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Today is the first day of the Trial. It begins at 9am CST.

Jury Selection took 12 days. 12/12 Jurors selected. (7 women, 5 men) 3/3 Alternate Jurors Selected. (2 women, 1 man)

131 Potential Jurors were reviewed. Some dismissed before being reviewed in court. Many reviewed in court. On March 17th, 2 other previously selected jurors were dismissed due to settlement news.

Supreme Court has allowed conviction for BOTH 2nd and 3rd degree murder. Also a conviction for 2nd degree Manslaughter is on the table.

Judge blocked motions from the defense on delays or relocation. Also ruled in favor of the state on a previous arrest in May 2019.

Floyd Family was given a settlement of 27 million dollars which will be paid by the taxpayers of Minneapolis.

The male alternative juror is the 15th juror. If all of the 14 previous jurors show up? Then he will be dismissed (He's pro-cop but passed for for cause.) If not? He's an alternate.

Official Swearing In and Opening Statements is planned for Day 1.

I will be hosting the trial daily until the verdict is read.

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What exactly is it distracting from, oh wise Yuro?


Other yuro here, it's still interesting to see what's going on in the belly of the beast. Whether, they consider vouching for cops at any cost or throwing a few under the bus, the kind of shit going on in the daily life of the justice/cop complex, not to mention the slim chance of Chauvin walking, which would make the riots of last year looks like a wet fart.


Wow very enlightening. I'm glad someone from a civilized country was able to stop in and tell us what's what, we here in the colonies are very dumb and full of criminal elements and mixed with natives and negroes and irish so we always appreciate it when someone from the glimmering utopia of Evropa gives us some guidance.




You think you’re better than us, jackass? Take a look in your own backyard.


How long is this bullshit supposed to go for?




Other Yuro here,
You do realise that what happens in the USA also has a big impacht on EVROPE right? Here in Belgium the case of George Floyd and the trial started the conversation about domestic polive brutality that has been ignored for decades, while Belgians continually acted like we have no "racism problem" here, like they have over there in America.
Thanks to America suddenly Belgians realized that what was happening here isn't normal.
Some Examples:
>We still have blackface here as a "tradition"
>Politicians (head of governement) defend King Leopold that slaughtered 10 milion in Congo, is against removal of his public statues.
>Migrant centers get set on fire
>Politicians who are publicly against "Race mixing" sit in governement last elections they got 21% of the vote (Most of all parties)
>Police does Hitler salute while collegues are choking to death someone of Slavic origin (even today people here are unable to grasp this connection between Hitler and his genocide against Slavs, they just see it as a coincidence)
>Several black kids that "mysteriously" die in police custody
>North-Afirican gets ran over by cops
>Teenagers get arrested for protesting during covid, then pushed into a bus, driven to some building in the middle of nowhere, where they kept them for several hours, their parents didn't know where their children were
>2 year old son of parents who were refugees in car a with smugglers gets headshot by cops during chase in the middle of the road, police balme parents for using their own child as a human shield
>Young Africans get stripped naked (underage) by cops


>muh distraction
God I hate crackers


A friendly reminder to all the slavs ITT that they aren’t white. European, perhaps, but not white.


It's okay to be mad about george floyd's treatment and death, but you can't deny that this trial is a distraction from the 20+ people who were killed by police brutality during the ensuing riots, and the 200+ people who were injured.


Monday is supposed to be closing statements, and the jury will be sequestered to deliberate after that. They will deliberate as long as it takes to get a unanimous decision, which I imagine will come by the end of the week (the evidence is pretty overwhelming that Chauvin murdered Floyd). The outside possibility that it takes longer is if one or more jurors willfully causes a hung jury by voting to acquit and not budging. Hard to imagine that given the peer pressure they'd get from the other jurors, who were crying after seeing Floyd die (several times over) and were reportedly ignoring the defense witnesses while they were bullshitting.




Damn that is kinda fucked up. How is PVDA-PTB dealing with these issues


Europe sounding pretty based right about now


>>Police does Hitler salute while collegues are choking to death someone of Slavic origin (even today people here are unable to grasp this connection between Hitler and his genocide against Slavs, they just see it as a coincidence)
wut, how retarded do people have to be to spin this successfully?


Post chin


I mean in this very thread we're constantly discussing a case in which a significant amount of people seem to think kneeling on a guy's neck for eight minutes had nothing to do with the guy coincidentally dying afterwards. So I believe it. People go to absolutely idiotic lengths to defend authority.


Day 27 (FINAL DAY) begins Monday at 9:00am CDT. Closing arguments and instructions to the jury.
>Nelson advised Chauvin on 5th amendment and testimony. Chauvin invoked 5th amendment privilege (He didn't testify). Judge asked him again, and he maintained the decision.
>The defense rests (done with witnesses), and the state moves in for rebuttal of Dr. Fowler (defense expert witness, the Rhodesian who claimed Floyd died of carbon monoxide poisoning). Dr. Tobin (God of Breathing) was brought on for this.
>There was a big argument over evidence about evidence about carbon monoxide poisoning. The county fucked this up by not communicating promptly (Dr. Baker's fault).
>Judge disallowed the new evidence about whether Floyd had carbon monoxide in his blood (from last night / this morning). It was ruled that if Tobin even mentioned the new evidence it would be a mistrial.
>The issue here was that Dr. Fowler, the bullshit witness claiming CO poisoning, basically demanded tests that hadn't been done for something that wasn't an issue (the car was off so the exhaust didn't give Floyd CO poisoning).
>Though there was a test done for CO levels in Floyd, it wasn't promptly provided to the state for this case and became inadmissible as a result.
>This was the closest the trial came so far to a mistrial or Nelson being able to do something to keep Chuavin from being convicted.
>Jerry Blackwell (state) pulled them out of the hole by getting the judge to allow Dr. Tobin to testify to the lack of carbon monoxide poisoning based on medical evidence already entered.
>Tobin successfully explained that Floyd didn't have significant carbon monoxide only using prior evidence: 98% hemoglobin in his blood, meaning AT MOST 2% carboxyhemoglobin (result of CO poisoning) which is normal for a healthy person.
>Repeated breaks and sidebars interrupted the rebuttal as Nelson tried his best to cause a mistrial in another way.
>Nelson cross-examined Dr. Tobin but got rekt. He tried to get Tobin for not listing relevant medical literature about physiology but Tobin did in fact provide this evidence. Nelson just wasn't paying attention.
>Dr. Martin "God of Breathing" Tobin easily and quickly explained that the testimony was useless.
>All that's left is argument (closing arguments) from the state and defense and instructions to the jury for deliberation as they decide the verdict.
>Unless some other bullshit causes a mistrial or there's a rightoid on the jury who's willing to cause a hung jury, the spectacle is almost over. Given the overwhelming evidence against Chauvin they will probably return a verdict early next week.


I was skeptical at first, but I think they’re going to nail Chauvin to the wall. Wonder what will happen to the other three, Thao, Lane and Keung.


>almost a year until trial happens
burger justice system


That's quick for the burgers


its still pathetic


Tobin mentioned the stuff they told him not to mention. Wrap it up boys, it's a mistrial.


Nope, the jury starts deliberating Monday


wasn't it that he was not supposed to mention the new data, but he was allowed to speak about old data which he did ?


Correct. There was a new blood test specifically for carbon monoxide, but Tobin explained CO poisoning didn't happen based on prior testing.

Floyd had been tested for hemoglobin levels, which were at 98%. That established an upper limit for carboxyhemoglobin (which is the product of carbon monoxide in your blood after it interacts with hemoglobin) of 2%, which is a normal amount for a healthy person to have, assuming he had any of it at all.c


Of course /pol/yps are trying to spin this as


Tobin might've been a little too big brained for the dumbasses in the jury/audience today tbh


>April 8th
>Tobin claims Floyd died of low oxygen levels
>April 15th
>Tobin claims Floyd had 98% oxygen


98% hemoglobin, you retard. What the fuck does "having 98% oxygen" even mean?


He refers to oxygen saturation.




>floyd's blood gets turned into 98% oxygen
>chauvin pops him like a balloon


What level gets you killed? 98% sounds superficially impressive but might be a total red herring.


Tobin literally said
>the oxygen saturation of hemoglobin was 98%



The point of Tobin's testimony was to rule out the Defense's argument that Floyd died from CO poisoning from the car exhaust. So normal oxygen saturation means Floyd died from means that did not include carboxyl saturation of the hemoglobin and instead something else. Thus not ruling out Chauvin's guilt.


When I worked at a hospital, only under 90% were considered worth mentioning.


Seems like a trap, it nearly caused mistrial because of how contradictory the prosecution was.


How is it a trap? You have to argue against the other side's evidence and the Defense used the wrong argument.


It made the pros use evidence that wasn't disclosed, that would normally cause a mistrial, but the judge seems to be on their side.


No it didn't, Tobin's testimony included past evidence before the evidence you're thinking about.


Oxygen saturation of hemogoblin is only a small part of the body's respiratory system, a lot of it comes down to the oxygen dissolved in your blood itself which is much more free-flowing and able to be used by organs than hemogoblin's oxygen


My guess they’re trying to save the other three by throwing Chauvin under the bus.


No you can't just use evidence that you found over night without disclosing it a reasonable amount before presenting it, the prosecution is so incompetent they probably do it so a mistrial is declared and they can try later.


Okay i don't really remember I just saw some snippets of this part and am just stating the context of Tobin's testimony which was obvious to anyone paying even the slightest attention.


>responding seriously to a troll


There is wider context tho, the defence now gets to say that floyd has 98% oxygen in his blood in his closing argument, and has now time to review the previously undisclosed evidence.
Bringing up monoxide-poisining gave the defence an advantage.


Also, this was measured after they performed CPR. It's enough to restore oxygen saturation but not to displace potential CO in the blood.


>Hemoglobin has a normal oxygen saturation of 96-98%
>Likewise, for carbon monoxide, it's about 2.5% or less for non-smokers
>Defense witness Dr. Fowler posited yesterday that George Floyd may have died of carbon monoxide poisoning due to proximity to the police car tail pipe (CO becomes fatal at around 50% saturation)
>Prosecution brings back Dr. Tobin for rebuttal
>Carbon monoxide persists in the blood much longer than if it were oxygen
>Since Tobin can't reference new evidence about carbon monoxide in Floyd's test results without causing a mistrial, he references that Floyd's blood oxygen saturation was 98% therefore it's obviously inferred that his CO levels were in the normal range of 2% or lower during the arrest/after his death
>carbon monoxide theory btfo
<So how can it be that George Floyd died of hypoxia if his test results show a blood oxygen saturation of 98%?
>The test was run after CPR and attempted ventilation and is very predictable in its findings; it does not in any way reflect Floyd's oxygen saturatiog during the time of death/restraint
Hope that clarifies everything

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