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Was he socialist despite westernizing Turkey to the point where they changed alphabet script from using Arabic to using Latin letters? Was he proto-socialist in some capacity or adjacent to socialism? We know for a fact that Lenin admired him and wanted the new Türkiye Republic to align with the USSR.
>inb4 Greek and Armenian stuff
Meh. Nobody really cares honestly. I personally think Atatürk laid the foundation for allowing capitalism to rise in Türkiye so that they can finally go from feudalism-capitalism-communism.


He's my favorite non-communist leader along with Emperor Meiji.


Atatürk was a liberal who used, statist economic policy, to build the productive forces, for the goal of building a westernised capitalist society.


Atatürk was a proto-fascist


He did this knowing Türkiye would have to transition into capitalism before it could become communist, as we’re slowly seeing today with Erdoğan.


>as we’re slowly seeing today with Erdoğan.
Comrade pls don't do this to yourself.


Turk nationalist detected, I hope the PKK blows up your toilet you loser


Do what? Erdi is fast forwarding end stage capitalism in Türkiye so that we can transition to communism.




He is objectively historically progressive and way more so than any "communist" that compromise with islamists or do entryism for them.
My only complaint about him is that he didnt cross the rubycon and became a Napoleon of the muslim world, instead he just underplayed himself by being the progressive tyrant of a modest country. Also the fact that he was a democrat… What a loss, he made it possible for the remaining ignorant rootless islamized masses he didnt reeducate to take power again.
He turned Turkey into a modern country capable of reason, progress and technological advencement on it's own while nearly all other muslim countries are shithole on the spiritual level.
If only my country of origin had a guy like him, we wouldve been stronger than France by now.


i actually would like to hear what people with actual understanding of politics think about him. Since simply speaking he was a progressive force in his country, improved women’s rights and people’s in general, weakened religious reactionaries etc. But at the same time he was not exactly a leftist of any kind to my knowledge or at least he did not identify as one.


He was a liberal nationalist.


He was a pseudo-communist with some liberal tendencies, but that was all so he could eventually establish communism in Türkiye. He didn’t live long enough for this to manifest sadly.


>>inb4 Greek and Armenian stuff
>Meh. Nobody really cares honestly
I do


File: 1695115382197.png (567.44 KB, 764x848, ClipboardImage.png)

well since we are talking about developmentalist "socialist" military leaders, opinions on the south korean general park chung hee?


Standard as fuck liberal who pushed industrialism.


where is the park Chung hee schizo when you need him?


Japanese influenced fascist, who's legacy is that of terroristic dictatorship, and the building of a very advanced form of monopoly capitalism, that has doomed the people of south Korea.


>Meh. Nobody really cares honestly.
You do realized that he killed millions of people solely do to their ethnicity.


You could make the same argument about him if Korea didn't already have a socialist government already ruling half the country. He helped turn Korea into an industrialized capitalist country, but he didn't do any modernization that the communists wouldn't have done. If Turkey was half-communist in 1919 people probably wouldn't be saying Attaturk was progressive.


>If Turkey was half-communist in 1919 people probably wouldn't be saying Attaturk was progressive.
if things were differents things wouldve been different.


Tbh it's a more convincing argument than "bro Ataturk and Park Chung Hee were based communists btw I'm a proud Turkish nationalist lol" - OP should go off and die in Nagorno Karabakh instead.


I don't think most people said Attaturk was a communist just that he was objectively historically progressive (and progressive in general tbh) given the state his country was in and the competitive forces at play.
It was either Attaturk or a british-funded islamic theocracy.


The entire thread is OP being a proud Turk and unable to control his anti-Greek/Armenian/Kurdish tendencies for even a second in his original post which was to make Ataturk look more sympathetic in a handful of leftists' eyes. Turkish nationalists are some of the most insane people on the planet and should be put down like the dogs they are.


Yeah that's my point. Things were different in Korea, which is why Attaturk can be called progressive while Park can't, despite implementing similar policies.

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