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even westoids admit it's over

Evidence of the influence and origin of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine


Developments of multipolarity timeline https://www.pacemaker.global/multipolar-transition-timeline

Live maps and updates
>Nb: LiveUaMap is not to be trusted
SouthFront: https://southfront.org/category/all-articles/world/europe/ukraine/
Defense Politics Asia: https://www.youtube.com/@DefensePoliticsAsia
Andrei Martyanov: https://www.youtube.com/user/smoothieX12

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<adding Slavyangrad, why not
< I mean why? Dude is literally schizophrenic. I dont hate him, indeed I feel fopr him cause his daughter didnt deserve to be killed for damn sure & Dugin has his based USSR boomer moments but…


File: 1685287368115.jpg (249.39 KB, 841x729, 16638622390750.jpg)

West is the heaven on Earth, and migrants coming in are uniquely blessed to enjoy true civilization. Trying to dissuade them from coming means you are antimigrant and progenocide


>One of the same Crackers, who complained about their freezepeach ability to say the N-word, hates refugees and has bought into all the misinformation spread about them by bourgeois media
>Claims that the guy, who called them out on it, being the "lib."
>Insistence on derailing the thread after a recent Ukronazi setback in the war


>"no you see the people being genocided are the migrants you refuse to let in, not the natives being replaced by them"
lmao, I honestly can't tell if your post is bait or not but thanks for the hearty kek


The Nazis in Ukraine are the lamest CIA-psyop yet. Ginned up racism out of thin air to goad two racially identical slavic groups into fighting each other. Once a neighbour separated by a dialect, now an "Asiatic horde" kept at bay by the "Aryan mensch".

It is a valuable lesson in how the right's prejudices have been co-opted by intelligence agencies for their nefarious geopolitiking.


I tried my best to fit in "post your chin" with the proimmigration message.

Westoids aren't getting replaced, they die out because capitalism is shit at paying people enough to marry and reproduce and raise children, thus West cheaps out and invites migrants.


>the lamest CIA-psyop yet
I don't think that the most fitting word. I'd consider this the scariest one yet to be honest.
The fact that CIA brainwashing can successfully agitate people, who have no superficial differences, against eachother on such a large scale, is impressive. Most even speak the same language and have the same religion too.
They are so similar that the Cockholes have to completely make up their national mythology out of thin air, because there was nothing beforehand. But it worked, the locals completely ate it up.
Even if Western support stopped today, I don't think any reconciliation would happen anytime soon. The Cuckrainians will see the Russians as their greatest enemy, no matter how much it goes against their material interests.


The power of national bourgeoisie and their nationalism


File: 1685289645762.jpg (117.02 KB, 1280x494, 16852895235480.jpg)

Meanwhile, Liberal media swaps the numbers

Maidan will happen in Turkey soon. Are you ready?


I would disagree that wages and overall prosperity are what are suppressing births. What we find is that the wealthier you become, the more self-centred you become, and the less children you therefore have. That's true universally. But at the same time, we have countries like Ukraine that are closer to the third-world in terms of living standards than "the West", so we might expect them to have high fertility rates like in Africa say, yet they also experience the same extreme deficit of births.

So what do they share in common that could explain it? South Korea is an example of a country that has invested billions in attempts to reconcile their herbivore men. Liberalism: namely female's emanicaption to vote and to work and be free from male control over their lives and their reproductive vessels. It turns out when you let women do what they want, they stop doing what they did (under subjugation) for millennia.

That's the only cultural value in Ukraine that separates them from the Global South. It would be ideal if the wealth were better distributed such a middle class with nuclear fertility could re-emerge, but fundamentally the West is incapable of perpetuating itself in its current form, not due to a lack of resources, because it has created a zeitgeist of infertility, that is ideologically rooted; and it will, cross-generationally, be its whittling downfall.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Offensiev status?


>the more self-centred you become, and the less children you therefore have.

Patently wrong. Rich folks breed like crazy. Just look at Biden or Trump. And I assure you that Korean millionaires don't have fertility problems either

Rural folks bred like rabbits first because that's the way agrarian socieites work, then all people bred like rabbits because they had a bright future in front of them during economic upturns for their countries. Middle class doesn't breed because reproduction of middle class is frankly impossible in the current economy, it literally is shrinking. "Married to a job" is the way those people live, afterall.


pseud detected


I see all the homies are still showing up for the thread


File: 1685290366868.gif (352.63 KB, 220x220, 16647891616290.gif)

>Karl Marx was married to West Fallen




Etymologically "west" means death
So the west falling is life returning
Also, /pol/ will never make OC as good as this


Nah. Birthrate collapse happens primarily because the more advanced the economy becomes the more experts and educated people it needs, so kids stay a burden for parents longer and require more money to get their own life and career to support themselves, when in agrarian society kids were a source of labor for parents at a very young age. This gets even worse in post industrial countries where the manufacturing based "middle class" dies out and society trends towards burger flippers and those with uni degrees.

Plus the economy gets more financial as capitalism matures and housing first and foremost becomes ever more infested with rentiers that push up the cost of living and cost of having and raising children. Plus of course the demolishing of unions did shit on the purchasing power of people.


>west fallen
and some "people" say g-d doesn't exist…….



File: 1685291395488.png (27.21 KB, 880x456, fredgraph-3925431644.png)

Afghanistan would serve as a case study in what happens when a country with extreme poverty has American values imposed upon it, by occupation: their fertility halved, at the very least.


south korea too, they lose roughly half their population each generation


>another group of people who you are willing to exclude from the proletariat owing to their qualities
Ok faggot
>this isn't me being lib
Yes it is, you're bitching about words on a forum as if that's somehow of any priority.
Also that video is literally proving us more correct than you.
>at some point the N word picked up a meaning
No retard. You're conflating that with NEGRO which means black.
>you were aware of what it meant but kept using it anyway, because deep down inside, you're ok with it, because you aren't the target of it.
No faggot, I just don't think giving a fuck about a slur is at all intelligent unless there's some deliberate malice to it. Edgy, dark, politically incorrect humor and casual use is standard fare among the working class, you don't get pissy about it. For example calling my friends "my uygha" because we're both cool about it, because we work together, eat together and know one another, it's no different to them joking about me being a cracker or taking the piss out of me for hurting myself on my job or if I rib them for fuck ups they have, it's mutual respect that permits casual banter. That's what working class people are like, I've been from job-site to job-site and this is pretty normal fair. Most people aren't moralFAGGING about some stupid word in social media like some entitled liberals, they just don't give a fuck until someone actually gives it a meaning. Obviously you don't just go up to random people calling them slurs, but that's not the situation ITT.

Also on the topic of "not the target" I've been called a sand-uyghur, goatfucker, terrorist, Jamal etc. all my life because I vaguely resemble an Arab, due to some distant Persian blood in my phenotype. I grew thicker skin and learned to laugh with it and give the same back, because being offended and bitching about it, is weak, infantile behavior.
So yes I've more than had my fair share of 'targeting' and in the physical sense too. You get to bring up false equivalencies of lynching after you almost get kidnapped by 3 psychos and barely escape their racially motivated hatred by fighting back. I got them back for that too. Inb4 'just a scare" one of those fuckers was an unhinged mental patient that tore apart a goose with his bare hands because he thought it was funny. That's a real, dangerous person and his brand of racism is the real, dangerous kind. Same as with the police or some gang-member in the ghetto I lived in. So don't lecture me about racism and the casual use of slurs and thought police me, you don't have the right.

Nobody here is publicly calling random people faggots and uyghurs IRL, because nobody here unironically uses these words for anything more than casual shitposting or banter, which have no place in the public sphere. This is an ANONYMOUS shitposting forum, the entire point is that nobody truly knows who anyone is and can essentially be free to fuck around casually. It's a free space.
>I'm staying here
Then get used to the words fag.
>liberals hide behind free speech
Liberals are literally the most anti-free speech folks around you fucking confused radlib.
>liberals are racist
Yes, and they hide behind a veneer of virtue signaling and convoluted witch-hunts for "racism" where there isn't any, while ignoring real racism/sexism/fascism.


That's more about worsening the poverty and having a low boiling war in the country. It has very little to do with values. Not that many even adopted western values in Afghanistan, nor did the country got westernized. Maybe Kabul and other cities to some extent, but the countryside is the same tribal society with Islamic tendencies it ever was


>The overwhelming majority of refugees flooding in Europe and the Western world, prior to the Ukraine war, were economic emigrants, fleeing their peaceful nation to benefit from the higher living standard in the West
HAHAHAHAHA now I KNOW you're trolling or from reddit. Do you think people forgot about Libya and Syria, circa 2012-2014? About the FLOOD of war-displaced migrants and people fleeing into Europe through North Africa because Libya was no longer there to buffer them? Fucking LMAO.


>Is it me being a retarded radlib faggot?
<No it must be the rest of the site that is wrong.
leftypol can be retarded at times, but this is one of those moments that I agree with the majority, you're deranged, go back.


>welfare state is largely paid for by the working class, for the working class
the welfare state in those countries is paid by exploiting workers from the global south you insufferable faggot


>The overwhelming majority of refugees flooding in Europe and the Western world, prior to the Ukraine war, were economic emigrants
Of course, nothing to do with America bombing the MENA region since 2003.


File: 1685293123016-0.png (300.37 KB, 1749x903, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685293123016-1.png (102.01 KB, 916x729, ClipboardImage.png)



So basically, all the schizo ranting here was just a divert strategy to make people forget about the catastrophic failure of Artyomovosk.
Did z linksy say that his people will judge him if he loses b-ACK-mutth?


File: 1685294427130.png (201.29 KB, 800x463, ClipboardImage.png)

The liberal fag has derailed the thread long enough. Imma NEWS post to get some relevant conversation going

Sitch: https://southfront.org/military-situation-in-ukraine-on-may-28-2023-map-update/


Avenged for "Akhmat": Chechen militant who fought for the Armed Forces of Ukraine killed Ukrainian Military Men For Killing Chechen Spetsnaz (VIDEO)



Armed Forces of Ukraine made an attempt to attack the Zaporozhye NPP with the help of a strike drones

In the Kharkiv region: the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation reported a strike on a deployment point of foreign mercenaries

Former Pentagon adviser: After the failure of the offensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Russia will liberate Odessa and Kharkov

Swedish Strf 9040 and CV-90s reached Ukraine

Story of the T-72 seen in Utah


Can anyone explain how supporting a superpower invading its smaller, less powerful neighbours isn't imperialism?(1 post bait IP)


Foreign Policy analyzes Karl Marx and David Harvey. Here are some interesting passages -

>It’s not that Marx can’t help the new post-COVID-19 generation understand its own forms of accelerating social, economic, and natural dislocation. But Generation Z would be wise to trade Marx’s Das Kapital for his long-neglected Grundrisse. And it now has a useful new guide at its disposal, A Companion to Marx’s Grundrisse by David Harvey.

>Marx’s most prescient exposition in the Grundrisse is what is often called the “Fragment on Machines.” This section, halfway through the text, sets out how capitalist investment in complex productive machinery will radically change human subjectivity—in short, by transforming people’s relationship to their tools from one of mastery to one of subordination and alienation. (Think, for instance, of the difference between a traditional carpenter and a worker in a large furniture factory.)

>Marx, in contrast to Thiel, saw the rise of self-directing machines in production as an inevitability that would alienate the vast majority of the population from their work, arguing in the Grundrisse that labor would appear “subsumed under the total process of the machinery itself … whose unity exists not in the living workers, but rather in the living machinery, which confronts his individual, insignificant doings as a mighty organism.”

>But Marx was no Luddite. In line with much of the optimism among big tech executives in California, Marx thought that automation could liberate humanity from the “necessary labor” of reproducing society. However, in the Grundrisse, he denies that privately owned machines seeking a profit will ever be able to liberate humans from work. Instead, machines will push down wages and create a vast reserve of unemployed workers.

>Indeed, China’s breakneck urban development and incursion into wild spaces, which possibly helped unleash the COVID-19 virus, has, debatably, given us a glimpse of our future in relation to climate change. Meanwhile, China’s expansionist foreign policy toward Taiwan might expose the world to declining industrial and technological capacity as tensions (and sanctions) around chip manufacturing heat up. <Harvey is right to point out that European forms of capitalism might not be the most globally and environmentally impactful economic models in the long run when compared to China’s unique combination of Marxism, developmentalism, and capitalism.



File: 1685295988842.mp4 (303.79 KB, 1172x720, 1676429932746.mp4)

So the derailing about refugees, does this mean Russia is winning or losing?


> inter-imperialist
As a baby leftist I have nothing to say on whether the RF's capitalism is imperialist or why supporting BRICS in this seemingly crisis of capitalism is progressive. Buut…

It seems to me that the argument being made, is to frame the war in Ukraine and the wider conflict between blocs as a result of imperialist ambitions, rather than a symptom of waning US hegemony. And so obscuring why critical support for BRICS(or against USA) may be progressive in, if nothing else, getting rid of that very special, hard to reproduce, status that the US holds among capitalists. As a substitute they are quickly to "grade" the sides on how "reactionary" they are by social issues or any such factor they can sell the "virtue" of western (US backed) imperialism by comparison.

Because if framed as a measure of containment by the USA to protect their hegemony, then the implications of what would be necessary to attain their goals, become indefensible and proactive rather than defensive or reactive as the propaganda always says.

>So again, shilling for Russian oligarchs. There are partisans fighting against Putin such as BOAK, but you'd just call them NAFO supporters because they don't take kindly to Putins bullshit.
<On 19 April 2023, Dmitry Petrov, one of the organisation's founders, was killed in the battle of Bakhmut while fighting for the Ukrainian Territorial Defense Forces.[15][16]
I can't say I'm surprised, but I didn't expect feeding my confirmation bias would be so easy


File: 1685296951575.mp4 (5.87 MB, 356x634, RTasppNDMfsvv-fI.mp4)

What do you guys think of this take of what is the purpose of the war?


epic siege-mask man melts down on camera [WATCH THIS]


The grayzone on Ukraine. very good.
>Media finally admits that the drone attack on the Kremlin was not a self false-flag of Russia, it was ukraine all along.
>Recent Nuland confession that they are closely working with ukraine in the "offensive" (so far hasn't come).
>Rep. Jerry Nadler "wouldn't care" if ukraine used american f16s to strike Russian territory. Judiciary committee and close joe biden ally, so it's a serious danger of escalating the war.
>Small description of the profit of the war in the u.s.
>Trump is blamed by hillary clinton: It was thanks to trump that Russia invaded ukraine. hillary argues that Putin believed that trump would have won, trump would have pulled the u.s. out of nato.
and more.


File: 1685297532308-0.jpg (467.6 KB, 1164x1042, imperiolsusmo3.jpg)

File: 1685297532308-1.jpg (417.36 KB, 1064x1194, imperiolsusmo2.jpg)

File: 1685297532308-2.jpg (319.72 KB, 994x766, imperiolsusmo.jpg)

>a superpower invading its smaller, less powerful neighbours
>Being this deliberately obtuse
I hope you're trolling, because if you're not, you need to reassess your understanding of Real Politik and the meaning of Imperialism. That said, read pics rel.

Also The conflict began in 2014 after the American glowies forced a Color Revolution, helped to install a fascistic government that worships Bandera and promotes nazi ideology, and when the Donbass peoples protested, began an "ATO" wherein they began shelling cities, shooting civilians etc. and the local residents of East Ukraine took up arms and began fighting back. In the mean time, Crimeans took advantage of the chaos and voted to rejoin Russia and Russia obliged, securing their port of Sevastopol and the safety of Crimeans. The next 8 years were a civil war. In the mean time Russia attempted to make the 2 sides come to a cease fire and peace, but Ukraine broke the agreements again and again. The rest of the EU got involved, false flags against Russia such as MH-17 were raised, Minsk 2.0 was "agreed upon" only for the EU to back out at the last second. Ukraine then began to ramp up its forces, recruiting, building up arms etc. on the border of the Donbass areas they had not taken. There was evidence of them planning to continue on to attack Russia, and they had the sufficient arms to cause significant damage. So finally Russia took the fight to them.


thuse are Russians fighting for ukraine.
Russians army appreciates their Islamic friends and dances the dances of the Buryats with love.


you are replying to b8.


File: 1685297831690.jpeg (112.12 KB, 640x947, 1653338287884.jpeg)

See pic


Likely a waste of time attempting to communicate with a redditor who just discovered m-muh st-stutters, but context fucking matters, we're not dogmatic shits here. This is basic af. If we lived in the bs fantasy worldview that your anglo ass feels the compulsion to impose on everyone around you, if it weren't happening in the midst of the imperial war of annihilation, we would sure as fk be supporting communist revolutionaries against Putin. But these are in any case idealist shits and not principled communists, see >>1481212 and tell us in what world fighting for the imperial proxy army is going to advance socialism anywhere. Even if they were to win, these shits would only at best become the martyrs that the western left idealises while the imperial party imposed the terms of conquest and colonisation

Btw calling it, this is likely the Australian flagposter anon from earlier who now doesn't want to be called out as anglo scvm


File: 1685298167129-2.jpg (358.74 KB, 1115x766, 1647119622501-0.jpg)

whatever it takes to cope with war. of course racial siege ideology isnt endorsed by the russian government, only the anti-lgbt crusades are. arguably this war could be seen as a war that decides whether the white western world continues flailing around trying to impotently re-impose the system of imperialism globally in order to maintain its dominance, or where the west becomes forced to accept the terms of multipolarism and peaceful coexistence with nonwhites in exchange for not ending up sucked into world war 3 which would probably be inevitable if nato wins and becomes more and more authoritarian to prevent its inevitable demise.


Can neighbors supporting anyone smaller explain how invading imperialism isn't less powerful?


It's interesting that it seems only Russians are framing this war into a civilizational clash, Westerners are still going on about democracy vs autocracy.


kek. I would answer you question with another question
Can imperialism explain how anyone supporting neighbors invading its less powerful superpower isn't smaller?


>a civilizational clash,
lol no, the goals of the SMO
gtfo, /chug/.


How will a Republican victory in the US affect the course of the war? Would there be any difference between Trump or DeSantis winning?


"Democracy vs autocracy" is just a polite way of putting "white civilization vs jungle savages"


>november 2024
don't think ukraine's going to last that long. if '24 decides anything about ukraine it's who will be in charge of the campaign of terror attacks and trying to get an insurgency going.


a republican victory would show that the politicians will just support ukraine anyway, but they'll put the war on the back-burner to prepare for a taiwan conflict instead and hope the ukraine conflict will keep russia pre-occupied long enough to strangle china into poverty or collapse again. china is what i call a "red flag country" which means it openly has socialist sympathies and waves a red flag, which always makes them the bigger enemy in the eyes of the far-right.


File: 1685299208020.jpg (98.98 KB, 540x624, the mall ninja.jpg)

I just had a thought, did we reach a point in the war where anybody on the Ukrainian side starts using -18 child soldiers?


And their gusanos proxies who buy this garbage.

P.S.: In every Russian TG Channel, they always say when they blow ukrainian/western equipment, they literally say: Denazification. or -1 nazi, etc.


File: 1685299726761-0.png (156.79 KB, 594x550, image.png)

Actual sinophobia getting thousands of likes because of American backward infrastructural cope.




>cause a Consensus Crack
So does taking bait serious as though it were derserving to be engaged with reasonably. Lions dont debate gazelles.


File: 1685300189888.png (996.07 KB, 741x860, ClipboardImage.png)

Has Ukraine said anything? I remember back in Feb 2022 the Taliban made some soft pro-Ukraine comments.


please consult the maoist infographic.


File: 1685300295395.png (855.35 KB, 1333x851, ClipboardImage.png)

>Residents of the building could barely feel vibrations when trains are passing
His point would have sense if it was a government that doesn't give any damn rat ass about the quality of life of their people.


File: 1685300912739.jpg (193.08 KB, 1913x1069, laughing dead.jpg)

Another day, another banger.


People living under capital cant even imagine having a government that cares about them.


File: 1685301241924.jpg (59.77 KB, 1024x640, evil us government.jpg)


File: 1685301347162.png (334.44 KB, 539x564, ClipboardImage.png)

The lad should receive the Hero of Labour of the Russian Federation.


poljak wasn't created by the same man who made the soyjak


war is the ultimate safe space where anons get to say the N word free from criticism


1. David Harvey is an Octagenerian Brit who thinks China is neoliberal
2. I've seen him criticized on here because of the value form debate
3. wrong thread


Poljak was made by someone from here iirc no? That caused one of the biggest raids by /pol/ on bunkerchan.


the joke is that he looks like a 'jak


Yeah, I even remember it being posted in the OC thread to little fanfare. The OG le pol face meme originated from somewhere else, though. Regardless, the ensuing shitfest was the most fun period on this site period. I have never seen so many people so completely assblasted by pixels on a screen, the seethe was legendary


File: 1685303764900.mp4 (10.03 MB, 1280x720, Pol_ vs. _Leftypol_.mp4)

Poljak is the creation of Kohlchan and was made 2 months before the entire /pol/ meltdown began. Someone made a post on /pol/ using it after it had been posted on leftypol and memed a little about it being /pol/.
Then someone decided to post it on /pol/ to mock them, they assumed it was our creation and tried to "raid". It was a fun time.


File: 1685304025783.png (13.61 KB, 844x51, ClipboardImage.png)

good times, we need another stunt


I can't believe this was almost 3 years ago. Time flies when you're having fun.


time flies no matter what.
i miss the early 2000


the "damn bitch, you live like this?" stalin pic is by far the funniest part of the entire meme debacle


File: 1685304433652.png (1.67 MB, 1023x1280, ClipboardImage.png)



Or you can just report them for "low quality" posting and have their brainrot deleted. It's what I do. If more people did it, things would likely be cleaner around here.


This is what antiimperialism looks like


Whats the second flag?




Who are these zoomers?


Red banner insignia-ed Russian uniform looks dope


Léninistes Sans Frontières.


File: 1685305024948.png (398.71 KB, 1623x758, ClipboardImage.png)

drawanon is awesome. wherever you are bro, respects.


Color revolution has failed in turkey.


Libs never intended to win fairly, we will have to wait and see if libs will admit defeat and don't start protests


File: 1685305118681.png (274.23 KB, 1920x1080, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1685305151977-0.png (1.49 MB, 1280x853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685305151977-1.png (1.83 MB, 1280x853, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685305151977-2.png (378.37 KB, 614x453, ClipboardImage.png)

the union is still alive


The Union is not dead its just resting.


File: 1685305344419.mp4 (5.07 MB, 688x848, 16853051837510.mp4)

…so, Erdogan did a progamer move and made his supporters occupy squares and streets preventatively, lmao


(and thats a good thing)


File: 1685305665976.jpg (105.43 KB, 1158x809, 20230528_162525.jpg)


File: 1685305702319.png (193.7 KB, 985x513, visiting pol.png)

Haha, it was truly a delightful time indeed.


File: 1685305900486.png (616.46 KB, 1707x1664, ClipboardImage.png)


>>storm shadows proved to be useless
>They have?
A lot of positions on the southern frontline are under attack and it doesn't seem like Russian air defence did a good job at all


Bro, Erdogan is literally occupying parts of Syria right now, and many of his supporters are literal fascists, which he supports.
He's not /ourguy/, just the "lesser evil" for multipolarity, compared to liberal sellouts.


not one single military target. cope.


Has the frontline moved at all?


>just the "lesser evil" for multipolarity, compared to liberal sellouts
He's barely even that, since he hasn't made any serious moves to leave NATO or establish Turkish neutrality.


answer him more like if he's coming back for more punching him like a boxing bag.


Wut? That is not (yet) called for.


File: 1685307798404-0.jpg (131.75 KB, 1067x800, 1 (28) (1).jpg)

File: 1685307798404-1.jpg (322.1 KB, 2016x1512, 1 (22) (1).jpg)

File: 1685307798404-2.jpg (1006.6 KB, 3727x2150, 1 (44).jpg)


New fakes or old?



Hahaha this is hilarious. It's the admin of soyjak.party and Dimitri Medvedev for anyone confused


>civilian lives/stuff doesn't matter
>why is a deep strike not moving the front line
If you dismiss any bad news as shilling, please at least get some less embarrassing cope.


File: 1685308331627.webm (7.25 MB, 426x240, peepshow_ukraine.webm)


also turkey is in NATO anyway innit



I know, that's what the quotation marks were for.
Shitty terminally reactoid country.


File: 1685308664069.jpg (1.27 MB, 3284x2501, 1 (25).jpg)


Needs the EU flag on the officer at the end


do you srsly believe it's not the same praising terror bombing?





>Bringing in mods over minor bait
Anta Baka?


File: 1685311270936-0.png (1.38 MB, 1376x1386, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685311270936-1.png (826.68 KB, 999x1279, ClipboardImage.png)


So a recent article in the intercept, named a group who supposedly hosts the leaked documents. Problem is, they are anarchists and glow like the sun IMO. And there is only 65 pages, of the reportedly over 100+, which have been posted as of May 15th of this year, not when the leak happened. So either they are holding out, or they are part of the psyop where the pages don't exist in the wild until western MSM reports on them. Either way it's kind of sus.


And of course, it's important to remember that the early distribution which gave the leak it's adversarial cred, was done by "Donbas Devushka", which also glows :

FBI Investigating Ex-Navy Noncommissioned Officer Linked to Pro-Russia Social-Media Account
<Sarah Bils is an administrator of the Donbass Devushka account, which disseminated leaked classified documents and sells pro-Russian merchandise
>The FBI is investigating the activities of a former U.S. Navy noncommissioned officer who oversaw a social-media account involved in the spread of intelligence documents allegedly leaked by Airman First Class Jack Teixeira, U.S. officials said Monday. The Wall Street Journal reported Sunday that the woman, Sarah Bils, administered several pro-Russian outlets while in uniform.

>The scope of the investigation into Ms. Bils, a 37-year-old who left the Navy in November, couldn’t be determined.

>“She is actively under federal investigation,” a U.S. official said, “but the circumstances of the content of the investigation are unclear at this time.”
>Ms. Bils told the Journal on Monday that the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which sent agents to her home in Oak Harbor, Wash., on Sunday, is investigating death threats allegedly made against her. She said that she also discussed the leak of classified documents with the FBI and the Naval Criminal Investigative Service and has stressed that she wasn’t the sole administrator of the site where leaked documents appeared.

Social-Media Account Overseen by Former Navy Noncommissioned Officer Helped Spread Secrets
>[…]But the person who hosted podcasts as Donbass Devushka and oversees these accounts is a Washington-state-based former U.S. enlisted aviation electronics technician whose real name is Sarah Bils.

>Ms. Bils, 37 years old, served at the U.S. naval air station on Whidbey Island until late last year, even as the accounts she had established and supervised glorified the Russian military and the paramilitary Wagner Group. They are among the most widely followed English-language social-media outlets promoting Russia’s views.

>In an interview Saturday at her home in Oak Harbor, Wash., Ms. Bils said she is an administrator of the Donbass Devushka persona, and acknowledged raising funds and hosting podcasts under that name. She added, however, that she is one of 15 people “all over the world” involved in running the Donbass Devushka network. Ms. Bils declined to identify these people.


>less embarrassing cope

Ukrainian counter-offensive already happened and got got. Russians are advancing now.


Yeah even using the MALD decoys also being deployed they're getting shot down pretty regularly (so much for low observability) and the carriers shot down with them. The first Storm Shadow deployment was in the LNR, they managed to hit their targets (2 civilian factories) but the actual planes carrying them (a MiG-29 and a Su-24) were shot down by Russian Su-35s. After that any further launches have been largely taken out before impacting their targets. This shouldn't be surprising, the Russian SAM forces took out a Storm Shadow meant to hit a Syrian Government Facility years back.


>Ukrainian counter-offensive already happened and got got. Russians are advancing now.
This relates to missile strikes in what manner?

>The first Storm Shadow deployment was in the LNR, they managed to hit their targets (2 civilian factories) but the actual planes carrying them (a MiG-29 and a Su-24) were shot down by Russian Su-35s.
Most likely just projection after losing a Su-34, Su-35 and 2 Mi-8 when launching glide bombs at Ukraine.


>This relates to missile strikes in what manner?
That they don't do shit. Just like I said. :^)


File: 1685312506613.png (41.18 KB, 752x294, ClipboardImage.png)



hey piglet, did you fly today?


Pathetic. Is this all you got?


We got Artyomovsk :^)


Russian TG channels are eager for ukrainians to start their offensive. but eager in unison. is like the psycho wojak smile.


its coping over the fact that our winter offensive did not occur
so now the wait is for Ukraine to self-own by making a stupid frontal attack


>get up, so I can kill you again!
The purpose of the offensive was to salvage Bakhmut. It didn't work.


If we haven't seen Bradleys and Leopards then the offensyiv probably hasn't started


File: 1685315839604.png (47.42 KB, 554x554, 1598381002543.png)

>in offensive action


Yes, and when the bubbles be red, you stop it.


I appreciate the argument being "it didn't actually get anywhere or achieve anything, therefore, it's not a real offensive", by the way. Very convincing.


>likely just projection after losing a Su-34, Su-35 and 2 Mi-8
The first Storm Shadow launch occurred before the Bryansk incidents
Also there is no evidence of a Su-35 being downed, a Su-34 crashed, and there is video of a Mi-8 being hit, and another one crashing. A Su-25 was reportedly hit but no video/photo evidence of this was seen or confirmed by Russian MoD unlike the 2 helis and the Su-34.

And this has little relevance to the Storm Shadow.


LMAO BlackTailDefense's Stryker videos are proven right all over again!


"A new squad of enemy stormtroopers is following the bodies of the comrades. They seem to think that they know the defense scheme of our forces, starting a battle at a short distance.

The enemy takes out their trump card. During the firefight, the enemy drone is trying to drop ammunition at our fighters, while they're trying to shoot down the copter in the sky.

Our guys are wounded. The militants decided that they won the battle, they are calmly approaching our positions, and only now our machine gunner starts to work. He was letting the enemy closer."

Machine gun fire

The grenade that our wounded fighter prepared to blow himself up and not get captured, he throws it at the enemy."

"We stand until the end, until the last moment."


Has that front moved at all? How many weeks has it been?


Great work.


It's being taken bit by bit. Bakhmut has just been the media focus so Avdiivka coverage is more sparse.


But enough about the Russian offensive action, what about the Ukrainian one? :^)


They've been probing around at different areas on the front in and around Bakhmut, but it's been for nothing mostly, any gains they make are reversed hours later and its done with enormous losses of vehicles and men.


In other news, apparently along with MALD decoy missiles and other un-publicized weapons deliveries, Ukraine got Phalanx CIWS delivered to them for air defense. Vid rel is from last night in Odessa. You can see air defense sending missiles after the drones (mostly Geran 2's from reports) and you can hear the distinctive noise of that particular CIWS system.


>Phalanx CIWS
Great, another ridiculously ammo intensive system. The logistics guys must be thrilled.


>the forest in front of Minkivka is being dug in by Ukrainian troops and tanks
>the entire road to Slovyansk from Bakhmut will likely be the same
Ehhhhh, well, I didn't figure they would just give up that easily, but my prediction of retreat might take a while.


>A Russian Deserter’s Flight to Norway Presents a Fraught Dilemma for His Host
I can't tell if this guy's just a faker or an idiot. If it's the first that makes sense but in what world would an actual Wagner fighter think he'd be getting into except a lynching by Western russophobes.


that's why Russia launched an overwhelming drone campaign yesterday?
Mercouris talks about the biggest drone attack ever yesterday. Perhaps they were testing the gatling by overwhelming the airspace and trying to hit it.


File: 1685321457379.png (141.56 KB, 2688x2688, 1344177706902.png)

>unannounced delivery of a weapon system
>somewhere behind the front
>Russia already found out about it and where, and is probing it
>also unannounced
That's disconcerting.


File: 1685321468529.png (1019.89 KB, 1360x768, ClipboardImage.png)

Damn no wonder the RAF is always trying to fuck the new guys


NAFOtard: I bet I could take 4 Orcs at once
/leftypol/er: I bet I could take 4 Orcs at once


Phalanx is primarily ship based (hence CIWS designation) so I'm wondering if its some land-based alternative they're testing out. I doubt they'll bring it to the front since that shit is a massive target and needs a shit-ton of energy to run its systems.


File: 1685321643741.png (543.5 KB, 725x448, pained orc.png)

In a fight right?


File: 1685321822180.png (23.19 KB, 193x192, 1387051290498.png)


took out her schwarma man damn


Well, someone has their priorities straight, /chug/


I’m thankful that I didn’t read about the war in its first days.

I just read grey zone’s post of May 25, concerning the first days of the war, featuring both their own post from back then and Prigozhin’s (Yes, his!) optimistic description of the special military operation as “a splendid microsurgery”

“how it all began. What an idea, what an urge, what a belief… back then I didn’t yet think all was lost and ‘grey zone’ wasn’t so grey”

but I have no idea why they strike this nostalgic tone when recalling such brutal proof that the regime DID expect - though maybe not with high confidence - that the war WOULD be over shortly, and most importantly that the PEOPLE, WE BELIEVED that a brutal ethnic cleansing would not befall fellow Russians in the Donbass. Prigozhin, where are our tanks in “almost-liberated Kharkov”? Where are the cauldrons? (plural - Mariupol was the only actual encirclement of the war) Why did it turn out that Kiev’s mayor misspoke when he talked about the city’s encirclement?

but it’s all right, Like the army, the war reporters and the people were not as experienced back then. There’s no cope here - only wisdom and new insight gained from experience…


my man is like "learning and introspection is bad, actually"


File: 1685323364457.jpg (35.3 KB, 688x350, 1615796393509.jpg)


>video removed
Now I'm curious.


It was some russian trailer trash girl eating something and chatting with other girls. She had a fresh Tattoo of a Ukrainian trident on her arm so the guy filming the video smacks her food outta her hands. It was pretty cringe over all.


hahahaha, great idea, I'll fix it later


File: 1685327607441.webm (7.59 MB, 432x240, peepshow_ukraine2.webm)

fixed it now since it was EZ


Kek excellent


It's okay, guys. Russia's MIC is nearly dead. Foreign Policy told me so.


File: 1685328825987.png (522.69 KB, 700x628, pepe_hind.png)

So, to the people that have been following this conflict since 2014, do you think DPR soldiers will get to have the satisfaction of taking Kramatorsk and Slavyansk while the war still lasts or will Ukraine surrender/get regime changed before that happens?


File: 1685328936435.png (111.87 KB, 314x235, ClipboardImage.png)

Are you on the side of Cucktin's elites or the soldiers and proles of DPR?


The war is the only thing holding Ukraine together at this point, they're not going to surrender and the military isn't going to ignore the powder keg




File: 1685330121045.png (15.2 KB, 501x534, MAFqxchO96m9ad.png)

Prigozhin's retarded power plays are exclusively about him securing political credibility among the Russian nationalist rightoids so he has a secure place to go post-war. Anything heard from him or his cronies should be taken with an extreme grain of salt, because he is always trying to exploit internal doctrinal and political divisions for the sake of privileging himself to one side or the other.


but if Prigozhin is merely an opportunist, who will be the Savior Of Russia?


Guy really went from being quiet for eight years that Wagner supposedly existed (according to Bellingcat) and suing foreign journalists for saying he is associated with Wagner, to just not shutting the fuck up and never stopping shitposting.


>State Department refuses to say whether it will negotiate with Zelensky for the release of detained U.S. citizen Gonzalo Lira:

Video of Ned price being asked about this



File: 1685333438434.png (1.19 MB, 931x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

Anyone have pic rel in better res?


a few from my Turkish Election Cope Collection
>democracy has lost bc the people voted wrong
share any other good salt mined today


Is pic 1 acknowledging the UK is a media led dictatorship?


I mean Erdogan is an autocrat, but of course western countries are also controlled by the media too


I still remember, when in 2017/2018 there was a coop against Erdogan and libs were cheering it on.


File: 1685335143444.png (162.43 KB, 971x937, dprkfacts.png)

People shit on /chug/ and sometimes rightfully so, but unironically those threads are getting people to support the DPRK LMAO


Executed so badly, half of the /pol/ thread and stream was wondering if it's Erdogan's own false flag.


>The way Karl is playing the piano and talking while the Last Cuck gets his shit wrecked by a zombie.
And the rightoid that presumably made this wants me to think he's the bad guy.


Be wary of the "DPRK are the real Nazis, and that's actually based" crowd.


>p-putins elites
So embarrassing when baizuo read medium articles and think they are now experts on Russia's political sphere


There's a "Saddam was natsoc and I love it" schizo who shows up in the Burger general


You're so right anon, Russia has no elites, shock doctrine never happened


File: 1685336337991.png (225.76 KB, 769x811, ClipboardImage.png)

>No retard. You're conflating that with NEGRO which means black.
NTA but the N slur is literally just an anglicized slur version of negro


Nice you made something up in your head and responded to it, do you feel better now sweetie


File: 1685337377948.jpg (57.2 KB, 514x563, Jaune Stop.jpg)

>replying to a day old post of a conversational thread that's finished
Are you for real m8? Also uyghur being a more anglicized version of the term doesn't take away from the fact that one was specifically used as a slur and the other as a descriptor - negros being a much more milder and non-slur slang term for blacks as you yourself say. What's your point? The other anon is conflating the use of uyghur and negro as one and the same. Being etymologically connected isn't the same as having identical meaning.

TL;DR: I'm tired of this conversation about words, especially since it's irrelevant.


I'm still shocked that the rat represents Canada and the pig represents Argentina somehow.


>the rat represents Canada
I thought it was Latvia?


>pig represents Argentina
I don't think that's Argentina TBH I'd wager it's more likely Ukraine or some other big Euro country.


File: 1685342971799.png (39.69 KB, 427x400, 1625511347626.png)

>Noooooo, don't report us raiders! Please, I must be able to do my job! NOOOOOOO!!!1!1!!1!


File: 1685343357031.png (247.63 KB, 528x529, Concern almost.png)

>Everyone is a glowie because an anon said bitching to mods about every little concern troll is faggotry
Are you mentally ok? Do you need medical assistance? Or are you just this genuinely new?


File: 1685343975539.jpg (353.23 KB, 1280x1280, 16853435700660.jpg)

100% efficiency of Ukrainian AD


Probably Israel, without the white stripes on the outside. Otherwise, Royal Blue - White - Royal Blue is Nicaraguan.


Argentina is the only one like that that is in G20


Putin's brave communist KGB bros who brought real socialism to all those babushkas and underage girls


File: 1685345890322.mp4 (3.12 MB, 480x270, KGB Summons you.mp4)

KGB of Belarus released this recently as a spoof of American foreign recruitment


very cool when mr putlimir lenin released all the azov nazis the precedent of this war fell on, in exchange for some random bourgeois politician
even ztards in Russia and the donbass/Eastern Ukraine I talked to online turned on him after that


>In an interview in Oslo, Mr. Medvedev described his new living conditions, provided mostly by the Norwegian state. According to him, they include a house, home visits by a Norwegian language teacher, an integration assistant, ski and mountain bike trips, and “Taco Saturdays” with a personal security detail.
Are you fucking kidding me?!?








Thanks m8!

Like any PR whore traitor he gets treated like a queen in exchange for being an anti-Russian shill. Same shit like that MiG-25 pilot defecting or Solzhenitsyn.


File: 1685346809822.jpg (71.83 KB, 800x534, The best pill.jpg)

>Are you mentally ok?
<Says the RWBYcel


>Read a Fucking Book
Now all we need is a Marxhead and we've got the trifecta of dogshit rare flags


File: 1685347769636-1.png (707.76 KB, 972x1142, living like a king.png)

>Ahhhhhhhhhh! Muh BLM and Pride parades!
Of all the things, these morons always have to obsess over this shit…

Imagine if Syrian or Libyan refugees got this treatment. Cracker mobs would lynch them. This guy got his own house, not an apartment, A FUCKING HOUSE!
The defector, who went to Frogland, also looks like he's getting similar treatment. On the pictures (2nd picrel) he's got nice clothes and is chilling in a fancy Paris café, which you should know, are ludicrously expensive.

At least, Ukronazis are malding over this too.


File: 1685347953357-0.png (1.29 MB, 1275x713, image.png)

We've made it ichkeria bros….


>So embarrassing when baizuo read medium articles and think they are now experts on Russia's political sphere
We're nearing the point where western zigga simps remain the only group of people that doesn't criticise Cucktin.


File: 1685348063598.png (7.94 MB, 1496x2047, ClipboardImage.png)

hmmmmm, besides russia I feel like this reminds me of something


Do we have any Russian Anons here that want to 'defect' and get a free house? Lmao…


Dont reply to the same post with 3 different posts you faggot.


This pic has pro-Russian and pro-French bias



Sadly I don't have much to offer westoids so I doubt I'd get a free house, I'd probably join the hordes of zoomer liberasts trying and failing to survive by making vegan coffee shops in Georgia


Why is West so poor that they can't even provide for the libs that run away to them, lol


What going on here, can you give a TLDR translation?


File: 1685348906955.png (589.03 KB, 730x547, ClipboardImage.png)

It's a scene from a movie based on a Soviet kids story "Tale About Malchish-Kibalchish"
It's the bad cowardly kid who sells out his communist bros to the bourgeois villains for a barrel of jam and a basket of cookies.


Russians and Frenchers are just objectively good looking compared to Germanic goblins.


>Also there is no evidence of a Su-35 being downed, a Su-34 crashed, and there is video of a Mi-8 being hit, and another one crashing.
This is rhe problem with you people. You listen to some dumbed-down western zigger crap instead of Russian sources. Already the more prominent channels like fighterbomber confirned the loss of the two planes, two helicopters and the 11 airmen on those aircraft.


File: 1685348952377.png (1.29 MB, 1000x1089, ClipboardImage.png)


Thanks, ill add it to my watch list.


Based and True.


Reality has a pro-French bias.


>Already the more prominent channels like fighterbomber confirned the loss of the two planes, two helicopters and the 11 airmen on those aircraft.

Right, the guy who was saying on 24.02.22 that the war is already over, Ukraine is completely defeated

It's fucking insane how everyone considers TG channels as reliable truthful sources, lmao


image of truth


>Right, the guy who was saying on 24.02.22 that the war is already over, Ukraine is completely defeated


fighterbomber / файтербомбер TG channel


>Imagine if Syrian or Libyan refugees got this treatment. Cracker mobs would lynch them. This guy got his own house, not an apartment, A FUCKING HOUSE!
Based on prior incidents I guess we found one of those Russian Nazis.


Still a better prediction than the amerimutts and expats who thought Russia would in three days/two more weeks


missiles strike Ukraine (it's daytime) as we speak. People say that they are targeting Patriot


File: 1685350461321.png (470.15 KB, 590x1280, 16853501989670.png)

This is Patriot's booster presented as a shot down missile


Probably should target that C-RAM as it is going to be more efficient.


I think that Russian missiles smell weakness and exploit the lack of AD. Patriots get shit on


File: 1685351139204.png (2.5 MB, 2550x4194, 20230525_213902.png)

Slovyansk-kramatorsk status, counteroffensyivcelibates?


File: 1685351210597.png (386.68 KB, 789x794, ClipboardImage.png)

dayum, that song wasn't lying
they did marry Ukrainian women



What am I looking at here?


File: 1685352188930.mp4 (4.32 MB, 720x1280, Su35.mp4)

Can Americans do this?


File: 1685352934895.mp4 (3.39 MB, 856x480, F35.mp4)

>Can Americans do this?


File: 1685353148108.png (253.19 KB, 879x736, ClipboardImage.png)

America is honestly in the runnings for Soviet style collapse, but I thought at least they were keeping on top of the military


They are spending shit loads but most of it goes to legalised corruption.


This is a RC model


They can still do it, it's just not particularly useful because you're going to eat cannon the moment you try it on someone. I think it was referenced in Top Gun or something?


Here is what I mean, although I don't know how you could get into a situation you could try it almost stationary since it is inherently always moving fast lel


File: 1685355543969.png (689.11 KB, 790x1024, ClipboardImage.png)

sorry russkies


>Slovyansk-kramatorsk status
Two more weeks


Westerners are gonna have a tantrum
Westerners are gonna have a tantrum in five years


> Grow thicker skin
You're the special snowflake getting triggered by the uyghur word.


Dehumanizing faggots like you is the point.


Boy the Ukrainians must be coping a pasting.


>responding to posts over 24 hours old
you're the triggered one


File: 1685356430072.png (507.44 KB, 1920x1290, ClipboardImage.png)

that has always been one of the corridors of Belt and Road, you fucking retard


at least you admit it btw. the rest of the anons were trying to pretend it's just a little grab-ass teasing and boys-will-be-boys banter. but you're honest at least. There's a reason calling someone a reactionary for using dehumanizing slurs is considered more offensive around here than calling someone a dehumanizing slur. There's a reason why the cultural hegemony of this place dictates that the liberal right to freeze peach is more important than class solidarity. If I call shit out I'm "making it about race" even if someone else came hot out the gates with some "you disagree with me therefore you're a N word". They can't even begin to question the psychology of why they want to use it so much and why they'd have a long exchange with me defending their use of it as innocent because they're cowards. But you're honest. You want to dehumanize working class people who aren't like you.


westoids seeing Turkey descend deeper and deeper into reaction breaks their brains, it's so funny
>yes, of course, NATO is about shared values - freedom and democracy!
>no, there are of course no shared values, NATO is purely a defensive alliance!
>repeat ad nauseam


File: 1685357213527.png (22.16 KB, 578x200, polish.png)

>"you disagree with me therefore you're a N word"
Again, nobody here is racist against black people, you stupid Polack


>we're not racist against black ppl, it's just that the N word is the first thing we can think of when someone annoys us, and we'll keep responding when asked the stop even though it would cost us nothing to simply stop doing it.

really makes me think


can someone explain the USSR perspective on the turkish straits crisis that led to turkey being in NATO in the first place. what was the deal with that? i don't know much about it


someone told me once that turkey was couped before joining NATO but idk how true that is


Soviet Bait


File: 1685357801506.png (20.36 MB, 5488x3185, ClipboardImage.png)

By the way, how do you actually know that people are typing out the 👻 n-word 👻? Have you considered that it's not actually the word filter? Maybe they just really really hate Uyghur ETIM terrorists, who kill so many innocents.


the conversation started a day ago with someone flinging it around in an image to get around the word filter


>Oh boy time to be a faggot and make sure this asinine conversation doesn't rotate out the cyclical again


File: 1685359252183.png (178.55 KB, 480x360, ClipboardImage.png)

>turkey was couped before joining NATO
well, when was Turkey not couped? Might be easier to count
>USSR perspective on the turkish straits crisis
>have solid relations with Turkey after therespective revolution
>in the 30s the Soviets know the war is coming and want to deepen cooperation
>this displeases the Anglo (as always) as he can feel his grip on the middle east slipping
>convince them to stop Soviet military fleets from passing the straits (even though it was explicitly allowed (with strict Turkish oversight) in international treaties) during the war, while allowing Germans to pass
>Soviets get angry because not only are they being locked in, all other black sea nations are being fucked over too
>Help, help!
>the Americans show up and double down (as always)
>make Turkey join NATO to fuck with the Soviets even more


>nobody even said it
incredible, Ukroderailers are reaching completely new levels of desperation. The next point on your checklist should be a healthy conversation about LGBT rights in Russia, right? Haven't had one of those in quite a while, it feels like


forgot to reply


I don't even read news anymore, I check /ukraine/ on leftypol and if there's an offtopic derail going on I know Russia must be doing well and go about my business


>if there's an offtopic derail going on
>if there's an offtopic derail going on
ummm, I rearranged all the letters in your post and it spelled out the n-word, you heckin' Rashist


They tried to "muh both sides" but that got shut down quickly.


File: 1685360616508.jpg (79.8 KB, 608x839, 8767665.jpg)


>Right, the guy who was saying on 24.02.22 that the war is already over, Ukraine is completely defeated
The absolute state. Fighter bomber and all of these channels that constantly get dismissed as doomers here were involved in Donbas since 2014, they have direct connections to people in the field.
Go listen to some fat Americuck copers how everything is le plan.


File: 1685362763008.jpg (109.99 KB, 720x682, Very sad.jpg)

>if there's an offtopic derail going on I know Russia must be doing well and go about my business


Ppl like Strelkov and Murz have direct connections in Donbass and are still doomers who have repeatedly predicted things going worse for Russia than they do in reality. Turns out, soldiers in trenches like to complain, banter and say they don't get enough stuff. It is perfectly understandable, but not necessarily paints a 100% objective picture


Remember the book War is a Racket how Butler describes 500% profit margins on production as "meager"?
The US military budget might say 850billion on the label but it's only getting effectively 85 billion, or less.


Anons have been saying that since the Kherson offensive. It's glowie-tier thought termination. One of the top three most annoying ziggerisms.


File: 1685363970278.png (1.19 MB, 1012x675, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1685364112930.jpg (72.13 KB, 740x702, 1612523393642.jpg)

Gaslighting scumbags, like you, should be shot.


t. hohol derailer


>it's just banter, there is no panic in Kher… ACK!


Bakhmut Status?


the comment contains several clues pointing towards sarcasm - a so called "joke". making fun of derailers is not "gaslighting", you autistic freak (this is ableism)


Were the doomers right about Kherson and Kharkov? Yes.


Counteroffensivyiv Status?


We basically had this effect from March to June this year


What a sorry attempt at being funny and poor understanding of slavic languages.
Winteroffensove status?


>ukro-deathsquads fill mass graves with fresh bodies of civilians after the Kherson offensive
All part of the brilliant plan to save the Russian population of the Ukraine. You see, refusing to harden his heart is actually Putin's way of demonstrating that he is not a cuck


Republic of Belgorod Status?


the Battle of Back-moot has successfully concluded


no, wait that was Kharkov! Well, both actually - nothing to see here, please ignore the cuckery


Cuckrainian is not a real language.

Anti-terrorist operation status?


The Bomshoye Wintwroffensovoye doesn't look halfway bad if you completely memoryhole Avdeevka, Ugledar, Marinka, Makeevka and some hamlets near Pisskey no one ever heard of.




Temporarily Occupied Crimea Status?


File: 1685366367079.png (186.55 KB, 474x474, ClipboardImage.png)

sorry, I can't hear you! this damn thing is so fucking loud!


Are we supposed to believe Ukraine is a winning a war of attrition in these places? The only one I see is Ugledar, and all of them are smaller battles than Bakhmut


No one wins anything in this stupid war. Ukraine loses, Russia loses.
These towns have a population of anout zero and will not recover from this war in a forseeable future.
But you can go on and soyjak on how based and socialist it is to groind the AFU against the combined content of Russia's penal colonies.
Cucktin is by all intents and purposes more of a Pinochetist than a socialist.


File: 1685366750847-0.png (79.13 KB, 220x328, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685366750848-1.png (60.97 KB, 220x271, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1685366750848-2.png (80.83 KB, 220x302, ClipboardImage.png)

I've been following /chug/ since you guys have become more retarded than them and decided to bring you back some prime copium headlines


>how based and socialist it is to groind the AFU
>against the combined content of Russia's penal colonies.
why don't you "groind" (oink oink version of grind) against my penile colony, while I do not submit against NATO and the imperial hegemon?


>against the combined content of Russia's penal colonies.
Nice headcanon, you write for kyuiyev independent?


>implying women didn't vote for Erdogan
Oh baby, are they in for a surprise


>But you can go on and soyjak on how based and socialist it is to groind the AFU against the combined content of Russia's penal colonies.

You came to this from "le heckin based Ukrainian people successfully defend against Asiatic Russian hordes", remember


>S O V E R E I G N N A T I O N
>pls ignore all evidence to the contrary
>btw youre a putler rashist


>You came to this from "le heckin based Ukrainian people successfully defend against Asiatic Russian hordes", remember


what about "inter-imperialist conflict"?


It's amazing how you people fail to follow conversations and falsely accuse samefrienggotry in a thread where about five people make 90% of the posts.
Also getting visited by the rest of the board looks like a raid to you.


>we are le majority

Am I misremembering, or was there a poll?


File: 1685368650232.mp4 (888.68 KB, 982x560, 16853599102280.mp4)

Patriot booster


>getting visited by the rest of the board looks like a raid to you.
it is effectively, the /isg/ crowd tried their "inter-imperialist conflict" bullshit many times, and they (often self-admitted US citizens) always mysteriously arrive at the conclusion that benefits them (and the US state department) - "real socialism" is only possible once all the heckin' reactionary Putlerinos of the world have been crushed by the US empire.

it doesn't matter how often they get btfo'd by the people here who actually looked into imperialism and world system theory. it doesn't matter how often people like the sabot-cat poster kindly explain to them in detail how an actual principled "ultra" position and the anti-imperialist position don't actually differ.

and finally, after the fall of back-moot there were plenty of posters from elsewhere. imperialist derailing is derailing whether it is "homegrown" or not.


File: 1685368776601.jpg (64.43 KB, 745x1024, 1685363786057420m.jpg)


I don't care if the cat is black or white, as long as it stops the missiles
only ultras think power stations can't be useful at intercepting drones


if babushkas with pickle jars can finish off drones and rednecks with shotguns can shoot down jets - why wouln't Ukrainian electrical substations not possess the ability to intercept missiles? see how successful they are!


Why does nobody call out Ukrainian bullshit. If you tolerate this stupidity, you just become stupid yourself


If you do, you get purged for spreading "conspiracy myths".


File: 1685369636043.png (314.5 KB, 894x752, 1685367638697757.png)

When will Russia finally run out of gloves to dramatically take off


>reddit spacing
Didn't read tbh, nice NAFO pasta


>I don't care if the cat is black or white
Reminder that Deng never said this, he was quoting someone else talking about agriculture.


File: 1685369913987.jpg (90.17 KB, 476x600, пошол нахуй.jpg)

>red flag poster is nitpicking a satire again because "muh idpol"
In the past 24 hours I've seen you post 3 times and your takes have either been complete rad lib garbage or mild mid-shit that says nothing that hasn't literally already been said, leaving for an hour or 2. Just stay gone, you're cringe.


Cucktin has a backlog of about one dozen crossed red lines to enforce.


There's similar pics but involving Russia instead of China.


File: 1685370145049.png (2.2 MB, 1395x1536, stalin clever.png)

>"E-everyone but me is an incel if they call my shit out!"
>Watching a show for fun is BAD becuz I don't like it!
Take your own advice, eat those lead pills you offer. Oh and if I recall you must be of age to use this site, clearly, you are not.


…you've been on this thread for the past 24 hours? LMAO


> more prominent channels like fighterbomber confirned
Confirmed how? I believe the evidence that I see or at least can believe. A Su-35 isn't a strike-fighter, sturmovik or helicopter, they don't fly low typically. There is proof of losses for the SU-34 and helicopters and a Su-25 makes sense, but there's no proof of an Su-35


And it also can't be overstated how these versions necessarily strip the context of the war to make it it's own thing in a vacuum. They imply that the cold war and the resulting partition, is caused by the invasion of Ukraine and not the reverse.


I meant summarily. I went to sleep in the hours between these posts and the posts Red Flag Fag is responding to.


File: 1685370651686.png (194.9 KB, 535x726, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1685370900973.jpg (178.52 KB, 1098x732, F-35 sunk.jpg)


Several Russian channels reported it.https://t.me/voenacher/44520


It's not fucking great work. The literally murderous hegemon provoked and fomented a civil war on Russia's border over the course of 70 years using nazi ideology as a tool. Nobody needs to revel in seeing the deaths of these men, but their deaths should be seen.


File: 1685371524631.gif (1.88 MB, 498x373, futurama-bender.gif)

Both sides are shit.
Both sides are incompetent.
Both sides serve capital.
Fuck the Ukronazis.
Fuck the Wagnercucks.
Fuck desovietization
Fuck decommunization
Fuck the "SMO"
Fuck NATO even more
This is an inter-imperialist war.
This is an inter-capitalist war.
More capitalist war does not mean an end to capitalist war.
Only class war can do that.
Lenin would have shot everyone here.
Stalin would have shot everyone here.
All else is cope.

If you disagree your are a dirty saboteur.


This. So nice to see another NATO supporter in this thread, I thought it was just me!


>The literally murderous hegemon provoked and fomented a civil war on Russia's border over the course of 70 years using nazi ideology as a tool.
The murderous hegemonic side is the bad side


File: 1685371762267.webm (1.93 MB, 1274x710, 1685368289109888.webm)


that your tired NAFO glowie Chat GPT generated talking points were debunked in the first week of these threads and by Trotsky no less.


I'd rather root for the side that has a communist party as the 2nd most powerful/voted party


File: 1685371913212.png (1009.08 KB, 1200x675, cucktin.png)

the meek shall inherit the earth (after the americans dominate it for another 6 centuries)


I get called a both sides but I disagree with this shit. Obviously the primary contradiction is still Western imperialism as represented by the US ruling class and its European and East Asian satellites, having taken the mantle from prior British and French ruling classes.

However, what ziggas miss is that Russia doesn't have to win for there to be a positive outcome. What benefits Russia has brought to the cause of weakening the imperialist powers has already been achieved. As it stands both Russian and Ukrainian workers are being crushed by their respective ruling classes in a gamble that will probably not pan out for either side. A Ukrainian "total victory" will probably still result in a civil conflict between liberals and fascists. There is no way Azovites are going to let their "victory" (or defeat and sacrifice) to be turned into an IMF romp through Ukrainian public sector. They have the same exact opinions on Western culture and degeneracy as the Kremlin propaganda does.

As Russia tries to prolong the war it too will run into issues of discontent among its populace. Everyone knows it and Prigozhin is just trying to get ahead of the line.


what the shit happened the thead the last 4 days


File: 1685372106526.jpg (65.15 KB, 500x673, 6mehye.jpg)

When do we tell him that the CPRF advocated smashing the Ukronazis for a long time?


If you ask ziggas it'll probably be
>gay NAFO Nazis are raiding because Ukraine just lost another three brigades
But I'm guessing it's because the general moved up +1 and other anons are peeking in to see what's going on. Like it or not, /ukraine/ has become a containment board much like /isg/.


>has become a containment board
>has become
Its been this for a long time now.


Lenin supported bourgeois Persia and Turkey against European imperialist powers


Okay/chug/ I have seen the light, I am now a based fashoid do you really think this shit works


>words, words, words
Anglos deliver crusie missiles to Ukraine and the most severe repercussion so far was a "strongly worded letter".
The eternal Albion doesn't care about the heckin' missile spammerino on Kiev, they just go on and continue to cross Cucktin's red lines.


Fascists invented neoliberalism.



He really never misses does he?


File: 1685375121927.webm (3.44 MB, 1280x720, 1677007706814635.webm)

Cope, faggot.


lmao at that Graun article

>And it shone a light on yet another emerging pattern: how Ukraine’s president, not America’s risk-averse commander-in-chief or the Nato alliance, is driving the west’s wartime agenda.

>Ukraine is increasingly setting the pace on the ground, too, independently of its main backers
>Another pattern is apparent: Biden’s chronic indecision.

Imagine being this gullible


>good luck defeating the guys allied with fascists without fascists

____kill yourself_____



Lukashenko offers nuclear weapons to nations willing 'to join the Union State of Russia and Belarus' | CNN

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko talks during the 2nd Eurasian Economic Forum on May 24 in Moscow, Russia.


Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko has claimed that nations who are willing “to join the Union State of Russia and Belarus” will be given nuclear weapons, days after confirming the transfer of some tactical nuclear weapons from Moscow to Minsk had begun.

Lukashenko, a close ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin, made the comments in an on-camera interview released Sunday on the state-run Russia 1 channel.

During the interview, Lukashenko said, “no one minds Kazakhstan and other countries having the same close relations that we have with the Russian Federation.”

“It’s very simple,” he added. “Join the Union State of Belarus and Russia. That’s all: there will be nuclear weapons for everyone.”

Signed in 1999, the Agreement on Establishment of the Union State of Belarus and Russia Treaty set up a legal basis for a wide-ranging alliance that spanned economic, information, technology, agriculture, and border security among other things between the two countries, according to the Belarus government website.

It was not clear how wide Lukashenko’s invitation to join the Union State extended, and he offered no other specifics.

But his comments on handing out nuclear weapons to like-minded allies are likely to heighten concerns at a time of growing global proliferation and as Moscow threatens the world with its own atomic arsenal as its war against Ukraine falters.

On Thursday the Belarusian autocrat said the transfer of some tactical nuclear weaponsfrom Russia to Belarus had begun, following an agreement signed by Moscow and Minsk.

“It was necessary to prepare storage sites, and so on. We did all this. Therefore, the movement of nuclear weapons began,” Lukashenko said, according to state news agency Belta.

He also promised the safety of those weapons, saying: “This is not even up for discussion. Don’t worry about nuclear weapons. We are responsible for this. These are serious issues. Everything will be alright here.”

Putin has said that Russia would retain control over any tactical nuclear weapons stationed in Belarus and likened the move to Washington’s practice of stationing nuclear weapons in Europe to keep host countries, like Germany, from breaking their commitments as non-nuclear powers.

Belarus has had no nuclear weapons on its territory since the early 1990s. Shortly after gaining independence following the collapse of the Soviet Union, it agreed to transfer all Soviet-era weapons of mass destruction stationed there to Russia.

Since invading Ukraine more than a year ago, Putin has used escalating rhetoric on a number of occasions, warning of the “increasing” threat of nuclear war and suggesting Moscow may abandon its “no first use” policy.

In March, Putin said Moscow will complete the construction of a special storage facility for tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus by the beginning of July, and said Russia had already made the transfer to Belarus of an Iskander short-range missile system, which can be fitted with nuclear or conventional warheads.

Tactical nuclear weapons are smaller than strategic nuclear weapons – which can decimate entire cities – and are designed for use in a limited battlefield. However, their explosive yields are still enough to cause major destruction as well as radiation contamination.

The United States and the European Union, as well as opposition leaders in Belarus, have denounced the move to deploy Russian tactical nuclear weapons in Belarus.

“It’s the latest example of irresponsible behavior that we have seen from Russia since its full-scale invasion of Ukraine over a year ago,” said US State Department spokesperson Matthew Miller on Thursday.

Miller added that despite the report of the transfer, the US sees “no reason to adjust our strategic nuclear posture” and said there are no “indications that Russia is preparing to use a nuclear weapon.”

The EU called the agreement between Moscow and Minsk “a step which will lead to further extremely dangerous escalation.”

And Ukrainian presidential adviser Mykhailo Podolyak tweeted on Sunday that Lukashenko’s words “directly indicate that the Russian Federation is deliberately ‘killing’ the concept of global nuclear deterrence and ‘burying’ the key Global Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.”

“This fundamentally undermines the principles of global security,” Podolyak said. “There can only be one solution: a tough stance of nuclear states; relevant UN/IAEA resolutions; extensive sanctions against (Russian state nuclear energy firm) Rosatom; systemic financial sanctions against Belarus and ultimately against Russia.”

Members of the Belarusian opposition also slammed the agreement, with exiled opposition leader Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya saying in a post on Twitter “we must do everything to prevent Putin’s plan to deploy nuclear weapons in Belarus.”

“It directly violates our constitutional non-nuclear status and would secure Russia’s control over Belarus for years ahead. And it would further threaten the security of Ukraine and all of Europe,” she said.

Analysts say there are still a lot of unknowns with the transfer.

“We don’t know if it’s actually physically started yet, though Lukashenko says it has. We don’t know if any weapons have actually left Russia yet, we don’t know when they are going to be deployed, we don’t know what kind of weapons will be deployed,” national security expert Joe Cirincione told CNN on Friday.

Cirincione, former president of the Ploughshares Fund which is focused on reducing the threat of nuclear weapons, said if it goes ahead it would be “an historic milestone.”

“We can’t remember another incident where, during a crisis, a nuclear armed state has flushed its weapons from garrison and put them into the field, which is effectively what Putin is doing here,” he said.


File: 1685375484667.mp4 (85.52 KB, 640x338, BASED.mp4)


Honestly Luka is such a giga chad it's scary. This uyghur is promising free nukes to anyone who wants to join the Anti Anglo Alliance lmao


This is the correct take.


Socialism is when free Nukes.


Who else could potentially join? Though I'm still a bit confused on this Union state thing, is it supposed to be Russia and Belarus becoming one sovereign nation-state or some other sort of polity where the two are still two separate countries?


>However, what ziggas miss is that Russia doesn't have to win for there to be a positive outcome.
False. I want Russian MIC to outlast the NATO MIC combined. Not the other way around.


<I Sleep:
>Workers Control of the Means of Production

<Real Shit:

>Workers Control of the Weapons of Mass Destruction


>other anons are peeking in to see what's going on
well then the doomposting about how leftpol is fucked is correct because these other anons have brought nothing cogent, just shitfighting


Luka is trying to revive the Soviet Union.



Blaming ZOGsrael for everything is the biggest copout for American reactionaries
>Yeah just ignore the fact that we cheered for Abu Ghraib rapists bro here take some heckin wholesome disabled aryan vet and his neurodivergent transhumanist kids it's the yids bro





>get free nuke
>still refuse to participate in Cucktin's SMO


Da Juice why me no hav sex.


You've butthurt the samefagging NAFO racebaiter


Belarus is part of the plan of the SMO. Their job is to look menacing and keep the poles, balts and other natoids afraid to start shit.


File: 1685376858299.png (150.08 KB, 360x360, soviet chad.png)

only Workers Control of the Means of DESTRUCTION can invite our space comrades to help bring about Workers Control of the Means of Production


unfortunately kazakhstan refused the offer


File: 1685377397374.png (670.94 KB, 1080x1086, ClipboardImage.png)

It's ogre


I forgot about this cuckold. Look at his new NAFO avatar lol.

God I hope he gets gulag'd in the end.


it's always the same. never enough lies.

but can you DO THIS?


Isn't the OpSec thing to say the reverse? If an attack doesn't work, you say it does so the enemy wastes more effort?


>the pilot was able to eject
His fuckin legs are mush, ouch


there was no official statement, so it is speculative.
wait what?
Seems a parody made by some american conservatives.
funny, though.
kek at this rate they will claim they managed to turn back the air attacks to Russia, and Russians are the ones having power cut outs.
yes and yes, before. the ukrainian government will not cease to exist until the west says so.



All 15 republics.

They're coming back home.


kek, yes, f 35s are like glitches on the real-life simulator.


File: 1685379531598.jpg (52.47 KB, 541x768, Honecker.jpg)

Lets get the whole Warsaw gang back together again.


USSR 2, Reactionary Boogaloo


It’s hilarious that Westoids think China is that retarded. Like oh yes they fell for your trap lmao


Who is the blue and while demonic looking boar?




I think the artist just messed up the Italian flag somehow since it's supposed to be G7. Canada hanging off of its ear too (for some reason)




I always watch french garbage and even they coildn't cope with the suicide russian neonazi ops.


Luka is the greatest mind of this generation


File: 1685382298186.mp4 (10.79 MB, 720x1280, F35 moment.mp4)

here's a non-annoying unedited version


File: 1685382357188-0.jpg (316 KB, 1280x1180, 16853818240532.jpg)

File: 1685382357188-1.jpg (495.95 KB, 1280x1255, 16853818240501.jpg)

File: 1685382357188-2.jpg (256.68 KB, 1280x1115, 16853818240480.jpg)

Critical support for Ukrainian tiktok-addicted bimbos


jep, literally Sun Tsu
appear weak when strong and strong when weak


Belarus was always weirdly more based than the other republics, at least at the end (maybe something about the Nazi occupation). I remember Luka was according to some sources the only deputy at the Belovezha Accords to vote against destroying the Soviet Union, and while the meeting was happening, the Belarusian KGB got into contact with their comrades in Moscow and surrounded the estate where the meeting was being held, prepared to assault and arrest every member there, but they were ordered to stand down


Lukashenko wrote an editorial on October Revolution Day last year saying that ML is still a valid alternative to western colonialism


The praise for this general and how it affects readers is rather disquieting considering who posts here.


>fighting fascists
>boiling babies


File: 1685383168604.jpg (87.9 KB, 225x319, GlowingHot.jpg)

Stop concern trolling, CIA


Bandera was doing a heckin Maoist praxis by nailing jewish and polish babies to trees


Despite all the coping and seething and genuine retardation, this general is still a pretty good aggregator of content without having to deal with westoid fascists or tsartards


Tsartards, yes. Westoid fascists, I wouldn't be so sure.


best of the worst


Ok besides the social fascists and /k/opers that come here to cry, but they are a rare minority


and very obvious to spot. Like a doe on a meadow, surrounded by wolves


Not sure if you are following, but NATO troops are getting owned by literal sticks and stones in Kosovo today lol


bretty gud


File: 1685384075353.png (1.16 MB, 1174x1026, ClipboardImage.png)

multipolaristas, are we tired of winning yet?



dangerous tho. More and more fires lighting up until they join together in a world war

Kosovo i serbija, of cause.


So is the demographics data fake? Why is 4% population so much trouble?


What do Serbs say about demographics data? I won't be surprised that it's the same deal as with Donbass Russians - ethnically Ukrainian, but for all intents and purposes Russian


The whole world belongs to the DPR. Except Kosovo. Kosovo is Serbia


Kosovo is Albania. Albania is Yugoslavia. Bulgaria is Yugoslavia, too. Can we shove Romania and Hungary there, too? Balkan Federation?


It may be that Kosovar Albanian authorities treat Serbs as if they are Albanians, and those same Serbs don't actually think that they are Albanians


World Almanac announced that there is 562.000 registered cell phone users in Kosovo and unregistered users are impossible to exist.
By that data there is 31 cell phone user on 100 people in Kosovo. 31/100

Other countries in the region:
-Bosnia 98/100
-Croatia 105/100
-Montenegro 166/100
-Serbia 130/100
-Slovenia 111/100
-Macedonia 99/100
-Albania 115/100 it's self

2017 election 700 000 Albanians voted by the official data. Serbian population again didn't want to participate and only 77 000 Serbians voted. In total 777 000 thousands.
Numbers are matching


File: 1685385537287.jpg (197.93 KB, 798x596, 16853853937860.jpg)

Israel sweating profusely


No Its target is Spongebob


GDR will be GDR again. Alles für den Plan.


>go digging through sources
>these estimates may under-represent Serb, Romani, and some other ethnic minorities because they are based on the 2011 Kosovo national census, which excluded northern Kosovo (a largely Serb-inhabited region) and was partially boycotted by Serb and Romani communities in southern Kosovo
What the fuck.


GDR bro can you recommend me any good Rock bands from East Germany? Ive been looking but dont know where to start.


First time noticing that libs love their waking to population statistics - despite claiming that they are not nazis? Look back at all our discussions about USSR, how libs and nazis both fucking love to calculate headcounts of population


Yeah, that's why I expected them to do it properly. Not just give me three different percentages from the same source.


lol both-sidesing it, when one side is openly arming, funding and training declared Nazis who are so shameless about it they tattoo themselves with swastikas.
>but not everyone is a nazi or has a nazi tattoo!
imagine living in a place where:
<you have lots of people willing to tattoo Nazi symbols and murals on people
<you have a society where it is acceptable/OK to walk around with visible swastikas
<you have people who give kids red drinks for halloween and say it is blood of Russians
<they allowed a mock "zoo" display where Ukrainian actors dressed as Russian soldiers were placed jn a cage and acted as apes/wild beasts, and it was full of "normal, not nazi" people laughing and taking pictures
Whole society is sick. And if Ukrainians continue fighting until they are extinct, then so be it, that is their own choice. They can surrender whenever they want, but they don't. We think it is CIA and Zelenskyy controlling the population, the fact is, majority of Ukrainians are for the war to continue. Don't take away their agency and pretend like they are being mind-controlled.

There's enough weapons in Ukraine now, that if the majority really were against the war, they could take down their NATO-occupied government and sign a peace deal.


Feeling B - Ich Such Die DDR (punks realizing they miss it) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1CZakMPAS3I
"I look for DDR and if she comes back to me, ill forgive her" :'(

City - Am Fenster (I heard its based on a russian folk song) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6oDrXOLs8w

Hans Am Felsen - Ein Leben Lang (more punk but with a violin) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GIKFH1vNrdw

Die Skeptiker (my favs) - Verraten und Verkauft https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xkiw-vItLI8


Thanks anon.


File: 1685386930597.png (12.68 KB, 392x193, ClipboardImage.png)

I hate the BRD, I hate the BRD, I hate the BRD


What is the takeaway from this? I am retarded




Ah okay the song was 'Ina Martell - Der schönste Tag' thanks for the recommendations anyway.


thx Genosse and a nice evening to all of you from the motherland :)


<they allowed a mock "zoo" display where Ukrainian actors dressed as Russian soldiers were placed jn a cage and acted as apes/wild beasts, and it was full of "normal, not nazi" people laughing and taking pictures
Btw this was before the invasion. And it was DPR/LPR separatists, aka the supposed Ukrainian citizens who were merely forced at gunpoint by Ruzzians to demand autonomy.


War in Kosovo is flaming up. Grab your dicks guys




Thats my secret cap, my dick is always out.


dont want to scare you guys :P



File: 1685387799423.gif (2.74 MB, 333x250, 1347482250515.gif)

But… it isn't… They fucking started celebrating an American holiday, didn't they


>Serb protesters in Zvecan threw tear gas and stun grenades at NATO soldiers. Serbs also clashed with police in Zvecan and spray-painted NATO vehicles with the letter "Z", referring to a Russian sign used in war in Ukraine.


>Serbs refused to take part in local elections in April and ethnic Albanian candidates won the mayoralties in four Serb-majority municipalities - including North Mitrovica, where no incidents were reported on Monday - with a 3.5% turnout.
democracy lol


they are being mind-controlled though. "pro-russian" media was already being banned before russia intervened, and since then people are allowed to see and hear nothing but nazi/nato propaganda under threat of arrest or death. people in the west are being mind-controlled the same way into supporting this crap, but it's even more extreme in ukraine.


Not that much worse than the native "casting out of jews" holiday in Western Ukraine lmao


My takeaway is that there's more Serbs and less Albanians in Kosovo than claimed. Phone data suggests that there's like 600k Kosovars total, but it's more likely that they just use neighbouring countries' cellphone operators (and both Serbia and Albania have extra over 100 per 100)

Yugoslavian stats from wikipedia, if those are indeed Yugoslavian stats and not modern corrected stats, suggest something like 10% Serbs 90% Albanians split


/siberia/ material


File: 1685388900926-0.png (276.54 KB, 464x348, 16853882156722.png)

File: 1685388900926-1.png (839.28 KB, 1280x853, 16853882156590.png)

Imagine blurring out hammer and sickle


>the satirical holiday from Borat is real except it's ukrainian and not kazakh


What the Cross is vampires, the hammer and sickle is to Capital.


File: 1685389123710.png (324.33 KB, 1208x700, literal vampires.png)

what's the difference?


Unironically yes, they have a near-christmas custom where people dress up as a Jewish family and everyone else symbolically pays them to leave town. Attested in Soviet-era ethnographic books, but still celebrated to this day because it's our heckin culture rashist ok!
There are a few webms of it that have been posted in this thread before, don't have them on hand though. They also conflate the jews with Donbass separatists and Soviets nowadays


wait is that what's going on in these videos?




Yea. In 3rd webm they just swapped the Jews for a perfidious Russian cripple wearing a Soviet uniform and his wife


>red flag posts another retarded take
>You're gaslighting, not me!
>pretending to LARP as the NKVD
Shut the fuck up radlib faggot.


Patriot missiles are pretty infamous for falling and causing collateral, same shit happened in Saudia Arabia and Israel.


>NATO proxy and "#1 army in Europe" first gets beaten by Russian convicts with nothing but shovels and a single T-34
>now their actual military is getting beaten by a bunch of Serbian villagers with rocks and their own batons
NATOsisters I don't feel too good


Several Russian channels repeated the same statement, wow, that's so much proof!. The Su-34 and Mi-8s have clear video evidence. faggot, there is no proof of an Su-35.


File: 1685389788579.mp4 (6.03 MB, 512x720, 16853884101940.mp4)

NATO training


You never go full Baghdad Bob.


File: 1685389844087-1.jpg (467.6 KB, 1164x1042, imperiolsusmo3.jpg)

File: 1685389844087-2.jpg (417.36 KB, 1064x1194, imperiolsusmo2.jpg)

File: 1685389844087-3.jpg (319.72 KB, 994x766, imperiolsusmo.jpg)

File: 1685389844087-4.png (1.09 MB, 793x3650, Both sides tried.png)

>Muh Bothsides
>Muh intermperialist war
>Muh Stalin LARP
Utter ignorant idealism. Fuck off


It was made by Belarus KGB services as a joke.


But why is it blocked tho?


We fucking told you about the adrenochrome dawg.


>I am smarter than Russian channels and you are a faggot
highly intellectual material analysis at work


<G7 countries offer Kiev EU membership in exchange for capitulation in the war – La Repubblica

>The United States insists on a speedy resolution of the conflict in Ukraine. According to some officials, the deadline is approximately until the fall. This issue was discussed by the leaders of the countries at the G7. It is assumed that the West will give Ukraine security guarantees in the event of a cessation of hostilities

>At the moment, the United States is strengthening its diplomatic channels in order to avoid "Vietnamization" (the constant equipping of Ukraine with weapons, due to the reduction of its own combat units, the policy of the Nixon administration during the Vietnam conflict)



It’s afraid


How is that even relevant to the post you replied to. And yes you probably are a faggot.
>muh channels
Riiiight the same channels that practically have no moderation and can have people post any hearsay as fact? Like that DPR "deserter" fake that Strelkov posted only to get shit on for having them make up a fictional military unit, or that Ukrainian bait video about "muh Russkies
doing castration" that they themselves made? Or heck, that set of telegram posts all shilling the same "Russia is running out of shells" from 3 months ago, even though Russia has multi-billion shell stockpile and produces several hundred shells per year in peace-time, never mind the ramped up production currently going on. LMAO


source nau


Has Russia China or the USSR ever done something comparable to Operation Phoenix Condor or Gladio? That is, have they ever used covert action state terrorism and black propaganda to engineer a genocide to maintain their rate of profit? Did they ever fund arm and train nazi paramilitaries to recreate the holocaust as a policy explicitly to benefit their financial monopoly?

I've been thinking we need a new word for "manufactured genocide orchestrated by the bourgeoisie" because current words don't really describe the great satan accurately and things like regime change and coup don't fully encompass their premeditated mass killing.


fake and gay


File: 1685390916850.jpeg (142.93 KB, 1242x1394, gigachad.jpeg)



Although I did find a secondary source from TASS
G7 prepares security guarantees for Kiev in case of conflict settlement — newspaper
<At the same time, it was noted that the governments of France, Germany and Italy have no idea how much longer they can count on their voters to continue approving ongoing support for Kiev

>ROME, May 29. /TASS/. The G7 countries are secretly working on a set of "security guarantees" to be offered to Kiev in the event a settlement is reached in the Ukraine conflict, Italian newspaper La Repubblica reported on Monday, citing sources.

>According to the newspaper, the G7 countries are discussing a "defense mechanism" for Ukraine. The newspaper pointed out that the G7 countries have voiced support for calling a summit devoted to reaching a settlement based on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky’s "peace formula." However, according to the publication’s sources, the US and the EU are pressuring Zelensky to soften the wording of his plan to make it more "acceptable to the countries of the Global South."

>According to the newspaper, Kiev may obtain political guarantees in return, such as the opportunity to begin accession negotiations with the EU. In this regard, the EU summit in December could be decisive, La Repubblica noted.

>According to sources, the US wants the conflict in Ukraine to end as soon as possible. Otherwise, the crisis could end up handicapping the re-election prospects of US President Joe Biden, who, together with former US President Donald Trump, will likely be on the ballot in the next US presidential election in November 2024.

>At the same time, the newspaper notes that the governments of France, Germany and Italy have no idea how much longer they can count on their voters to continue approving ongoing support for Kiev. According to La Repubblica, those countries supporting Ukraine are running out of political, financial and military resources.


>What if Russia's new plan is to undermine Ukraine's war effort by depriving Kyivans of sleep every single fucking night?


That’s a cool national liberation movement you’ve got there in Kosovo, it would be a shame if someone… was so cucked he made Cucktin look based


>Riiiight the same channels that practically have no moderation and can have people post any hearsay as fact? Like that DPR "deserter" fake that Strelkov posted only to get shit on for having them make up a fictional military unit, or that Ukrainian bait video about "muh Russkies
> doing castration" that they themselves made? Or heck, that set of telegram posts all shilling the same "Russia is running out of shells" from 3 months ago, even though Russia has multi-billion shell stockpile and produces several hundred shells per year in peace-time, never mind the ramped up production currently going on. LMAO
It's pointless to reply to posts like this because you conflate all kinds of channels, including ukrainian, just to dismiss what you don't like. Why should russian channels invent another downed plane after losing one and two helicopters? Makes zero sense and also didn't happen. Occams razor applies.


I can smell the soy through the internet.


File: 1685391803554.png (219.8 KB, 404x546, ClipboardImage.png)


Couldn't they just walk?


>Posts some Ukrop shit about "Muh Su-35"
<Get pointed out that unlike the other aircraft lost there is no evidence of confirmation of a Su-35 being lost
>B-but this guy says so'
<same guy that says a lot of inaccurate shit
>But so do these channels that just parrot one another and posted no proof either
<Get pointed out that people on telegram posting shit without proofs is hearsay and often has been proven incorrect
>Uhhh I'm not going to address your argument because I'm totally right and you're conflating…. something.
>Why should russian channels invent another downed plane
<implying that everyone and every channel in Russia is pro-Russian or necessarily accurate
<implying that half of this shit isn't just hearsay
>B-but muh occams razor
Occams razor is not infallible, nor is that an argument. I provided specific examples of Russian channels of "pro-Russian" people parroting outright lies and propaganda because they're just repeating what is being said, based on 0 proofs. Do yourself a favor and shut up, you goal-post shifting moron.


File: 1685393006895.jpg (675.32 KB, 604x1620, 1685392616943952.jpg)

Russia really didn't like storm shadows


File: 1685393190049.png (872.83 KB, 1500x500, ClipboardImage.png)

What is the particular issue that sparked this crisis now? Some Serbs got evicted or something along those lines?


File: 1685393529210-0.png (860.45 KB, 643x820, 68.png)

File: 1685393529210-1.png (342.85 KB, 640x404, 1685382223868859.png)

File: 1685393529210-2.mp4 (30.39 MB, 1920x1080, 685387731908.mp4)

What’s up in Serbia?


>Kosovo Serbs boycott local elections
>Only the Albanian minority (of northern Kosovo) turn out to vote, thus pretty much only Albanian mayors get elected in Serb majority municipalities
>these mayors then try to take office
>Kosovo Serbs meet-up at their government building and block these mayor and their staff from entering and taking office
>Kosovo president sends cops to beat down the protesters
>Serbia puts their army at high alert
>The main NATO tell the Kosovo government to stand down, not agreeing with their police brutality
>Kosovo president disregards it and continues with it
is what I know


Government mandated big titty language instructor too?


Ty mate.


The Grayzone debates National Endowment for Democracy VP on group's CIA ties


Who are these “Unprovoked” people and why do they keep attacking NATO?


the main NATO countries* (US, Germany, UK, France)




Protest about the elections of albanian mayors whom the serbs boycotted they were elected with just 3% of participation


Post riot porn NOW!


KFOR have a god given right to be there according the rules based international order, the specific rule being "KFOR is allowed to be there"


>Russia really didn't like storm shadows
You're looking at destruction that happened on the second day of the war.
This is Starokonstantinov airbase, struck on February 25th, 2022.


see video attached @ >>1482634


Kosovo made a deal with the devil, now they have to stick to their status as a proxy and a pawn of NATO.


So why did Serbs boycott the elections, and how do the Kosovar Albanians discriminate against the Kosovar Serbs?


File: 1685394735062.png (526.32 KB, 753x743, ClipboardImage.png)

You browse /leftypol/? O_O.


>So why did Serbs boycott the elections
Think it goes back to the car plate issue a few months back
The Kosovar Serbs refused to change their car plates, which later led to the ethnic Serbs walking out on their local law enforcement and municipial political offices to protest the Kosovo government
The Kosovo government then scheduled this re-election to fill in those empty positions, which took place a few days ago, leading to all of this


File: 1685394757768.jpg (22.67 KB, 361x361, 1601641092019_1.jpg)

Stop projecting, kid. You are the one acting like a lib, by endlessly insisting on your freezepeach rights. Liberalism isn't tolerated here. If this triggers you, go back to whatever shithole you came from.
Better yet, kys.


Kyle Rittenhouse is the president of a country holy shit


It's going to be so funny if Kosovo escalates to the point they send NATO in and NATO goes in sounding exactly like RF did, considering Russia used the Kosovo precedent to justify the Donbass.
Kek, maybe anon copied his post giving the timing of them


reddit war


the adrenochrome is dumb. injecting yourself with blood of the same blood type as you from a younger person has proven benefits. but adrenochrome doesn't actually work the way it's depicted fear and loathing. hunter s thompson made up the adrenochrome thing for shock value. I don't doubt that the rich and powerful do freaky stuff like torture kids, but they don't do it to harvest adrenochrome. they do it because they can get away with it and they want to. and possibly also as ritualized blackmail to enforce solidarity in the highest echelons.


File: 1685394956868.png (49.42 KB, 145x193, ClipboardImage.png)

Serbia needs this madlad as president, Vucic's time in the spotlight is over.


File: 1685394986825.png (9.91 KB, 444x314, ClipboardImage.png)

New filter just dropped


1. nobody cares what redditors think

2. that video is months old if it's the one I think it is


>take russian pow
>drop him next to some rubble
>say epic marvel quote for reddit points
>proceed to torture to death
holsum 100


x100 wholesome


File: 1685395081768.jpg (985.46 KB, 1280x1507, 1679700554238.jpg)


That video is lowkey sad. The Ukrainian guy can't feel even the slightest empathy for the Russian. He essentially convinced himself they're not human to hate them under all conditions.

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