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<Internal documents show how chaotic moderation allowed racism and violence to take over.

<The way in which 4chan is managed and moderated is of growing interest among US government officials. The US House of Representatives' January 6 committee subpoenaed 4chan over its role in facilitating the assault on the US Capitol, while investigators with the New York Attorney General’s Office ordered the company to turn over thousands of records to better understand its role in Gendron’s terrorist attack. WIRED obtained a number of internal 4chan documents through a public records request.

<Those documents show how 4chan’s team of moderators—janitors, in their own nomenclature—manage the site. Internal emails, chat logs, and moderation decisions reveal how the site’s janitors have helped shape it in their own image, using their moderation powers to engender 4chan’s particular brand of edgelord white supremacy. In particular, the documents show how the site’s moderators responded to a wave of attention as their website had, once more, been cited as an ideological driver for an act of mass murder.

<More than that, the documents lay bare the degree to which 4chan’s toxic influence is a design, not a bug.

<Another rule, technically, bans racism—except on /b/, 4chan’s “random” board. There, racism is both allowed and encouraged. 4chan leadership confessed to the New York Attorney General’s Office that they take a permissive attitude towards racism on the /pol/ board as well.

>At one point, 4chan had been organizing raids on the notorious neo-Nazi forum Stormfront. But around 2010, Poole was reckoning with the fact that some of the boards on his website had essentially “become Stormfront,” as Dale Beran writes in It Came From Something Awful.

<In 2011, Poole created /pol/ explicitly to contain this growing far-right attitude, hoping it would spread no further. It didn’t work. “Rather, 4chan’s new neo-Nazi section thrived,” Beran writes.

>Poole would keep trying, in vain, to stem the growing vitriol. In 2014, the anti-feminist Gamergate movement took hold on 4chan. Poole tried to ban all discussions of Gamergate, but the reactionary ethos of the movement seeped into the website just the same.

>Soon after, Poole lost his stomach for the fight. In 2015 he sold the site to Hiroyuki Nishimura, a Japanese Internet tycoon and founder of 2channel, on which 4chan is based. Nishimura, backed by millions of dollars in investment from Japanese toy company Good Smile, became the sole owner of 4chan. But his involvement has been largely hands-off. To help manage, moderate, and cultivate the imageboard, he enlisted the help of one of its most senior janitors: RapeApe.

<The senior moderator, sometimes referred to as “GrapeApe,” has exercised an enormous influence on 4chan over the past decade. As one former moderator told Motherboard in 2020, “RapeApe has an agenda: He wants /pol/ to have an influence on the rest of the site and [its] politics.”

<Documents turned over to New York investigators reveal that 4chan signed an agreement to pay RapeApe $3,000 a month for their services in 2015. By May 2022, that fee had risen to $4,400 a month. (RapeApe is one of very few 4chan staff who receive a salary.)

>Tasked with compiling these records for the New York attorney general, Nishimura offered them some overtime. “Could you add $1000 with an invoice for next month?” Nishimura wrote to RapeApe in 2022. “New York Attorney General paper works takes so much [of] your time. Thank you so much for you work!”

<After the Buffalo terrorist attack, one user posted a link to the Motherboard story to multiple sections of 4chan and laid the carnage at RapeApe’s feet. “I’ve been saying for years that rapeape’s /pol/tardation would result in severe consequences, and the mass shooting in Buffalo has proven me right,” they wrote. “Therefore, the only possible way to save this website is to have him doxxed, hunted down, and murdered.”

>The user was banned for violating US law.


>In the hour after Gendron’s attack, 4chan’s moderators congregated in a chat room.

<“Apparently today's mass shooter makes 4chan responsible in his manifesto,” one janitor, Astria, wrote. “4chan being associated with such an atrocity is the last thing I wanted.” The moderators hoped it was fake. “You couldn’t do a better job at making 4chan look bad.”

>Another janitor, Troid, wondered why they should bother discussing the mass murder. “What's the point of even mentioning it? unless we plan to do something about it, which we don't.”

<"Be easy on him troid, its his first 4chan mass shooter as a mod ;^),” wrote a third janitor, yournamehere.

>Janitor Aeolian jumped in to insist it wasn’t their fault. “IMO this guy is an 8chan user, not really a 4chan user. I also think we do a really good job moderating potential threats. I don’t feel we’re lacking anywhere on the site in that regard.”

<In his manifesto, however, Gendron credits 4chan with his radicalization. While he credits 8chan as well, Gendron heaps praise on /pol/ and /k/, the guns board, for showing him the “truth” and helping him maximize his chances of carnage.

>“I got a lot of information from Plateland; a fbi.gov I found on 4chan’s /k/ board (love you guys),” Gendron wrote.

<Troid wasn’t as quick to dismiss 4chan’s role. “There are in fact threads about the great replacement on /pol/,” they wrote. “Let's not pretend we don't know what the connection is and why people would question 4chan in this instance.”


>The other janitors—whose display names in the chat do not necessarily correspond to their 4chan usernames—agreed. But in the ensuing hours and days, the conversation in the chat room drifted away from self-reflection. The moderators shifted blame onto other websites (“If he was on 4chan he wasn’t ‘from’ here.”), mocked federal agencies trying to investigate the litany of threats posted to the website (“We get tons of emails about each moron who makes one of those troll posts”), and lauded their own moderation efforts.

<In the chat room, set up to help janitors discuss their moderation practices, a junior janitor asked if requesting or sharing the video of the massacre violated the rules. “It’s prolly fine,” replied CIAeolian, a more senior moderator. (It’s unclear from the documents whether Aeolian and CIAeolian are the same person.) The debate turned toward which channel was the best placed to host recordings of the livestream.

>CIAeolian replied later with a clarification on 4chan’s first rule. Violating US law, they said, is “serious” and comes with “a long ban duration.” So it should be reserved for the most obvious violations, they added. ”E.g. ‘I’m going to commit a crime at date, time, place, location’ or ‘How do I acquire [illegal thing]?’”

<Nearly a week after the Buffalo terrorist attack, RapeApe and dsw—two moderators on 4chan’s payroll—had a conversation about the fallout. They had just received notice from their advertising platform, Bid.Glass, that 4chan was being dropped.

>“We just got a termination notice from Bid.Glass. I'm going to try to talk him out of it (it's basically one dude running the company), but in the likely event that fails we are going to need some kind of replacement,” RapeApe wrote. They continued: “So far neither the FBI nor the local police have any evidence that the shooter posted on 4chan at all.”

<RapeApe lamented that 4chan was “getting the shaft” as other websites, like Reddit and fbi.gov, were being let off “scot free.”

>Reddit, however, aggressively moderates communities known to be advocating racism and violence—and it has outright banned a litany of far-right and incel communities. In his diary, Gendron wrote, “Many subreddits I joined have been banned.” fbi.gov, meanwhile, took a number of steps to improve moderation in the wake of the Buffalo shooting, including banning the community where Gendron got tactical advice and partnering with the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism. While it remains to be seen how effective those kinds of tactics are, Reddit and fbi.gov can claim they are taking some action.

>4chan, meanwhile, seems determined to change as little as possible, even if it could mean more acts of domestic terrorism carried out by its users.

<“This will never change unfortunately,” dsw wrote. “Unless we do soemthing [sic] drastic like removing pol and all other random boards,” they wrote. RapeApe dismissed the suggestion less than 20 seconds later. “Even if we do none of these companies are going to accept us.”

>“They might, if 4chan rebrands itself,” dsw replied. But RapeApe wasn’t swayed.

<“That’s naive.”



In my experience, 4chan was always racist
I used to check out /b/ when I was morbidly curious in the early 2010s, and there was always racist Stormfront-tier stuff
Even earlier events like the "Pool's closed" thing probably don't help either


File: 1686084057675.jpg (39.89 KB, 385x526, 1346122294816.jpg)

>The way in which 4chan is managed and moderated is of growing interest among US government officials.


File: 1686084286733.jpg (12.88 KB, 368x366, Fw-2yHpaEAA0e1e.jpg)

>Violating US law, they said, is “serious” and comes with “a long ban duration.”
Don't the feds get pissy if you don't tell them about that?


File: 1686084525843.png (141.61 KB, 753x841, ClipboardImage.png)

so basically /k/ is a board filled with racist chinlets controlled directly by the feds


File: 1686084543890.png (334.76 KB, 680x798, marx_lasalle.png)

4chan has always been freeze peach in name only. i remember making a thread on /pol/ with the pic related quote from marx, and said "is he, dare i say it, /ourguy?" and /pol/ jannies deleted it instantly because they're cowards.


i was on there in '05 and you'd basically get called a double nugger at the drop of a hat


File: 1686084740025.jpg (36.35 KB, 478x598, immense pleasure.jpg)

I hope it somehow ends up with 4chan getting deleted in favour of 4channel. And /k/. Total. Red-board. Death.

They were just edgy shitkids on the internet. Things really took a turn after 2012 and the Treyvon Martin shooting.


reddit and twitter users absolutely loathe their website and seem to be (rightfully) ashamed of using it and yet there is something about 4chan that makes it's users absolutely identify with it.


I've never actually been banned from /k/ for saying that Putin needs to harden his heart. Sure, I get swamped with /k/opers, but I don't get banned. Here, on the other hand, it's always a crapshoot. Let that sink in.


this kind of coincides with the sort of mystification around 4chan that was manufactured by its own users

any sort of criticism against 4chan is almost always meet with smug retaliations of people just "not understanding chan culture," a cop-out that seemed reasonable in the early years until that culture started degenerating its post-irony up its own asshole

given how underground culture, whether online or IRL, usually tends to seep, crawl and find its way into mainstream culture in due time, you end up with the ideologically-driven stochastic terrorism we turn the news on to thanks to good old 4 o chan dot org


Reminder that /jp/ has always been the pariah of 4chan for hating chan culture and refusing to worship moot since day 1.


/b/ isn't 4chan. Boards were actually distinct back then.


you can now obtain internal 4chan irc logs through a public records request


Remember the seething about /lit/ before the migration to /leftypol/? Good times. I bet there were some steamy logs about that as well. Fucking mods.


>Nishimura, backed by millions of dollars in investment from Japanese toy company Good Smile, became the sole owner of 4chan
Literally why would they think this was a good investment?


They had been running ads for almost a decade at that point.



God, this is nasty


The feds know about most mass shooters, but fail to intervene because they're too busy entrapping homeless people into false flag terror attacks.


>just being edgy for the lulz, guys
white supremacist ideology/violence has always been a problem, it just hadn't had a big story in the internet age before Trayvon.

Reintroducing these ideas into the mainstream - saying the quiet part out loud - was 4chan's greatest sin. I agree with that banned user about what should've happened to rapeape.


No dox, no pox. Simple as.


File: 1686088612636.png (37.71 KB, 588x354, 1526603349129.png)

Funny because all the old former staff hate right-wingers.


Back in the 8chan days, /leftypol/ was an oldfag haven. And it's not just 4chan either, SA, rapenet, even 8chan itself more recently all have ex-staff who identify as leftist.
Throwing shit is all well and good when you have the means and freedom to do so, but when you have to go out every day just to afford a roof over your head and food in your belly the relativity of things becomes apparent real quick.


God bless America


File: 1686089621000.png (1.85 MB, 1245x1595, 1349797360270.png)


This some real neocon tier cringe


4chan is filled with adult babies who they can sell figurines to. Glad to see them paying the price for pretending not to see the evil they were funding.


Your anecdotal experience is meaningless, ban logs are public on both sites.


File: 1686090796834-0.png (844.8 KB, 700x1026, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1686090796834-1.png (490.99 KB, 830x912, ClipboardImage.png)

was sartre talking about channers here


>Here, on the other hand, it's always a crapshoot


whats snacks twitter



They just use this as affirmation that they are the real truth tellers while everyone else is being censored.


>Post the heart hardening song, and nobody bats an eye… Say that Putin's heart isn't hard enough and everybody loses their mind!


File: 1686094090069.png (2.36 MB, 1920x1080, red.png)

>7 years after founding
That's literally like saying "/leftypol/ was always a boring self-destructing shithole that can't create memes, I used to check it out in 2022".


>>just being edgy for the lulz, guys
It literally was.

They worshiped Stalin too, you know.


>chan users whines about 'channers' edition #521


Yeah, I don't know how some complacent neckbeards who don't know what time it is, let alone what level of Westoid psychopathy they're dealing with, managed to convince the PTB that those insisting Putin stop jerking around with passivity and go harder are the "glowops."


figures are cool


found one -> >>1491303


redditors complaining about reddit
twitter users complaing about twitter

we could go on


>read this screencap bottom to top :DDD
even japanese aren't this fucked up


nah mate that's just calling out hypocrisy.


There's some ban-evading shitposter who gets especially touchy when his sacred "chan culture" gets criticized.


File: 1686094690100.png (10.28 KB, 521x123, ClipboardImage.png)

>browsing twitter.com through twitter.com
Pathetic, but also counterrevolutionary.


I've been banned? What for?


Today I will remind them


Anyone have archive links to the esoteric hitlerism threads that took about white nationalist infiltration of /pol/?


the timestamp says the screenshot is from 2018



>gets especially touchy when [implying male] sacred "chan culture" gets criticized
Hell no, it's not that. It's delusional fbi.gov-invaders talking in the third person, pretending they're not chan posters themselves, that makes it so arrogant, like 'good cops' who pretend they're not enablers.
It's like westerner Maoists whining about westerners.


wrong post number?

es hit thread in the catalogue has backlinks to the older threads, either in OP or contents


I'm not a channer, I don't like the style of posting that got developed on /b/, /v/, /pol/, /tv/, etc.(Cease derail. 14 b/a)


>es hit thread in the catalogue has backlinks to the older threads, either in OP or contents
Okay thanks. Found these so far:
Latest thread:
Before that:


You are literally and irrefutably a channer.
leftypol.org is a chan site. lefty.booru.org is a booru site. reddit is a link aggregator. twitter is a microblogging site. chan is the term this class of imageboard, and to think otherwise because the domain name chosen without much thought during a coup didn't include *chan is laughable.


4chan was always shit but it only really started dipping seriously into reactionary beliefs starting around 2010 onwards, due to Swarmfront and gamergate eventually driving out non-right wing users with constant low quality posts and reactionary spam. Combine that with american boomers becoming ultra radicalized past 2016 and the purging of all left-wing moderators and you have 4chan. The same thing happened to KF and other "spectacle" communities. All reactionary garbage with a mod team that censors anything too critical of their nazi masters and promotes nazi ideology in secret. I wouldn't be surprised if hiroyuki is in on it, 2channel had a huge problem with right-wingers shitting it up when he was admin over there.

The demographics of these sites are primarily 25+ year old white american millennials and boomers who desire to commit crimes and violence in real life. These sites are used to identify and recruit useful idiots into fascist groups where they do the real illegal shit in backroom fbi.gov chats, IRCs, telegram groups, etc. A harmless or edgy façade to give plausible deniability, but the real intention is to cause chaos and violence in the real world.

No website is impartial and the political ideology of its owner and staff will always dictate the direction and vibe of the community. Communities that reject this undeniable truth are doomed to be infiltrated and taken over by fascists who use it to peddle their genocidal garbage.


imageboards like 7chan and textboards like saovq were already shitting on channers in 2008 but apparently if you do it now you must be the latest boogeyman channers came up with, idk why youre so mad not everyone wants to assimilate with the 4chanshit blob


>american boomers becoming ultra radicalized past 2016
I thought they were already like that before.


i aint readin all that, just say what conclusion you want us to draw


internet nazis used to have bots that spammed nazi talking points and raided 4chan for years as potential recruits and they doubled down after the news board was turned into /pol/ (thanks moot!)


File: 1686100077901.png (243.97 KB, 1263x501, pol broken down.PNG)

4chin is kill


ah, yes, makes sense


Oh, you're mad at 4channers! Ohhh, why didn't you just say so?
You might as well be a white person saying "i hate whites" when you're just talking about white supremacists.

>idk why youre so mad not everyone wants to assimilate with the 4chanshit blob

Me neither, because I don't think that, and have never thought nor said that. Come on, read before you write, you're refuting ideas no-one holds.

No, 4chan isn't the only, nor first, major chan site.


I've been banned for "violating US law" on 4chan twice. In neither case did I violate US law. I also never got vanned for it, clearly


What the fuck lol. NAFOids helped a mass shooter

<In his manifesto, however, Gendron credits 4chan with his radicalization. While he credits 8chan as well, Gendron heaps praise on /pol/ and /k/, the guns board, for showing him the “truth” and helping him maximize his chances of carnage.

>>“I got a lot of information from Plateland; a fbi.gov I found on 4chan’s /k/ board (love you guys),” Gendron wrote.


>4th pic
>we are doing it because we are oppressed and want revenge

Victim complex much?


File: 1686103106332.png (1.82 MB, 1680x3237, 1416743669673.png)


As a 2007 oldfag I believe the down fall of 4chan was the creation of /pol/. originally /news/ was the place for politics but moot removed the board as saying he would if it ever turned into stormfront. he also removed /r9k/ for popularizing wojack and saying their memes were getting unoriginal. a year later he brought both boards back from request from emails. if moot didn't double down and stuck with his no politics policy it my have turned out different. i rember when anonymous seemed to act like freedom of speech anarchist, now their just autis that repost the same memes


moot is such a hack. The only reason 4chan was born is because the ADRTW crew thought "wow cool pictures!" when Futaba has a lot of discussion too and they ban politics outside the couple of political boards they've got.


how the fuck does RapeApe not realize he's the one getting the strange special treatment from the feds and cloudflare? how fucking retarded is this guy?


>assuming rapeape isn't a fed/hasn't met his handler


Are we not allowed to be pro-Russian on this site?


what baffles me is for a bunch of contrarians they all seem to have the same damn near political opinions, especially the ones on fbi.gov.


Ironic that we have more free speech here than on /pol/. But i'd argue it's probs best to be anti-ukraine as opposed to pro-russian.


File: 1686106705550.png (690.14 KB, 1423x4155, 1346631468996.png)

You're talking about American (likely suburban) teenagers and underage b& spewing socially unacceptable shit and posting shock and gore images that grew up.


File: 1686112500775.png (374.45 KB, 1024x1024, clipart139552.png)

>You're talking about American (likely suburban) teenagers and underage b& spewing socially unacceptable shit and posting shock and gore images that grew up.

oh cool so like 90% of 4chan users, retard. eye opening insights today were having


you mean my gf isn't supposed to be pegging me with her prolapsed vagina?


>mfw if you posted this here there would be five autistic people calling them a troll and unironically trying to convince them how lesbianism works
>even after they say OLIVE GARDEN IM CUMMINGGGGG


only if she's wearing a pussy condom


I was there in 2003, people were calling each other uyghurs and faggots all the time


now it's full of bad-jacketing DHS agents wondering why their decades leaked tricks don't fool radicalized youths anymore like they did during their Arab spring.
go search "bad jacketing" in the archives and you'll see ppl calling it out every time.


You mean when /b/ was Anime/Random and it was just SA people posting pictures? Sure buddy.


Grow up


your norm policing wont work on an imageboard, much less a communist one


I know, lurk moar, but wtf is fbi.gov?


Wordfilter for d*scord chat for gaymers.


I think the main change that came on 4chan is what was considered Chan culture, it used to be that anything goes and if you're treating the internet as serious business then you've lost, hence why there was both edgy racism but also the fun and lighthearted memes that 4chan was famous for.

At some point "Chan Culture" just became being unironically a Nazi, if you don't genuinely believe in great replacement theories and anti-Semitism, you lose. It's not even a "culture" anymore, it's a law now. That's the reason why the memes have been nothing but Wojak and Pepe edits for the past 13 years, those have been considered ideal vectors for creating memes that carry a strong white-supremacist message so that is now all that is allowed, anything else is "Reddit", "Cringe" and "un-redpilled".

Essentially, old 4chan was always a shithole full of retarded opinions, but it was quite open with that and embraced it, now it's a shithole where by law only one retarded opinion is allowed and you either support it wholeheartedly or it's back to Reddit for you.


>muh le emo and le alternative channer culture
>communists have to be abnormal
Only true for western communists 🤡


Oh, that's gay.


i don't see an issue with letting radicalized teens collapse the basis for neoliberal capitalist markets by introducing the instability of terror to them.


The issue is I miss the memes ;__;


maybe next society someone will get to enjoy the innocence of memes, arts, nature, literature, human connection, etc again. but we now live in warzones, best to savage oneself and be barbaric, I found to embrace who grace the dystopia we live in with demise regardless of their beliefs or motives for doing so, or methods by which they enact it's demise.


who are you quoting


File: 1686125256286.png (1.14 MB, 1263x4993, mootonSA.png)


File: 1686125416661.png (263.41 KB, 500x623, 1576606946798.png)

Reminder Marx's 19th century version of mutt-posting means Marxism is imageboard culture certified.


Far as I know, during Marx's time it was basic somewhere in-between a debatably less worse Twitter community and the imageboard users, with the bitching back and forth of today going on even back then


I've talked about this before. A bummer, but it is what it is

/jp/ is shit so this doesn't mean anything

Turns out you need experience on something to criticize it. Woah.


>Turns out you need experience on something to criticize it. Woah.
No you don't.
You literally don't.
I never dictated in Nazi Germany. I've never prepared food at a McDonalds. I've never directed a television show. Yet I can make relevant critiques of them.


ur gay & go back botnetfag


A 15 year old hanging out in an irc channel called #dickgirls who makes a website so he can look at more porn, if any of that happened today it would be a complete shitshow. Also it's nice to see their mod tradition of loathing their own userbase goes all the way back to the beginning.


Contrarianism on the right now just means anything that radically goes against mainstream liberal thing.
Nazis also engage in zero self-critique


>A 15 year old hanging out in an irc channel called #dickgirls who makes a website so he can look at more porn, if any of that happened today it would be a complete shitshow.
why would that even be slightly unusual today


if 4chan shuts down, I cannot wait to see the amount of chinlet cope and edits I will see coming from it.


File: 1686186527086.png (294.29 KB, 1000x750, l7ozo9rgci7a1.png)

what will actually become of 4chan, /POL/ and the overall reactionary alt-right pipeline in the end when everything is said and done? will they be seen as a key part in america's transfer to fascism? will they fissile out as the movement slowly dies and are seen as a example of why you should never let neo nazis on your site? they have had a large grip on internet culture for the past almost decade, and as thing change more and more I wonder what will happen to mr westfallen and his army of chinlets.


I miss infinity so god damned much


File: 1686187698334.jpg (363.97 KB, 1919x1079, idny.jpg)

The GOP has become the modern equivalent of the nazi party so they don't need 4chan anymore. They have twitter.


Hotwheels doesn't


All the oldfags will be saying "good riddance, to little too late".


im not an oldfag (started using 4chan in 08) but it would be a very bittersweet victory for me cuz i spent my childhood on there


>will they be seen as a key part in america's transfer to fascism?
The USA will never recognize itself as fascist. They will back and export fascism and right winger of all sorts, but there will always be the excuse of being apart, too enlightened and superior,too exceptional, for their own country and policies to be in any way comparable with the outside.

Even if the USA are rounding up trade unionists and red-scaring and abolishing workers rights while explicitly segregating the population by wealth and going on a conquest of south America… that will be the "center right" cycle, before the "center left" rebound gives the occupied people rainbow flags and DEI seminars and drone strikes and enlightened "nation building".


I started in 2015 right as the trump train started gaining speed but I mostly posted on r9k


this - they will just morph into standard rightoid boomers with age


The 4chan you're talking about died long ago.


I'd probably say it had a good run, but boards like /pol/, /b/ and /r9k/ had to go.
I will cherish the baneposting, the Rome posting, the fuckin' Mask posting- the comfy threads on /int/, but i will not miss 4chan.


Also this.

A large contingent of posters have always been sheltered white suburbanite types, the exact target group for online rightoid radicalisation.
Sure you had "normal" people, but it's always attracted outcasts. Including many with "politically incorrect" opinions that made them pariahs in any other online spaces

I don't buy this "4chan used to be pro-socialist and anti-racist". Genuine open racism may have been "cringe", but the discourse was still racialized. It may have at times been "anti-capitalist" but only in the sense it opposed the trends upending their suburbanite and/or petite bourgeois lifestyles. It always gravitated towards conspiracy theories, and specifically the petite bourgeois kind.
In time it couldn't have gone any other way other than by banning political discussion entirely, or at least nuking the news/pol boards.


Containment boards are a foolish idea for the most part. You either allow the content on your site or forbid it. Just because racists are posting on one board , doesn't mean they'll stay there. It's sort of like inviting a burglar into one room of your house to keep them out of the others.


Just vaporize /pol/ and scatter the chinlets to the wind


>4chan signed an agreement to pay RapeApe $3,000 a month for their services in 2015. By May 2022, that fee had risen to $4,400 a month.
Wait, hold on, I think that was important.


yeah I feel like one of the takeaways from this is if your board isn't explicitly anti-nazi and actively censoring them/kicking them out than nazi posters will try to take ur board over. its prolly why for all its faults leftypol is still one of the better imageboards.


My personal theory is that /pol/ will die suddenly due to fed intervention, and 4chan will be under intense scrutiny by the three-letter agencies, so it changes its rules to not get ass blasted. The ostwestfalens of the world get scattered to the winds and go as refugees to other sites (mostly Twitter), but it's completely disorganized.


File: 1686236747524.png (1.22 MB, 1280x1279, im-415951.png)

>this is just like my little dark age edits…


/Pol will see a revival as economic conditions worsen and The Burgers reach 10 percent nominal unemployment. There will be many broke ass
Burger proles and lumpen who flunked out of high school. The Americans and their state cultivated 4chan. The reactionaries control our media and will never go away naturally.


/jp/ are hyperinsular giga-gatekeeper ultra-cliqueish sociopathic narcissists. Everything about them is worthless.


sounds based as fuck


exactly 4chan is p much only good for certain insular communities that exist in spite of the artificially induced /pol/ gentrification of the site

maybe we could adsorb some of this diaspora by advertising the fact that we're one of the only image boards that keeps /pol/ shit reasonably in check?


A lot of people who hate /pol/ hate politics in general.


> The Burgers reach 10 percent nominal unemployment
And burgoids on this website will tell me they do not have an absurdly low unemployment. lmao!


>what will actually become of 4chan, /POL/ and the overall reactionary alt-right pipeline in the end when everything is said and done?
Most of them will probably be mainstream Republicans, akin to a Right-wing version of 60s radicals becoming yuppies. Probably working as a bathroom genitalia inspector in a Red State.
>will they be seen as a key part in america's transfer to fascism?
Neo-Naziism will always be a fringe ideology on the Right in America, promoted by bored White suburbanites and White lumpen cycling in and out of prison. The fascism is coming from the Religious Right, which is organized in real life and has connections to power in Washington. Most Rightists that want success in America jettison the Swastika in favor of the Cross.


seems to me that they plan to continue the stormchinlet trajectory with rapeape's raise


I would, yes.

Early on they had success with hoarding furries to a single board then mass banning them. Note how the mass ban never happened to /n/ tho.


theyve got /trash/ these days


Pretty much. I've never seen "containment" actually work on a chan. If you want to stop people from shitting up a community you have to just get rid of them outright. Containment is a half-assed measure that delays the problem until the dam inevitably breaks and floods the community as a whole and at that point it's too late to stop.



It was earlier than that. I left 4chan in 07 for reddit. When i checked back in 2008 /b/ was apeshit from top to bottom about the election of barack obama.

There were unironic racists before that but they were a minority and i tuned them out assuming they were trying to be funny and just werent.

Its interesting that this article points out the raids on stormfront (more likely hal turners forums) caused cross pollination.


Oh, they certainly got worse, due to the Something Awful mass Toxx eviction of Republicans over the election.


Long time 4chan user here. /pol/ is all bots and heavily censored to only allow one type of post. The catalog is constantly spammed with new (often reposted) garbage political threads and the bots only reply to the threads that they want to stay. If you make a post that doesn't fit the narrative you are fighting an uphill battle to get the the real people to reply to it before the thread is pruned.

/b/ has the same thread spamming thing but at least currently not that quantity of bots but barely anyone uses /b/ anymore after years of different threads being spammed. (Log threads for example)

People will tell you the site was always like this, it was not. It happened after Hiroyuki bought it.

You can see a video from a guy showing just how easy it is to post thousands of fake replies with bots on 4chan here https://youtu.be/efPrtcLdcdM


Would it be legal to publicly release a chatgpt model to fill right wing communities with irrelevant bot garbage?


there's no laws so apparently it's perfectly fine. I think these GPT bots are way way more common then people think.


If you go onto 4chan and make arguements that aren't shit, they ban you on principal.


Then ideally what would be possible is release a browser plug-in for chrome/Firefox that uses a Llama neural network to automatically generate a post and unleash it upon the world. Bonus points if it has automatic captcha solving/ip spoofing depending on legality (depends on the nation I believe)

4channers will use it against each other because 4channers hate each other.


Can it even solve capchas? They can do it on 4chan because he lets people pay $20 a year and that allows you to post unlimited without captcha with apparently no safe guard for a bot posting thousands of times a day. Personally I think Hiroyuki is just in on it


Reminder all these people have names, addresses, etc. behind their edgy pseudonyms.
I'm absolutely not advocating for breaking the U.S. federal law, on the contrary, the main strength of 4chan under moot was to find ways to mess with its enemies of the day in creative ways, it's called "doing a little trolling".
But in any sane community, these people in pic related, would be shamed in public and exiled, for causing so much havoc, encouraging people to kill themselves and the people around them for a vain cause. People died because of their little shenanigans.
Our jannies might be delusional sometimes, but they never engineered an online hysteria giving rise to monthly mass shootings in American public schools.
We honestly need a Nuremberg Trial 2.0 for Hiroyuki and all the post-moot 4chan staff. These faggots need to live in fear. I hope karma is more than an ideal.


You think Moot is innocent? He had to know what he was creating on some level.


the America labor market is exceptionally tight right now


File: 1686266565026.jpg (57.19 KB, 680x462, wt snacks viva la ban.jpg)

Imagine being in your mid-20s, the admin of an edgy anonymous posting website, then getting cucked online in front of everyone by a NYC Gawker journo, while everything around go astray.
I would probably also fuck off to Tokyo getting a job at a SV company, and chill out with my friend who used to handle the banhammer a bit too wildly too and now recycled himself into DJing Vocaloid psytrance, during the weekend.


File: 1686270616108.png (294.98 KB, 616x836, average gamer.png)

>edgy pseudonyms
honestly except for rapeape none of the ones in the screenshot are that edgy. I've seen worse.


Relooking at my post, you're right, but I feel like it's even worse when you look at it this way: outside of "GrapeApe", they are like wolves among sheeple with their fbi.gov pseudonyms.
All I'm saying is that the antifa movement exists for a reason, and while I wouldn't participate to an illegal action myself, these people need to be shamed and named.
They shouldn't be able to live comfily, enjoying impunity while cashing in $4,000 USD a month, when you consider the social powder keg they have purposefully engineered.


the only guy who gets paid is rapeape lol


I pray they receive the violence they so desire.


File: 1686273220776.jpg (101.98 KB, 1280x720, quiet.jpg)

Again, it's even worse, it means they did it all for free, agitating people to kill innocent children and Stacies, in vain… Again, I'm not saying they should get the 1980 Bologna massacre treatment, I'm just saying they should live in fear for the sins they have committed, it is simply basic communal self-regulation stuff and so on.


I for one think it'd be awful for any of them to receive any consequences. I don't want them to be doxed, hunted down, or killed. I don't want their homes burned down or any of their property vandalized. I don't want any of them waterboarded. And I definitely oppose having all of them put against a wall and shot. I'd rather we sat down with some cold ones and some ice cream and throw a party.


>agitating people to kill innocent children and Stacies
the users do this on their own


File: 1686274145342.jpg (31.59 KB, 400x262, bologna-2.jpg)

>The Bologna massacre (Italian: strage di Bologna) was a terrorist bombing of the Bologna Centrale railway station in Bologna, Italy, on the morning of 2 August 1980, which killed 85 people and wounded over 200.[1] Several members of the neo-fascist terrorist organization Nuclei Armati Rivoluzionari (NAR, Armed Revolutionary Nuclei) were sentenced for the bombing,[2] although the group denied involvement.
Here is your white feather.
Usual mod cope, go back to your fucking fbi.gov server faggot


Would you say you want to… party hard?


>Usual mod cope, go back to your fucking fbi.gov server faggot


Only kaiju figurines are cool.
Anime figures are for incels


>Anime figures are for incels


Yes, long live the party!


they're toys people keep on shelves/on display instead of playing with. the money would be better spent on an hour with a hooker


>we did nothing wrong, it was only all the Regular German Joes and Nazi-controlled Yuropoors who snitched on the Jews during WWII! It was their own volition, their own will!
<it's a userbase problem, the mod team of 4chan has nothing to do with the sudden rise of neo-Nazism on the internet starting in the mid-2010s
Sure. Am I expected to believe you?




more outrage bait


lol youre complaining about toys and then literally encourage prostitution


why are you outraged?


what server is this


reread the post


For it to be outrage bait implies someone is outraged. I’m going to assume that’s you until further clarification.


The real psyop was the Internet , and the culture of no rules led to this eventually, predictably.


File: 1686303084255.jpg (83.89 KB, 550x359, dubs stalin.jpg)

>engineered an online hysteria giving rise to monthly mass shootings in American public schools
amerikkka being a capitalist hellhole is why kids shoot up their schools, not satanists, not video games and not ebul internet sites


Speaking of 4chan specifically, it started out as an online community for adolescents (primarily male) with their notorious penchant for edginess. Anything racist or extreme was done out of edginess. "haha le n word!" or "haha le nazis!" It was insincere trolling, performed to get a rise out of people . Now, radicalism and edginess must be distinguished. Actual far right radicalism is sincerely believed. Edgy trolling is a form of self-amusement, with no other aim than apolitical entertainment . Sincere ideological commitment leads to recruitment and political agitation. The edgy culture of the chans served as a gateway drug to sincere radicalism , because the "anything goes" anarchy of content permits that possibility.

More insight can be found by comparing the situation to Popper's paradox of tolerance and various philosophical considerations about the loopholes of free speech.


It's by and large worked for burger and china topics and stopped the catalog being a wall of china and burger news and chat


How online trolling evolved or grew to coincide with far right internet politics is also a subject worthy of investigation. Trolling in large part used to just be a malicious type of entertainment. Targets of trolling used to be anyone who would fall for it, or anyone different, sensitive, or personally dislikable enough to be victimized. The far right politically weaponized trolling and cyberbullying so that it became a method to make the internet feel unsafe for their various hated groups. Gamergate was arguably a watershed moment marking the transition from apolitical trolling to political trolling. Prior to this phase, the far right was more interested in finding online communities to discuss their views with likeminded individuals, such as Stormfront. Then, they were mostly invisible since they were out of sight and out of mind. However on those sites there was deliberate discussion about how to expand beyond the internet and anonymous image boards were specifically singled out as viable territories for expansion for the above stated reasons. Once this "offensive of offensiveness" was launched, the far right's internet presence become more notable in the public consciousness, leading to counteraction that pushed them back to obscure corners via moderation or deplatforming. With "chinlort supreme" Musk now reopening Twitter , there is a new resurgence of far right vitriol in online settings where it is not willingly sought out.


(me again, completing my thought here)
What the far right learned is that there is no longer a clear division between online and offline politics. It is a porous membrane because the internet is a means of communication between real people in the real world. The so called meme wars centered around Trump's election had actual spillover effects into meatspace. While the far right's internet blitz seems to be in recession now, the left would do well to study its implications.


>Actual far right radicalism
You mean reactionism


Same difference. I don't see a need to quibble over semantics. We both know what I'm talking about.


It's political semantics. Liberal semantics. It equates opposition coming from both the left and right as being somewhat "the same" (think "totalitarianism" discourse).


In context it was clear that I was implicitly referring to right wing radicalism.


THIS. It's time for the mods on this site to realize this too.


The people who use this site are unbannable because they can use tor/vpn. All mods can do is delete posts/comments, which they do frequently.


This post is not even wrong, this is non-sequitur. Has nothing to do with the conversation.


I think he just didn't give a fuck after 10 years and appearing in courts. moot grew up and got a life.


Im glad I have been permabanned from 4chan for years. American police monitor /pol/ like crazy.


In good faith, I don't get why the /ukraine/ thread rustles people so much. It's like any job canteen I've ever been in but more educated.


It has never been substantiated that RapeApe was responsible for forcing the demographic shifts. The only source was a Vice article by someone claiming to be a janny at a time where the 4chan mods barely communicated with each other, where he probably would not have been privy to such info.

And you have to wonder how he could even find out. It reeks of mod team drama, because I strongly doubt even a stormfag is dumb enough to openly state their intentions to other moderators.


>i havent bothered to do any research but i will babble as an authority on the matter
lol okay buddy

4chan has always had both a mod board and a mod chat, first on irc and now on d_scord. many janitors and mods have talked about it. everyone knows rapeape being a neocon. hes kicked out any janitor trying to reign in /pol/ shit "too much". most blatant case was when he fired an old ass mod from /a/ because he banned /pol/tards trying to do an irl raid


File: 1686581683191.png (15.73 MB, 2440x3072, 1684816960375.png)

Go back to your shitty chan rapeape.


>Gametgate was anti-feminist
Even now, years later, journalists simply just cannot spinning the truth. It always was and is about the endemic nature of the video game industry


Amazed it took this long for one of you /v/ faggots to show up.
I'm still extremely glad I decided GamerGate was gay early on so I didn't end up like you.


Was literally there from the beginning, only retards think it's gay.

Journos were threatened as a collective group by gamergate as it (would have) opened them up completely to oversight from their readership. There's a distinct democratic thread running through the entire thing which exposed social justice narratives as nothing more than estsblishment and industry merchandise.


Proof that early involvement in gamergate breaks your brain regardless of what stance you took.


File: 1686584978040.gif (86.99 KB, 220x186, 1612352510436.gif)

lol your impotent consumer revolt was shit and still is


Cry about it, Zoe.
More than your shite local communist party has achieved. Gamergate literally fractured the neoliberal consensus.


rofl this has to be a parody


>journalists simply just cannot spinning the truth.
>Amazed it took this long for one of you /v/ faggots to show up.
>"no u /v/fag"
But it's true tho, nigas be using idpol bs even back then. It's a was basic rant of idpol and basic lib /v/irgins compiling about gaming journalist at first

>but look /v/fags now are like this random pedo twitter who the idpol buzzword

ture, but still go back to Twitter
I do not care about your gay ass unrelated shit in Tumblr 2
they has been threads in the past talking about gg here (bait threads or not) and every single fucking time anons has to re-explain this shit to twitter new fags like you


>"More than your shite local communist party has achieved"
>implying twitter users does praxis

>Gamergate literally fractured the neoliberal consensus.

eeeeehhh, well it did something.


>at a time where the 4chan mods barely communicated with each other




literally every regular here has been banned at least once


You definitely are one of those people who take le meme war srsly


>m-m-m-meme wars are praxis, please take me seriously


living fossil like a damn horseshoe crab


I wanted to argue that /mlp/ werks but I reckon the conditions are very different, for one the mods actually shoot colorful horse posters whenever they step outside their zone, the fad was on its way out already before the board creation, and most importantly, there is no third column in the staff bent on "covertly" spreading brony culture all across the site (that we know of)


>Popper's paradox of tolerance
I don't really think this is what happened, and I don't think the "paradox of tolerance" is the correct way to think about tolerance anyway. It's too tempting to blame the "tolerance" of 4chan or "imageboard culture" in general when the people involved are nearly impossible to sympathize with.

I'd basically agree with >>1493682: this is just searching for a scapegoat to blame mass shootings on, when both the current iteration of imageboard culture, the rise of the far-right, and these mass shootings are epiphenomenal, essentially products of neoliberalism and the festering anomie of a "consumer society" where little beyond impersonal market relations bind the social atoms together. It's easy to see this in how other countries suffer from similar problems, albeit to different extents. Because liberals can't change gun laws and they have no theory of the underlying causes, they're looking for something - anything - to blame that they can possibly affect. Hence, "4chan."


Well, the initial movement got exactly what it wanted - declaration of conflicts of interests from vidya ""journalists"", Gamergate served no purpose afterwards, and only the obsessed right-wingers stayed.


>Gamergate was anti-feminist
I mean, it clearly was. Beyond the superficial concerns over 'ethics in games journalism' it was quickly overshadowed by people screeching about Anita Sarkeesian et al's pretty basic critiques of the medium.


File: 1686636457492.png (1.38 MB, 1922x4135, 1408474683681.png)

Here's how it started, btw.


Absolute state.


An argument could be made that Gamergate contributed to the excruciatingly slow pace of labor organizing in the industry as women and other marginalized people, by virtue of being themselves, are more likely to try and do so!
9/11 for the New Atheist , 'Rationalist', 'Angry React Videos' crowd.


>An argument could be made that Gamergate contributed to the excruciatingly slow pace of labor organizing in the industry
The organization of labor there was already anemic, and it had nothing to do with Gamergate. The anti-Gamergate obsessives proffered explanations like this that were just as delusional as the worst of Gamergate.


>top-secret moderation machine
Quit making it sound like it's this sophisticated clandestine operation rather than a bunch of weird sweaty nerds DMing each other on fbi.gov or something


Anita Sarkeesian was a sheister though. She profitted off a very cheap sale of what is now the DEI hustle which is rampant in the US and the corporate world.


>blames innocent permavirgins on wizchan
The worst of all her crimes.


File: 1686694844815.png (42.13 KB, 973x383, rapeape modcat.png)

>The only source was a Vice article by someone claiming to be a janny at a time where the 4chan mods barely communicated with each other, where he probably would not have been privy to such info.
Look, there is a public archive on desuarchive.org, including for the /qa/ board. It goes back to the early 2010s, and the Vice article dates back from November 2, 2020.

I randomly searched for "rapeape hiroyuki" and found pic related, dating back from 2016.
I will quote the most relevant parts:
>You know those [Thot Patrol] threads on /pol/? They were getting deleted because all mods agreed they were raids
>Modcat made the mistake of explaining to [anon] what was wrong with the threads and used vocabulary that made /pol/ think he was [/ourguy/], and they completely flipped their shit and thought he was the only one deleting the threads and banning people to "further his leftist agenda"
>[RapeApe] is a conservative and kicked out [Modcat] who's been a mod for longer than him without even hearing his side of the story or even knowing about the bans. The only thing he kicked him out for was using a custom warning message.

Who knows what you can find by searching for "stormfaggotry" between 2014 and 2017? Maybe, like divine irony, the person who is the most responsible for turning 4chan into a white supremacist shithole has an Indian name, got his Bitcoin wallet stolen once, and look like the result of a threesome between a mariachi, a uyghur, and a black person.


Agreed. It's amazing how much of a dogwhistle gamergate is for well-to-do libs whose entire political understanding begins and ends with intersectionality. As the years go on, it becomes more and more transparent the whole thing was wrecked from all sides.
As a side note, it cracks me up that all the flyovers are regurgitating the gamergate is anti-feminist angle. Get your historiography straight first, because you're transparent.

There were always idiots screeching about Quin, Sarkeesian, etc. The "ethics in games journalism" retort came later, as a reflex from the reactionary crowd when questioned (that part should sound familiar, even for scum like you).

>the excruciatingly slow pace of labor organizing in the industry as women and other marginalized people
Beyond retarded take. Kill yourself.


Make belief. Not only will any ex moderator tell you they communicated, they used to do so publicly on IRC.


Yes, I even found IRC messages related to >>1496951 and >>1498519 (https://desuarchive.org/qa/thread/902888/#902896)

[00:43] <Modcat> Whatever you wanna do is up to you. The character of the place has changed and I'm not so brokenhearted that I'd beg on my hands and knees to be allowed to come back. If you wanna educate people that's your prerogative.
[00:45] <Modcat> I just am not begging to be reinstated
[00:45] <Modcat> my heart was already broken once before
[00:54] <Modcat> it's my feeling he never intended to defend me when hiro asked him about the three or so people spamming him on twitter
[00:55] <Modcat> which is why I think if anyone would have had final say it'd be hiro
[00:56] <Modcat> which is essentially what I said here >>900159
[00:58] <Modcat> still, if /a/ as a combined entity wants to talk to hiro directly, that's up to /a/
[00:58] <Modcat> I still love /a/


/pol/ moderation team is responsible for neonazi ideology but so are many others.


>“I’ve been saying for years that rapeape’s /pol/tardation would result in severe consequences, and the mass shooting in Buffalo has proven me right,” they wrote. “Therefore, the only possible way to save this website is to have him doxxed, hunted down, and murdered.”
what kind of heartless animal would even suggest something like that? only a barbarian would want that!


I wonder what the net (or better yet the world) would be like if this shit just never happened


The world would be the same, internet discourse would be so much better.


Are grifters making your reality experience a bit worse, son?


Mods did the right thing. "he's right, you know", "well, /pol/?", "is he, dare I say, /ourguy/" and other smartypants trolls one-liners should guarantee an insta IP range ban


>American police monitor /pol/ like crazy.
TBH I'm surprised they didn't mention that at all in the article. The alphabet agencies must be seeing all of the horrible shit that goes up on /pol/ every day, and yet they don't do anything about it.


File: 1686953459374.png (23.69 KB, 200x200, hmm.png)

>4chan has always been freeze peach in name only
No, it has never been free speech in name.


Man, I remember really far back in the day, like 2006, a lot of 4chan was pervaded by a left-leaning anti-establishment vibe. Hard to believe it was ever like that with the state of it today


>No, it has never been free speech in name.
Ding ding ding ding ding dinggg!!!
Bingo. You got it.
Cuckchan(4chan) has always had awful mods.
Snacks and Moot banned anyone they disagreed with.
Moot was lucky enough to be the first Merican to copy Japan's anonymous imageboards.
The only reason "classic" 4chan gets any respect is nostalgia.
Cuckchan had no real golden age or free speech like /leftypol/, 8chan, 711chan or others did throughout history, it's golden age was pedophiles and a bunch of dead memes that they stole from ytdnm and something awful before it also just became ResetEra 1.5.
This is to say that no one really cared if the mods powertripped because no one had anything of value to say.
Post cp and a meme, get banned, ban evade.
Post cp and a meme, get banned, ban evade.
Post cp and a meme, call Moot a ni–, get banned before you can finish, ban evade.
Now ban evasion is easy enough, buy a vpn, make your own, set up a wall of payphones to ip hop at 1000 ips per second like feds do.
But in modern times the only thing that really pisses someone, anyone off, is having a effort post or meme you put 1000 hours in ms paint into get removed.
4chan was never about it and no one was smart enough to notice or care because the posts did not go beyond shitposts or porn.
Sometimes I still post on that shithole of a site and the moderation hasn't changed, you can still get banned for the dumbest reasons, more often than here and that's saying something.
It's also illegal to call out the staff there, they have a mod abuse report page but no one listens and it's so underused everyone forgets it even exists.


The hydra effect needs to be considered here . Ho can we know if destroying 4chan won't give rise to dozens of other sites to replace it.


and yet they still have this reputation as being this ebin free speech place by normies. It's the only reason why I don't quit posting there because I'm afraid if someone on the left, leaves that just gives their arguments more ammunition that the left requires censorship. I genuinely hate that fucking website and want to quit but I can't. I don't want to lose.


That's still fracturing the 4chan user base, they'll end up creating so many variations of chans, each engineered to pander to their own specific idea of what is real anon shit and what is Reddit, the entire legacy of 4chan would be scattered to the fucking winds overnight.


8gaggers are so embarrassing holy shit


No, he was talking about anti-semites. They are like this online and offline, it doesn't matter.
The most productive thing to tell /pol/ types is to fuck off.


>Nishimura, backed by millions of dollars in investment from Japanese toy company Good Smile, became the sole owner of 4chan
>Good Smile
What the fuck?


hot take


With those cases the best bet is to play up the liberal myth of Stalin as a good thing to them

Once they're edgelord Stalinists if you can get them hooked on theory you may be able to get something useful out of them

We even got one getting a hammer and sickle tattoo to prevent himself from backsliding back in the early days


You say that as if frenschan, zzzchan, mlpol.net and the like don't exist, and as if 16chan and neinchan didn't. /pol/ has been splitting since before it existed.

The hydra effect was well into play before 2007. Go check the /hobby/ thread on alternate boards, and even that thread doesn't cover half of them. There was even a federation of socialist (slash MLP) imageboards with their own history.

If you want a case study, look into the death of 8chan.

But what's your point anyway? What are you saying is wrong with the hydra effect?


>if you don't follow any of their retarded unwritten rules you get told to kill yourself
First day on the internet?


>Literally the only thing they do is posting borderline touhou hentai
Is this supposed to be a bad thing? Not a hysteric prude so I wouldn't know.

>sometimes they cry about "MUH EVUL TRANSHUMANISTS!!!11!!!!!!"

Unlike other boards where they do it all day. Not a single board is safe from getting infected by /v/-/pol/ shit, /jp/ and /a/ just took longer but you can't tell this if you only started posting in 2016 and don't even visit the boards you complain about.


The only thing that really shocked me as a mod that there was investments and salary going around. It is an actual business where jannies are getting paid!


whats with the reading comprehension here. only rapeape has a salary. not even their dev gets paid!


Still one person getting paid in 4chan is a big deal tbh.


Not an argument


Ok my post was kinda retarded, sorry


>is this supposed to be a bad thing?
Nope, again my post was very retarded


File: 1687280180369.gif (391.11 KB, 498x278, pat-pat-head.gif)

it ok anon


File: 1687284058382.jpg (1.35 MB, 6560x4344, 1681968633240016.jpg)

Tank u frend :]


Jannie Union when?


When did 4chan become a honeypot? How do we know other chans like this one aren't?


u can use the onion link to access to leftypol tor node


Define 'honeypot'
t. an actual security professional who knows the actual meaning of the word and not what /g/ then /pol/ retards think it means now… as if it even matters on a public website

4chan used to have a site rule "Don't mess with football", referring to a /b/ user getting party v& for making a dirty bomb threat to football stadiums in 2006.

So the FBI were probably alert to the site no later than then, probably earlier due to Anonymous, all the child porn and murders/suicides.


Back then people said /b/ mods started being designated FBI agents since 2007.


File: 1687823391547.pdf (141.74 KB, 197x255, poole-testimony.pdf)

Wouldn't surprise me.
Also, reminder that moot testified in the Palin email hack trial and had to explain what a 'newfag' was. pdfrel


File: 1687835706543.jpg (8.83 KB, 152x226, Fl7MxrmX0AEbaX3.jpg)

The Feds are subpoenaing Jannies for doing nothing against the rising autism of Stormfags and the kekistani meme magic anons.

Oh Poole, if only you understood how bad things would get.


Didn't 8klan get b& for distributing child porn?


4Chan is kil, Rowan took away my neetbux :(


nope, was taken down for having a mass shooting manifesto uploaded to it
t. was there when it happened
i cant remember if it was the christchurch shooting or something else though


i mean it was "taken down" in the sense that i think cloudflare just pulled the plug on them lol


a couple weeks after the el paso shooting manifesto was posted, cloudflare dropped 8cunt.
the site jumped between dns providers until watkins relaunched as 8kunt.
hotwheels left way before all of this btw.


This. It was merely dropped by CF and (i have no proof but believe) DDOS'd to hell, and only came up stable months later and became basically Qanon: The Website. Even their /pol/ board (renamed) died and is just literal, LITERAL botposting.


No it got dropped by CF and contrary to what others say it was intentionally revamped to be more clean and safe after Jim got into hot water. No one went back because of it, Jim refused to bring back any of the boards besides /pol/ or /v/ and of course /qresearch/.
>how do we know x isn't
We don't sometimes they're often open ip loggers ran by autistic members of the community going through a villain arc.
>how do we know 4chan is
4chan is managed by Hiro but is owned by a Disney sub company and Google.
If that doesn't sound like a box company used to control a area of possible discontent I don't know what does.


>We don't sometimes they're often open ip loggers ran by autistic members of the community going through a villain arc.
To what end do they think these IP's are going to aid them in ….idk autistic villainy whatever that looks like in praxis..?


this is the logical conclusion of tolerating intolerance. it is also the reason why fascism needs to be strongly opposed whereever it props up


This image means nothing in comparison to what the meme matrix has in store for everyone nowadays. New 4chan users don't give a shit about this image, they don't give a shit about peter thiel, they don't give a shit about the wilks, they don't give a shit about good smile, they don't give a shit about any of that because they KNOW FOR A FACT that they are backed by companies, they just want you to believe that they are edgelords. There is simply no hope for the mind contagion for new 4chan, and I fear it will spread across the world. The cottage core sphere of the thiel algorithm is nothing in comparison to what is in for store. Go on Knowyourmeme, go to a random comment sectino and that is what will go down. Just nothing but pure smugness, that is what is the real ambrosia, the real mana of the new right. It is to steal what liberals got to enjoy, the feeling and sensation of being better than everyone else. They already integrated the chinletjak into their lore.


some boards are immune to /pol/ and will be fun until the day they die. /i/, /f/, and /po/ are some of the best examples. /a/ hates /pol/ but they circlejerk about being lolicons. /ck/ is also fun. it's an echo chamber for a few dead /pol/ memes such as sneed oil, but when there's racism it's usually lighthearted and just as likely to be towards whites as anyone else, depending on the cuisine in question. there are also regular threads for poorfags to share budget diet advice and recipes. apart from its own self-grown worldview, /lgbt/ currently has a dynamic mix of ideologies among its regulars, clearly including a significant proportion of leftists, and even has some cross pollination with this website.


Well this sounds good


/int/ is pretty decent too, mostly because it's not dominated by Americans and the board tries to distance itself from /pol/.


Racist pigs lurking /pol/ like what they see and agree with /pol/yps.


>/a/ hates /pol/ but they circlejerk about being lolicons.
unironically who cares


/lit/ (duh) and /n/ also has a lotta leftists.


They’re open racists that the US considers a “threat”. Compare them to Reddit where they’re closeted racists that are a glowie investment.


I know no one cares, specially not here but the /vt/ (yeah virtual youtubers) board is heavily moderated and racism is explicitly banned most of the time with only derogatory (in jest) comments about Southeast Asian people allowed, each board has it's own culture and moderation is really different from place to place


I wonder why 4chan is still active to this day whereas leftypol is dead?


Racism has more draw than Communism sadly


What were you banned for?


4chan is extremely easy to astroturf, how much of that traffic is real?


Because communists are gay and preachy whereas rightoids are drunk boomers you can chill with.
All of it? There’s more than enough autists to keep that place floating.


File: 1690228276311.png (58.85 KB, 184x235, 1687791773114359.png)

Rightiods are extremely preachy. WTF are you talking about.


He's projecting.


Imagine hanging out with a drunk rightoid boomer from 4chan
>I reckon that squirrel is a troon
>The problem with kids these days is they don't drive trucks
>I'm pretty sure that Mexican from Nicaragua I'm paying $2 an hour to mow my lawn is an illegal, I'm going to report them to the police when they're finished so I don't have to pay keyk!
>This is muh pet toad, Pepe, keyk geddit?
>Yes sirree, no marxist teachers when I was at school and I'm pro-gun, checkmate commies just come and try to take it
>I've installed sumthing called lienucks on the compooter, Q said it keeps the NSA outta muh C:/ drive


No they’re not, they’re just schizophrenics who screech into the abyss. Communists otoh talk down others and act like liberal arts college professors who worship huge, thick, veiny black cock. I’m talking very flaccid, large black cock. Large enough to encompass two time zones and impregnate half of Europe type shit, the Kylian Mbappe of black cocks. Have you ever sucked on one? It’s delicious. ^_^


File: 1690228992446.gif (7.42 MB, 640x640, IMG_6281.gif)



>I like to close my eyes and imagine everyone around me sucking black cocks
>That's how I know I ain't ghey
>If I was, I'd be imagining my self sucking cock, so howsabout that you liberal arts college queer?


But why?




Nah they were. But they weren't posting happy merchants and infographics about muh birthrates. "No racism outside of /b/" was a rule that was actually enforced for stormfags, hell the term "stormfag" arose from 4chan.


lol sometimes I forget that /pol/ has cycled through buzzwords for "people who use 4chan for hobby discussion and shitposting instead of skull diagrams". Now it's "discord transhumanists" but before that it was "JIDF" and before that it was "SRS" as in r/shitredditsays, which was a subreddit where redditors would wag their finger at other redditors for saying things that were racist/sexist/slightly edgy but could possibly be construed as bigoted if you squint. SRS caught on as a buzzword because 4channers are retarded, even though it makes no fucking sense that people too fragile for Reddit would go out of their way to go on 4chan in droves.


shower you stinky bitch


some of the niche generals like /invert/ and /df/ are also pretty insulated from the awful /pol/-/r9k/-late stage /b/ culture that dominates 4chan now. /drugfeel/ and /r9k/ have years of mutual hatred now with /r9k/ users being instantly bullied and dogpiled when they stumble in and the mods constantly deleting the general cuz there fucking /r9k/ mods who need to stop living


>they have had a large grip on internet culture for the past almost decade
I feel like the alt-right–as in, the full-on "billions must die" alt-right–peaked around 2016-2017. Unite the Right was a massive PR implosion for them, and the Christchurch shooting a couple years later didn't help either.


>The fascism is coming from the Religious Right, which is organized in real life and has connections to power in Washington.
An interesting thing to note is as 4chan has been increasingly inundated with /pol/ larpers, jeezusposting has shot up exponentially. Before hardcore christians were laughed at as "christfags", now being a trad cath is…le based! 4chan's right wing contingent is slowly moving from resentful basement-dwellers to hick normies.


As someone who goes on 4chan a lot still, there is actually quite a vocal backlash against Christianity there now. Although it's now filtered through "Jew on a stick" posting more than anything.


>Cry about it, Zoe.
Who the fuck is still thinking about Zoe Quinn in 2023 Anno Domini?


In my experience those are just stormfag pagans, just more of the same. There is a major infighting between christians and pagans inside rightoid communities.


Nah, even on a lot of the 4chan adjacent fbi.govs there are plenty of just flat out atheists. Christlarping dropped off super hard. I wonder if it was because of the tradcath hoes that made it look more like a female thing to them or something.


I've never paid much attention to board drama. The most I've bothered with was back when GG was still a thing. But this thread explains so much as to why every time I've occasionally visited the generals I like in recent years, I come across /pol/ talking points and I don't see a single soul shaming them back to /pol/. "Discord transhumanists" is a projection.


It's because Christianity is socially impotent. If you look at places where religion is relevant like in Africa or MENA a key part of it is the fact that the church/mosque/synagogue played a vital role in youth socialization so that even young people who are not that religious or even Leftists will participate in it.

This is not something that exists in America. Christianity as a social function has effectively been decimated by a combination of atomization and suburbanism. Christianity in the US as it existed today is just a club for fringe right wing individuals and larpers and for most of them it is just a passing trend


If you look at rightoid literatures decrying miscegenation and the "violation" of white women by coloured people you'd find that they dedicate far more pages to talk about black cocks than they do about the white women they're supposed to defend. Very sus.


4chan /pol/ is pretty damn disgusting to look at. Porn/thirst trap and bait posts aside, it’s a bunch of idiots who paid for the pass that post racial obscenities all day and think they’re doing something. It’s the ultimate containment zone for people who, in a normal society, would be confined to mental hospitals.


leftists need to become FBI glowies so 4chan can be finally done away with


>“I’ve been saying for years that rapeape’s /pol/tardation would result in severe consequences, and the mass shooting in Buffalo has proven me right,” they wrote. “Therefore, the only possible way to save this website is to have him doxxed, hunted down, and murdered.”
Based fedposter


Holy based


4chan is a septic tank full of spam and mentally ill people. I’m amazed it has the popularity it does to this day because you can’t have an actual conversation on there, so it’s essentially better to VPN LARP and piss off the Nazis.


journalist is bad. atleast /v/ got that right


you will never get rid of geopolitik threads. NEVER!!!!


>went to /sci/ for the first time in years
>/pol/ shit and vaxxposting


>non-political 4chan board filled with /pol/tardation
Many such cases


b-b-b-but it wasnt like that in the first 5 minutes!!!!!!!!!


Its honestly sad that the whole site is just /pol/ now


If only you knew how bad things really are.


Why was this thread necrobumped

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