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File: 1680216902168.mp4 (851.74 KB, 320x568, praxvertising.mp4)

Just learned this is on tomorrow:
>Covering up fash tags in Sydney with posters promoting the Wildcat Radical Zine Fair, which will take place on Saturday April 1st at St Peters Town Hall in Sydenham.
>The event is free and will go from 10am - 4pm.

Solidarity is also holding Keep Left 2023 (https://keepleft.info) on the 8th-9th in Glebe, Sydney. That link has a playlist of talks from past events so it will probably be recorded and uploaded if you can't attend.

Finally, reminder that the culty salties are hosting Marxism Conference on 14th-17th April in Melbourne.


Why did he get taken away?


Party statement in the comments (only other place I could find it was FaceBook, gross!)


File: 1680220157704.jpg (65 KB, 550x543, 1679930966516.jpg)

How would you make an Australian labour-value certificate system anons?


File: 1680220455470.jpg (19.13 KB, 474x267, 10.jpg)



Cool but isn't sticker posters really expensive?


How expensive can they be? Plus if it's anarchists there's a good chance they just make wheatpaste or similar.


File: 1680221846388.png (645.12 KB, 497x643, we can never go back.png)

>Finally, pay-day! Babe, we're eatin' well at Dan's Canteen to tonight!



Noooo ;_;


File: 1680432693121.jpeg (20.4 KB, 474x139, th-1529842166.jpeg)

Every rally salties have is surrounded by cops to protect them. Is there evidence they are run by glowuyghurs?


I doubt it. I mean, there's probably some basic standard infiltration/informant attempts like with all non-liberal parties but I doubt they have enough fucks to give to waste resources leading the thing. The worst they're doing is attending protests and yelling at a nazi gym.



The Legislative Assembly ('lower house') results are stable. The Liberal/National coalition has been defeated, losing 9 seats, while Labor has gained 7, leaving them 2 short of a majority. This will force them to appeal to 2 or more crossbenchers to gain majority votes against the coalition on controversial issues.

>Who's sitting on the crossbench in NSW parliament, and what they'll be asking from Labor


There has also been a shift in the Legislative Council. While this was already hung as of 2019-2023 (Lib/Nat 17 seats, 21 needed for majority), the balance has shifted towards Labor, and the crossbench has moved significantly. If I'm reading the results correctly (they only vote in half the senate per election) and assuming they're stable enough:
>Labor: 16 (+2)
>Lib: 10 (-1)
>Nat: 5 (-1)
>Greens: 4 (+1)
>Shooters,Fishers,Farmers: 1 (–)
>One Nation: 2 (–)
>Animal Justice: 1 (-1)
>Liberal Democrats [lolberts]: 1 (+1)
>Legalise Cannabis Party: 1 (+1)
>Fred Nile: 0 (rekt)

This means, for example, you only need Labor, Greens and the Animal Justice guy or the Legal Weed guy in order to pass something with majority in both houses. This (in theory) gives bargaining power to Greens and other seats for issues the Coalition may oppose.

Oh, and for those wondering: (not final, but we're close)
[assemb] Socialist Alliance - 1,294 (+86). Last.
[council] Socialist Alliance - 14,238 (+1,044). Last out of Above the Line
[council] Socialist Equality Party - (they were 'Group K' on the Council ballot, and you could only vote for them in a below the line vote): 49. Second last in total, behind all the conspiracy nuts.

The assembly results can be weird, because they fielded only 2 candidates, one in Heffron (near UTS and USYD, where their headquarters/library is) and one in Newcastle, but both came last in their electorate.
They did lose by 600 to the Small Business Party (1 candidate whatsoever), by 2,500 to Public Education Party (8 candidates) who were typically the worst performing candidate, even below the lower independants. But even in their chosen hotspots, sallies also performed among the worst candidates of anywhere.


The Sallies should just fucking stop running in state elections honestly, they get smashed every time and waste so much of their limited money.


They have approximately zero presence.
Maybe it's because I'm not on a uni campus or particularly present in the activism scene, but apart from a couple of posters in the days before the election (right next to everyone else's) I don't know how they expect anyone to even know they exist. At least the salties have a reputation, even that garbage is better than being invisible when you're registering for elections.


>>1421605 [cunt'd]
To compare this to say, salties who have repeatedly plastered every electrical box and every bus stop within a 5km radius of Newtown for a conference that isn't even in NSW, or even Solidarity putting posters up ahead of their conference, and similar social justice movements. I've been up near the sallies' HQ a couple of times a week because of temp work nearby and unless you happen to walk past their office and peep in, there is no other evidence of their existence in the surrounding areas.
Well, their name was mentioned in the fine print of an anti-eviction event poster, alongside literally a dozen other orgs like CPA, Food not Bombs and NSW Greens.


You have to apologize to an aboriginal person to get your labor voucher certified.


99% of the population confuses the sallies and salties. Every time the salties do something stupid, it backfires on the sallies too.


File: 1680701287532.png (77.08 KB, 439x255, ClipboardImage.png)

You're deluding yourself. At most, 9% of the population conflates the sallies and the salties.
90% aren't aware of either.


Why though? Why can't the Sallies seem to get it up while the Salties multiply with Solidarity and VicSoc?


If you're asking me, I don't even know what they do do.
There's like a 50% chance they actually exist, you know?


File: 1680856317402.mp4 (3.79 MB, 576x1024, Download (35).mp4)


File: 1680859365980.jpg (439.27 KB, 2048x1152, masks.jpg)

I'm not an Aussie, but this image is apparently from the 'Marxism Conference ' in Melbourne.

Why are they still wearing the masks?


>There's like a 50% chance they actually exist, you know?
Sallies are… Spooks?


You should wear the mask to counter facial detection


It's so they don't spot the ASIO agents.


ABC is listing definite LC, remove 1 from Labor, add 1 to One Nation and 1 to SSF.


Because COVID still exists and keeps on evolving


"Marxism Conference" is by the cultie salties (Socialist Alternative, the organization this is about: >>1310295 )
The last time it was held in Melbourne, they kicked out and (poorly) stalked some YouTuber for having a sense of humour and interviewing a couple of cheerful attendees who took apology selfies with him afterwards. Was it as embarrassing this time?


Sallies are a social contruct.


What do we think about volunteering and children working in small businesses in Australia? Seems to be pretty widely accepted





Based if they get paid adult minimum wage.


File: 1681131547489.jpeg (340.46 KB, 1200x668, 65ab0f48c2303dec.jpeg)

Meanwhile, in Melbourne.


comrade that defeats the whole purpose


So child labor is legal in NSW


I am going to vote yes for the aboriginal vote because if I don't and Labor loses then it's going to be a lose for Labor
Australians don't want losers in power so they will get kicked out


Do you think there will be a republic soon, Aussieanons?


eh, I feel a lot of people consider it a ton of work for little gain, and one less backup plan for a disastrous government.
So I don't have confidence we're leaving in the next 5 years.


Where do orgs put out calls to the public, like for protests and counterprotests? I don't feel like scouring the suburbs for posters or joining facebook.


>>1430870 (moi)
>and one less backup plan for a disastrous government
"checks and balances" was the phrase I was looking for


Possibly, but the question is, what SORT of republic?


The best kind.


Go on twitter. White rose soc has most of your antifa needs. You'd probably have to get a burner FB account as most of the unions still use 'em (Boomer base). 'Strike Updates' is a good FB page. I think there's an antifa telegram somewhere.



>White rose soc has most of your antifa needs.
Is this an aus WR? link pls



Thank you, comrade.
>We are also on Mastodon [ https://kolektiva.social/@thewhiterosesocietyau ] as a placeholder for now.
Hey, at least they had the foresight, since Twitter has been kicking more and more media outlets and journalists.


My only little gripe is that the feed is filled with US pol retweets and spectacle and arguing with literally whos.
I can filter to just show their media-attached posts https://nitter.net/WhiteRoseSocAU/media and grab the RSS feed of it, even though that might miss out on a couple of important retweets.


well it's what you can expect from antifa types, disorganised movementist that place more emphasis on surveillance rather than confrontation


Well, it's more what I expect from unprofessional (that's not an insult) disorganized twitter accounts.


>tfwno kolektiva australian commie instances




Was he based anons?
Where can i read more about him and his project, where can i learn generally indiginous movements? I imagine they are like north america in which there is a lot of activism and organization it is just studiously not reported on.


wtf I've never heard of this dude? HOW?


Why don't orgs try and recruit people from leftypol? Are they unaware of this website's existence, despite being the best place to discuss leftist theory?


Because we have approximately 5 Australians in total, across multiple states. derp.
CPUSA anon at least has a potential audience of dozens or maybe a hundred.


They were cool back in the day but they left absolutely nothing behind save the Tent Embassy. But to be fair that was (and still is) the majority of the left back then. Absolutely no lasting orgs, so if you have an indigenous person with a hint of political awareness they end up going straight to the government, where the result is what you can imagine.

Here is Gary Foley's website, there's lots there, maybe you can get something out of it:



former PM Malcolm Turnbull interviewed on American TV: ‘No individual alive has done more to divide America than Murdoch’




I know at the end of the day he;s a Liberal PM, but out of the Liberal PMs he was the closest to alright.


File: 1681599752503-0.png (296.65 KB, 823x729, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1681599752503-1.mp4 (1.51 MB, 640x360, 2007.mp4)

File: 1681599752503-2.mp4 (3.18 MB, 1920x1080, 2021.mp4)

This report is downright unprofessional, it sucks. Don't get me wrong, Murdoch deserves prolonged prison violence at best. Most of what the report is saying is reasonable or true. But it's a shitty report that sounds like an extended twitter post.

… holy shit is that the same guy at 1:47 getting talked over as in this old Chaser's episode from 2007? vidrel


File: 1681615145078.jpg (18.61 KB, 474x418, guessillshrug.jpg)

>‘No individual alive has done more to divide America than Murdoch’
Well, he's not wrong, especially relating to how FOX news warps the minds of its consumers.




Wow she is body shaming those men what a sexist, racist lengthist.


I want to vote for her to make the media seethe.


File: 1681871818886.jpg (1.04 MB, 4175x4186, Margaret Thatcher.jpg)

> Job Network fuck says "Contribute to society"!
> Capital also says "there is no society, there is only the individual".

Why are these fuckers (which I will shoot, in Minecraft) like this?


File: 1681890706059-1.png (94.72 KB, 562x479, ClipboardImage.png)

>Far from promoting social cohesion, as people like Marshall had claimed, neo-liberals argued that the modern welfare system was creating social fragmentation. The true spirit of the modern welfare state was not altruism but self-interest, for the huge welfare budget was encouraging more and more people to get as much as they could for themselves out of the communal pot.
>Nor was the system particularly effective at helping the poor. Indeed, rather than solving social problems, the welfare state had created new ones, for it had fostered the emergence of a new ‘underclass’ which had grown dependent upon state handouts while the employed population laboured under increasingly onerous levels of taxation in order to support it.
>Such arguments led neo-liberals to conclude that it was not only economically ‘rational’ for governments to cut their welfare budgets, but also that it was in some sense morally ‘right’ for them to do so.

You jest but this is the actual mindset they used to justify screwing over welfare recipients.


>actual image of the sallies in action


File: 1681911572336.png (7.59 KB, 365x89, ClipboardImage.png)

i was actually referring to the sallies. the acp are my only hope


Yup, I'm thinking anarchists are a better bet for action and sallies for… Idk structure?


I might have some free time in the coming weeks where I'll be in the area, I should just literally ask what their deal is and what they've recently been involved in, give them the benefit of doubt before I keep talking smack about them here.
Their site says that apart from their electoral work (apparently worthless in their home state) and their news paper, they're "active in campaigns", and focus on "seek[ing] out opportunities to work with other parties and individuals and to regroup with other forces to advance the movement for social change".
I see this as being just support glue, structure, which can be valuable but isn't where I shine. I have skills and networking isn't one of them.
I'll probably end up just adding GreenLeft's nifty events page to my feed reader and wait for something meaningful to pop up.


Fair call m8


they've invited Kohei Saito in July, might be a good place to start:


File: 1681989938840.png (353.67 KB, 663x867, ClipboardImage.png)

As a former associate of the ACP: don't


story time


tell us a damn tale ye bloody mariner


File: 1682041360212.png (40.07 KB, 582x390, ClipboardImage.png)


ooooh that looks like it could be interesting…


File: 1682064157989.png (Spoiler Image, 195.58 KB, 322x527, seriously though don't.png)




I can't believe I wasted an hour watching this.
>can't even pronounce Straya correctly
Typical Seppo.


File: 1682260496206.png (23.72 KB, 1350x625, FuZZSazWYAAO_5H.png)

Why tf are you Aussies so overrepresented in prison populations?


>literally started as a prison colony
>surprised when the government treats its citizens as prisoners


File: 1682330643637.png (400.66 KB, 360x714, letterbox ned.png)

is this some seppo talking shit about incarceration rates?


It has a similar system to the US where it uses the prisoners as a labour force. It is actually really crazy how they have it down, basicly work-houses.


>hi my name is leftypol
>and welcome to i cant read graphs


I don't really care what your graph says anon i was just answering your question because you're to lazy to use a search engine, despite even the fact that aus has the highest percent of private prisons in the world, over double that of the USA, you should know already. no need to be a fucking prick.


File: 1682334209341.jpg (58.07 KB, 656x447, mpv-shot0017.jpg)

not mine
that's "comrade" to you, comrade
>i was just answering a joke
The problem is you took a joke seriously and you're still taking it seriously and getting angry about a joke in reply to that joke because you're too lazy or stubborn to open and read an image.
>despite even the fact that aus has the highest percent of private prisons in the world
Non-sequitur statistic.

And seeing as you're bitching about them being too lazy to check the answer to their joke claim, it's fair to bitch about you not doing it either and realizing Australia is about half way down the list at around #100 (USA is #6 btw).

>no need to be a fucking prick

Well, I really feel like I do, having read your hypocritical bitchy reply. We expect a higher level of shitposting here, comrade! Take 5 and come back when you find some humour.


No wonder they're pivoting to VicSoc
>meanwhile Sallie literally dying of old age


I was one of the lads taking a photo with him, cool guy honestly and actually had a nice talk to him about socialism before the saltfags went autismo and proceeded to lolcow their organisation even further (its so great these guys are the face of the australian radical left)

The Saltie gangstalking was hilarious, this one retard was full stasi larping and really obviously following me and my mate around, doing his best to be "discrete" about it, we turned around and asked him what he was doing and he looks away going "uhhh ummm" and walks off. If they just didn't react like spergs Lewis wouldent have made a bit out of them, and the only content he woulda had was making fun of the half dozen proud boys there.

Atleast I got to steal some shit from their library, fun day.


File: 1682374728111.jpg (361.36 KB, 1920x1321, Ft9IKIvacAEt2SN.jpg)

Did you attend any Anzac Day commemorations this morning?


Should have called them an Stalinist NKVD supporter.


oh right that's why i didn't go to work today

no, and fuck all the troops since 1945, as well as many of the ones before then too


Yeah, but I had to take a shit in the bush.




I usually do go
But this year I realised that the ceremony would feature a shit tone of obnoxious Ukraine worship and I was like "yeah nah fuck this"



File: 1682727682680.jpg (85.93 KB, 800x450, setka.jpg)

Is John Setka a Communist?


Are Australians literal barbarians or something? I see so much racist shit from them it’s kinda shocking.


They are reactoid colonizer scum.


Only if you're a woman.


no he's a reactionary croat that puts economics rather than politics in command


File: 1682821068920.jpg (547.18 KB, 1604x2048, THEABO~1.JPG)

Alright lets hear it, what's your take on the Voice anons?


I'm all for giving aboriginals a bigger say, but the bill is a bit too vague as of right now. I'm also sympathetic to the argument that it's being used in such a way that it would push abbos away from a more genuine form of self-determination.


I'm vooting yes but not expecting much.


No to express my disapproval for the ALP.


Mappy Hay Day cunts


File: 1682950451446.jpg (206.33 KB, 1268x962, Fu_m7RhaQAAN_Ee.jpg)



Hell yeah comrade.


>voting to own the labs


lol there's a segment live on ABC news about cars ramming into shops with class windows in NT over the May Day long weekend.
Business Owners be cryin on tv


>Business Owners be cryin on tv


File: 1683512202906-0.png (288.39 KB, 514x582, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1683512202906-1.png (92.9 KB, 776x549, ClipboardImage.png)

Hey look, we have domestic terrorism again!


If this americanisation of politics is not welcome here then why are they allowed to do this Mr Daniel Andrews

I remember well the time I witnessed peacefully protesting climate activists get assaulted and pepper sprayed because they got in the way of you hobnobbing with mining interests over what was it a 10,000 $$ a pop dinner?

And I remember how quickly police banged the doors of lockdown protestors

If it has no place here then why don't you do something about it which we all know you can



Dandrews is [fill the blank].


File: 1683535426453.webm (6.65 MB, 1280x720, PaulKeeting.webm)

Did anyone see the press gallery and Paul Keeting on the three submarines we bought?
There are some very good moments from him, and he handled the off-topic questions a solid 8/10, especially the shitty second one here.


keating rules man, just absolutely shitting on the sorry excuse for 'press' in this country. why is it every 'journalist' in this country is a complete coward establishmentarian, and really annoying about it? the last guy was literally trembling the moment he bought up the wiggers libshit like an anxious kid during assembly. zero steel or confidence. they must be giving out press licences to any wimp so long as they don't report on any atual issues until they have an opportunity to be a bunch of sharks when those with principles get in hot water.


I hadn't seen him speaking before and assumed he was just another pollie, but we went to town on the press who deserved it and had mostly solid takes the whole way through. mfw the Sky News reporter comes up and he just gives her shit for being a sky reporter at the end. on ya paul.


File: 1683597875509.jpg (1.16 MB, 3028x2357, DgQ86xQUwAAjAsQ.jpg)

tt's a miracle that, after years of getting wrecked by keating on question time, australia decided howard would make a good prime minister.
in all seriousness (i'm being serious actually) though, despite the ALP not in fact being 'just as bad as the liberals' keating really wasn't that spectacular as pm. by virtue of not being a lib/country hack he was automatically better than 99% of them and could actually govern, but like all members of the labor right does little for me as a communist. as a character though he's pretty baller and i'd have him again just for the insults.


File: 1683713297872.png (420.6 KB, 707x661, slavoy zjee zjek.png)







There's national security laws on the books against this that the burgers forced on us to keep China out and here's a burgereich just openly admitting they do it and want to publicise it

Why not just keep up the pretence for the pwecious r00l of l4w? Hunh


They actually think they earn their salary I bet you

So anyway which presinut 2024 burgereich

The literal Nazi Pedo or The rapist Nazi

Take your bets

Polls are looking good for the rapist Nazi right now but I think the literal Nazi Pedo will clinch it even if there have to be how to vote signs inside voting booths in Blak neighboorhoods


lol someone just got kicked out of the chamber. the house is just shitposting today and I was wondering how long until someone got booted.


lol another one


>every fascist i don't like is a nazi!
read a book you baby. stop pretending you need to call them both nazis to make them any more revolting.


My apologies the literal Nazi Pedo vs the rapist fascist


Thank you, now I can tell which is which!


File: 1683878820112.jpg (220.25 KB, 1080x1350, Fv4kXFUaIAI0WyO.jpg)

Why does Australia hate welfare recipients so much?


Crakkkeroid colonizer nation


angloid mentality



I had no idea how bad it was. Zinoviev and no Marx??


It's Trots, what do you expect?

Their article on the Collapse of the USSR is funnier though as in one section they are decrying the KPD and SPD not forming a united-front due to the COMINTERN's "ultra-left" third revolutionary period theory and then decrying the COMINTERN for forming united-fronts in other countries after the Nazi's came to power.

And there is pure nonsense like "Gorbachev's course toward reform was based on holding the Communist party together. ". Ol Gorby undermined the party with every move and was trying to turn himself from party general secretary into state president when Yeltsin stole a march.


>It's Trots, what do you expect?
Isn't that SAlt?


File: 1683982658384.jpg (51.72 KB, 640x640, Fv_9FHuaEAMW64N.jpg)

It's over.


They are both Trot groups.


File: 1683986779978.png (1.53 MB, 1200x853, ClipboardImage.png)

why is this guy sad?


He's a neo-nazi ring leader and got pepper sprayed for trying to punch on with cops. He also got crumpled by a can of soup


File: 1684021777297.png (203.66 KB, 474x579, ClipboardImage.png)


>clicks first link
>"Video: Reading Marx's Capital with David Harvey — Vols 1 & 2"



File: 1684023302840.jpg (883.18 KB, 2134x3000, Slash.jpg)

[7 news report]
>[after being protected ofc] "The nazis were given an ultimatum: remove their face coverings and leave the city, or stay and face arrest. They left, and later reported to police that tires on their cars had been slashed.
That's a promising sign that this is better than just throwing bottles and getting arrested. 6/10 - not bad, room for improvement. At least smash the windscreen or engrave a swastika on their cars to track them easily.


File: 1684025719206.webm (4.42 MB, 1024x576, where's wally.webm)

Here is a valuable lesson on black bloc and why we do it.

Well, and also not throwing a bottle at an officer's head when you can throw it at a nazi instead and not get charged at.


File: 1684026312662.webm (10 MB, 1920x1080, hat.webm)

based jew


File: 1684027834538-0.png (368.28 KB, 841x875, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1684027834538-1.png (30.01 KB, 590x219, ClipboardImage.png)

Hmm, let's see how Sky News reported this. Surely literal neo-Nazis are a straight-forward dunk, right?

Alright let's start off by autoplaying a video about protesters saving our children from drag storytime.

Four (4) sentences in, let's talk about:
>Controversial media figure Avi Yemini who was reporting for his site Rebel News took to Twitter to say he was "attacked" in the protests.
>"Today I was violently attacked in Melbourne for doing my job," he said.
>"Not by the extremist Nazis. Instead, the people pretending to be there to counter them.
>"They attacked a Jew in the name of fighting Nazis. Let that sink in."

And then we'll embed this tweet. No idea what's going on with those flags btw.

Alright now we can provide a sentence on the "neo-Naxi protests" [sic] arrests and deploying pepper spray before we get to the police statements and a twitter post by an Australian Greens senator?

So uh woke anti-nazi anti-semites Antifa :DDDD


If we happen to have any Melbournites here, this account has a bunch of face photos and car license plates, alongside some fun footage, so be sure to share them around:



File: 1684030471364.jpg (127.04 KB, 540x960, bonk.jpg)

oh and for those wondering about Yemini.



SA was a merger of two Trot groups. They might be "non-sectarian" now but the Trotskyism is still in their theory papers on their site. SAlt is just the cultish Trots.


Anyone got footage of Avi getting bonked?


idk, He's posted a clip from his POV in a trailer vid but it's just a camera shaking when he gets bonked.


>but the Trotskyism is still in their theory papers on their site.
I've met more MLs in the Sallies than Trots. Maybe that's just my area…


Non-culty Trots just seem like non-sectarian Marxists unless you get them talking about certain topics.Most of academic Marxism is permeated by Trotskyist background radiation.


The sallies had a brief alliance with sections of the CPA (new one not old one) at one point so it's not surprising but the Trotskyite trend seems to be the main one


huh TIL
Oh well, not many culty ones in my local if they are there which is nice.


One more bit of footage:
I would have gone with Thomas Sewer, the guy full of shit.


burner cuz


Bad because it brings more labour into the workforce which increases competition, strenghtens the position of the bourgeoisie. Weakens the position of the proletariat. And it takes kids out of their otherwise free exeistence, basically socialized production in school/time off. Would be even worse if eventually the work is expected of them.


<Now aged 14 and 13, both girls still work at the factory, which they credit with giving them real-world skills that would be otherwise hard to acquire.

🤣. Selling your own children into slavery


>work at the factory, which they credit with giving them real-world skills that would be otherwise hard to acquire
I love my job creator! thank you for your generous gift boss!


How the hell is it that news.com.au is the only mainstream news company doxxing nazis?
(Well, on behalf of White Rose Soc)


I happily crit the sallies, but wsws is an infantile disorder, at least this author is.
Australia: At Port Kembla protest, unions and pseudo-left set a nationalist trap for anti-war sentiment
>Underscoring this provincial orientation, South Coast Labour Council (SCLC) secretary Arthur Rorris declared “They want to conscript our region into their war machine but we will not have a bar of it.”
>The SCLC, a peak body representing unions on the New South Wales (NSW) south coast, organised the rally in collaboration with Wollongong Against War and Nukes (WAWAN), which is closely associated with the pseudo-left Socialist Alliance.


There's a reason why the SEP is barred from pickets


Are they actually?
Details please


>Running low on silver to buy tea, the British agreed to trade opium for tea, triggering a Chinese public health crisis.
Agreed to?
Expect better accuracy from a state broadcaster


This is such a gross misinterpretation of the Opium Wars that it isn't even funny.

>The British Agreed to trade opium for tea

>Forced Opium to open up the Chinese Markets to the British
>Fought two wars against the Chinese to keep Opium from being banned, as it caused a health crisis in the Qing Empire.

I hate historic revisionism like this that makes me so pissed off as a historian.


They take an ultra leftist position which rejects trade unions as economistic. Suffice to say, not many of the delegates nor members of any union are too keen to listen to a newspaper-wielding trot tell them to cease struggling against foul wages or engineered stone and to instead struggle for their own brand of socialism.


The real Top Gun: US military in heated stand-off with China | 60 Minutes Australia



god only 20 seconds in and its absolute bullshit

i wasnt even alive in the cold war and I know that MAD was far more intense than a few fucking submarines and jets


File: 1684731205760.jpg (136.41 KB, 1280x720, mpv-shot0037.jpg)

>the chain of islands crucial to maintaining democracy in the region
China is a one-party republic
Vietnam is a one-party republic
Laos is a one-party republic
Cambodia is a considered a dominant-party constitutional monarchy, "Cambodia has been described as a de facto one-party state."
Singapore is considered a dominant-pary republic.
Thailand is a constitutional monarchy, considered "semi-democratic", where you can be imprisoned for years or decades for criticizing the king.

Let's check out the Democracy Index yes, it's appropriate to cite lib surveys in this context for the rest of the region. "Flawed democracy" is 7.99 or less.
Taiwan - 8.99 - [suddenly boosted from 7.73 in 2019]
Japan - 8.33 [suddenly boosted from 7.99 in 2019]
South Korea - 8.03
Malaysia - 7.30
Philippines - 6.73
Indonesia - 6.71
Thailand is a 6.67 btw

not looking like there's much "democracy in the region"


Considering the past it is a step up.


So? What's your point?


I am just saying, saying the absolute democracy in the region is low to mock the broadcaster miss the nuanced changes the region underwent.


File: 1684751479489-0.png (175.45 KB, 622x577, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1684751479489-1.png (394.69 KB, 672x855, ClipboardImage.png)

Reminder that kyle magee is based


Imagine shitting on unions while at an action.


File: 1684847759451-0.png (353.11 KB, 463x398, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1684847759451-1.png (766.75 KB, 960x503, ClipboardImage.png)

The Salt trots are back in Sydney for August.

>closing panel is "Why you should be a socialist today"

Preaching to the choir, much? The conference is called Socialism.

There's also a Perth one this year.


File: 1684848613546.jpg (214.56 KB, 1140x651, trotters.jpg)

Sallies in June





How the fuck do Trots put out so many events tho?


The bourgeoisie pay for them


[cite needed]
have you seen their ticket prices?


Symbolic gesture, could do more harm than good, paternalistic police presence, romantic "de-colonialism" with no substance. No treaty, no vote. Stop siding with labor.


Trotskyite conventions are held for profit


Problem, Bordiga?


File: 1684858477652.png (115.72 KB, 653x687, ClipboardImage.png)


Comrade Sparrow isn't looking too healthy there…


I'm going to throw out a hypothesis on why the literal Nazis failed to recruit all the suposed far right conspiracy theorists from the much neglected outer suburbs
It's because those so called far right conspiracy theorists aren't exactly that They're more a bunch of normies and conspiracy theories are normal in this current world because conspiracy facts are common
Should have just thrown Pfeizer under the bus where it belonged and licenced the Chinese or Cuban vaccines now vaccine hesitancy is normal good job breaking it morons**


>>1476478 (me)
Anyway what standing does the grognard have for calling out the black sun symbol without apologising for studiously ignoring it being all over the Ukrainian army and paramilitaries


>why do you hate us?
>61 comments explaining why

can SAlt go ten minutes without embarrassing themselves


>My biggest issue is that you manipulate people and are dishonest about your intentions and operating model.
>You approach people at rallies who are new to politics and start what is made to seem like a genuine personal conversation. You don't tell them that this is a planned tactic to recruit them to your political party. If that's your intention, you should say that upfront when you approach people at rallies. It is unethical not to do so. Stop pretending that you personally care about somebody when you actually have an undisclosed ulterior motive, like some kind of Marxist fuckboy.
>You create front groups and use other methods to obfuscate your involvement in campaigns. You hold public meetings and other forums that are made to appear as though ordinary attendees have real decision making power, even though the meetings are designed so that the outcomes are controlled by Socialist Alternative. Instead, you should make clear that suggestions that don't align with Socialist Alternative are not going to pass at these meetings, when this is the case. All campaigns that Socialist Alternative has a controlling amount of influence in (CARF, VicSocs, USCJ, various stupol tickets, et cetera) should disclose that in all promotional material, such as by putting a SAlt logo on posters and flyers and such.
My second problem is your lack of solidarity, in that you never support any cause outside your Party except as a means to promote the Party.
>You have been told year after year that you are not welcome to promote your Party or sell newspapers and merchandise at Invasion day rallies. Every year you do it anyway, and you don't even give a cut back to Pay the Rent. This is Aboriginal land, but clearly you don't respect that one bit, since you're not willing to honour their space even one day a year. Instead, you should show up to Invasion Day events and leave your fucking newspapers and merchandise at home. Don't promote your Party at these events, just support the Aboriginal struggle as the Aboriginal organisers have asked.
>When you organise counter protests against the far right, such as Posie Parker, NSN and others, you prioritise whatever will bolster your party the most, instead of what will most effectively disrupt that event. I understand your ideology opposes direct action and instead proposes that the resistance to the far right should be by building a single socialist Party and taking power through revolution. The problem is that many people who participate in CARF do actually want to take direct action against the far right and value that more than they value your Party. CARF rallies are organised in a way that divert people away from the direct action that many would rather participate in. Honestly, I think it's pretty disgusting that when the far right are going after trans people and people of colour, your mostly white and cis party sees it as a recruitment opportunity before anything else. That's fucked up. Instead, you should make it clear to participants that the objective of your rally is to build power for your party, not to take direct action against the far right threat, so that they at least have the opportunity to try and join or organise another response that is more aligned with their goals. Better yet, you could just deprioritise your fucking Party for just a moment and support other groups' efforts to disrupt far right organising.
>Bonus third complaint - You actively disrupt organising by other groups. Back in the heyday of Extinction Rebellion, your party decided that it would infiltrate XR, take it over and shut it down. Fortunately, you only managed to do this to a few groups on universities. As much as Extinction Rebellion has its many problems, people should be able to do left wing organising independent of your Party without having to constantly worry about whether SAlt is going to fuck with it. Instead, if you have suggestions for how another group should organise, you should contact them, making sure to let them know that you're from Socialist Alternative, share your experience, and let them decide whether or not they want to take it on board.
Running stalls is good. Approaching people to recruit them is fine, depending on how you do it. >Recruiting students is good.
>It's not so much jealousy that you're the biggest group but frustrating that the most prominent org on the left is so awfully behaved. When people's only experience of "socialism" is being lied to and harassed by SAlt, they associate the entire left with that bad experience. That's exacerbated by the way that SAlt encourage people to believe that socialism and Socialist Alternative are synonymous.
>Your ideology also does suck, but that's forgivable except maybe that it's the motivator for all the dodgy shit listed above. I'm totally for left unity and I wouldn't hate a group just because they're the wrong kind of socialist.

Anon went for the throat


You may not like it, but this is what peak punk looks like.


File: 1684940103821.jpg (43.36 KB, 500x384, red scum.jpg)

I didn't even know there were that many people in the subreddit.

I've seen the SAlt question asked before but they've outdone themselves this time. Bravo.



holy fuck I had no idea they ran so many front groups.
Damn, I've even donated and helped out with some. I'll have to reconsider…


this is something apparently a lot of parties across the world do. wish I could go but am abroad rn


I notice that MWM is in the OP but not Independent Australia? Why is that? In my experience they're pretty similar sources and I think IA would be a far better fit than Crikey.


I wish I could too, but I'm too old (26)


A Socialist Alternative recruiter worked out today.
Did you?


I mean, you're officially not too old for the event.
>Eligibility: Full or probational members of the CPA aged 18-29.


>Back in the heyday of Extinction Rebellion, your party decided that it would infiltrate XR, take it over and shut it down
I mean…


bringe or cased
Not sure which




XR did nothing wrong


What's wrong with Crikey?


File: 1685094182250.png (175.4 KB, 474x478, ClipboardImage.png)

>South Australians protesting against protest laws
But seriously, fuck those laws.


lmao no they didn't


Not that anon but Independent Australia is based
Vol plox add to OP?


Yeah they did.
At the library.


Inside the dangerous world of cocaine dealing in Australia | Four Corners

this true? are australian porkies on cocaine?


Why do you think the drug tests the coppers use don't detect it


>>1480021 (me)
It's a simple manufacturers setting to turn detection on I think


So anyway m8s I think it is time for common sense and not tieing our horses to the sinking septic ship


File: 1685245934488.gif (24.59 KB, 88x31, button.gif)

Is voting against the "voice to Parliament" no different than voting against free speech?

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