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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internets about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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When did traditional chan culture morph into moralfaggotry? did /pol/ do it? Is it just the general politicization of society?

Is this just a relic of the pre-2012 internet?


Bad times makes people more conservative and willing to censor other people. It's just a typical response to everything around you crumbling to shit.


around 1214 but I don't think gamergate was the cause for it, all the internet was conglomerating in few sites which provoked this shift


bush was not conservative enough with everyone pushing for war with iraq?
we simply had the advantage that less people cared about imageboards, it was nerdy shitposting about things most never cared about
it is phoneposting, popularity and stormfront realizing how easy it is to manipulate a boards culture with spambots


idk, idc


>The Emperor Xuanzong of Jin China surrenders to the Mongols under Genghis Khan, who have besieged Beijing for a year.


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based mongols


Moralfagging is based.


only if its gommie, /pol/ moralfaggotry is insuffurable because their moralfags on steroids larping as politically incorrect nihilists even though they aren't nihilist - they only want to shit on a specific set of things


So bad times turn you into even more of a class cucked degenerate?
This is life in the West?


Moralfagging is cringe.


The Stormfront invasion of /pol/ basically send a message to the whole world that security is more important than freedom online




Christfags are the worst. If they really wanted to be good Christians they'd exit 4chan immediately and go to a site that doesn't have loli porn on it.


m00t failed to wisk them away because everyone began moralfagging AGAINST restrictions to fashy posting bc muh rights (Tea Party style) so he bailed and it sank to what it was and in many ways still is
All other forums and sites pre emptively cracked down and still do so to prevent the spread of terminally online fascists as a result


I'd say between 2014-2016, given how rent free that period lives in everyone's heads.


Well it seems like /a/ of all boards is tired of /pol/'s shit https://boards.4channel.org/a/thread/219872505


way before gamergate when anonymous became mainstream
/pol/ faggotry didn't help though


They're just complaining about the ending to Attack on Titan.


moot was a normalfag by 2010


yeah the stormfront invasions eventually lead to the shitting up of the chans with boomers and forced memes but if you wanna talk about moralfaggotry this was probably the beginning of widespread online 'activism'


happened at end of OWS


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>The project was publicly launched in the form of a video posted to YouTube, "Message to Scientology", on January 21, 2008. The video states that Anonymous views Scientology's actions as Internet censorship, and asserts the group's intent to "expel the church from the Internet".


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>When did chan culture die
How I wish it did, it only turned worse.

Instead of trying to go back to the past realize that memes are the root of all evil.


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Conservative has been defined as the movement toward the preservation of the *order* of society, in which most people beg a tiny, elevated minority for permission to live.
I think this was the big one, which dragged the average intelligence level on the Internet way down just as AOL offering Usenet access did 15-20 years prior. But it could also have been the "Netroots" (Democratic Party lower gentry). I don't think the Storm raid caused the mass of "government exists to protect property" mincaps, that's just the edgy side of Murdoch boomer conservabubble ideology.

Holy kek that pentagram uterus diagram


What is up with Chan culture being so egotistical? Every redditor knows that reddit is shit, every twitter user knows that twitter is shit. Yet I always see people post about how diverse and argumentative and not a total circlejerk 4chan is on that site.


>the christchurch shooting video in the bottom corner
I fucking keked


Last panel is unaccurate: It lacks soyposting.


File: 1617876148977.jpg (109.4 KB, 1029x1200, CtaeX7IUAAAcn3Y.jpg)

Post-moot here. It's funny, I was aware of 4chan way back when, but I was like:

>Eww noooooo…

I was too into my hobbies and hanging out with more normal people with actual lives on username based boards. But then I stopped giving a fuck about anything maybe 2014 or so. Then I eventually found my way to 4chan because of the 2016 election, and I've been here off and on since. I guess 2016 was the height of chan cultural relevancy.

What's like the new hip thing for me to jump ship to?


>What's like the new hip thing for me to jump ship to?
Agitating and organizing to overthrow capitalism.


The quantity of overdone edgy irony led to a qualitative shift in the direction of taking said irony unironically.
Also it became less edgy to espouse progressive views over time, and because internet edgelords define themselves by said edginess this jumped to mocking said superfcal increases progressivism.
It could have also been that more and more people from the general population began using the Internet for more things, and said subculturally oriented denizens of obscure internet communities felt that they were about to lose their uniqueness and thus turned to attempts to gatekeep.

And obviously of course there was the 2015, 2016 affair which led to an influx of new users whom adopted the form of said culture of imageboards but dealt the final blows to the original essence of it, or perhaps just forced it to confront its inherent contradictions.

Post the Rafiq meme post someone.


File: 1617880147057.jpg (17.51 KB, 480x360, hotpocket.jpg)

It's funny all you oldfags waxing nostalgic for the chans of yesteryear, but I've yet to see a single post for how they weren't the exact same textual diarrhea that they currently are today. Might as well nostalgic for early 2000s hotpockets.

>Ahhh, they just don't make them how they did back in my day…


The really big difference was probably far more OC
Shove a shitty cheap phone's touchscreen friendly meme macro generator w/ oekaki on here and a bit of the old magic might come back a bit


>m00t failed to wisk them away b-ecause everyone began moralfagging AGAINST restrictions to fashy posting bc muh rights (Tea Party style) so he bailed
What the fuck are you talking about? Stormfags were banned in giant droves with basically nobody complaining but Stormfags for years. You should know that these faggots had been trying to establish a presence on 4chan since after the Hal Turner raids, with posts on Vanguard News Network specifically mentioning "making Anonymous raid the jews."

Moot never gave a shit what people thought about his moderation. The problem was he became alienated from the community, made terrible moderation decisions, offloaded tasks to incompetent mods and then just gave up shortly after making /pol/ and remaking /r9k/. Stormfags, rather than being purged from the imageboard landscape all together, found refuge in sites like 4chon.net and were capable of reintegrating into the culture that rejected them.




Nah if anything things had already hit rock bottom on that eternal september score before everybody and their grandmother including in the global south got online with phones

If anything the new fresh meat spiced things up a bit my contention is that phone posting lowered the level due to reducing OC generation because shitty phone's don't have the same affordances for generating shitty mspaint and gimp OC or even just split screen online macro generation and everyone's using shitty phone's to browse nowadays even if they used to use PCs

When I'm talking about affordances I mean all the little things even down to file management and organization being easier on a PC which makes content generation smoother on top of the other conveniences like multitasking multiple active views etc etc


It's just this idea that it's some secret edgy underground cool kids' club, the same thing that tends to draw people to it in the first place.


You're forgetting 4chan's precursor communities: forums. It's a vestigial remnant of the forum elitism in communities like SomethingAwful. People used to do this a LOT, go through any old forum and you'll eventually see self aggrandizing why Xforum is teh elite of da internet unlike the UNCULTURED [rival communities]. It doesn't really make much sense now, because 4chan is effectively part of the same dopamine loop posting as Reddit or Twitter, but once upon a time this was its root.


Even oldfags probably wouldn't deny the humor was cringe or the average content was mediocre, but at least it wasn't that combined with stuffy arrogant moralism and psychosexual obsession with politics.


I don't know, I used some non-anon forums back then and there was a lot less of this. SA isn't really a good example because it having an actual entry fee helped give people a sense of elitism.


It WAS cringe, but it was OUR cringe. It was cringe specific to a community, a subculture, that could not be found anywhere else. But that which was not cringe was less templated, less overused and abused and less forced, with some extremely notable exceptions. People despised sites like Reddit, not because they were 'leftist' like revisionists of imageboard history claim, but rather because they took this creativity and reduced it to endless reposting and template memes, kind of like what Wojak and Pepe are now, or what Rage Comics became back then. There was a culture of creativity and improvement that just petered out all across the internet, and not really anything as carefree and independent has come to replace it.



It was never going to stay that way.


You really think m00t wasn't peer pressured? Why would he throw stormfags their bone out of the blue?


File: 1617890005036.png (265.69 KB, 741x313, ClipboardImage.png)

>but rather because they took this creativity and reduced it to endless reposting and template memes
Why are you telling false history? We literally had image macros that was exactly this.


How does this contradict anything I said? Image macros and demotivationals were one type of meme out of hundreds and gained much more precedence outside of the communities that spawned them via shit like Icanhazcheezburger than in them, and the endless repetition of them and the drop in quality that came with it was a huge reason why people hated the sites. That, and a view that they were profiting off of them.


I'll also note that I never said template memes didn't exist. I said that these sites reduced non-templated memes into fundamentally imitative templates to post for upvotes, and people rightfully hated them for it.

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