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what are some times reactionary infighting resulted in revolutionary gains? I can think of a few, but not an exhaustive catalog:

>Lenin getting smuggled back into Russia by the Germans because they thought he would destabilize Russia

>The French King helping the American Revolution to own the British
>The Russian Empress showing the Francisco De Miranda (Venezuelan revolutionary and independence leader) favor in her court and protecting him from the Spanish crown by giving him permission to hide in Russian embassies all over Europe
>The British blockading Haitian ports to own the French, which prevented the French from coming back in and reimposing slavery when they were most able to.
>The Americans supporting New World Independence movements in general against old world monarchies, both for ideological reasons (bourgeois republican ideals) and opportunistic reasons (trade).
>The Americans trading with Haitian slave rebels against the wishes of the French, because it was profitable, even though they themselves were slave owners.

Most of these are from bourgeois republican revolutions against monarchies, or from slave uprisings (in the case of Haiti). Only Lenin fits a communist version of this happening, but I'm sure there are other examples.


>Western Allies supporting communist insurgents in WW2 (France, Yugoslavia, Albania, China, Vietnam, etc)
>US backing Egypt against Britain/France/Israel during the Suez Crisis
>CIA selling arms to Iran during their war with Iraq
>Britain/France being unwilling to back the CSA in the American Civil War


>CIA selling arms to Iran during their war with Iraq
didn't the Americans sell to both sides though


>Britain/France being unwilling to back the CSA in the American Civil War
this is more an absence of harm than a presence of help


Well, there's the obvious example of WW2, where fascism fought liberalism and either gave the Soviets the opportunity the bring in socialism, or inspired socialist revolutions on their own. The West even sent some direct support to socialists during this war. WW2 also led to the victory of Mao over the Kuomintang by destabilizing the Nationalists and increasing support in the countryside for the communists/expanding the territory controlled by Mao.

In terms of more niche examples:
>Conflict between Buddhists and government of South Vietnam leading to Northern victory
>Nationalists in colonial territories fighting Western powers
>Conflict between nationalists in Yugoslavia leading to Tito's communists coming on top
>Conflict between nationalist leaders in Albania leading to Hoxha's partisans taking the nation
>Daud Khan's coup displeasing liberals and allowing for the Saur Revolution
>Chinese nationalists continually couping each other and fragmenting during final phase of the Chinese civil war
>Chiang Kai Shek's officers handing him to Mao, allowing for the formation of the Chinese United Front


>bourgeois republican revolutions against monarchies
then it is not "reactionary infighting". I know what you are trying to say, but etc.

the "dixie mission" was a very interesting but practically irrelevant - at most they convinced truman of not supporting the kmt as much - case of reactionary infighting. pre-CIA american intelligence was garbage


russo japanese war: japanese half created the conditions for communist russia
sino japanese war: japanese created the conditions for communist china


File: 1685076646654.png (3.88 MB, 1536x2048, ClipboardImage.png)

all according to pran


File: 1685083643151.png (130.94 KB, 474x300, ClipboardImage.png)




Russian-US conflict in the middle east leading to a strengthened position for the Kurdish independence movement.


Possibly all of them?


>WW1: Germans fund Lenin, leading to October revolution
>WW2: Germans occupy Europe and attack USSR, paving way for Eastern bloc


>strengthened position for the Kurdish independence movement.
be careful anon, you'll summon the "kurds are actually imperialist lapdogs" schizos


This thread is the epitome of reddit.(11, 14 c,g no low effort flaming/derail in leftypol please)

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