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REMEMBER: Kyiv was founded in 1918, 1941, 1991 and 2013

>be from ukraine

>unironically use reddit
>war is shit and stuff
>make a picture of my morning view with ukrainian breakfast, some positivity
>posts it
>it gets removed for being offtopic
>the entire subreddit is just about the war
>99% of the people are westerners just talking about russia all day
>they give each other awards for saying "Fuck Putin"
>these people dont give a shit about ukrainne

<Adviser to the head of office of the President of Ukraine Mikhailo Podolyak:

>"China and India don't know what they are doing, by helping Russia's war. Unfortunately, the intellectual potential of those countries is low. India might have a lunar mission, but that doesn't mean they understand what is going on in the world!"
<Chinese online posters:
>"We have maglev trains while people on Ukrainian trains still shit in holes dumping their feces straight on the tracks. Intellectuals!"

>Multipolarity thread is abysmal and full of burgers screeching about how le hecking unwholesome red-brown nazbol duginites think communism is when you support OLIGARCHIC DICTATORSHIPS!!!

<Meanwhile I check /isg/ and there is a post about how pro-NATO nazis like Spencer are "correct" and better than "red-brown third worldist nazbols"

>Anons, give it to me straight: has Ginjeet been LARPing as a Ukrainian ML emigre this entire time?

<Y'all need to stop UKRAINESPLAINING to this angry Russian citizen who 100% knows what's going on better than anyone else does. So take a step back, relax, clear your mind of Western chauvinism (which includes the annoying urge to lecture others on how to be "better" when you're a joke even in your own country) and try to LEARN from this wise man.

>this. intersectionality is key. you clowns haven't earned your LIVED EXPERIENCES through the ukraine crisis and are still reflexively apologizing for western backed nazis. it's time to do better sweaties.
<Western chauvinism" is when you help your neighbouring country to defend from genocidal invaders. Russian chauvinism is when you want to add another colonial province to your already huge colonial empire while eradicating entire nations from existence with forced russification.

>Fuck off Gunther. Words cant describe how fucking shameless it is to claim that Russia colonized all of its territories and must return the land to the natives. What sort of twisted meaning of "colony" is that?

<Russia never did such things that Europeans and Americans did. It is really shameless for the westerners to spell Russian history as a brutal imperislism as it is simply not true. The whole idea that Russia right now, after the USSR fell and the horrible 90s happened, is somehow an "empire" that occupies nations living within its borders is just amazing, without even considering the political entities who are making these claims (the West), and the irony implied by that. You're nothing but a cocksucker of the "Free Nations of Postrussia Forum" and other glowie NGOs. So what happens when people actually decide that Russia must be decolonized? Look at all of the maps that these glowie NGOs draw up. Various maps of Russia, with entirely different flags and borders, which bear no representation of actual ethnic boundaries of any people, and no relation to their tradition or culture. This is pure wet dream psychosis by imperialists and their lackeys like you. KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF KILL YOURSELF

>Should the word "zigger" be submitted to the racial slur database?

>be from Poland

>tired of Russians and others calling you a toilet worker who deals with piss and poo online
>voting time comes
>have to choose between a party named PISs and a party named POo
<life is funny like that.


Evidence of the influence and origin of neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine



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Basically the video demonstrates how the """veteran protests""" that also cucked Poroshenko over decentralization got way bigger in 2019 with 'no to capitulation' protests to the point it allowed the paramilitary units to defy civilian government

This looks bad because it shows who the problem with the Minsk process was. Why the fuck would Donbass hold elections under this government and why would Russia let them control the border? There's no rule of law lmao. Not even the 'pro Ukraine' side was united, let alone the country. Where's the democratic peace promised by Europe? Why is liberal democracy not counterbalancing a weak state's reliance on a nationalist volunteer army?


File: 1695303447803.jpeg (605.78 KB, 828x1415, IMG_0890.jpeg)

<Europe is on the verge of surrendering Ukraine to Putin | Sept 21
>Polish prime minister, Matesuz Morawiecki, has declared that his country is “no longer transferring weapons to Ukraine”. Instead, it will be focusing on “arming Poland with more modern weapons”. As explosive as the announcement is, it is unlikely to change the situation in Ukraine in the short term.
>What matters more is the language. It is incredibly telling that president Andrzej Duda described Kyiv as behaving “like a drowning person clinging to anything available”, potentially bringing down those attempting to save them. It sounds like an acceptance that Ukraine cannot win this war, at the current scale and intensity, and that Europe cannot continue to supply it.
>Almost every commentator has linked Poland’s decision with the ongoing dispute over the sale of cheap Ukrainian grain within the EU. While there is some truth to this version of events, the more relevant point is that Poland is running out of materiel to send. After Washington and London, Warsaw has been the biggest military donor since the beginning of the full-scale invasion.
>Poland has already given virtually all of its legacy Soviet-era platforms and military vehicles, in addition to a sizable chunk of its more modern equipment, including over 60 of its Leopard 1 tanks and two dozen Leopard 2s.
>This generosity is coming to an end, in part because the cupboard is now bare. Since the war began in February, Poland has had one eye firmly and nervously on the Suwałki Gap – the thin strip of land separating Poland, Belarus, and the Russian nuclear fleet in the Kaliningrad enclave.


Neat. Never saw that video before.


I can't dl the telegram video but it's not subtitled anyways.


it's gonna be so sweet watching the libs as ukraine continues to crumble and they have to confront that they lost and putler won


It's basically white liberal 9/11


File: 1695306037572.png (1.08 MB, 1080x1152, ClipboardImage.png)

that picture though


Hope you're patient and willing to wait ten years




i bet you thought the counteroffensyiv was gonna work.


File: 1695308909344.png (380.1 KB, 1000x500, 1695305766864349.png)

oh no


File: 1695309020893.png (103.78 KB, 1000x860, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1695309412741.jpg (122.52 KB, 1024x1015, 1677167698953341.jpg)



Pebbleyeet is a person of far right beliefs


>US House Speaker McCarthy said he denied Zelensky the opportunity to speak in front of the Congress because the lawmakers were busy, The New York Times reports.

>“Was Zelensky elected to Congress? Is he our president? I don’t think so. I have questions for where’s the accountability on the money we’ve already spent? What is this the plan for victory?”

>we're busy. fuck off.

Ouch. the floodgates are going to start opening now. Once a faction of the elite turns against a war, that's a green light for the media to start allowing some cracks for dissent. And this when the public has already started turning against it. The banderites are fucked.


Hopefully the American left will actually add their voice to dissent on the war instead of just doubling down on it because "GOP bad."


File: 1695310512777.png (1.42 MB, 250x374, ClipboardImage.png)

>American left


I disagree. The Ukr-Poland drama is the only thing remotely interesting in this situation


Daily reminder that JD Vance is closely associated with Peter Thiel who in turn is deeply embedded in US deep state apparatus through Palantir and Stanford grad associations. I'm tired of seeing blatantly obvious maggots shilling for faux-US populists


Shieet, meant for this


File: 1695312269125.webm (265.17 KB, 256x432, blablabla Zelensky.webm)


File: 1695312535151.png (1.38 MB, 1300x780, ClipboardImage.png)

It feels like they are being scapegoated as the only "problematic" Nazis and "rightwingers"/nationalists because they are Russian.

Being a pro-NATO leftist must be wild lately. It's like media is actively filtering for idiocy. Like they are providing the audience with plenty of material to draw parallels and question the official story, just to condition disregard for that process in favor of conformity.

Ukraine’s awkward allies: the far-right Russians fighting on Kyiv’s side


They hzve created that the russian fascists are the ones heavily involved in attacks within russian land and to large parts of the western borgeosie that is an threat to escalation they are not so sure about.


Wait until burger election season rolls around, this thread will be a complete disaster kek


I wonder why the far-right Ukrainian nationalists haven't shot them in the back yet.


NAFO sisters I'm serious, Why is zelensky so fucking short? Shorter than Serbian president shorter than every president


Broke: Russia has no fascists
Woke: Russian fascists are irrelevant
Bespoke: Russia has fascists and they're on your side


I can't wait to see the collapse of Western hegemony, but more satisfying I think will be the collapse of Western soft power. We're looking at an unprecedented global disillusionment of colonized minds who have internalized liberal supremacy.


>Ex-football hooligans
Russia should have done what Belarus did. As soon as Lukashenko realized that football for whatever reason was becoming a gathering point for right wing and fascist sympathisers he started deploying armed police to stare at them menacingly for the entire match while arresting as many ringleaders as he could. Things got real quiet real fast kek.


File: 1695318123992.png (62.64 KB, 622x622, ClipboardImage.png)

Haha. Imagine somehow Ukraine wins. You're a Ukie vet who managed to not lose his legs. Then the next day they say: "Time to go to chynah!"

>"If the US is worried about China, then it is necessary to ensure that Ukraine wins… If Kiev wins, you will have the second largest army in Europe… It will make it easier for you to focus on China and worry less about the situation in Europe" , Stoltenberg said.


File: 1695318438929.jpg (52.71 KB, 640x480, Zelensky.jpg)

Give it to me straight, ukrosisters: Is it over?


It never began.


>a pro-NATO leftist


He looks so happy, because his conscience is clean.


Sometimes those ten years happen rather fast.


File: 1695320998814.png (414.6 KB, 1400x900, ClipboardImage.png)

depends of what you mean by leftist


>are passively pro-Armenia.
it me
For US libs I'm not sure it will be much different from Libya, a bit more awareness but mostly ignored and certainly nothing learned


>Russia should have done what Belarus did. As soon as Lukashenko realized that football for whatever reason was becoming a gathering point for right wing and fascist sympathisers he started deploying armed police to stare at them menacingly for the entire match while arresting as many ringleaders as he could. Things got real quiet real fast kek.
That's what every country does. Alone it clearly does not work. You can add as many police and life-time terrace bands as you like the scene only evolves to fight away from the football, we see this everywhere.
The big problem i have for arguments like this is that they are always so severely detatched from realty and only exist to justify the one making them in their law+order psychosis.
Literally when has 'moar police' ever helped, anon? Ever when?


>Why is zelensky so fucking short?
It is called genetics ya goon pay more attention in school!


File: 1695321366660.jpeg (345.26 KB, 2400x1776, 39-1026467635b7759760c4.jpeg)

106 years ago there was an armed insurgency against the Russian state because Russia was losing against western imperialists. Z bros how can we stop something like this from happening? Should anti-imperialist Russians form some kind of white guards to stop and if necessary kill these imperialist puppets trying to overthrow Russian state?


It's not normal for a man to be this short. He definitely wasn't fed right or something.


mendelite retard


>Assad arrives in China for his first official visit since 2004
and the world keeps turning… from west to east
so lazy


Hight varies widely with only a small part of it seem to be affected by diet or other non-genetics anon. I really cannot believe you have to be told this.
Seriously. Pay more attention at your school!
Get good. Mandelite faggot skrub.


You sound like a manlet. It's not your parents' fault that you didn't finish your plate.


29 Republicans wrote a letter during zelensky visit today opposing more funding to Ukraine


good post from stupidpol:

I have a theory that Europe's fortunes are directly negatively linked to the fortunes of Poland. Poland comes into being, and the Carolingian age ends. Poland falls apart, and you get the 12th century renaissance. Casimir brings Poland back, and the Black Death shows up. They unite with Lithuania and rise to predominance in eastern Europe, and you get the general crisis of the late middle ages. Reach their peak in the 1610s and the Thirty Years War kicks off the general crisis of the seventeenth century in style. The Thirty Years War doesn't end until the Deluge starts, and things don't really start getting better until after Sobieski dies and the Rzeczpospolita enters uninterrupted decline. The eighteenth century sees the simultaneous decline and fall of the PLC and the beginnings of Europe's rise to predominance. The first partition is in 1772, and promptly the American Revolution starts. The second and third are in 1793 and 1795, and promptly the French rip through Europe's order. Independent Poland then doesn't exist at all in the nineteenth century, and Europe and its offshoots conquer the world as the industrial revolution lifts them to new heights and socialism develops into a signficant force. Then, disaster: some idiots bring Poland back after WWI, and you get the general malaise of the interwar period culminating in the Great Depression, the Nazis, and ultimately WWII. Afterwards, the Soviets take it upon themselves to contain the Polish menace, and so, while Europe doesn't do well, it also doesn't do too badly. Unfortunately, the heroic Soviet effort to protect the world results in the Polish curse destroying the Soviet Union. Shock therapy mitigates Poland's effects for a while, but that runs out and they join the EU, which immediately stops pretending to be anything other than a vessel for neoliberalism. Disastrously, the EU accelerates the spread of the contamination, and it takes less than twenty years of Polish influence for Europe to abandon even the pretence of independence and become an undisguised American vassal.

The upshot is this: the survival of humanity requires that we destroy Poland lest it destroy us.



Least Anti-Polish German.


Were there any self-described communists that supported the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?


>Unfortunately, the heroic Soviet effort to protect the world results in the Polish curse destroying the Soviet Union.
Literally the end of The Exorcist when the priest takes the demon into his own body and then kills himself.


American "leftists" were saying US should stay in Afghanistan and protect women's rights against the Taliban.


Were American communists saying that or just left libs in the Democratic Party?


ok President Allende calm down you died remember you can go back to hell and stop worrying about right wingers being treated poorly as they prepare to kill your voters


This but unironically


damn flashback to 2019


File: 1695324104954.jpg (74.89 KB, 900x552, ZOMO.jpg)

>when has 'more police' ever helped, anon? Ever when?
Literally every single time they needed.


Shut up, ignorant and üntermensch German, and read a fucking book for once.

YOU are the labour aristocrats sucking EU-periphery blood, not the other way around.

I've been calling out your ignorant bullshit for YEARS, faggot.


you simpleton retard.


Too bad they're eating shit right now in the elections.


I agree that German anon is way too chauvinist and when asked about say eurozone debt he randomly lapses into outright neoliberal bullshit like claiming that since Germany contributes the most budget they should get to do what they want (lol) but for basically every other issue he is pretty reasonable. Everyone has their blind spots being wrong on one issue does not totally tarnish someone because everyone is wrong about at least one thing.


based and correct


>Arresting intimidating and even outright killing fascists doesn't work because… it just doesn't ok??????
Stunning rebuttal you lib


Fascists have been breaking laws and getting away with it since the 1920s, what does one more law saying "this is illegal" really accomplish?


I'm not well informed but, in Belarus at least seems like the last attempt at regime change there, like the EuroMaidan, drew from fascist support and butthurt. So it's not just policing "crime", it's also preventing a fifth column from gaining strength.


They've been getting away with it in the West because the Western national security and police apparatus is sympathetic to fascists you moron. Watching the FBI let off Dylann Roof with a slap on the wrist in comparison to how they hunted down and killed the original BLM leaders to pave the way for democrat controlled puppets doesn't mean you can generalize such behaviour to all police systems worldwide.


Any info on this?

<Three members of the US House of Representatives have spoken to Syrian Druze leader Sheikh Hikmat Al Hajari in a show of bipartisan support from Washington, as protests against Syrian President Bashar Al Assad continue.

>Republicans Joe Wilson, chairman of the Middle East subcommittee on the House Foreign Affairs Committee, French Hill and Democrat Brendan Boyle held calls with the spiritual leader this week.

>The engagements come as protests in the Druze-majority city of Suweida, which hearken back to 2011's unprecedented displays of anti-regime sentiment, pass the one-month mark.

>Mr Boyle “reaffirmed bipartisan congressional support for the peaceful protests in Suweida and Deraa” during his conversation with Sheikh Al Hajari, he told The National.

>“As the co-chair of the Friends of a Free, Stable, and Democratic Syria Caucus, I enjoyed the opportunity to speak briefly with Sheikh Hikmat Al Hajari on Tuesday … I urge my other colleagues in the House and Senate to do the same,” he added.

>Demonstrations broke out after authorities more than doubled fuel prices in a marked change to Mr Al Assad’s civil war strategy of placating minority sects.

>A representative from Mr Hill's office told The National that during his conversation with Sheikh Al Hajari, they discussed “the frustrations of the local people … and how the Sheikh is concerned about their safety”.

>Sheikh Al Hajari “also reported that the Assad regime is cutting off access to water and electricity, and talked about the nightly Captagon trafficking … and he's concerned over the impact Captagon has on [Suweida's] young people”, the representative added.

>The calls, enabled by the Washington-based Syrian Emergency Task Force, felt like “a conversation between friends”, the group's executive director Mouaz Moustafa told The National.

>“Now Sheikh Al Hajari has had higher-level US engagements than Bashar Al Assad,” he added.

>Mr Moustafa, who sat in on the calls, said Sheikh Al Hajari expressed fears to the congressmen that “Iranian-backed militias would perpetrate more violence” in the protest-rattled governorate, and expressed the “importance [for him], as a spiritual leader, to ensure demonstrations remain peaceful”.

>Last week, Assad regime security forces injured at least three people after firing on demonstrators outside a local government building, a watchdog said.

>“For the people of Suweida, whether Druze or Bedouin or Muslim or Christian, [the phone calls] show the world is watching,” Mr Moustafa added.

>The pre-eminent spiritual body for Druze people in Suweida is split on the protests.

>Two of the body’s three head clerics, including Sheikh Al Hajari and Sheikh Hamoud Al Hannawi, have offered their support for demonstrations against the regime. But the spiritual body's third cleric, Sheikh Youssef Jarbouh, maintains a pro-Assad stance, claiming that “Suweida will not deviate from the decision of the Syrian state”, according to research from the US-based Washington Institute for Near East Policy.



that's exactly the point when speaking about "leftists".


File: 1695326599020.mp4 (37.03 MB, 854x480, YBOXm.caa.mp4)



Ukraine is losing the war.


Leninhat seems to be calling out every single German citizen instead of just DDRanon. Although in Leninhats defense you don't see much Anglo arrogance or perfidy from him. Ethnic Russian chauvinism here is far more of an issue but y'all ziggas ain't ready for that.


>but for basically every other issue he is pretty reasonable.
there are at least 3 diff. GDR posters


>asked about say eurozone debt he randomly lapses into outright neoliberal bullshit like claiming that since Germany contributes the most budget they should get to do what they want (lol)
no german poster on /leftypol/ EVER said that. fuck you.


>Ethnic Russian chauvinism here is far more of an issue but y'all ziggas ain't ready for that.
preach sister


there are at least 7 diff. Leninhat posters.


Never began.


File: 1695327327482.png (48.61 KB, 612x408, ClipboardImage.png)

So now Ukraine blew their load on this fruitless counter offensyv, time for the Russian counter-counter-offensyv?


I like the retro-futurist aesthetic


Ukraine gets more arrogant everyday lmao

>Kiev said that Ukraine does not need old Mirage 2000 fighters

>Warsaw, 21 st. RIA Novosti. Advisor to the Ukrainian Air Force Command, Yuri Ignat, stated that the Ukrainian Air Force does not need Mirage 2000 fighters because it is an obsolete model.

"Any help is important to us, but not in the "Mirage 2000" version … today we cannot afford to take everything from the air fleet, which is irrational and exhausts the work of our people. We must focus on one type, a maximum of two aircraft multi-tasking… "Mirage 2000" is an outdated model," Ignat said during the briefing, which was broadcast on the UkrinformTV YouTube channel.

Earlier, the head of the French Ministry of Defense, Sebastian Lecornu, confirmed that France was conducting talks with Ukraine regarding the possible training of Ukrainian pilots in Poland. The minister also recalled that France has repeatedly said that "there is no taboo" regarding possible deliveries of military aircraft to Kiev.

The French Air Force currently has 96 Dasso Rafal I 95 Dasso Mirage 2000 fighters. Another 40 fighters belong to the French Navy. In the French armed forces there is a program to replace the obsolete "Mirages", which are gradually being phased out, with the more modern Dasso"Rafal". 12 decommissioned Dasso "Mirage" fighters, according to French military specialists, may be transferred to Ukraine. Denmark will donate 19 F-16 fighters to Ukraine



The Russian Federation is not the Soviet Union.


legally, both are equivalent.


If I had to guess, I'd say about… two more weeks? That seems like a nice round figure.


Ukraine is the true successor of the Soviet Union because they receive American lend lease just like the USSR during WW2


File: 1695328353226-0.png (10.83 MB, 3033x2022, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695328353226-1.png (325.79 KB, 614x453, ClipboardImage.png)

Oh yeah?


>big borders
>scary kremlin
>fighting nazis
looks like soviet union to me!!


He look like Danny DeVito


File: 1695329027797.jpeg (743.97 KB, 828x1480, IMG_0892.jpeg)

<Schumer: Zelensky says Ukraine will lose war without aid | Sept 21
>Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) said the most important message Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky delivered to lawmakers was that failure to deliver more U.S. assistance would condemn Ukraine to a Russian takeover.
>“There was a single sentence that summed it all up, and I’m quoting him verbatim. Mr. Zelensky said ‘If we don’t get the aid, we will lose the war.’ That’s a quote from him,” Schumer told reporters following a closed-door meeting with the Ukrainian president.


Where did he say they will win the war if they get the aid tho?


What did they say that was incorrect in the letter?



File: 1695330071292.mp4 (2.9 MB, 1280x720, CtijSIz0anOjMAtB.mp4)

Democrat house leader Hakeem Jeffries on Ukraine today.

Does anyone believe this crap he is saying?


>army would mutiny
1. What is his source for this?
2. Fucking finally. That took, what? Four million casualties now?


File: 1695331427886.png (1.6 MB, 760x5363, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1695331673873-1.png (1.36 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695331673873-2.png (1.77 MB, 1235x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Ukrainian media edited the audience for Zelensky’s speech at the UN to make it look like everyone was listening, including Zelensky himself
pic 3 is what it actually looked like on other broadcasts


File: 1695331694613.png (402.63 KB, 1080x1080, ClipboardImage.png)

God I fucking hate this type of art so much



>zelensky samefagging IRL


File: 1695332474995.png (1.08 MB, 1409x882, 1348265571111.png)


Great, fucking great. Coup a government, start a massacre, provoke a war, then just fucking walk away, not because of efforts of anti-war leftists, but because you're not winning and you're fucking bored, and it's time to start another shitshow somewhere else. Like China.

>But but but revolutionary defeatism!

>Advocate for socialism! Not multipolarism!
>Advocate for revolution!
>Everywhere except the fucking West!
Fuck you. I want WW3 on the sole basis I want Western fuckarounds to find the fuck out. See how it is to shit everything up, then leave. You won't be bored then. Disgusting ass motherfuckers.


File: 1695333211217.jpeg (181.46 KB, 900x1200, F6lBDGAWAAA4ITf.jpeg)

G.I Joe



well, on the other hand:
this has virtually guaranteed that WWIII is going to be almost entirely the West vs everyone the fuck else.


>>Everywhere except the fucking West
Who is saying this? Anons here? Don't talk shit on revolutionary defeatism if you're going to attack a strawman.


File: 1695333491827-0.jpg (138.42 KB, 900x900, Vitaly_Chmyriov.jpg)

File: 1695333491827-1.png (818.54 KB, 750x1000, ClipboardImage.png)

I think I'm going crazy


Literal regular Russians started calling out calls for Russians to oppose this war that come from the West, because the West itself is doing fuck all.


It was quite strongly put into me that one of my "Leftist" friends thought that revolt in burgerworld would be bad because "he's a pacifist" but was perfectly fine saying Russians should sacrifice themselves to get rid of Putin.


Anon I have seen the heavy policing of the football hooligan sceen myself. IDK wat to tell you but you are actually brain damaged or have an agenda if you continue to hold the delusion that policing them is what will fix the problem.


File: 1695334250264.jpg (108.14 KB, 596x600, 99c19iaiiajz.jpg)

>Advocate for socialism! Not multipolarism!
>Fuck you. I want WW3
bitches mad


the democrats are such a dumpster fire


Who is the golden statue bust of?


>red star
>hammer and sickle
You already know.


>we had an opportunity to express our appreciation for the resilience, the strength, the heart and soul that the ukrainian people have exhibited and of course their courage and their bravery on the battlefield
they didn't have an opportunity to express their appreciation for the success of the counteroffensive though, cuz there was none


Looks like Engels
doesn't have the Marx hair, Lenin also didn't have a glorious beard


Did the cartoonist just ripoff soviet posters?


Engels was never bald tho.


To advocate for WWIII is to advocate for socialism.


Then we can all agree that's a Marx Engels Lenin Hybrid


File: 1695335127405.jpg (77.39 KB, 1080x1067, shaved comrades.jpg)



Stalin still looks like he'd choke someone to death with no remorse.


>Biden says first Abrams tanks to arrive in Ukraine next week

<During remarks alongside Zelenskyy, Biden said that the first U.S. Abrams tanks would be delivered to Ukraine next week.

<Biden had said in January that the U.S. would send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine.

<The announcement came as Biden described a new aid package to Ukraine that includes air defense capabilities and more artillery and ammunition.



File: 1695335526936.png (709.39 KB, 739x882, ClipboardImage.png)

American-made tanks are about to sweep Putin’s conscripts aside!


Russia should capture one and put it in the Moscow Zoo.


Does the US have it in them to declare war on the periphery? Can they even arse a mini war-on-terror/drugs anymore?
I don't see it being very popular if the USA floats the idea, that there has to be a draft to fight some vague far away enemy that can't even be credibly defined as cohesive economically or politically, much less ideologically.


I suspect that's what nuclear weapons are for. Otherwise, US has literally no plan to do a total (conventional) war.


File: 1695335751800.mp4 (1.86 MB, 1280x720, glory to urine.mp4)

>In the city of New York there's a Ukrainian flag on a huge commercial screen with the writing "Glory to Urine"


Ukraine is being scammed by the NATO military-industrial complex.


Sombody post zelensky saying piss


Why is there a Ukrainian flag on a commercial screen in new York in the first place?


File: 1695336189633-0.webm (11.89 MB, 1280x720, pyiss.webm)


I'm guessing because someone paid for it.


Didn't know it was that easy, does it mean leftypol can generate an amount of money to publish anything we want on screen?


Yes, what did you think billboards are?


>anything we want
Not if the FCC has something to say about it, you don't.


File: 1695336683908.jpg (325.72 KB, 1920x1080, theylivebillboards.jpg)



That scottish flag is looking dangerously novorossiyan…


>Trademark infringement: Billboards cannot use trademarks or copyrighted material without proper authorization from the owners.
Wait a fucking second.


Those big ass screens broadcasting nothing but commercials is dystopian as fuck


File: 1695337543072.png (20.8 KB, 290x174, ClipboardImage.png)

It's NYC's number 1 attraction lol.


>“What I would say is that the president is constantly speaking both to his own military and to his counterparts in Europe and to the Ukrainians themselves about what is needed on the battlefield at any given phase of the war and then what the United States can provide, while also ensuring that we are able to provide for our own deferred deterrence and defense needs,” Sullivan said. “As he's weighed all that up to today, he has determined that he would not provide ATACMS, but he is also not taking it off the table in the future.”
it's just nonstop zrada, how can the hohols take so much of it and stay sane?


Who said they can? Their broadcasts are getting worse and worse.


>intentionally seeing ads
how depressing


>Mali, Niger and Burkina Faso establish Sahel security alliance
<The Sahel nations sign pact that will allow them to cooperate against threats of armed rebellion or external aggression.<Mali, Burkina Faso and Niger have signed a mutual defence pact, as the three Sahel countries aim to help each other against possible threats of armed rebellion or external aggression.
<The charter, known as the Alliance of Sahel States, signed on Saturday binds the signatories to assist one another – including militarily – in the event of an attack on any one of them.
<“Any attack on the sovereignty and territorial integrity of one or more contracted parties will be considered an aggression against the other parties,” it says. It also binds the three countries to work to prevent or settle armed rebellions.
Ummm DAE this is unwholesome Russian-Chinese imperialism? We should bomb these ungrateful undemocratic n***ers for dark brandon communism to come sooner


I love how he doesn't deliver this as a congratulation but as an eulogy.


<l'Alliance des États du Sahel
Is this AES?
What happend to the other bread? Glad to see Traoré is leading this


File: 1695339810209.mp4 (2.31 MB, 1280x720, danny-never-misses.mp4)

If polish really do tell them to fuck off the ukes, what is going to happen? Will Brits and Germs and Burgs all go in country to do repairs (and start ww3 for real) or will the tanks and planes and other advanced equip simply ceased to be repaired?
And yes, i know it is unlikely Pooland really does tell the ukes to fuck off but it is a possibility i am entertaining anyway.


Russian liberal calls a Utah senator who has been a senator for 12 years pro Russia lol


Seen this a few days ago but in video not text. Got a link for further reading?
From what I have looked at building a regional federation seems like the big political project of de Tambèla, the civilian leader. Which IMHO is a lot more promising than if it was Traoré.



Thank you.


ukraine in the membrane


File: 1695346103580.jpg (102.93 KB, 1076x1210, Megamind-1a.jpg)


They've done it before, utilizing imagery of St. Peter slaying the dragon (A literal Russian emblem LMAO), and the soviet poster of a Red Army soldier using a bayonet to fend off Hitler.


It's Ironic that your image uses rednblacksalamander given that they're a Western Leftist that parrots this exact NATO rhetoric.


"Apropos" is the word you're looking for.


>implying any leftist supported the US invasion of iraq, knowing full well that the US launched the war to steal oil, made bogus claims of WMD, forced mass privatisation of resources on the Iraqi people, bribed Sunni warlords, and repressed popular resistance to US occupation who weren't even ISIS or Al-Queda, all the while being responsible for the deaths of thousands of civillians

There's a difference between overthrowing overthrowing the a reactionary dictator by the US army and overthrowing a reactionary dictator by a communist resistance (pic related)


Those people don't pretend to be anti-NATO retard.


the american government funding expires on september 30, if nothing big gets announced in these next 9 days ukraine will lose out on ~5 billion usd in PDA that hasn't been allocated yet and will be cancelled
last year the same thing happened with ~2 billion in PDA funds too
as it becomes clearer that the offensive was a failure american aid is getting smaller and smaller
today we had the announcement of the meager 325 million package that also skimped on ATACMS https://edition.cnn.com/europe/live-news/russia-ukraine-war-news-09-21-23/h_ec5f16652659b0b1f600dbb01961b67d



File: 1695352171720.png (430.17 KB, 1023x781, 21CenturyRelevance.png)

taking their comics and editing them to make fun of westoids is the meme


Has the arrested leader of Rusych been released, yet? I remember them crying about Russian government ditching them.


File: 1695353207215.png (70.12 KB, 591x353, ClipboardImage.png)

lol, lmao


America selling arms to bolster convenient actors
and fuel wars == Light of Democracy


Trumpman : Bending Light From The Sun


power panel on the failed offensyvov


Ukrainians have counteroffensyivs, Russians have counteroffensievs.



Plz germanize us


nah dude not me. When EU died for me was when we dropped Greece like a hot potato.
I am a bit mad on our neighbors for ruining us in the 30 years war that still is a dark shadow more than you think.

I do think that German capitalists profited off leeching EU tho, not so much the German worker who has to suffer under even more inequality than the rest-EU has.


ok habibi :*


+1 weaponization by putler
>"With the days beginning to turn colder, Russia once more looks to use winter as a weapon against people in Ukraine,"


File: 1695359780534.mp4 (12.52 MB, 1280x720, 1704780656998281382_1.mp4)


Can someone translate? I don't speak Nazi.


>I don't speak Nazi.
Me neither. Fuck off.


those fucks acually find him funny and dont see him as the wannabe-warmonger that he is.
80 years ago hed stand in front of a KZ making thumbs up. Now he has to.. improvise


File: 1695362321013.png (3.81 KB, 500x250, Oekaki.png)


My favorite man


Ich halte den Fehlinger auch für einen ziemlichen Apu Apustaja uezs. Hab mich oben aber bloß kurz über das Z Arschloch geärgert, daß unsereinen als Nazi beleidigt und dann noch einen Gefallen getan haben möchte. Was für ein Wichser.
Doch du hast schon recht, Fehlinger hätte beim Anschluß Österreichs die Hacken zusammengeknallt und das, was er im Video fordert ist im Prinzip nichts anderes als Anschluß 2.0.


It's nice to see that Premier Zhou Enlai's quote of Americans not having historical memory can now be applied in a more broad manner to Westerners.
Like did you both casually just forget that Christopher Hitchens, then one of the so-called "New Atheists" said this?
<The antiwar movement mantra was: "Afghanistan, where the world's richest country rains bombs on the world's poorest country." Poor fools. They should never have tried to beat me at this game. What about, "Afghanistan, where the world's most open society confronts the world's most closed one"? "Where American women pilots kill the men who enslave women." "Where the world's most indiscriminate bombers are bombed by the world's most accurate ones." "Where the largest number of poor people applaud the bombing of their own regime." I could go on. (I think No. 4 may need a little work.) But there are some suggested contrasts for the "doves" to paste into their scrapbook. Incidentally, when they look at their scrapbooks they will be able to reread themselves saying things like, "The bombing of Kosovo is driving the Serbs into the arms of Milosevic".
Perhaps Western Leftists are due for another raking over the coals for their constant helplessness in the face of crisis after crisis, and constant puritanical REAL COMMUNISM hours while idolizing faraway groups out of a perverse "thank you for your service" mentality.
And if you want to expand with the general definition of leftists, there's plenty more to found particularly in the UK. Particularly with the New Labour group of fucking assholes.


>to confiscate the word humanity, to invoke and monopolize such a term probably has certain incalculable effects, such as denying the enemy the quality of being human and declaring him to be an outlaw of humanity; and a war can thereby be driven to the most extreme inhumanity


>chris hitchens
9-11 really broke that guy


lol. so fragile and easily triggered. You Germans are soft, like a kleine schneeflocke. …and that's why Germany should cease to exist.


I ran it through Deepl, and I really don't see what racial superiority has to do with it. I mean, I know you're German, but can you tone it down with the racialist rhetoric? jeez


Hitchens wasn't a communist in 2001-3 though.


Communists are not representative of the "Western Left". That's why the first post was
>depends on what you mean by leftist


File: 1695372647797.mp4 (2.78 MB, 480x734, 1695370065542076.mp4)

zelensky getting guided around like a dog


Mitch McConnell has a longer life expectancy.


>Communists are not representative of the "Western Left".
This. Nobody is denying that Real Communists™ exist in the West, but they are a tiny tiny minority. Even most communist parties in Europe both-sides the Ukrainian conflict and write vague statements about "disengagement" from NATO, rather than calling for its abolition.


They have to keep an eye on him, so he wouldn't snag some of that expensive china. I bet him and his wife took the bathrobes, slippers and soaps from the hotel room. They seem like that type of rich people.


>I do think that German capitalists profited off leeching EU tho, not so much the German worker who has to suffer under even more inequality than the rest-EU has.

Einwanderer freunde von mir sagen aber direkt dass es keine Hoffnung für Deutschland gibt, weil es der deutschen Arbeiterklasse zu gut geht - voll anders als dass was sie in z.B. die Türkei, Griechenland, usw. erlebt haben. Vllt ist es unter die Ossis mal anders, aber die sind durch mit Reaktionären - scheint zumindest so aus.


>not so much the German worker who has to suffer under even more inequality than the rest-EU has.
Here we fucking go again. The poor German, always a victim. I can't walk 500m in my city without hitting a Lidl, or Müller, or interspar. Every camper has German license plates, most tourists speak German. You got your fucking Lebensraum, and you're still crying you're victims of inequality.

Fuck you, you kraut prick.


File: 1695374587281.jpeg (71.97 KB, 526x526, 62d0433d45eb9.jpeg)

he knows what's coming. they all do. what a fun trip this must be.


Can this motherfucker never wear a fucking suit? At least it's a button up, I've seen this guy showing up to high level diplomatic meetings with $5 tee.


Z-non…. are you a … pole?


The only bitch who is malding is you. Where are you from? Imagine getting so mad over a harmless comment that German workers do not benefit from the super profits of monopolists - on a socialist board.


If he is who i think he is, is from Hungary.


OOf, a fate worse than Poland.


I'm in poland right now and it seems pretty comfy…dunno what the hate is for


File: 1695376382454.png (1.83 MB, 1280x4000, bakhmut's importance.png)

get ready to be gaslit about bakhmut's importance again


Poland is lovely. It's just full of Poles.


leftypol is a deeply chauvinistic board, despite its "socialist" imagery


Try telling the locals you're a communist and that you want Russia to win the war.


>he doesnt know regular poles are fucking fed up with zelenskys bullshit and have had enough of ukroshilling in the media


>removes the flag to shit on Slavs
never chahge, krauts.

>Where are you from?

On a socialist board this should be irrelevant. I'm not the one talking in my own language to others.
>Imagine getting so mad over a harmless comment that German workers do not benefit from the super profits of monopolists
That wasn't the comment, you disingenuous cockmuncher. The comment was:
>German worker who has to suffer under even more inequality than the rest-EU has.
Really? Ze poor "German worker" faces more inequality than workers in the EU periphery who have to work two jobs + side gigs just to survive. Let alone go on holiday. People in this country can't afford to go on holiday in their own country while German workers come here and enjoy it. Social/unemployment welfare here is 150-200€, what is it in Germany? My grandmother, after a lifetime of working gets 300€ pension. What is the minimum pension in Germany?

Don't talk to me about inequality. Come here and see what inequality is. Owners of companies park expensive German cars, while people dig through garbage. Even that, in Germany you get 0.25€ for an empty bottle, here a quarter of that. Meaning that a struggling person has to collect 4x as many bottles as a struggling person in Germany, to earn 1€.

Fucking Germans talking about inequality… lol


File: 1695377267197.png (70.81 KB, 1542x295, average pollock on kc.png)


>Like did you both casually just forget that Christopher Hitchens, then one of the so-called "New Atheists" said this?
Those guys weren't communists. Hitchens was an ex-Trot, but had dropped that label by the time the war happened.
It's still one of the most reactionary countries in Europe as far as the general sentiments of the population are concerned. I don't go for the blatant national chauvinism against Poles, Balts, Ukrainians, etc that gets casually thrown around on here, but this fact needs to be acknowledged.


>Ukraine kills two Poles, doesn't apologise
>Ukraine celebrates Bandera, a man responsible for the death of over 100.000 Poles
<Poland has stopped arms deliveries to Ukraine
Whatever my opinions about Poland were before, I am enjoying Poland's redemption arc.


>never chahge, krauts.
Actually I'm a Britoid.


Anglos are worse than krauts.


I have a minority Anglo ancestors so I don't identify as Anglo.


Surovikin Line status?


Funny thing is, most of my life I was into "we are all one" hippie kumbaya bullshit. Then I moved to Western Europe as a Slavic immigrant. It was the anglos, the krauts, the nords, the dutch, etc. who made it very clear to me that I am not and never will be one with them. Obviously, you'll never know or have never known how it is to be looked at as lesser than. When an unemployed, homeless, drunk talks to you as if you're below him, by virtue of birth/genetics alone, really drives the point home that you all grow up thinking you're better than us, no matter what you've done with your life or who you are.

Look at the few posts above. I dared to talk back to a German, and the immediate response was "where are you from?" "Must be Poland, ugh." "Or Hungary, even worse, bleh." You just can't help yourself.


Z-non I apologise. I was just joking around.

Western chauvinism is very real.


File: 1695380119773.jpg (57.72 KB, 679x367, 1643978560565.jpg)

>When an unemployed, homeless, drunk talks to you as if you're below him, by virtue of birth/genetics alone, really drives the point home that you all grow up thinking you're better than us, no matter what you've done with your life or who you are
<Westoids mistreated me because of my nationality and took no account of my individual character. This shows that they're all evil on the basis of their nationality regardless of their individual character.


>Then I moved to Western Europe as a Slavic immigrant. It was the anglos, the krauts, the nords, the dutch, etc. who made it very clear to me that I am not and never will be one with them.
That's bullshit. Most of Europe has no problem with Slavs, they don't even look different. Please compare how refugees from Africa are treated with how Ukrainian refugees are treated. Also homeless guys on substances are probably not the best at giving you reassurance.


classic colonialist cope
>it's actually you who'mst racist


>making blanket statements about the character of millions of people on the basis of nationality isn't chauvinism


>repeats ad infinitum


>Please compare how refugees from Africa are treated with how Ukrainian refugees are treated.
Also Eastern Euros are themselves riddled with chauvinism and racism. See: Polish, Hungarian, etc reactions to being told they have to take in Middle Eastern and African refugees. It's a universal problem that capitalist society necessarily cultivates.


It's cool, it's just sucks having to work twice as hard to be considered not lazy or close to equal. And I am not saying this is an experience unique to me or Slavs, but it is experienced by all of those who immigrate from the periphery to the centre of capital.

Why are Asian immigrant parents known as hard-asses in the US? Is it because they are all honor-bound bugmen who only know how to work, do math and play piano? No, it's because they know that if their kids aren't the best, they won't be even considered for jobs, schools, etc.

Look at the MENA immigrants in Europe. Despite the media bias and sensationalist (racist) articles, they are (in general) some of the hardest working, honest people in Europe. Are they genetically predisposed to it? Is it their patriarchal, oppressive culture and religion? No. They know that if it's anything less they will look down on them as cockroaches.


Sabo defending the perfidious Westoid again.


xir can't help it


/ukraine/ dressing chauvinism up as progressive again.


<we don't hate you because of your ethnicity, we hate you all on an individual basis because your ethnicity makes you pieces of shit
Case in fucking point:
>Eastern Euros are themselves riddled with chauvinism and racism.


>complaining about Western chauvinism makes you a chauvinist!


Millions of Westoids must die


File: 1695381356174-0.jpeg (6.49 KB, 347x145, images.jpeg)

boring bourgeois cat


<we don't hate you because of your ethnicity, we hate you all on an individual basis because your ethnicity makes you pieces of shit
I didn't say anything of the sort. I said that racism is a serious problem in Eastern Europe as well as in the West, and that this is a product of capitalism.


Saying all members of X nationality are chauvinists is chauvinist yes.


>we, imperial core citizens are a lot like periphery citizens, in fact, we are a lot like third world citizens
>if you really think about it, we westoids are the most oppressed people around


You're clearly having a separate conversation since I didn't say anything even close to that.


Utterly Yakubian


you don't have to say something explicitly for the ideological baggage be palpable there, brainlet


File: 1695381684768.png (80.14 KB, 409x500, time to kill westoids.png)


What ideological baggage is there in saying that racism is a problem across Europe and blaming capitalism for this?


I agree. I am the first to say a lot (~50% easily) of people from where I am from are fascist, racist, nationalistic, etc. I don't fraternise with such people, and I will condemn them.

HOWEVER, these people are not in a position of power as Western Europeans are. Who you elect to your parliament affects things over here, but the reverse isn't true. You don't have to learn our language, because we have to learn yours. English, German, French, Spanish are offered as foreign languages in school and now kids have to learn TWO foreign languages in primary school. How many Slavic languages were mandatory in your school?

If we're not equal when it comes to the "good" stuff, don't pretend we're equal when it comes to the "bad" stuff.

What is the only European country without an armed resistance against the Nazis during WWII?

Answer: Germany


Because it isn't as simple as that, and I have a feeling you know it.


>What is the only European country without an armed resistance against the Nazis during WWII?
That's unfair Z-non. The KPD etc tried but were put in the camps or had to flee.


Operation Valkyrie


The military wanting to off Hitler after he lost the war isn't really "resistance".


why is stoltenberg spreading ruzzian propaganda? 😳


>HOWEVER, these people are not in a position of power as Western Europeans are.
That's true in relation to Western Europe, but it isn't true in relation to refugees, minorities, Roma, etc in Eastern Europe. The same dynamics you're describing among Easterners in the West also exist among minorities and vulnerable groups in the East. I'm not trying to deny the colonial relationship between West and East in Europe, but it's simply not true to pretend that these dynamics aren't reproduced inside the East itself in relation to people and countries even lower in the world-imperialist pecking order. Let's not forget that Eastern European countries ultimately occupy a middling position in this system, and like the middle class in most capitalist countries they seem to cling to what little privilege they have (and the system that grants it to them) pretty fiercely. No doubt this has something to with why Poland, the Baltic states etc have been the most enthusiastically pro-NATO since they were admitted.

Ultimately you're right that chauvinism among colonized people isn't as destructive as it is among the colonizer, but in the case of Eastern Europe this chauvinism (against Russians, non-Europeans, etc) is itself being deployed in service of the colonial order.


>Operation Valkyrie
You mean the ones that wanted to institute a military junta? They didn't do it because they opposed the Nazi ideology, they did it because they thought they could do better.


Putin found the Wish Maker.


From an interview here in 2010
17:05 - 19:15 the section labelled as the Labour Party.
<From this, you could probably tell that I still think like a Marxist, which I do.
Christopher Hitchens isn't the only one of course, he's simply the most well-known example of Western Leftists supporting Uncle Sam's wars for one BS reason or another.


>implying ukrainian refugees are being treated good cause of aryan solidarity and not cause of their political importance

slavs DO get treated different than western euros, or at least their whiteness is conditional and can be revoked. We need to remember racism is a social institution meant to insure low wages, and therefore its boundaries are artificial and fluid - despite their appearance, eastern euros aren't necessarily "socially white."


He also says that there is no longer a global working class movement and there is no theory of a socialist alternative to capitalism. He doesn't sound a like a communist to me, and even saying that he "thinks like a Marxist" he elaborates that he "believes in the dialectic" and the materialist conception of history. I think that insisting on categorizing Hitchens as a communist by the time he supported the Iraq War is a huge stretch. He clearly didn't really think of himself as one.


>but it isn't true in relation to refugees,
Depends on the refugees, as in, which refugees Bruxelles says are OK. Look at Frontex and what they have been doing. Ukrainian refugees get preferential treatment, and so on.
Minorities generally have protected status, parliamentary representation, etc. so actual "recognised" don't have it that hard. Remember, the shit in Ukraine started in part because Ukraine government removed these protections Russian minorities enjoyed. Similar shit would happen in any Eastern Euro country if the government did the same.
Racism against Roma is a problem. But unlike MENA refugees and immigrants, Roma don't wish to integrate, but want to live on their own, separate from society, following their own laws and traditions. I respect that fully, but it does make it harder for them to be "accepted". For example, Roma rarely send their kids to school (in part due to the racism they'd experience), dooming them to a life of crime and manual labour, which in turn helps perpetuate the racism and "otherness". It's a vicious cycle and I wish I had the solution. In my opinion Roma should be given an autonomous region or two within Eastern Europe, if integration isn't what they want. I can't do much except remind people to use the word "Roma" instead of "gypsy" and explain why Roma live the way they do and that it has nothing to do with "who they are".

If I recognise racism/chauvinism against myself, I am even more sensitive when "my people" are racist/chauvinistic against others.


File: 1695383885560.png (5.25 MB, 2048x1366, ClipboardImage.png)

<NYT - Ukraine turns to private companies to help clear land mines, aiming to build a new industry. | Sept 20
>Ukraine is asking companies to invest in an unlikely arena: minefields.
>As the most mined country in the world according to its Ministry of Economic Development and Trade, Ukraine is seeking to develop a business model out of demining by bringing in the profit motive to speed up a process that might otherwise stretch for decades.
even the minefields are getting privatized!


This. On a local level, people are turning on the Ukrainians. Because they aren't showing themselves to be the Netflix-watching Europeans they were marketed as, but as the hillbilly slavs they are.
Slavs don't really like one another too much, either


What's profitable about clearing mines other than repurposing them into refurbished mines you can sell on?


Government is going to pay companies totally not run by their friends to clear mines. Ukraine is finally achieving advanced Western economics!


…seriously? Nobody's talking about Ukr breaching the first belt of the Surovikin Line with armored vehicles?


Why don't you tell us about it? The significance of it and how much closer are they to reaching the Sea of Azov.


File: 1695386140477.png (6.53 KB, 277x271, ClipboardImage.png)



I remember specifically you talking about the same thing a month ago lol





>Though so far small and hotly contested


it was breached today? but i thought it was breached yesterday, and the day before, and the week before, and the month before…
make up your minds hohols, when did you "breach" the russian defenses? can we at least get some footage this time?


>small and hotly contested


File: 1695388271122.png (241.43 KB, 1080x1446, humanwaves.png)

Literal human wave tactics. I wouldn't be surprised if the armoured vehicles are driving over conscript corpses. Breaching is one thing, but holding and sustaining the push is another thing. The Ukrainians have to pour in people and vehicles at a constant rate to keep advancing.


i breech all days


>As an aside, another long-range weapon that is supposed to be heading in the direction of Ukraine, the U.S.-donated Ground Launched Small Diameter Bomb (GLSDB), appears to have been delayed again.
its literally ovyir


File: 1695389384883.png (145.16 KB, 273x444, absolutely bourgeois.png)

>It gives Ukraine a better chance to move closer to the goal of cutting off the so-called land bridge to Crimea
westoid journalists know no shame
these motherfuckers know the people read don't even know what the fuck a crimea is or how far away it is from the current ukrainian positions


I heard a Different story, The majority of Ukrainian refugees in the UK and Israel were women and the public started turning on them when they just couldn't accept becoming prostituted


>He doesn't sound a like a communist to me
Oh here we go, REAL COMMUNISM, quickest way to shut down discussion, that why you switched from asking about Western Leftists supporting the intervention to American Communists supporting the intervention? At this point the REAL COMMUNIST definition is so overly narrow it may as well be a hundred or so dudes spread between a couple dozen countries.


It's like they're deliberately ignoring that trench warfare is hard because of how quickly victories are rendered meaningless.

Breach through the toughest first line aand the lines behind that get reinforced along that break.


That's just how war migration goes. First we get the liberal urbanites who probably participated in NGOs and civil society mobilization back home; these are the migrants that politicians do photo ops with. Then we get the hoi pollois, the proletariats, the peasants with all their myriads of problems, which escalates competitions for wage and living space, and that's where the real animosity begins. This has always been the pattern, from the Medieval Ages.


>Roma should be given an autonomous region or two within Eastern Europe
then who are they going to steal from?


Shouldn't you support Roma autonomy then? The raison d'etre for ethnic autonomy is that it gives minorities a government they can recognize as "theirs" and thus have an incentive to contribute to.


Daily reminder that whenever Westoids see an ethnic or religious crisis in the Second or Third world their solution is always balkanization or ethnic autonomy. Balkanize Yugoslavia, Decolonize China and Russia, give Kurds autonomy, etc. But when it comes to THEIR countries autonomy is never, never a solution. Minority populations in Eastern Europe generally are suppressed and never given political representation, Blacks in the US are never given self rule and instead were brutally disenfranchised through a century of terrorism, and lately in Pro-West Ukraine nobody has ever talked about giving Russians living in East Ukraine autonomy or greater say in governance; no solution is acceptable to Kyiv except violent military conquest of this regions and disenfranchisement of its Russian majority population


Is Russia going to occupy the whole of Ukraine after Agent Z depletes his manpower? Would be stupid not to.



I think roma national liberation, while maybe worth supporting in the meantime, might not be worth supporting if the goals of it come to fruition. I can imagine a gypsy nation ending up like israel, sucking up the revolutionary potential of a stateless people and turning it into something that contributes to imperialism and assimilation with the west instead. In the same way as zionism turned the trotskies of the world into netanyahus, roma national liberation might just end up doing a similar thing.
Its ok to support tuareg or khalistan national liberation though i think because it would be nearly impossible for their nations to truly integrate with the imperial core in the long run.


>that why you switched from asking about Western Leftists supporting the intervention to American Communists supporting the intervention?
No I did that because "leftist" is a totally useless term. There are people who call themselves "leftists" but openly proclaim their support for capitalism, like Hitchens. If you're going to moan about the "Western left" then it's pretty disingenuous to lump communists in with left libs. It would be like saying that "German leftists are aligned with fascism" and citing the SPD collaborating with the Freikorps as an example.
>At this point the REAL COMMUNIST definition is so overly narrow
I'll make it simple. What US organizations calling themselves communist supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan?


File: 1695401255832.png (420.24 KB, 581x756, ClipboardImage.png)

so the proof we have is ONE vehicle suicide charged forward, went through the line and then got instantly vaporized by the russians?
does moving the goalpost to this peremoga automatically cancel out all the previous claims by the AFU of "breaching" defensive lines we've been hearing about for the past few months?


Can’t even properly occupy what they have right now, Ukrainians have successfully assassinated a few people in rus territories, what do you think will happen if russia tries that with a nation of Ukraine’s size. Politicians will get blown up left and right.


There are a handful of others like this, and some charging in small formations, but for the most part yes
A lot of these are just from the past day, probably the attack mentioned in >>1604871


what's going to happen in narogno Karabakh?


If you leave the Z cope/western doom sphere for a moment, you see that Russian and Ukrainian attacks look roughly the same.
So calling this a human wave also makes most of Wagner at Bakhmut, Ugledar and rhe recent probing at Luhansk human waves too.


Heroic Turanic Turk sons of Genghis Khan are bringing the light of multipolarity to Arm*nians jk probably lots of ethnic cleansing and war crimes and genocide


After Ukraine is fully derussfied I support the execution of every incel soyboy zigger in these threads.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)


Stay mad


Stay being a delusional mentally ill loser.


I hate ziggas but I hope Ukraine gets denazified and butthurt PTSD-riddled Azov faggots of their little turd assault brigade turn their guns on other fashoids like you.


I would be embarrassed if I typed out these words.


Well gee, whats it like being a winner?
Taken a vacation to any Crimean beaches?


File: 1695404331994.png (68.56 KB, 820x453, ClipboardImage.png)

tankanon was right
apparently the burgers are sending fucking 105mm M1's instead of M1A1's (which were already downgraded from the M1A2's that were promised)
you're a zigga but you don't know it yet
stop hatin'


Reports of Ukrainian strikes in krim, hitting the Black Sea fleet HQ and several thermal power plants
The former is widely discussed in the imperial media and seen here
Also reported RuZZian attack against an airfield in Kremenchuk used for launching SS missiles. Unclear if AD stopped it, if so it might have led to some kind of toxic chemicals or pesticides leak


I would be more embarrassed of LARPy torchlight ceremonies and pagan rituals. This is your superior Ukrainian European fascist culture? Lmao.


Well no because in Lugansk they took what they could against defenseless positions and when Ukrainian defenses stabilized they actually stopped and did not suicide charge into them for four months. In fact honestly you’d have to be a retarded to compare the two but then again, it’s you so lol


Tbh Azeris are acting 10000000x more civilized than Armenians did in the first war and I’ve seen no evidence otherwise besides crying of chickenhawk diasporoids


Why do they slow walk weapons thru this whole war? Is this typical?

I always see the headlines "Ukraine request x" then say not ready to give it yet then a bunch a puff piece articles come about it then a bit later countries agree to send some. Then this process repeats

They never just give everything Ukraine wants but they eventually do little by little. They kind of give them each time when Ukraine is starting to get their ass handed to them then it gives them enough to fight back but not enough to make actual progress. It is like the west is purposely having maximum amount of Ukrainians dying to waste out Russians right? Purposely doing war of attrition by turning Ukrainians into a meat grinder supply? Because if the west really wanted Ukraine to win they would just give them all these weapons to start instead of playing this game, it's not like the usa and all these countries don't have enough weapons

they take forever to give them each time to give something right seems Ukrainians are finally getting frustrated they give something wanted. It's kinda funny to watch

What suckers Ukrainians are to be thankful for this masochist abuse


>I’ve seen no evidence otherwise besides crying of chickenhawk diasporoids
Are you the Z flag guy who puts it on when talking about Azerbaijan?


that guy was obviously a butthurt armenian diasporoid


If they don't send anything, Ukraine would have collapsed by summer last year.
If they sent everything on time, the conflict would have been settled already on more favorable terms for Ukraine.
If they slowass sending weapons to Ukraine, it results in a dragged out stalemate and maximal manpower losses for Russia.


>If they sent everything on time, the conflict would have been settled already on more favorable terms for Ukraine
ah yes, the classic "NATO is choosing to lose" /k/cope
no bitch, you don't have the industrial capacity to wage a real war against russia and your stockpiles didn't amount to shit in the end, stay mad


Ah yes, how "civilized" people have traditionlly acted in one-sided wars…


File: 1695406184665.png (673.79 KB, 920x644, ClipboardImage.png)

>What suckers Ukrainians are to be thankful for this masochist abuse
This is why I don't do things for anyone. They end up madder at you when your help has limits than if you didn't help them at all.


I'm the first person who posted with the tweet. What he said is not a pro NATO position. It is recognizing how the west is usa Ukrainians as human meat shields to waste out Russian weapons and cause maximum deaths of Russians. They don't care to have Ukraine win fast and they don't care really as much if ukraine as they do about Russia wasting their resources

If this war ended fast in some way very few Russians would die, Russia would waste little weapons and there would be a peaceful agreement. The west doesn't want that, they discourage that. They want this war to go as long as possible by playing this game of giving Ukraine enough to defend their ground but not enough to advance this way it is a total stalemate where the two sides just massacre each other. If a million Ukrainians died the west wouldn't give a single fuck they are simply tools for them.


How the west is using Ukrainians,


>ah yes, the classic "NATO is choosing to lose" /k/cope
t. le not advancing to grind le hohols down


Ukraine winning was never an option. They blow their load fast, they blow it slow, the outcome is the same.


If only you being mad on the internet was the same as actually having industry in a single one of your shithole countries lmao


File: 1695406685048.png (21.07 KB, 474x266, ClipboardImage.png)

If NATO just gave Ukraine nuclear warheads and tactical missiles on day one they could've won, wait, actually they still would lose.


>If they sent everything on time, the conflict would have been settled already on more favorable terms for Ukraine.
Fucking lmao
Just 100 more tanks bro and this war would already be over


Back to the original topic. The ATACM thing.

NATO said before they didn't want Ukraine using them to strike Russia and escalate the war.
>When President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Washington on Wednesday, the US announced that it would finally be sending Patriot missiles to Ukraine, 300 days into the war. However, the Biden administration declined to give Ukraine ATACMS long-range missiles due to wariness about escalation risks,
Then they said that they can't send them because they need the ATACMS themself.
U.S. tells Ukraine it won’t send long-range missiles because it has few to spare


weapons manufacturing is literally one of the only industries the west have left
gloating over disinformation promoted over the last few months by the CIA about the West running out of weapons when Ukraine is clearly not running out of anything anytime soon and is still fighting is the epitome of zigga retardation


File: 1695407336454.jpg (78.12 KB, 1024x1280, IMG_20230922_202210_028.jpg)

So how many NATO soldiers has Russia actually killed?
NATO loses a bunch of stuff and it's proxy army. Russia already lost it's proxy army, is bleeding own men and even if NATO runs out of shit to send over, so what? Russia is not going to invade NATO countries because Putin is a cuck. Doesn't ever get to MAD considerations.


>How many NATO soldiers has Russia actually killed
less than 200 definitely
they're all spooks and "advisors"


>NATO said before they didn't want Ukraine using them to strike Russia and escalate the war.
In meantime, Ukraine struck several airbases and a shipyard in Russia with western cruise missiles and Australian drones.
Absolutely crickets from the Kremlin.

Biden can be reasonably confidental that ATACMS won't have any more unforseen consequences than cluster ammo and cruise missiles.


This. At this point Sleepy Joe should stop boiling the lobster and just toss everything in. Cucktin has proven that he will allow the West to cross every red line so might as well go all out instead of this stupidly cautious "first we talk about it then we wait 1 month then we schedule the delivery for 3 months later and then we deliver it after 6 months when we're 100% certain that Russia won't escalate.


Even that industry is a fraction of what China can put out. But it's not that NATO is running out of weapons literally where their own stockpiles are running dry, they're running out of weapons to give to Ukraine.


The purchasing of overpriced weaponry from profiteering NATO industrialists is bankrupting Ukraine's economy.


Yeah which is why they're sending them now. Slow escalation. Problem is that Ukraine has only been getting less and less popular domestically.


Comedy Gold, right here.


What economy lol?


yes? do you have an argument against it?
why shouldn't the russians keep letting the AFU blow off their legs and waste equipment?


File: 1695408042850.png (87.03 KB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

>Former commander of the Black Sea Fleet Vladimir Komoyedov said that it is time to attack the buildings of the General Staff and the Ministry of Defense in Kyiv, together with the Zelensky administration, after the attack on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet


that's why they're going to be indebted. Ukraine is going to get looted for its land, labor, (women) and whatever infrastracture is left.


File: 1695408299729.png (202.73 KB, 412x359, ClipboardImage.png)

>Akhmetov protege Shmyhal, who holds the post of Prime Minister of Ukraine, said that Ukraine needs to prepare for the construction of echeloned fortifications along the entire front line, the same as Russia built in the Zaporozhye region.

Time to dig in and protect those gains.


>be western uyugha
>enjoy tasty leftovers which your neighbor porky couldn't finish while sucking the world dry since 1940s
>do absolutely nothing to change this
>"wtf putin do something you cuck"


Haven't been following this since the Oscars last year.
So Ukraine just won, right?


I think it probably is intended to drag the war out as long as possible.


If you actually fall for the weapons industry meme you are so fucking stupid you should be laughed out of any serious conversation. The mighty weapons industry of the USA is getting a $1 trillion contract to refit 10 abrams hulls from 1980 to magically become super special wonder weapon v6 abrams and then failing to deliver on schedule. The US can’t even build more nuclear power plants than Belarus. The US is a fucking joke lol. It’s not our fault you fell for the le big contracts that means strong industry meme you child


Zelensky asks Marina Abramovic to be ambassador for Ukraine

Artist will lend her voice to help rebuild schools in the country


This will spark drama. Google her


Like medicine, America has R&D in the military world. Not really industrial support for a great military. We aren't the arsenal of democracy anymore


NATO stockpiles are not that big. Providing arms to Ukraine is always a choice between supporting your political goals, and leaving yourself defenseless.


Boeing can’t even be assed to make jets that don’t blow up from normal flying lmao


If you really think that they needed to spend $1 trillion to refit 10 hulls and that that wasn't just disinfo to hide where they really spent the money then you're an idiot. I don't know how people are cognizant of the fact that Western media lies constantly and then always fall back to citing that same media when it "talks" about its military "failures".

When America blew up Iraq did that seem like a dysfunctional military to you?
When America blew up Libya did that seem like a dysfunctional military to you?
When America stalemated the "second strongest army on Earth" using disposable Ukrainian cannon fodder without even committing their own forces to the fight did that seem like a dysfunctional military to you?



>Like medicine, America has R&D in the military world.


File: 1695408872669.png (115.27 KB, 303x335, ClipboardImage.png)

When Putin doesn't win immediately.
>His foolish orc brain thought it would be so simple!
When NATO doesn't win immediately.

Maybe the same applies to both. Miscalculations. Also it's not so simple as "press the send are entire military arsenal to Ukraine button" lol. Ukraine just turned down 10 German tanks because they're broken and France's jets because they're too old. They're running out of shit that the West is willing to give and Ukraine is willing to receive.


American healthcare is notoriously shit, but for example we are a pharmaceutical powerhouse constantly creating new drugs and such


>no trust me bro
>trust me
>the money totally didn’t just go to capitalists’ pockets
>bro capitalists would never do that
>bro there’s a super secret NATO stockpile
>bro it’s real
You are so fucking stupid lmao
>muh Iraq
Yes, the coalition got btfo by rebels in less than a year
>muh libya
Literally all they did was support ISIS, terror bomb random civilians and then drone strike Gaddafi because even ISIS retards couldn’t take him 1v1, no functional military required
>muh ukraine
Where all successes were from soviet tech and all NATO shit immediately got vaporized lol


>the money totally didn’t just go to capitalists’ pockets

That is exactly what he said. That it didn't cost that amount for tanks. That money just goes elsewhere


Yeah except he said it goes to super secret stockpiles and not just to capitalists like obviously it does


File: 1695409584047.png (62.59 KB, 250x218, ClipboardImage.png)

NATO could win if they really wanted to. The USA didn't want their puppet governments in Vietnam and Afghanistan to win. They lost on purpose.


>Where all successes were from soviet tech and all NATO shit immediately got vaporized lol
is this true? I find it hard to believe


That's still just losing though.





File: 1695409904098-0.png (816.59 KB, 960x611, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695409904098-1.png (1.3 MB, 1280x720, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695409904098-2.png (372.75 KB, 600x340, ClipboardImage.png)

File: 1695409904098-3.png (1.13 MB, 1022x651, ClipboardImage.png)




All I can do is observe what is happening now in my eyes. I see it time and time again the west slow walking Ukraine on weaponry. Ukraine ask for something then I see puff piece articles saying should send or not send then I see talk about what will send maybe from reporters. Ukraine gets stuck on battlefield or starts going a bit backwards then now they finally give some of weapons just enough so they can hold that position but not enough to move forward. It ends up that both sides have all these guys fighting making 0 progress that the battle lines hardly change in months. The west never wanted a peace agreement before this war in my view because then Russians don't die and their weapons are not wasted. The west wanted this war to happen badly and refused to allow a peace deal at any point. The west wants this war to go on for a long time without any peace agreement

If you disagree that is fine. I see it as them using Ukrainians as a meat grinder to waste Russian weapons and kill maximum Russians. Same as Palestine uses bottle rockets and balloons to waste Israeli weapons. The little shit Palestine sends cost less than what Israel has to send each time to destroy it. They know this doesn't beat Israel just waste Israel money.


with ukraine refusing delivery for mirage and old leopard its making it seem like the west really is dumping old junk on ukraine to save on storage costs


i spent enough time here to know these pictures are CIA on CIA violence


> see it as them using Ukrainians as a meat grinder to waste Russian weapons and kill maximum Russians
You are probably right. Not like the west likes slavs anyway. Killing two birds with one stone.


>Maybe the same applies to both. Miscalculations.
This. Putin clearly didn't come prepared for a long war, which is why the Ukrops were able to have operational victories in Kharkiv and Kherson. Then they and their Western backers got high sniffing their own farts and proceeded to bash their heads against Russian lines for months. The slow drip of new weapons probably is designed to prolong the conflict as much as possible. If they had given tanks, F-16s, HIMARS, ATACMS, etc immediately then Russia would have escalated in kind and the war probably would have ended much faster. Maybe the Ukrainians could have pulled something more impressive off if they had all this stuff at the beginning of the war, but Russia considers this an existential question and likely would have tried again even if their entire initial attack had been repelled. However once their war industries and reserves are mobilized the result is inevitable. Ukraine simply can't keep this up for as long as Russia can, they don't have the manpower or materiel. The only question is how they lose (ie decisive defeats or slow attrition) and how long it takes.


its never going to happen. after each big thing that happens in favor of russia i check normie forums and they just double and triple down. they are going to do a ceasefire and pretend they won just like vietnam, syria etc


>disinfo to hide where they really spent the money
where did they really spend the money? black ops get money from running drugs they don't need to grift the tax stream. that money goes to defense shareholders(as intended)


>CIA propaganda about america not having industry anymore
oh, it's him
reminder that this retard believes that official soviet numbers published about warsaw pact forces was "CIA propaganda to make the USSR seem stronger than it is to support American MIC funding"


File: 1695411296008.png (217.82 KB, 600x521, ClipboardImage.png)


File: 1695411381896.mp4 (4.74 MB, 720x1172, wlwWtIG84G1vgU35.mp4)

Assad and his wife in China talking with the people of China


It’s kinda funny the guy thinks Lockheed-Martin executives choose to not take as much money as possible out of some sort of patriotic duty to America or something lol


This the retard that claimed that all news articles about expanding NATO MIC production was just a plot to give MIC more money?


tbh i think this case is different. I doubt liberals had the seething hatred for vietnam and syria the way they have for russia


German anons, is it really a good idea to have your nuclear power stations still shut down while winter is approaching? How are you gonna survive without borrowing cucktin's gas?


Germany must live. For this, the BRD must die. A century of humiliation, and Germany may rise again.


Russia was literally allied with the British 107 years ago.


That's good. Support revulotionary defeatism.


it is said that if you touch Assad's wife your own husbanduru will be immortal and gain protection from curses


<Polish PM tells Ukraine's Zelenskiy 'never to insult Poles again'

<WARSAW, Sept 22 (Reuters) - Poland's prime minister told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy on Friday not to "insult" Poles, maintaining harsh rhetoric towards Kyiv after the Polish president had sought to defuse a simmering row over grain imports.

>Poland decided last week to extend a ban on Ukrainian grain imports, shaking Kyiv's relationship with a neighbour that has been seen as one of its staunchest allies since Russia invaded Ukraine in February last year.

>Zelenskiy angered his neighbours when he told the United Nations General Assembly in New York that Kyiv was working to preserve land routes for grain exports, but that the "political theatre" around grain imports was only helping Moscow.

<"I… want to tell President Zelenskiy never to insult Poles again, as he did recently during his speech at the U.N.," Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki told an election rally.

>Poland holds a parliamentary election on Oct. 15, and Morawiecki's ruling nationalist Law and Justice (PiS) party has come in for criticism from the far right for what it says is the government's subservient attitude to Ukraine.

<Speaking to reporters in New York, Rau said that while Poland had not changed its policy towards Ukraine, there had been a "radical change in Polish public opinion's perception" of the countries' relations.

<Asked by state-run news agency PAP what it would take to improve this perception, Rau said repairing the atmosphere would require a "titanic" diplomatic effort.

>Morawiecki said on Friday Warsaw would take matters into its own hands again if it saw a need.

>"If there is destabilisation of other markets… and the European Commission doesn't act we will again take unilateral action on our side," he said. "In defence of the Polish farmer I will never hesitate to take such a decision."



File: 1695416335198.jpg (146.25 KB, 718x700, dementia.jpg)



It's a great day to be a pole, banderites BTFO


File: 1695416465773.mp4 (12 MB, 320x240, PRL March.mp4)


Apparently this is a new polish TikTok trend. Zelensky annoying people during their day while asking for money


>Never insult me or my Poles ever again


I deeply apologize to Poland for everything I said here.


File: 1695417257977.jpg (95.5 KB, 502x640, 1662504979475420.jpg)

>criticism from the far right for what it says is the government's subservient attitude to Ukraine


File: 1695417614101.mp4 (875.33 KB, 640x848, sevastopol missile.mp4)

>The moment the Storm Shadow cruise missile hits the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet in Sevastopol. The video is published by the Ukrainian media.




when you actually have arty superiority, that works


> I doubt liberals had the seething hatred for vietnam and syria the way they have for russia
they had a seething hatred for commies


File: 1695419202414.png (482.25 KB, 1080x1140, ClipboardImage.png)

Average US state department strategist rolling through


>The Abrams tanks arriving in Ukraine next week will be paired with 120mm armour-piercing depleted uranium rounds.
I kind of doubt they're gonna send tanks with ammo that won't fit.




>I deeply apologize to Poland for everything I said here
Can u say it louder for the ppl in the back


Daily reminder that multipolarity will never be a thing while the US/UK is allowed to strike the Kremlin or Crimea by proxy (using US/UK weapons and US/UK recon before the attacks) while Cucktin does nothing.


Also, reminder that this utter weakness and passivity is why countries like India, Serbia, and Armenia have hedged their bets and decided they can't rely on such weakness. The geopolitical fallout of Cucktin's ball-less ways will continue.


I find it childish to expect a reactionary leader fulfill my fantasy of WW3.


File: 1695430203224.gif (333.42 KB, 500x500, xi its over.gif)

wtf, so all america has to do to win is missile strike crimea? why aren't they sending more missiles and telling ukraine to do it more frequently?
all this time i thought multipolarity was around things like dedollarization, economic development in the periphery and casting off the chains of neo-colonialism, why didn't anyone here tell me that it was actually about preventing america from destroying ancient energy crystals located in the crimean peninsula???


<you mean… the crimean emeralds?


>Ever since the war began, those who favor giving Ukraine “whatever it takes” for as long as it takes have sought to portray the war in the usual U.S. fashion: as a straightforward contest between good and evil.

>In their telling, Russia is solely to blame for the war, and Western policy had absolutely nothing to do with the resulting tragedy. They portray Ukraine as a struggling but plucky democracy that has been brutally attacked by a corrupt, imperialist dictatorship. They see the moral stakes as nearly infinite, because the outcome of the war will supposedly have a far-reaching impact on the future of democracy, the fate of Taiwan, the preservation of a rules-based order, etc.

>Not surprisingly, they are quick to condemn anyone who challenges this view as a naïve appeaser, a Russian lackey, or someone lacking any sense of moral judgment. None of these claims should be accepted without qualification.

>the claim that Western policy had nothing to do with it is risible, as NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg recently acknowledged. Yes, Ukraine is a democracy, but also one that still contains some unsavory elements

>The suggestion that the outcome of this conflict will have a profound impact around the world is even less convincing: The Korean War ended in a stalemate and negotiated armistice and the wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were clear U.S. defeats, but the geopolitical consequences of these failures were mostly local; this is likely to be true in Ukraine, whatever the ultimate outcome.

>Democracy is in trouble in many places—including the United States—but military setbacks abroad are not the main reason, and a decisive Ukrainian victory wouldn’t restore the U.S. Republican Party to sanity or make France’s Marine Le Pen and Hungary’s Viktor Orban abandon their illiberal political programs.

>If we are talking about human lives, we must look beyond abstract principles and consider the real-world consequences of different choices. It’s not enough to proclaim that the good guys must win; one must also think seriously about what it will cost to produce that outcome and whether it can in fact be achieved.

>Whatever the United States’ original intentions may have been, the lives of Afghans who died while Washington was busily kicking the can down the road were lost to no good purpose. I fear something similar is now occurring in Ukraine.

>Ukraine’s resolve has been extraordinary, and its desires should not be dismissed lightly, but this argument is not decisive. If a friend wants to do something you think is ill-advised or dangerous, you are under no moral obligation to aid their efforts no matter how strongly committed they may be. On the contrary, you’d be morally culpable if you helped them act as they wished and the result was disastrous.

>How many Ukrainians have been killed or wounded, and how long can Kyiv continue to replace them? This issue is vital to any attempt to assess Ukraine’s prospects, but reliable information on it is almost impossible to obtain.

>One last point to bear in mind. If you’re still eager to assign moral responsibility for the war, it doesn’t lie with those of us who warned about the dangers of open-ended NATO expansion, cautioned about the risks of interfering too openly in Ukraine’s internal politics, and argued that ill-considered efforts to arm Ukraine might backfire.

>the blame for this tragedy lies with those in the West who rejected all those earlier warnings about where their policies might lead. Given that many of these same people are among the loudest voices calling to continue the war, raise the stakes, and increase Western support, one is entitled to wonder whether their advice will do as much harm to Ukraine today as it did in the past.



Wow, that's in fopo mag. Interesting. Soft balling a pro-negotiation position to western audiences in a pretty credible source


>wars in Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan were clear U.S. defeats, but the geopolitical consequences of these failures were mostly local; this is likely to be true in Ukraine, whatever the ultimate outcome.
Being undialectical as a coping mechanism. Ya love to see it.


File: 1695432486818.gif (713.74 KB, 245x187, giphyironis.gif)

>the problem isn't ukraine losing. the problem is the US Republican party and Marine Le Pen and Viktor Orban's insufficient adherence to liberal blob ideology


It really must be ogre if the liberal-imperialist rag of note is starting to cave.


yeah im in awe of how clearly delusional that is



The author of this article is Stephen Walt. He is who wrote the book the Israel lobby with John mearsheimer. He is a realist same as mearsheimer. It isn't FOPO changing their views. He has written articles for them sometimes




its overall a good article for sure, but acting as if the results of korea/vietnam/iraq/afghanistan were only regional is crazy. also its still significant that foreign policy published it even if its a guest writrr


Reactionaries obsess over "controlling the narrative", like the idealist fucks they are. Simply giving a platform to someone trying to diffuse unconditional support for Ukraine by trying to appeal to pragmatism and whispering sweet nothings already indicates what's coming.


I counted he has written 721 articles for foreign policy magazine. He started writing for them in 2012. He used to write 3-4 articles a week now he writes a new once a week roughly. I have too much free time to have counted all of that



File: 1695439233368.mp4 (4.19 MB, 704x1280, 1695439193307.mp4)

Is this real? Very disturbing if true.


Uh no sweaty, can't you see this is a heckin wholesome 💯 humour making fun of the way that RuZZian orc propagandists frame the conflict?


>dedollarization, economic development
Sounds like more General Winter kind of "patience."
That kind of patience is the mark of a loser's mentality. It's effectively Qanon for leftist nerds.


Oh wow, Rybar somehow managed to drop his grind autism and offer the kind of strategic take with which the average Zigga struggles:
<❗️The attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on Crimea are becoming more intense and combined - drones, anti-ship systems, and cruise missiles are used, which complicates the work of air defense systems. Even now, drones are being recorded in the skies over Crimea.
<And this became possible due to the absence of any at least equivalent reaction to what is happening on the part of the Russian command. Strikes on fuel storage facilities and oil depots are, of course, not bad, but they will not give the desired effect and result.
<Until there are strikes on command and control bodies and command posts, the intensity of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will increase. Meanwhile, in Kiev, the work of all Ukrainian structures responsible for regular raids, such as the Main Intelligence Directorate and the Security Service of Ukraine, is proceeding without interruption.


Bro still using "sweaty" lol I can smell your skinny fat suburban butthurt, were you one of those attack helicopter gender memeguys


With repeated covid infections causing increased brain damage and covid currently being allowed to run rampant, the answer is "yes"


File: 1695448200601.png (379.26 KB, 752x550, ClipboardImage.png)



Hungarian fm to visit Moskva
rf apparently destroyed another rare Western armour mod, the swedish strv-122
What's the controversy?


Ukraine's command and control bodies are in Washington though.

>the intensity of attacks by the Armed Forces of Ukraine will increase

I mean, alright, but it's not going to get them any closer to breaking through Russia's defensive lines.


File: 1695449462900.png (43.78 KB, 199x254, ClipboardImage.png)



Maybe Putler should have thought about it before bombing the schools


SBU caught a Russian saboteur/collaborator in Kherson.


Look up Marina Abramovic, she's involved in some very dark stuff.


Ziggers licking Polish feet ITT don’t realize that Poles have always laid claims on western Ukraine and only supported them because of how much they despise Russia. They also have to deal with craptons of Ukrainian refugees, who have a negative reputation in their country.


>Poles have always laid claims on western Ukraine
And they should have it!



Poles should definitely put their foot down again and claim that they’ll reclaim Lwów, only to piss and shit and fart in their pants


what's Greta Thunberg doing in Kherson?


File: 1695453226108.png (968.63 KB, 750x791, ClipboardImage.png)

Kino? What would the Russian version be? The Ukrainian version?


at this point this is just how 60% of the anti-zigger shit should be replied to.


File: 1695453603825.png (1.14 MB, 1080x1139, zz.png)


File: 1695453936013.mp4 (43.82 MB, 1280x720, qe3Ym.gaa.mp4)

my sides


File: 1695454335386.mp4 (4.79 MB, 1280x720, 2iOYm.gaa.mp4)


I hope the polish Ukraine relationship gets so bad that people start bringing up what happened with bandera

I saw it mentioned a few times on a reddit post today with positive upvotes although it came with brain dead push back by others. It's a start though, the floor is cracking



<ITT: ziggers licking stinky Polish feet


Seething both sider trying to damage control.


Critical support to the poles in hopes of more European infighting and disunity.


File: 1695455337118.png (791.1 KB, 750x791, ClipboardImage.png)


>A senior EU diplomat told CNN: “Ukraine already offered Poland a solution on grain. Which is why they’re so pissed off at Poland. As are 24 member states who have been bullied for 18 months by Poland for not doing enough to support Ukraine.”



What would it even say? "Russia is not imperialist" and "It's not about socialism, but about opposing the US and Nato" written repeatedly on every other line?


Do we have a new meme format here?


That bit is basically there to console ideologues who have to accept losing a pretty big democracy war by saying it won't make up for the issues their papers write about
But they wrote about those issues as orchestrated and made international by Russia
It seems the author is a realist but still, it is a bit much for a realist to write
I wish I saved Sabo posts to use for this
Wall of text on left, budding multipolarista on right


Wew another 1000 people died today because two capitalist camps are fighting each other. I myself cheer for the red team but its sadly not involved in this sports event.


Why are bothsiders always seething here lmao. Don't they have some irl organizing against NATO to do?


<We’re Being Prepared For The Ukraine War To Last Into The 2030s

>Western officials and media pundits are now directly acknowledging that Ukraine’s much-touted “spring counteroffensive” has been a catastrophic failure, but rather than seeing this as a reason to reconsider the mainstream political consensus on this war, they are instead telling everyone that the counteroffensive’s failure means we must commit to the status quo of bloodshed and nuclear brinkmanship for years to come.

>In a recent article titled “US and G-7 Allies Expect War in Ukraine to Drag On for Years,” Bloomberg reports that the US-centralized power structure expects to be backing its proxy conflict against Russia for a very long time, potentially into the 2030s.

>Bloomberg reports:

>“The US and its allies in the Group of Seven now expect the war in Ukraine may drag on for years to come and are building that possibility into their military and financial planning.

>“A senior official from one European G-7 country said the war may last as much as six or seven more years and that allies need to plan financially to continue support for Kyiv for such a long conflict.

>“That’s much longer than many officials had expected earlier this year, but slow progress in Ukraine’s counteroffensive in recent months has tempered expectations.”

>In a recent interview with CNN, outgoing Joint Chiefs chair Mark Milley said that achieving Kyiv’s official goal of fully recapturing all Ukrainian territory is going to require “very significant effort over a considerable amount of time.”

>“I can tell you that it’ll take a considerable length of time to militarily eject all 200,000 or plus Russian troops out of Russian-occupied Ukraine,” Milley added. “That’s a very high bar. It’s going to take a long time to do it.”

>In a recent interview with German newspaper Berliner Morgenpost, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg also pounded home the point that this war will drag on for a very long time.

>“Most wars last longer than is expected when they first start. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves for a long war in Ukraine,” Stoltenberg said.

>“We are all wishing for a quick peace,” Stoltenberg added. “But at the same time, we must recognize: If President Zelensky and the Ukrainians give up the fight, their country would not exist anymore. If President Putin and Russia laid down their weapons, we would have peace. The easiest way to end this war would be if Putin withdrew his troops.”

>You see this claim from empire managers and their apologists all the time: that the only obstacle to peace in Ukraine is Russia refusing to leave. This of course ignores the many extensively-documented western aggressions which are known to have provoked Russia’s invasion, a fact that Stoltenberg himself admitted to earlier this month.

>Demanding that Russia end its aggressions without the west agreeing to end its own aggressions which led to this conflict is just demanding that Russia lie down and submit to being ruled and dominated by the western empire. It’s not a call for peace, it’s a call for the total victory of Washington and its cohorts.

>Stoltenberg reinforced his point that this war will drag on for years by affirming that Ukraine will gain NATO membership when this war is over, which is effectively a message to Moscow that if it still finds NATO membership for Ukraine unacceptable it must either annex Ukraine into the Russian Federation entirely or keep this war going on forever.

>“Ukraine will become a member of NATO — all allies have made that clear,” Stoltenberg said, adding that Ukraine will need NATO protection when the war ends, otherwise “history could repeat itself.”

>The western media are conveying the same message. Notorious empire propaganda rag The Economist has a new article out titled “Ukraine faces a long war. A change of course is needed,” featuring a Ukrainian flag with the words “TIME FOR A RETHINK” scrawled across it. If you didn’t know anything about The Economist you might assume at first glance that this was an article about rethinking the approach of backing an endless proxy conflict — especially after its opening paragraphs acknowledge that “The plan is not working” and “Ukraine has liberated less than 0.25% of the territory that Russia occupied in June.”

>You would be wrong though. What The Economist means is that we should switch from thinking of this as a war that can be won in a timely fashion to one which will continue for the foreseeable future:

>“Both Ukraine and its Western supporters are coming to realise that this will be a grinding war of attrition. President Volodymyr Zelensky visited Washington this week for talks. ‘I have to be ready for the long war,’ he told The Economist. But unfortunately, Ukraine is not yet ready; nor are its Western partners. Both are still fixated on the counter-offensive. They need to rethink Ukraine’s military strategy and how its economy is run. Instead of aiming to “win” and then rebuild, the goal should be to ensure that Ukraine has the staying power to wage a long war — and can thrive despite it.”

>So western empire managers and their agenda-setters in the mass media are making it as clear as could be that the US-centralized empire has found itself in yet another endless war, another “grinding war of attrition” featuring unfathomable destruction and suffering with no exit strategy, which once again pours vast fortunes into the coffers of the military industrial complex. The only difference is that this time it comes with the added bonus of the threat of nuclear annihilation.

>All for what? To advance the US empire’s goal of total planetary domination, a status quo that it can only maintain by brandishing armageddon weapons at its enemies with increasing hostility year after year.

>When it comes to the war in Ukraine it is definitely time for a rethink, but not by the same monsters who thought us into this horror in the first place.



File: 1695457172736.jpeg (245.09 KB, 530x702, IMG_5680.jpeg)

Of everyone in Russia, open shot, fate of the universe on the line, the Ukrainians have the vatnik beam pointed at Moscow, you better hit it…I WANT GIRKIN.


>Why are bothsiders always seething here lmao.
Maybe because of the needless killing of workers in a imperialist war. Anti-imperialist would be against this invasion but these are not anti-imperialist just anti-westoids.


So when are you organising and doing anything to stop supplies going to feed that war?

Have you even blown up any railway tracks like Russian liberals have?


long ass way of saying we're losing


Yeah, if only Westerners did more to stop NATO's expansions.


At some point we have to acknowledge that there are repercussions for decades of unopposed imperialism after the cold war. The anti war movement warned the US drive to democracy wars would eventually cause a big crisis. GWOT moving to great power rivalry was it

In these conditions, it seems to make sense to embrace revolutionary defeatism positions. After escalating post 9/11 wars, defeat may be what we need to end that chapter

Insofar as periphery countries uplift the international order to get sovereignty from the core, we should explicitly opposed the supremacy of the 'democracies' over them because it clearly means the periphery countries are adapting to liberal unipolarity and learning to use it against itself (which will forever drive liberals up a wall and produce the famous liberal hypocrisy)

This 'weighted anti Western' analysis is inversely proportionate to how imperialism centers the West rather than old cold war pathology. As that structure changes so can we.


Langley isn't sending their best.


No argument. Go fight on the Donbass.


File: 1695461012751.png (745.13 KB, 1024x580, ClipboardImage.png)

>these are not anti-imperialist just anti-westoids


Are you even in a party? lmao


>this is your brain on russian propaganda
America destroyed Libya in less than a year. Russia is STILL in Syria to this day because Assad has yet to gain total control and Russia will be in Ukraine for the next decade bragging about how they took 10% of the land as if that's a stunning victory. Everyone laughs at you because they can see your incompetence with their own eyes while you retreat to coping about how since you blew up a Challenger tank that means you've won the war.


You have no clue what you are talking about


>spring summer 2023 2030 counteroffensiyv


>No argument, just "NO"
as expected
Russia today has control over less territory than it did in March of 2022. That's an indisputable fact. All this war has proven is that Russia's military and leadership are dogshit and incapable of standing up to NATO. Prigozhin and Surovikin knew this and for voicing that fact one got killed and the other got demoted because Cucktin prioritizes personal loyalty over people telling the truth.

We're all going to have to hope that China is not as retarded when a war breaks out over Taiwan because Russia sure as hell can't do jack shit.


>Why are bothsiders always seething here lmao. Don't they have some irl organizing against NATO to do?
Because ziggas here need a reality check from time to time.


>put all your soldiers into a vehicle
>see tank get destroyed by a mine
>drive straight into the minefield
so this is the power of NATO doctrine…


>The Soviet Union today has control over less territory than it did in March of 1941. That's an indisputable fact. All this war has proven is that the Soviet military and leadership are dogshit and incapable of standing up to Germany. Pavlov and Vannikov knew this and for voicing that fact one got killed and the other got demoted because Stalin prioritizes personal loyalty over people telling the truth.



What reality check? All you bothsiders do is whine about revolutionary defeatism while doing no direct action or even being in a party yourself.


Absolute state of arguments.


File: 1695468583204.jpg (518.57 KB, 1280x1710, cucktin.jpg)


WW2 Eastern Front 22 June 1941 – 8 May 1945 (3 years 10 months)

USSR takes over:
>Half of Germany

Russia Ukraine War Feb 24th 2022 to ?????? (Approaching the 2 year mark soon)

Russian Federation takes over:
>10% of Ukraine, a single(!) country
<Was actually initially 15% but then they retreated out of a lot of claimed territory
>This is supposed to be a victory

kek at the actual delusion of Cucktin supporters

What will it take for you to admit the Russian Federation is dogshit at fighting a war? Let's make a bet: if no major territorial gains are made by Year 3 of this war I want you to make a PERSONAL TIMESTAMPED APOLOGY to me for your retardation.

Actually it doesn't even have to be directed to me you can just write on a sheet of paper something like "Vladimir Putin is the most retarded leader Russia has ever had and I'm a moron for thinking he was smart" and that would be sufficient.

If by Year 3 Cucktin has successfully conquered Ukraine and resolved the situation then I will admit I'm wrong and do the apology instead to whatever figure of your choice.


The war in Libya is still going on and the US is losing, not to mention that it ended up being a massive blunder geopolitically speaking


there’s nothing to argue with, it’s just /k/ope
make an actual point and people might reply better


>his losing condition is a total annexation of ukraine
getting desperate i see


If by Year 3 Cucktin has successfully conquered Ukraine and resolved the situation then I will admit I'm wrong and do the apology instead to whatever figure of your choice.
No I want another cum tribute to Putin's Stasi photo.


Oh do you want me to make the bet easier for your dogshit country?

Fine then let's just say Kiev gets taken by Russian forces. Will that soothe your concern over your dogshit military not being able to take the full country?


File: 1695468995064-0.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 48.57 MB, 1920x1080, VID_20230923_132659_853.mp4)

File: 1695468995064-1.jpg (Spoiler Image, 228.05 KB, 1280x1093, IMG_20230923_133327_608.jpg)

File: 1695468995064-2.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.66 KB, 1280x960, IMG_20230923_133307_300.jpg)

>so this is the power of NATO doctrine…
This is exactly the attitude why both-siders post both-sideism.
Russian and Ukrainian assaults are virtually indistinguishable.


The goal of the SMO was not to seize and keep/annex the maximum amount of Ukrainian territory. It was not about territory. It was basically to force Ukraine to accept Russian control of Donbas and Crimea and commit to neutrality (no NATO). That's it, and it almost worked at the end of March until NATO sent BoJo to order Ukraine not to concede anything or they'd be dropped and thrown completely at Russia's mercy, and NATO would give them all the wonderwaffles they needed to win.
Prigozhin was a selfish fool with delusions of grandeur and he got the boot because he committed high treason at a very perilous moment. Surovikin apparently got the demote because he knew what was up but kept his mouth shut (this is the common rumor anyway).
As for standing up to NATO, they have done so and are winning. Russia's not the one running out of men and ammo or conscripting women and old men to fill the gaps, and they're not the ones handwringing and infighting about how or whether they're going to fund and arm a losing war another year.


Russia indeed is a rotting husk of what it used to be but they still have nuclear weapons that can end this conflict in less than a day.


Wow you people are fucking dumb. The joke was that "superior NATO training" amounted to no difference in the field.


> it almost worked
It would've been Zelensky buying time anyway, with no intention of adhering to any peace deal. Cucktin admits he gets fooled a lot like that.


Felix got conned into a cum tribute because although it looked like Cucktin was serious about retaliating for the Crimea Bridge attack and hitting Ukraine's power grid, Russia ended up pussyfooting around with minor grid targets that were easily repaired.


Don't worry, Cucktin will strike decision making centres in response to the attack on the naval HQ.


>As for standing up to NATO, they have done so and are winning. Russia's not the one running out of men and ammo or conscripting women and old men to fill the gaps, and they're not the ones handwringing and infighting about how or whether they're going to fund and arm a losing war another year.
Really? So how many NATO soldiers died so far?
How many challengers lost until Russia invades Britain?

All of the western shit was built to kill Russians and it does so without having NATO soldiers in it.
The West is obviously very much into taking this deal.


>the losing condition is now invading britain
are NATO troops genetically superior to ukrainians? i thought they got best in class training from NATO anyway so it shouldn’t matter if it’s a hohol or a burger inside the smoldering challenger




Tbh in five years you'll be able to invade Britain with a wet baguette. I don't see how they survive as an advanced economy without the EU bailing them out.


At first I didn't understand how Ukraine joining NATO could be a threat to the country with the largest nuclear arsenal, but now I understand how: because Cucktin would just sit back as Ukraine attacks Moscow, like he's been doing during this conflict.


File: 1695471912442.jpg (96.58 KB, 983x344, Capture.JPG)

Imagine you're just in some charity shop browsing the second-hand clothes and some methed-up redditoid merc demands you confess your allegiance


<Let me tell you about your history!
>says Englishman from the empire with the biggest kill count in human history
Do Westoids really? I mean no doubt Russian chauvinists think they're also based occupant colonizers, but what the fuck man. These dumb pricks have nobody but themselves to blame for why the non Western world isn't taking on Europe's problems for le mustard race.


No one tell him that all those Nazi bureaucrats got their jobs back and ended up working for NATO.


Which great country are you posting from?


Reminder that angloids still view their empire positively and think it helped the people they colonized. This mf should seriously be starting at home if he wants people to realize the evil their country has done.


Anti-Anglo Aktion


Don't remind me, I've lived in England most of my life. We/they voted Winston Churchill, wog-genocider supreme as the greatest briton when I was younger.


This war isn't measured in territorial gains but international balances and how they inform a balance of the armies in an attrition war
Russian performance is being measured as a semi periphery state against the entirety of the core short of them declaring war. They failed to overpower Russia and instead are stuck with the steady destruction that would happen to Ukraine otherwise.
Also you were stupid to even bring up Syria and Libya.
I don't really need to make an argument here >>1605752
Westoids believe there is an equivalency between colonialism and 'Soviet imperialism' but only one side reformed out of it.
The reality is only Russia ever gave up its 'empire' while the other went neocolonial. Westoids are incapable of accepting that the conflict with Russia is due to the latter, it would hint that a lot of this crisis of liberal democracy spin is built on lies


>only Russia ever gave up its 'empire' while the other went neocolonial
>implying russia doesn't exert influence over its former colonies through CIS and the likes


>soviet republics
>former colonies


>what was the russian empire


*rings buzzer* a state that stopped existing in 1917
do i get a prize now?


After Soviet collapse, all subsequent states were made dependent on the global economy, and none of them monopolize it in the slightest. This is why Westoids fantasize about China clashing with Russia over Central Asia as the former rises and the latter exists in a power vacuum. This is also why Belarus was able to chart its own path, unlike Ukraine
This crisis was ultimately caused by capitalist expansion and liberalization going awfully wrong, and given the vacuum in one part the world and unipolarity for another we are stripped bare of any conditions leading us to focus outside of the West and neocolonialism


do you know what "neo" means?


File: 1695475193298.png (878.69 KB, 1200x675, ClipboardImage.png)

yes, now tell me how the former soviet republics became colonies of russia after 1991


idk dude it might have something to do with the export of capital
if only a seminal marxist figure had written a treatise on it


can you give some examples?
hard mode: figure out the difference between international trade and capital export


Russia exported capital by leaving all those factories in the former SSRs when Yeltsin blew up the Soviet Union. Owned.


He might be confusing post Soviet capital flight with capital export kek


>vaguely hints at lenin to scream imperialism
>posts 0 examples
langley might be going through some budget cuts and layoffs soon


Pretty funny how people were talking about Belarus becoming a Russian colony (not mentioning at all that they were driven to alignment with Russia purely by EU imperialists attempts to conquer them) and now years later and Belarus is still pretty much wholly independent and still has a nationalized economy whereas the supposed hegemon of the EU “bloc” is having their critical infrastructure destroyed by the US and thanking them for it


NATO puppets
Aligned with Russia, de facto more independent than EU is from US
Suicide by NATO
NATO puppet but even more pathetic
Suicide by NATO but even more pathetic
Turkish puppet
>Central Asia
All trending to China more than Russia
Yep, some empire


Do fuckers actually realize that "capital export" also comes with some implications on how that capital export allows for the appropriations?

Like, i dunno, the part where a colonial government levies taxes? Or a modern business pays dividends to foreign shareholders?


>oh so you oppose US imperialism? name every american company with investments abroad heh
what do you think CISFTA is for
<inb4 akshually russia only trades on equal terms and is exempt from the logic of capital because of their goodness of heart


being bad at it doesn't make russian not imperialist


This argument is unfalsifiable kek
There's no evidence CIS members are dependent on Russia rather than the global economy. There is no sub imperialism.


So are Armenian capitalists engaging in imperialism in Russia for trading under CISFTA?



So Russia is the victim of imperialism.


what is "the global economy" supposed to be other than competing capitalist empires?

>haha actually greek capitalists are exploiting germany through the european single market
>i am very smart


<haha actually greek capitalists are exploiting germany through the european single market
That is the argument you seem to be making as you don't distinguish between trade between capitalist countries and the export of capital under Lenin's definition of imperialism.



The Ultimate Dissolution of NATO
Col. Larry Wilkerson


What are you complaining about with the free trade agreements?


it was actually reverse colonialism
Improving the availibility of goods was prioritized in precisely those regions within soviet republics that were on the border USSR or just generally in places where the population was considered unreliable. For example nazi-central Western Ukraine where there was an insurrection against Soviet power lasting into the mid-'50s was one such an area of priority. Several smaller republics also received generous subsidies from the RSFSR. Hence why Yeltsin campaigned against Soviet Union by saying that we Russians would be much better off if we didn't keep showering Central Asia and the Caucasus region with money.

The relationship between the USSR and the other Warsaw Pact countries was very similar. While many of those countries had to pay serious reparations to Moscow or had their army servicemen previously fighting against the Soviets subjected to forced labour, these practices were quickly ended. Stalin declared all the other Warsaw Pact allies' economies must be built up to defend against the threat of a NATO invasion. Furthermore the USSR began giving very generous trade deals on buying natural resources. The reason why industrialisation in the previously semi-feudal Warsaw Pact countries could proceed so rapidly is because the USSR took up the same role as the non-white nations did towards Western Europe: the guarantor of a steady supply of cheap natural resources necessary for industrialization.

The reason why "core" of the "Soviet Empire" had to keep handing over resources to its "periphery" is because the actually colonialist collective West could still afford to treat a few more nations well that are directly on the frontlines of the frozen conflict between NATO and the Warsaw Pact while keeping the rest of the world under (neo-)colonial domination. At the same time the Soviets had to make up for Eastern Europe losing out on the Marshall Plan. The possibility of a Warsaw Pact nation switching sides was their number one security threat. It could even be argued that it was the Soviet Union which suffered from indirect colonial exploitation by NATO through the proxy of other Warsaw Pact states.


Correct, and the SMO is an act of national liberation.


Also the petrodollar is itself a form of imperialism because it allows the US to effectively levy taxes on other countries by control of financial trade requirements.

THe petrodollar circuit being
>The US exports dollars to country A
>Country A exports material goods to the US
>Country A then buys oil from country B using US dollars
>Country B then either sells their dollars or buys US treasury bonds which effectively removes dollars from circulation

The US is thus able to levy taxes on the purchase of oil, worldwide.

The imperialist part of the IMF isn't the part where they give loans but the part where they do structural adjustments and force corporations to be more open to foreign ownership, which means that a country both exports its natural resources and then also returns what it was paid for in the form of dividends, meaning that they were basically not paid for what they exported.


Yes? Are you defending iranian capitalists against russian workers?

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