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even westoids admit it's over

Evidence of the influence and origin of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine


Developments of multipolarity timeline https://www.pacemaker.global/multipolar-transition-timeline

Live maps and updates
>Nb: LiveUaMap is not to be trusted
SouthFront: https://southfront.org/category/all-articles/world/europe/ukraine/
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<adding Slavyangrad, why not
< I mean why? Dude is literally schizophrenic. I dont hate him, indeed I feel fopr him cause his daughter didnt deserve to be killed for damn sure & Dugin has his based USSR boomer moments but…
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And later, they switched to Kriegsspiel, and other more literal wargames, mostly involving figurines. Except vidya is objectively superior to figurine piece board games.

>The Soviets inherited their wargaming techniques from tsarist officers, who favored the rigid form of wargaming pioneered by Reisswitz. Interestingly, the Soviets typically played wargames not on flat maps, but on three-dimensional model battlefields. Soviet wargames typically comprised only a single turn. The players would describe their plan to the umpires, who would then adjudicate the battle all the way to conclusion. This meant the players could not react to what the enemy was doing. This approach was optimal for decision-support but poor for developing the players' thinking skills.

>Immediately after the end of World War II, there was a precipitous drop in wargaming in armed forces all over the world. The exception was the Soviet Union. The Soviets actually expanded their wargaming and made them more rigorous. The Soviets launched a massive effort to compile data from the war on the Eastern Front to make their wargames more valid.

>During the Cold War, the Soviets allowed officers from other communist countries to attend its military schools, and wargaming was part of the curriculum. Using techniques learned in the Soviet Union, North Vietnamese officers wargamed their attacks against South Vietnam and her allies, and were able to coordinates complicated attacks without the need for radio communications by memorizing timetables.


They should have committed with more mine clearing vehicles, more armor, and more AA/jamming. The one advantage they have is the ability to concentrate their forces while the Russians have to maintain equal strength along the entire line
The problem is it won't be enough, because if they sustain these (WW2 tier at times) losses on a daily basis they will run through their mechanized/tank stock before they even reach Tokmak. Which is perhaps why they tried this in the first place, to try and see if they could breach the minefields with a minimal force
As the Kakhovka dam showed, it's not a matter of Putin being cucked. It's a matter of logistics and how many people can be mobilized over time.
The Russian army needed at least a year to recover from the equipment losses up till the Kharkov offensive, and to strengthen defensive lines and fill the rear (to prevent another disaster like Kharkov)
This summer they will be holding the line, so I don't expect any major offensive from the Russian side until winter this year at the earliest
They're going to burn through Ukrainian reserves while building up their own until they can equip enough divisions to sweep over the border oblasts while having enough equipment in reserve to sustain an offensive for months

Don't need that. Just study logistics of major combat operations of the last 100 years and it would have been evident this wasn't going to work for lack of munition and equipment. But it's a boring subject for liberal toddlers, and not in line with their individualistic ideology, so they weren't able to figure it out


Under socialism hoi4 will be open source, run fast, be optimized, teach actual history about things like the holocaust, be combined with machievellian principles, and be played in multiplayer forms in schools to force children to learn why states go to war and what makes war and statism so incompatible with their interests as average citizens


Actual wargames aren't like HOI though. They're more like the autist hex campaign games which are tedious as hell but pretty fun.


Honestly I've never been convinced by the idea that those are more realistic. I mean obviously HOI isn't either but at least it's real-time. How accurate can a turn based simulation be?


potato farmer-certified fertilizer, 100% western technology, 100% proudly handled by ukrainian hands, and efficiently disseminated by the fastest Russian mechanisms. enriches potato lands with rich and nutritious iron, manganese, copper, vanadium, wolframium, chromium, titanium, tantalum, cobalt, and don't forget your required molybdenum!
um-yum-ñom, potatos never tasted more hardening.


one issue is that actions per second aren't as much a thing IRL where you have a large number of officers commanding your forces around.


Turn base allows the players to make more detailed moves and allows for more math. For example you have movement yet the other player can roll to spot you before you finish moving and roll to interrupt your movement (ie use suppressing fire at you). It also makes it easier to control large number of forces allowing for one to think farther ahead then in real time games that is unrealistic as in RTS you can have units on your periphery of focus get in trouble and you not notice for some time.


>hex campaign games
Actually, I suspect this is objectively wrong and why NATO training and thinking has been jobbing this war. Every single tile in HoI can be modified to be any shape, and have any terrain. Wargames that US uses utilize grids, as if real terrain is under any obligation to obey hexagons or squares.


the most realistic game is WH40k


Russian military hardliners going rogue has literally been my source of hopium while enduring Cucktin's attrition cuckoldry in Nowhereville, Ukraine. The man just absolutely refuses to see how his softcock decisions are making the conflict unnecessarily more difficult.


This criticism is true for people who prefer to micromanage wars in the game, specifically because in real practice being a president or dictator would be much more based on delegation of responsibility and purging incompetents than micromanaging what units go where. However in military terms, being a hoi4 player is more akin to something like a lower-level military officer, i.e. a platoon leader, than it is to being a field marshal or general. In game the player often has somewhere between a dozen to a hundred units that he can order around; having to watch what units are attacking or which units are surrounded might be more comparable to someone telling individual squads or soldiers where to go in a battle more than ordering divisions or brigades where to go and what to do "generally". Basically the game oversimplifies the role of the dictator in war into focusing on what is basically the job of a platoon leader. It is a hitler simulator though, and he did love micromanaging his armies to the point where his generals couldnt do anything but watch as he lost the war, so it's at least accurate there.



File: 1686365282921-0.png (464.23 KB, 1108x659, MadCatCharacterSheet.png)

File: 1686365282921-1.jpg (553.76 KB, 1920x1080, BattleTech.jpg)


I rather liked playing MW2 on the PC.
Back when it was new.


I’d get into it if the price point wasn’t absurd.

I do have a kit of imperial guard around here that I barely painted.


Ukrainian Armored Columns Got SMASHED and AMBUSHED
<Ukraine finally launched its "counteroffensive" on the Zaporizhia front. However, the attack in the Velyka Novosilka sector turned into a complete military disaster. Moving in without proper air cover, entire Ukrainian armoured columns were annihilated by Russian minefields, artillery and aviation. Two brigades have now to be refitted. We should consider the past few days as Round 1 of a series of Offensives that will be launched by Ukraine. Next video will focus on the attack in the Orikhiv sector where we witnessed the first Leopard 2s being used in combat.


same here. There's another Eurekanon that posts around this site.


File: 1686368553173-0.jpg (156.17 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

isn't battletech closely related to mech warriors? I would swear the models are the same.


How is it a counter offensive if they just suicide into minefields


battletech is the tabletop license whereas mechwarrior is a license owned by microsoft to develop games based on the franchise


meh, played MW 4 and 5, wasn't as fulfilling as playing armored core. Never found a serious developer that published something as good as AC.


File: 1686370775522.jpg (134.65 KB, 964x1024, fggd.jpg)

Riding into mines is a part of the master plan obv


Its basic NATO doctrine.


>How is it a counter offensive if they just suicide into minefields
The trick is MSM will keep reporting the "probing" in as vague a language as possible, ultimately declaring it a "deception" like last counteroffensive and any claims to the contrary as "could not be verified" until some gains are made. Then triumphant article after article about advancements, and Russian "routs" (regrouping) and silence about what happens after.

Then NATO intervenes *somehow* before the Zerg rush to Mariupol can be pushed back


they're countering the illegal and unprovoked full-scale invasion and aggression sweaty


So are mine clearing rollers you can attack to your tanks not a thing or what?


A minesweeping BMP-2 and a Leopard R2 Heavy Mine Breaching Vehicle were seen destroyed in the Ukrainian counteroffensive



Is there any video footage of the banzi attack


Oh. Oh, benis.


Fake tweet.


There's very little comic relief in Cucktin's geographically misplaced attrition war, but watching COUNTEROFFENSIYIV TAKE 53 as the Ukros flub it again is certainly something.


File: 1686373702688.jpg (260.22 KB, 1024x1216, bidenitsover71560.jpg)




File: 1686374050564.mp4 (13.23 MB, 1920x1080, 78231476124.mp4)


Seeing this map being posted around now, along with the 16x3 km figure:

If true, how does this claimed advance compare with the known positions of the Russian front line? i.e. would this represent any meaningful breakthroughs, capture of strategic points

As of now it looks like the previous forecast for rain over the coming days has been somewhat lessened, whatever implications that might bring


Scratch that, it wouldn't even be to the screening line if true


Was the forbidden tuna too tasty to resist?


hoholffensiyv status?


File: 1686378628311.png (1.19 MB, 928x1084, Completed.png)



the leopard on the right makes me laugh


File: 1686382848212.gif (427.93 KB, 500x322, 1345002699220.gif)

>another day, another banger Military Summary video
>Ukrainian sources are saying there was a call between Zelensky and Milley
>Ukrainian side says the result of the first counter-offensive attempt was complete defeat, need more Patriots and F-16s
>NATO angy, unhappy with results, will give Ukraine everything they want
>on the condition they continue the counter-offensive
true, if big


File: 1686383043097.webm (3.64 MB, 576x320, 1686379909539611.webm)

Is this standard HAFO tactics ?


holy fucking shit, this song fucks.


That's me playing Warthunder.


Why in the fuck are they exposing that much back and side hull?


They are trying to advance and are getting ambushed. The usual tactic is to assault out of the ambush kill box (looks like they might be leap frogging here) and then reform and flank the ambush.


Mods, could you please uncicle the thread again? It's been six days of multiple major habbenings. The offensyiv is still going on.


File: 1686385381965-0.png (73.68 KB, 330x373, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1686385381965-1.png (338.75 KB, 1575x957, ClipboardImage.png)

False, you disgusting Muscovite orc! The battle has been redefined and is not over! In fact, the Russians didn't even win! Bet you look pretty stupid right now

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