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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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Previous thread: >>1263434

Talk about job/career advice and other related stuff from a leftist perspective. EX: How to get a job, promotion, skill, switch companies, resume, life hacks, etc.
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bros I fell for the "learn to code" meme and have wasted almost a decade of my life in tech with almost nothing to show for it, completely shit-tier resume and almost never been above a poverty-tier income, and now I also fucking hate tech and can't stand working in this field anymore. I could have gone to grad school and at least tried to make a career out of doing something I enjoy instead of this shit, and now I'm also almost 30. should I kill myself?


Git gud.


I'll git gud at killing myself


>wasted my life
>below the age of 70
Ok baby


File: 1699734742966.jpeg (3.19 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_1986.jpeg)

Just want to stay that while progress hasn’t entirely been consistent, it’s still there. This is longer than anything else I’ve written and with luck I might actually finish a book.


Ive worked for lesbians twice and they seem to basically have no regard for men and treat them the worse. Has anyone had a similar experience with lgbt management? It annoys the fuck outta me how the gays get a pass for being as reactionary as they are


keep up the good work. like you I was always into writing stories and things at an early age but dropped it in my teens. I took it up again during COVID while working retail. I wrote a novel and sent it to a friend but he said it was pretty shit. (it was) but he liked some short stories I did. I wrote another one. he said it was brilliant so I sent it to several agencies. got a good response but it wasn't marketable. I managed to keep going for a few years now. I'm still in retail but it's good to do something that isn';t just Netflix chill or petit bourg bs.


Im glad to hear you got the writing bug during quarantine. I tried but I think it was a start-stop of making some really boneheaded mistakes (inconsistent schedule, no chapter outline) so I couldn’t get much done.
To some extent I’m worried about my book’s marketability; it’s gonna be a mystery thriller set in medieval Germany. But I suppose I’d rather hear that it won’t sell then that it’s bad haha.
Speaking of; I’m terrified it showing it to anyone without some hefty edits. I don’t think I write badly—at least compared to some college papers I’ve read, but I have this constant fear that it’s garbage.


based writer-anon


you cant get a do nothing job in tech?


I’m not sure if it’ll be considered based. The MC is a Dominican Friar turned Inquisitor, though I’m planning for one of the major antagonists to be a Merchant that’s foreshadowing the coming Capitalist era.


File: 1700146719937-1.png (1.89 MB, 1080x1043, 1604800739787.png)

>26 yo autist neet with no prior job experience (yeah I'm a middle class child of labor aristocrats parents ass parasite whatever)
>applied for job at taco cabana because my stem degree hasn't gotten me any work
>hiring manager asks if I have any prior formal employment
>be a fucking retard boy scout and say "n-no but if you give me a chance I'll work hard and won't let you d-down"
>don't ever hear back
>parents are furious at me because I can't seem to get any work and are threatening to force me to live in my aunt's driveway (she has a shitty camper that I can live in).

goddamnit. I gotta start lying for these entry level jobs. I probably could have lied to that cocksucker hiring manager and pulled some shit out of my ass about working for a fake tex mex restaurant called los titos or some shit. worst case scenario I get caught lying but its a meatbag job so who cares?

fuck everything man. I wish I wasn't so fucking useless.


Anon you went to university, finished a course in something that looked promising and have spent time looking for work. You tried at the very least you did and honestly there’s not much you could’ve done, you can volunteer or go for an apprenticeship or something but I’m sure you’ve already heard that advice. Rn job market in many rich economies is shit because population growth is outpacing job growth and job stability, this means even the lowest skilled work can have employers asking for a phds worth of experience in the most non descript work ever. Keep trying regardless, you’ll become an independent adult eventually.


Boomer parents are dumb shitheads like that. They still think it's the 1970s/80s where you could just waltz into a place and just get a gig..


You just got to apply to more than one job. Lie about your work history if you want to but the key is quantity.


I enjoy working
I work too much.
I'm only really "happy" when I'm working, and get anxious and restless when there's nothing to do. (by "happy" I mean a trance-like state of semi-unconsciousness)

I am also paid like shit and my job kinda sucks. On the weekends, if I don't have any work to do, I get sad because it becomes apparent how empty my life is. But I don't enjoy doing anything else either.


Well it's okay if you enjoy it, maybe you can get a second job on the weekends. You can donate your wages to a charity (or a socialist party if you prefer) so it's all for a good cause.


Okay, I guess you're not actually happy if you're unconscious. I think maybe you need therapy or something in that case. Or to see your doctor about depresion/SSRIs.


Pffft bullshit, I have a job and a drivers license already and have been applying everyday for weeks for low skill work and still get no responses. No that anon is going through something that for a lot of people of all ages is unavoidable. We need more people educated, trained and a lot more buissnesses and governments ready to fucking hire relative to population growth because rn employment opportunities are bleak. That anon >>1679369
is correct


sounds like probably seratonin burnout, you probably watched too much porn


use your stem degree to get into a shitty consulting bodyshop like WITCH/FDM/Revature or Accenture.


Should I apply to this Master's program? It sounds like the Multipolarista's dream. Currently not too happy with being a STEM-Lord…

>The two-year Master’s programme "Global Political Economy and Development" is a research-oriented graduate programme that leads to the degree of Master of Arts in Global Political Economy and Development. It introduces students to the institutions, actors and processes characterising globalised capitalism, North-South relations and development cooperation. It focuses on the global level, but it also looks at regional and national settings from a comparative perspective. Our curriculum stands out because it approaches political economy from a North-South perspective that is informed by development theory and practice and postcolonial perspectives

>Following topics are covered in the program:

>Labour in the Global Economy, Politics of Money, Debt and Finance, Issues of Post-Colonial Political Economy, Gender and Race in Globalisation, Global Governance and Development Cooperation, Global Political Ecology, Sustainability and Environmental Politics, European Integration and Migration Policy, Urbanization and Agrarian Studies, Postcolonial, Decolonial and Postdevelopment Theory, State, Civil Society and Social Struggles.



File: 1700261394522.png (122.65 KB, 784x273, ClipboardImage.png)

Waggie, sell your PTO.


File: 1700507473258.jpg (141.49 KB, 826x1440, no one wants to work.jpg)


File: 1700538382845.mp4 (35.99 MB, 480x360, Banjo Gyro!.mp4)

the hell of capitalism is having to leave the house 5 days a week no matter how sleepy you are, not the amount of hours in a day



if you want, but again i dont think you need a masters program to study all that stuff you can study it on your own and being a stemlord is to pay the rent


job market is shit right now cuz of interest rates, companies are cutting back


I've thought about trying to pivot to making money off writing because it's the only thing I'm actually good at and enjoy doing, but it seems like a complete pipe dream that I'd ever make more than a few bucks off it. I've always just posted stuff online for free.


depends what you write. the type of writing that would make you money would sort of require you to be very nakedly capitalistic and not profit driven. Like writing ads or technical writing or business journalism.


if the project head is being passive aggressive af because i take too long in finishing stuff would i be a snitch if i told my boss whos cool with me about it


Hey everyone, I just got fired today, and got an interview for another job tomorrow. How do I go about this opportunity to avoid being unemployed and broke while having to also work with the fact that the fact that I got fired?


Who cares on being a snitch. This guy is acting like your boss. You should tell him to back down yourself though. Getting your boss involved is worse but acceptable.
Can you convince yourself you're still working at the other job? At least just for tomorrow. Like really act it out. Remember to be friendly and open :)


File: 1701389814915.jpg (31.09 KB, 622x464, 1581277568881.jpg)

Lmao, I'm in a similar situation. I'm autistic and kind of retarded and this guy at work keeps treating me like a child because I'm bad with instructions. I don't know if I should flip him off or what.


Update: I think I have to give up the sauce boys. I know there’s a stereotype of the drunk writer, but I think booze has killed my focus and made it harder for me to write consistently.

Will report results in a week or so. I’m hoping my writing can pick up speed.


As what was pointed out to me, the famous alcoholic writers didn't really write during their alcoholic periods. I guess Steven King got a bit of work done in his pill addiction period. Amphetamines might help as well but your writing will probably be crap.


Currently dealing with a manager who resents that I am better at using needed programs and am far more prepared to deal with whatever the current issue is than her.
This week she has locked me into a bullshit project without the essential components to work on/ finish it. Seems like she has been withholding them knowingly for several days and passing incorrect info to other workers just to make it seem like I am slacking on my end.
I now have to record all of our meetings over the phone to catch her flat-out lying and otherwise slandering my reputation with the rest of my co-workers.

Maybe it's because I'm younger? I don't understand why she is acting like a complete child.
Should I just wait until I catch her in an obvious lie? Should I be approaching someone about this? I'm so new to the job that I feel like nobody would take my grievance seriously.


Honestly I think I’m gonna stick with exercise and marijuana at least until the book is done. I’m lucky that I only have a psychological addiction to alcohol rather than a biological addiction.

Honestly it’s gonna suck, but the alternative might be retail hell forever.


time to switch to cooler drugs


I’ve done some Psilocybin and Cocaine (overrated) and honestly I think I come up with fun ideas high but I’ll need to be sober and disciplined to write.


I wish I could work in politics or diplomacy but living in the imperial core basically all roads inevitably lead to being a stooge, a glowie or a sell-out.


You could see about local politics, couldn’t hurt. It might be you could even pass some housing reform.


I recently got laid off from a sweet software engineering job at a startup (yes I know) . I gave my all to this company , and it wasn't even that my all wasn't enough. I was foolish enough to think that this company was somehow different . Literally what happened is that an investor bought them out and negotiated controlling terms over the company, and I didn't figure into this anonymous alien interloper's schemes so I was to be laid off so that they could hire who the investor wanted to be hired.

Here is a critical example of the alienation of labor. It's not the first time, (I experience it all the time) but the most poignant time I experienced the reality of this concept.

All of this happened within the backdrop of the development of the commercial mainstreaming of AI as the latest tool of capitalist alienation .

All this did was solidify my understanding of the unredeemable qualities of the capitalist system , and reinforce my resolve to speak to its evils until my dying breath.

I've also decided that I am going to pursue my true calling as a writer and theoretician without regard for cash value. I'm done with the market system as a whole and if this means I have to accept a more ascetic lifestyle then so be it.

(And before those of you of a more primitive disposition would label me a "labor aristocrat", my working class credits are irrefutable. My dad works in a blue collar union and my mom comes from nothing. I tried to claw my way out of the abyss and picked the best option that was available to me in this ruthless sytem )


The CEO even said to me "I feel bad, I don't want to do it"
Then don't do it you spineless coward!


sorry anon, its really a fucked up world out there.
hope you can find some satisfaction with whatever you decide to do.


ki tried drink, the only thing it helped was to maybe build a bit of confidence to put ideas down, but it didn't work and I dont recommend it. nothing I wrote drunk was good.


>I've also decided that I am going to pursue my true calling as a writer and theoretician without regard for cash value. I'm done with the market system as a whole and if this means I have to accept a more ascetic lifestyle then so be it.
anon, i'm all for this, but to be a voice of moderation, it might also be poor idea to make rash decisions immediately after something traumatic like this happens to you. maybe sit on this for a few days and then reassess


I'm about to finish a BA and I'm thinking of learning a few graphic design programs and trying to do some work in that field on some kind of freelance sort of basis. Is this still viable or has AI fucked my chances of doing this?


you are basically fucked and doomed to the lumpenproletariat


File: 1702195670093.jpg (81.82 KB, 629x874, 1669747353723657.jpg)

CS bros, I'm asking for your advice. I want to stop being poor ASAP so I can provide for my family (progressively worsening health issues) and, hopefully, simultaneously start a family of my own. To accomplish it all, I need to get into a higher paying job within the next year or two (around $50k or higher, or about 125 to 130% of the minimum wage here) and in about 5 to 6 years from now, I would need a salary approaching or exceeding six figures (or rather the equivalent thereof, for my area's future cost of living). Computer science is where the big bucks are and, for better or worse, I currently live around a major tech hub. However I'm pretty behind in math, approaching tech without preexisting IT knowledge/skills of any significance (I do data collection/entry and some tech-y odd jobs but any idiot with a computer could do them), and do not (currently) have a passion for the field. I'd essentially be starting from scratch while working full-time.

Do you think it's advisable for me to pursue IT? If not, what else do you suggest? Physically demanding jobs like Alaskan crab fishing aren't an option, unfortunately.
My current plan is to get a CompTIA A+ certificate, and possibly Network+, Security+, and/or CCNA certificates as quickly as possible and try to use that to break into a job that pays over $50k.

From there, my next steps are to catch up on math, rack up cheap, easy college credits online, and then transfer into Western Governors University (self-paced, regionally accredited, non-profit, online school) and graduate with a Bachelor's in computer science. Hopefully I could keep job-hopping for better pay or get internships with equivalent pay while I work through the curriculum. It's not hard math, but between working 40 hours a week and dedicating about 20 hours weekly to IT studies, if I worked like a dog, I think I could get the degree around summer 2029 give or take. And soon after that, I'd hopefully land a six figure salary to support two or three dependents. One downside of the online school is you don't get a real GPA, any passing score is automatically a 3.0 and cannot be changed, so I can't put that on a resume or be recruited for an internship from a college campus. Anyway.

Is this a realistic game plan in terms of financial and academic expectations? I think I'm a fairly bright person but I've spent most of my life cultivating a humanities-oriented intelligence rather than a STEM one, never really learned study skills, and I lack self-discipline. Feedback, insight, suggestions, anything you have to say, I will sincerely appreciate it. Thanks for reading.

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