elite" all have pic related mindset


then what is the Millennial porky like (Zuck)? just cringe?


so basically joe and mika from morning joe then


T. Self-conscious elites


no way he's older than 16


He is probably just a mecha tankie


lock the liberals up in tiny cages so that they can attain true freedom (have you tried talking to the manager within?)


probably not, more likely a low autism score 35 year old suburban dad


didn't we just have this thread?


and the question still hasnt been answered


>support the rights of the working class
only in a noblesse oblige sort of way, but when their own interests are at stake they'll turn on them completely
>therefore out of touch with the real needs of the people they say that they support and protect
funny enough this is the same rabbit hole patsocs and stupidpol fall down, they correctly realize that liberals don't care about working class people but then they stupidly start watching fox news to find out what the working class "really thinks" as if billionaire rightoids give a shit about the working class either


Nuh, pretty sure I already answered this once.
Seems kind of spammy


It has been answered ITT and in the last thread.
Now fuck off back to /pol/.
dumb faggot. sage


welcome to /pol/ where it doesnt matter what you say, it only matters that the discussion about the jews remains open


They’re the working class aristocracy. They are associated with those who make money off of imperialist actions,


pic is either high-tier troll or black-hole level brain


Dont confuse the american meaning of liberal with actual liberalism. Republicans and especially libertarians are more closely aligned with classical liberalism.


naw, people like Saagar Enjeti and JD vance basically say the same shit in a slightly more intellectualized fashion. Baristas and liberals on school boards are the ruling class and billionaire oil barons are the oppressed ones.

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