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"The anons of the past have only shitposted on the Internet about the world, in various ways. The point, however, is to change it."
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I swear, I've been unemployed since getting laid off in April of this year and I've been searching for a job since then, I've gotten a few interviews but none of them have responded or chosen someone else. I've been searching online and trying to go to job fairs to find a job, but not having any luck there. What am I doing wrong?


Join seminars, improve your skills, and make your CV more attractive, otherwise just find your niche and start your own business / create some content for Tiktok or Instagram


are you searching for a specific job or just any?


You won’t find a job online because those listings are mandatory for companies to put out there to give off the impression that they’re actually hiring, and it’s also a covert way of marketing. The responses you get, except for an actual irl interview in the unicorn cases, are bot generated. Most companies intentionally understaff their businesses out of profit, including basically every hospital. You’ll have to go the old fashioned route and ask for managers at companies to get a resume, or if you know someone, go the nepotism/“that’s my friend” route as well. There’s also seasonal hirings for the Macys’ of the world and similar stores.

This is basically why a lot of people try their hands in small businesses and fail because they have no idea what they’re doing. The American marketplace and workforce is absolutely unstable and it shocks me how nobody wants to organize for better conditions and, I don’t know, forcing these companies to fill up positions and pay proper motherfucking wages.


I've come to accept that I will never hold down a job. I've come to accept unemployment is an experience, I'll see possibly if not likely multiple times a year. I've been conditioned to know the moment something comes up and I miss days at a place it's over. Literally my job market near me you miss 2-3 days in that first 90-180 it's over. I have health issues I can't get care or recognition on. Not like I'm helping myself being healthy though fuck it life for me is when will the streets arrive, when will jail arrive enjoy what I can till then. It really seems inevitable.


Temp agencies help but you will be abused, you can't hold out no more! They're really doing a great job reversing the gains in the labor market during covid.


Move to China. They have a growing economy and they need workers.


There is no worker shortage. They are zombie firms which only want to hire a unicorn with 10 years experience working at minimum wage for them.


Heard there's a huge demand for English speakers, so OP if you are an English mothertongue, you should give it a shot.


Honestly, teaching English overseas might be a decent option if you have no dependency on where you live. Just pick a good place to do it.
Tutoring can be alright too.


This. I see so many jobs advertised that want previous experience for a basic job yet I ask myself how anyone would get experience in the first place of that is a prerequisite. I guess people just blag their way in.


Answer dis one op


It's one of the most frustrating things about job search. It's even worse when it's a job that doesn't really require that much experience in the first place.


File: 1695041021873.gif (1.71 MB, 500x500, 1611959451747.gif)


Would agree but teaching english in asia etc. gives of hard sexpat vibes ngl


ya, why travel overseas, for the culture? Kek.


Hmmm be unemployed or have sex, yep that’s a tough one


>Apply for retail
>Must have work experience of 3 or more years
>Must have masters degree
>Must have astronaut experience
>Must have advanced physicist experience
>Must have advanced chemistry experience
>Entry level


i just work for 3-4 months, quit, then just become a neet until I run out


pardon the irreverence, I'd recommend a temp agency. they're always hiring


half of those job postings are fake or for an internal candidate or an excuse to whine to the government for more work visas from abroad as other anons here have said. The requirements are not meant to be filled reasonably


If you have gotten interviews you gotta work on your interview skills. Learn the monkey song and dance they want you to perform.


What's an example of a temp agency, I could use one.


Nah, being poor and getting employed with any shred of dignity is better than being a cuck purely because you don’t have to feel like shit every time you even show up to work


>start your own business


Well I got a few interviews lined up this week, wish me luck.


kill a porky, wear his skin, collect his paycheck, fuck his wife


What is your health condition? Have you been homeless or in jail before?



dangerously based


And I also sent in my resume in person to a Real Estate company for a Transaction Coordinator job and to a Grocery Store for any job openings they have.


thanks chatGPT


I just graduated and have no internships cus covid and shit economy
>Tfw neber going to be hired
>STEM tard degree is useless

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