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REMEMBER: Kyiv was founded in 1918, 1941, 1991 and 2013

>be from ukraine

>unironically use reddit
>war is shit and stuff
>make a picture of my morning view with ukrainian breakfast, some positivity
>posts it
>it gets removed for being offtopic
>the entire subreddit is just about the war
>99% of the people are westerners just talking about russia all day
>they give each other awards for saying "Fuck Putin"
>these people dont give a shit about ukrainne

<Adviser to the head of office of the President of Ukraine Mikhailo Podolyak:

>"China and India don't know what they are doing, by helping Russia's war. Unfortunately, the intellectual potential of those countries is low. India might have a lunar mission, but that doesn't mean they understand what is going on in the world!"
<Chinese online posters:
>"We have maglev trains while people on Ukrainian trains still shit in holes dumping their feces straight on the tracks. Intellectuals!"

>Multipolarity thread is abysmal and full of burgers screeching about how le hecking unwholesome red-brown nazbol duginites think communism is when you support OLIGARCHIC DICTATORSHIPS!!!

<Meanwhile I check /isg/ and there is a post about how pro-NATO nazis like Spencer are "correct" and better than "red-brown third worldist nazbols"

>Anons, give it to me straight: has Ginjeet been LARPing as a Ukrainian ML emigre this entire time?

<Y'all need to stop UKRAINESPLAINING to this angry Russian citizen who 100% knows what's going on better than anyone else does. So take a step back, relax, clear your mind of Western chauvinism (which includes the annoying urge to lecture others on how to be "better" when you're a joke even in your own country) and try to LEARN from this wise man.

>this. intersectionality is key. you clowns haven't earned your LIVED EXPERIENCES through the ukraine crisis and are still reflexively apologizing for western backed nazis. it's time to do better sweaties.
<Western chauvinism" is when you help your neighbouring country to defend from genocidal invaders. Russian chauvinism is when you want to add another colonial province to your already huge colonial empire while eradicating entire nations from existence with forced russification.

>Fuck off Gunther. Words cant describe how fucking shameless it is to claim that Russia colonized all of its territories and must return the land to the natives. What sort of twisted meaning of "colony" is that?

<Russia never did such things that Europeans and Americans did. It is really shameless for the westerners to spell Russian history as a brutal imperislism as it is simply not true. The whole idea that Russia right now, after the USSR fell and the horrible 90s happened, is somehow an "empire" that occupies nations living within its borders is just amazing, without even considering the political entities who are making these claims (the West), and the irony implied by that. You're nothing but a cocksucker of the "Free Nations of Postrussia Forum" and other glowie NGOs. So what happens when people actually decide that Russia must be decolonized? Look at all of the maps that these glowie NGOs draw up. Various maps of Russia, with entirely different flags and borders, which bear no representation of actual ethnic boundaries of any people, and no relation to their tradition or culture. This is pure wet dream psychosis by imperialists and their lackeys like you. KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF

>Should the word "zigger" be submitted to the racial slur database?

>be from Poland

>tired of Russians and others calling you a toilet worker who deals with piss and poo online
>voting time comes
>have to choose between a party named PISs and a party named POo
<life is funny like that.


Evidence of the influence and origin of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine



Developments of multipolarity timeline
https://www.pacemaker.global/multipolar-transition-timeline (Note: Dead link. Update with new link, por favor.)

Live maps and updates
DeepStateMap: https://deepstatemap.live
Events in Ukraine: https://eventsinukraine.substack.com/
SouthFront: https://southfront.org/category/all-articles/world/europe/ukraine/

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📺 Ukraine: The Avoidable War - Boy Boy

📺 America, Russia, and Ukraine's Far Right - Gravel Institute

📺 Crimea vs Taiwan: Who Gets Self-Determination? - BadEmpanada

📺 The Nature of Putin's Russia and Its Causes (3-Part Series) - 1Dime

<Current Happenings

📺 Defense Politics Asia: https://www.youtube.com/@DefensePoliticsAsia
📺 The Duran: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdeMVChrumySxV9N1w0Au-w
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• Meta discussion of the historical, philosophical and ideological background of the war is fine as long as its done in good faith and comradely.
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NDP calling for the resignation of the Canadian speaker

It's over




>The envoy noted that he “has no illusions” that this protest will have any effect, arguing that “the current Trudeau cabinet is essentially the epitome of neo-liberal fascism you can’t do any business with.”


Pretty sure their MPs stood up and clapped with the rest of them.


Tense moments in the chamber, lib gov going for the fall guy strategy, Conservatives going for the full frontal attack and stress the PMO's legal mandate to do vetting and security checks.



Second clip not in the embed.


All of them did. This really lets me question the actual competence of Western leading figures. The fact that nobody in the entire parliament noticed this or even googled the guy is laughable. This is worse than the US.


>USSR was in liquid shit by 1980
Absolutely false, the downward trend only began in 1987, when Gorbachev's policies suddenly crippled production.



soviet russia would have been dengist if it had survived to 2023 and gorby wasnt retarded, and china would still be maoist if the USSR survived. anti-revisionist leftcoms who hated the USSR were actually responsible for dengist china because if they had supported the revisionist (dengist) USSR then china wouldn't be able to copy the USSR's homework and would have to have its own path toward socialism to differentiate themselves from the soviets after the sino-soviet split.


File: 1695660915405-3.jpg (68.47 KB, 1023x341, 9k=(26).jpg)


I doubt it took only 4 years for a super power to rot and dissolute. The problems for that kind of result must have been there for much longer.


i fucking knew it


File: 1695661652191.jpg (55.12 KB, 444x602, 1693992456764.jpg)

>when Gorbachev's policies suddenly crippled production.
Another retarded take. Its not like USSR never had problems with production before Gorba. The actual problem was giving regional parliaments power and people voted reactionary nationalists in these parliaments. When things got a little rough all these parliaments voted for independence. There needs to be a total final solution to the nationalist question.



I like how that Stonetoss meme became reality here


Here is the full debate in the Canadian parliament.


Start at the very beginning of live stream. Representative of the Slovakian minority absolutely blasting the government at ~11:17


>'outragous' is between commas
what did the author mean by this?


I wonder what Freeland is thinking right now lmao


"Hitler did nothing wrong"


File: 1695662174727.png (538.11 KB, 1219x720, ClipboardImage.png)

hunka got his own glowpedia page now, conscript my ass


>took only 4 years for a super power to rot and dissolute
Except that's not what happened, and there are numerous examples of Gorbachev and his lackeys actively wrecking the economy, not just mismanaging it, with production being held back.
>. The problems for that kind of result must have been there for much longer.
Not the way you're implying.

False equivalency. Soviet production issues of the past were usually normal material issues outside of the control of humanity like weather patterns, or internal sabotage by the 5th column.
>The actual problem was giving regional parliaments power and people voted reactionary nationalists in these parliaments
<The problem was actually the people! They were all st00pid nationalists!
Fuck off with this nonsense. See the fucking link.


Wow, didn't know Canada had Ukrainian gusanos at these levels in government. How can she be a literal expert on the subject matter and not know this guy by name???


Sabo should find and minecraft him


That woman who is the house leader is such a sleazy person with no shame. Trying to throw all blame on guy who invited him and throw under bus. She knows damn well they all get this guys name. The opposition is correct on this. Trudeau government acting like they know about nothing. That woman leader Karina Gould even took a photo with the man holding his hand


In her opening statement she used her Jewish heritage as a shield. Disgusting and cynical.


Also they must have some type of agreement with Rota to take all the blame and he gets some behind the doors reward for doing so.


Leftypol posters told me every possible date for the beginning of the USSR's downfall and the time ranges from Stalin's death


Ambassadorship in Ukraine lol


>and the time ranges from Stalin's death
Really makes you think, huh


People who are anti Ukraine should not even let this old Nazi be a singular martyr. I see Canadians outraged like "oh my God how did this guy get into Canada???" They think this one guy is so reprehensible and don't know the extent of it, that he is simply a symptom not the whole picture. Canada has a lot of monuments for Nazis and they let in thousands of them. Even their little "Ukrainian Canadian Congress" defends bandera

Let them know the extent of this that it isn't one guy who slipped thru the cracks. It is systemic




the CBS news program "60 Minutes" reported that about 1,000 SS men and Nazi collaborators, mainly from the Baltic states, moved to Canada about the same time.

And the German public broadcasting network reported that 50,000 war criminals receive "victim pensions" from the German government. German sources say 1,882 are Canadian residents.

One way of getting into postwar Canada "was by showing the SS tattoo," Canadian historian Irving Abella told "60 Minutes" interviewer Mike Wallace. "This proved that you were an anti-Communist."



It was a volunteer unit, lol


Best case scenario is he dies like that nazi vet who had a heart attack on camera while espousing his "heroics"a few years back.


lmao post it


I would but youtube scrubbed the video (even though there's nothing graphic) and I can't find it in my files. The >>>/leftypol-archive/ webm thread might have it.

have this video instead


For a Marxist such as myself it is easy to give a precise date for the start of USSR's downfall. I can give you the hour, too.

USSR's downfall began at the exact moment it was formed. One could say the seeds of its demise were planted when they created the USSR.


Go back


Actually it's been when they began NEP.


Good thing it was reverted. The downfall of the USSR is averted!


File: 1695666111725.jpg (130.89 KB, 1079x1737, q-qpVO5vldA.jpg)

Zbros, how does Russia recover from this?


Holy shit it's over. Ukraine won the war


>le…GOOD! le..BAD!
Stop pretending to be a marxist at least


By posting ukraine but also russia lol
russia can get their R back when they do something based like an Operation Bagration 2.0, otherwise the little cuck r is perfect


File: 1695666607826.png (501.76 KB, 640x721, ClipboardImage.png)

Another massive W for Ukrainebros


this but because I can't be bothered to press shift on them phones


"ask a liberal" about Canada honoring a Nazi lol. Look at who gets upvotes and downvoted

I can't even with this shit anymore



I'd like to ask one of those "they just betrayed the USSR and collaborated with the nazis for their own reasons, no biggie" their opinion on DLPR fighters lmao


Before the whole war there has always been a lot of Clean Wehrmacht mythologozing on Reddit with Rommel idealization and so on. I am not shocked. We are at the Nazi apologia stage, nice.


can't wait for IJA apologia to become mainstream in the West as well if/when Taiwan goes hot


It's state media, they're going to try to launder Trudeau's reputation more than most.


Live show down in Canadian parliament Right Now.

Starts at -19:00 from the time of this post.



File: 1695668402333.png (2.63 MB, 2137x1200, ClipboardImage.png)

Unique IPs: 26

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